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Funny how the most expensive goalkeeper and the highest paid goalkeeper in the world aren't even top choices for their country




Kepa and De Gea, presumably


Unai Simon is a chad


Athletic Bilbao sold for a record fee and still upgraded.




bilbao reminding clubs that an academy is better than going to the market for every need


In fairness their recruiting pool is so small they probably have a scout behind every blade of grass


If that was all it takes, no club would need worldwide scouting networks.


You must add to that the cultural significance of the Basque nationalism that Bilbao represents, which means that many Basques dream of playing for the club which unequivocally represents their defiance of the Spanish state. This means that they not only get more engagement from the communities they DO scout, but also that they have an easier time retaining their players, as their highest ambition is often to play for Bilbao (the club even established an award for One Club Men, for the likes of Le Tissier and Maldini). This is, of course, just a theory, but it seems plausible enough to me.


Barcelona should've copied them during the Bartomeu days.


Can they ring Chelsea ?


If only Bilbao could produce good players on FM. Pamplona are producing 5 star players every year while my best academy product in 7 years was a 4 star potential RB when I had 3 capable starters


What's actually wrong with De Gea? Is it because of the poor performance of United in general? I always thought he was still United's best player.


He’s not good with his feet.


He's fine with his feet as attested many times by his Spanish teammates. Can easily pass the balls out to full backs which the Spanish NT keeper has to do. There's no Ederson balls in that setup. What Luis Enrique wants is someone to deal with crosses better because Spanish weakness is defending set pieces because of their size. The goalkeeper needs more presence there for him.


He's always been poor with his hands when coming to claim the 50/50 crosses. He's a shrinking violet under pressure.


Oh yeah you're right.


He is not good at anything that requires him to step outside of the goal line.


He's top in the world at making saves with his feet


he isnt a modern keeper, doesnt suit spain at all


De Gea is maybe good at the line, his biggest problem is his footwork in a passing sense. He is not the best to create or work in a 11 man passing System where the goalkeeper start complete moves. And we talk about spain and their tikitaka kinda style


He was terrible for Spain in the World Cup and he's one of the worst keepers when it comes to using his feet and coming out of the line. He's just a great shot stopper who's shit in other aspects.


Not good with the ball at his feet which means he gives the ball to the opposition in dangerous areas. Not commanding in his box which means a lot of opportunities we give you could’ve been prevented with a bit more aggression. Still an excellent shot stopper though.


Luis Enrique knows ball


[He only looks good in highlights. ](https://i.imgur.com/JIcTmKj.jpg)


fantastic shot stopper, he saved so many points last season purely by keeping the ball out of the net so many times where any other keeper would have let it in, but that’s about it doesn’t have the presence in his box or the technical ball skills at his feet to be able to play out from the back as well as other modern keepers can or command the area wouldn’t be surprised to see his contract be run down with ETH in charge


Shit whit us, even when decent with United, and clumsy, had shoes to fill and couldn't even put a toe in. Donkey.


Shit whit us, even when decent with United, and clumsy, had shoes to fill and couldn't even put a toe in. Donkey.


And most expensive is no longer first choice in his own club. Great business!


And both play for the same country


And both play for the same country


Both massively overpaid


Am I just getting older or do most of the people in this thread have awful reading comprehension. This statement seems fairly neutral to me, and if anything, it’s pro Lampard






Damn was Lampard that hated seems no one liked or has backed him. Given they won a CL shortly after I guess it makes sense


I wouldn't say this is hating on Lampard - there's some positive stuff in there about giving players the freedom to express themselves - it's just a comparison of planned, controlled football vs more 'natural' football, not which one is better or worse.


The quote seem seems neutral, just a difference in style. Haven't read the article though.


It reads to me like someone who speaks English as a second language being sincerely neutral - it's just that usually when we native Brits are that 'neutral' it's cos we're implying something else.


Yeah it does my head in with the Brits, you lot have no true neutrality. Your neutral statements are just you politely implying something else.


I can see what you're saying...


Pretty much what Caballero said when Lamps became head coach. Although that was comparing Sarri with Lampard. Said under Lampard there was far more ball work in training and fewer tactical meetings.


Story of my life


"Natural football" is always a bad indictment of the coach though, unless you have the best players in the world ar every position. A lack of control is never a good thing, and one thing that most players hate Read between the lines and he is calling Lampard tactically shit


By the same thinking he must be calling Mourinho and Ancelotti shit too


If your system is really rigid, it’s very easy to nullify you though. How is your opponent going to know what you’re going to do if you don’t know what you’re going to do? Can’t remember which manager it was, maybe Pep, that said it’s his job to get the players to the final third and from there it’s up to the players to figure out how to score.


