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Huh what happened?


Onana disagreed with Songs tactics, Song dropped him as a result. Onana throws his toys out the pram and goes AWOL. Then this statement from the Cameroonian FA. Think that's right someone else might need to correct me.


Pretty much. From what I read earlier, Song asked/told Onana to play it long as the Cameroon defenders weren't the best at playing out from the back. Onana disagrees, then proceeded to question Song's tactics and selection. Song tells him he's dropped for the next game. Onana walks out on the squad....this statement.


Should also mention that Onana was dropped for not kicking it long, then Cameroon proceeded to concede after kicking it long, LOL


Ya the situation kinda reads like Onana was right but even still you can't act like that to your coach. More important for everyone to be on the same page so if he's not you gotta move on


Imagine theory says you have 75% chance to get "heads" when flipping a coin. It's not because next flip goes "tails" that you were wrong choosing "heads".


The logic of kicking long instead of short doesn't really hold up overall either tho


How does it not? It's the safe play in this scenario


If you kick it long and you lose the ball—that's not exactly safe in the long-term


Sure it is. The other team wins the ball 60+ yards from goal with defenders in position to deal with it. The same can’t be said when a team turns it over trying to play out the back


Really goes to show who has actually played the game. Booting it the fuck away from your goal is always the safest option.


Yeah for sure. Plus there’s a bunch of Pep wannabes around here who think every team should play like 2008 Barça or current Man City.


That's an opinion and you're free to discuss it. But that's not the point and this has nothing to do with Onana's situation. It's not about being wrong or right, it's about following calls and strategy. It's better to be collectively wrong but following the same plan than having half the team doing different than the other half even if they're right.


Onana has decided that his ego and sense of importance is bigger to him than Cameroon's performance in the World Cup. Can't defend this attitude, even if you disagree with the managers tactics.


His attitude was poor, but the coach was also wrong TBH


Not really. Onana wanted to play sweeper keeper. Coach had the opinion that it brings too much uncertainty into the defense because the defenders aren't used to playing with that.


Yeah and after dropping him for a "traditional" keeper they conceded 3 goals, including 1 from the exact kind of long clearance the coach said to play...


And how do you know they wouldn't have conceded with Onana playing the way he wanted anyway? Onana is in the wrong here, no doubt.


Onana poor behavior. Coach poor tactics. Safe to say, this could have been resolved on both sides a lot better. The federation is in the right though for picking coach over player to not set a precedent.


> And how do you know they wouldn't have conceded with Onana playing the way he wanted anyway? They conceded 1 to Swiss with Onana, 3 to Serbia without Onana...


That doesn't answer the question


I can’t understand how can people like you be so obtuse and still act like a know it all. They don’t have the defenders who can deal with serbias press when playing out from the back. If you used the time it took you to write all the comments about how a national team head coach at a world cup knows less about his squad than you to actually check the stats you would find out that when their defenders had to play it short their average pass completion rate was 65%. If they tried to play out from the back against serbia it would have been 6-0


Doesn't matter. You do what the coach says.


Sure Onana's behavior wasn't right. That doesn't mean the coach's decision was right for the team


What did the coach do wrong?


The coach's idea of playing "traditional" long balls instead of short passes didn't exactly work out? Cameroon conceded a goal from the exact kind of long keeper clearance the coach said to do


NT isn't about the right or wrong of a manager but it's all about "unity". if all it take for a players to leave his NT during world cup is a disagreement on how certain aspect of football are being played then he has no place there.


I don’t really understand how you can blame the coach there. You don’t concede a goal because a coach tells you to go long.


If a coach tells a team to play it short and teams concede a goal after that it's always blamed on the coach and tactics. Why not the other way around? Losing possession on long clearances is exactly WHY teams and keepers like playing short in the modern game


Because playing it short is playing dangerous and any mistake can be massive. That’s why it’s not said the other way around. Playing long is playing safe. The coach might feel like they don’t have the quality to play out. If a coach keeps telling them to play out from the back when they don’t have the quality to do so, that’s when it is their fault.


