I hope he finds his confidence again (he really could under conte). He was really good under Valverde and he needs fresh start, solid player but his mental is destroyed at Barcelona (Thanks Bayern)


Completely agree. He was never world class with us but he was consistently great until Valverde left then you could just tell the guy couldn’t mentally recover. It didn’t help that our fans memed him every time he made the tiniest mistake. I think if he gets his head sorted out then he’ll be a solid starter for Tottenham


Yeah I’m lowkey excited for this. He clearly has had confidence issue and let’s be honest, he won’t have anywhere near the same amount of pressure performing for us that he did for Barca.




The first season he was world class imo. He made us not miss Umtiti who had been one of the world's best center backs the season before.


Tiniest mistake in question: commiting 4 stupid penalties on the minute 80+ costing us up to 4 wins


When did he do this ? The stats I’m looking at says he’s committed 1 error in 105 matches that led to an opponent shot on goal.


Cádiz in 21 comes to mind. Also PSG 21 on the second leg when we were dominating. Also Juve in CL groups 20-21 and el clásico in 2020.


When Garcia does the same he is praised beyond measure


What happened?


Lenglet saw [the video Barca put out when they signed him](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_crwE77KPlc) and he never recovered. Poor guy's terrified of footballs now.


What in the fuck was that First off it's supposed to be about a new signing but the ball spends 90% of the video talking about Messi ffs


Upon reading “the ball spends 90% of the video”, I thought I must have missed something or misinterpreted but..


It blows my mind that someone pitched this idea, then the board signed off on it, and then after the video was made they gave final approval to release it to the public


I don’t think I’ll recover from this


Yo. Have Levy, Paratici, and Conte seen this? No way this man can ever play again.


Bruv i never saw this video this is horrendous


That is proper horrendous


I miss the Barca ball 🥲


lmao you couldn't make that stuff up


bayern happened.


Ah.. we’ve been there too.


man was never the same after that


Hopefully he works good at Spurs. fwiw only Kane,Son, Lloris are here after 2-7 defeat against Bayern.


Winks, Dier, Davies, Moura, Sanchez?


Sessegnon too, he even scored in that game iirc


Nah that was the away fixture


I stand corrected


Sess scored in the away game v Bayern. We were hammered at home, Sonny and a Kane pen were our goals


Ahhh yeah.


Starting 11. And Winks is as good as gone imo


Davies and Dier are both in the first team.


Starting 11 for that game


Dier was still playing DM at the time. neither started that game.


Ndombele is still here




I think he can 100% work out in a 3ATB as left footed center back, especially under someone like Conte who is a defense first manager. Great move for Lenglet. Only issue is idk if Prem will suit him lol


He will have to adapt to the round ball being used in the prem, as against the cube balls other leagues use.


Good thing he's being replaced by Christensen.


ok conte its time for a revival job


If anyone could rebuild that broken dude, it's Conte.


What makes you say that?


he's a very good manager


Big if true


He’s seemed to do his job quite well under managers with a plan for their defensive structure. He’s robust defensively but is far from the best at covering for other’s mistakes, in fact compounds the misery with mistakes of his own occasionally when put in such a situation. Repeatedly being exposed that way obviously didn’t help his confidence at Barcelona. Conte is probably expected and better trusted to have much more well-defined roles and strategies for his defence, which augurs well for Lenglet.


Sounds very similar to Dier, and Sanchez. Both improved immeasurably under Conte.


That’s exactly what Barcelona wants from this loan, if Conte brings back the best version of Lenglet he’s gonna perform for spurs.


Pretty sure all Barca wants is him off their wage bill


yeah, also that


Conte turned Doherty into a machine before he got pole-axed (pun intended). Now it looks like a purple patch, but Doherty was one of the highest goal contributors in the entire league from February to April.


Fuck matty cash


Not even carded smh


Bentancur, Kulusevski, Davies, Dier, Sanchez, Doherty. The list goes on, and these are just under his few months at Spurs.


Sessegnon has definitely had a resurgence as well, and even Emerson.


Emerson stood out in the two toughest games in the season but he was very disappointing overall. Sess for sure though


Always feel that Emerson doesn't get enough credit. He stood out in our 2 toughest games because he basically just defended as a RB. The guy was bought as a RB and has been forced to learn a RWB role for Conte, when he isn't an attacking player. Nothing about Emerson IMO, shows him as a bad player, I actually think he is an incredible RB and whichever team playing a back4 gets him, will have a star on their hands.


