Does anyone know what happened to Jonathan David? I seemed to have the impression that he was a key player, having being the top 3 scorer in Ligue 1 at some point. Seemed like the only contribution he's had all game was testing the goalie once from a distance


I thought we were about to f*ck Croatia.


The same Croatia that reached the finals in the previous world cup?


How was the last goal not offsides? I’m still trying to figure out the exceptions


Can I humbly request people not to downvote perfectly legitimate questions like this one? Most explanations of offline include something about 2 opposition players needing to be in front of the player receiving the pass. As that wasn’t the case here, I can see why some people would be confused, especially if they’re new to the game.


The offensive player carrying the ball sets the offside line. As the forward-most player, when he passes the ball, his teammate is not offside.


The other guy was behind him


What’s up with dudes nacho libre mask? I know nothing about soccer just a wee Canadian trying to gain some knowledge. Also how do offsides work? And are we totally toast moving forward or is there some kind of long shot wildcard potential for us to move on? How will the next game go if we know we aren’t moving forward, doesn’t that mess up motivations and invite trickery? Thanks to anyone who may read this


>Also how do offsides work? It basically just means you can't pass to a player who is beyond the last defender. Like in this picture: [https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/9/96/Offsidelarge.svg/300px-Offsidelarge.svg.png](https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/9/96/Offsidelarge.svg/300px-Offsidelarge.svg.png). The only tricky part is that it is measured when the ball is passed, not received. So it's possible to break the defensive line with intricate through balls like these: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=459zkTf9Jso](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=459zkTf9Jso) ​ >are we totally toast moving forward or is there some kind of long shot wildcard potential for us to move on? Completely out of it I'm afraid. Even if Canada win next game, they would only have 3 points, and Morocco and Croatia already have 4. ​ >How will the next game go if we know we aren’t moving forward, doesn’t that mess up motivations and invite trickery? These sort of dead rubber games are normally slightly lower in intensity, but each player isn't completely giving up, as they are still playing for national pride. Sub players are likely to make more of an appearance. Potentially invites a bit of trickery, but no real way to avoid that in a tournament like this.


Thank you so much!! This was very helpful. I actually understand the offside bit, looking to watch some more soccer. Cheers from my igloo


I'd start watching some games across European leagues too, club football happens almost all year, every year compared to international tournaments which are generally every 4 so finding some teams you enjoy watching on that end of it is a good idea.


Yaaaaa but I don’t want to get too invested in case Canada never makes it again lol. My home hockey team already disappoints me year round. I guess as a freshie I could pick a winning soccer team to follow lol. I know who Messi and Ronaldo are and that’s it lol! But good idea thanks, it just seems kinda long and low scoring to watch a lot of.


Canada will play again next WC and has some nice players now, could definitely see this steamroll into more WC appearances, especially if the next WC in Americas inspires the youth a little bit


Just learned that, so exciting! I’ll keep watching this year so I know who the big cats are, I’ve definitely caught some football fever (also big Ted lasso fan so that helps)


That’s good to hear dude. I’m personally really looking forward to the next WC, they’re a lot more beneficial countries to the sport than fkin Qatar. Football might get more popular in Canada and the US, and Mexico already has a healthy football culture. If my country makes it I might actually go to Canada to watch, been wanting to visit it anyways


If you are, go to Vancouver not Toronto hahha. Or just come anyways, we are friendly except the polar bears.


They automatically qualify for 2026 due to being one of the host nations, and considering the program getting bigger and more successful I expect us to make it consistently now. Also, I wouldn't even pick a team honestly, just watch a bunch of games across various leagues and let yourself naturally gravitate towards one eventually, or you also probably have a local MLS team near you, the quality there gets better by the year and watching live is a different experience for sure.


Oh sweet!! Where do our guys play between that time? Like do they split up and play on different teams or does team Canada still go play other ppl? Like where do I watch Davies more ETA: ok I googled MLS, is that like the North American League? Are Montreal and Vancouver the only Canadian teams? Is there where our guys go? Feel free to not respond lol and I can just search the internet


I highly suggest you watch some games from Europes biggest leagues like Italy Spain Germany and especially England, the level of football there is completely next level to the MLS and Canadian leagues, it should be fascinating to watch for you especially if youre new. The club season resumes shortly after the World Cup ends


I get so confused with the leagues, like are there leagues within individual countries and then leagues also spanning different countries, or do they just play each during random tournaments?


