Madrid trying to load up on all the up and coming midfielders


The change from Modric/Casemiro/Kroos won’t be easy, they are preparing for it


Casemiro isn't even that old, only 30, he could still be world class in 3 or 4 years.


It’s a lot of miles on those legs for that midfield trio. Better to plan for an early transition than wait


He isn't that old but you can already tell that he will lose pace soon. Just like Kroos is younger than Modric but if you compare their pace/stamina it seems like he is the older one.


Kroos pace was already that of a 40 y/o when he was just 21. That's ok though. He doesn't need it for his game.


Kroos was never much of a runner


Camavinga, Fede, Tchou. We have the replacement ready hopefully they reach the same heights as KCM


KCM took a lot of trial and error to assemble We also bought Illaramendi, Isco, James, Sahin, Kovacic, Ceballos and of course Odegaard to form the backbone of our midfield. Not every transfer works out and you gotta get the best and see who performs


Thank you. People tend to overlook this.


As long as Fede plays i will be happy. That man has stolen my heart.


Nah, we are just linked as a signal that player has more options and others should move fast. Dont think we are in for him.


how dare they plan for the future :P


Though arguably the best one plays for Barca (Pedri).


Mate says arguably and the thread still shits on em


Right? It’s almost like it’s subjective and we are all speculating on potential.


bellingham is arguably every bit as good as pedri


Dont try fighting the barca propaganda machine. At some point they made Arthur into the modern day Zidane because he made an assist or some shit idk. Pretty sure they would rank frenkie among the best midfielders in the world, and over the likes of valverde, eventhough his last great season was at ajax. This is not to take away from their players that actually are quality and prove it, but generally thats 1 in every 10 they hype up


Pedri is comfortably better then Jude


Comfortably is a bit of a stretch. He may be better, but there's very little seperating them imo.


I’m a Madrid fan and you are all tripping, Pedri is better and much more proven than Bellingham. Easily the best young midfielder out there


A lot of premier league merchants in this sub


Can't wait for Dortmund to win the premier league next year


Ikr? I can't believe people who are saying that Pedri is better than Bellingham are actually getting downvoted to oblivion. Too many delusional English fans on here.


English fans lmao. I know Bellingham is good, but Pedri is head and shoulder above him in every aspect except market value since Bellingham is English and his starting price start at 80M


Chalking off Bellingham's hype as just being down to English fans is really lazy. He is a genuinely special talent. And Pedri being "head and shoulder above him in every aspect" is just absurd. Physically Bellingham beats Pedri all ends up. The one case you could make for Pedri in this regard is that he arguably has even more of an engine than Bellingham does, but Bellingham has proven that he can sustain a large workload over multiple seasons. He has made 130 senior apperances before turning 19. I have never seen anything like that before from a young midfielder. Meanwhile Pedri was been injured for half of last season. Bellingham is also more defensively able than Pedri, his timing of tackles is world class and he is far stronger in the air. He is also more positionally versatile than Pedri. I could go on, but you get my point. They are both special players. Pretending that Bellingham is not even close to Pedri's level is asinine.


Calling people delusional for beliving that one player with world class potential is on a similar level of another player with world class potential is a little bit hyperbolic lol.


Im baffled how this is arguable. Pedri controls the tempo for a Barcelona team but he's being compared to Jude


How is it not arguable? By what metric is Pedri much more proven than Bellingham? Other than that he plays for Barca of course. He is a great talent but he has only been fit for one full season of senior football. Last season he had had less league minutes to his name than Dani Alves, who is 39, and joined Barca in January. Once again, he is a great talent. But I have no idea why so many people take such offense at him being measured up against Bellingham, who was arguably Dortmund's best player last season.




how? Pedri is the best young midfielder out there and the one with the most potential too. If he played for a hipster club like Dortmund he’d be getting a lot more love than he does.


He plays at Barca ffs


yeah and a lot of people don’t like that club at least on here there’s virtually zero people who dislike dortmund and they’re watched less so naturally bellingham will be rated higher- he’s also english which only helps


i think there are maybe a few


Can't believe you're getting downvoted to hell for speaking literal facts. This sub is infested with deluded English fans.


lol pedri is not the best young midfielder


Barca are shit but pedri is def the best young mid


who is


He clearly is


Dortmund will make good money on that sale.. PL teams will feel like they have a good chance of bringing him back to England, so easy bidding war..


Might not be a bidding war. Doesn't he have a release clause? EDIT: He doesn't.


No he doesn't. Haaland was the only player to hve release clause since 2013


I thought Dortmund had already denied there was a clause.. but no idea really


How many midfield wonderkids do y’all need wtf


No reliable source ever said we were interested on him, only english sources.