I know people mentioned a lot of players who improved under Conte, but I'll mention why they do. Conte is a very passionate man, he'll look into a player's eyes and say that they can do better and the player will believe him. He'll make the player work on their weakness, make a gameplan that better utilizes his strengths be it speed, height, techniques. Hell, look at what Lukaku became under him, Lukaku said Conte would put Ranocchia to man-mark him and make him learn how to use his physique. So yeah, a big part of what make Conte's teams play so well is because of how good a trainer he is.


I need Conte in my life


I'm too lazy, he would kill me.


Alexis Sanchez


Victor Moses


I think this is maybe the Dier backup instead of LCB.


I think it is... which would mean Rodon might be on his way out


Rodon might be loaned to Roma bc Mourinho like him... Lets see if that actually happens.


i reckon he’ll be able to backup both Dier and Davies and we’ll also have Sanchez for CCB and RCB and Tanganga and RCB assuming Rodon leaves.


Hope he gains his confidence back


I think he absolutely could use a change of scenery and a coach like Conte. Might be wrong but I think it’s very possible he has a great season.


If anyone can its Conte. Lenglet may not be a world class defender but he is definitely good when his mental is good. Bayern destroyed his mental so a change of scenery will be very good for him.


He was off it before bayern, that game just exposed him but he was always too reactive as opposed to reactive imo - always last ditch tackles as opposed to dealing with it higher up. His limitations were highlighted in that game for sure tho, brutal


Since we couldn't get our first targets, I'm fine with this. He was a good player at one point and Davies has been very good anyways so it's not like we're desperate for an upgrade. A depth option that could challenge him is fine and if he's completely shit he's only on loan anyways.


There’s not many downsides, for me. I guess I understand some frustration from Spurs perspective that a left foot center back was a high priority & nothing really happened


Well you can't force people to join unfortunately, have to work with what's available although I hope we'll still pursue Torres since this is just a loan


Any potential target that was an upgrade on Davies was unavailable this summer, likely the plan is to have Lenglet as a bandage and then go for a top LCB next summer


Could still be going for Gvardiol if the rumours of a new contract with a release clause are true.


That’ll likely be a clause which activates from next season


Yeah that's what I meant, that's why we're doing a 1 year loan to tide us over


never understand that, we already have the best LCB in the world, the Pele of LCBs if you will


I mean we don’t have to go far… just remember how we treated Davies before Conte came along


Most journalists are saying that Lenglet will be a back-up and we're still working on LCB signing or CCB.


You don't think lenglet is ahead of Davies?


Davies was very good for us while Lenglet wasn't good for Barca. I'm sure he can challenge and eventually win that spot but right now Davies doesn't deserve to be dropped.


i hope they're both equally as good and can be swapped out at any time for league or UCL games without worrying about a quality dip.


Being reported that he's likely going to be a backup and that Spurs are in for one other CB signing. Interested to see what Paratici does next.


This 19 year old Iilya Zabarnyi looks interesting as Dier cover.


I'd be suprised if he wasn't signed and loaned out a la Sarr. I know that Sarr can become homegrown like Saliba is. Zabarnyi might be similar, but I'm not sure if it's 3 years/seasons before 21, or including the one you turn 21. If it's the latter, then he could qualify just about, despite turning 22 at the start of what would be the 3rd year, but he'd still be 21. Another tricky point is that the date of squad resignation is also the same as his actual birthdate so idk if that would work against him as well, but I'm not sure if that chases year by year dependant on the transfer windows closure date or not. My gut says he couldn't become homegrown.


Seems like a great question for Alasdair, but one he won’t entertain until Spurs are circling in on.


we’ll have Dier, Romero, Davies, Lenglet, Sanchez, Tanganga and Rodon. are we going for another CB?


Confirmed we are.


FM legend (and in my save, Tottenham captain after Kane retires)


Lenglet and Sanchez aren’t bad for backup CBs ngl


Atm, it feels like Torres is fav - a part-exchange deal, but might evolve. Might even go for one of these touted £20 mill youngsters if Rodon leaves.


Badiashile would be awesome. Big fan of his. Or Ndicka.


Well, Levy has a long history of liking a cheeky punt every season or two. Some might say it's Djed Spence this summer but Lenglet eases the pressure and might allow for .. flexibility.


Hope we go for experience over youth, for once


I really wish it works out for him there because the talent is there, but his confidence is at an all time low and maybe a fresh start will help him. Wish him luck :)


I really hope this works out


It will, he’s a smart player


LCB right?


Makes sense i guess. Our target are not available this year. And i don't rate Pau Torres that highly tbh.


If he gets into form he's going to be a great pick up.


Without his mental errors this man is world class. Elite on the ball, good speed, solid in the air. But since Bayern he just makes so many stupid decisions; I dont have the stats but I'd estimate that in the past 2 seasons per 90 he has give away the most pens among any defender in the Top 5 leagues


He'll fit right in at Spurs then.


