Could Werner do well in Serie A? I know he can't score but seeing him next to Vlahovic sounds like a good partnership


Yes, he's similar to Morata so even if he doesnt score much he would compensate with work-rate and runs like the spanish guy.


Rumor might be fake but honestly it doesn't sound like a bad idea for Juventus, what's some €40m Serie A defender they could get to replace De Ligt?


they want Badiashile from Monaco


How is he still a Monaco player. Seemed to be on everyone's radar the past few years.


Hes only 21 is why tbh


He isn't that good. There are plenty of better CB in Ligue 1, and wouldn't bet on him to become rrally good


Bremer from Torino perhaps


He will go to Inter.


Bremer, 30mil€, arguably as good as De Ligt.


And then since they sold Demiral aswell, they should have some cash that they could buy Akanji for aswell who we're rumoured to want around 20m for. That would be a class pivot. De Ligt for Bremer, Werner and Akanji.


Better than De Ligt if you just consider this season. And this was De Ligt’s best season at Juventus.


people keep forgetting De Ligt is only 22. He is a monster for his age. Will only get better


Progression isn’t always linear


defenders grow with experience. Where Chiellini was at 22?


Josema, Umtiti, and Varane are monster as well just 5 years ago, arguably 3 best young CB in La Liga. Now 1 is still good but perpetually injured and never lived up to expectation, 1 in borderline retirement because of his past injuries, and 1 just had the worst season individually in his career.


Depends on the player. Thiago Silva was hyped since his Brazil days and is still going strong.


Varane went from partnering Ramos to Maguire, under fucking Ole covered by Fred/McTominay What do you expect?


Varane will get it back. He was injured a bit as well. You could see his class often.


of course, its just potential and there are plenty that don't live up to it. De Ligt is doing just fine though.


and this is Bremer's first season in Europe, lets wait and see if he can prove himself in bigger team or CL, or at least repeat this season. De Ligt is far more proven CB.


They can have malang sarr, almost as good as de ligt


He's obviously better


What I don't understand is why aren't teams like Chelsea trying to get Bremer instead. The guy is a beast.


Unproven at Big Stage. De Ligt, while have been unheard since his move to Juve, is a proven Big Stage player. Captained that Ajax Side into the sublime UCL run, Good partnership with Van Dijk in recent years at the NT.


He plays for Torino, our scouts clearly dont work very hard


I honestly don't get the scouting of most top clubs, especially English ones. It's so predictable that when they spend 50+ million on a player that the team that sold the player will just go and buy a replacement of similar quality for much less. It's like clubs like Chelsea have an aversion to buying from similar markets to the likes of Leicester.


The scouts know their clubs can afford it, so they just go for the safer choice. If a 50m star doesn't work out, that's bad luck, no one could've seen it coming. If some 20m unknown from Central America flops, the scout's ass is probably on the line.


>It's like clubs like Chelsea have an aversion to buying from similar markets to the likes of Leicester. That's probably changed recently but in previous years, they did make more value for money signings. e.g. Azpi, Zouma, Ivanovic were all under 15 million.


Bremer can't obtain work permit.


They’ve lost some good defenders on frees so maybe the new owners want to make a bit of a statement signing for the fans and reputation of the club. I agree with you


De ligt is one of the most valuable CBS atm afaik. Does not sound like the best deal to me tbh


Romagnoli is an obvious answer since he's Italian and probably wouldn't cost so much Bremer is better though


let him go to Lazio. Rugani 2 la vendetta. Failed italian generation


Ewwwwww, no, you keep Romagnoli away.


That deal still values Werner at like 45+ millions - and there is no way any sane person values him that high after last 2 seasons. I especially don't think he is worth that much to Juve, who are not really looking for strikers that much. I think he can be change I Juve are ready to offer 65+Timo, but there is a reason why trade deals are rare in football - it is hard for teams to agree on a value of 1 player, having them agree on value of 2 players is double the work.


Werner isn't similar to Morata at all. That being said, I do think he'd be good in Italy.


They're completely different. Morata has a great touch and good link up play. Werner has no touch but better positioning coming from out wide. Only thing they have in common in inconsistent finishing.


