I believe they owed him like €80m or something. He is doing Laporta a huge favor by giving it all up. Of course, it also helps him when he returns as a candidate for their presidency.


I doubt he'll leave 80m on the table. He'll probably work out with barca to stretch it out


I can see some Barca and Andorra relationship with some players


He’s rich af even without football, so I think he would give at least most of it up


80m is 25% of his net worth, that's a lot


True but when you’re that rich an extra 25% wouldn’t make much of a difference to your life. 320m vs 400m… at that point it’s just numbers in a game. If you were a normie in the 99.5% though 25% would matter a lot Edit: yes downvote me, idk why I’m getting downvoted but pls continue


if there's one thing I know about rich people is that there's never "enough" for them.


rich people dont think that way mate. only poor people think like that. every cent is count. thats how the become rich af


Crazy how some cannot grasp this


I mean I know rich people want more money, and it makes sense if you’re rich, but I was looking at it from a regular perspective. If someone told you you could have $320m with $80m being donated to charities vs $400m all to yourself, I’d like to believe most people would choose the former option.


>I’d like to believe most people would choose the former option. Oh you naive summer child. Especially in the current economic situation, where it's obvious that money is just a number, nobody is giving up 20% just because "let's help others". It's wishful thinking on your part. The only reason you like to believe that is because you've never been put in the situation to choose. There are countless people on this planet who, if they would chime in just 1% of their net worth, they would solve almost every crisis on the planet. Why do you think they don't?


You have a far more positive view on humanity than I do! Most would take it all and piss most of it away on blow and hookers.


Only poor people think 25% of their total income wouldnt make a difference to their life? I think you need to meet real poor people.


Haha that’s right. That Liverpool tan is too innocent


I tend to work with Ultra HNWIs and I will push back on this just slightly. The psychology of money isn't as predictable for people that makes fortunes in significantly less common routes. Athletes and inheritors have a whole host of different problems when it comes to conceptualizing their portfolios than does the business owner. I know literally nothing about Pique so he might be a "more more more" rich person, but I could also buy it if someone told me "yeah he's willing to give up a significant portion of his NW for some public relations work" because athletes seem more comfortable with things like that on average, at least in my experience


$80M is nothing to you if you imagine yourself to be Pique because you have so little that $320M and $400M both sound equally astronomical.


If this were true we wouldn't have billionaires exploiting people for what amounts to pennies for them.


It does make a difference, rich people are greedy


Depends what the alternative is, if he was getting something substantial in exchange for giving that up it would be worth it, in this case I don't see what he gains


But it is rightfully is, so he deserves it. Not his fault Barca's board was shit. Its his money, and Barcelona are no charity institution, so they make tons of money too and Pique served them




Bro not even multi billionaires would just give up 80m. If he gave up his wages now he will 100% get something back from Barca in the future in terms of support for one of his other businesses or just straight up nobody else but him running for presidency when he wants to. Like 80m is so much money even for Jeff Bezos people thats a shit ton of money.


There are precisely zero people on the planet that would even consider saying no to that amount of money


Nah dont need it




That’s why you don’t have few hundred millions.


He is waiving his salaries that are due which are covered in ffp and will probably get the same amount but wont affect ffp


> Bro not even multi billionaires would just give up 80m. MacKenzie Scott be like


Philanthropists basically purchase social status and a legacy. To us, it looks like she's giving away money - and she is. But she's getting a ton of social capital, board seats, and influence in return.


It often is a tax write off as well. So instead of paying taxes it goes to a charity of their choosing and it will get their name in the papers. It’s the ultimate form of greenwashing.


You don't get 100% of donations as a tax write-off, it just reduces your taxable income by that amount. So they're still out of pocket for the 70% or whatever percentage of that amount is not taxable.




People can still donate if they believe in the cause. I never write off donations on my taxes personally. There's an upper limit on how much you can write off anyway.


Greenwashing is to do with appearing environmentally friendly.


So is Pique.


She’s still rich af after tossing Billions, different ballgame.


Same with jk rowling


You can't pay your way into becoming president... Barcelona can't stop other candidates from running


They absolutely can give their word that they wont run and that they will lobby for him / against other candidates in the future. Plus yes technically anybody can run like anybody can be voted chancellor of Germany who is an adult and is of german nationality. If the "establishment" at Barca dont want you there are very little chances that you will be voted by the socios thats just how it is with basically any elections really. You cant pay it directly but you can certainly make it much much much easier


Don't you literally have to pay your way to become a president at barca?


And that is 80 million cash. A lot of multi billionaires struggle to have consequence free 80 million in cash.