How reliable is Marca for you guys these days? I'm not sure, they're listed as a Tier 2 source on your sub (article was by José Félix Díaz, also listed as Tier 2), they've reported on interest in a move for Bellingham next summer, saying that Tchouameni and Gravenberch would be ahead of him (the article was from a few weeks ago).




This is Reddit. Bold of you to assume any of us has ever been outside


Don't know if they want all of them or just taking them from us


FM scenes.


Perez: I think you think I said sign a lot of midfielders. I said ALL the midfielders






Collecting central midfielders like Pokemon


Imagine you can pull Neymar to your team and you chose Pogba instead. Ai ai ai


Pogba is a free transfer, Neymar will cost at least 50m+ and double or triple of Pogbas wage


And 100 times the player Pogmentary is.


Only if he's fit


Only if it's not his sisters birthday


Pogbas injury record is worse


Same comment as I had below, but even though Neymar is the better player - pogba is 100% what we need instead of him. Ney would be amazing don’t get me wrong, but our midfield reallyyyy needs a spark and considering pogba was a 100 million euro man under allegri, I’m more than happy to see this given a shot. We have chiesa coming back, Vlahovic, potentially di Maria, and can probably bring in a shifty winger for much much less than Neymar It’s smart


I feel like Neymar doesn't have much left in the tank. Brazilian, 30 years old, likes to party, injury prone, hefty wages, diva attitude... Even disregarding Pogba, I think Juventus wouldn't gain anything with Neymar in the squad. Yes his talent is amazing, but talent alone just doesn't cut it.


> Brazilian, 30 years old, likes to party, injury prone, hefty wages, diva attitude... French, 29 years old, likes to travel, injury prone, hefty wages, diva attitude... Hmm


he's 29 until he's 30


Same same but different


But coming on a free transfer. Why do people keep missing the crucial element here


Because free transfer isn't one where the club pays nothing to get the player. Instead of paying the other club, they're usually paying higher wages or a signing bonus to the player. In this case I'm sure both would still be lower than Neymar's, but it still doesn't mean the transfer is free.


That year makes the whole difference!


Why is Brazilian a negative..? Lol


Suggesting Neymar is following a similar trajectory to the likes of Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Adriano, Robinho, Pato etc


Or even Marcelo who dropped of far too much in the past few years from the best LB in the world to not good enough to be a starter at Madrid even though he doesn't even party and is a good professional. Firminio also declined this season. It seems like Brazilians just can't stay the same after 30 for some reason.


Marcelo had pace until the last days he was in the starting lineup, had a lot of millage on his legs. and firmino is returning from injury and gaining back his form


The thing Pogba has really going for him is that his best years were for juventus under allegri. And he's free


>Brazilian, 30 years old, likes to party, injury prone, hefty wages, diva attitude... Where did this "likes to party" stereotype come from? From what I remember back when he was being sold to PSG it's what people were saying too, and it was clarified by many of his colleagues that he is very professional - hard working, always on time for training etc. Still, can't really argue with the other points.


Do you live under a rock? Neymar parties a lot. He even tried to throw a massive party during the height of Covid, he canceled it because of the backlash he was receiving


Does he not take a few games off every season to attend his sister's birthday party? Literally can't think of any other player I've ever heard of voluntarily missing games to attend parties (while being so open about it).


Neymar will put in 10x the effort next year that Pogba does.


Imagine thinking that what stops us from getting neymar is pogba wage when Neymar himself makes 10 times that number.


I’m just commenting the title mate, relax.


Juve love their deadwood, Bonucci, Allegri and now Pogba


deadwood > brokenwood. Neymar has been with PSG for 5 seasons and still didn't have his 100th *League* appearance yet lol Free agent Pogba should be a no brainer over non-free Neymar for any team that needs a midfielder Edit: Added League appearance clarification.


I thought you were trolling about the Neymar-PSG stats....but you're fucking right. How TF Neymar has only played 92 games for PSG in 5 yrs(Saka has made 98 since his debut in 2018)




no clue. Ronaldo hit 90 out of 138 in 3 years for us so to have 2 extra seasons, be 7 years younger, and still not hit 100 games. yikes.


Injuries mostly. L1 referees turn a blind eye to even some harsh, potentially leg-breaking tackles. He's the most fouled person in the league I believe. Edit: Based on the same stat, he doesn't get injured as much in other competitions, as much as he does in L1.


You know Pogba gets injured too right there both broken players


not as much as Neymar, if it was up to me i wouldn't get Pogba either, but there seems to be a couple of advantage, his chemistry with Allegri and love for Juve is one of them, we'll see how it goes. But signing Neymar after rejecting Dybala is honestly super stupid, not saying that Dybala is as good as Neymar, but Neymar is not a player for a team that is rebuilding. He should stay at PSG and then go to the US, or maybe newcastle.