> Only thing they have in common in inconsistent finishing. and offsides!


Yep pretty lazy comparison.


This comment having over 300 upvotes tells you everything you need to know about this sub. Lmao.


He can't score in the PL, or at least for Chelsea. He scored a shitload in BL. Not sure he's tailor made for Serie A though.


Lukaku can't score for chelsea either but he was POTY for seria A a year prior.


Lukaku is a bad example. He scored a shit ton for everton. Lukaku's problem is psychological imo. Cant deal with the pressure of thr spotlight being on him.


Didnt he have the spotlight on him at Inter when he was doing well?


His problem is his first touch and a lot more. Having a low self-esteem is definitely not one of them though lol


Many many people who suffer from low self-esteem try to hide it via excessive amounts of bravado/shit talking. People often see low self-esteem and introversion/being quiet as going hand in hand , this is not at all true.


There's definitely a psychological element. I'd also argue he's not been effectively utilised at United and Chelsea but he played in a team that got the most out of him at Everton. Lukaku is at his best when he has space to run into, either with the ball or to run onto the ball behind the last man. In terms of how he likes to play, I'd argue he's closer to Vardy than Drogba who people feel most tempted to compare him to. That isn't to say he doesn't use his strength and size to his advantage such as when [when Martinez played him on the right against Arsenal](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCK-exljPH8) and he bullied Monreal all game. Managers know where Lukaku's strengths lie but teams naturally sit back more against United and Chelsea. Knowing they can't play fully to his strengths and perhaps backing themselves to get more out of him, Lukaku ends up playing as a more traditional and all around striker role. Add the psychological element to Chelsea and then the knock on effect of not wanting to build your team around someone unhappy and who has lost their edge, and you end up where we are now.


Yeah exactly. Nobody since Drogba or Fat Frank can score for Chelsea. Lukaku is better suited to Serie A than Werner, but Werner would do better anywhere that isn't Chelsea.


Diego Costa did a job for them but yeah apart from that honestly between butthurt Lukaku and misfiring Morata/Werner they've really struggled with finding a no. 9 that suits their system


Yea I realise I've missed out ten years of history. I was and remain drunk and high.


Anelka Giroud scored some big goals But yeah strikers and Chelsea don’t mix.


*cough* Diego Costa *cough* *cough* Giroud *cough*


Anelka and Costa disagree


Man, Anelka... I miss him.


Even inbundesliga he was wasteful, just got more chances to score than in PL.


Last season's at Leipzig he out preformed his xG by a fair amount


Over his career he is pretty much a xg level type of forward, bar 2 outliers. He does a g/a every 110min pre chelsea He doesnt work in a high possession style of play, but he is a hard worker, good enabler of other players and with some confidence one of the higher scorers in his age bracket. You dont go head to head with lewandowski without some finishing. And his first horrible season with chelsea he was 6g 8a (and 15 offside goals lol)


His pace would be the worst nightmare to serie a defenders , has good link up play, too.


His pace won't help when for some reason 80% of the league plays with their defenders on the 18 yard line against us.




Lol this is partially why he hasn't done well at Chelsea. The man cannot dribble for shit. Great in transition though


His pace won't help when for some reason 80% of the league plays with their defenders on the 18 yard line.


Pace isn't really the attribute of many serie a goalscorer , he's also shit at finishing and he wom't grt as mamy occasions playing for juve


Eh Serie A have some pacey fuckers Tomori and Bremer for example you need finishing more than pace in Serie A.


He actually seems a useful player but idk, i would expect a higher fee


Look at Lautaro


If you can get him scoring then he will be insanely good like his Bundesliga version and hes capable of it. Just needs confidence and to consistently play.


Yeah the guy who had Haaland numbers can't score


Yes, I can see him doing well. Very quick and his movement is elite


You can almost guarantee that any transfer 'rumour' that includes a player swap is made up bullshit.


but people will continue eating them up.


It's provocative, it gets the people going.


Noone knows what it means, but its provocative


It'll just be like the NBA! 🤡


No, no, THIS time it will happen.


