No surprise, I've seen footage of this guy failing to navigate over a footstool from like..the 60s


Along about that time he was struggling with a flying car too.


Seems he has always been a chitty driver


This deserves way more upvotes than it’s getting.


Not to mention his struggles with a cockney accent.




I mean, with all that soot in his eyes from being a chimney sweep.


Well, he shouldn’t have retired from Museum Security then.


does the concept of flying cars terrify anyone else?


People can't drive in 2D and we think they can manage in 3D?


Hell, 1D transportation (trains) seems to be difficult lately too…


I've got a pretty good grasp of 0D, laying on bed motionless reading Reddit. Nailed it.


Live in Ohio. Can confirm.


yeah that......and the 50 morons who think they'd fly over the superbowl/other event......


Not just up in the air, but the collisions falling on top of us down on land.


I know in the early 90s they experimented with flying autos in the UK. Two kids stole one and nearly collided with a train full of boarding school children !


I heard it was of those red hairs, always gotta keep an eye on them soulless heathens. Edit: Hope he’s feeling better soon.


He was a competent doctor in the 2000’s but just wouldn’t keep up with his studies.


So true, if only he could discern foot pedals the way he could diagnose murders



Oh rob!


Dude had some skill with a chimney sweep and umbrella


This deserves more upvotes.


even as the top comment it's underrated


These titles with the name then age have have heavy shock value


yeah holy shit, I was like "FUCK, IS HE DEAD"


LMAO and I was thinking "Fuck he ISN'T DEAD?!" I really thought he died 3 years ago.


He was just on the Masked Singer


Nah dude is quite honestly doing very well for his age. Aside from this I guess


Same. I thought this was an old post.


you're thinking of mary tyler moore


Mary Tyler Moore actually died in 2017, which was 6 years ago.


Fuck you 2017 wasnt 6 years ago


2020 has been a LONG year.


I feel like including the year or the amount of years ago was all that was needed. They forgot the year she died (which is pretty fair) they most likely didn't forget how to maths.


I mean I don't want him to die but he's fucking 97. Congrats to him for making it, I just want people whose job it was to make people happy to live a long life, which he actually accomplished. It's unfortunate that a lot of the entertainers from my youth actually died tragically. I'm glad he isn't one of them.


oh Jesus dude. I thought he was dead until i saw this comment.


The people who write those titles 100% know exactly what they’re doing. It’s all to generate clicks.


My grandfather is 97. We don't even let him use the microwave oven, let alone drive a car.


For many elderly people, driving is the last link they have to independence. If they can't drive anymore, then they'll need to start relying on someone else to help them with basic things. Someone will need to get them groceries. Take them to appointments. Run errands for them. And then it just spirals. So a lot of the elderly cling to their car keys and never let them go.


This was actually a major part of an incident on the show *Canada's Worst Driver*. Donna, an elderly woman who was a participant in season 4, was nominated by her son Claude to take part in the show (which is basically a driving rehab for dangerous/at-risk drivers; they don't get eliminated so much as graduate and get certified to be safe on the road) because Claude and his wife were scared of her antics on the road. Among other things, she admitted to drink-driving, driving over the speed limit and trying to intentionally run cyclists down because she thought they were annoying. And to make things worse, Donna was asked to drive her grandkids to school meaning she was doing this with kids in her car. Her old age was a major reason why she insisted on driving since it was the only real way she could get out of the car, so the show's Driving Rehab was a last-ditch attempt to get her to behave or else her son would take her keys away, but she outright refused to take the lessons to heart. This came to a head in episode 4 of the season, where Donna was involved in an incident during a challenge. One of the show's tests is for drivers to drive a course on driving obstacle awareness with a giant tank of cold water over their heads; if the driver hits an obstacle, they have to do it again; if they brake suddenly, they get drenched. Drivers are scored on how many obstacles they didn't hit and how much water is left in the tank. Donna took a bad crash when she hit an obstacle and got absolutely drenched... and started complaining about tightness in her chest, got out of her car and demanded the pills out of her purse. That was when the producers discovered that Donna had lied to them on her medical assessment form and was actually suffering from angina. Under Canadian law, this means that she was medically unfit to drive and should've voluntarily given up her license when she was informed about her condition because the stress of driving could kill her behind the wheel, causing a huge car accident. Two of the show's judges - a certified driving instructor and a police officer - were legally required to tell the Ministry of Transportation about Donna's heart condition and as Donna's driving license was immediately suspended pending an off-show driving review (which the episode revealed that she had failed), she was no longer a qualified driver and was kicked off the show; but they would've kicked her off anyway because the insurance company would've shut down production over falsified medical information.


>trying to intentionally run cyclists down because she thought they were annoying Wait, isn't that attempted murder? Did people really just let that slide?