Club vs international is confusing you here, international tournaments consist of teams representing their countries, comprised of players that are eligible for that country, and club leagues or tournaments, like the MLS as an example of a league, which is comprised of teams across Canada and the U.S. Most countries will have a comparable league to this, i.e Ligue 1 in France (where David plays), the Bundesliga in Germany (where Davies plays), or the English Premier league, along with many more. Various cities and towns from that country compete, with many, many leagues below the top one; operating on relegation/promotion, where a certain amount of teams at the top, usually top 3 are promoted to the next league above, if it exists, and the bottom 3 are relegated to the league below them. Imo this makes things much more exciting than the north american formula which the MLS mostly follows but the playoffs in the MLS are also fun to watch. The Canadian Championship is an example of a knockout tournament, where a lot of teams across Canada including semi pro teams all the way up to Montreal, Vancouver, and Toronto, compete in round after round of knockout games, this is more similar to the world cup format but without group stages. It's always cool to see small Canadian teams take on the bigger ones, upsets are fairly common from my experience watching it. This same format exists in most other countries as well, like the FA Cup in England. Hope this helps a bit.


It would take a while to explain but every country has its own league. All of those leagues are rated on a worldwide scale with the metric being how well do the clubs from said league do in international competitions (Europe conference league which is 3rd tier, Europa league second tier, and the Champions league which you absolutely need to follow and is main tier, biggest sporting tournament outside of the world cup in the world). Heres the current rating for the best leagues in the world: https://www.uefa.com/nationalassociations/uefarankings/country/#/yr/2023 Now i wrote above each country has their own league and tier system, generally most fans only follow the best tier. For instance in England the best tier is called the Premier league, the tier below is called the Championship. Every year/season a team will win the Premier league, which is highly prestigious, and the 3 bottom teams will be 'relegated'(teams will fight to avoid this at all circumstances,), and those 3 teams that get relegated get replaced by the 3 best teams from the Championship(second tier). I could go on but just pick a few games to watch when the season continues and it will be really easy to understand. You also must watch the Champions league aswell, its the best thing about football, most highly prestigious tournament there is


I couldnt watch the game. Was the score justified? And how was Modric?


Croatia missed 2 or 3 huge chances, could have easily been 6-1 for Croatia. Modric had genius moments and poor moments, it definetely seems like age caught up even with him. Gvardiol is a monstrous defender and had a huge game, Kovacic complete MOTM for me and highest rated player on sofascore aswell, at one point at 1-1 he was stopping every single Canadian attackin in defense and running the midfield on his own completely. Incredible performance. Kramaric, Livaja amazing performances aswell


>des nacho libre mask? I know nothing about soccer just a wee Canadian trying to gain some knowledge. Also how do offsides work? And are we totally toast moving forward or is there some kind of long shot wildcard potential for us to move on? How will the next game go if we know we aren’t moving forward, doesn’t that mess u Yeah Luka is getting old, I mean the guy bullying him for the yellow card was born in 97


The score was justified and Modrić was amazing, although he did get a yellow card




Canada dont have balls anymore?


Tore our midfield and defense apart. Sucked that eustaquio went down. Hutchinson was slow and exploited. Would have been pulled if Eustaquio hadn't needed to be subbed. This team does not have personnel to defend well and were exploited. Ball through a defenders leg and into the back of the net. Good game by Croatia. All the best the rest of the way.


Canada seemed tired and it was not even halftime yet


Tick tock!


[Yes indeed](https://youtu.be/vKdxjoNluzY?t=7)


fade em


I'm a Croatian Canadian living near Toronto. The media here had be talking so much shit up until the game. I'm glad they're all humbled. I would have loved to see both of my teams make it through though.


Canada's athleticism with Croatia's experience would be the ultimate team.




What kind of national pride can you muster from knowing that a handful of people from your country are really good at kicking a ball into a net? Basing that "pride" on players' ethnicities is even more absurd. Who gives a shit?


That's what our nation is, we don't make that up to create a soccer team, so... national pride is pride in what our nation is? Being canadian has nothing to do with ethnicity and our constitution is based on this idea. What would a canadian that's not an immigrant be to you to create national pride? First nations? French? English? Irish? Italian? White? Immigrants are not second class citizens in Canada. It makes me very proud that our best player was an asylum seeker, not some guy we recruited for his football abilities. That's what Canada is.


Have you just discovered that Immigration is a thing? A lot of people are born in one country to parents from another country. It’s more common in places that take in a lot of immigrants like Canada, USA, England, Sweden, France, etc. Footballers with dual nationality can choose which country they want to play for.




