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"Vai para o caralho" - Paulo Bento in good korean


Paulo Bento sem tranquilidade.


o árbitro deve ser fan [do Valete](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Drh9OmwuQ8w)








I heard the “Vai pó Caralho” all the way from Qatar. Portuguese intense swearing echoes 😭😂


He used so many "caralho" and "puta", the ref's ancestors all the way to the vikings, were insulted.


Since he got the red card because of "caralho" is the perfect time for the mods to use the "caralho" flair.


I just find it funny that he was giving the ref absolute hell and shouting directly in his face, before doing a complete 180 and congratulating the Ghanaian coaches on the pitch


Cause those are your opponents who fought well. Ref is a guy who failed at his job and screwed you at the end. That's how the logic goes at least


Yeah, that’s what I mean. He’s completely furious, but it’s completely targeted and he still keeps up good sportsmanship


Yeah I liked that, it was a cracking match between two teams who put everything into it, so nothing but respect between the teams and managers at the end there. Anthony Taylor however in an incompetent cunt who blew full time on a fucking corner like a pissy little jobsworth. So bento and the korean players gave him hell for it understandably. I had no stakes in that game and even I was furious watching that


Yelling in the ref's face is not good sportsmanship


Unreal that you’re downvoted for it, probably the exact same cretins that attack referees at grassroots, assuming they leave their rooms.


No one complaining about Taylor here has actually played the sport at any level, mental how many people are upset that the ref called the match in the 101st minute


Because the rules need to be consistent. If they are adding stoppage time to stop timing wasting and every other game has added stoppage time on top of stoppage time because players try to waste time during it then it continues the bad habit of players pretending they are injured. A normal person with a low IQ of soccer can understand those basics. Ghana wasted about 4 minutes in stoppage time playing injured during the extra 10 minutes. If anything Korea deserved another 1 or 2 but you don't blow the whistle on a corner kick knowing these facts. Don't understand why it's so hard for some ppl to understand that most ppl don't like fake injurys and diving.


Totally agree, complete double standard


It's crazy to go from such an emotional rage to a polite, logical mood haha. Man has my respect.


He didn’t fail his job.


Taylor did nothing wrong by ending the match at that point


Ref blows whistle in 12th minute of 10 minutes extra time, “ShIt DeCiSiOn!”


Are we going to pretend 2 minutes wasn’t burned by Ghana player time wasting? Should have let the corner play then blew it dead after Ghana cleared. It’s completely the norm. I’ve never seen someone blow a game dead in a WC on a scoring opportunity set piece. Honestly FIFA should review the red, bump it to a yellow, the coach had every right to yell at the ref over it. The ref was shit for most of the match with his decisions and not reviewing things. Did he just forget VAR exists?


What if it went out for another corner? Is it corners in perpetuity???


It's corners all the way down.


Wait, its all corners?


Always has been


Infinite corner limbo


>Are we going to pretend 2 minutes wasn’t burned by Ghana player time wasting? Not even close to two minutes. ​ >Should have let the corner play then blew it dead after Ghana cleared. It’s completely the norm. Completely the norm when you're at the end or just barely over stoppage time. This was 52 seconds after stoppage time had ended. ​ >I’ve never seen someone blow a game dead in a WC on a scoring opportunity set piece. There is football outside of the world cup, this is not uncommon at all. ​ >Honestly FIFA should review the red, bump it to a yellow, the coach had every right to yell at the ref over it. Do you have any idea what you're talking about? This is either a red card, or no card at all. Storming at the ref after the game nets you a red card. It's in the laws. Coach had the right to yell at his players for passing the ball around the back for solid 20 seconds only to shoot from like 40m out. This shit has to stop, ref did nothing wrong.


Extending by 10 minutes is the newest thing that exists and mfe'rs already pretending as if nothing is being done about time wasting.


> I’ve never seen someone blow a game dead in a WC on a scoring opportunity set piece. Chances of scoring from a corner are very low. It´s not a better scoring chance than having possession in midfield.




