How a player can be so complete at 19 I do not know


And imagine when his last piece, the first serve, really comes together. Exodia!!! The forbidden one!


It's already looking better than the past season - he served a great second set vs Sinner, got out of trouble with 4 straight serves in the 6th game, and then served out the match hitting a couple of 137 mph bombs. Which is why he signed-out with "un poco de todo". Wasn't tested at all today, faced no break points.


If you don't match Alcaraz's amazing shot or quality winner points, you have to keep climbing and climbing like a huge mountain.


he honestly first served super well the last 2 matches. it's no longer a glaring weakness. ofc still room for improvement but not nearly as much as even last year






I’m so jealous! His toolbox is endless.


I bet your toolbox is amazing also


That was a beatdown. Alcaraz also painted a picture of how to beat Meddy for everyone else to follow.


Yup, have one of the biggest forehands in the world, superb feel, extreme athleticism, can't wait for Ymer to execute it in his next match vs Medvedev.


Yes, Elias is gonna whoop him!


Everybody knows how, but they can't execute the shots Carlos can.


\> Alcaraz also painted a picture of how to beat Meddy for everyone else to follow. Yes and no. It's like saying Nadal showed everyone how to abuse Federer's backhand. It only worked when they were Nadal.


You mean I can’t banana forehand my way to beating Federer?


Well of course not, he's retired


Meddy on a 19 match win streak, having just won 3 tournaments in a row? Not even a match for Carlitos. Goddamn.


A great player on a winning streak, beaten by a player 8 years younger than them. 2 times in this season and we're just one Slam and Masters in.


Who else


Meddy beat Djoker, I think that’s what they’re talking about


Fitting that a 19 year old would end the 19 match win streak!


I think that is the reason he lost. He was out of gas both mentally and physically and plus Carlito was amazing.


Yeah Carlos played amazing. But med also fucking sucked. Had none of his magic.


It will sting Medvedev for such a winning streak to fail to land a big title. And soo easily dispatched too


I'm sure Medvedev's comments after the match earned him some fans "I'm sorry it wasn't a more exciting match, I tried. I don't like to lose but it was really easy today"


I said it in the daily thread and I'll say it here. Medvedevs deep return position and unwillingness to approach the net to shorten points will make this matchup unplayable for him. Even if he serves better, he still won't stand a chance in these matches against Carlos if Carlos plays the way he played today. It's a stylistic nightmare.


I couldn't believe how much Alcaraz was jumping on weak 2nd serves. He came in with flying backhand winners


Just pure domination. Absolutely insane to watch.


How scary would it be if theres no one to challenge him like what the big three did to each other.


I think Sinner and Rune will be up to the task…at least making it competitive.


Doesn’t seem like it not like how Nadal and Djokovic balances each other. This is gonna be Fed 04-07 until some random youngster shows up and fucking Carlitos up


That youngster would need to be an all-time great. We had 3 all-time greats playing in the 2000s and 2010s. We had to wait a while for someone like Alcaraz, the next guy might show up 15 years from now lol


I think his biggest rival will sadly be injuries


His only true opponent is Djoko, but once he will figure it out how to manage his game, Carlos is simply too skilled and talented. Prime Rog had an anticipation on ball never seen before, but I don't think it ever existed someone who hits the ball so hard and being so agile and athletic like him. Today's game wasn't only a bad one by Med (he underperformed, but no so much as score would say) it's just Carlos has too many tools to beat his playstyle. I always wondered why nobody has ever killed daniil with dropshots and Carlos did it amazingly today. He's the Evolution of prime fed. If he stays motivated, he will win 15GS easily


People forget how hard 05-06 Fed hit with the 90 pro staff


> People forget how hard 05-06 Fed hit with the 90 pro staff I didn't, that was scary.


no one will easily win 15GS. Let's wait till Alcaraz win like 7 or 8 then we'll see.


I predict Carlos will get injured way more than Big 3


Alcaraz is amazing but I wouldn’t consider him an evolution of fed they are very different players - Federer had a much better serve and alcaraz has a brutality in his game the Federer never had


Fed's groundstrokes were brutal as hell. You might need to watch some highlights from mid-2000s. He hit the snot out of the ball.


Alcaraz hitting 3 dropshots in a row is actually insane


I need that whole sequence as a highlight. Including the defensive sliding dropshot.


When you are 200 feet behind the baseline because that's the only way you can return the ball with that consistent pace of shot, it's the open play. Crazy stuff combining that power with that touch.