Idk why u talking shit about Davies (or Canada? Idk) when he clearly cares plus there's plenty of other players who don't give a shit and just switched just to play in wc (or in general play in big tournaments cause they wouldn't make the first squad in their real team) like Inaki Williams for Ghana, Matty cash for Poland, Ziyech and many many more. These people literary switched to play while Davies was alywas playing for Canada, speaks the language. Stop trolling or being an idiot. Thanks


2005 was 17 years ago. Plenty of time to adopt a new country as the one you want to represent.


This is an incredibly dumb take.


why are you obsessed with ethnicity? you can have a ton of national pride that isnt tied to ethnicity.


As a Croatia-Canadian you love to see Canada get humbled. Too many Canadians were talking a big game.




Was born in Canada... but ok. You are aware of the concept of dual citizenship though hey?


Bro, think before you speak. I also have family of Croatian heritage and we live abroad because of the war back in the 90’s. Many left because their homes were practically destroyed. Others left because they were called up as soilders, which basically meant that they had to go to war and point their guns against other family members and friends. The only way for them to avoid that was to leave.




Nah Canadians were being wild man. I saw how delusional some Canadian fans got immediately after they qualified. If this isn't you, then you shouldn't take that dudes dumbass comment to heart, nor so far up your ass.


Foh no one really gave a shit about those comments other than some B-tier Croatian tabloid that made a meme.




Wasn't even referring to Herdman's comments, just find it amusing that all those were Canadians acting like Canada was some sort of world-beaters.


You can ignite passion in other ways without getting so direct towards your opponent, never heard any coach on an international platform saying they'll fuck the other team


he could ignite passion some other way..and show some respect to opponent




As opposed to the runners up of the world cup getting butt hurt what the 41st ranked team in the world had to say about them E: why even call yourself half Canadian if you're proud they got humbled. Pathetic


Cause a bunch of Canadian fans were acting like idiots... case in point yourself. Was hoping for both Canada and Croatia to advance actually and I bet I've been following/supporting the CMNT a lot longer than most of these new "fans".


Buddy give up, now your gatekeeping being a fan of Canada. This was 2 days ago, stop caring so much. At which point did I act like an idiot? By calling your pathetic ass pathetic?


Oh my bad for not being on Reddit 24/7 but you do you dude.


Truly some sore winners here and frankly embarrassing admitting they’re half Canadian.


Theyre all croatian first. Dont ever think otherwise no mayter what they say.


Blame Canada


I am croat, and I really enjoyed watching this game. Not only because we won but because it was a beautiful game. Well done Canada, you play some amazing football!


Anybody got a link to Canadas coach and Borjans post match interview?








Honestly I don’t get the bullying for Canada. They have improved immensely and made the dance!! Their team did an amazing job and I think 2026 will be a great year. They competed and had a lot of heart, some great plays and strategies from everyone + an excellent goaltender in Milan Borjan. Good on you Canada 🇨🇦🍁❤️🤍, we’ll see you soon :)


Yeah, huge respect to them. As a neutral I feel sorry considering there are still some teams way worse than Canada still in the game. Was fun watching their games, could see that they care.


Croatian's don't like their goalkeeper, because he was born in Croatia. But he says he was born in Serbian Dalmatia. Dalmatia was not nor will ever be Serbian. Him being Serbian and provoking us, was just stupid. So that was huge disrespect number one. Then, Canadian coach said "we gonna fk Croatia", well, that's just not cool to say. We talked on the pitch. Also, Canadian TV station, put wrong flag of Croatia in their pregame analysis. So we were disrespected few times. After all this said. I still like Canada, and would wish if they could go through with us, but it is what it is. They missed their chance agianst Belgium






American, flaired as Germany, calling football banter "bullying". I've seen it all.


that's why I want Iran to destroy the US


Shock goal by Davies 2 minutes in but the other 88 were all Croatia. Can’t say I recognize a lot of those names other than modric but they play beautiful football.


First 20 minutes Canada was attacking well and had some chances, the next 70 were Croatia's.


They're mostly all well established in top European teams, considering we fucked up the tactics I think we did alright.


