How are you all so nice???

How are you all so nice???


I always say hi or hello to folks when I'm out on the trails. Learned that growing up. Pretty much everyone does. Unless they're playing music on their bluetooth in which case they'll get hard, evil glaring and possibly some choice words (mood dependent).


I feel like its definitly a hiking thing although it also applies walking around my neighborhood. Most people say hi back! On a main street however...forget it you arent even going to get eye contact.


Oh yeah. Downtown? No hellos downtown. Very different. We don't do downtown hellos.


A downtown hello is why my uncle's in prison...


lmao oddly specific


One evening I got, “Fuckin’ **move**, honky!” from an angry native dude when we were the only two people crossing paths on the sidewalk on Main. So... human interaction, at least :)




I don't have access to a car in Ontario, so I mainly went to the hiking trails accessible via public transit, so it could definitely be a hiking subculture thing!


I only started hiking in my 20s and my far-more experienced hiking friend quickly educated me when I wasn’t responding to peoples’ “Hello”s on the trails. Definitely hiking culture. And it’s nice. I really like that part of hiking.


I still say hi to those people, even if they're being annoying to everyone around them and don't deserve it.


Hi :)


I learned in the city to never say hello to people or they will literally ghost me with all six senses.


My friends and I like to play music through out bluetooth speakers when we go hiking. We try to keep it reasonable when it comes to the volume but we know that the term reasonable varies between people. We don’t mind when people ask us to lower the volume and I feel like a lot of people are the same.


I used to live in Toronto. Things are just different here. I also find that the friendliness of people increases as you go further east. The friendliest people on the hiking trails are in the Fraser Valley. Had a few nice chats with people at both Campbell Valley and Aldergrove Regional Park. Even in Stanley Park there’s a totally different attitude than what I got used to in Toronto. I’ve also hiked in Banff, people there are pretty chill. I’ll say this though. In Vancouver, people thank bus drivers as they get off the bus. This *never* happens in Toronto, though I’ve seen it elsewhere in Ontario. I also found nobody ever talked to you on the elevator in Toronto, but they do here.


Bit of an exaggeration, I've always thanked the bus driver and have seen others do it many times as well on the TTC. I will say Vancouver seems more chill than TO but let's not act like everyone there is an asshole. Plenty of friendly people in TO and Vancouver.


Lmfaooo what, plenty of people in Toronto thank the bus driver. Has anyone in this subreddit even been to Toronto


I always thank them as I leave, I think most people do.


It's a culture for hikers definitely. I don't think it's necessarily a conscious thing but if an emergency were to happen it's the people out there with you who will help you. I grew up here, lived here but did visit Toronto and Montreal, as well as the Maritimes. Now those are friendly people. It's people just walking down the street and such. Here, just walking down the street people wouldn't say hi unless you do first. Even then, you'll get side looks to make sure your not a creep or a criminal


No one is gonna try to sell you things or harass for money while you’re on a hike so you don’t have to avoid eye contact and talking to strangers


I find Vancouver isn’t that friendly a lot of times. However. I went to Toronto for work a few years ago for a couple weeks, and the people out there were just down right rude.


Vancouver is pretty volatile in online settings like Reddit. In real life, the vast majority of people you pass walking on the street will happily smile and say hello to you if you do the same.


It really really depends where you are, if your commuting, on a busy main street? Not friendly. Side street, park, inside a building, friendly.


The financial district is just filled with assholes.


That’s true. I guess being around more people might make you a little less friendly/talkative


Toronto is the NYC of Canada. Crowded, busy and rude. Everyone feels so entitled and think they're better than you.


I’ve been to NYC twice, in one instance spending a week there. NYC is like the Maritimes compared to Toronto. My experience living in Toronto is that people are overly focused on your income, job title, and address. And the wealthy take every opportunity to show off their wealth and make sure you know they are wealthy. I found New Yorkers on average were more down to earth and also less fake. And the customer service at restaurants was a billion times better than Toronto.


I used to live in NY, most rude people in NY are not from NY, most of them are from New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland and Pensylvania, but yes New Yorker feels so entitled in any way.


Yeah. If you’re in someone’s way, they just push you. By the end of the trip I was pushing people too! I was a monster!!


Nah we just don't like talking to someone who ends up trying to get us to attend their religious service.


You sound like a frightened child


I always say hello to people on trails; I hope they’ll remember me if something happens to me and there’s an appeal for information.


I love this! Though I don’t notice it myself haha but I’ve also never been to Toronto or Montreal so can’t compare. I do try to say hi to people I go by so will make sure to keep it up. Glad you’re enjoying your time here!


