lmao sissoko is the worst agent going


Dembélé keeps saying he wants to stay but his agent in not allowing him to do so. Idk why he hasnt fired him yet if true...all it does is making Dembélé look like legally incapable


One of dembele's relative posted on Instagram that dembele and his agent had a major disagreement about a thing in December 2021 But his agent told his family who forced him to accept what his agent wanted because he is much more experienced


A typical agents’ behavior , that Romain Molina always brings up when talking about football’s dark side. Agents usually reassure clubs or other intermediaries by saying « je tiens le joueur », which translates to « i ‘got’ the player ». In other words, the agent is so confident of his influence on the player and more importantly his family, that the player does exactly as told. Sometimes they use the family to force the decision on the player (usually young obv).


But people on reddit always tell me that an agent always does exactly what the player wants


Ludovic Giuly -who btw admitted recently that he almost got completely financially broke due to his advisors’ greed and strategic fraud - said in an interview 6d ago ,that when he was a player he never knew what was being negotiated/paid, he only gets a curious glance at the money figure when he ceremoniously signs the contract …because in his mind ‘he shouldn’t think about anything else than football’. [And about that financial fraud, he only discovered it when he was personally trying to buy a house 4y ago.] My point is, football players have a larger entourage than we know of, and no one on Reddit can pretend to know accurately the dynamics of player/agent/family.


I don't understand how it's legal for agents to work for themselves before their clients. Doesn't the EU have laws about this?


Agents work for themselves. It's just that given how agents normally work, it was assumed that doing the best for your client was doing the best for you. They're supposed to be paid by comission, so the higher salary they negotiated for their client, the higher comission they'd get. Until agents started asking for, and getting, ridiculous fees from the clubs. When your main source of revenues is not your client, you don't work for your client anymore.


When you think about this you can actually say that maybe Raiola was not that bad guy at all. At least I think I've read somewhere that he just did what his players wanted and actually delivered the deals. He was a nightmare to clubs and fans but he might've been blessing for some players.


> At least I think I've read somewhere that he just did what his players wanted and actually delivered the deals. You read that all over the place on Reddit from people who were just saying that in response whenever anyone would criticize Raiola.


I was thinking about this the other day. That relationship between player and agent is a classic abusive relationship. You must be a real narcissistic person to be an agent.


> Dembélé keeps saying he wants to stay but his agent in not allowing him to do so I mean that's just classic PR talk. (In other words: A blatant lie) Accoring to them, the players always want what's best for their current club. But of course their evil agents (who are *obviously* not acting in the interest of their employers) are demanding more money for the player...


Even if a player openly tells everyone they want to leave/more money, you have fans on copium that it's actually the agent pushing them to say these things. Or in Lewandowskis case it's even the club bosses. Don't get me wrong, there probably are agents that get very controlling and convince the player that they need to be fully trusted to get the best for the player. But not to the extent some believe. Dembele isn't begging for a renewal for months and his agent is forcing him not to renew. Lewandowski is actually pissed and wants to leave because HE feels treated unfairly. Not because his agent manipulated him.


because it's not true lol agents at the end of the day are just employees. dembele has all the power to hire whoever he wants to represent him. it's just him trying to hide behind his agent so fans will put all the blame on sissoko.


He's obviously lying.


> Dembélé keeps saying he wants to stay but his agent in not allowing him to do so. That sounds really unrealistic. Dembele has the commitment level of a puppy. He wants the highest wages possible as much as his agent. That is why he has to keep his options open and tell people that he wants to stay at the only club that has made him an offer to date.


Dembele wants high wages among other things, his agent wants his sweet bonus that no one is going to pay.


Ilaix’ agents weren’t too impressive either.


Same agent as Max Meyer.


Ilaix would’ve been a world beater under a proper coach like Xavi, Klopp, or Pep. Greed ruined his career. I heard Alfred Schreuder wants him at Ajax FC tho. Maybe he will rebound


No way you grouped xavi with pep and klopp


Honestly curious what happened to moriba? I remember he didn't get much playing time at Leipzig, but where is he now?


He went on loan to Valencia, where he did become a starter. He wasn’t super impressive, but he was okay. I think he’s back to Leipzig though.


Dybalas agent has screwed him over pretty badly this summer also


Donnarumma might have something to say about that


Donnarumma is doing well for himself and is at a club that will eventually renew him for a larger contract than Milan could ever give him.


His deal runs till 2026, probably another couple of years minimum till he gets a renewal. Could've easily ended up in the same position while earning more right now had he taken Milan's offer. Instead he missed out on potentially winning the Scudetto with his boyhood club and is now hated there.


