It's Melchor meaning Marco is really gone :( RIP my Username.


Asensio is still around for another 50 years


But After the 25th he becomes Descensio


I mean you can sell your username to a Milan or Liverpool fan 😉


I offer 2 year loan with option to buy for 3$ + another 1$ as a bonus if we win CL with Asensio


as /u/Ask_Asensio's agent I demand an agent fee of 2$ paid to me, otherwise there's no deal.


I'm /u/Ask_Asensio 's brother. I'll be joining him at either Liverpool or milan. This is unconditional


I report that /u/Ask_Asensio is close to signing a new deal with Real Madrid and he won’t join AC Milan despite their interest.




We buying usernames now ? Like how much?


Tree fiddy


How much is that in Schrute Bucks?


I know it’s sad, but you could always change it to Ask_Modric, and it could stay relevant for another 10 years :)


You change usernames?


Yeah TIL that Reddit usernames are permanent, well OP will have to keep the legend of Asensio alive lol


Or he can become a Liverpool/Milan fan


Plastics on r/soccer? Well I never, what an outrageous insinuation good sir!!


asensio to liverpool was a 2017 fifa transfer and to milan is a 2022 one


Hey :/


Cheer up, 2022 Milan are Serie A winners and in the Champions League


Eh, we're still pretty broke, losing important players for free, not renewing the ones we have, our sporting directors' contracts run out in 3 days and haven't been renewed yet either. I'll cheer up when these situations are resolved, and maybe when our owners stop seeing us as their piggy bank. So it'll probably take a while.


arent you only broke for a few more weeks, then new owners?


Nope, new owners come in in September. And even then, they're still an investment fund, I'm not expecting drasting changes in expenses.


A smart fund (which I believe Redbird to be) should recognize that Serie A is ripe for investment. Relatively cheap league at the moment, but with immense history and worldwide followings. Someone needs to knock the first domino down, this might be that chance.


The first domino should be a private stadium, but that's never gonna happen with the morons that keep getting elected in Milan.


You just got divock, you will be fine


Idk if this is sarcasm but excited to see how he does with some regular minutes


You need to get a good TV Deal. Current Serie A TV deal seems bad compared to other leagues.


That just reflects the overall economic situation in the country. Almost half struggles to get to the end of the month, and it's only gonna get worse with inflation skyrocketing. The number of people able to afford subscriptions with high prices and shitty quality will keep decreasing.


Dilly ding dilly dong


The audacity for a Spurs fan to throw shade at a Liga champion. 😂 I love it!


I remember him being a beast at Real. Was it that ACL that messed things up for him?


Has never been the same for us after that. Sad how he ended like this. Once Zidane was praising him for having the second best left foot in the league after Messi. Good times.


He stil has the same left foot, he lost some pace but he already was already having his first mediocre season before he did his acl


The acl thing is 100 percent true but it's a bit overestimated by some people, am I right?


To be fair to Asensio, the whole team was atrocious that season. It's hard to record consistent performance when most of the players surrounding you are having their worst season of their career.


He is just incredibly one dimensional. He genuinely did have the second best left foot in la liga.. but thats it. He couldnt be a striker because he is one footed, not strong or quick enough to challenge defenders. As a winger, he doesnt have the pace or trickery to jump the man. As a midfielder he doesnt have the creativity or technique to distribute the ball. He's an average player with 1 world class trait. Great for youtube, but he dissapears for hours on end in between those bangers.


Imo he had an unbelievable string of games that led people to overhype him. He was never going to be a balon dor winner, but people acted like he would. Admittedly, I thought he would be an undisputed starter at a top club at this point in his career though.


You talking about Vini?


> Sad how he ended like this Dude he's 26 potentially going to Liverpool (or Milan), I'd kill to "end" it like that.


Yeah seriously that’s not a bad end or even an end at all. 26 being old nowadays is hilarious


Damm he’s still 26?


Oh man :(


He is a forward stuck in a midfielders body. You know who he'd do well under? Jose. The man can destroy a locker room but man does he know the optimal position for any player.


The same guy who played Modric on the wing and Pepe in midfield? I think he starts with a formation in mind, and not the personnel.


