It’s KG. He’s the only answer


"Which player I'm Wolves history wou-" "KG" "Wait but I didn't finish the que-" "It's always KG" "But throughout all of Wolves history th-" "Don't you get it?! *He IS all of Wolves history!*"


It’s always KG whenever there is a question like this. KAT or KG? Easily KG In todays NBA KG would probably play center. Hell yes I’m taking him over Gobert. Shit let him play SF over Mcdaniels I do not care. It’s always KG.


KG would be my choice for PG, too. I don't give a damn!


Hell he played PG in the WCF


KG was such a monster on offense and defense. Just watching his Wolves games, he would be doing everything on both sides of the ball. The only thing he was missing was a 3 point shot. No doubt if he was playing in this era, he would have one too. Just a killer and so underrated precisely bc he played on the Wolves almost his entire career. Ppl don’t know.


If we are doing in their prime not their wolves prime. Rose might fit but even that is a stretch.


Gobert for KG is the only answer. Prime KG averaged 24pts/14reb/5ast/2blk/1stl. He'd be the perfect fit next to KAT. We'd be instant title favorites.


I get the idea of swapping with Rudy but imagine if you swapped him for KAT. Starting lineup of Rudy, KG, Seatbelt, ANT and Conley… no body would score from the field. The refs tho would have to give them an otherworldly amount of free throws just to keep other NBA teams in the game.


why not swap him for like nathan knight or somebody lol. Why take away good talent?


OP was asking about current starters.


KG for Kat. If we are all about defense and scoring... Then KG would make this starting 5 into the most elite. Also, he has a strong post game.


D Rose in prime and healthy? Shiiiiiiiiiii. Got me thinking dirty thoughts


He was the league MVP...


Why not him hahahaha my favorite player


KG for rudy for sure. Prime drose for conley could also be considered but his playstyle doesnt fit with ant well at all


Tom Gugliotta




Not a googs fan?


I am a fan of Tom. Definitely brings some big man attributes we lacking (toughness, Rebs, big banger of a bad man in the down low blocks)


KG easily. Why? Because he can defend 1-5 positions which bring us lot of versatility


I'm going to assume KG is off the table since it's too obvious, and assuming it's career prime not "Wolves prime," I'm going with Kirilenko. The guy could guard 1-5 and was a decent enough scorer, passer, and rebounder. I think he's a pretty decent comp for peak Jaden, actually, but adding some better shooting for Jaden given the shifts in the modern game. "Peak" Rubio (rookie year, pre-injury?) would be pretty legit too - slinging absurd passes to Ant, Jaden, and KAT on the perimeter or lobs to Rudy? Yes please.


I love Conley but I’d swap him for prime Kirilenko if Kg is off the table. Ant Jaden AK KAT Gobert would be an all time defensive team.


Was going to include KG off the table but just left it alone...now realize should have removed that option


It's an interesting check. KAT and Rudy are awesome players, so swapping either for KG is a lot to give up. KG was just too dominant to still not take the swap. Really shows just how good he was.


KG + Drose + Butler + Ant + Kat.


Only get to pick one though. You chose 3


Drose then since Kat is here. But my heart wants KG.


No I agree with this guy tho


Darko milicic, nikola pekovic, chase budinger, and drop everyone else. We only need those 3


What if you beef it up and go big with Oliver Miller ?


Anthony Randolph? Alexey Shved?!


It’s obviously KG. But do we get any of these players in their prime, even if they weren’t on the wolves in their prime? Because I understand why some say Rose then, as he was MVP, though I’m surprised to see no mention of a prime Chauncey. I think he would low key be a great fit for this team - providing strong defense, good playmaking, and big shot making/performances (especially when it mattered most; the playoffs). I think with Chauncey we’d actually be quite similar to that Pistons starting line-up; a defensive specialist center, with a lacking offensive game, really only good for lobs - an offensive oriented, shooting big man at the 4, both can succumb to letting their emotions be their downfall (though why does part of me prefer Sheed’s temperament to Kat’s? Lol) - a young defensive specialist who doesn’t show much emotion at the 3 - the biggest difference would be Ant and Rip, obviously very different games, but I think you could argue ant is as good as rip Hamilton offensively, albeit in different ways, if not better. And he’s definitely better defensively. - then you got Chauncey. I think our starting five would actually be better than theirs that year - though I know comparing eras can be super tricky/dumb.


Marbury as the point guard


If all players in their prime rose, ant, butler, kg, kat


I don't know who I'd replace. But I'd bring back Mad Dog any day.


Kg > rose > Brandon Roy


Rasho Revolution for Rudy. That man had the most inoffensive and polite dunks you ever saw.


Rubio/Rose/Billups Ant McDaniels KAT KG


KG for Rudy.


KG for KAT for me. Conley, ANT, Jaden, KG and Gobert. Like that is absolutely insane defense. Hell I might even go Kirilenko for KAT while at it.


Defense would be amazing but I think the offense takes a bigger hit going the Rudy route then the defensive increase.


KG - 24.2 ptg on 54.7% TS 13.9 rbs, 5 ast, 3.7 stocks KAT - 24.6 ptg on 64% TS, 9.8 rebs, 3.6 ast, 2.2 stocks KG MVP year compared to KAT All-NBA year (I think 3rd team) Not sure the offense would fall that much, probably not enough to outweigh the defensive improvement. Throw in absolutely perfect fit, KG wanted to play with a center. Smothering defense and while controlling the boards. Improved assits and stocks helps too.


Comparison should be between Rudy/KAT. KATs floor spacing/ efficiency will help tremendously on offense vs Rudys. Even if he gets less touches he has to be respected giving KG/Ant more space to operate. The Team improves a lot defensively with Rudy on the floor but it also takes a major hit offensively. Most effective way to use him might be how the Jazz did, surround him with offensive players/ floor spacers and just allow him to clean everything up defensively.


2nd Rd pick Doug West for 2nd Rd pick Jaylen Nowell.


Prime Ricky would be sweet with this team


Gobert for KG. KG solves every problem this team has (as he would with almost every team).


Gobert is a great defender but him for KG is a no brainer.


KG for life.


Chase Budinger for Ant


Does it have to be someone who actually suited up for the wolves or does being drafted count? Allen, Roy? KG is always the answer. But if we take him off the table, then who is the one for one replacement at any given position? Marbury would be a disaster replacing Conley, but are we getting an upgrade from Rubio or Billups? Maybe Billups. Ant should be safe in this discussion. Jaden probably should be too, just for his defensive impact if nothing else. We could improve D or glue guy impact at the 4 replacing KAT, but then how much does the offense suffer? And who to put at the 5? Rasho? Pek? I guess I would roll the dice and see what prime Rubio could do with these kind of weapons around him. He made much lesser players look really good when he was in his prime and was good enough on D to take the lesser of the perimeter threats. But since this is just a thought exercise, how about we just roll with Conley from 5 years ago instead