Considering how good Mike was and how close the title was I m not sure if Milan with Donnarumm would have got the title


I 2nd that. Mike Maignan is class and clearly an improvement on Milan side


We can't know for sure but, Donnarumma is imo just as good as Maignan though they have different qualities and drawbacks. Donnarumma is extremely young and experienced and we shouldn't let one rocky season that's his first in a new club affect our judgement of his quality and potenial.


They're both excellent shot stoppers, but Maignan is on a completely different planet from Donnarumma with the ball at his feet


> We can't know for sure Oh but we do know for sure. Donnarumma would never even assisted Leao in the Sampdoria game that ended 1-0 and 3 points for Milan. Besides that I can analyze the pressing game and the derby against Inter. All Serie A coaches have realized that pressing very high against Milan is pointless. The ball goes to Maignan and teams just stop pressing, because if you press Maignan it's like being a man down. Maignan would easily pick the next man open and allow a good chance to counter attack. Not only he's accurate and comfy with his passing, but he has vision and will pull a long accurate pass. Now let's analyze the last Serie A derby di Milano, the turning point game. Maignan made some great saves, but Donnarumma would have made those too. However Maignan made an inch perfect tackle that got the ball before Hakan stopping what could have been an easy chance for Hakan. If Gigio was there, either he wouldn't have been able to get the ball before or would have been beaten on the 1 on 1. Gigio is a great shot stopper, but terrible at 1 on 1s, because he's also slow. Milan would have been down by 2 goals in the first half and scudetto over.


Are you saying Milan offered higher wages than PSG? Also winning the league with his boyhood club apparently meant fuckall to him so that accounts for zero dollars.


Highest offer by Milan that he rejected was more than he now earns in PSG. Gigi and Mino tried to hardball Milan and lost.


wait until Dyabala don't find a club


he can come to barça for €1m salary


Congratulations, you played yourself


Dembele to make a counter offer asking for 700M yearly salary and 2 gazillions of signing bonus


2 morbillion euros weekly


It's morbin time


i watched the movie, it's true, he said it.


What tier is u/Horror_Cookie_4559 ?


Morb tier


He ask to appear in the blockbuster The Pogmentary 2


Bartomeu is gone though


Laporta: "In order to expedite these negotioatoins we are ready to give you a very generous offer" Sissoko: "And we, are ready to reject that offer" Sissoko to Dembele in hushed voice: "*Never accept the first offer*"


Dembele: I’ve got the best [email protected]#king attorneys


Lol, is this from a movie or series ?? If not, it should be.


Its always office bro


Thank you my king 🙏🏿


Alpha moment


Taking influence from BIG DICK perez


OOTL. Did Perez do this to an RM player?


He didn't give Ramos and Ronaldo the wage increases they were looking for.


And with Ramos he WITHDREW the offer because Ramos was taking too long to decide if he was going to accept it or not.


lmao that is a baller move


Absolutely ruthless. We are learning


Laporta: Don't force me to make it even lower


"I am altering the deal. Pray I do not alter it any further."


This is a Unincycle


"That stands until the end of the day. Tomorrow, we reduce it by another million. Then another million the day after that."


It gets lower by the week


If Sissoko isnt fired after this.....


Lmao. What a chad move.


laporta doing bits, i guess nobody wants dembele ( with his wanted wages )


+ reported agent fees


Never understand why players let their agents charge these absurd agent fees which block their moves.


I hope he does the same with the incoming transfers (stern hand), so the days of paying stupid transfer fees and wages are gone for Barça. Gotta make the best with what we have as there is oil money in circulation.


psg probably would've gotten him if they hadn't fired Leonardo.


The fans have been asking to do this for months, but it's something entirely else seeing the club actually doing it.


Thanks to you guys.




What was the reported fee?




lol wtf




yeah just never heard of an agent fee that high


Iirc the agent fee for Haaland's transfer was around the same ballpark.




i should have been an agent


I think good chunk of that fee is for his father - which is de facto just sign-on fee for Erling with a PR spin that the agent is greedy and not Haaland


What’s the highest that you’ve heard of before this ?


Hope you're only sarcastic and not gullible to believe any of this garbage news, man.


That's some flex by Barca if he actually ends up signing it lmao


He deserved nothing less tbh after all that drama. Great move by Barca


It's more of a "you have 0 leverage left" kind of move. He has no legit offers and his contract runs out. He is risking being left alone and having to beg for a club to take him, a club that might not be in the CL.




And lowered his signing on fee and lowered his pompous attitude.


>Chelsea would take him if he lowered his wages. At that point, why not just stay at Barca then? Has a coach who has clearly brought the best out of him. Moving to a new club would be risky especially given his mental and physical issues.


how low can it go tho


10k +1 euros per week. Take it or leave it.


I'll take it


They should offer him 0 euros a week with 100k appearance fee.


*I can go lower* - Golden God Laporta


Así hasta bajo soy yo ohhhh - Papa Laporta.


