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First and maybe last time I bet on such a disgusting bottom feeder game, but our boys in red come through to get us the dub. As disclaimer, if I do suggest a spread (up to), that's usually a hard stop in terms of where the value drops off for me, so if the spread is outside of that number, I would no recommend tailing (you could buy down, but you do lose a lot of value). Let's roll with some NCAAB today - now I know most of you expected Uconn, which I'm still slamming, but going for an under play on the other game for tomorrow. Sickness in the Uconn game has me worried, will look to live bet that game instead. POTD Record: 35-11-2 | (1-2 on old model) Last 25:✅✅✅✅❌✅✅❌✅✅✅✅❌✅✅✅✅✅❌✅❌✅✅✅✅✅❌✋✅❌✅✅ **Yesterday's POTD:** Pistons @ **Rockets -4.5 (up to -5) | 3U | NBA** ✅ **Today's POTD:** SDS vs. FAU | **Under 132.5 (down to U131.5)** | 3U | NCAAB March Madness **Time:** April 1, 6:09PM EST **MODEL EXPLANATION:** Model takes into consideration typical stat lines and historic data but pieces in sentiment analysis which scrapes discussion about the game across many forums and platforms to garner additional insight into potential emotional considerations. **Pick spreadsheet:** [https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15jc1\_skXXFrodzHckhKDscwYqvPTgjFYbLJJ\_UEZkt0/edit?usp=sharing](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15jc1_skXXFrodzHckhKDscwYqvPTgjFYbLJJ_UEZkt0/edit?usp=sharing) **POTD Stats:** \+60.49 Units | ≈70.86% ROI | Average odds -110 **PICK REASON:** 1. To start us off, as always, let's look at the stats here. Per Bart Torvik, SDS is ranked #3 in adjusted defensive efficiency, and FAU is ranked #35. Both of these teams are solid on defense. On the other side, FAU is ranked #37 in offense, and SDS is ranked #62. both teams are overall better on defense than they are offense. 2. Under Kenpom, similar results, SDS is ranked #4 on defense, and FAU ranked #30, and on offense 24 for FAU and 75 FAU. Both teams made it this far with their defense, and I expect this to be no different than a slug fest of passing and shot clock violations 3. A wild stat, the last 10 games for SDS has gone under, and 5 of the last 7 for FAU has gone under. SDS is just insane defensively, and really limit opportunities. Moreover, the under has hit 9 in the last 9 games where SDS was also the favourite. 4. SDS has won against 2 of the best offensive teams in the country in Creighton and Alabama, and I expect them to be able to shut down a much weaker offense in FAU when comparable to their last 2 matchups. 5. Kenpom has SDS ranked #266 and FAU ranked #155 in pace - so I expect this game to be played to full shot clocks, with careful passing to try to find open looks. 6. SDS has kept 5 of 7 of their last opponents to under 60 points, and I expect this to be a game of attrition as teams try to find any bucket they can. 7. Overall - I expect this game to be a slugfest, with very few buckets - and can consider the Under 1H spread instead down to 60. This will be a fun one just like watching paint dry is fun. Defensive clinic with SDS winning. As always - thank you to everyone that's tipped. As my posts have been gaining traction, I've been spending a bit more time than usual trying to research my best pick, and I'm beyond happy to know I've made a bunch of you some good money, and hopefully can keep it rolling for as long as I can stomach it. [**Buy me a coffee**](https://www.buymeacoffee.com/forecastcard) **|** [**Paypal**](https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/forecastcard?country.x=CA&locale.x=en_US) Much love, *Riddles,* Discord: [https://discord.gg/dpnyvnkhex](https://discord.gg/dpnyvnkhex) [https://discord.gg/dpnyvnkhex](https://discord.gg/dpnyvnkhex)


If I'm riding with Riddles on the Rockets, I'm sure as hell riding with Riddles on a SDSU under play.


DK has a 40% boost so I used that to get the under 131.5 for +127


Same here fam, good call




Really? It opened at 132.5 and still 132.5 on FD - or are you saying that its opened much lower? Either way - I'm going off my model which predicts a score around 65-62 SDS, not too much room for comfort, but I'm still a big fan


Username tracks


5 days ago it was 132.5 on dk


Daddy riddles is on a roll!!!! SLAMMING THE UNDER




Lines at 142.5 now oof. I tailed but getting nervous with the numbers these boys putting up zero defense on either end


It’s cooked bro.


RIP my money. You’ll be missed




cooked ❌


When Riddles says ”jump!” I ask ”how high?”


Not a good start…


Rough start. Let us hope the second half has a scoring drought.


Ooof this one is over




I'm 1 for 1 tailing, even though I had to do it live because I missed the initial number and had to hunt live for a spot to tail. I think I'm going to semi-tail you again and go with the 1H under for sure while the teams get used to playing in a football stadium, which traditionally favors under anyways. I just don't trust officials late in the game not to call a foul fest. Good Luck to us both.


Tailing again. You still haven't lost a bet I've tailed since I tipped you.


I’ve rode with you all of March madness but had to fade this based on the last two final fours. Tons of scoring in both and these two teams can get in a groove and run like we have seen so far.


RIP. I was so convinced too Sadge. Good bet in theory


Time for some serious regression in these shooting percentages. Keep the faith, and let’s hope both teams are drinking whiskey in the locker room, at halftime. Stay positive fellow degens!


Tailed. You’re looking to live bet UConn specifically or whichever team looks better at the time?


I’m not sure - Hawkins missed practice so gonna see closer to game time how they look without him.


Ya was late to the game and got boned with rockets -6.5 not mad at riddles just myself 😩


Finally giving my beloved Detroit teams a break!


Yikes, not looking good.


Gotta react accordingly and take u144.5 points. Retaining 50% from threes ain’t gonna be easy


Not looking good either lol


The pace in that first half was BULLSHIT! Slow it down Dutch!


POTD Record: 144-105-8 (+31.63 units, 57.8% hit rate) 5 Unit Big Balls 💣 Record: 15-7 (68.2%) W5 Sports Records: Basketball 🏀 48-31-1 (60.8%) W1, Tennis 🎾 40-28-3 (58.8%) W1, Soccer ⚽ 45-36-4 (55.6%) L3, Entertainment 🎥 11-10-0 (52.4%) W2 Last 10: 💰💩💰💰💰💩💩💩💰💰 Last Pick: Detroit Pistons @ Houston Rockets, Player Prop - Kenyon Martin Jr over 0.5 assists - NBA 🏀 💰 1 Unit - Fuck your parlay!!! Cash that shit!!! Today's Pick: Stuttgart @ Union Berlin, Union Berlin ML - German Bundesliga ⚽ 💰 1.12 Units - 💸 that shit on the 3-0 W! To the whiners at half, if ya can't take any adversity, maybe take up a stress free activity like bird watching or some shit. Softies. Units/Odds/Book: Betting 1 Units at 2.12/+112 odds to win 1.12 Units @ Pinnacle (Line at 10:30pm ET) Implied Probability based on odds: 47.2% Time limited so quick, quick writeup. Union Berlin 3rd in Bundesliga and have won 2 3rds of their home games. Stuttgart 18th (dead last) in the league and haven't won on the road all season. This combined with the odds, sure why not, yeah? Good luck if tailing, get bent if fading. Always note the bet sizing. I am not an expert. Fuck your parlay. Upvote if you love pizza 🍕 Tips: [https://buymeacoffee.com/JBpicks](https://buymeacoffee.com/JBpicks)


Union just scored 53rd min! Up 1


Did you check if there are any significant injuries to Union? Odds seem way too high for what statistically should be victory by Union by 2 goals ( their goal difference at home is better than +1 and Stuttgart away goal difference is worse than -1)?


I did, only injury for UB is Andras Schafer and he has played only 2 games since early November, so good on that front.


Nice hit. I also live bet Union Berlin ML at +190 just before the half


Tailing!!! 🍕


Tailing, BOL


Nice pick, already got the early payout




Great pick Joel! Appreciate the hard work


Thanks for the pick! Nice cash to start off the day


Thanks for the easy money this morning!


Took this and the over 1.5. Nice little morning hit. GGs.


POTD Record: 2-0 (+7.1u) Previous pick: MLB/ Rangers vs. Phillies/ Rangers -1.5 RL @ +170. 3u to win 5.1u ✅ Rangers make it happen and put up 9 in the 4th to help us get in the green💰 Today’s POTD: MLB/ Pittsburgh Pirates vs. Cincinnati Reds/ Cincinnati Reds RL -1.5 @ +140. 3u to win 4.2u Going for another good value bet with the RL, and I do see a little edge in our favor here. Rubber matchup is young gunner Nick Lodolo for the Reds vs veteran Rich Hill of the Pirates. Actually played against Lodolo in playoffs in high school, he’s a good lanky left handed pitcher that relies on a consistent command of his fastball with a plus change up to compliment it. Thing has a fuckin parachute on it. Little backstory about this guy, he was drafted 43 overall out of high school by the pirates and denied his signing to go to TCU to eventually get drafted 7 overall and sign for even more with the reds. He had a great introductory season last year, looks like he’s only gotten better and seems to be in great form at the moment. Next up, Rich Hill. Love the guy as a person but his career is going downhill and from what I saw in spring training as of recent, he’s a good pitcher to fade for the time being. Spring training is hard to assess because players are working on different things and don’t really give a shit about stats, but his last 3 outings in spring training has stuck out as he’s given up 13 runs in just 10.2 innings. Compare that to Lodolo’s 4 runs in his last 3 outings in 11.2 innings to make the stat freaks feel good about this pick. Outside of the pitching, the Reds have a better lineup than the Pirates and I expect them to bounce back with some energy at home after losing by a run yesterday. Let’s have some fun. BOL to all, tail or fade.


Gonna be a super windy day here in Cincinnati for what that’s worth. Let’s go Redlegs


I think this will be a breakout season for Lodolo, hopefully he gets started on that today


POTD Record: 38-25 | Profit: +33.59u | ROI: 16.5% Last 10 Record: ❌✅✅❌❌✅✅✅❌✅ ​ Yesterday Pick: Clint Capela (Hawks) PRA O23.5 @ 1.86. 3U. ❌ Clint with a poor game, and he played just 20’ which means he never had a real shot at this line. Lesson here is not to bet on Capela/Okongwu because their mins are unpredictable. Claxton with another fantastic game in a tough match-up, I’ll certainly be returning to him at some point. ​ Next Pick: **Reggie Bullock (Mavericks) Pts O7.5 @ 1.83. 2u play** Limited slate but I'm going with a smaller unit size on Reggie. His scores are up and down quite a lot but I like this play cause the Heat are just terrible. They rank 28th in Def Rtg in L15 and they give up a lot of 3s, both above and break and from the corner. Reggie has been attempting 5.8 3’s in L10 and shooting at over 41%, and against this poor Heat defense I think he will get some good looks, and his higher usage in recent games will translate to more opportunities. He averages 9ppg/L10 and has a much better record than that against the Heat. Earlier this year he had 15 pts against them, and more generally has gone over this 7.5 line in 9/L10 against them despite coming off the bench in most of those. For the game tomorrow he should start and play 30+ mins. ​ Hope you’ve been able to tail profitably, and tips are always appreciated: [Coffee](https://www.buymeacoffee.com/TheBrat)


eh shit happens.. on to the next one! Cheers


I like it. MIA has allowed 4th most pts to SFs last 7 games **AND** most pts to SFs last 15 games. A couple days ago I tailed /u/RadiantHeatsource on his O11.5 PRA Bullock which hit comfortably. Curiously the PRA is not available on FD or DK right now. Might be worth looking into again but I'm sure that PRA total will float up.