Yep lol just ignored the ref after and carried on staying on the field love it


"What's he gonna do? Give me TWO red cards?"


This is getting out of hand! Now there are two of them!


Yeah no one likes Antony Taylor


And put his team in a difficult position of having no manager on the sideline for their last game.


It's against his homeland, he's just doing his job as a loyal citizen. Thank you Paulo Bento


Least patriotic Portuguese


What are they gonna do in the last game? Qualify for round of 16?


tbf they are still not out if Portugal wins today: Portugal (6), Ghana (3), Uruguay (1), Korea (1) if Uruguay wins: Uruguay (4), Portugal (3), Ghana (3), Korea (1) a draw: Portugal (4), Ghana (3), Uruguay (2), Korea (1) Ultimately they have to beat Portugal and wait the result of the other game but they are not out


So looks like in all cases they need to win and hope the other game ends in a draw and go through on GD


> hope the other game ends in a draw and go through on GD only if Portugal wins today, because then there's one less opening for the next round. (or for Korea to get 1st) If Portugal loses or draws, there's still 2 vacancies going into the last game. For example: Portugal draws today, Korea beats Portugal and Uruguay beat Ghana. Ends with Uruguay on 5, Korea and Portugal on 4. Decision goes to GD, which should favour Korea has Portugal losing 2 straight games would put them at least on -1, and Korean on 0+.


If Portugal wins we also secure 1st place, only other team reaching 6 points could be Ghana. In that case, Korea would probably play against a very different Portugal squad, with no playing routines.


I don't think Ghana is going to allow themselves to lose. Not with Suarez on the team. I imagine they'd almost rather shut Uruguay out in a victory than win the tournament.


They need to win but could still make it through without the other game ending in a draw. Ex. If Portugal wins vs Uruguay and Korea beats Portugal, they make it through even on a Uruguay win vs Ghana if GD is in their favor (or GF if equal). If Portugal loses vs Uruguay and Korea beats Portugal, they can make it on a Uruguay loss to Ghana depending on GD as well. First scenario is the more reasonable way of going through without the other match ending in a draw though.


They can still qualify




Calmest Portuguese man But the contrast of him screaming his lungs out at the referee and then turning around and going over to calmly shake hands with the Ghana manager before going back to scream at the ref was hilarious


It has such a meme potencial


Yeah fair enough. I just wanted the drama of the corner. Anthony Taylor you twat.


What happens when a trainer gets a red card after the match ?


He can’t be at the sideline next match I believe


His starter decisions were suspect anyway, might help korea if he wasnt there 😂


Well I guess u were right


He doesn't train the team for 2 matches /s


Guy could have literally let it happen. If Ghana knocks the ball out of play or out of the penalty area, blow the whistle. If they concede, blow the whistle. But give SK a chance wtf.


To play devils advocate; why give SK a chance but not Ghana? They’d already played a full minute over the 10 minutes added time.


Ghana killed what seemed like a lot more than 45 seconds in the extra time though with injuries and ball out of play


one goal kick was so long that i bet some people thought their stream paused


Injuries sure, ball out of play doesn't necessarily mean time should be added though. There were breaks in play earlier in the game that were just as long, but nobody notices them because they don't benefit either side.


He already went an additional minute, can't really blame him for blowing the whistle


Ending the game on a corner will *always* be controversial, no matter what


Not when they spent around 2 minutes treating the injured Ghanaian player in those 10 minutes.


I honestly wish the sport would move to stop time/dead ball time instead of a running clock. Would remove any incentive for this nonsense. Don’t get me wrong, I prefer running time, but “gamesmanship” is not good for the sport.


American College Soccer is that way. Seems to work pretty well. And there’s no add breaks as the other commenter suggested might happen.


Queue ad breaks. Fuck that. Actually I believe it will, because of that. $$$




Not according to my clock. Even then, match stopped before an added minute. So at least allow the corner.


He could but the moment the extra Time is up or close too he isn't obligated to. Like we all love drama but the red here is deserved and Taylor didn't do any "error" per say. Now people can be upset fair enough


We were in the 11th minute of 10 added


There's a reason it's announced as a MINIMUM of 10 minutes added on. He should be giving extra time for time wasting and injuries that occur within the added time.