No, coach wasn't necessarily wrong, you're result-oriented.


Smells like another ziyech situation to me


Well same could have happened if they had built from the back. If the coach deemed the defense not good enough to build from the back then all Serbia would have to do is press the backline and hope to win the ball.


You know I’m thinking we dodged a bullet


Imagine being this big of a egoistic twat. You are representing your country in the world cup of all things and you couldn't keep your ego in check for a week.


Does Onana have issues wherever he goes?


Can't a player give his input to the manager.


Onana left due to some drama, so they are saving face by saying they are the ones kicking him out


Andre Onana and temporary bans from football, name a more iconic duo


Ihattaren and jail time in 10 years time.


Gylfi and kids


Ajax fans, how horny are you right now


Well aside from Andre’s known antics, i hope it doesn’t influence the team spirit bevause i absolutely love the fighting spirit i saw of Cameroon today


Were they good ?


vincent aboubakar would like a word


Extremely, thinking about it now I think that was no paracetamol I took but something else entirely


Regardless of lack of respect, he is right. You're in a situation where you have to win to get into continue and playing as they were it wasn't gonna cut it, now they have to win vs brazil. Good luck


No player is bigger than the team. Throwing a fit in the middle of the World Cup is inexcusable. Should never be called up again imo


Nikola Kalinic moment


That one is still so bizarre to me. Atleast someone like Onana is the team's best player and could attempt to push his opinion etc. to influence the squad (not to defend him) Nikola Kalinic was a borderline bench player selection. Why did he think he could afford to do that is a top 5 dumbest moment in football history (especially considering how far the Croatia team ended up going)


He refused to come on because of an injury right? Or was there something more to the story


exactly what i thought lol


The audacity of that Gargamel.




Isn't he part owner? Basically gives him rights to fire his teammates if he pleases lol


Wait, people actually think this is true ? Lol


>Throwing a fit in the middle of the World Cup is inexcusable. Roy Keane has left the chat


tbf, Roy Keane did it at the start


Keane was dead right that the FAI weren't taking it seriously enough. The facilities they had to use were bad and the professionalism he was used to wasn't there.


Roy Keane’s was 100% justified at least, the FAI are a shower of tight and corrupt pricks


I'm sure Eto'o's Cameroon FA are all sound lol...


Onana’s issue is with Song the manager right? What’s Eto’o or Cameroonian FA got to do with this


If you watched any game, you could notice that Eto is pretty much always there, typing in his phone. Seems to me like nothing in FA or team goes without his approval. Even during matches.


Especially a goal keeper


Seems like a reasonable response…


I came to write this. He will learn a lesson the hard way


wow indomitable lions is a sick name


2010 alternative rock/pop band name vibes


BRO WHAT? It’s unfortunate this is happening before a crucial game, they didn’t need this


This happened before the 2nd game.


TIL Rigobert Song manages Cameroon's NT


If Cameroon were to qualify to the Round of 16 (long shot, but still)…would he be unsuspended then? Also…Calibri font in official statement lol


would probably look very weak of the manager to un-suspend him if they qualified without him.


Why is using Calibri a problem? It's a bit lazy agreed, but not unprofessional. What irks me more is the italicization in the bottom right. It's not 'true' italicization, maybe the font doesn't support it.


I Wonder too. I know that in some place Time New Romans is the one for every documents but nothing specific with Calibri


Generally, serif fonts like Times New Roman are preferred for paper documents and sans-serif fonts like Calibri are better for digital usage.


Arial Narrow>>Calibri


> …Calibri font in official statement lol do people really care about that?


Yes. And that includes my Office In Charge. Sometimes I guess, his life depends on it, or he just thrives on disturbing me.


Which fonts count as official and which aren’t anyway?


Times new Roman at 12 font size in most sought after for papers


My office's font is Arial which is so incredibly boring


As of the King of dumbfucks, Times new roman, and something verdant or something, which I have never seen in my life. Edit : Oh, he doesn't know anything about Computer. I have to print every fucking thing, then he whines I can't read it properly.