This is actually brought up on the show a couple of times, actually. And when it is, it's treated deathly seriously. As I said in the original comment, they have at the very least one professional driving instructor and an often-retired police officer on the show's judging panel; when they hear the contestants admitting to some serious crimes that they were not made aware of beforehand, they *will* send the raw footage to the contestants' local authorities as a precaution. And like any other reality TV show with a confession cam, the contestants will admit a lot of shit on-camera in order to get some attention. This was actually a relevant factor in season 6 of the show. Scott ended up boasting to the confession cam numerous offenses he had committed willfully, including driving while drunk, while suspended, while he was meant to be under house arrest for an entirely seperate offense and also for stealig a friend's license to pass as his own, which got his friend a speeding ticket he didn't deserve. Said friend - who was also the person who nominated him to be on the show, I should point out - was also right behind him when he admitted that last one. And said friend was also the one who was paying for Scott's car insurance. Sure enough, said friend cancelled Scott's policy which meant as an uninsured driver, he wasn't legally allowed to be on the road which got him kicked off the show as well. Plus, the police officers working on the show let him know that they were the tapes of everything he had admitted to were being given to the local authorities.


Why have I not been watching this show


In the UK cyclists are seen as a nuisance by the police and will only attend if an ambulance is also required. I've been run over, thrown over cars and rammed off the road, all with video evidence and once by a medical doctor. Police couldn't care less.




























Christ what a story.


You mentioned the drink driving — a lot of older people still think it’s okay to drink and drive because it was normal when they were kids. My dad, uncle and grandpa have always gotten behind the wheel even if they’ve had a beer or two. My grandpa definitely still does, (he’s only 68 tho) I hope they know their tolerance levels enough to judge that but maybe they’ve just been really lucky. As someone who has had his life permanently altered by a drunk driver crashing into their car, it drives me insane. But i think it’s more common than most of us know for older people to just do that because it wasn’t illegal when they were younger.


It’s also something people who drink all the time do. I don’t want to call your family members alcoholics, because well, nothing you’ve directly said here points me to that conclusion. Nasty habit, alcohol. Nasty habit, driving under the influence. I’m 28. I got very lucky my antics behind the wheel in my 20’s didn’t earn me a DUI, much less cause harm to anyone else. Took a while to really come to terms with how dangerous my actions were. Got in one wreck, my car only, at the end of 2020. Woke up in my drivers seat, no car keys to be found. Still can’t explain that one. I was driving, I obviously had my keys at some point. Did I get out, check the damage, drop them, then fall back asleep? Did someone throw them? Who knows, I’ll never know. Didn’t have a car for over a year after that, kind of as a form of self-punishment. I obviously couldn’t handle it. I’ve known alcoholics through my adult life and that’s just…..what they did. Constantly, no stopping them. It’s really sad actually. My overarching point here is that it’s crazy what an alcohol tolerance can do to someone. So many times I’ve heard of people saying their “fine” to get behind the wheel, but their BAC was likely more than 2x the limit. I remember one specific memory of a bartender at a place I use to work blowing a .23-.24 ON SHIFT. Likely had been working nearly that drunk for months, but finally crossed the line. Alcohol is a nasty, nasty drug for people who can’t handle it. For those that can, it’s no different to me than anything else, 1-3 drinks over the course of the night and stopping doesn’t leave many people “changed” for the worse. But for those who can’t handle it and insist repeating, it brings out some really nasty behavior. Very glad I dont drink anymore, and if I were to, you wouldn’t find me behind the wheel of a car. Likely not even in one, I’d be in one spot for the remainder of the evening.


and this is why folks over a certain age should have to take drivers tests regularly


16 and over. People seem to forget the rules of the road once they've been driving for a year.


One of the best comments I’ve read in a long time, made me actually forget the original post, cheers!


I want to watch this show.


[All on YouTube](https://www.youtube.com/@unknownsoul888/videos)


How "elderly" was she?


This is very accurate, exactly this shit happened with my grandma.


Just a heads up, a lot of American counties have special public transit for old people. They'll have a van, or small bus, that will take older people places. Usually it's by appointment. Even small, rural counties often have it, since it's relatively cheap. Just a van and a part time driver.


My mom is 67 and uses that kind of service. Because of her Parkinson's she can't drive anymore and it lets her get out and do things (swimming, doctor's appointments, grocery shopping) while I'm at work. If someone has an older relative, I couldn't recommend looking into this kind of service enough!


Yeah but he's also like super rich. He could Uber everywhere. He could afford a personal chauffeur.


He also has a wife who's \~40 years younger than him who could definitely drive him.


Lol his current wife is younger than all 4 of his children. He's got a 71 year old daughter and a 51 year old wife. That's a Bill & Ted scenario on crack right there.