People who think this city isn’t friendly clearly don’t have a dog. We brought home a puppy three weeks ago and I’ve chatted with more people over the last three weeks than in the 7 months since I moved into my building. I think a lot of people just need the conversation starter. Also I’ve found people to be very friendly when out hiking, I always say hello to anyone I pass on a trail.


Same. Got a puppy in September. Basically met every single neighbor ever, and I have lived here for years.


I think it’s sort of a subculture thing. (That’s not exactly it, but that’s the best i can describe it.) Hikers are friendly to hikers, people are nice to dog owners, cyclists are nice amongst cyclists etc. For example, when i don’t have my bike on me, people don’t really strike up a conversation randomly with me, but when I’m taking a break while cycling, people will be happy to have a chat about my bike, my ride for the day, etc. I don’t own a dog so noone chats with me randomly, but when I’m walking with my friend and his dog, people will start a convo with us. On the street, no convo, but on the trail wearing hiking clothes, people take an interest in my day. So, i think that Vancouver people want a sense of familiarity with a person before chatting with them. Which makes sense given that it’s easier to talk to someone with a foundation of similarity or familiarity or whatever. Make yourself approachable by outwardly displaying your hobby or passion, and people will take interest. It’s also important to remember that Vancouver isn’t a small town (despite its small town vibes at times). We live in a city with 2.5-3 million people, so everyone’s living their own lives and having their own struggles. Be happy and engaging when people strike up a convo, and don’t take it personally if someone doesn’t give you a smile or even a nod. After all, if a smile or nod is what you really want, you can always move to a town of 5,000 people where people smile because it would be rude to not initiate a conversation with everyone you see.




Thanks pal!


I don’t even have a dog but I love stopping and talking to people with dogs on trails.


Yes. When I got a puppy we couldn’t go a whole block without being stopped. To be fair, I always stop for puppies, as well, as long as the owner seems open to it. Although once they’re older it becomes less. My dog was very confused once people stopped petting him constantly.


I've never had a dog, but I've always wondered- how do people deal with strangers just coming up and touching your dog without asking?


Ah some people hate it. Personally I don’t mind because my dog is aggressively friendly, so it makes happy which I’m fine.


mate has a fairly unique dog. In my experience, it attracts 50% dog people and 50% just weirdos


I have RBF so no one really talks to me about my dogs. I also have social anxiety so I avoid making eye contact. My husband though says our dogs gets loads of questions and everyone wants to know what breed they are, etc. Someone even suggested setting up a play date. It might also be because he’s handsome but our doggos are pretty cute.




Resting bitch face


Ooh yeah I have rbf lol, people ask if I'm OK. Yes, yes I'm happy it's just my face.


People here are more insular than other places I've lived. They may say "hi" on hikes and thank the bus driver, but they are otherwise generally cold to strangers. Not rude, just not as welcoming to people they don't know. I ultimately prefer this to superficial politeness, since people in Vancouver are kind to people *within their friend groups*.


I think everything here feels rushed, like a competition. We don't have time to get to know a new person


Despite our reputation, I think we are an extremely friendly city. I’ve only encountered a handful of not-so-nice people in the 20 plus years I’ve lived here. Everyone is so friendly here.


You should try the maritimes.


For real. I read the title and thought it was being sarcastic lol


I'm glad you've had this experience. Vancouverites have a reputation of being... not rude... but guarded or closed off. I find that if you initiate small talk in say, a grocery store lineup etc. people will reciprocate, but I think that's just a symptom of any larger city. Although I've known several people from other provinces say how hard it is to make friends here. When I go to visit my mom in Nova Scotia it's almost alarming how friendly people are, like my first reaction is to say "no I don't have change" when people just want to strike up a conversation at a crosswalk. I hope you have a continued great experience once you move here!


Thank you!! I'm looking to visit the maritimes in the future and you've just made me super excited :)


City folks automatically open up and become friendlier when in a park or hikes. That's just science really. Same step out of the park, into their vehicles, back in the city, become their old self again.


If you make eye contact during the day the human thing to do is say "good day" or something along that affect.


I think this is a kind of example of the butterfly effect. When I first immigrated to Canada at a young age, I was shy and intimidated by pretty much everyone here. Thanks to my neighbors/neighbor kids who accepted me as who I am, always said hi to me with a smile whenever we met eyes, it allowed me to do the same for other people. LETS GO CANADA.