Would've been more believable if they made the player Jorginho, either way these deals never happen


Wasn’t there a report by The Athletic that literally reported that Boehly was actively offering loads of swap deals as that what he is used to in baseball.


Hmmm... Haven't Juve made like 2 swaps in the recent years? Plus Di Marzio being reliable?


We don't do swaps, it just so happens that we get a players at the same week we sell one of our own yo the other team, and coincidentally they both play in the same position. *wink wink*


All the FFP regulators hate them for this one, simple accounting trick! The good ol' Arthur/Pjanic business masterclass.


Don't forget Danilo/Cancelo


di marzio is reliable in the sense he arrives so late on the rumour it was already official.


Yeah because Danilo/Cancelo and Pjanic/Arthur never happened


> Pjanic/Arthur Wasn't this deal not even a swap deal. Wasn't this both clubs signing the player in different deals independently for equally extortionate fees to improve their cashflow


On paper yes, in principle it’s a swap




The new baseball guy they have running Chelsea is apparently all about swap deals


Especially if it's a player with high market value like Werner.


Juve value De Ligt at around €100m Werner is a player who has 0 serious offers so it’s hard to know exactly what he’s valued at. We’d probably accept €30-40m (and that’s being optimistic) Still seems quite a way off Juve’s valuation. Really weird one


If we pay 100m for De Ligt we deserve, him asking to be sold next season just like Lukaku.


*loaned back to Juve, or we just wait till his contract runs out.


Exactly. Keep him.


Except de ligt is actually a good player and young


Yeah, Lukaku is a good player too, PL proven too and in his prime. De Ligt is not worth 100m. You can think whatever you want.


> De Ligt is not worth 100m. You can think whatever you want. I honestly think people are under-valuing De Ligt simply because Juve is in a very bad shape the last couple of years, but if this exact same De Ligt was in 2017 Juve, any top club will easily pay +100m for him. Am not taking the disastrous management at ManUtd as a reference, but look what they paid for Maguire ffs xD Also, considering the current market, with the PSG and Cities and now NewQastle joining, anything less than 80M for De Ligt is a joke. The guy is a beast, and he is only 22y.o, any teams who sign him is guaranteed a world class defender for at least 4 seasons straight.   With that said, I wish we never get a proper offer for him because i really want him to renew with us.


after someone paid 110ml p for meguire, de ligt's values increased to 200 minimum


Yeah no, just because of a bad deal, you don't do more, infact you try to avoid them.


This is the way. You start low and meet in the middle.


De Ligt is on a huge wage, has 2 years left on his contract, and negotiations on an extension have soured. Juve can value him for €100m if they like, but no club will be silly enough to pay that


Absolutely no chance we'd accept 30-40m for Werner, not even if it was pounds. That's ignoring the fact that Tuchel values Werner ahead of both Ziyech and Pulisic. The rumour is likely nonsense and if we're being realistic, the only players that have any serious interest in them are Lukaku and Ziyech, despite the fact that Ziyech, Werner, Pulisic and Lukaku have basically all been semi-openly available/disgruntled and wanting to leave for the past 6 months


> Absolutely no chance we'd accept 30-40m for Werner, not even if it was pounds. if someone offered that for werner chelsea should accept it without hesitation


Should we accept that for Pulisic too? Because Werner is better than him. Werner is a good player who fits well in our system. He does everything for us except finish. We aren't replacing him for 30-40m, so why would we sell him? Werner is plagued by his reputation as a choker in front of goal. Fans who watch him play every week know that despite being a choker, he's a valuable player. At some point you have to actually field a team instead of stacks of cash.


"everything except finish" He doesn't create anything, he can't dribble, he doesn't tackle, and can't score. What do you think he does do well??


Run into space, draw defenders, get to the byline with the ball, cross, track back, link up with Mount. The notion that he doesn't tackle or create chances is idiotic. If he did nothing he simply wouldn't play. As it is he benches Ziyech, CHO and Pulisic on a regular basis. Why? Because we are better with him on the pitch than them, despite him not scoring often. All these hot takes about how we should bite someone's hand off to get an amount of money with which we couldn't buy a comparable replacement.