I agree he probably has a comfortable position but I don't know how super rich he is. When he was making movies Hollywood paid different... I guess it all comes down to did he invest smartly?


Google says he has a net worth of $50 million. That's far richer than most.


This is why GOOD public transit is so important. It’s ridiculous to allow extremely old people operate 2000lb metal boxes that can go 100+ miles an hour. Like it’s ridiculous we make them use a car just to go anywhere


Here in the UK we have free bus passes for all pensioners. Any time after morning rush hour on weekdays, pensioners (or in some areas anyone over 60) can travel on any bus. It means far fewer elderly people are driving after they're too old to do so safely.


Cool story when you're living in tiny villages.


We have buses in villages too.


It's built into the design in the US where residential neighborhoods are built away from shops and services so the elderly need a ride to do anything. People of driving age have to work, so are unavailable to transport older people. Add to that, the age for retirement is being pushed higher. When people get old they are isolated. Who wouldn't need to hang onto that drivers license? Sure there are retirement communities, but I just looked at the cost of one in our town and you have to pay over $600 K for a one-bedroom unit in the facility plus $7,000/month for the meals, etc. I was shocked.


This is why civilized countries build transit


I live in Philadelphia, a lot of the transit here is not so civilized.


Which would work fine if everyone lived in large urban population centers. We both know that's not the case though.


Rural Japan would like a word with you. People there can manage without cars just fine, even the elderly (which most of them are, at least getting there).




For elderly its getting 1 mile that is the problem, not roaming the American prairie. American suburbs are great for many things, but not for transporting oneself or commerce.


Trondheim, Norway with 140k population in the Norwegian mountains has more transit lines then San Antonio with it's 1.5 million population. It's not a matter of population, but will and city planning. Almost every single place outside of Manhattan is built for cars only in US with separation of residential and commerce.


Because all those places in the US were built after cars existed. Trondheim, Norway was not.


Plenty of small towns in normal countries the world over have excellent public transit, there's just often some walking/biking involved to get to the station.


Hard to bike/walk to the station when you live dozens of miles from the nearest piece of civilization, or in the mountains.


You’re talking about an incredibly small percentage of the population here. Not an argument against expanding transit. It’s not impossible yanno


My grandfather was 93 when he passed away. He would not give up his keys. We discovered that he was having a hard time seeing. So he would only drive to the nearby store and back. Because at least then he knew where the stop signs were by memory.


My grandpa is 86 and needs his keys taken away but he refuses


South Park Stan's grandfather that keep calling him Billy car ep, drives the car to the second floor of their house


Is he rich though?


He collided in to a gate... then in to a ottoman... then in to Dame Julie Andrews while singing about being a chimney sweep...


TIL Julie Andrews was knighted. (What's the past tense of being awarded damehood? Is it damed or knighted?) Edit: apparently the past tense of being awarded damehood, or receiving the title of dame, is daymed with a "y". Another TIL.


Quite a ripper, innit?


That must’ve been a pretty shitty shitty bang bang.


That comment got me Poppin


i hope he has an umbrella policy


Hell if I had his money I wouldn’t be driving myself in my 40s.


100%. I'd hire a chauffeur


i dont think he was driving himself in his 40s… the 1940s… or his first and second 40th aniversary in showbusiness. honestly, i dont think there are many people at that age that actively try and do their best to avoid their death. and at some point i understand to stop caring. but at some point you should accept to be simply too old to drive on public roads. you need to be a certain age to get a license, there should be a max age to have a license. if you have/are the exception, just have a test every couple months to renew and prove youre fit to drive. then again people would have to give a fuck… *sigh*


Hate to point this out, but a great majority, young, old, middle aged-should not be driving. And have you ever tried telling someone in their 80's give me your keys??? Anger and sadness all in one look.










He takes Ubers-cos-he-hit-a-gate-his-driving-is-atrocious


Good. Very, very good!


I’d be more worried about the gate. The man’s indestructible.


man i was so nervous at the start of this headline


Did anyone else read the article? They literally had nothing else to say other than he crashed, the police responded, and he had minor injuries. Like I understand wanting to report that he crashed but they had nothing to say so they just started talking about the one time he was on the Masked Singer. Like, what?


It was also brought up how he was in a serious accident 10 years ago, when his car caught on fire. The article somehow thought because he was in his 80's that accident was his fault. The car caught on fire-nothing he actually did caused it.


I was just thinking about him randomly yesterday. Did i do this?


The crash happened a week ago. That doesn't completely clear you, though.




We are assuming he has a license and people knew he was driving. My uncle was in his late 80s and lived by an elementary school…and drove. (He lived there since his 30s) He didn’t have a license and he lived alone. So, I got word of it (I live several hours away) and removed the car’s alternator. When he got mad his car didn’t work, we got him a scooter. Problem solved.