Spurs gave away 3 pens in 38 PL games last season. Which is tied for the 4th best in the league. Nice attempt at a jab at Spurs though you fuckwat!


Get in there swag daddy


I’m a fucking menace!!!!


Nah, we released Aurier, we’ve been fine since then


Not under Conte really. That was more of a Nuno + Jose thing. Davies-Dier-Romero are a pretty clean trio.


ironically arsenal are top 5 in penalties conceded in the league. they should’ve signed him then!


Conte is getting backed, fucking hell.


He is, but this isn’t a good example of it


Not a sexy signing, but it is a player that Conte has admired and pursued for a while now, so I would qualify this as “backing” him. Edit: also, signing 5 players before July is definitely backing him.


It probably is a good example tbh. Not a player who is high on anybody's hit list but Spurs have gone for him because Conte likes him. Maybe Conte is the man to get him firing again, like he did for Bentancaur and Deki.


Pretty unrealistic to expect a club to sign its top target in every position. They’re doing everything they can for him it seems, that’s backing


Well hopefully he’s better in a back 3


He just has confidence problems, it doesn’t have to do with back 3 or back 4. His best season for Barca came in a back 4. But after the 8-2 loss to Bayern he became a different player, he was making a lot of errors in the beginning of 20/21 season and didn’t look at all like the player we had seen for the previous 2 seasons who was really good. I think he can do well at Spurs, Conte clearly believes in him as he has been linked to him for a long time. Barca fans exaggerate so hard with this guy they act like he is an absolute bum because he had 1 bad season, in a season where barely anyone on the team did well, with a poor manager, after one of the biggest defeats in the clubs history.. I never understood how people were so harsh on him.


watch spurs draw bayern in the champions league and he has to relive the trauma again lol


Well he wouldn't be the only one...


yeah it's not like spurs would ever concede 8 goals against bayern at home 🙃


You're right Spurs only conceded 7. Spurs>Barcelona.


Couldn’t be us


We have the worst fans by far, just need to look at how they trated Gomes, Lenglet or how they're treating Ferran and Eric. We just love to kick our players when they're down.


So that Barry Glendenning was talking bollocks


As per


his writing made uk tabloids look respectable


Youve completely missed the point of 'the rumour mill'. Often he will write one rumour and then include a rumour that says the exact opposite. Hes not an ITK or something its a lighthearted aggregation of gossip.


Feels very similar to Bentancur and Kulusevski. Formerly great players that need a change (new system, confidence). If anyone can do that it’s Conte.


And Doherty


that was a case of finally playing as a wingback


Mou played some games 3 atb. Davies was good, Doherty… I am not sure


doherty played wb twice under mourinho and both instances came right after he returned from covid


3 atb is 5 atb under Mou


Dont care what anyone says Doherty looked like the best player in the league for about 7 games before he was injured.


Similar, formerly


On a role with typos the last ten minutes.


> On a role with typos the last ten minutes. I see what you did there--I think.


Haha I made a clarifying comment just in case.


Yes I’m joking with the role vs roll.


Decent! Main targets aren't moving or are too expensive to move on rather than faffing around for another month. Davies improved immensely under Conte so no reason why Lenglet can't too. Two solid options at LCB.


apparently we’re looking to bring in one more cb along with lenglet


Would think so especially if Rodon leaves, hoping for Bremer.


Could see him doing well at Spurs, he's phenomenal on the ball


I could see it going well also. Dier and Davies were seen as players that had to go under Mourinho and Dier did start last season well but improved even more under Conte then Davies rapid rise to great form also happened. I have a feeling this will work out ok


I'm sad to say it's his only quality. Rest of his skills are rather just average/slightly above average and that's on top of being fucking electric.




Spurs are really doing a madness this window


Levy wants to win the league, and he's doing everything he can to make it happen.


Wildcard, I don’t have any idea how this will play out A loan is fairly non-committal though, cheers Barca


Conte is very good at making players hide their weaknesses and show their strenghts. Lenglet has weaknesses defensively but he's absolutely elite ball player.


Yep, Dier is a great example of that. Davies as well. Half our fanbase thought they were useless for a long time


If this is what Daddy Conte and Don Paratici want then I love it


Everytime he gets on the pitch he just looks like he's on the verge of tears, like he thinks it's inevitable he'll fuck up (and then he does ), definitely not stuff you'd want to hear about a CB. Hope a change of scenery helps him regain some confidence because Bayern broke this man.


My man, you're getting Christensen. You're basically summarizing Christensen


Trust me I know :(.