Unfortunately this didn't hit, wasn't his night, missing quite a bit of shots. Oh well, onto tomorrow's bets


Points rebounds 11.5?


Great writeup! Tailing.


I mean I don’t think a playoff team is terrible but they are bad at defending the three for sure


Don't listen to the haters


POTD record: 42-31-2 / ROI: +9.83% / Wins: 57.53% **Connecticut -5.5 -110 (1u)** **SPREAD** — Miami Hurricanes @ Connecticut Huskies 8:49 pm EST - 01 April 2023 — It all boils down to whether or not you believe UConn is a bona fide juggernaut. The team has been obliterating opponents in the Tournament. The Hurricanes are no slouches, but when you look at UConn's roster from top to bottom, it's hard to argue that any remaining team can hang with them. The Huskies are anchored by Sanogo, a monolithic force on the court, who's complemented by Clingan, another seven-footer. The freshman forward Karaban is also playing lights out, surrounded by an elite backcourt in Newton and Hawkins. And let's not forget Andre Jackson, who can do it all. Each piece of this team fits together seamlessly, and when they're firing on all cylinders, they play a truly beautiful brand of basketball. It's possible that UConn is a freight train barreling towards a double-digit victory in the Final Four. Do the business. [https://twitter.com/valentishow](https://twitter.com/valentishow) [https://www.instagram.com/valentishow](https://www.instagram.com/valentishow) [http://myaction.app/Valenti](http://myaction.app/Valenti)


I like it but why do I have a feeling that /u/DrMoneyline is going to pick Miami +5.5. ​ ![gif](giphy|11OLihUEDA5LJC)


The public is all over Uconn, Fading, Uconn hasn't had a close game all tournament, they are due plus Miami definitely has coaching advantage


He just posted it and it is Miami +5.5 lol


The doc about to go 0-4. He can’t buy one right now.


Maybe but he has done well during tourney this yr and in past.


good luck! been leaning on uconn all week...hope you smash the books


Hawkins is sick


Stomach issue and the line hasn’t budged since the news broke. Think with the day to rest and the docs pumping him with fluids he’ll be fine


The college version of the “flu game”


***Record: 12-8 (+2.07 Units) // All bets are 1 unit*** Previous Bet: [3/31](https://www.reddit.com/r/sportsbook/comments/127452j/pick_of_the_day_33123_friday/jeckutz?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3) Plenty of goals to go around! Both teams were able to find the back of the net by half time. Adelaide knocked two more through 10 minutes after the half, eventually leading to a 2-3 victory. **Today's Match: Central Coast Mariners vs Brisbane Roar (0200 EST)** League: Australia A-League ⚽️ *Pick: Both Teams to Score - YES (-150 bet365)* ✅️ We'll keep it in the A-League as there's only a few more weeks left in league play. Coming into this match, Central Coast has had both teams score in 8 out of the last 10, and has gone 10 straight matches without a clean sheet. They are also coming off of a 2-0 road loss to Melbourne Victory who sits last in the standings. Despite that outlier loss, they have been pretty solid at home with a 6-2-3 record and a 26:15 goal difference through 11 matches. They have both scored and conceded in 8 out of their last 10 home matches. Although they are second to last in the standings, Brisbane comes into this match in decent form, having scored at least one goal in 7 straight league matches, including a goal on the road against a stingy defense in the top team Melbourne City. They have also seen both teams to score in 4 out of their last 5 matches. They average just under 1 goal per match but have been warm as of late and are facing a Central Coast team who has conceded in each of their last 10 matches. These two teams faced off just 7 weeks ago which resulted in a 1-2 Central Coast victory and a combined 32 shots between the two. I expect a similar result today as both teams look to wrap up the season on a strong note, as I look for a 2-1 Central Coast victory full time. BOL!


god bless var 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


![gif](giphy|jZcRQAe2ZnwT6590lo) u/awnryAlligator with another wake and cash! Nice hit! ✅💰👊🏼


Torn between BTTS @ -160 on DK or the parlay of BTTS/o2.5 for +100, maybe I’ll dip into a little bit of both since you predict 3 goals.


Fantastic pick! What a nail biter


Another wake, another cash 🥱 You’re the man


Potd record 42-19 Boxing __Robeisy Ramirez vs Isaac Dogboe - Ramirez to win by ko/tko (+120)__ Ramirez fights Dogboe for the vacant WBO world featherweight title. Ramirez was an outstanding amateur and had a stand out win against Shakur Stevenson, who he beat to win Gold at the 2016 Olympics. He lost his first pro fight but has since come on leaps and bounds. He’s easily one of the best fighters to watch right now in boxing. He has terrific foot movement, very fast hands, great combination punching and has an extremely good looping left hand that he’s deadly accurate with. He’s got better and better with every fight he’s had since turning pro, stopping people that have previously never been stopped and completely outclassing others. Dogboe is 24-2-0. His 2 defeats have come against the same fighter in Navarette, whom he was stopped by in their second fight. Dogboe is seriously tenacious, for what he lacks in size he really makes up for in sheer aggression. He’ll throw hooks instead of a jab often and has won a lot of his most recent fights just by his volume of punches thrown. Ramirez can fight anyway possible, on the backfoot, front foot or on the inside. He looks great doing whatever, but I see him starting this fight on the backfoot, letting Dogboe unleash with his combination of hooks but I just see Ramirez’s footwork keeping him out the way of most of Dogboe’s shots. I think the fight will get to midway when we see Ramirez be able to start landing what he wants and when he wants. Ramirez pretty much beats Dogboe in every category, whether that’s speed, power or accuracy. He hurts opponents even if he’s partially hitting gloves. Dogboe also tends to forget about covering up a lot of the time and I think Ramirez will easily capitalise on this. Overall I think Ramirez is a probably the best featherweight out there right now and I expect him to stop Dogboe in around rounds 7-10. I think we’ll see a destructive performance from Ramirez and I believe he’ll go on to possibly become undisputed or if not easily win more belts not just in this weight class. Bol anyone who tails!


I keep going back and forth between ko or decision. what makes you so confident?


Dogboe was stopped and badly beaten by Navarrete. I class Ramirez as already being better than Navarrete, he also fights similar too Navarrete. Dogboe gets hit a lot in every fight. I think Ramirez is basically on another level to him in terms of everything and that left hand from Ramirez would be enough to scare me off the decision line alone.








**POTD RECORD** : 7-1 | +14.16u | WWWWLWWW ***Last*** : Khachanov +4.5 games vs Medvedev (-110) | W ***Today*** : Kvitova +4 games vs Rybakina (-120) | WTA Miami Time : 01.04 | 15.00 EST 3 units to win 2.49 **Why ?** Good thing Khachanov has cash or I would have been gutted not to have bet on Sinner. But no regrets since Khachanov did the job. This is the only mainstream match available today, personally I would have preferred to play a Challenger match today (who said Geerts +4 ? not me) but last time a lot of people told me they didn't have this market available on their book so let's go to miami. Yesterday i was on Khachanov and Sinner side, today i'm on Kvitova. I know Rybakina is probably the best player (ok let's say top 3) in the world actually, yes it's a risky bet and yes Rybakina will probably win this match so fade me if you want there is nothing exceptional about it. It's simple I'm on Kvitova's side because I want Kvitova to win. For those who knew Kvitova in her best period it's really nice to see that she has a chance to win a big trophy again. In fact, this may be the last chance in her career for her to win such a big trophy. Did you see the match yesterday against Cirstea? She was completely dominated, she was losing 2-5 0-30 on her serve, it was very easy for Cirstea, so easy that in my opinion she had already seen herself in final. But Kvitova changed as if fate was on her side, Cirstea tried to come back in the 2nd set but it was too late Kvitova was already in another world. Add to that the fact that Rybakina has only lost 3 times this year, against Haddad Maia, Sabalenka and...Kvitova and Rybakina's serve in Miami is not an all risk insurance. If she has a low first ball rate as she did against Pegula, Kvitova's return of serve will hurt a lot. I want to see Kvitova lift the trophy, take it as you like I admit that on this bet I put a little too much heart. Edit : I anticipate and since there is already someone who asked me, I also like the +3.5 or the over 21.5 (if you can't play the +4 ofc)


POTD Record 4-0 \+5.31 units Last pick: Ninjas in Pyjamas ML (W) Match: IEM Dallas 2023 Europe Closed Qualifier Astralis vs GODSENT 12:00 PM CET Todays pick: Astralis ML at 1.53 odds Unit size: 2 units Another nice win yesterday to continue the good start to my picks. Today it's once again a pick from the IEM Dallas qualifiers. Astralis have ever since returning from ESL Pro League after getting knocked out, found a bit of form with the highlight of their 4 winstreak being their latest match, a 2-0 victory against Spirit. The danish team still seems to have its issues but has found some stability after the return of Device to the lineup, and the addition of youngster Buzz GODSENT on the other hand, is a team comprised of some names that have been around in the Swedish scene for a while, but never really made it to the top, ZTR who has stood in for NIP and been the IGL on their academy roster and then the 18y talent Joel, who is an exciting prospect but still very new to top level CS. This roster has been in good form, but it’s worth noting that most of the teams they have played are a tier or two below Astralis even in shaky form. Their biggest test in recent times was against C9 on the 30th where they lost 2-0. As this is an important qualifier to a big event i expect Astralis to show up prepared, and for GODSENT to not have the quality to match them, given the quality of opposition they are used to playing against. BOL to anyone tailing, hopefully the streak can continue


Listen... the game starts in 30 minutes. I'm in Vegas (where I literally can't bet on the KBO... so fuck you, Vegas). I can't give a full writeup and I don't have my stats. For the folks that are new, I've been picking KBO for three years. I haven't gotten rich, but it's been fun. KBO baseball, 1am ET Hanwha at Kiwoom Kiwoom -145 An Woo-Jin on the mound against last years worst team. Let's go Heroes!!


Woah how long has it been since you’ve been active on POTD thread? I used to tail your KBO picks in 2021


Been on break since the last KBO season, so just last fall. Back for another ride!


Ah yeah that should’ve been obvious, must’ve blanked that baseball has been out of season for a while. Best of luck for this season!