As an American, I was watching the game with my wife’s family (Canadian) and it was rough. Canada should be proud 💪🏼


This is a step in the right direction for Canada. Obviously we wanted to win, but we are showing we are capable of competing. I didn’t expect us to go far, but the positives here is qualifying and scoring in a WC. We are only getting better and I’m excited to see what we bring to the table in 2026, the lack of experience and composure got the best of us. But we keep fighting and keep moving forward! Let’s end on a good note! We played against some of the best! Great games! Keep your heads up lads 👏 🇨🇦


Bruh why is everyone bullying Canada here💀


It's part of football :D


as they should. they got smoked


Everybody gets smoked, at some point. Canadian team is a WIP, they have nothing to be ashamed of, and they’ve already come a long way.


They don't know how to respect the other team. It will eventualy come back at you as a boomerang....


I think part of it is because of the coach’s arrogance. I live in Canada and it irritated me


Bravo Atiba for 100 caps but that was a shocking performance and he should have been subbed at half.


Goodbye Canada. See you in four years.


You mean forty?


You can just say you don't know anything about the World Cup


Funny thing is, I wasn’t born in Canada so I actually DO know a lot about soccer, I’m not a bandwagon fan


Well we automatically qualify for the next world cup




Canada, Mexico, and the US are hosts of the next world cup. Because we’re co-hosts, we receive an automatic qualification spot


It was a joke, you didn’t catch it because you’re either not smart enough or still crying over the humiliating loss


Seems like you’re getting awfully defensive there bud


There is absolutely nothing defensive about what I wrote


Better luck next time Canucks!


My Canuck bros already faded Sadge


double faded smh


Croatia teaching England how to treat North Americans?


Well, they tried. They really gave it there all and have nothing to be ashamed of. They’re just not nearly good enough. Really, this was fully expected. We scored. The next hurdle is a point. Let’s see if they can pull that off.


Canada did well and should be proud of their performance. Their coach is an idiot for getting Croatia riled up and being an arrogant person. You can’t be cocky when this is your 2nd ever World Cup and had never scored a goal. He took away their biggest advantage which was teams not taking them seriously. Hopefully Canada invests more in football and works on the technical side more instead of just the physical aspect. You can see what happened to Davies when he went from Canada to Germany and actually started learning the game instead of just running up and down the field


>Their coach is an idiot for getting Croatia riled up and being an arrogant person. He literally was trying to motivate his team after the loss to Belgium. What else should he have said to his players? With the power of friendship, we will win? Herdman was asked what he had said to his team, and he answered honestly. We most likely would never have heard about it if the media didn't make this a much bigger deal than it ever should have been.


We, Croatians, love being underrated so he motivated our team more than his team


You should motivate team in your dressing room, not in front of the journalists. He was being cocky, and Canda payed the price for it.... Be smarter next time.


In four years, with the hype that Canada got during this World Cup run, I think there’s hope we’ll perform much better next time. Still time for some points though!


John Herdman: "We've it all to play for" in the last game. Oh no, should we tell him?


He msut have forgot they lost the Belgium game


We lost this game in midfield we could play an organized game in back like we did va Belgium. One goal up we should have switched to the counter attack which is our strength


Definitely! We need better control in the midfield and we were way to vulnerable there. Any turn over in the midfield led to a counter attack from Croatia


We also only had 4 in mid against one of the best in the world I’m not sure that was the best strategy


I agree, we needed more bodies in the mid, Croatia has some of the best midfielders in the world and they took advantage. Some poor decisions didn’t help with the outcome


Yeah that was to be expected against arguably a top 3 midfield in the world. I agree about the practicality, you guys shouldnt have pressed your luck


The future is bright for Canada! We are only gaining more experience. Some of our players weren’t used to their full potential but we only can move forward




> Shame the WC only happens once every four years That's what makes it special


Right, but it makes it more exciting the next time around. And it’s nice we don’t need to worry about qualifying next WC


True, but us being decent makes the Copa Oro a lot more interesting tbh.


100%! Adds more depth and another team to bring some competition


Bingo if we can get some quality around buchannen and decent defense we got a nice team


100%! We need to also work on controlling possession and the pace of the game! I was very happy with the opening 40 minutes imo


Davies goal was magical!


And then they stopped the quick crosses from the wing wtf?! Cross the ball canada!!


Facts! That moment was electric!!!


Not the ending we wanted but still so proud of our Canadians boys




Qualifying for the world cup for the first time since 1986, scoring our first mens world cup goal against the reigning finalists, but yeah sure


it's called the world cup


nah let them have this


Sorry to say but Hutchinson was the cause of pretty much every goal and most of the opportunities. No idea why we left him on for so long.