Could open the door for us spending in other positions since our top two didn’t want to move/had no reason to sell. Can’t really predict Paratici lol After reading peoples comments here about PEH, Kulu, Bentancur, and now Lenglet, I am more hopeful about this deal lol


Would this mean that the Piero Hincapie deal is off? He had been linked to Spurs and given the lack of immediate interest from big clubs, it seems that Spurs had the jump. 3 LCB are a lot in a squad but given 5 subs and 4 competitions I guess it makes sense.


Hincapie deal was never on in the first place. Just some low tier rumours, nothing reliable.


Wouldn’t surprise me if we buy and then loan back for a season


hincapie deal would be a large risk coming off his first good season, if he has another good season i see us getting him next wjndow


He’s not good enough for us yet


Conte wanted to bring in two CBs, but if Lenglet is supposed to be the main LCB, I’d be slightly underwhelmed to be honest. Even if that’s the case, I’d still be alright with it, if we’re lucky this might be a other Kulusevski situation since he showed back at Sevilla that he can be quality, also a back 3 might suit him more and cover his defensive weaknesses while showcasing his ball playing abilities.


So, Spurs couldn't get an upgrade on Davies and instead decided to loan a backup?


A confident Lenglet under Conte is an upgrade on Davies for sure


If it works that way and he gains his form, sure I guess.


Already seen it with the likes of Kulusevski and Bentancur. As long as Conte wants him, I'm confident he'll turn out good for us


If Davies continues to play like he did this past season under Conte, you can count on 1 hand the number of players who would be an upgrade on him.


right now, they don’t have anyone besides davies playing that position. they were lucky that davies was available pretty much all year. so at minimum, they needed a backup for that position. i guess they’re taking a punt on lcb instead of settling for it.


Really significant. Releases money for elsewhere. Tottenham elite-banger count this window: 5 (Perisic, Bissouma, Romero, Richarlison, Lenglet)


He's a great professional and has great attitude. Has great attributes. The only downside is he's stuck in a rut mentally and makes mistakes. Change of scenery and proper defensive couching could revive him. All the best to him and this season I will have a soft spot for Spurs.


think this could be a really shrewd deal honestly. if anyone can revitalize out of form defenders, it’s conte




The guy was very good for Sevilla and he was very good in his first season at Barca under Valverde. There is a quality player in there I genuinely hope he regains his confidence and old form back.


Barca Fans seems all very positive about him.


>how bad Bentancur and Kulu are back when they first joined. Bodes well. :) These guys have played like half a season. They've done well so far, but I'd probably not use them as reference points quite yet. Especially when those two were struggling while Lenglet has been in the wilderness for like 2 years.


He was decent in 2019. But a nightmare since 2020. We had the leauge title without his deadly mistakes in 20-21. He's serviceable with enough Confidence i guess.


Wasn’t this originally reported as a 2 yr loan deal?


I thought 2 year loan deals where scrapped this from this season onwards? I think you need to be under the age of 21 or 23 now.


he was 23 before he was 27


Not too excited, was hoping for a bigger player for this position. I've heard he's meant to be a back up though so that's alright if that's the case


We’re still in for another CB


Disappointing when we were linked to much better options for the past month.


It's only a loan though, and Gvardiol and Bastoni weren't for sale. Given that that's the case it's a smart signing imo


Exactly this


I doubt he's the only centerback we get this summer, especially as Rodon seems likely to leave.


Do we need 7 CBs though? - Davies - Lenglet - Dier - Romero - Sanchez - Tanganga Tanganga needs to stay if Winks leaves as we are down to only 5 club-trained players for CL. Unless we are okay with not having a 25-man List A squad for CL.


My friend, this is an insanely cheap deal. Takes us out of none of the other players we are linked with


We're out from the other deals but not because of Lenglet. Gvardiol and Bastoni are not for sale, we'll try again next season but this is our LCB.


Plenty of time for things to happen we are still early, this could just be nice depth


He’s a solid place holder. As long as that money remains for investing in players I’m good


From Bastoni to Lenglet is mad. Went from a massive upgrade to a risk for a rotation option. Especially since Bastoni was probably gonna be the best player Spurs signed this window.


He’s gonna get eaten alive in the Premier League


Im backing conte over u/smegmaeater52


I agree with u/SuperStrangleWank


Worst case scenario he's just a backup / rotation option.


Davies has done well. So if Lenglet doesn’t work, we still have a good lcb


Weird signing


My view is that it's been repeatedly said by our journalists that Conte will only get players he agrees to. If Conte thinks Lenglet will do the job for a season and then we try again for one of our main targets next season then that's fine with me


I get that. Just seemed to come out of nowhere for me.


The deal did advance very quickly, we tried to get him in January on loan and last summer but he didn't want to move then. I guess that helped the process