And he did give an extra minute


Time wasting doesn't count after added time?


It does but it's definitely less strict and looks like some refs just add a middle ground, so in the end time wasting is still worth it. But depends on the specific ref.


Yup, they just continue to incentive time wasting / faking injuries. In the absolute most extreme scenarios, the ref just adds on the actual amount of time wasted. That almost never happens so there is no point in not going for it.


Not from what I've seen. Heck there was that match yesterday where the ref ended 10 seconds early in added time.


Yup and players were literally taking 30-40 seconds to to throw the ball in each time it went out of bounds or start the play again. I legit thought they would extend it a couple of more minutes but they stopped it like 10 seconds early lol


he gave an extra 50 secs apparently because of it, but seemed like the game was stopped for longer than that during the added time


Ghana player fell over in the net, then got up out of the net just to fall over again and get treatment.


If it doesn't, it bloody should. What's the point of giving even more extra time if not to penalize the time wasting?


It does, he gave SK an extra minute on top of the 10


Head injury, cramp and goalie taking 45 sec to kick the ball


Yeah, like every single WC game ever. Time wasting is rampant in soccer, always has been. This WC at least the refs are giving a lot of extra time, like +11 mins. 4 years ago SK would be lucky to get 6


More like 45 seconds, corner should’ve been played out as the final action


He gave 55 seconds of that extra minute that he was under no obligation to give. +10 is quite a lot, +11 is very fair. And a new play would not be completed in 5 seconds, the guy wasn't even close to taking the corner kick


+10 minutes was the time lost in the original 90. Ghanaian players were wasting more time laying on the pitch during the additional 10 minutes. Yes the corner kick should’ve been played


As I've said before, time wasting is never counted 1 to 1 in extra time, that has always been the case. This WC is actually the first one to even give that much extra time, 4 years ago SK would not even get +6 minutes. He could have literally ended the match at +10 and it would be fine considering what we are used to for decades, and he went the extra minute still. Absolutely did everything right there


He's meant to stop his watch, think the Ghana player was down getting treatment for longer than what was added to the ten.


Not for English refs lmao This isn't surprising to anyone that watches the Premier League


They added an extra minute. Could have allowed maybe one more, but there wasn't that much additional stoppage.


Was there much time wasting? Korea has pretty much all of the ball for that 10 minutes. Seemed like every time the ball went out of play it came off a Ghanaian player.




Not enough though. We shouldn't be rewarding time-wasting tactics.


Anthony Taylor is a fucking idiot


That might be true, but you can't go ballistic like that and not expect a red card.


Not even like he did anything wrong. He gave them 11 mins when he said 10. There's no rule saying you have to give them the corner. This isn't FIFA where the game continues until the ball crosses the halfway line


He didn't give an extra minute out the kindnees of his heart... Ghana player sat on the floor for a full minute before that in extra time


I actually calculated the time Ghana player was down and it was actually 48 seconds and he gave them exactly that.


Yea I have no idea why people are flipping out


Exactly countless times refs blow it before a corner is taken. There was no rule forcing him to let it here , they already added 50 seconds on top of the initial 10 minutes


>Exactly countless i agree but that made me chuckle lol


How long should the game go on for? Whistle was fair.


He is such a fraud


For what? They got 10 min of added time and he gave 11.


Baldest fraud of them all


Pep’s idol.


Why? He already went a minute over. Under no obligation to give them more time. He waited for the attack to finish


2 of the 10 minutes were wasted on Ghana-players receiving care. 100% wrong to not allow the corner. I’m happy for Ghana but fuck me what a travesty of a referee


Yeah but if we do that games will genuinely feel like they're going on forever. Where do you stop? I'm pretty sure 10 minutes of added time isn't an accurate representation of how many minutes were actually not played, it's probably more 15-20 minutes but if we do that games will just last forever


Referees can never win. People like South Korea much more than Ghana, so they think any decision against South Korea is bad.