With how big they are, I think Laporta's balls are already hanging pretty low


"I have altered the deal. Pray I do not alter it any further."


Alpha’d tf outta him


Mateu Alemany playing 3d chess


> he prefers staying. Weird way of saying no club is stupid enough to pay what he's asking for.


If this goes trough, Laporta really is incredible for what he has managed to do in such a short time


Does this count as a lever.


Its quite clever.


On a serious note it will help us with Laliga's FFP even further since his transfer fee and wages will be amortized for a longer period of time


The transfer fee will pretty much have been fully accounted for at this point since it's so late in the life of his contract. There would probably be a (much cheaper) signing bonus though.


that is not how amortization works - his contract has run out, everything that was spent for him was already accounted for.


It wouldn't, he is free on the 30th so you wouldn't be freeing anything at all


Not if he resigns before the 30th


What are you talking about? it doesn't impact FFP, well, it does but for worse in your case Dembele doesn't renew, result: He is fully amortized (his account value would be 0) and his wages are free Dembele renews: You have to amortize whatever signing bonus you give him + you have to add the new wage for X years


It helps if he resigns in the sense that his only expense is wages and not wages + amortization




'Levers' is the new 'Factos'


Lever 👀👆




To play devil advocate; Barca got lucky because Mbappé decided to stay with Paris; if it wasn’t for that we wouldn’t have any leverage. Mbappé leaving PSG would have a ripple effect on the market. I have a feeling that his agent last hope is Neymar leaving PSG


Barca already got lucky that Mbappe stayed in PSG. Even without Dembele


I dont think we would be "lucky" if Mbappe moved to Madrid.


I do think so at the end of the day a team well organized will always overcome an individual. Look at PSG with all their individualities; they couldn’t win . Look at us even with Messi we couldn’t win .


The recruitment of Madrid is very different to that of Paris. Had they gotten Mbappe they would plan to build the team around him. As a Barca fan the thought of Mbappe in Madrid scares me.


slight miscalculation by his agent


what a chad move holy


HAHAHA tier 2 news i like it.


based alemany


PRICE OF THE BRICK.... has gone down.


It's better he stays because Xavi loves him and pretty much a guaranteed starter bar physical issues. Xavi has figured out a way to use him and the later half of the season showed that The rest of the clubs won't see him that way and he maybe benched for other options...


Bah God Jerry, Laporta just RKO’d Sissoko outta nowhere!!


FC Barcelowball


LMAO What a move by Barca


I like how other teams haven't been fooled by dembele's crew. Mate you've in barça for 5 years that can only be described as "meh ...". Then put some effort in last 7 months and want to be paid like a top superstar. You should have signed an extension while bartomeu was in charge. And you also should have kicked your agent out.


how the turntables


Sergi Roberto was also overpayed, and after checking the market he realised no one was going to pay him the 6-7 he was earning. Not only that, probably no one was gonna pay him the 3 that barca was offering to extend. Finally he signed a 1 year extension. Probably thinks he is gonna have a super season, and I really hope so, but mate 3 mill are more than enough.


Looooooool. I’m pro player and I like Dembele, but this cracked me up. He needs to fire his agent.


Who do you play for?


Haha He is "pro player" not "a pro player" Actually I have no clue what he meant now


You had it right. I am in support of the players when dealing with management. I started to make a joke about being dembele but couldn’t think of anything funny


Morbius Esports


Means he's usually on the side of players but in this case he can't support Dembele..




Okay Dembele, time's ticking, sign it or unemployed lmao.


Man played himself.


Man I would be mad as shit if I was Dembele, his agent screwed him over. That being said, Laporta should continue to lower the contract every week that is delayed. His games ultimately made us miss on Di Maria and give competition for the Raphinha signing.


Anyone else sick of reading about Ousamane Dembele each and every transfer window?


Yes, if you're a Barca fan. No, if you're not. I'll admit I am now quite enjoying what's happening to Dembele, the guy thinks he's much better than he actually is. Now, no one wants to keep him and his astronomical demands are certain to be not entertained.


And the management handled this situation like a chad. They decreased the previous offer and also removed agent fees. So now Dembele has to accept these offers or lower his demands significantly as no one is that seriously interested in him except Chelsea or maybe PSG


There’s only like 10 clubs in the world who could afford his wage demands. So having 30% of them interested isn’t actually too bad


Chelsea prefer Sterling and PSG seem sensible with Louis Campos


Good point actually. Let the clickbait continue!!


Moussa Sissoko should have just stuck with playing football. Abysmal agent


Eh assuming you know it's not the same Sissoko lol


Dembele really needs to get rid of sissoko


How much is the latest offer?