The goat


Hes back!


**POTD Record: 9-3 | Profit: +23.43u | Avg Odds: -118 | ROI: +50%** \----- Previous POTD: 4u Croatia -0.5 \[-182\] 💀 Nobody saw that very late equalizer coming. 1-1 (FT). 💀 \----- Today's POTD: Borussia Dortmund at FC Bayern Munich **3u bet: FC Bayern Munich -0.5 \[-192\]** Reason: Bayern Munich pushed the reset button furiously. Must win game for new coach to go top of the table again. Meunier, Reyna, Adeyemi (Q-tag), Bynoe-Gittens (Q-tag), Moukoko (Q-tag), Schlotterbeck (Q-tag) are out of action for Borussia Dortmund. That helps for Bayern Munich's endeavour. \----- BOL


This is -225 on DK.. Not great value.


Love the username so imma ride with him lol


This dude takes juicy lines and disappears for days after a loss 🤡


Would you prefer he forced a pick every day like a lot of other people tend to do on here? I’ll take a 9-3 record with sporadic picks over people throwing darts every single day and praying. To each their own


Imagine being pissed because you tailed someone’s bet on Reddit and lost 🤡


Yea man but didn’t you see his post? Nobody saw that late equalizer coming.


Happen all the time in sports betting that's why we shouldn't drink to much juice


POTD 4W-0-0 (8 units) Last pick - Dallas stars vs Arizona Coyotes over 5.5 Arizona did their job and Dallas did the rest, lets hope you guys have been following Todays pick Toronto Blue vs St Louis Cardinals Jays F5 Run Line +100 (3 units) Reasoning - Kevin Gausman is a beast, he was the blue jays best pitcher and most reliable guy. I expect Toronto to be winning the whole game as long as Kevin Gausman is pitching. Both of these teams have strong hitters , however the bluejays have a strong advantage with the starting pitchers. I expect Toronto to win this game as long as we don’t have another bullpen collapse. First 5 innings is the safe play, slightly more juice if you take -1.5. Best of Luck to all


POTD Record: 37W-20L LAST POTD: Austria ✅ TODAY'S MATCH: Soccer - Saudi Arabia Premier Al Hilal Riyadh V Al Khaleej Saihat 12.00PM PST PICK: Al Hilal Riyadh HT/FT Win Odds: 1.83 The Deets: For clarification, the bet is for them to be winning at half time and at full time. Riyadh are streets ahead of Khaleej and the calibre of players between the 2 teams is vastly different. Riyadh currently sit in 4th with a goal difference of 37:17. Khaleej are sitting at 14th in the relegation zone and have a goal difference of 15:31 which is awful. Expecting Riyadh to be winning at half and full time. BOL! Diaper fund - [Paypal](https://www.paypal.me/tuesdayswithdory?locale.x=en_CA) Edit: Winner ✅


POTD Record: 19-15-2 Last pick: Genoa ML (-150) / 1.67 - 2u ✅ Genoa controlled this game, owning most of the possession and getting off plenty of shots while holding their opponents in check. With their 1-0 win, Genoa has now won 8 of their last 9 at home and have kept a clean sheet in all 9 of those matches. Add one to the W column, let’s get another one today! Soccer - English Premier League - Manchester City vs. Liverpool - 7:30am EST **POTD: Manchester City ML (-162) / 1.62 - 4u** Man City are in the thick of a title fight in the EPL, as they sit at 2nd on the table. They’ll face Liverpool, who have been up and down for much of the season. This one will be played at the Etihad, where City have been outstanding this season, with a 20-1-1 record across all competitions. They’ve outscored opponents 76-17 in those 22 matches and will look to take advantage of a Liverpool team that have been subpar on the road. Best of luck and love you all. Let’s ride!


All-Time POTD: 140-90-2, +54.7u, 12.5% ROI All-Time March Madness: 15-3 2023 March Madness: 8-1 **Today’s pick: Miami +5.5 (-110) vs UConn** 3u NCAAB 🏀 8:49pm est I said I’m riding Miami until the wheels fall off. This team continues to stay disrespected. I would *hate* to see them win a national championship. Also Hawkins possibly out for for UConn with a stomach bug… I feel like he’ll play but given he was too weak to practice yesterday, he won’t be 100%. I think this is more significant than I think people realize, not only is he their leading guard, he facilitates every play for UConn. Also, Miami scores with their guards, they are not an interior team of the likes UConn has been feasting against. If UConn’s guards are short handed on the defensive end, Miamis backcourt who have been unconscious since January will take over. But I like this line even if Hawkins is 100%. Uconn is the big public play of the day, we know how those go. The disrespect. For all plays, follow https://twitter.com/drmoneyline/


He also liked sdst. This guy is on a heater to fade. No offense fade til he hit again. I believe its 0-4 last 5 days.


Shit no no no I already took UConn spread


POTD Record: 62-74-7 (-18.82 units) Last 10 (most recent first): ❌❌❌❌❌❌✅❌❌✅ Last Pick: AFL, Collingwood v Richmond, COLLINGWOOD -16.5 (-111 / 1.90) ❌ Dominated all night, missed a bunch of opportunities, back door cover in the last few minutes. Todays Pick: Serie A, Juventus v Verona, JUVENTUS -1.0 AH (-143 / 1.70) Stake: 1 Unit Daily fade material, longest cold streak I’ve had. Juventus are 17-5-5 but sit in 7th because of a 15 point deduction. Without that they would be sitting 2nd, but instead they’re now chasing wins to sneak back into European places. They take in Verona who are third last and in danger of relegation, with a 4-7-16 record. Juventus is clearly the better team, but the home/away factor is the main reason for this bet. Juventus have the second best home record in Italy, going 10-3-1 with a 33:12 goal ratio. On the other hand Verona have the worst away record, going 0-5-8 with a 7-19 goal ratio. Coming back from international break always contains some risk and strange things happen, but Juventus should be too good at home for the worst away team in the league. Think they should win comfortably but going extra safe with the -1.0 AH because at this rate, even a push is a win.


**BRADFORD CITY VS GRIMSBY** Date: 01 April 2023 at 14:00 BET ON: Match odds- **BRADFORD CITY** Odd: 1.92 ​ \- Grimsby are set to be without the services of 3 senior players such Luke Waterfall, Michee Efete and Ryan Taylor. Huge blow defensively. \- Bradford City are a full fit squad. \- The Bantams sit in 7th place in League Two, occupying the final play-off spot with a three-point advantage over Mansfield Town who are one place below. \- The Mariners currently sit in 15th place. \- It's a must win game for the Hosts under a sold out stadium, Over 19,000 fans are expected at the University of Bradford Stadium, against a team that have nothing to play for and missing 3 senior players. “We need to get in front. First goals are always massive at any level you play at. If we can get our noses in front, I think the Valley Parade crowd will get us over the line and overcome any noise that they try and generate. Three points needs to be the order of the day from now until the end of the season, regardless of the time or opponent.” Said Coach Mark Hughes. ​ BOL !!!




Good call!


POTD Record: 3-0-0 **Previous Pick: Complexity vs. Imperial: BLAST Premier American Showdown** | O2.5 Maps @ 1.97 | 2U **✅** Both teams winning their opponent's map pick, not the way like I predicted, but hey we got the dub. **Today's Pick: BIG vs. 9INE : BLAST Premier European Showdown** | 9INE ML @ 1.97 | 0.5U I just don't like how BIG plays at this moment of time, it is somehow 50-50 to take them ML as they sometimes choke on gun rounds. 9INE, on the other hand, has improved noticeably in recent months, appearing in major qualifiers more often and even achieving some success.  So I'm going 9INE as Match Winners for 0.5U - 1U. Post birthday predictions really is a jinx so you can also fade me. ​ To those who will tail, BOL! (Typing this POTD with a headache, cuz of hangover)


POTD: 36W-14L STREAK: WLLWW WWWWL WWLWL WWWWL WLWWW WWWLW WLWWL WLLWW LWWWW WWWWL (latest game) PROFIT: +76,73u LAST PICK: Schalke - Dortmund to keep a clean sheet ❌ GAME: Elche - Barcelona TIME: 21:00 GMT+1 PICK: Elche most cards ODDS: @ 1.84 BET: 3u REASONING: im back. Elche average most cards per game in la liga, barcelona has one of the lowest avg cards per game in la liga BOL!


POTD Record: 53-42-1 (L2) (+15.82u) (ROI: 11.3%) Last pick: Vancouver Canucks ML vs Calgary Flames 🚫 high scoring game, Canucks took an early lead and were ahead or tied throughout. Took a bad penalty late, Flames get a PPG to tie it at 4. Canucks lose in OT. POTD: (🏒NHL) Colorado Avalanche ML (-140) vs Dallas Stars (2u) Bet365 (-140), FD (-160), DK (-140) 4th meeting of the season between these 2 teams. Crucial game to potentially decide the Central division. The Avs won the first game 3-2 in a SO and the second 4-1. Stars won the most recent game 7-3 when they dominated Colorado the whole game. Colorado is coming off a 4-2 loss to Minnesota on Wednesday, Stars won 5-2 last night over Arizona. Expected starter for the Avs is Alexandar Georgiev. Good goalie, has put up a 2.45 GAA and .919 SV% this year. Expected starter for the Stars is Jake Oettinger. 2.47 GAA and 9.18 SV%. The Stars made the curious decision of starting him last night as well, he hasn't played b2b games this year. Looking at his career starts, he has played b2b games 5 times in his career and his numbers look good. I guess since only facing 18 shots, it wasn't a heavy workload last night. Oettinger at the top of his game is arguably the best goalie in the NHL. Should be a good matchup in net, no clear advantage either way. The Stars are 7th in goals/GP and 9th in GAA. The Avs are 12th in goals/GP and 6th in GAA. The Stars are 3-5 on b2b games, I think the Avs at home off 2 days rest should come out strong. I have more confidence in the Avs offense then the Stars. Should be a tight game and a potential early playoff matchup. BOL if fading or tailing!