First player iw champion to not lose a set since FEDERER The reincarnation begins E: one of the biggest travesty i just realized is we’ll never get a real fed vs carlitos match. What a match that would be


u/SealDrop stats


Looks like this guy is gonna do to Djoker what Djoker did to Federer


First time Novak beat Roger he was 26. First time Carlos beat Novak he was 35. It's not comparable.


Right lol. Novak is 6 years younger than Federer, while Alcaraz is 15 years younger than Djokovic. It's not even comparable.


> First time Novak beat Roger he was 26. Wait seriously? I could swear he beat him when he was way younger. Huh. Stats always look so odd in a vacuum.


Just in case, since it's not really clear, the "he" refers to Federer. Djokovic was 20.


Thank you that makes way more sense, I was scratching my head trying to make timelines work haha


This would be sweet revenge


If only he was here 10 years earlier...Fed's records may be safe 😂


what the hell was that? I don't think anyone expected that match to go the way it did 😭


Legit made Medvedev look like a top 200 player. Stood too far from the baseline and get hit with the wide serve + dropshot. Stood too close and just get blown through by the forehand. Incredible performance.


Where Meddy stands while receiving serve is nothing short of astounding. He goes almost as far back as he can physically go! Which makes me ask - is that area standard in all courts? Or do bigger courts/Venues have more space in the back you can go to?


Not standard, bigger venues tend to have more space


just leaves more space for then drop shot ;)


And arguably Alcaraz is already the most dangerous player to give that room to.


Not standard. It's one of many reasons why Nadal has super powers at Roland Garros, as Nadal also benefits from having a huge backcourt, and Roland Garros main stage has one of the biggest in the world.


> and Roland Garros main stage has one of the biggest in the world IIRC Rod Laver Arena is also massive.


Nope, it depends on the court. Fognini got injured in Buenos Aires because he thought he could go farther back and ended up twisting his ankle, while Court Philippe Chatrier in Roland-Garros famously gives you a lot of space behind the baseline.


I mean Medvedev is a top 200 player……. Sorry, Ik I’m the worst lol


Medvedev is among the tennis players in the world.


I mean watching the womens finals I had a pretty good idea. The wind was disrupting their play fairly significantly and knowing how flat Medvedev hits it I knew he wasn't going to have a good time.


I don't think Med will attend Indian Wells next year.


he hates the sssssurface


He got to the final so there’s that


Wasn't the wind also an issue last year for Alcaraz/Nadal and them Nadal/Fritz?


So Medvedev will have to come closer to the baseline vs Alcaraz or he is cooked. A simple story.


That drop shot of his got him so many free points


It's a combination of the fear of the Alcaraz forehand that means opponents stay back in the court. This hugely increases the effectiveness of the excellent drop-shot that Alcaraz possesses. This is exacerbated further for Medvedev in that he stands so far back behind the baseline so he has so far to come up to the net.


Alcaraz went against the script. I thought it would be a 3 set thriller not a one sided match.


Mfers here told me it was gonna be match of the year 💀


everyone thought so nobody thought it was gnna be like madrid 22


> I don't think anyone expected that match to go the way it did I kinda did. The slow surface was sure to favor Alcaraz over Medvedev TBH


Fucking thank you! I felt the same, I am also quite sure that Medvedev would have lost if Sinner somehow won his Semi Final. It is by far the slowest hardcourt on tour.


Big time, Medvedev cant get anything past him, his serve is neutralized, and Alcaraz has all day to get to his forehand and avoid those draining bh2bh rallies. Fair play to him, expect closer matches between them on faster hard courts and grass


Indeed, felt like Medvedev just had absolutely no answers to any of the weapons Alcaraz had whilst Alcaraz had him figured out from the start. On top of that Medvedev was just producing UE’s left and right for no reason


Not no reason. He didn't have a clue what to do against Alcaraz once his normal gameplan was proved ineffective today and his confidence was quickly shot to pieces. This translated into his play.


[You should have.](https://www.reddit.com/r/tennis/comments/11v6jki/indian_wells_semi_final_carlos_alcaraz_1_beats/jcsejig/) (first part of the comment)


Absolute clinical win from Carlos. Who is going to challenge him in Miami?


King Tomic vs. King Alcaraz


King Tomic vs Peasant Alcaraz!


Cavalier King Charles vs King Charles


He'll be the overwhelming favorite.


I think Miami is a faster court so I would expect Meddy to do better if they play again


I expect Medvedev to turn up the next time they meet. Medvedev is too good to be made to look like a peasant


Sinner and Medvedev again lol.