I have no preference between the teams I just hate Anthony Taylor


I will literally never be in a favor of refs not allowing attacking set plays to be taken (unless i'm being biased against my own team). No idea why anyone would think this comes from beingpro SK


They wasted at least 3 of the added 10 minutes, he is under obligation to give them this time if they are trying to add all this on now as instructed by FIFA


>They wasted at least 3 of the added 10 minutes That feels like an exaggeration tbh. Thought it was maybe a minute or so but obviously not sure


He has no reason to further extend the game there. He already went nearly a minute longer.


He's done nothing wrong here /r/soccer just doesn't know the rules and is clearly just trying to shit on him because their favourite team lost


How he's refereeing at World Cup is absolutely baffling to me. He's absolutely terrible


At least now the world knows if they didnt before.


He should have blown the whistle the moment SK played the ball backwards. They knew time is up and that's why they have sent such an awful ball upfront.


Too much focus is being put on whether or not Bento had a valid criticism of the referee. That's absolutely not the point here, and whether he's right or wrong to be annoyed is irrelevant. Behaving aggressively or abusively towards the referee is a red card offense. Why you do it, whether anyone believes you're justified in doing it, simply isn't a factor. You can't do it.


This sub is anti referee though, so as predicted most top comments will defend the idiot coach tbh.


Can’t blame him.


Based red card. Taylor is a fuckin moron


Eh it was 11 minutes in after getting 10 added. I understand the anger but it’s not like they were hard done


Had Korea scored in that corner you'd have Ghana complaining so...


Ghana players were on the floor for alltleast 3 min.


Did Taylor or Ghana make the defender's choice for them? Ridiculous to just blast the ball from 50 yards out, should have at least lofted it for a cross. Taylor played till the ball was dead, so they may have been able to recycle a couple times if they made better decisions.


48 seconds, actually. And he gave them like 50 extra seconds on top of the 10 mins.


Did you watch the same match? There was both a player injury that lasted a couple minutes, and a bunch of time wasting which should have resulted in more than +50 seconds of time. Remember that it is +10 minutes minimum, not taking additional injuries and time wasting into account is poor refereeing.


Injury lasted for about 65 seconds lmao


These comments are why abuse of refs is never taken seriously and why it will become a bigger and bigger problem until something serious happens. Taylor had **absolutely no obligation whatsoever** to let them take that corner. He'd added over a minute on top of the original 10, and maybe if South Korea hadn't spent the last 30 seconds fannying around with the ball in their own half instead of launching it up the pitch they might have had time to take any corner that might have been given. There's no excuse for Bento's reaction, none at all. If people can't see that then I genuinely worry.


And people wonder why the standard of referees is getting worse... It's because it has become acceptable to bully and harass the refs like this, so the good quality ones leave the profession before they have a chance to make it to the top, leaving only the dregs.


What's more, I think it filters out everyone except those with the thickest skin. I think referees are so stubborn partly because the profession naturally selects for exactly that trait. If players and managers want refs who listen a little bit more then there's an easy way to help.


Absolutely insane reaction from Bento for a corner which is what a less than 5% chance of scoring from? It would be slightly more justified if it was for a stonewall penalty not given or marginal offside call


Not giving the corner is pretty reasonable, they were well over the allotted time at this point.


Maybe instead berate the defender who took a 50 yard wild hopeful shot instead of get it to a winger for a good cross and real chance....?


That was the most brainless thing done in the match and reminded of so many Sunday league players I played with who were thick as shit when it came to football. Enraging.


On god. How are people made at Taylor for finishing the game. He litterly gave them an extra minute.


That whistle was fair enough. I’d have loved to see the corner but ANYONE would’ve been unhappy for the ref to allow a corner against their team at 101 mins when there’d already been 10 mins of extra time…


Premier league referee being crap is nothing new.


Had a great game, and this was the correct call.


Michael Oliver was brilliant yesterday imo


This is facts


Some unhinged people ITT reacting the same way the manager did. I understand being frustrated, but the ref hasn't done anything wrong here.