POTD Record 1-2 -2.12u Last Pick: Mets ML -115 Betting 2.3u to win 2u Todays pick: Braves -1.5 vs Nationals -154. Betting 3.08u to win 2u If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Tough loss yesterday but looking to bounce back with the braves vs the terrible nationals. Spencer strider was great last year and hopefully he continues to do well. Josiah gray is nothing special although he did well against the braves last year. The braves are just better all around and hopefully can get the job done again. BOL


Record: 2-0 (+7.3 Units) Last Pick: pacers +5.5 (-110)5u ✅ vs thunder LOL everyone doubting the pacer with SGA in, oh the thunder need this for the playoffs this is important, they're gonna try harder the Pacers are tanking THEN BOOM PACERS WIN ML!!!. DO not buy into the narrative. Listen when you hear the public talking all one side its an automatic fade especially a young team like the thunder. Onto the next now here we GO!!!!! Today’s match: roy jones jr vs anthony pettis - GAMEBRED boxing PICK ANTHONY PETTIS +250 7.3u (draftkings) Ive looked around and this is only on Draftkings as to what I can find. Ok here Im just taking all my profit on the week and throwing it on one of the weirdest boxing matchups you could get. This is not an exhibition this is a legit match and we have a 54 year old 200lb retired HOF boxer vs Anthony Pettis who fought at 155lbs in UFC and PFL. This is just as simple as a 55 year old man is gonna get KO'd for a paycheck cus he needs the money. I do not care how great he was he is closer to 60 then Pettis is to 40. Pettis was a decent striker in the UFC too so I expect him to blitz roy jones jr and knock him out in the first two rounds. Also on a side note if you saw Tyson vs Jones on triller that was 3 years ago and Jones already looked like an old man compared to Tyson who was also 55 with odds ending the fight at around -20000 For Tyson but because it was an exhibition it ended in a draw. **Thats the Report Lets Get this Paper.**


The weirdness makes me want to stay away but I have to be a part of it lol. Tailing. BOL


I don't see this on DK


Don’t see it on DK


📈 **TTSOP** Rec * Overall: +55.350 units / +140 avg odds / 58^(5)\-69-15^(5) * Since POTD low point in 2023: +42.825 units / +137 avg odds / 16^(5)\-12-5^(5) * Since POTD low point in 2022: +77.275 units / +137 avg odds / 53^(5)\-58-12^(5) * February: +1.800 units / +148 avg odds / 8^(5)\-15-2^(5) * January: +3.350 units / +142 avg odds / 9-11-2 * December: +22.075 units / +138 avg odds / 11^(5)\-10-1^(5) * World Cup: +32.875 units / +133 avg odds / 11^(5)\-4-1^(5) * November: +28.600 units / +131 avg odds / 12-9-4 * October: -10.625 units / +143 avg odds / 6-12-3 ❌ Last pick: Melbourne Victory (W) -0.75 (AH) / +120 odds / 3 units * The Victory have dominated the game against the Phoenix. Murphy with a stunning laser shot from a set piece to give the Victory the lead. Top striker Ayres, who has had 4 further incredible big chances to score, doubled lead before a horrible back pass cut the lead to 1. The tying goal in minute 90+9'. Absolute hilarious. How it's possible to be always so unlucky?! Not worth all the work for such crap endings. Same crap with Sporting. Busting the POTD with the last play, straight before the final whistle after Sporting dominated all game and had 2 goals disallowed and missed a penalty. Absurd. ⚽ New pick: **Brisbane Roar (W) ML** / **+150 odds** / 3.5 units * A-League Women (Australia) / Brisbane Roar (W) - Perth Glory (W) / 0:00am ET It's the last matchday of the ALW. Honoring this with a TTSOP triple-header POTD. The 1st ALW POTD has just ended. The 2nd one is about to start just shortly afterwards. With Melbourne Victory not losing their game against Wellington Phoenix, the Glory are eliminated from playoff contention. The Glory are still dealing with big injury issues. Phonsongkham, Hammond and their 2nd best goal scorer Baisden are injured. Plus, top scorer Hintzen is questionable with knee issues. She probably won't start. But she'll come off the bench at best. The Glory are 2-3-4 for road games this season. That looks better than they actually are. They've been successful in their games against the dead-last and second-to-last team. And they also caught some lucky results while playing against injury weakened teams. The standings are showing that the Roar lost 2 home games this season. However, they actually won their last home game against Western United. But in the aftermath, the W was awarded to Western United. Making it actually only 1 lost home game for them all season, which came against 1st placed Sydney. Backing Brisbane Roar's women team is a great value bet at huge super odds. Let's keep on trusting the super odds process. Let's start the weekend with a W. Let's get some Australian bread for an midnight snack, fam! **TTSOP** (*Trust the super odds process.* Approved by Joel Embiid.)


Dude appreciate your hard work and communication and efforts. But the way you present your stats and results at the top of your posts sincerely makes me have a stroke. You’ve got to experiment with some different ways to present the info you like to share


Tailing and hoping to see a W when I wake up tomorrow!


Not sure which gm I took last night it there was like 2-3 tms name Melbourne but guess the one I took pull out the W lol


**POTD Record: 2-1 | +1.8u | Average odd: -120** Last 10 Record: ✅❌✅ **Yesterday's POTD: Chicago White Sox @ Houston Astros ML (2 unit @ -150)** Recap: Astros were practically asleep until the fifth inning where they finally woke up and won the game for us 6-3, on another note the side bet I had in the post for Astros -1.5 @ +130 odds hit as well so overall good day! Let's keep it up with this pick **Today's POTD: Miami Florida Hurricanes @ Connecticut Huskies -5.5 (1 unit @ -110)** Honestly a little worried about Connecticut having this much hype but it's well deserved, they've practically blown out every game they played so far in this tournament, and looking at any major metrics you can see they're the best team remaining in this tournament by a long shot. I was debating whether to post Jackson over 5.5 assists as my POTD or the Huskies -5.5 but I think the spread edges the over out here. Connecticut has been shutting down talented offensive teams throughout this tournament and although they're not completely healthy going into this match, after watching them completely shut down the Zags who are arguably one of the top offensive teams this season, I think they'll give Miami a good run for their money. The Huskies are by far the most depth-rostered team left in this tournament with Sanago as the anchor of the team. Andre Jackson Jr has also been playing amazing basketball in this tournament and helping the Huskies create plays, Miami is a team who struggles to defend and ranks 296 in the country for allowing opponents assists per game, I can see Jackson running very hot this game creating loads of opportunities for the Huskies to reel another comfortable win Quick disclaimer: I sprinkled a 1 unit bet on Jackson for over 5.5 assists and I also have a +900 future on Connecticut so I might be a little biased but I still think both lines cover easily. If you're tailing BOL and let's keep the streak going!


POTD record 1-1 • +1.35 Units (all picks are 3 units unless otherwise stated) Last Pick: MLB, Houston Astros -1.5 Run Line (+145) 💰 Took the Astros longer than I was hoping for the offense to breakout, but they pulled through in the end. Today’s Pick: MLB 1:05 PST - Phillies @ Rangers Over 7.5 Runs (-110) Zack Wheeler is a great pitcher, but he’s struggled this spring training and has historically struggled in April. Meanwhile Nathan Eovaldi is a decent pitcher but he’s not one to go very deep into games. These teams combined for 18 runs on opening day against two very good starting pitchers. I expect these offenses to stay strong today and easily score more than 7.5. I might even consider sprinkling some on Over 10 runs for this one.


Man I tailed and had almost written it off at 3-0, fantastic comeback and great pick.


Record: 18-14 (+3.44 Units) Last Pick: Rockies vs Padres - Padres -0.5 F5 Innings - ❌ Well my man Nick has fucked it for us and the Padres bats are colder than a Scandinavian winter. Today’s Pick: **Phillies vs Rangers - F5 Under 4 Runs (-120) 2U** Detailed Analysis: When I was growing up in rural Scotland, we used to have a milkman with the biggest ears I have ever seen. He was this lovely guy who always sported a big grin anytime I saw him despite the fact he spent his shifts in the pissing rain handing bottles to the grumpy people of Scotland. Nathan Eovaldi is the doppelgänger of that milkman and this has led me to have a fondness for a pitcher who has never been on a team I support. With that in mind, I like under 4 runs between the Phillies and Rangers. A good pitching matchup between Eovaldi and Wheeler. These are two pitchers who have been solid in their first starts over the past few seasons. Eovaldi has given up 5 earned runs over 16 innings the past three seasons in his first starts while Wheeler has only given up 2 earned runs in 19 innings over the same period. Eovaldi will likely be in a pitch limit of 85-85 yet should make it through first five innings if his pitch count doesn’t go too high. His velocity has increased in spring training this year, sitting upper 90s when he averaged mid 90s last year. Wheeler shouldn’t have any restrictions and usually goes deep into games. I shall have a glass of the finest McQueens Dairy milk in celebration if this hits.


I'm here for the tales and as such shall tail.


POTD Record: 5-5-0 (-0.635u) // ROI: -4.9% // Avg Odds -105 ​ #### LA Galaxy vs Seattle Sounders #### 7:30 PM EST ​ The MLS may not be one of the most entertaining leagues to watch when it comes to the beautiful game, as the slow pace and mistake-filled games oftentimes leave a lot to be desired. However, the environments oftentimes make it fun, and we will have a game that can produce that on Saturday night in Los Angeles as the Galaxy take on the Sounders in a matchup of two of Major League Soccer's biggest clubs and brands. I believe that not only are the environments entertaining when the brews are flowing, but the betting lines provide an incredible amount of value too. ​ The Sounders are sitting in second place in the Western Conference after 5 games with 10 points, while the Galaxy have seen quite the opposite results with 3 draws and a loss putting them in 12th place. Yes, the Galaxy have not yet won a match this season and are somehow favored against a Seattle side that has not lost to the Galaxy since 2018. Not only that, but also the Galaxy have struggled against fellow bottom-of-the-table sides like Vancouver, Kansas City, and Portland. ​ I can't promise a Seattle victory, but I do feel very confident they can at least come out of this one with a point. Sure, Los Angeles will be bumpin' with Seattle coming to town, but the Dodgers play an hour and a half later for opening weekend - do we think the Galaxy crowd will even show up? Seattle has scored 10 goals this season which is the fourth most in the league and has only allowed two which is the lowest out of all 29 teams. Give me the Sounders here in a double-chance play. ​ **The Play: Seattle Sounders +0.5 (-135) - 1 Unit** ​ Thank you for reading! If you enjoyed my analysis, be sure to check out the rest of my soccer plays [here](https://www.happyhoursports.net/post/soccer-betting-preview-saturday-april-1)with the return of European Football and a full slate of MLS this weekend! Best of Luck to all, and have a great weekend!