Medvedev with revenge? Or maybe Zverev. If he gets up to speed, he can cause trouble to Carlito. He did that in RG22 quarter finals.


I'm just kind of confused as to how you beat this guy


Plant some seeds on court and hope to stay in the match long enough for grass to grow?


It's honestly just a matter of time until he figures grass out. His shots are too big and his feel and IQ are just too good for him to not adapt


I mean if young-ish Rafa could figure it out, Carlos should easily be able to. His game looks much more suited to grass than Rafa - a more moderate forehand technique, faster serve (that is now also accurate??), bigger emphasis on pacey winners, and very willing to play at the net. Plus the lack of quality grass players means he will probably get a good chance at Wimbledon this year to make a deep run and figure it out.


He already had a pretty decent Wimbledon last season tbf, he lost to a very in form Sinner.


His skillset is so complete. Even the big 3 had weaknesses in their younger years that they had to compensate or improved in their later years, this guy has absolutely everything. Serve, forehand, backhand, movement, touch, mentality, strategy. Made a Slam winner looked so average.


Everything else is borderline perfect, but what's scary is the serving could be even better. He's only slightly above average in that category on the first serve. But, what he does have is the natural live arm to hit 135mph+...which means he has the potential to be an elite server as well. This guy may soon go on a Federer-esque run where he is winning 3/4 slams per year for years at a time. Only thing stopping that from happening is potentially another generational talent emerging or injury. Even if Djokovic stays at this level another 4 years, Alcaraz would still only be 23!!!


A lot still has to go right for that to happen. Given the speed of his arm and how explosive his movement is. Injuries may prove an issue


Yes, I literally said exactly that.


I heard he's a Fortnite player so maybe taunt him on that to weaken him mentally. Lol.


In order to compete in this era of tennis with Djoko at the top, he has to be this complete this early. The reason Next-gen couldn't hang with Novak was that they still had flaws in their game. Carlos is more well-rounded at this point that any other young player in recent times which is a good thing.


He is really complete but Nadal had more Masters titles at his age so I guess he is not more complete then 3 of them combined at their ages.


You mostly won't have to, as he's injured half the year anyway. That's his biggest weakness. He hits the ball really hard with a lot of wrist movement and he isn't the biggest guy nor does he have the biggest frame. He's very tough on his body with the way he hits his big forehand. He's 19 and has already had multiple small injuries. His team really has to work on that - that's by far his biggest problem right now.


I agree. Strength and conditioning is going to be huge for him moving forward


Reminds me of another prodigious young talent hmm


He won’t play this clean his whole career. He does go for a lot of power. Sometime when he doesn’t need to. If heavy topspin could neuter the best of Federer. Something similar would be hard to hit through for a long time. He can make quite a few quick errors in a row.


Honestly the only way is to hope he's off his game and making UEs. That's literally it.


You either have to be playing on grass or somehow out-offense him.


Take a shit on the floor


Take a shit in a Burger King bathroom floor and let the trophies come. All Big 3 have completed this key action to unlock their careers.


Well Sinner managed twice, and when he was beaten (3 times) he didn't make it too one-sided - the US Open match in particular was very close.


Thing about being a counterpuncher is that you may not even play poorly but you can have your opponent not let you play well. Carlos just didn’t even let Meddy have a chance to play well. Also, Carlos just has a great serve now this year? His one weakness last year is already seemingly solved. I’d be terrified if I were on tour


I arrived home thinking I would get here in time for the end of the first set or something, only to find out it was 4-1 on set 2. What on Earth happened here?


He looks like he's been playing these kinds of matches forever. Crazy to think he's only been a big name on tour for barely more than a year.


I mean, he did beat a top 200 atp at age 16.


So alcaraz really just beat Felix, Sinner and the most in-form player in the world, Medvedev, without even dropping a set? This kid might be good.


Whoa there, let’s not get ahead of ourselves


Some would say he's...the real deal?


Amazing. No wonder why Novaxx is afraid of getting the shots lmao


He ain’t getting the shots because he doesn’t wanna be getting the dropshots




I figured Alcaraz would win but wasnt expecting him to steamroll Medvedev. He is looking scary good right now. Won the whole tournament without dropping a set.






He doesnt only have the age advantage but also the fearlessness and hunger that great all up-and-comers inherently posses. Whereas meddy's contemporaries never really had it in them, with all due respect.