Reportedly, 6m net plus 1.5m bonuses. Down from 7.5-8m net plus 3m bonuses. It would be absolutely hilarious if he ends up accepting the lower offer because his bluff got called 🤣.


now this is 4D chess right here


Yeah he prefers staying now that he sees no other top club wants him


BigBrains offer -1£


This remind me classic FMs negotiation...


Will they keep lowering there offer till he accepts ?


Did I read that correctly?




Good that should put an end to their Raphinha pursuit.




He's out of contract if he doesn't accept it - and while a few clubs like Chelsea have been rumoured to be linked there's nothing anything more substantial. Dembele rejected the earlier contract on the assumption he'd be able to get a better one - now Barcelona are saying to him "accept this lower offer or you're out of contract". Barca are treating Dembele as if he's overplayed his hand and I think they might be right - rumours of the £45mil agent's fee requested is pricing him out of anything. The offer is cheaper than the one he got before, but that's no longer on the table. His options are "cheaper contract or no contract"


Why do players need an agent if they're going to take 45m in a deal? Surely if a player was halfway competent they could siphon that agent fee into their own pocket, and the clubs would be happier too.


Probably because these players are idiots (at least in Dembele's case)


Are there any players who don't have agents?


Yeah, sure. Not many, but some players do their own negotiations. And there are lots of players with "normal" agents as well, who don't demand ridiculous signing bonuses. But in recent years it has become a trend (especially for "top players") to go absolutely crazy with the demands.


Hazard, Kimmich, KDB etc.


I'm not a lawyer, but I think that there's a law requiring "certified agents" in Spain (and some countries).


Dembele simply overestimated his value. He thought many teams would be fighting for his signing which would have begun a bidding war for him. Dembele is a good player and had a fantastic second half of the season but that doesn’t remove the fact that he is a bit of a risk especially due to his injuries. Teams probably didn’t want to commit with a massive contract because he might get injured at any time


Because Dembele has since decided he wants to stay (and possibly the offers from PSG/Chelsea that he expected aren't arriving) so he's now in a much worse negotiating position. Lets say I offered to buy something off you for £100, but you refused because you reckoned your mate would buy it for £120. A couple of months go by and your mate is no longer interested - if I come back and say 'I'll take it for £80', you'll probably strongly consider it.


Because he didn't get offers like what his agent would want from a top club In a week most clubs will start pre season and I think he will be in a hurry to sign a new contract with any club because of that but last it was reported only offer he had was from Barcelona


Looks like he has no other serious suitors


There is not much interest for him. They expected Chelsea and PSG to be in the race. But Chelsea seems to prefer Sterling. Mbappe stayed, therefor PSG does not need him. I also think Messi would retire if he had to play with him again.


> I also think Messi would retire if he had to play with him again. Lmao


Like Michael when he finds out Toby is back :D Mbappe takes two towels, Messi laughs and Neymar says ”what’s funny? He’s gonna take it to Dembele.” ”Yeah Mboopi is going to Spain lol”, Messi responds and Neymar says ”no he’s at the pool” When Messi goes to check he doesn’t see him first and looks the PSG documentary camera excatly like Michael :D After seeing Dembouz he swears ”NO FUERA! HOSTIA! LARGATE TIO! CONCHA DE TU MADRE CABRON!” Dembele still doesn’t undestand Messi and says ”Muy bien :)”


Bruh, the fucking "Muy bien :)" killed me


well no one else is going to pay him 40 mil joining bonus. So we are his only option now.


Barca won't pay him anything close to that.


As reported by RAC1, Barcelona are not paying any signing bonus at all.


but teams can pay him a lower joining bus and higher wage.


Doesn't look like any top club will go near him. You guys were his best bet.


I think we got the sense that he was using us to force Barca to up the offer from them because the player wants to stay. I am sure Tuchel wants no one at the club who isn't sure of leaving their former club, after the Lukaku disaster. Good move by both clubs if this is the case, absolutely beta move by Dembele and his agent in particular who overplayed his hand.


>higher wage. Mostly unlikely Dembele is very talented however he's seen as a risky signing due to his attitude problems and his injury issues. No serious club would make him a top earner. Barca's earlier offer was the best he was going to get yet his agent overplayed his cards by making up claims of other clubs paying him more. Thus far there has been no concrete offer for him outside of Barca's original one and the most reliable news is that "Chelsea are interested", outside of that no other top club is bothering with him. With Mbappe staying and Chelsea preferring Sterling, Dembele is no longer a top priority for either of them. Therefore getting them to pay him big wages is very unlikely.


If they can. They can have him. I get the feeling Laporta is just sick of Dembele and only making these offers because xavi wants him


Then he would have joined already. He's had an entire year to get better offers


If im Dembele I just move on.


To where lmao. No one will play his wages.


Fucking follow through then Dembele, leave them. That's straight up insulting by barca.


Lmfao if anyone deserves this then it's dembele


Viva La On The Face.


That thumbnail though!