Potd record - 3W-0L Last pick: Justin Gaethje ML +200 Today's pick: Anthony Joshua to win rounds 1-6 +120 Derrick James, AJ's new coach, has approached this camp with one plan in mind: Be destructive. AJ is at a career-heavy (257), a double-edged sword in that he is probably the strongest he has ever been; however, the extra weight will undoubtedly impact his cardio, but that's fine, as the game plan is to come in heavy, strike hard, fast, and get Franklin out. Franklin may have actually helped AJ out in this as Franklin has cut a lot of weight for this camp, typically when bigger dudes like ruiz & Franklin cut big weight to become slim, they see their chins get worse. Franklin performed decently against Whyte but make no mistake; he was getting tagged by whyte, who is far worse than AJ at this stage of both men's career; this is Franklin's biggest fight & a massive step down for AJ; probably Molina in 2016 was the last time AJ faced someone of the level of Franklin & that ended in 3. TLDR : this is set up for a quick knockout, anything less would be a failure for AJ, he has the KO power, all the physical advantages & this opponent is levels below his recent competition.. Edit: AJ damaged his nose pre fight & didn't want to push the pace in case he gassed....... FML


Under 6.5 rounds good? Don't have 1-6


POTD Record: 1-1 (+1.4u) **Yesterdays POTD: Astros RL +130 (3u) - W** Very surprised they didn't get to Lynn more than they did and Javier didn't look nearly as sharp as I was expecting, but a win is a win. Let's get the streak started. **Todays POTD: Minnesota Twins RL +100** (3u) **Time:** 4:10pm EST I'm gonna lock this in now because I hate to lay juice on a RL and I don't see how this line could possibly move in the Royals favor after only getting 2 hits their first game. Somehow Jordan Lyles is starting for KC today and he has a career ERA over 5. He was absolute garbage in spring training, giving up 7 runs in 15 innings with 10 walks. He's had 3 starts in KC with a 5.09 ERA. With 68 AB's against Lyles the twins hitters are hitting .273 against him. Sonny Gray is starting for the Twins and he had a very good year last year pitching to a 3.03 ERA. His last 2 starts against the Royals he pitched 6 and 7 innings, gave up zero runs and had 8 & 10 K's. His 3 career starts at Kaufman stadium he's got a 2.89 ERA. With the inexperience of the KC hitters and the obvious pitching advantage, I see the Twins covering -1.5 pretty easily today.


**POTD record: 1-0** **Last Saturdays Pick: Cory Sandhagen ML** ✅ Went even better than I expected. The way Cory was wrestling and controlling Chito in 1st round had me thinking I was watching prime Kamaru Usman. Outclassed him the rest of the bout in all aspects. 50-45/49-46, we prove the “Chito by KO” crowd wrong. **Todays POTD: Rob Wilkinson ML -180**(Now -190 on FD) A bit of a safe picker pick this time around. This line should frankly be in the -250/-300 range imo. A tale as old as combat, the aging vet clearly on the slide vs a much younger surging fighter. Thiago has lost 5 of his last 6 fight in the past 4 years. The wear and tear on his body is well documented, and at 39 years of age I have no faith in him vs Rob tonight. Wilkinson has been on a tear since being cut from the UFC following his 2nd straight loss to Israel Adesanya lol. With 6 straight stoppages and him coming into his prime at 31, you can rest somewhat assuredly he takes it. A critique on Rob would be he hasn’t yet beat someone of Thiagos caliber, but I don’t expect we see anything close to the Santos of old tonight. Young lion kills old lion. Book it 🤝


Record: 4-3 Last Pick: ☝️✅Sport: F1 - Saudi Arabian GP 🏎️🇸🇦 Pick: Fernando Alonso Podium Finish 🇪🇸 (-165)✅☝️ Sport: F1 - Australian GP Qualifying 🏎️🇦🇺🦘 Time: 10:00pm MST (IN ~1.5 HOURS!) Pick: Charles Leclerc to Qualify Top 3 🏎️🇲🇨 (+105 on Draft Kings) Charles Leclerc is the strongest qualifier on the grid and has more poles to his name than wins (oof!). He has historically been strong in Australia, the Ferrari car has strong qualifying pace second only to the Red Bulls, and his only real threat is Max Verstappen. Red Bull's other driver, Sergio Perez, seems to be struggling today. Charles can always pull a miracle one-lap pace under pressure and +105 is a steal imo. BOL!


Thats if his fucking car doesnt crap out again


I know qualifying is over, just saw this post, but I am just taking the max train til the wheels fall off at this point. He’s not going to lose any race or qualify slower unless his car breaks. I’ll take the odds all year at this rate


My first POTD: Lucas Giolito- O 5.5 K’s (-102) FanDuel Chicago White Sox @ Houston Astros (2:11pm Est) **Giolito had 6+ strikeouts last season 16 times out of 30 starts. He’s a more comfortable pitcher on the road with a 13-5 record since 2021, and a ERA of 3.53** Good luck and stack up! 💰


POTD record: 1-1 Last pick (3/22/23): ❌ **Phoenix Suns -1.5 (-110/1.909) (1U)** vs. Los Angeles Lakers Today's pick: **Houston Astros -1 (+109/2.090) (1U)** vs. Chicago White Sox|MLB|2:10 E.T Reason: The series is currently tied at 1-1 with Chicago's win coming on opening day after a dominant showing by White Sox pitcher Dylan Cease. Through 6 IP, Cease recorded 10 K's and only allowed 2 hits for an ERA of 1.42 against one of the best teams in the MLB. Despite his impressive performance, the Astros kept it close with a final score of 3-2. Without Dylan Cease on the mound, I don't see Chicago being able to beat Houston or keep it within 2 points. Moreover, Thursday's game marked the first time in 10 years that the Astros have lost a game on opening day, so I expect the Astros to have more motivation to win the remaining 2 games and take the series.


Record: 23-12 Previous Pick: Kaunas Zalgiris -7,5 vs. Valencia Basket @2.12 ✅ Today’s Pick: BC Göttingen ML vs. Ratiopharm Ulm @2.05 Yesterday we picked up a comfortable win with good value!!! Not much time for an in depth analysis today so i am sorry. We go to German basketball league. Simply think Göttingen is stronger especially at home while Ulm doesn’t play that good as visitor. Their last 4 h2h’s all went the way of Göttingen. Ulm also didn’t had a lot of rest bc of eurocup game while Göttingen should be rested out. If you can take a handocap on this game (which my bookie doesn’t offer) i would go for BC Göttingen-2.5. BOL


**POTD Record**: 1-0 **Previous POTD**: LA Angels vs OAK Athletics U7 (-105) ✅ **Today's POTD**: MIL Brewers vs CHI Cubs U6.5 (-105) Weather conditions are favoring a low score, and it's a decent pitching matchup.


POD 4-1 +2.3 units (all 1 unit plays) Yesterday play: Houston Astros - 145 over White Sox (Win) Today: Twins -1.5 over Royals (+110 at Barstool) Twins SP Sonny Gray has faced the batters of this current KC Royals Roster for 112 plate appearances, and has held them to a BA of .190 with a strikeout rate of 24.1%. Pitching for the Royals is Jordan Lyles, who doesn’t have as many plate appearances versus the Twins, but still has 73. The Twins have hit him pretty well, with a .281 batting average. Royals struggle to get on base in the opener and I think those struggles continue today


Record 6-2-1 +4.18 Units (75% win rate) Last 9 pick results: ✅✅✋✅ ❌✅ ✅❌ ✅ Yesterday's POTD: Toronto Raptors @ Philadelphia 76ers Sport: NBA Basketball Pick: OG Anunoby (Toronto Raptors) OVER 15.5 points (1.5 units @ -107) Result: **WIN**. Anunoby got most of the points we needed in the third quarter and hit a 3 as the first shot in the fourth to win this one for us. This one was relatively sweat-free. My reasoning yesterday was all mucked up yesterday from letting grammarly edit it. Looked like I drank one too many beers before posting my pick, but originally it was written to be legible. On to the next pick and hopefully better write-up **Today's POTD: Minnesota Wild @ Las Vegas Golden Knight 7:07 pm PST** **Sport: NHL Hockey** **Pick: OVER 6 total goals scored in the game (+104 @ 1 unit)** Reasoning: The Golden knights have averaged 4.1 goals scored and 3.5 goals against in the last 10 games. The Wild have averaged 4.2 goals scored and have allowed 3 goals per game in their last 10 games. Both team have hit 7 of their last 10 overs with 1 push. I expect this to be a high scoring game with at least 2 goals scored every period. 3-3 ties at the end of regulation seem to be fairly common which would result in a win for us here. Let's hope for a far paced game and another bet cashed. This is my 10th POTD and so far the results have been really good! Let's keep this going! Let me know if you're tailing and best of luck.


Alright dude who messed up his pick after getting yall hype yesterday. I have a confident and spicy pick for you guys today, 4-4 record. **Toronto ultra -1.5 +110** vs Boston Breach. Call of duty league on bet 365, you can also find this line on draft kings and a couple other sports books. this means ultra have to win 3-0 or 3-1 in a best of 5. Kind of like it works in tennis. 3u play imo. Write up, Ultra are the reigning champion and have looked pretty good since their team change. I am really surprised this line is as close as it is, i definitely was not expecting plus money. Boston just got smoked versus a Legion team who just made a team change. I mean shit was not close and ultra are a hell of a lot better than legion is. Scrappy(reigning mvp) has a ton of problems with beans on Boston, he goes extra hard and has destroyed Boston this season. some statistics to help, ultra are 7-2 since their team change with one loss being to boston, however this is the first match the lads played after the team change, they also beat boston 3-2 at the major. Ultra caught fire and went on to win the major. Boston are 3-4 in their last 7 and got shit on today. Ultra are probably the most well rounded team in the game and are the best control team(map 3) the 2nd best search and destroy team with a claim for 1st(map 2) and in general looked like the best hardpoint team in the game at the major. Given recent form of boston I think ultra are going to likely win 3-0


POTD Record: 1-0 +1 unit Previous POTD: San Diego State +7.5 (-110) vs Alabama Crimson Tide | 1.1 Units to win 1 Unit ✅ Today’s POTD: Miami Hurricanes +5.5 (-110) vs UConn Huskies | 1.1 units to win 1 unit The Miami Hurricanes have been booked as an underdog 25 times in the past two college hoops seasons. Miami is 20-5 ATS, a coverage percentage of 80.0%. The Canes also have outright 16 wins as an underdog in that span.


Only Estonian Football League (Premium Liiga) 2023 bets. Record: 0-2 [-2 unit] Last pick: Tartu Tammeka - Paide Linnameeskond, Paide Linnameeskond -1 Asian Handicap @2.21 1u ❌ Today’s pick: Nõmme Kalju - Narva Trans, Nõmme Kalju ML @1.70 1u Time: 19:30 Eastern European timezone Game is played at Nõmme Kalju’s home. Nõmme Kalju has got 5 points from 3 games whilst Narva Trans has lost all 3 games they’ve played. Nõmme Kalju has had a shaky start due to injuries. They have not had a convincing starting 11 to put out, but I feel they’re getting better with the resources they have as time goes on. They still have their best goalscorer Tamm upfront and that’s all that matters. Narva Trans has been surprisingly bad. They’ve only scored once in the 3 games and conceded 9. Their head to head : From the last 20 H2H, 9 Nõmme Kalju wins, 7 draws, 4 Narva wins. I’ll add a youtube link to the game before it starts if you wanna watch it [Link](https://www.youtube.com/live/ksllaixatfc?feature=share)


Record 15-8 +34.05 Units Selection - Race 6 Uttoxeter - Had to be Hugo 3 units at 3.0 This handicap debutant looks to have been running over an inadequate trip purposely with handicaps in mind. Now, upped in trip to 2m7f on the back of a highly credible effort at Exeter last time, he looks on a fair mark and hopefully has more to offer. He'll have ground to suit, and with form figures of 2-3242, he looks to have found a good opportunity to register his first win.. Good luck if you decide to play 👍


POTD Record: 3 - 0 \[+7.77 units Average odds 1.71\] Last pick: 20:45 Cardiff Metropolitan - Penybont AH(0) 2 odd 1.75 - 3 units. WON FT 2:3 Next pick: Soccer: England National League North 16:00 GMT+2 Banbury - Blyth Double chance X2 Odd 1.74 - 4 units. Good luck !