> A lot of multi billionaires struggle to have consequence free 80 million in cash. I mean he still has to pay taxes on that 80m lol.


https://mkorostoff.github.io/1-pixel-wealth/ The LOWEST scale taken to show Jeff’s money here is $80M!! Just go through the link and see what Jeff has and then say what’s $80M to Jeff.


Brother I know what numbers are what is this weird fixation on what percentage of wealth that is. 80m is in the realm of money that no person regardless how rich they are will just give up. They will always want something for it back you dont just burn 80m even as a multi billionaire.


They don't become and stay multi-millionaire/billionaire by giving up vast quantities of money.


$80m is NOTHING for Jeff Bezos. $1B is 1,000 millions. So if Jeff ONLY had $1B and he “lost” $80m he would still have $920m. He has many, many billions.


Yeah, no. While you are right he absolutely doesn't need it, people like bezos would never pass on 80M. Those people are addicted to hoarding wealth. Pique will absolutely get something in return.


I can do know numbers but thanks for saying stuff I guess. Doesnt change the fact that 80m are still 80m even for Bezos hes rich and smart like 99% of billionaires and they wont just throw away 80m without getting something back for it or at least the potential of making more from it in the future. 80m is a lot of money. Even for Bezos the point still stands.


80m in liquid, hard cash money is something no one would give up. Vast majority of Bezos (and other billionaires) wealth are in hard assets or shares, and are at best estimated. Were he try to sell them quick for emergency capitalization, he'd take a big hit. 80m clean and easy like that is something no billionaire would pass up.


First of all, stocks are already liquid assets. >he'd take a big hit. Bezos has sold billions of Amazon shares at a time (also look at the trading volume of Amazon shares). $80m is nothing at all. If "hard cash money" were superior billionaires would be hoarding piles of coins (aka "real" money) instead of Zuckerberg and Bezos and the like taking nominal salaries of $1 or $80,000, but sure.


Then you must have very little knowledge of rich people. For 99% of them there is never enough money.


he isnt gonna give it up for free. he needs good pr to run for president in the future and he can afford some money for that


80M is a huge amount of money... He could hire the best PR agency in the world for a tenth of that


probably not all of it, but definitely giving some of the money he's owed. otherwise no point in retiring midseason


He is giving it up to better his reputation, will certainly help once he runs for President


> For 99% of them there is never enough money. Not because its not enough but because the richer you get the more expenses you have. Imagine if you have million dollars and you don't earn anymore than that, after some time you won't have that money anymore and you will end up broke.


People on here have such a bad understanding of money. No-one who’s not a multibillionaire is just willing giving up 80m for nothing. That is a lot of fucking money


Zidane retired with an extra year with Real Madrid, he could've warm the bench to earn millions. Then he came back as a manager and when he left he forgave a lot of money again, at least that's what most reputable journalists say from his stints.


Was it 80m?


Wouldn’t hold your breath, most people wouldn’t just give up €80m they’re owed, regardless of their wealth


Most of 80m? Lol


It's 80m lol


I thought Pique said he's addicted to money


How are you this stupid?


Rich people do not give up money, that's not how they operate


No one, NO ONE leaves that kind of money on the table. Pique will be back as president and he will completely ransack your club. If you’re lucky, he will at least make you somewhat successful and mask his schemes behind that. But otherwise.. Pique cares about Pique.


Well clearly his move worked. Even disregarding everything about Piqué (especially especially after the leaks), this is 80m, EIGHTY MILLION we are talking about.


Maybe in return for a cushy executive job at the Nou Camp, but there's probably a limit to his generosity.


If your employer owes you 25% of your net worth, you wouldn’t have a problem with it?


Why would he ? Even a billionaire wouldn't let his 80m go just like that.


You know how rich people who have very little brains end up? Considering how many dumb decisions he makes i wouldn't be surprised that he would not be as rich anymore at some point.


He left a lot of money in deferrals over the past couple of years. That’s the number I have seen floating around as the total amount Barca owes him given he had a high wage packet as well. At the end, it depends on what money he is leaving on the table and what he is taking. Or if he is giving up all of it.


Doesn't the president have to give €125m or some portion of the budget? Maybe pique renounced the 80m saying to use it for his presidential bid, if he ever does.


Doesn't work like that. Money has to come from outside the club.


What do you mean? Obviously pique can use his own money - that 80m is his money, not the club's. He's just not taking it from the club yet.


If he renounces it, it's never gonna be his money. He can't come back in 5 years and say "hey guys remember that 80M I didn't take back then? Yeah I need it now thanks". Nor can he say "so since I'm running for president I need 125M, but given that I didn't take 80M when I retired, I just have to bring 45M now".


If that is gross in reality it was something like he would get 40 million or less and the rest would just be what the club had to pay in taxes. Still a lot, but it's worth remembering that salaries at that bracket cost more in taxes than anything else.