I'm already a massive Carlitos fanboy, but his match vs Sinner was much more impressive than this. Hard to even gauge his level today. Medvedev's core game is built around grinding people down and never missing, and he just managed the conditions/wind/pressure far too poorly to contest this match at all. So many unforced errors. Charlie obviously played well though, and it's always fun watching him play. We were fucking robbed of Djoko vs Carlitos at the AO this year. Djoko steamrolled everyone else. We're only going to have so long of these guys playing at the same time when one is 19 and the other 35.


Good for tennis in general. Someone finally stepping up from ATP and showing how good they can be. Go on Alcaraz.


How tf is carlos only 19?!


Cause he isn’t any older


Large if valid


10/10 would visit your profile again




Almost 20 but yea. He’s big 3 good when they were that age


He's def better than Fed and Djokovic were at that age


At the presentation interview, Meddy says Alacaraz is the most respectful of all players, nice of him to say that


I think Medvedev got in his own head about the wind today, he had a stinker, and Alcaraz was amazing, expected his level to drop at some point and it just didn't


As a player Alcaraz is rly most similar to Federer among the Big 3, although people will understandably compare him to Nadal due to Spaniard heritage and the ridiculous spin he generates on the forehand. But the blinding speed he moves forward and shot making creativity is more like Federer. If he can improve the serve he will be Federer reborn


I don’t think he can get much more power on the serve due to his height, and the other aspects are already great imo


He is a lethal server on slow courts due to the kick on the add side. It sets up the point perfectly for his strengths. He does need more power to serve effectively on fast courts. He is capable of generating more pace but who knows if he can do it consistently or over a long period of time (look at nadal at the 2010 us open)


His movement is a combination of both Nadal with his speed and Djokovic with his sliding.


I find it very fitting that Fed ended his career in 2022, and Carlos almost immediately sprung up and started making all our 2021 real deal jokes seem like predictions. Carlos at 19 has a Slam title, and THREE Masters. Djokovic and Federer at 19 both had NONE in both Categories. It's statistically the best we've seen a 19 year old perform career wise since Rafa. And I am here for it.


Made the then hottest player on tour look distinctly average


Dang now Alcaraz has 3 Masters and has beat the Little 3 (Med IW, Z Madrid, Tsitsipas Miami). Feels symbolic. Plus the Rafole wins. Just waiting for him to beat them in Slams, besides the Tsitsipas at USO


Alcaraz took Medvedev’s soul. What an amazing performance. No sets dropped for Alcaraz. Youngest man to win Indian Wells.


Tennis in very good hands. He seems like such a nice normal kid too. No ego. Hoping he has the best year!


That was so anti-climatic. Did Carlos even sweat? Danil just wanted to be out of there as quick as possible.


Alcaraz: 19 winners Medvedev...? 4 winners.


19 winners, at 19 years old, ends the 19 match win streak of Meddy


Fair play to Medvedev to give that speech after being demolished so comprehensively. Top guy.


The kid is different. It is going to be a challenge to beat him when he plays as aggressive as he did this whole week.


Can people stop hating on Daniil's performance in this match? Just kidding. I know you can't. But I'll assume it's cause you're uncomprehending of his trail to this loss. The dude's appeared to be on an adrenalin lifeline a while now. Props to Alcaraz for not giving him a chance to get pumped... but this match definitely could've gone Med's way on level legs the way he's been playing.


When I saw Alcaraz lose to Rafa last year in Indian wells, I was convinced it was the last time Rafa will beat Carlitos. Carlitos demolished hard court specialist Medvedev. Scary stuff.


Can we now say he is the real deal: •3 Master 1000 •1GS •Less than 20 years old


What a loser. Rafa had 6 Masters and 2 GS.


Yeah, but Nadal didn't have to deal with Nadal at RG. :D


secret recipe to win RG: 1. buy a racquet 2. be nadal 3. ?? 4. profit


Nadal was 20 when he won Grand Slam #2 :o


That’s 19 less slams than Federer. And he doesn’t even play tennis anymore! Washed


is Carlos back to #1?


He is, but he has to defend Miami to keep the spot.


Kid is ombillable


I wanna see this level Alcaraz against Olympic level Zverev. Feel like outside of the big 3 those are the two highest peak players in the last 5ish years


I misread “Masters” as “Massacre” and it still wasn’t wrong


Carlos is really setting some huge expectations from the fans. It's not fair on him but I do hope he reaches his true potential, which I believe will be him being in the GOAT discussion near the twilight of his career.


Alcaraz is obviously the truth, but I really can’t believe how good he actually is. Anytime he loses I’ll be surprised


Well, he will.lose- everyone does, but I hear ya- he is extraordinary- cannot believe he is 19.