**POTD Record**: 6-3 **Last POTD**: **Levante vs Real Zaragoza – Levante ML** @ 1.75 odds ❌ **Today’s POTD**: **Man City v Liverpool– Man City ML @ 1.62 odds** **English Premier League @ 14:30 GMT** **Reason** An out-of-sorts Liverpool club should be easily defeated by Man City, who are actively trying to cut the gap on Arsenal. This noon matchup allows City to apply pressure.


I've been betting on sportsbooks for a little over two years now. Having incurred $1,367,867.58 in losses along the way, one thing has become clear... I'm great at picking losers My "Reverse POTD" will provide you with what my broke brain thinks will win, with no ability to logically bet the otherside myself, and include all of the non-sense I think makes for a great bet. Despite the horrific track record. POTD Record: ✅ ✅ ❌❌ Yesterday's "Reverse" POTD: Chicago Bulls at Charlotte Hornets || Charlotte Hornets +9.5 -110 Teams win at home. Luckily for you, the Hornets appear not be a legitimate team. With a 30 point loss to the Bulls, the Hornets almost covered the spread. Where's Larry Johnson when you need him? Today's "Reverse" POTD: Chicago White Sox at Houston Astros || Total Runs U 8.5 -110 Baseball is so boring to watch. Why? Because recording a single run is too rare of an event. I expect the same today. The World Champs should smoke the White Sox in a low scoring snooze fest. They're not putting up 9+ in this lifetime buddy! Always remember... Bet with me when it comes to betting against me.


POTD Record : 0-0 Today's POTD : Rybakina vs. Kvitova / Over 20.5 / 1.68 / 5U / WTA Miami Reason : They played both times against each other and both time they covered this over. B for BOL !


FAU +3 1.1 units to win 1 Never posted here before so lifetime record 0-0-0 up no units FAU can play gritty ball (see Tennessee) They can score against good offensive teams and come at you in waves. They’ll be ready today for San Diego State.


Pick of the Day Record: 18-8 (+23.99U) Streak: 1L Last Pick: **Carlos Alcaraz Garfia -1.5 Set** ❌ **League of Legends | LCK | T1 vs GenG** Today's Pick: **GenG +1.5 @ 1.87 (GenG to win at least 2 maps)** **Wager: 5U** What a match, still ongoing, but unfortunately we take an L after Sinner took the second set. Back to LOL pick. This is the LCK upper bracket matchup (BO5 match) for a spot in the final. The team that loses, gets another chance for a spot in the final playing the winner of the lower bracket matchup between KT and HLE. GenG looked dominant in their matchup against HLE. Peyz really stepped up to the challenge and was really going toe to toe with Viper. Chovy was doing chovy things, and he really has stepped up his performance this playoffs, he has had a bit of a habit of disappearing in the playoffs in the previous few years, but looks like he worked on his mental during the offseason, and his performance was outstanding. These two players are critical in GenG winning at least 2 maps against T1, topside will always be a weakness for GenG, Doran is no match for Zeus, hence they must find leads in other lanes. T1 weren't too impressive against KT, almost losing in game 5, if not for their heroic comeback. With T1 playing shaky, and GenG looking dominant, I expect GenG to at least win 2 maps, I think they could even do the upset, and win the match itself. Best of luck! Tips are appreciated! [Buy Me a Coffee](https://www.buymeacoffee.com/AdventurousTale) | BTC: bc1q0jap0hvr0zpg8q3zjst9ermmuy5nh76c2dnkp7


Unlucky, Gen G definitely could've won another one of those games. Their lack of dragon control throughout the series was baffling though.


What sports books is this available on?




Edit: The Kings bowling attack finished the game nicely, unfortunately for KKR the rain cut their long shot chance short. ✅POTD: **Punjab Kings ML -122** vs. Kolkata Knight Riders✅ Event: Cricket, Indian Premier League aka IPL (All sports>Cricket>Leagues>Indian Premier League). Start time 5:00 am CT. Approximately 8 hours from post Cricket record: 7-9 IPL: 0-1 SA20 record 0-4 (don't talk about it) BBL record: 7-4 Well it was a close match, but honestly nerves/mental mistakes cost CSK the match. Too many wide balls and no-balls was the extra help GT needed to win with only 4 balls to spare. But anyways, on to the next one. Today we have a matchup with last year's 6th place Punjab Kings vs. last year's 7th place Kolkata Knight Riders. Honestly I don't have time for an indepth write, nor do I have the usual information to do one so it's gonna be short and sweet today. The king's are playing at home where they will have the advantage of a roaring crowd behind them. They have a new coach who does well coaching teams with their play style, they have really good all-arounds and a good bowling attack. All this makes them the odds favorite and my choice for POTD. BOL and don't forget the disclaimer! Disclaimer: I'm a dumb American, and I've only been following cricket for 5 months.


POTD RECORD 1-0-0 Last Pick- Astros -1.5 vs Sox POTD - Dodgers -1.5 vs D-Backs Keeping it simple. Kershaw and Dodgers rarely lose 2 in a row at home.


Record 6-7. Unit count: +2.1 units. Streak 1 W. Last pick Alperen Sengun over 28.5 PRA - win. Went just as expected. Had 3 massive dunks in the 1st quarter, almost triple double by halftime, extended minutes in close game and 35 PRA was the final result with most assists and rebounds each recorded since March 6th. POTD Game - NBA, Clippers @ Pelicans. Brandon Ingram over 6.5 assists 2.0 (+100) odds. 1 unit. Brandon seems to have changed his mindset to involve teammates more, averages 7.2 assists in March and 8.5 in last 7 games, when he covered this line 6 times, exception being in a blowout win vs Portland. Recently on March 26th vs Clippers he had 32 points with 13 assists, so expecting Clips to send double teams at him hard this time. BOL tail or fade.


POTD Record: 0-0 League: NHL Game: St. Louis Blues @ Nashville Predators Time: 12:00PM Central Time Pick: Over 6 (-110) at DK…💰 Reasoning: Since January 1, the Blues have played 18 away games. 15 of those games have had at least 6 goals. Blues defense has been dreadful on the road, averaging 3.72 GA since Jan 1. This total is a bit lower because Nashville games have been lower scoring lately, so of course this could go under with Nashville playing tighter, but I’m going with the Blues away trend. BOL


POTD: 0-2 Last 10: ❌❌ Last Pick: Dodgers -1.5 RL Once again everything looks like it’s going right and then it doesn’t. Kelly can’t get through 4 innings setting up a long game for the Dbacks bullpen. And the Dodgers bats fall completely asleep and they get 1 run on one of the weaker bullpens in the league. Today’s Pick: UCONN Huskies -5.5 (-110) vs. Miami Hurricanes 5u NCAA Basketball 🏀 8:49p EST Notes: 1. Both teams can score the basketball and score it well. Averaging 79 points a game 2. UConn however holds teams to an average of 11 fewer points. 3. UConn averages more rebounds 39-34 and more assists 17-14. 4. both teams shoot the free throw over 75% but Uconn has gotten to the stripe ~60 times more that Miami 5. Uconn has passed the eye test all tournament and looks like the team to beat.


POTD RECORD 26- 13 Teaser Record 14-4 Parlay record: 1-0 Last pick: Over 128 uab/north Texas 5 unit✅ Today’s pick: Under 132 FAU/SDSU 20 unit banger Been posting about this under all week. Come check out my Twitter for analysis. @loadeddicebets Come check my Twitter for picks on the UConn/Miami game LETS EAT FAM KING CRABS LEGS FOR DINNER ON ME 👑🦀🦵 https://gfycat.com/bestlittlegermanshepherd BOL


Degen Santa's POTD : 26-16-1 | 12.75U (5.13%) | Average Odds: -126 🤶 | [ROI Spreadsheet](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19_2lyRJ_RLIsMZ8Lu4YIUHHLf7YTLY1cQ0yOwP7hlQ0/edit#gid=0) --- We are having a great day today (Saturday)! Won eight straight picks at one point! Also 3-POTD win streak! \--- Last POTD Recap: (Win) Persik 3-1. They made it comfortable for us early in the 2nd half. Today's POTD: 3U - Monterrey **Spread of -0.5,-1 (-148)** at home vs Club TJ - 9pm - Liga MX Note: Also betting 1U - ML + o1.5g Monterrey is the best club team in Mexico right now over all leagues. They have scored over two goals in every home game this year. They are unbeaten at home this year to a tune of 5-0. They play a team in Club TJ who is TERRIBLE away. Club TJ is 0-1-4 away from home this season with their only draw being against a team worse than they are, Necaxa. Monterrey should come out high flying in this one. Prediction: 3-1 \--- Side Bets: My new system requires I make nearly all of my picks as close to game time as possible. This means that it is no longer realistic to post my side bets on the Soccer Daily chat due to the lack of reddit notifications. If you would like to see my side bets, please visit my [Discord](https://discord.gg/hVGSBP5ABa) Join the [Degen Santa's Workshop](https://discord.gg/hVGSBP5ABa) for access to Degen Santa himself as well as our great community who are active every day working together to beat the books! We also have two other cappers and a very active community picks channel where readers like you can contribute! Tips are appreciated but not expected. Thank you all of those who have tipped me and tipped others on this subreddit. Your contributions go a long way towards motivating us content creators to provide you with the best sports betting content possible. [Venmo](https://account.venmo.com/u/cory-ferraz) | [Paypal](https://paypal.me/nchscferraz?country.x=US&locale.x=en_US)


POTD RECORD 1-0 | Last ten ✅ \+3.56 units | AVG odds 1.89 CS:GO | BLAST Premier Spring Showdown 2023 Europe BIG vs 9INE 9INE ML @ 1.93 | 4u 9INE looked very strong against fnatic meanwhile BIG lost a map to Rare Atom and lost a match to GODSENT. BIG has been shaky for a few weeks now, losing to lots of tier 2 competition. The momentum is definitely in favor of 9INE and I expect they will get it done. TLDR: Reason for the bet is simply 9INE has better recent results than BIG. ​ YESTERDAY | Imperial vs Complexity It took 3 maps but in the end Imperial took it down.