I believe it is in gross.


The 6th lever


Bloody hell, how have they accumulated that much debt to him


if he gives up 80 million hed be a massive dumbass isnt he getting divorced too, will lose loads from that as well


They never were married. Also Shakira and him have a comparable net worth. Would have been like Brady divorcing Giselle if they would have ever gotten married


Pretty sure she’s even a couple tiers above him in regards to net worth.


> Also Shakira and him have a comparable net worth. Fact check this chief


>isnt he getting divorced too, will lose loads from that as well He won't because they were never married


his wife is maybe richer than him


He’s never had a wife lol


There is no way Pique would give up 80 mil. That's just another financial trick to cover the early UCL exit losses. He will get his in an other way.


Listening to Sid Lowe last night, the exit agreement hasn’t been agreed to yet. It is still in the works. Besides this is a gross amount. Includes taxes and all. He would be giving up €40m essentially in wages plus deferrals he took. You’ve to remember the dude is rich beyond football. Plus his ambitions are to be President of Barcelona. The influence that would bring would make whatever money he leaves worth it in the long run.


It's not like the club was supposed to give him 80M as he retired and said "nah brah I'm good". If I understand correctly he still has 30M owed in deferred wages, which he will get, and the other 50M are what was left on his contract. It's normal that he doesn't get those since he's freaking retiring.


And when the divorce form Shakira gets finalised.


Yeah, and when Laporta resigns, they will call this a shady deal.


It's not a coincidence because he's actually the Spanish Patrick Bateman.


Let's see Sergio Ramos' retirement video.


Impressive, Very nice.


I have to return ~~some video tapes~~ 80 million euros.


Those 250 bodies came from somewhere.


Did you know i’m utterly insane?


Quickly retires before Barca have to play with Shakira on their shirt


Also just after the new rule prohibiting a player from being commercially involved in a competition in which his own club participates. Like he does with the new Super Copa


That seems the most plausible thing...lol


Wasnt that shakira shirt story a hoax?


It's not


[Here's a screenshot i took ](https://i.imgur.com/rF51yac.jpg)


El Presidente


A twist: Pique makes himself the last lever. If he actually renounces the 80m, that itself covers up our UCL exit!


And that would be shameful. He shouldn’t have to sacrifice his wages because the club is so terribly managed


True. He shouldn't... But he can, because he's very political, and wants to be the President someday. This is a bargaining chip.


He’s doing it because it’s worth the positive PR with the fan base and those involved with the club. He’s made it clear he has every intention of being making Barca president his next goal.




To be fair the math checkout. Pique retired mean their wage bill got cut by a sizable chunk.


This is disgusting


It is not a coincidence.


He’s given up 83 million GROSS


Have we really gotten confirmation on that?


No for the time being


Yeah thats What I thought, I really have a hard time seeing pique going along with that


Even for Pique 80m€ is a fuck ton of money. I would be very surprised if he gives them up. Some of it yeah, but not the full amount


Your username is very relevant though it's a good deal for becoming president. Still unsure how worth that is because he may have already had a decent shot at presidency as long as he keeps himself involved


That is indeed gross


No he hasnt


Jesus Christ


We will miss you legend


Best CB in Barca history. Don’t let nostalgia merchants control the narrative


Puyol? Koeman? What do Barca fans think?


Koeman has a case being above him


Koeman owns the most iconic moment in Barça's history, but he was not a better player.


Which is? Must be something insanely impressive considering their vast history and Messi.


He scored the free kick that gave them the first champions league. https://estaticos-cdn.elperiodico.com/clip/4a532617-f296-47fc-ba3f-ace72270d06c_alta-libre-aspect-ratio_default_0.jpg


Username checks out


Puyol was miles ahead


He wasn’t. He was a worse ball carrier and passer, worser in duels and in the air as well. Also Pique played in a higher line


Pique was worse on the ball but Puyol was better defensively when they played together and was incredibly solid. I still don’t think Pique ever reaches the same heights as Puyol in terms of defense Edit: meant pique was Better on the ball


> Pique was worse on the ball Huh?


Typo I meant he was better on the ball


Good. Use your troll feelings, boy. Let the trolling flow through you. *cackles*


Cmon Puyol was a great leader, but not better CB than Piqué.