I unno why everyone that lives here thinks we are rude here. We aren't. Most people just pay attention to themselves and it's fine. But we also have lots of people who are really nice and friendly. I know there's a few guys in my neighbourhood I pass in the mornings, they always say hey what's up. Like small town vibes. When I have travelled to some other cities I never got that there. I think a lot people who live here just have never left and do not know what the other side of the fence holds


I’ve never found Vancouverites to be rude. The only cities where I’ve found particularly rude people are Toronto and London, Ontario.


No one is rude here, they are nice. They just are not friendly. Go to the prairies and you will know what friendly is.


Not sure if this follows what you're saying, but I've heard that people in Vancouver will give you their shirt off their back if you need it, but they won't invite you for dinner.


I believe it’s overly-compounded social anxiety. Vancouverites are less likely to think, “I don’t care what your story is” and more likely to think, “Probably nobody cares what my story is. I won’t risk embarrassing us both.” But stand on a downtown corner with a big map and a confused look on your face? Several people will likely come over and ask, “Are you lost? Do you need some help?”


Huh, I wonder if someone has done an experiment with a map in different cities in Canada


Haha yup, everyone's friend circle is full. Or they live in a bubble and don't deviate from it. I honestly feel vancouverites are more introverted due to all the rain. We are nesters


>Go to the prairies and you will know what friendly is. Not every demographic gets to enjoy this part of the prairies. The prairies are friendly if they like you.


Yeah if you exude queerness or are a person of colour, the prairies can be downright hostile at times. Source: am queer, grew up in Northern AB.


I've been to the prairies. You're talking about small town vs city. That difference is pretty standard, not unique to Vancouver vs the prairies


lived in north van almost my whole life and i think its more the hiking culture than the people necessarily. im a big hiker and its almost awkward when you passby someone without saying something as lots of our trails are narrow.


Haha, based on what people are saying it's definitely hiking culture.


yeah buddy !


Hiking culture is different from city culture. I wont make eye contact with most people on the street but i say hello on the trails. Were out enjoying nature and no risk of small talk since nornally were going in opposite directions. and who knows maybe ill need you to rescue me lol.


I live here now, but am from small town ab. I learned it there. Glad your having fun!!!


i had random people say "good morning" to me 3 days in a row this week. unheard of in vancouver.


Try driving around. You'll feel differently. Especially if you're merging.


I like to say "Good morning" to literally everyone I see when I go for a run in the morning. It freaks people out, and I like that.


I usually do this because it’s nice but also god forbid I go missing or lost at least someone saw me. And maybe will remember my face when they see the news and report where they saw me last if I ever got lost on the trails 😬😅😄.


Hiking trails and quiet residential streets I say hi to people when we pass in opposite directions. Busy sidewalks/popular areas not so much.


We're extremely wealthy


I remember when I moved here back in 2009, just before the olympics. I stayed at a relative in Burnaby and hopped on the sky train and then my first bus ride. As I got onto the bus the driver looked at me with a huge smile and said, “Hi! How are you?” I was in absolute shock. I lived in New York City seven years prior and though I was raised to say, “Good morning”, “Good afternoon” and “Good evening” I never once once heard it said back. It just seems different on the east coast in general. I’ve also been told that Vancouver is crude in comparison to when you get out of the GRVD.




I think it's just the vibe? Vancouver is definitely much more chill :)


Last week I went for a hike and ofc say hello to everyone, get back to the city and my brain was in hello mode still yet I was met with ice cold glares on the sidewalk 👅


I'm a fucking asshole.


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Well, if you are asking so nicely how can I say no;)


I feel like it depends on where you live in Vancouver. Where I live, people are friendly. We always say hi with a smile when we’re walking past each other at parks, hiking, elevators etc lol but this might not be the same at other parts of Vancouver


I think the niceness is a hiking thing. Vancouver is one of the colder cities in Canada in my opinion.


Whatever you do dont assume people are friendly on Main and Hastings


Just wait till you visit Victoria


Yeah I lived in Victoria for the better part of a decade and it’s glaringly obvious how much friendlier people are there. But it’s less than half of the population of Vancouver, so I can see why. I was definitely a happy camper living there.


There’s an expression I’ve heard in the states that I think is applicable here: “The west coast is polite but not kind, the east coast is kind but not polite” So to everyone saying that they don’t find the people as friendly here, they may be right but we hide it better to strangers


I always say hello but I am originally from Alberta :)


Vancouver is the opposite of nice. But I'm really glad you are having a wonderful time!