You can literally look up how much he tackles and creates. Last year in the prem, Werner created 0.6 chances per 90 and made 0.6 tackles per 90. Ziyech - 2.1 & 1.4 Pulisic - 1.1 & 0.7 Mount - 2.3 & 1.6 Havertz - 1.3 & 0.9 Callum - 3.6 & 1.2 Werner does not track back and make tackles. He does not create chances. He does not cross the ball successfully. If you look at successful crosses per 90 and cross success rate. Werner - 0.1 & 4.35% Ziyech - 0.7 & 17.82 Pulisic - 0.2 & 14.29% Mount - 0.5 & 28.1% Havertz - 0.1 & 25% Callum - 1.2 & 33.3% Nobody crosses less often than Timo, and nobody has even close to his dismal success rate. You talk about him getting to the by-line? How does he do that? Not by dribbling... Of the 550 or so Premier league players, Timo's dribble success rate is the 3rd worst. Of everybody. Of every single Premier league player to have attempted a dribble last season, only a full back at Brentford and one at Burnley were less successful than Werner at beating a man. He does nothing of worth


Stop, he’s already dead


For Timo I'd take the money and run


Does Juve want Werner? If they do, do they value him at 50-60m? I doubt it


Werner's value isn't the only issue. It's that he also makes 250k/week.


De Ligt isn't worth 100 mi


Well, he cost 85m when Juve bought him, has gotten more experienced and is arguably Juventus‘s best CB. Plus, he still has 2 years on his contract, so why would they sell him for much less than his initial price?




Tbf that’s what we said about Mbappe


Juve aren’t handing him 45% of the Italian gdp as a signing bonus.


Juve isn't going to appoint him on the top management staff, and Draghi isn't going to persuade him to stay.


Can Juventus afford to give De ligt a huge pay raise?


Juve could keep him for another season and still sell him for a pretty high fee.


Then you also run the risk of him staying. He has to be one of their highest earners. So if he stays for two years and you turned down €100m. Then you are what 130M worse off. Could definitely buy Bremer and still have 80m to burn.


Apparently nobody is offering us €100m, otherwise we'd probably sell.


People probably won't hear it and I know nothing about him, but the top comment in the Juve thread talking about potentially selling him is saying that he's their best player and has been their most consistent player for the past 3 seasons. You don't get to buy "the best player" from a club as big as Juve without putting up that kind of money


Juve’s idiotic purchasing price shouldn’t be a valid indicator. 100mil is overpriced


These are Euros, not pounds. That’s £86M. That’s the valuation they put on him, not the expected sales price if he forces out. He’s 22 and has been starting and starring at the CL level since he was 18 and he starts regularly in a loaded Dutch back line. His release clause is also €120M (£103M). I don’t know what he goes for, but surely it’s in the realm of €80M+ similar to Dias, Macguire, Van Dijk and himself lol


Yes I know, but if Dias cost us €71 mil then surely de Ligt’s price is around €80mil or maybe even lower. Anyone looking to pay 100mil for him just a clown in my opinion.


He’s younger than Dias and at the time of Dias transfer he has much less CL, top flight and international experience (obviously it’s worked out quite well since then lol). They’re saying Juve want €100M, which has been highly reported by Sky. He’s our best and most valuable player and he’s just entering his prime. What we want and what we get are two different things, but I don’t think that’s an unreasonable starting valuation for a key player you want to keep. We’re also not a selling club like Southampton and Benfica were.


You’re the only clown in this thread


Price wasnt idiotic at the time. There were plenty of teams willing to pay that price, the wages and Raiola package were a bigge problem


Surprised a shitty..oh I mean city fan knows that €100 million is a lot of money, I thought it’d be £300 million coming from you plastics i mean citizens.


I just said he isn't worth 100mi, this isn't much less than his initial price


One of the best CB’s in the world and only 22 years old. He’s worth the money for sure.


I agree, too low


He is worth being the costliest CB of all time.


Werner is a similar profile to Morata, which is why I assume they would be interested in him. But obviously they don’t value him at 50M€.


Don't think so at all, Morata prefers the ball at his feet while Werner is more off the ball player nothing similar between them


They were both born offside.