Kick in the bullocks


**POTD Record:** 19-20 **Total Units:** \-1.65 **Yesterday's Pick:** Miami Marlins +1.5 vs. New York Mets, 2U, -172 ✅ **Today's Pick: Boston Red Sox ML** vs. Baltimore Orioles, -152, 4:10 PM EST, 3 Units Got my first MLB POTD right and regretted not going Marlins ML as it was a tight, 2-1 game. Profit is profit, and I'm betting against my beloved Orioles today. Hoping this game happens with the rain, but it looks like it will clear up this afternoon. While I think Kremer is a good pitcher and will limit the Sox to 2-3 runs, I think Sale will hold them to 2 or less and the wheels will fall off in the bullpen. I really like the U9 in this game too, especially given how cold it will probably be, but I think the Sox easily even the series today with a 4-2 or 5-3 win. [Spreadsheet](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12R9NoHXQnY3Dd-eMpbPnbzNYIwb1DzkcP8jh12Bjhe8/edit?usp=sharing) Last 5: ❌✅❌❌✅


Nice win yesterday. as the Stars and Coyotes combine for 3 goals in the 1st period. Lots of action tonight in the NHL, so I'm going back to SOG props. **POTD Record**: 2-2-0 -1.2 Units **Yesterday's POTD**: NHL - Dallas Stars @ Arizona Coyotes - O1.5 Goals in the 1st Period ✅ **Today's POTD**: NHL - Anaheim Ducks @ Edmonton Oilers - Darnell Nurse O2.5 SOG - 3 Units (-115 Bet365 / -105 TheScore) **Reasoning**: The Anaheim Ducks give up the most SOG in the league, while the Oilers produce the 5th most SOG. Darnell Nurse has gone over this number in his last 3 games and 4 of his last 6. In both of the previous matchups between these 2 teams this season, Nurse recorded 6 and 8 SOG. I am expecting around 50 SOG for the Oilers tonight!! Should be plenty of shots to go around. I feel that with Nurse's current streak and his past performances vs the Ducks that he presents the best value of all the Oilers players. Other options to consider in the game: Darnell Nurse -0.5 Points, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins O2.5 SOG, Connor McDavid O3.5 SOG BOL on all your bets and especially if tailing!!


Another 1 run loss! Tough start to the season but you can’t win if you quit. POTD record: 0-2 (ROI -2.0u) POTD: TOR Blue Jays -134 (1u) MLB 4/1 @ 2:16pm Reasoning: This line does not make much sense to me. Yes the Blue Jays are on the road but Kevin Gausman had a 2.30 era on the road last season with 11 QS and 110Ks. Jack Flaherty has been trying to regain his 2018-19 form as he battles back from injury but overall put up some average numbers last season against some bad teams. (Of his 9 apps last season, 7 were against the pirates, cubs, reds, and nationals) Springer, Bichette, Vlady, and Chapman all have great numbers against Flaherty in a small sample size. (Note: I’ll be using a FD profit boost for Blue Jays ML as I love the value on this line)


**Record:** 5:10 **Units P/L:** -4,65 **Avg. odds** 2,30 Last 5: <-❌❌❌❌✅ Last Pick: Düsseldorf vs. HSV - HSV + o2.5 @ 3.75 - 2u ❌ Today's Pick: Schalke vs. Leverkusen - Leverkusen @ 1.9 -3u ✅ Leverkusen won 5 in a row, Schalke on a unbeaten run in 2023 but are missing a lot of players including their most important central defender. Leverkusen is a team that doesn't need the ball which should be a disadvantage for Schalke.


All-Time POTD: 2-2, Last pick: Scotland vs Spain (EURO 2024 Qualifying). H/ML 1/5, result= 2-0.✅ Today's Pick : Anthony Joshua vs Jermaine Franklin ( 12-round heavyweight bout) Betbuilder Joshua to score two knockdowns and fight to be under 8.5 rounds odds = 2/1.


POTD Record 1-1 Last Pick: Astros F5 -0.5 ❌ Astros had the bases loaded with one out in the 2nd and couldn’t score. Todays pick: 7:49 PM CST, UConn vs Miami - UConn team total over 77.5 (-110) UConn has scored 82 or more in 3 of their 4 games this tournament. The one game they didn’t was against St Mary’s, where they scored 70. Main reason for that is because St Mary’s has the 9th ranked defense (KenPom). The defensive rankings of the 3 teams they scored at least 82 on: Iona - 74th, Arkansas - 17th, and Gonzaga - 73rd. They now go up against Miami, who has the 104th ranked defense. I think UConn will put up at least 80 again - don’t know if they’ll blow out Miami like they have in all their other tournament games, but I like them to have much success on offense.


record: 2-3 POTD: Yankees -1.5 +145 Reasoning: if josh Donaldson strikes out 2+ times the Yankees will win by 3


11W / 0P / 7L | +1.11 | all 1U plays Last POTD: Wahi Over 0.5 Shots on Target @2.05 ✅ Event: German Bundesliga: Schalke 04 - Bayer Leverkussen POTD: *Alex Kral Over 0.5 Shots @1.63* ✅ Montpellier hold Marseille to a draw, and our man Wahi gets to 2 shots, of which one on target, and wins our bet for us! Now today has an insane slate of soccer so I’ve come across multiple picks I really like. Choosing one out of those for my POTD was hard so I’ll post the other picks I like in the soccer thread and I recommend checking those out, doing your own research, and picking the ones you like rather than blindly following this POTD. That being said I’m confident in today’s pick and let me tell you why! Alex Kral is a midfielder for Schalke and has some interesting shooting statistics. In the Bundesliga, Kral averages 0.98 shots per 90 minutes. This doesn’t seem like a ton and that’s due to the fact that he almost always shoots exactly one shot per match. Despite his seemingly low-ish average he has covered this line as a starter in 16/19 matches, and in his last 11 starting matches for Schalke. Bookies are expecting roughly 13 shots from Schalke against Leverkussen tonight and I expect the Czech international to get at least one of those. Schalke has been in a nice form recently, much better than at the start of the season, so I don’t expect any sort of shutout from the side of Leverkussen. Kral usually plays the full 90 and especially now that Schalke has a lot of injured players I don’t expect that to change. BOL to all and again make sure to check out my post in the soccer thread for some more picks if you’re interested.


POTD | 44-36 | -0.8u | -111 Avg Odds Last 10: 3-7, Steak: 3L *Previous Pick:* Clayton Keller O2.5 SOG (-135) 2u ❌ Today’s pick: **Florida Panthers vs Columbus Blue Jackets O6.5 (-130) 4u** 🏒 5pm MT The Florida Panthers will be visiting the Columbus Blue Jackets for their third match of the season with the first match going 5-3 CBJ and the second going 4-0 Florida. Recently CBJ has been in high scoring games going over 6.5 in 8 of their last 10 games. This is in part due to Hutchenson in net who has been averaging allowing 4.02 goals per game, which is one of the work averages in the NHL right now. Florida has also hit this over in 8 of their last 10 games, allowing an average of 3.9 goals per game and scoring an average of 4 goals per game. Based on recent performance and with Hutchonson in net, I think this game set up well for a lot of goals. BOL if tailing!!!


POTD record: 9-10, -2.15 units Last pick: Rybakina to win 1st set and match vs Pegula, WIN Phew! Rybakina made us sweat a little against a game Pegula, but got the job done in the end. Great match. Today’s POTD: Major League Baseball, New York Yankees ML (-146) vs San Francisco Giants. Game time 4:06p EST (in about 4 hours) The Yankees are the better team, with the better lineup, playing in their home park, it really is that simple. The Giants starter today is Alex Cobb, a solid, but unspectacular right-hander who likely doesn’t have the pure stuff to shut down this Yankee lineup, headed by star Aaron Judge, along with Anthony Rizzo and Giancarlo Stanton in the heart of the order. Cobb can probably get through 5 or 6 innings without being completely knocked around, but the Yankees will get just enough like they did on Thursday against a better pitcher in Logan Webb (4 runs in 6 innings.) The Giants lineup looks like offense is going to be a season-long issue for them, and they were already shut out in the opener on Thursday, albeit against all-star pitcher Gerrit Cole. Today’s Yankee starter Clarke Schmidt is, admittedly, a bit of a wild card. He pitched mostly in short stints out of the bullpen last year, but he’s a former first round draft pick with something to prove, and the raw ability to at least confound an average to below average lineup like the Giants.


POTD Record: 2-0-2 (Win-Push-Loss) Last 10: 2-0-2 Last POTD: St. Liege - Waregem - Over 2.5 goals @ 1.59 - Win **POTD: Cambuur - FC Emmen - Over 2.5 goals @ 2.13** Time: 1st of April, 19:00 GMT \------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ All the bets according to simulation model, 1 unit per bet. If odds have moved drastically, pass. With current model over 1000 bets made with 108% ROI.


POTD record 11-6 (Picks are either 3 or 5 units) Jonas Valanciunas over 11.5 Rebounds -125 3 units Clippers vs Pelicans 8:30 PM EST He’s hit this last 8/10, 4/5, and he faced the Clippers last week and had 13 rebounds


Newbie here with no POTD record. MLB: San Diego -1.5 over Colorado (2 units) Reasoning: San Diego will look to salvage the final game of the series at home with the better pitcher and a veteran in Wacha, who last season had a 11-2 record with a Era under 3, on the mound. Rockies starter Urena is a career losing pitcher coming off a 5+Era last season. Rockies were also one of the worst road teams in MLB last season.


POTD Record 54-54 Last pick: kstate ❌ Todays pick: FAU Owls +128 moneyline vs SD State Aztecs Reasoning: well I lost betting against FAU. I think K State is a superior team to SD State, especially scoring wise. FAU vs UConn seems like the matchup we will get in the title game Monday. Cinderella vs Blue Blood Powerhouse. SD state does not have the best scorers, I believe that’s why they lose this game. The Owls are a team of destiny, and I dunno if they can hang with UConn, but they can get scoring from so many different players, SD State is a tough defensive team, they want a low scoring tight game. FAU needs to keep their big man Golden out of foul trouble. K state Johnson getting into foul trouble really hurt the wildcats, whom would smoke sd state. The owls can’t run like k state, but I think they got better scoring options than the Aztecs. Owls head coach and team just seem to find ways to win. They are a team that allows scoring runs and goes on them, but I don’t think they’ll have to play from behind in this game. Battle of the beaches, I’d rather party in san Diego, but going with the boca beach boys + $ for you degens. Tail or fade


Sport: Football Tournament: Bundesliga Time: 18:30 CET (4h25m after posting) Stake: 5 units Pick: Bayern vs Borussia Dortmund, double chance X2 @ **2.66** Write up: Bayern won only 5/10 last Bundesliga matches (3D, 2L), prompting the management to dismiss the coach. New Bayern coach, Thomas Tuchel, has tempered expectations since he says: > We won't be champions if we win nor will we write off the title if we don't win. It's certainly going to be a fierce contest. Borussia Dortmund won 9/10 last Bundesliga matches (1D). Its coach, Edin Terzić, announced a defensive approach. He says: > We've achieved a lot. We want to protect it. This pick is not an April Fools' joke! [Track record spreadsheet](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1diqqLSUvJ-zIJMuLlOM36SCI9aRrs14ZkAMtiYZu7Go/edit#gid=596499107) [My website with sports picks for degens](https://picks.wwpe.ba)