He declined before that. Dude went from going forward and challenging everybody to always look for the safe back/side pass. A lot of people forget that and think his decline was due to the ACL injury. I found an old comment of mine about this. His ACL was in july 2019 and I looked at the seasons before that: > He played more games than Bale in 17/18 and 18/19 and Ronaldo wasn't even in the squad in 18/19. He had 30 and 32 games in la liga those seasons. > In 18/19 he scored just a single goal in 30 games and played more minutes than Bale (who had 8 goals in 29 games). He had the second highest number of minutes played out of all the attacking players. > Even in the 17/18 season Asensio had more played minutes than Bale. In 32 games he scored only 6 times. In CHL he scored once in 12 games. > Thats 7 goals in 62 games as a winger for Real Madrid in two seasons... before the injury, > It wasn't the injury. He was lackluster even before then injury. Compare the way he played in the first games to the season before the injury. It's night and day.


But I mean it's pretty silly to base your entire stat analysis on just goals. He's not a #9 and he's not Cristiano.


I'm not. I've watched every single game with him. We talked about it in real time back then in the match threads for at least an entire season before his ACL injury. Stats are just the easiest way to show his decline since people somehow forgot about it.


Agreed 100%. He had some amazing goals and people overlooked a lot of his flaws during development because of that. Outside of shooting I've never been amazed by him even pre-acl


Name just one player who wasn't trash that year aside Ramos


tbf the entire team was trash that season.. Modric, Kroos, etc were so bad we thought they were done.


He was never the fastest, and the ACL put a nail in that coffin. He’s very skilled, just not very mobile.


He wasn't vinicius fast, but he was no slouch.


hes not explosive and never was. He's good on a full counter attack from our box, but he never had the pace or trickery to jump the man. And he never had the creativity to make up for it.


He lost some of his pace after the ACL injury. He was kind of bad the season after Ronaldo left but so was most of the Madrid squad that year. This season he’s been pretty decent but it’s pretty much been in patches and has kind of fallen off since the start of the season tbh.


I remember when Asensio started to play at Madrid. He looks like a world class player but the time show me he not is what I think before.


Injuries man, guy oozed talent and class


He doesn't having the best mentality too. Madridistas will never forget when he basically ran from pressure at his peak, saying that fans should ask/expect more from other stars, not from him. He's basically the opposite of Vini in that aspect, and that's the main reason why Vini has developed in these past 3 years, and Asensio didn't. Now that he lost his speed and his overall game didn't evolve, he has nothing to set him apart.


>saying that fans should expect more from other stars, not from him I'd forgotten about that, that was such a dumb comment from him


Except for that left foot of his


True. Injuries finished his career.


Not true. He had his worst season before the ACL injury.


Not true. Everyone had their worst season that year. Even Modric was so trash we thought he was done. That season was just a dark season for Madrid.


That’s irrelevant. People claiming injuries ended his career and pretend like he was flawless before. The fact that it was the first year he became a regular starter and was one of if not his worst years. He then got injured, and been occupation around that same level pre injury sense. He never got better. He never lived up to his super sub moments. I’m sure the injury didn’t help, but let’s not all pretend like it was the turning point.


> Not true. Everyone had their worst season that year. So...it is true?


Still does. Kid scored a hattrick this season and everything. The thing is that he never really lived up to his assumed potential. Everyone was calling him the future of Madrid back when he was 20 years old. He's now 26 and not much better than he was 6 years ago.


how reliable is this guy? Can't see Liverpool being that interested in him


Tier 1 inside our Tier 1 sources. Only the club official handle is more trusted.


He was/is Tier 1, but doesn't tell info very often anymore. Hard to say why


> but doesn't tell info very often anymore   That’s why he’s Tier 1 for us. He doesn’t spread worthless information and will only say something that is reliable.


He’s the most tier 1 of all the tier 1s.


>Hard to say why Because COPE are embarrassing


>Can't see Liverpool being that interested in him It really just depends on how much he's interested in being a 5th attacker on a CL contender vs a starter on a lesser team


Foreign Tier 1's know fuck all about Liverpool, Porto's tier 1 linked us to Otavio a few days ago and that was shut right down.


We arent


It would not be strange at all though. Asensio would be on a cheap and on relatively low wages and with Salah running down his contract and leaving on a free next season there would be vacuum in that RW spot. I mean if Salah is gone who else does Livepool have for that spot ? Elliott ?