He shouldn’t be starting


Well he won’t be there in 2026 so there is that


Did alphonso be raised in Canada? His accent is so different. Maybe in montreal


Born in Ghana, came to Canada young, played in Vancouver abit


He was raised in Edmonton I believe


Terrible defense from us. Good luck to Croatia in the rest of the tournament.


Imagine being triggered this much by Canada


Who’s triggered?


That what happens when you have to put up with for overpriced maple syrup


Great game! Canada was really good! It's sad that their final result on the table does not really reflect how good they actually played, but they are a team to watch out for in the future for sure!


Really it’s all we had a right to expect from this tournament - surprise people with some stretches of strong play, score a goal, don’t get laughed out of the tournament. (After Thursday v Morocco) we’ll you all in 2026


Herdman did us no favours in running his mouth after the first game.


Man calm down we win he looks like a genius


Lol you could say that for anyone that trash talks. He was in over his head


What did he say?


That they gonna efff up Croatia in next game.


Are we the villains now? It's more embarrassing to hate Canada this much than it is to get rolled by Croatia.


Well when you say you're going to fuck someone and then they fuck you... I mean it's just kinda fucking funny lol




His defence let him down. He saved most shots, cut down a lot of angles to give shooters only a bad shot. A lot of the balls ended up cleared away by him when a ball made its way into the box for a clean shot regularly. He played excellent, but you can only do so much when the attackers make their way through your backline.


could've been 10-1 if it were not for the keeper, be grateful


Haha, did you see the fourth?


Happens a lot of times in football.


You really didnt watch the game for the saves he made. The goals were from Mid field and defence. Should blame them.


Agreed, the second goal is the probably the only one that could have been saved if it's a top tier goalkeeper.


Croatia still my dark horse for the Cup. They’re old but they’re so good. Technically sound, positionally disciplined, know how to deal with pressure.


It’s a bit of a mis conception we are “old” https://www.statista.com/statistics/1298094/average-player-age-national-teams-qatar-world-cup/ Middle of pack Luka brings us up in age. Couple more vets The actual craziest thing that most of the world doesn’t know is we have a legit crop of new talent that could prove to be our most special yet But time will tell And the thing with Croats. We are notoriously late to mature I don’t start to count out a Croat player till mid 20s to 28 We had lower talent for a few years early 2000s yet we still qualified and held our own We have been unlucky to not get a major tourney but I feel one day(hopefully sooner than later) we will get something


Your “dark horse” is literally the last world cup finalist.


I’m well aware. They’re ranked 12th in the world and they aren’t anyone’s favourite.


Belgium is ranked #2 in the world... nuff said about the ratings.


I’m cheering for them. Much better than seeing the usual suspects win it (Germany, France, Brazil, etc)


The dream scenario for me would be Portugal vs Argentina final, with hat trick from the goat candidate to send the game to penalty, then end with the aforementioned savior missing the deciding penalty in the shoot out. Maximum chaos at everyone else's expense.


I think it will be Brazil or France but England or Croatia may surprise. Especially Croatia.


Can’t even beat us. England ain’t going nowhere.


We’ll see.


Modric can finally retire then


I’ll be sad when he does. What a player and a good person to boot.


and this is a team that played the last world cup final guys


I know right. Like obviously I want my Canadian brothers to do well, but Croatia is always a force to reckon with.


Vastly improved Canada side from four years ago. Coming up against teams that play world cups pretty much every 4 years is a tough ask. Should be happy for the step forward and hope that in four years time it’s another step forward.


Good luck to Canada in future.. You have a solid potential and played great game vs Belgium, keep at it boys and keep your head high.. Cheers


Solid future will be dependent on Canada’s immigration program.


Thanks! I always need we needed that result against Belgium. Was a great game for out experience as a squad. Croatia gave us a masterclass in midfield domination today. As soon as they realized they could stretch Estaqiuo out and then isolate Atiba is was over. They just ran right by him then overloaded us and exposed our D-line. Unfortunately we should have matched right away with a 3 middle that included Piette to try and counter. Either way though Croatia was too much. Play like that and you guys should beat Belgium handily. Rooting for you to go all the way now!


Unlucky for Canada honestly. They fell apart a bit here but they were extremely unlucky in the first game. They play good football and gave a good account of themselves, i reckon they stand a good chance of getting out of the groups in 2026


To my eyes it looked more like a significant quality gap and less like poor luck. They could have got some bounces but even drawing with Belgium would have been a shocker. We just can’t beat organized defenses at this level.


Absolutely. They'll probably be pot 1 due to being hosts, so should get an easier group too.


Don't think that sketch AF ref helped last game