Probably not "after" colliding into a gate. Maybe "while" colliding into a gate? Or "otherwise known as"?


I hope he's okay. I fucking love that guy


All of a sudden that south park episode where all the old people are out driving comes to mind


What the roads need are more people in their 90’s driving! Every 3rd car on the road has a handicap placard.


Ahh, my man bleep van bleep


Shouldn’t be allowed to drive at that age lol


Gonna be sweeping a lot of chimneys to pay for that…


lol this is the best comment of the day ;)


I'm always shocked that he's alive. I used to think he was dead when I was a kid.


I saw a street side nterview with him a few months ago on his 97th birthday and he got into the drivers side of a car and drove off. I thought "holy shit, that guy is still driving at 97",


the Prince Philip's Range Rover syndrome. Just stop handing licences to Metuselahs, guys


FWIW this happened during the storms in LA. We all know that people in LA can't drive in the rain for a mixture of reasons. IDK, keep living your best life, Dick.


Check out his soft shoe shuffle on Masked Singer last month. Legendary.




Glad he’s okay. One of the few remaining legends that hasn’t been tarnished by crazy shit in his past. (At least as far as I know)


Hope he's fine, he's a national treasure.


Wait, he is still alive? And he is still driving a car? Is he also still dancing at rooftops sweeping chimneys? (But seriously, forgot he was alive, but i hope he is doing well)


He is in all likelihood back up on a rooftop today continuing with his usual shenanigans, or possibly different ones


Everyone is quick to jump to the crash being caused by his age, but have you seen the guy? He can still jump on tables and shit. But I still agree a majority (and probably him) shouldn't be driving. I just don't know his full capabilities. I mean there are some 30 year olds who shouldn't be driving too.


Dick van doesntneedtobedriving mirite


More like Dick Rammed Gate


Awkward titling from that article. You can't collide *into* a stationary object. Collisions require both objects to be in motion. It's just a crash.


Devil's advocate, but the gate could've been moving, like if it was an automatic gate.


“Collide” comes from the Latin word “collidere,” combining ‘col’ (together) and ‘laedere’ (to strike) You absolutely can collide with a stationary object. ‘Crash’ is simply a more violent connotation of the word ‘collide.’




Can't bar people just because they're old, but more rigid and periodic testing at advanced ages is probably a good idea.


Would be great but boomers are mostly still in charge and have yet to show they know when to bow out gracefully in any thing.


i hate when they lead with the age omg


He is 97. There is ZERO reason why he should be driving.


No one should be driving at 97. That seems crazy.


Sorry politically correct people, but a person with 97 yrs old shouldn't be allowed to drive anymore. Imao


So would you call this Dick blocking, or gatekeeping?


Time for a South Park episode!


The man has money and insurance, as long as he doesn’t hit people, let’s order him a new car 🚗


why not skip the point where he hits someone and put him on a track with his new car. it doesnt always have to come to some avoidable tragedy before something gets changed. (and lets be honest, the US wont change even *when* it comes to it… *sigh*)


Holy shit this guy is still around? Good for him but damn. He's really on that adrenochrome stuff isn't he lol.


Take his license away surely????? ​ It's time Dick


No big surprise here, he’s 100…


I honestly didn’t realize he was still alive.


Hot take. People that old should not be driving.


97 year olds should not be operating heavy machinery.


If a 13 year old is not allowed to operate a vehicle, why do we allow anyone over the age of like 70 to do that as well? I’d much more trust a 13 year olds reaction time


why is this dude driving a car at 91?


He’s not. He’s driving at 97.


But we can reasonably assume that he was also driving at 91


fine!, 97 pedantic much?


‘Twas a joke. Butthurt much?




Did you even read the article? It says he suffered "minor injuries". He's not dead


Clearly responding to the title. But seriously, don't come on here acting like a tough guy or gal. I guarantee you wouldn't have to the nerve to talk tough to my face, so don't do it here. Edit: Practice some decorum.


I'm just saying read the article, calm down. Not trying to be aggressive


But have your practiced some decorum? 😂 what a nutter


a bit of rain and LA goes nuts.


The hell is he doing driving at that age.


“Chim chiminey, chim chim a treeeeee, youll need insurance, mostly for me!”


Truly Scrumptious ran him off the road in revenge


“Colliding into” sounds weird. Makes it sound like the gate was driving too.


Maybe shouldn’t have been driving in a downpour.


I’m glad he’s okay but maybe it’s time he stopped driving.


Driving a Malibu ?


He is a fine musician, that's what the people say. But he should no longer be driving, that's just not okay!


He’s a super nice guy. But he can afford a houseman/chauffeur. And it’s time he hired one.


I hope I am still driving *when I am that old.*


Noticing how the story headlines keep adding details to deflect from the fact that no human over 90 should Be driving. Period.