I’m assuming his main preference is not playing for Everton


Think he will go wherever for gametime tbh


He will get plenty game time at ajax while also playing in UCL and being close to his family. I would be very surprised if he does decide to go to Everton.


Money is a great incentive tbf


Yeah that's true. I still feel Everton would have to offer much higher wages than ajax for him to consider that move.


But it wouldn't be sustainable for long for Everton. Also no European Cup. And hard if not impossible for them to qualify for it in the foreseeable future. Bergwijn wouldn't stay more then a year and Everton need to search again. No reason for him to go there except higher wages


>No reason for him to go there except higher wages Playing in the Premier League is a big draw for a lot of players. Sure, Ajax are in the CL, but it's not uncommon for CL players from the smaller leagues to join middling PL clubs.


But he’s already played in the PL without having made much of an impact. Ajax would be a better place for him as suggested above.


which is why we shouldn't do it. Just now shedding some huge salaries that shouldn't have been there in the first place. Plus, we don't need another Right footed LW when we have Anthony Gordon who's just had his first year as a regular starter. We have other glaring needs, especially defensively.


Clearly not big enough an incentive for Bergwijn, otherwise he would prefer Everton over Ajax. No way Ajax can offer Premier League level wages.


It's a sliding scale. There's a point to which the increased wages are more preferable than ajax. Everton just haven't reached that point yet.


Probably true, but considering Everton's financial situation, I doubt Everton are allowed to go to the point that it flips.


The world cup is aswell and van gaal has stated he only wants players with a lot of playtime


So is the premier league over the Eredivisie. Sure, Ajax has CL and Everton don't, but like 26/34 games are pretty much training ground games for Ajax here.


**Everton does everything to let Ajax not get Steven Bergwijn (24) for the fourth time. The club of Frank Lampard has made the striker of Tottenham Hotspur a personal proposal that is much better than that of Ajax, sources around Liverpool confirm. Everton also seems willing to pay the transfer fee that Spurs is asking for.** The decisiveness of Everton brings Bergwijn, who is currently still on holiday, possibly in a split. The international has been in a personal meeting with Ajax for weeks, that via technical manager Gerry Hamstra and Klaas-Jan Huntelaar did not succeed in reaching an agreement with Tottenham Hotspur. The Amsterdammers know exactly what the Premier League club wants, have approached the asking price, but for each new offer they have to pass financial director Susan Lenderink and the supervisory board. Bergwijn, who is also high on the wish list of Manchester United and Newcastle United, seems to have a preference for Ajax. In the Johan Cruijff ArenA he plays in the Champions League and with a view to the World Cup in Qatar a lot of playing time seems important. However, the player's patience will also have limits. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version) !ping Ajax


Now Manchester United are linked too? In before Newcastle get dragged into this.


Unless there was an edit Newcastle was in the same sentence as Manchester United


Honestly I might have missed it.


De Ping die je wist dat ging komen.


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It's positive signal that he doesn't seem to go for the money


He's class from what I've seen anyway and very professional and respectful.


great smile too.


Players usually get bonuses for European games. Sometimes they can be very significant


Personally I don't think there's any chance he goes Everton. I think Spurs / Agents are just trying to get Ajax to either make a bid/ up their bid or hurry up


Maybe Ajax should pay up? Bergwijn has no leverage here as he wants gametime before the very soon world cup. Ajax has no leverage here as there will be pressure from the Netherlands FA. Spurs can afford to not sell this window...


We will pay up after the first of juli. Currently there are some financial things that hinder us, I believe it has to do with our annual write off or something like that (I don't really know how it works tbh).


Apparently so. I heard June 30th and Spurs want to announce a striker first?


Yeah, first you guys need to get Richarlison.


I think it's looking pretty done , Levy met with Everton's Chairman for dinner last night They apparently get on very well.


Looks like Everton at least want him.


Very much doubt it More like our name is being used to get things going Why would we need a left winger to join Gordon, Gray, Iwobi? We have one right winger in Townsend who is out for the year and we’re in need of a new defence and midfield


He's best as a striker imo


Well then he’s simply not getting game time ahead of DCL in that case


He'd just be a direct Richarlison replacement imo


Nah, Dennis is the better option, cheaper and can player across the 3 front positions Plus 1 year in England playing for a terrible Watford and he’s scored more than Bergwijn in 3 years at Spurs


All those great players almost got you relegated, maybe if you replace them you won't be in the same position


No, because if you know anything about Everton you'd know it's the midfield and defence that need prioritising Signing Bergwijn in a cut price trade for Richarlison would be a waste of time and potential expenditure lost


>No, because if you know anything about Everton I'm okay actually


Fucking pay up, H2.


It's technically Lenderink who needs to pay up. H2 just negotiate the numbers she needs to sign off on.


And it seems pretty clear that Lenderink is waiting for July 1st before signing off.


I swear if we lose out on Bergwijn because Lenderink is more interested in accounting tricks I am going to lose it.


He is probably still coming, this is just agent tricks trying to make Ajax make exceptions for their client (which then everyone wants).


As much as I want Bergwijn we cant raise the salary by that much more as players like Tadic would also want more


It's Susan who's being annoying.


Oh no, a financial director who's doing her job of making sure we don't overspend.


Probably waiting for the first of July to announce the deal.


Or not


That’s a lot less cool from Everton


highly doubt it’s true. much more likely spurs trying to leverage y’all into paying more.


Reports are saying that you've been making queries for weeks About him


We don't want him, it's definitely just Levy being Levy


Apparently you've been interested for weeks. Soz


There hasn't been a single report from any of our ITK's which tells me all I need to know, and that is it's all on the Spurs end for a reason.


Most likely Paratici feeding Fabrizio information but several outlets report 6 June Everton were interested.


I understand, but not a single Everton source has said we are interested which makes me think that we are, in fact, not interested. Maybe Levy/Paratici are just feigning interest to drive up the price elsewhere.


Fair enough, I did allude to that as Fabricio is often a mouthpiece for Paratici.


Mike Verweij badgering Lenderink once again on behalve of “H2”. This is starting to border harassment. Anyway, you’d think Bergwijn would have something to prove in the Premier League instead of choosing the easy way out


He would rather play with a good team in the UCL than with some mediocre team in the PL. Sounds perfectly logical to me.


I disagree, I think he is being unambitious. If I were him, I’d would want to show I have what it takes to play in the PL. Instead, he takes the easy way out and chooses a team where he’ll always play, in a league he can play with his eyes blind folded. A league where he has played for over 5 years. We all know Bergwijn will never win a CL cup while at Ajax. So what is the point in preferring CL football? But perhaps his lack of hunger, of really stepping out of his comfort zone is the reason he never made it at Spurs.


Maybe he just doesn't care much about the PL, that's quite normal for players outside of England. Also, I would say that wanting to play in the UCL is quite ambitious, as it's the biggest price in club football. Plus, Ajax have shown to put down teams that perform quite well in Europe in recent years, or have you forgotten about their semi final run already? I think you're a bit biased.


Probably because he doesn't fancy being in a relegation battle


Nice to see some ambition. He will still be paid very well at Ajax and will win trophies. Will win nothing at Everton.


He goes to Ajax and in 2 years will be off again somewhere for 50Mil+, which is why I don't want him sold for anything less than what we paid for probably even at a profit considering how some of these transfer are being over paid for. Plus he is too good for the dutch league to waste his time.


Quit hitting yerself, blueshite


Please be a player who chooses on field success over money. Live in Amsterdam as a hero or Liverpool where you’ll be lamented in months.