Neymar had recently made it clear that he wanted to stay at PSG; also triggering the clause in his contract that would have him remain until 2027. I know it's something almost all footballers say, but he genuinely seemed happy there, until a couple days after saying that, NAK put out a statement that Neymar is basically up for sale. Absolute garbage.


Yeah but critical difference is Pogba is free, Neymar would still command a 100m fee which is insane


Holy fuck, 87 matches in 5 years.


I wouldn’t say pogba is deadwood, I get that Neymar is better but pogba is 100% what we need over him. Our midfield has been such a weak spot and we can find others to plug in up top without pulling another Ronaldo and breaking the bank - which then leads to having the deadwood stay and selling the others to make up the salary etc For once, I can say well done to the board


Ney is not a winger anymore, he's more of a 10 now


Helps my point even more haha he wouldn’t play the 10 - we got rid of Dybala because he’s broken and we shifted formations. Ney would be the same problem with more talent


The deadwood that has won more than your pitiful club will win in 100 years?


Looks like i struck a nerve here, atleast we're not indebted like your club is and rely on selling prostitute cars like Fiat 500 to finance ourselves.


*grabs popcorn*




Italian teams beefing and the Portuguese trio are so funny with their insults lmao


Juventus can't afford him.


Pogba for free is a better deal than Neymar for 100m+ only to be injured half the time....


If Modric and Kroos leave after this year, Bellingham makes perfect sense. If not, the midfield may be too loaded. To guarantee the playtime he would want.


They already have three young midfielders unless you push Fede to RW.Casemiro will still be there and Tchoumeni will have work hard for minutes I dont see how you can fit another young midfielder


You can play 4 midfielders at once, just ask Pep.


Or literally Ancelotti, he plays KCM+Valverde more often than not


That will make Case, Cama, Valverde and Tchoumeni.


They only have destroyer midfielders though. Would be an incredible pressing machine but can they break down busses without some creative outlets? Jude and the French men have very similar profiles imo.


Fucking hell, Real Madrid are gonna be crazy good if they do this.


You think we have a chance for CDR this time?


Nah bro, that’s a whole another level trophy


Darn, ohh well, atleast we can farm the CL as usual.


gonna be ?


Yes they’re already great but they’re gonna be even better


You think current real madrid can't get better?


From Kroos - Modric - Casemiro To Camavinga - Bellingham - Tchouaméni Not bad really that now is it


Funny how Valverde just vanished suddenly. Plus how come daily mail is considered so reliable now?


Well no ones forgetting Valverde Just going from Madrid's old core to a potential new core Plus Fede just doesn't have a position, stick him anywhere and he'd do a job


Agree I think if Fede is around at Mardid for a while he will ultimately be a Swiss Army knife off the bench when the midfield rebuild is complete… very valuable


He's more than an impact sub tho


Obviously. He has solidified his position as a starter already. After Vini and Fede, I hope the next youngsters to be integrated as starters will be Rodrygo and Cama.


I think that there's a misconception that not in the starting eleven means you're not good enough to be. Valverde just has that as an added benefit. He can line up in multiple positions, which means that tactically, he can also offer you flexibility in tired legs, cards, injuries, etc. Titles are won with players like that.


Yes it’s true, and he would start for all but a few European clubs… but he doesn’t fit in a 4-3-3 with a CDM ideally, unless it’s like the Champions league final which was really a false 4/4/2 with Fede as a 4th midfielder instead of right attack


doesn't fit in a 4-3-3? He benched Modric in 2020 when we won the league with Zidane. He plays CM well with both Madrid and Uruguay


That's true but I also think he can play on the right side of midfield in a 4-3-3


I’d be thrilled if he grows into that position full time, if his crossing/long passing gets pinpoint, I think he could hold down the role. So fast and hard working, such a talent


Upgraded Lucas Vasquez


I mean the squad needs roation depending on the form and he can also play in attack


I always thought Valverde as a right-midfielder instead of a RW.


Hes midfielder that can also play on the wing


Fede is better than all the other guys in the young lineup.


Fede is literal loght years ahead of bellingham


Uh, i found myself agreeing with a SKT/LCK fan, the world has changed.


Hehe,it is actually a troll name. I am EDG fan :)


For now the future midfield is still TBC


At this rate they'll be playing 3-6-1, and still find some weird way to knick out wins in the UCL.


"focus their summer budget on signing Paul Pogba" I'm pretty sure he's go on free transfer




The club will pay less than 200k due to the tax cut This title is stupid, Dybala who left us was earning more than Pogba, Di Maria for one year would cost us considerably more than Pogba. We aren't spending our budget on him...


Damn.. part 2 of our current rebuild next summer is gonna be even more insane than this summer, with that Mbappe-fund money. Or well, if we sell him in general then.