Well Juve wants a second striker, which is the position Morata was playing for them & the position Werner excels in. I don’t know about Juve system, but for Spain Morata plays as the lone #9 but he is flanked by 2 wingers who like to run in behind. I think that’s where Morata is at his best when he is dropping deep and getting involved in the play, but Juve doesn’t play like this. Obviously there is stylistic differences between Morata & Werner as individuals, but Werner certainly fits the profile Juventus are looking for to replace Morata.


Do they? From what I can tell they wanna move to a 4-3-3 so they don't need Werner unless they wanna play him as a LW


We are not buying morata for more than 20m which is our evaluation, Werner is not a better player and earns considerably more. There is no way we value him at more than twice the value of Morata


Its literally the reason given in the article as to why Juve would be interested: >Juventus like Werner - he is seen as a similar player to Morata.


Might tell you that this article is bogus then


Wouldn't say similar profile tbh. Werner is heavily suited to a counter attacking team. Not sure where he'd fit in considering chiesa usually plays on the left and they have vlahovic for CF.


Similar as in they can’t finish their dinner mate


Morata is decent technically. Werner looks like he can’t control the ball most of the time


Pogba and Werner? They ain’t ready


Futmas Werner after all these years.


The prophecy


Di Marzio has been a complete disaster this summer so I doubt it.


Tbf he got mbappe contract right


Really? Cite these disasters please.


Hi good morning. I think it's because he's dropped a lot of rumours non stop this crazy season and most are improbable. Prior to this he used to post a lot less frequently with a lot more probable rumours.


Hello friend. While he's definitely posting a lot of rumors, he's never said it's a fact these things will happen. Last thing I remember di Marzio getting wrong was Neymar back to Barcelona a few years ago.


This would be worse than the Cancelo- Danilo one.


The Cancelo - Danilo deal was more about helping Juventus signing De Ligt. This is a great article by Adam Digby that explains the reasoning behind the deal. https://www.forbes.com/sites/adamdigby/2022/04/12/juventus-didnt-swap-joao-cancelo-for-danilo-they-swapped-him-for-matthijs-de-ligt/


It was a good transfer for Juve. We didn’t need Cancelo with Cuadrado being primed in the role already. Not as explosive as Cancelo but Cuadrado is close. One of tge best RBs in Europe. Cancelo sale was a no brainer. Maybe Danilo for 40M was a little steep in retrospect


We swapped a world class talent, for a decent 28y old fullback, who was a bench player at the 2 other clubs he played for and never goes past the halfway line, + €20 milion. Now we have him, a declining Cuadrado who plays more as a winger with Allegri, and De Sciglio


3 years later we have a declining Cuadrado and MDS lol… and even then, Cuadrado is still a great RB and worthy of starting for Juve. Or City. Selling Cancelo was the easiest decision we made. Easiest


I don't think Cuadrado started even half of his games in that position, and he's clearly declining, which is expected, with his characteristics, role, and age. We would've had a great fullback in his prime now instead


> Cuadrado is still a great RB and worthy of starting for Juve. Or City. my fucking sides u/Mister_Allegri Pathological liars who can't even be bothered to check the playing time and see Cuadrado is mostly being played as a right midfielder and sometimes Allegri even picks De Sciglio over him at RB


Dude this thread on juve made me feel like i was in a different realm. Like 20,000 numbers and equations thrown around when the reality is that our 80M talent in de Ligt wants to run away from this dysfunctional club in just THREE years. 80M, 3 years, we are THAT bad. https://www.reddit.com/r/Juve/comments/vjqvsj/how_to_think_about_the_potential_sale_of_de_ligt/idkmw4f?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3 In the last 16 hours I have realized that de Ligt is basically Mellberg without a beard, that players pass but Juve remains, that good guys win, bad guys lose, "and as always, society dominates" etc etc😂😂 they prefer to sell de Ligt and Dybala but talk about De Sciglio they send the police on you.