True that Pique was top ranked, especially in the 2009-2011 barca where dude was like 6th in the world, but coincidentally he had Puyol next to him for all that time. Once Puyol retired, Pique suddenly wasn't considered top 6 in the world anymore. We all know that the sole cb isnt as impactful without the proper partner, and Puyol was definitely the proper partner for Pique and his defensive prowess was definitely a big reason why Pique was able to have all those extra accolades like goals and whatnot. I watched them both play, and have been watching football since the 2002 world cup without being too heavily invested until 2015 so I'd like to think I had a pretty unbiased opinion on the players. Either way, I'm not saying Pique wasnt a good leader or Puyol was necessarily better, I'm just saying that I thought u/Dumbass1171 was trolling because based on the way he commented it would lead you to think so. It definitely made me think so xD


He was not trolling. Everyone in Barcelona loves Puyol, but you will hear this from most fans here. Piqué was a better CB than Puyol. Would I take Puyol over him? Probably yes, but still Piqué was better a bit better of a player.


Im not trolling. Advanced stats literally show that Pique was the best defender and also better on the ball. He also scored 50 more goals.


Pique is better with the ball but Puyol was better defender. Anyone who played and knows football knows that. You probably only played Fifa or Pro Evolution it seems


So let me get this straight: your preference for a DEFENSIVE player is not his defense to be outstanding, but rather for the player to be able to score more goals? I guess we simply have different priorities when it comes to Center Backs. Additionally, Puyol is 6 inches shorter than Pique, but the goals he's scored have been MASSIVE in deciding matches (ie Germany in the world cup semi final)


I literally said Pique is a better defender than Puyol


OK, Dumbass


He was not worse in field gtfo




Pique couldn't do another Europa league run. He had enough.


Barca is just a pyramid scheme that’s relying on gullible players.


Pique is the opposite of gullible. He has surely planned out this move to benefit him in the future.


Do his nuts taste good?


One way to get his salary off the books


Barcelona's newest financial leverage 🤣


Pique giving up money? There’s more that he’s banking on to give up the rest of his contract. Pique never gives up money for nothing.


Bargaining chip for presidential campaign most likely. And he’ll almost certainly receive most of this money from the club over an expanded period of time


Barcelona presidents don't receive a salary


No him giving up salary is for winning public adoration, while pique will work something out with the club behind closed doors


Good. Let this asswipe run Barca. I am waiting for Barca's downfall so badly. I will buy the most expensive champagne when that day comes.


Living in your head rent-free like the bum you are.


Fuck you.


Oooo you're hard.


A true box-to-box


Wasn’t he on the prelist for the World Cup? Lol


One of the most underrated players of the last 15 years


What? No he isn't. Even Wikipedia says in his intro that he's one of the best defenders of his generation.


Wikipedia will probably end up saying that of Maguire tbf. Doesn't say much


No, it won’t


He’s one of the best CBs of all time, how was he underrated ?


Username checks out


he ain't underrated, Mascherano on the other hand




Piqué has definitely been better than Puyol. Puyol is maybe more iconic but Piqué has been the better player. He's had a higher and longer peak, and has achieved more at individual and collective level.


I'm a Barça fan for 20 years and i can firmly say as a defender, Pique was better than Puyol ever was. Puyol had insane grit, leadership and love for the badge but Pique is the better player.


I like how you carefully sidestepped Ramos (even though I understand its relevance to the point you make)


Yeah great defender but he was never at Puyols level at all. Bit like Ramos and Varane, Varane is an amazing defender but had an even better partner next to him.


Not a chance. Pique was easily the better pure defender of the 2 (and better on the ball). Puyol was brilliant but his only real advantage over Pique was leadership qualities and intangibles TBH


I think 90% of our fans would disagree. While Puyol is a legend in his own right, Pique was genuinely the better player.


Are you serious? The only thing Piqué was better than Puyol at was his trolling. Puyol was the better defender


Watch the puyol defending during his peak against Liverpool in 2006-07, and this is just two leg. I can tell you number of matches where his positioning as a defender was always suspect. Also he was not that good as ball playing defender. Pique consistent injury in 2012 cost us the CL and league. May be try to watch the game rather than being just nostalgia merchant.


Agree to disagree. As OP said, Puyol had many qualities he’s a legend for and was better at Pique at, but he just wasn’t a better player


Piqué was better at carrying the ball forward and starting attacks, but in terms of defending, Puyol was better I respect your opinion though


Fair enough


I firmly disagree but to each their own.


Puyol is my 2nd favorite player of all time but no. Pique is significantly better both in his prime and in terms of longevity. Some people highly overrate Puyol. Fantastic leader and as commited and hardworking as they come. But both on the ball and in terms of defending he wasn't that special.


High key disagree. Pique was a better defender than either Puyol or Ramos—both of whom were actually overrated because of their leadership skills TBH


Ramos > Pique > Puyol. As much as I respect Puyol and loathe Pique, Ramos and him are just better. Puyol made up for it with his huge balls


Bye buddy.


there's going to be a "Pique Day" just like "Bobby Bonilla Day" for NY Mets fans


Cancer on the club. Unfortunately he will not stay away


most grateful barca fan