Are you okay?


obviously not, you've never met his boss.


Hey at least it isnt comic sans!


Or Papyrus...


I doubt he'd come back.


The entire header being completely off is killing me.


Not the first time Onanas attitude/professionalism has come into question iirc


In the Switzerland game he was the only one who gave a shit and tried to push his team forward, but they seem so inclined. It was obviously he would go ballistic


fecalfood lmao


From what i understand, he just says 'play conservatively'. That's it. He's not asking him to learn a new skill, just do as you do but stop trying to build up from the back because the CBs arent good at it. If Onana can't adapt to that then what kind of professional is he? You see really talented teams coached by a mediocre coaches yet the players still play that way because its what the coach wants. Do your job and stop whining. When it's over go and argue with whoever you want. Plain and simple.


Absolutely gutted I won’t be able to say “what’s his name?” After every time the commentator says “onana” because I’m an absolutely massive child.


Good! If Cameroon goes far then that is a truly great statement to show the players. I stand by the coolest looking coach in this competition.


> Istand by the coolest looking coach in this competition. If he falls sick they could just hire snoop dog as a decoy for one or two marchday


For some this occasion is greater than that their maturity. Some explode during the tournament (half looking at KdB)


I noticed during the Swiss game that Onana was playing longballs instead of building out the back when they were trailing and it seemed really off to me as they were just giving possession away. Onana seemed frustrated that game and this makes a lot of sense. Although Onana maybe should have been more respectful, their coach really got this one wrong.


I’m not sure why everyone seems to assume Onana must be in the wrong when there’s really no way to know. The Cameroon organization has been a joke and they have a manager who’s only qualification is being a famous ex player. Just from recent history you’ve got players not getting paid, match fixing accusations, numerous players refusing call ups because of how poorly they regarded the team management (and the mistreatment of players like Matip in revenge). Song himself was not exactly the most stable player so it’s not hard for me to believe that he might be the one who flipped out on Onana when his tactics weren’t working.


Cameroon has been weird overall with eto'o making decision above Song and picking players based on weird opinions. but still onana should be there to play and not to argue and start infighting... just a stupid move.


They conceded off a long ball lol


As much as I want for Onana to succeed for both club and country, what he did here is shitty.


Glad to see Onana and one of Brozovic/Lukaku back to training centre in the next few days already. Let's see what Cameron will do without him.. Let's recap what it means not starting **FC Internazionale** players: - Onana suspended -> his backup conceded three today - Lukaku not starting -> Belgium scored 1 in 180 minutes against Canada and Morocco - De Vrij benched by **M.City**'s Akè -> guy's been unique responsible for the goal conceded to Ecuador keeping onside Valencia Next one: Lautaro Martinez benched by **M.City**'s Julian Alvarez next match -> Argentina will score 0 goals and will be eliminated from World Cup. Scaloni must find a way to give Lauti ONE fuckin decent ball but I'm sure Inter player will be benched next game and Inter curse will affect also them.


Fans who are actually happy to see their players knocked out of the WC just doesn't sit right with me. Just something so heartless about it, seeing how important it is to the players.


I don't think he's necessarily happy, just defending his players and their importance to their respective NTs.


this is the exact opposite though, he's saying that benching inter players has a negative effect on performance which is just homerism


Sometimes the game is bigger than one individuals performance. If one guy is ruining team morale / unity, it’s better to take care of the other 10 guys than the 1 who may put up good individual performances See: Arsenal / Aubameyang, Ozil


Cameroon won't even make it to the round of 16. Onana will only misso the group state. No big deal


What happened


Kepa in shambles


Cameroon be like "What's his name?"


Onana trying to be like Ronaldo, ay?!


No element is bigger than the sum of its parts


They even signed and notarized it.


Cameroon, indomitable lions…I prefer the french way of spelling


I'm afraid US Soccer issues a similar statement about Reyna