Obviously Alcaraz was far superior to Medvedev today and rightfully deserves all the praise, but I want to give some credit to Medvedev. The guy made it to the final on his worst hard court with an injured ankle. Yes, he lost today, but 99% of the tour probably would, because Alcaraz was in the zone.


Medvedev was cooked, physically and mentally before the match and made far too many UE's. He was simply at the end of his rope. Alcaraz also studied his game really well and was simply more motivated for the title and no 1.


He attacks like federer. Has topspin’s like Nadal and moves like Djokovic. This dude is scary and I think he will break the records…


He uses an inside out forehand then rallies like Nadal and slides like Djokovic Wtf 😂😂😂


Australian Open literally could have been between Alcaraz and Djokovic. I think it was a big missed opportunity for Alcaraz


He made the choice to step out — likely the choice of his advisors — so that he could have the best year of his life. I wouldn’t doubt that it was the correct decision. Let’s wait and see.


Jannik once AGAIN, losing to the champ of the tournament in the second week 🤣😭


I know this is early, but this kid has the potential of possibly ending up surpassing the big 3.


talent is there, as it was with all of the big 3. lots has to go right in his career though for him to get through them. ​ that said, if no one ends up challenging him once djokovic ends up retiring down the road he may have sole slam dominance for a while. ala federer's prime


I knew something was special about this kid after that US open 3rd round match vs Tsitsipas.


CCCharlie 💪🏼 just unstoppable “I think you say hi to 300 people a day” - Medvedev LOL


Medvedev played very uncharacteristic With plenty unforced errors


Carlos is not getting enough credit for going on attack from the get-go and staying there, the entire match, against the best counterpuncher in the hardcourt game right now. He even mentioned it in his interview, that it was his plan and he stuck to it which wasn't easy. Anyone who played a counterpuncher knows how hard it is to attack them because you have to create opportunities and, which is harder, take them/execute. To me, this was the best final I have seen in a couple of years. I've never seen Meddy so out of options.


It immediately started going Carlos' way because Medvedev had no answers. And as it usually happens, this led to the losing player to lose more and more confidence and the result was a blowout


This is the most clinical beatdown of Medvedev I've ever seen. He didn't even really play *badly* per se - just got outsmarted by Alcaraz from start to finish.


Well done to Medvedev for winning what he has, but I’m so glad that Alcarez beat that shitty tennis so badly. I hope it forces players to actually start playing attacking tennis including volleys and winners instead of baselining all the time


Convincing win by Carlitos. He is unbelievably dominant at such a young age. It is frightening how good he may become.


Thoroughly outplayed. Alcaraz just seems to have more fire power and variety. He also has the ability to run almost as much as Medvedev.


As others have said, meddy needs to be closer to the baseline if he wants to win against Carlitos. Being that far exposes him to drop shots, serve and volley and it does not work against someone like Carlos.


Unless it’s a servebot on grass or he’s just hobbled (a real possibility in the future because of his movement) Carlos won’t be losing. Too good on every wing now. And he plays with joy, which will help with the mental grind as he ages. Ferrer has put a great team around him.


As long as Djokovic is around, Alcaraz will always have a chance of losing. Especially on grass


The only thing that prevents Alcaraz from being like a top 5 player ever is injuries. His game is so so special. A legit combination of Federer/Nadal/Djokovic incredible


Will he EVER lose a set again?


Alcaraz is good at stuff


Carlos's game is kryptonite to Medvedev. This matchup is gonna get lopsided real quick.


Don't underestimate Meddy- and don't expect that Carlos will play a match of this caliber every time - don't get me wrong - Carlos is obviously extraordinary, and I'm a fan but it's a more than a bit early ro.make that prediction.


Yeah definitely, he’s too varied and dynamic.


Alcaraz is just insanely good, excellent even and only 19 years old. Gonna be watching his career with great interest.


As a Meddy fan, I am gutted by his demolition . But I trust him that he will figure out Alcaraz. It's a bad match up for him, sure, but time and again he showed how incredible his shots can be. But we need more matches between them. This is a nice challenge for him, even if he loses every match I'll love to see him overcome the storm that is Alcaraz.


Anyone else excited for that u/hmclarke1991 thread of order about this match? I’m thinking my guy will have a lot to say about return positioning and alc being one of few guys who can truly capitalize off med’s deep returning


Will try and get this out by tonight!


Djokovic must seriously be considering getting the jab at this point