It's so fascinating, all competent players want to leave because they "hate the club" meanwhile shit players like De Sciglio and Rugani are happy to stay because they love Juventus, not because they know they wouldn't even start for Salernitana 🤐🤐


Non-Italian are more fans of Acciughina FC than of Juventus FC, Allegri and Agnelli over everyone else for them. I don't find it normal. We had de Ligt, Romero and Demiral, and now we risk meeting up with 7M net Bonucci, Gatti who, unfortunately, will not improve under Macs, and fucking Rugani. Nothing takes my mind off the fact that if de Ligt leaves, it is also because of that manager there, who doesn't know how to work with the under-25s (remember how many times he told him that he has no experience, Matthijs himself told him that he was captain of Ajax when he was 18) Then we will replace him worthily with the money obtained /s, as we did with Pogba (so much so that we got him back 6 years later), Dani Alves, Cristiano and as we will surely do with Dybala /s. Creating a society (of incompetents) bent to the wishes of an anachronistic madman in Agnelli and Allegri. 36M NET over 4 years siphoned from this glorious club thanks to a fucking dinosaur and a uni-brow that hasn't made a good decision since 2017. Other Juventini here must take care then to continue to have smoke thrown into their eyes with high-sounding names that will not come or with replacements that are in any case mediocre compared to those who were there before. Not to mention this phantom project. Yet ANOTHER year zero without certainty, disaster announced.


People forget Cancelo is a terrible defender, great attacker but consistently gets caught out.


Seriously, people talk like cancelo was already best RB in the world before his time in City. Never really looked like he could reach this level at his clubs previous to City, and honestly I think he will be back to being just a good RN when he is out of Guardiola’s system. Good/Great player but being really overrated because he fits Guardiola’s system like a glove and that is really allowing him to shine.


Seems like an awful offer if true


€35m for De Ligt seems low


Erm.. plus the mighty timo Werner…


Oh I factored him in


Di Marzio has 0 knowledge lmao


Juve: no In what world would this possibly be an acceptable offer


only Chelsea board and fans think that Werner is somehow a valuable player.


LMAO you have to pay us to get werner XD


They can fuck off lolol


Ah yes, time for EPL fans to tell me our best CB, one of the best in the league and is still only 22, is worth less than fucking Ben White. We watch him every week, he’s unreal. He’s worth €80m at least. Plus we’ve been very clear, if he wants to leave, we will let him. Werner wouldn’t be good for us. He thrives on having space to run in behind and so many teams park on the 18 yard against us. Plus, we need wingers, not another striker who can pretend he’s a winger.


If you could explain how you've come to the conclusion that he's worth less than Ben White when nobody has said that, I'd appreciate it. Sounds like you're viewing yourself as a victim before anybody has even said anything


Di Marzio has really lost it


He didn't say Juventus will accept the offer lol


Oh no he reports something you don't like so that means he has lost it.


Most transfer rumors are dumb. Orstein keeps peddling Lisandro Martinez to Arsenal for comically low amounts.


oh people dreaming


This is obviously bullshit, not even worthy of a post. Sometimes forget this is how summer transfer news is.




Wouldn’t touch Werner with a 10 ft pole. For Juve. Good player though


Sounds made up


Are they going to knee Agnelli in the crotch to sweeten the deal? Haha why would they take this?


Yeah, even this deal at 40mil instead of the earlier report of 30mil favours Chelsea. It allows us to get a high-earning misfit out while bringing in a good defender when we are desperate for CBs, while also opening space for incoming attacker. I am sure Juve will prefer more cash seeing as they will need to reinforce their own defence


Di Marzio off the deep end.


Okay, so Chelsea aren’t that serious about De Ligt.


For everyone dismissing this it’s worth noting there was just a credible report that Boehly is approaching this like baseball, wanting to use players in “trades”. Also the person writing this for DiMarzio is Nathan Gissing who has shown to be pretty reliable for Chelsea despite appearing to be about 14 years old.


Di Marzio is dogshit source nowadays


Another worthless swap rumor


How about 45mil + Martial 🤨


Oh, they’re not serious then.


Do not ever pick up the phone from them again if that's the actual offer.


Are serie a’s title contenders just gonna all have ex chelsea forwards?


Salah and Kevin turned out great so why not


You basically bought every good player in the last few years.