Anthony Taylor masterclass…


In any other tournament you wouldn't even have 10m added time, that's only the new rules this time around. Doesn't excuse what the ref did but Korea have no one to blame.


Not sure what his argument is. It was the 101st minute, very nearly the 102nd. Taylor gave them more than enough of the 10 minutes added on.


And their last possession they spent kicking around in their own half. Feel like if they were aggressive there and still got a corner they would have gotten the chance.


Yeah they were just passing it around until Kim shot from about 50 yards. Should have been pumped into the box.


Yeah I needed a tie here obviously so I was screaming at my TV to long ball it down there. Thought the whistle was gonna blow before that last hail mary regardless, I think not giving them the corner is fine.


He seems level headed




Yeah, after the Ghana players had spent 2+ mins timewasting.


Taylor is a joke


Anthony Taylor should give himself a red card.


What are you all complaining about, he literally gave SK an extra minute (+11 instead of +10). He was 100% correct to end the game there


They're either teenagers who want the drama or arseholes who think refs deserve abuse (or perhaps both).


People seem to think he should have given the corner for drama's sake. That's not his job


Shameful behaviour from the coach. The ref blew the whistle 10m 55s into stoppage time and you're in his face raging that he blew too early!?!. He'll get a fine and possibly an additional suspension too for continuing to remonstrate with Taylor and for not leaving the pitch after being sent off.


That was a BS final whistle




Didn't watch it so why are they complaining, it's almost 11 mins over?


There was some time wasting from Ghana in added time


If that was man utd no one's complaining at the ref. Times up, times up they had 100 mins to score there's no rule saying you have to give them the corner. Well done ghana


Man U fans try not to make everything about them challenge: impossible


I'm an arsenal fan. My point was more this reaction was because it's a team people like


Apart from Ghana wasting over a minute during the added time?


This has been a certified Anthony Taylor Moment™


I would be raging too If you're going to let play go on past the ten minute mark why not let them just take the corner?


> If you're going to let play go on past the ten minute mark why not let them just take the corner? That's not how timekeeping works. You can be upset that he didn't add on time for timewasting, but you don't just let them take a corner "just because time has already past".


Because the poor decision making of South Korea to take a wild shot instead of put in a good cross isn't the fault of the ref. That defender blasted the ball out of desperation, that manager is yelling out of desperation because without that draw they're basically done in the group stage.


why not keep playing till they score lol


Because he already let it go past the 10 min lol they had just taken a 40 yard shot at 100:53. They’re mad that they lost


What about, instead of added time, the ref let them play til the team I support scores?


Why not infinite time while you are at it


No excuse to go at the ref like that.


If they had scored the corner, there would be a load of people saying Ghana got robbed. The outrage merchants on this subreddit are out in force


Can’t blame him fuck Anthony taylor. For my money’s worth I’d have said even worse for a red.




Very lip readable "vai pó caralho" making us tugas proud.


Anthony Taylor is not fit for being a referee.


Why did they even allow PL refs? Sunday league refs from the 4th tier in Afghanistan are better


Taylor hate aside , you obviously going to get a yellow for that. It's 10 minutes extra times sure ref could have added time because of injuries because he isn't obligated to nor is he obligated to let the corner be taken its not a rule. Now frustration is understandable


What a disgrace. We all complain about referees but when they get abused like this it firstly causes not many talented people to want to be referees and puts more pressure on this. Both of these things causes refereeing standards to get worse. All this abuse was also for a correct call, not that it should matter.


Really strange how he blew the whistle before the corner. Understandable reaction.


2nd most “worth-it” red card in WC history after Suarez playing GK






Fair, red gave them another chance 11 minutes into ET when they had +10 so yeah.


of course Anthony Taylor is going to be the one giving it


Can't blame him. Taylor is a prick.


And you think he deserves this kind of abuse, do you? You think any referee does?


How are you so fast? I literally just watched this happen live


Post match red card you don’t see that every day


Don’t see what’s the problem with this