Record 17-10 Match - Football ( Malaysia Super League ) POTD - Pahang VS Kedah = **Total Over 2.5** @ 1.83 Both team have strong offense , expect this going over . Schedule about 2 hour from post **Edit : 1-1 (** ***Penalty missed )*** ❎


Cricket Record : 0W - 0L - 1P **Last Bet : Kane Williamson to score more than 22.5 @ 1.85 ( Gujrat Titans vs Chennai Super Kings)** ⛔ Push Not the best start to IPL. Kane got injured while fielding and is now ruled out for IPL. I hope it was not because of my bet. Today we are going to Lucknow where Lucknow Super Giants face Delhi Capitals. This stadium was in news for its pitch during last game as it was a very slow pitcha and scoring was a nightmare. The curator was fired and hopefully today we will get a better pitch suited for T20. I am going for a player bet again and hopefully this time we land it. **Bet 2: Mitchell Marsh to score 21.5 runs ( Lucknow Super Giants vs Delhi Capital) @ 1.85** Note : Game starts in 40 mins Mitch Marsh is in excellent form and has 47, 66,81, 56,0 in last five gamesm He hass played against Lucknow once and scored 37 runs last time out. He doesn't have any particular weakness against Lucknow bowlers and will aim to provide Delhi a good score. Let's hope for a good win today 🤞


Yesterday L -1U All-Time 1-1 0U Pick for 4/1 Dodgers -1.5 (-110) -Love this spot for the doyers to bounce back and take the series


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Lot of POTD Ls from yesterday. Sheesh.


Agreed. Not that I contributed whatsoever, but today (yesterday) was ROUGH


Bro I lost so much the last two days tailing


I'd be very surprised if Riddles pick isn't UCONN -5.5




POTD record: 1-1 (50%) Last pick: Whitesox vs Astros NRFI ❌ Last 10: ✅❌ TODAYS PICK: PHILLIES VS RANGERS NRFI (-145) Tough beat yesterday as a rare lead off walk from Christian Javier allowed the Whitesox to get a 2 out run scored. We will bounce back strong as I absolutely love todays pick. Zack Wheeler going for the Phillies posted a 1.04 WHIP last year and should have no problem putting up a 0 first inning. I believe the same to be true for the Rangers Nathan Eovaldi who had a strong season last year as well posting a 1.23 WHIP. For what’s it’s worth this game also had 0 runs in the first inning in the first matchup. Let’s ride, lock it in !! 🔒🔒


Record: 0-0 Last Pick: N/A **Today's Pick: Adrian Kempe (LAK) O 2.5 SHOTS (-175)** Comments: First post, not sure if I'm doing this right or not. Kings offence has cooled off big time, with only 1 goal in their last 2 games, after having not lost a game since the trade deadline. McClellan is gonna put the battery in this teams back today, and they should be flying out there against division rival Seattle Kraken. With leading point scorer Kevin Fiala hurt, as well as Gabe Vilardi, the team will be looking to Kempe, the teams leading goalscorer, to get this offence going again. I don't mind Kempe ATGS @+145 either. \*These lines are according to bet365\*


**POTD |** **Record of 18-28 | ROI : -6.135 units |** **Average Odds: 2.03** **Current form:** ❌✅❌❌✅✅❌✅❌❌ Previous Pick: Romania vs. Belarus| Over 9.5 Full-Time Total Corners ❌ New Pick: Serie A | Juventus vs. Hellas Verona | 11:45am PST **Over 8.5 Full-Time Total Corners & Over 2.5 Total Cards | 1.90 odds** Betting 0.5 units \-------------------------- ***Recap:*** Last pick didn't work out, unfortunately, ending with 9 corners. Been busy the last few days and with very few games to choose from, took some time off. **Summary:** Based on projections, I'm sticking with the Juventus vs. Hellas Verona game. Both teams average a large amount of corners per game and this only tends to increase when Juventus plays at home and Hellas Verona is away. I, unfortunately, was unable to save my calculations but recalling to the best of my ability, I had this game projected at 10.6 total corners. Juventus typically averages 9.6 corners per game and Hellas Verona averages 10 per game. This would have hit in 5/5 of the last Juventus home games and 3/5 of the last Hellas Verona away games. Cards is an easy way to add juice here, with both teams typically going over 2.5 and history suggesting that this will occur again. 75% of the games between these two teams have gone over 3.5 cards so I feel that over 2.5 cards is fairly safe in this circumstance. \-------------------------- ***TLDR Projections suggest over 10 corners and a few cards*** **Juventus vs. Hellas Verona| Over 8.5 Full-Time Total Corners & Over 2.5 Total Cards| 1.90 odds**


All-Time POTD: 16W-10L-1D, +12.65u **Yesterdays Pick:🎾Carlos Alcaraz to win 2:0 sets (+120) vs Jannik Sinner 2.5u to win 3u ✖** Sinner is him. Carlos' level dropped and he seemed to be cramping a bit. I guess when you breeze through every opponent too quickly, your body forgets what it's like to grind out a tough one. Two losses in a row means I usually come back with a bang. Only one tour level match today, going with the wifey of all wifeys. **Todays Pick:🎾Elena Rybakina to win & Over 21.5 Games played (+162) (Bet365) vs Petra Kvitova 2u to win 3.25u**✖️ Explanation: Elena has been the most consistent player on tour the last couple of months. She is cool as a cucumber and never lets the big moment get to her. On the opposite side of the net, is Petra Kvitova, who is having a resurgent year, but will also be feeling a lot of pressure to capture a title as it may be her last chance. I think Elena is playing too clean, and is too cool under pressure to lose here, but I do see it being a close affair. Do note, Elena had some tape on her back and shoulders last match against Pegula, and she didn't have a great serve performance, so she could be a little worse for wear, especially after winning Indian Wells. Only a few women in history have won the sunshine double, most recently Iga Swiatek in 2022. Let's see if it happens again. Some other bets I would consider playing if you don't have this option: Over 0.5 Tiebreaks in the match (+200) ✅ Elena Rybakina to win in straight sets - NO (-150) ✅ Elena Rybakina to win 2:1 Sets (+240) ✖️ Over 21.5 Games in the match (-125) ✖️ Please pay attention to unit sizing on these bets and bet accordingly. BoL if tailing degens! [Buy me a beer 🎾](https://www.buymeacoffee.com/dankynugz1) Edit: insane first set tiebreak. Elena had her chances to win the set but couldn't convert and then collapsed set 2. Tough loss.


**POTD Record: 32-22 (+3.31Units)** **Last 10**:✅❌❌✅✅✅❌✅✅❌ **Last Pick**: 3/31 Jacob Taylor -1.5 (-155) vs Diogo Portela ❌ 4-3 **League**: 🎯 Modus Darts Super Series **Time**: 3:50 PM EST (1 Hour) **Pick**: Berry van Peer -1.5 (-110) vs Stu Wilson **Reason**: Championship. Short notice because of wrong start times. Van Peer should be the favorite to the win this group. He had a dominant group A campaign and even a record breaking leg difference Berry van Peer Group A: Record 13-2 (Legs 156-22) | Average 93.92 | Checkouts 56/126 44.44% Stu Wilson Group C: Record 7-3 (Legs 33-20 | Average 84.89 | Checkouts 33/95 34.74% **LOSS ❌ 4-3 | Average 82.30 vs 70.68 | Checkouts 4/23 vs 3/12** No words on that performance. He was in complete control the first 1.5 legs. On 40 after 15 darts. Could not checkout after 27 darts. Then continued to miss doubles, but survived.


**POTD Record:** 3-2-0 | **ROI:** 9.5% | **Net Units:** +0.9U **Recent POTDs:**\ ❌ **[3/31/23](https://www.reddit.com/r/sportsbook/comments/127452j/pick_of_the_day_33123_friday/jed3shk?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3)** *R. Gobert (MIN) o13.5 Reb+Ast (+100)*\ ❌ **[3/30/23](https://www.reddit.com/r/sportsbook/comments/1265luz/pick_of_the_day_33023_thursday/je8bt3u?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3)** *CJ McCollum (NOP) o1.5 1Q Ast (-105)*\ ✅ **[3/29/23](https://www.reddit.com/r/sportsbook/comments/1257bvt/pick_of_the_day_32923_wednesday/je3htr1?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3)** *N. Vucevic (CHI) o29.5 PRA (-115)*\ ✅ **[3/28/23](https://www.reddit.com/r/sportsbook/comments/12467td/pick_of_the_day_32823_tuesday/jdyzb3j?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3)** *P. Siakam (TOR) o12.5 Reb+Ast (-105)*\ ✅ **[3/27/23](https://www.reddit.com/r/sportsbook/comments/1234wuj/pick_of_the_day_32723_monday/jdxbo87?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3)** *K. Anderson (MIN) o12.5 Pts (-102)* **| Basketball | NBA | Player Prop | 8:30PM EST |** **Today's Pick:** *J. Valanciunas (NOP) Over 2.5 Ast vs. LAC (+120 DraftKings)* | 1U *5 of L6 (Avg 3.5 Ast)\ *LAC #30 in Ast Allowed to Centers\ *4 and 5 Ast vs. LAC this season **Let's get back on track here with a win!** *Please remember to only bet what you can afford to lose. Read the stats that I've provided and use your own research when deciding to tail. If you're tailing, BOL!* *If you find the info provided particularly helpful, please feel free to [buy me a coffee](http://www.buymeacoffee.com/beardyman901). It would be much appreciated!*


2022 MLB POTD Record: 12-5 (Average Odds -102 (1.978), ROI +37%/+6.3u, all bets 1 unit) 2023 MLB POTD Record: 0-2 Last Pick (3/31): NYM @ MIA David Peterson o5.5 Ks (+100/2.00) ❌ POTD (4/1): ATL @ WSN Spencer Strider o17.5 Outs Recorded (+105/2.05) Sportsbook: DraftKings Today's Reasoning: Late pick because DK doesn't post Outs Recorded until close to game time, but i love this value. Washington was a medicore team against RHP last year that was straight up bad after the trade deadline. Strider should hit his six innings comfortably.


POTD: ​ ​ POTD Record 2-1-0 ​ Last pick: Marlon Vera +140. UFC. ​ Sport: BJJ Organization: F2W Time: \~7pm ET Bet size: 1U POTD for Today: High Colin Savage -130 ​ Reasoning: He's 2-0 against his opponent. I know a lot of books don't have these odds though. [http://www.f2wbjj.com/f2w-225-march-17th-reno-nv/](http://www.f2wbjj.com/f2w-225-march-17th-reno-nv/)


These cats can’t miss 😳