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Can comfortably say there's a 0% chance Barca sign Dalot in January


And he's the only one of these players that would even make sense lol.


Moukoko makes a ton of sense


You guys aren’t getting him sorry. He’ll extend most likely in a month after his birthday so the fact his names on there is just for clicks.




Nothing to say he won't join Barca later in his career but he probably has enough of riding the bench for now.


Oh God, Barca DNA^TM incoming


As a long-term signing it makes a ton of sense but he wouldn’t really help that much in the short term would he?


Touché, better to try and get him for free in the summer.


Aye, United will 100% trigger his extension and then likely negotiate a new contract over the summer if he continues playing like this. Man has been one of the best RBs in the league this year


Plus...fuck Barca after the FdJ saga this summer. Those cunts had just paid the man, he might be wearing red right about now...


How is shit like this still spouted on here? FDJ simply didn't want to go to United.


I hope you are right, Dalot has been amazing and United should 100% trigger the extra year + try to renew.


Not a chance Jorginho gets sold in January, Kovacic is putting off surgery to play and Kante is injured.


I mean Jorginho could just sign a pre-contract with them, nothing we could do about it


But they're considering buying - if we are to believe the article - so that means this winter transfer window. Edit: maybe OP mistranslated? My Spanish isn't good enough, but I think it says they're considering *signing* one of these players.


Welcome to Barcelona, Phil Jones


Peak r/soccer "humour" Just awful


Has someone shit on your dinner or you always like this?


Most likely always like this


Dalot pls no


It’s not happening don’t worry


We will trigger the extra year option in his contract and negotiate a new deal


What positions are these?


Jorginho and Tielemans midfield, Dalot RB, Jackson RW, Moukoko St.


Midfield and RB


u/CaptCanuck7 And an attacker if Memphis leaves.


Barcelona bought almost a brand new 11. Which position is still missing?


Rightback and CDM. Especially CDM with Busquets leaving.


Busquets has been their biggest weakness in the ucl and clasicos since 2019. Completely useless against high intensity physical midfields




I appreciated the context he provided, no need to be snappy


It's not context lol. It's a completely irrelevant comment.


He’s leaving?


Yeah. To Inter Miami.


While Moukoko loves Barca as a club (or atleats did years ago), I cant see him go to a Barca with Fati, Lewy and so forth this summer. Doesnt seem like the smartest move. ANd he has time on his side AND is in the perfect club for his stage right now. Not to mention how much he likes Terzic and how he's now a starter. Then again, not the first time a young player makes a naive/less optimal move either if it happens. EDIT: /u/violainesugarhiccup Also brought up the most obvious point that somehow surpassed my mind regarding Mouki: We're 0% letting Mouki go in January for many reasons. He's essentially the only striker that is doing well for us right now (Modeste has been painful) and Haller is not gonna be back in quite a while. So it would be extremely unreasonable to sell him in January for a shite sum. Especially when we want to extend and Moukoko seems open to it aswell. He simply wont be on the market for a january move.


I doubt Dortmund would let him go in January even if he does not extend. No one knows when Haller will be back and that would leave us with Modeste.


Only way I see it is if Barça send Depay the other way and if Moukoko basically tells Dortmund he won’t renew and will leave for free in the summer. Either way a lot of “ifs” have to go Barça’s way or Dortmund management has to demonstrate gross incompetence to the point of idiocy


We dont want Depay nor does he fit our needs either. Not to mention that we'd rather let Mouki go in the summer than this winter even in that scenario.


Yeah exactly, I’m not even sure if Depay for 6 months would be a better asset for Dortmund than Moukoko currently. Basically gross incompetence/idiocy from Dortmund is the only way this happens lol


Yupp. Or MOukoko refusing an extension and just sits out his contract, but even then, they get him during hte summer at the earliest haha


Dalot have 1 year extension that can be triggered by the club if they don't sign new contract before that, why is he even mentioned here


>why is he even mentioned here He may have a little boy in him wanting to play there. Hope that isn't the case, though.


Just to sell him for more a couple months later. New lever pull system.


Yeah I mean who doesn't like shopping in the January sales? But maybe they'll figure out buying isn't the solution to their problems, that was the cause. Coaching is the solution and they haven't had a good one for over 5 years.


Bring back Messi you cowards.


Will you lot leave us alone? Fucking hell




"Why play in the champions league when you could crash out of the Europa league with Barca?" Helluva selling point


Moukoko leaving Dortmund this early would be sad but he still hasnt signed a new contract so who knows


He'll probably sign the extension on his 18th birthday. If he wants to extend(and it seems like he does) then there is no reason to do it before, especially with all the rumours about his parents/father.


How about a nice new RB relatively unused


They're getting a midfielder only to be a rotation option? Is FdJ condemned to be a bench player? I'm guessing that Kessie is out in January if they're searching for one.


Moukoko?? How many attackers they want? They already have Lewy, Raphinha, Dembele, Ferran Torres and Ansu fati who is complaining about his game time. There's also Depay on bench. Moukoko will be really stupid to leave Dortmund to Barca. Obviously it's a bigger club but surely as young player, you would think about getting more game time to develop.


The FIFA way!