Asensio doesn't have the pace for him to be a winger under Klopp, neither does Elliot. Only spot I could see Asensio is in that RCM role, same as Harvey Elliot for example


They would obviously buy someone that fits them better, impossible to replace with someone on similar level to salah but its not like elliott and asensio are the only options


Indeed but who ? World Class RW's are extremely precarious in current football. Guys like Chiesa, Coman, Rodrygo are impossible. If we sell Asensio i'm pretty sure we are going to contact Bayern for Gnabry. I guess Raphinha if he hasn't been sold but he will be a lot more expensive than Asensio. Maybe someone like Pino or Bowen ?


Unlikely Antony is bought this summer if the price tag Ajax sets is true. Could go in for him next summer if he has a good season. Seems to fit the profile


I've heard us linked with Gnabry as well.


Salah wasnt exactly the hottest name in the market when pool got him, also diaz was linked with the likes of Everton the window just before he went there, alot can change in 6 months i guess


I'd love to see Bowen join


Mark my words, Chiesa will move to England within three years.


To Tottenham nonetheless


>World Class RW's are extremely precarious in current football This comment is said about literally every position, I've heard it about full backs, goalies, strikers and now apparently RW too, means absolutely nothing.


We are not buying a midfielder because we don't want to buy just a stopgap there is no way we would consider buying him


Jota even though he’s poor as a RW imo, Elliott yeah. Idk who would or could replace Salah but it isn’t Asensio this window at least.


I really doubt they would think Asensio can replace Salah lol


Oh he's not replacing Salah at all. Anyone Liverpool brings would be a downgrade for that position just look at the market. The Top 5 most rated RW in Transfermakrt are : * Salah (90M) * Chiesa (65M) * Gnabry (65M) * Rodrygo (60M) * Coman (60M)


Castilejo ( 1B)


Give me Chiesa for 65m any day of the week


There's no way any of those teams let's any of those players go for any amount of money. We'd probably be the most like to let rodrygo go and even then I don't think we let him go anytime soon Edit - gnabry too


Juve's gonna ask 100+.


But then why bother bringing in Asensio? We already have Jota as a back up, and Elliott can play there as well


Jota as a winger is very meh, especially on the right.


Jota on the left is not even close to “meh”.


So’s Asensio lol Jota is a fine backup there


Kinda besides the point isn't it? We're likely looking for an undervalued player or someone with great potential that wouldn't be in the top 5 of transfermarkt. Plus we'd be looking for someone with a lot of pace for RW. Which asensio does not have. So unless we're making a full switch to 4231 and asensio to play as a cam, this doesn't make sense.


Absolutely no way we are in for Asensio, doesn't fit at all


He is literally tier 1 so you're wrong


Tier one for Madrid, not Liverpool. They could be in for him but it's more likely that it's his agent drumming up interest using our name or that we are just monitoring him along with 100 other players.


>Tier one for Madrid, not Liverpool Yeah, it's a Madrid player news...


The part that's definitely true is that he's not signing a new deal and will leave.


Tier one for one side so the news is comig from one side, it's what he's been told, doesn't mean it's true. He's too slow to be a Liverpool winger and not defensively good enough to play in a midfield 3. I believe the Otavio rumors more than this


Yeah to sign him on a free transfer for medium wages as a replacement for someone like Oxlade-Chamberlain would actually make a lot of sense. Having a RW to start for Salah would be massive especially after last season when it was clear he needed a month off to recover from AFCON but we literally couldn’t afford that and it probably cost us the major trophies in the end. I have to think a fit and on-form Salah makes s difference in the matches against Tottenham and Real.


Julian Ward is that you? Would love some more info


I mean we lost Sadio, Origi and Taki all in this window, might be offering him to come be cup depth and the occasional league start.


Maybe Everton are and he's being cheeky


Milan 🤝 Real Madrid Loanee


feel like liverpool are too smart to be interested in him. even if they give him a minamino role which would be very limited game time, surely they can find someone half the price who runs more and has more to give.


Are they just using Liverpool to drive up the price? I don't see them being interested in Asensio.


Klopp reportedly wanted him at one point when his stock was high. He’s dropped off since then due to injuries, form, etc but he was special under Zidane.


We offered €50million for him in 2017.


Almost certainly this.


Press X to doubt


Damn have fun in Milan, Marco.


I doubt he has offers from Liverpool.