Here's my theory. It's commonly known that people here in Vancouver don't have a lot of friends, spend long hours working stressful jobs to cover their sky-high rent, get really annoyed while driving to the point where they start annoying others, and are generally tired from crowds, lineups, and noise. For the whole week they're craving to get out to the woods to be in the quiet, so they slowly prep by planning the route, buying granola bars, and packing their hiking bags. When the weekend comes and they finally hit the trail, just for those few hours they can actually de-stress and become a better version of themselves. That's when you'll likely hear a “hi” if you run into them.


Lmao Vancouver isn’t nice


You forgot to put "/s" at the end of your title.


You should hike in the Banff area. People are waaaay more friendly there. Everyone will say hello/hi or greet you in some way


I’ve hiked in Banff - very friendly place. I should spend some more time in Alberta.


I am NOT NICE to all the people who drive in the passing lane on the Trans Canada doing 80 km so I finger them and call them FAT MONKEYS and STUPID BASTARDS!


hmm I been in Vancouver my whole life and I don’t agree. I find people who live in small towns in BC super friendly. the people with the shittiest attitudes all seem to live in downtown.


don't get your hopes up


It’s just passive aggression


imagine thinking this just from someone saying hi


I don't know about other people but it seems rude or weird to not wave or say hi to someone if we make eye contact


trails are the exception, i even make small talk on trails


I also enjoy that. West coast hiking culture rules


Lol really? I found it was the exact opposite coming from Saskatchewan. People are WAY nicer in Sask.


I guess it makes sense because smaller population provinces tend to have "Small town" blood in most directions generally making people friendlier. NL, NS, NB all have lower population and have generally much friendlier people across the board from my experience. Only exception to this is P.E.I. For some reason they're disproportionately higher on the douche side from my experience. Sask has a very low population for the size of the province so it makes sense that you probably get the same vibes that smaller East coast provinces give off.


I regret my masters. I should have gotten a PhD


All depends on the setting.If exploring nature,boating,cycling etc people are more relaxed and friendly.Of those three cities you mentioned I find Montreal city folks more friendly,I speak a bit of french so that helps.


Weed. We're high all the time. It will pass.


It's probably because you have huge cans. /jk.


People are also super nice kayaking! Love talking to people out on the water. We're happy when out of the city and in nature.


Ahh that sounds wonderful! Yeah, I've definitely noticed the hiking culture here. Your comment makes me want to get into kayaking too :)




Haha yeah, I grew up bombarded with Canadian stereotypes in media and I was like "... where???"


Vancouverites (including adoptees) are generally gentle friendly people. I lived in TO for fifteen years. Toronto people are actually quite genuine and friendly, but they are simultaneously aggressive even to friends. They are also pretty quick witted. It’s just their style. It’s just a tougher place. I had to leave it because I was one of those angry folks. I respect them, but I don’t want to live like that.


BC commonly has a pretty chill vibe - former Ontario here


Pacific northwest vibe is more chill and relaxed!


I think it depends what trails you're on or what part of the city you're in. I'm in Burnaby and people don't say hi typically. Even on busy trails like around deer lake and burnaby lake. It kind of reminds me of living in certain apartment buildings. The one I lived at before now, everyone would say hello in the elevator and it was so nice. But where I live now, nobody does so it's the new normal.


I think its because the weather is nice and everyone is happy to be outdoors. If its pouring with rain it might be different.


I dunno why but every time I'm out I always encounter friendly conversation between total strangers and often take part! It seems to just be a casual thing even in grocery lines or waiting rooms. I try to give out compliments and often get them out of the blue as well. We're a cheerful bunch.


I always think we are super nice after I've been east for a while and then I take a trip to Victoria where the real nice people are and I realize we are still not THAT nice! Victorians are chill as hell.


Um what? Most people tell us that Toronto/Montreal people are way more freindly and outgoing and Vancouver people are way more insular


Different people have different experiences. I haven’t spent enough time in Montreal to comment about that city, but I find Vancouver and Toronto to be similar - however Vancouver is friendlier than Toronto overall. Victoria is friendlier than both, from my experience.


Who says that? Lol I’ve never heard that at all.


Freinds of mine that moved to Toronto


I’ve lived in both places, there’s definitely a difference between outgoing/assertive and nice/friendly. I prefer nice. Some people prefer outgoing.


Someone ever not say hi to you and your like 'what's that guys problem?"


weed probably.


You must look like you're from somewhere else. I swear people from Vancouver act nice to visitors, but once you move here it's a whole different story somehow.


I think it’s all comparative. Bigger city = less manners, smaller town = more manners. This is a generalization of course. But I grew up in Vancouver, then Langley, currently east Abbotsford. Each move I find the area significantly more friendly


How drunk are you?