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Template made by Doomfox01


You could do the same with Astrodelphis and another flyer that was used for travel.


or styder and every other harvesting dino


Tbh all the genesis 2 tames just do what other tames do just 10 times better


Yeah, Genesis 2 really is the “Fuck it, here you go.” DLC lol


Except for the skiff.


Im curious, care to elaborate why are the shadowmanes better at boss? Thanks


No saddles required to get 146 (I think) armor, can hit for thousands of damage using their alt attack, get a special mate boost and get pack bonus, can get hydrated buff to be stronger, is semi-aquatic (so can fight moeder too), and they look cool.


124 is cap armor Do you know if they use the alt attack unridden? They also seem to have extremely high base HP for their size Im currently downloading ark dev kit again to investigate the technicals about all the buffs / debuffs


They are indeed stupidly strong for their size. A bit bigger than a thyla with the strength of an apex predator.




I asked why they are better at bossfights though. 1) Makes it cheaper, but not necesarily better. 2), 3), 5) are not relevant in a bossfight. 4)Would need further testing to see if this bleed really is as strong as the deinonychus. The deino bleed is specially op on bosses, specifically on the dragon, but that doesnt mean every creature with a bleed does the same eg Allosaurus has a bleed too and its pretty useless afaik Also I'm not sure they even have a bleed. I think they apply a reflect DoT debuff instead. 6)Needs further testing too. I doubt it does exactly the same as a yutyrannus. I might do a bit of research later and post what I find.