Or sign his brother and get him to extend :))) if only


Haha Id love for him to toss on another year with a secret extension á la Sancho but I dont count on it. But yeah.. either way its a superb scenario for us. Huge money influx to round out this massive and promising rebuild while a lot of contracts and talent are on fresh long-term contracts or keep Jude a little longer. The first is more likely but its a fantastic scenario aswell.


the Blue nose boys only have so many shirt numbers they can retire


I saw jobes debut. He's solid tbf, but we are utterly shite. Might make him look better


Ffs we need him more


So with Camavinga, Tchouameni, Fede Valverde, and now Bellingham… is Ancelotti bringing back the 442?


People buying Daily Mail headlines about Madrid. This sub has truly lost the North.


Actually they are not the first one to said that , many journos in Madrid have said for a few weeks now that he is Flo target for 2023. Cortagena vaguely talked about it too. So it's probably true


Perez trying to keep our midfielders on their toes like he did with Guti.


>the Italians focus their summer budget on signing Paul Pogba What a stupid thing to say lol. Pogba would earn less than what Dybala was already earning. Di Maria for one year would earn more than Pogba for example.


How do you focus on Paul pogba after the season he had at man utd. Madness.


Because it was Man United


Because of the season he had *before* going to man u


no fr tho hes worth 100m at the very least hopeful we will get more tho of course


He is worth more.


leave my boy tf alone 😤


A free player


That would get them dangerously close to my Fifa Career Mode lineup. Real will have nothing on Cambridge United, of course, which I'm sure was a much more attractive destination for Bellingham & Camavinga & Vini


Juventus focusing their summer budget on signing Pogba. Pogba comes free…


Lol, Juventus said “only one chaotic element in the locker room per season, please.”


Madrid, come on lads. You've got enough midfielders now.


Would he choose them over the likes of a top English club? Doubt it.


Why not?


English players tend to prefer playing in England. Comfort zone and all that. Yes, I know Sancho and Bellingham have gone to Dortmund, but they've gone there at an age where it's like university to them.


Legit when was the last time top/world class English player spend most of his prime time abroad?


Beckham maybe.




Gareth Bale ? One of the greatest English player ever


He’s just not english is he though.




I hope his love of Liverpool makes him chose us!


He called Henderson legend recently. Thats the only thing keeping my holes alive.


Keeping your what now?!


You heard him.


Least horny liverpool fan


He's already in the van mate


Fuck off!


Bellingham may not leave the Bundesliga until he has mobbed all the bad referees out of the league. Until then, he still has a lot of work to do.


Kinda weird how everyone automatically assumes he will leave you guys next year. Didnt he say he was happy with you guys and also appreciated receiving more of a leadership role? Plus isnt he only 19?


He turns 19 on wednesday, lol. He could literally stay at Dortmund for 3 more seasons and he'd only be 23. Dude has legit all the time in the world.


Tchoumeni Camavinga and Ballingham. Has a bit of everything for many years


So is Fede just a defensive winger now?


Exactly 😂 What are these people thinking


Needs more creativity IMO, none of these players can really do what Modric does. And Modric started as an attacking mid/winger, which is why he had that skillset


> none of these players can really do what Modric does In their defense, nobody can


Camavinga said one time that if he tried to do what modric does, he would break his ankle lmao


Modric is unique, same with Kroos. Replacing them like for like is impossible. Trying to replicate Madrids trios style now would only leave you with an inferior midfield. Evolving to a high octane high pressing mid is a more progressive style and its looks clear Madrid are going this way with their purchases.


Eh doing magical shit like Modric does and through balls and long switches from Kroos aren't the only way to add creativity to midfield. Valverde and Cama are amazing ball carriers and progressers and this young core can press more as well causing turnovers in dangerous areas. Chances can be created that way


LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Liverpool sub in shambles


It's the Daily Mail lmao




Jude is one guy I can say doesn't care much about being exclusively in England like many English players. If he has better options elsewhere he will pick them, I feel he isn't much of a homesick type of guy.


You guys must be really good pals


We are.


Spoke like a true bff


Trouble is is that he's from such a vastly superior part of the uk. If he went to Manchester, Newcastle or London it'd be a depressing downgrade. Can't go to v*lla or Wolves. So he has to go abroad for a while until blues piss the championship.


How shit is Juventus finances that Pogba wage + signing fee fucks them up


But they already have two young outstanding midfielders.


The daily Mail lies. I’ll read their shit, but I won’t believe it. Neymar is stuck in Paris as no one else will pay him even half of that salty. Maybe Man Utd or Chelsea would pay half.


This just feels unfair. From one incredible midfield 3 to another, and they want a 4th top tier young talent.