>Liverpool Doubt


One kiss is all it takes 😏


i cannot see us being interested, what does he even bring?


Improves our handsome quota in the squad I guess?




An upgraded Shaqiri


Average player with a magic left foot. There’s that I guess…


No he does not have an offer from Liverpool..


I remember when Marca claimed Liverpool made a 180M offer for him like 4 years ago or so lol


Just get rid of him, he's a huge liability


Man United should sign him. Have a feeling he'd be a beast in the EPL.


I definitely agree with one of these points




Arteta come get your boy


No chance he goes to Liverpool, and thank god


YES!! About damn time!


If he goes to Milan, I'm not willing to predict how he'll do, although I think it probably won't be any good. But in Liverpool it could be interesting. Most of the players that Klopp bought have improved under him and we know Asensio has potential. Maybe he can step up as a player.


The disrespect on padre smh


Can I ask why you think he could flop in Milan?


As I said, I'm not sure that he would do badly in Milan. It's just that he seems like the kind of player that usually does badly when leaving their previous club. In Milan's case, he looks to me like a Brahim 2.0, but much more expensive and he probably has the Real Madrid attitude, which won't help him. But he could turn out very good as well. He has potential and talent, maybe Pioli can get the best out of him.


I mean there are many players who actually exploded with us, and much less that didn't perform. True, brahim was the lost bet of the season but you have to look aswell at Theo Hernandez, Leao, Bennacer, Giruoud, Tomori. And Asensio has his problems I know but he is still a world class talent and a quality player, he does make those magic goals he does make those magic passes still, and he know what it's like to win in Europe. Right now we need players to up the quality of the team and i can see why they could like Asensio. Also I think that making him the technical point of reference of the attack could be good for him


Asensio strikes me as not exactly the same type of player as those that you mentioned, but still yes, he could turn out good. If I were a Milan fan, I would be excited with him coming, but also cautious. Anyways, if he goes to Milan, hope he does good, I like players who score great goals.


I just mean that if you look closely actually we usually do get the best out of our players, Leao came as a striker but he was adapted to winger by Pioli which suits him and his speed much better, Theo was constantly on the bench for Real and was labeled as mediocre, he is the best left back in the league and he has improved so much in defense and still unstoppable in offense


What’s the Real Madrid attitude


I mean, you probably get a bit cocky when you win multiple CLs in a row, even if you don't play that big of a part. Real Madrid is also one of the two most popular clubs in Spain, and ussually players from the big teams of the country feel a sense of superiority. I'm mostly extrapolating from what I see in Boca players here in Argentina.


Pioli > that passion merchant


Asensios problem is his ACL. Hasn't been the same since, lost some pace and had a hard time to adapt.


Yes, I heard that. Still, last time he played with the national team he did fine. He probably won't be the next big thing, but can still be a solid player. I just think that Liverpool would be a better choice for him because he would be playing under one of the absolutely best managers in the world, who's known to have improved players. The advantage that Milan offers him is more possibilities to be in the starting eleven, but that can be a double edged sword: he may succumb to the pressure of not adapting inmediately to the club and benching him may demotivate him.


He is a solid player. People expect him to be the next Ronaldo for some reason.


lmao no he doesn't


Gonna be odd seeing him playing elsewhere. Hope he can nail down a spot as a 10 where he can show his brilliance.


Is there any RW linked to Real nowadays? Last time I heard of Gnabry, but just rumors.


This is straight up tier 1


This surely mean we are going to sign someone, right?




What happened to this guy? He was supposed to be the next big thing right?


was never the same after his ACL injury


Around here we call it "the Arrivabene special".


Buy Gnabry please


If he wants to play WC he will have to leave. He is not going to play in Madrid, Vinicius and Rodrigo are ahead of him. Even hazard if he is fit enough. On top of that Ancelotti is not going to make changes during the first part of the season. He likes to use same XI until someone is injured or suspended. He is an option for Luis Enrique but only if he plays and shows a good level. Milan could be a good fit, but in Liverpool he would find himself in same situation of Madrid. If he doesn't care about the WC running out his contract could be risky if he has not played a lot.


I will love it, and I think I deserve it.


You definitely deserve it he's Real's best winger




We need depth as a winger. I still think if his salary is lower, it would be worth it.




5 Champions' League titles and 3 league titles. not bad.