Yet I enjoyed lampard's tenure a lot. Finally blooded in academy players. Played entertaining football and got top 4. Then signed the players who went on to win the CL. You can't ask for more.


Yea I liked him you always love to see club legends succeed Milan have burned plenty of former legends as coaches. It's a tough gig.


He came in at a very difficult time too. Sarri just left, transfer ban, lost our best player, no managers wanted to come. He could've easily stayed at Derby in his comfort zone yet he took a big risk coming into the club under those circumstances. Don't care what anyone says, will always respect that.


His biggest problem was he didn't know how to run that system defensively, you were getting destroyed on the wings when opposition press was successful. Tuchel fixed that real quick.


The backline would retreat while the rest of the team presses. Was insane. Left a huge gap between defence and midfield. And who was the one left to cover it? Only the slowest midfielder in Europe. Jorginho. At one point he was picking up almost a yellow every 2 games. He was drowning out there making tactical fouls to stop the constant counters. Still worth it. Love Lamps for what he did with us. Mount was not the player he is now at the beginning of Lampard's reign. And Lampard stuck with him even when the form dipped. R.James' talent was a little more obvious, but I can guarantee that Sarri would have left him on the bench as well. Transfer ban or not we still had a lot of experienced players available. Lampard made a conscious decision to blood that generation of talent. And I'd welcome him back once every 5 years to do it again haha.




I'll get into this with you if you're looking for a genuine discussion, but I've been burnt on reddit before. It usually goes like you started. A weirdly aggressive response, then they put words in your mouth build off of that, and only then make their point. But on topic. You make a good case about RLC. Sarri didn't start playing him properly in the league until the middle of the season. And that was when we had an injury crises on the wings. RLC filled in on the wing. Played brilliantly, and earned the coach's trust. As for Emerson, he only started getting game time mid-season after a tactical shift. Sarri stopped using inverted wingbacks. Alonso also started getting injured and couldn't get back into the team as a result. Feel free to Google Alonso's interview after that season where he breaks it down himself. As for hating or whatever you accuse me of, I enjoyed Sarri's season and was disappointed when he jumped ship to Juve. He left just as his ideas started to click. But I'm under no illusions. He wasn't very youth friendly. He'd take a long time to warm to younger players. And it took a lot for him to give youngsters a chance. We'd have been in the CL not Europa. It wouldn't have been as easy to throw minutes to the likes and James and Mount.


>Played entertaining football and got top 4. Bit off topic but which Chelsea manager of the last 20 years played the most entertaining football in your opinion?


Got to be Ancelotti. His 09/10 season we used to bang 4/5 goals for fun. Won the leauge by scoring 8 goals on final day. Then Conte's first season we played some great football with Hazard,Costa & Pedro.


Yep definitely 09/10 Ancelotti. I wish we'd had Deco for longer


The title win under Jose was really fun to watch, especially the first half. Costa and Fabregas connection was something else. Plus Hazard doing Hazard things.


That too. Jose really let it flow in the first half of the season, after that heavy loss at Spurs he tightened the screws untill we won the league.


Without Hazard and under a transfer embargo too.


Nobody disliked first lampard season, its the second season that went downhill after he spent 200+ millions and said that those same players that he brought in are not ready to compete for titles, and we jumped to 9th spot. Tuchel came in and won cl with the same squad.


Werners performances were worth -50 million tbf so it's only 100 mill when you consider it was basically 10v12


He blatantly didn't bring those players in. Lampard was stitched up.


Entertaining? Didn't enjoy our CBs passing between each other for the whole match then when they passed forward, lost the ball. Opponent was able to easily get through our disorganized press and score on counters.


That was really only at the end of Lampard's time - we played some really nice free-flowing attacking football in his early months.


You didn't feel more invested in the club and community during it? If you're only a fan of good technical football you must hate tuchel


It was more entertaining than what we have with far better players. Our current system is just pass between 3 cbs, atleast lampard's tactics wasn't just keeping the ball without doing anything.


What makes you think he was hated? Kepa hasn’t said anything remotely negative here, and Thiago Silva’s instagram post on Lampard’s departure indicates that he was absolutely not hated. Also a bunch of youth players got first team football, so I bet they love him too. Kepa’s just pointing out the difference in coaching here. Tuchel is more of a control freak and Lampard likes more free flowing football. He’s not saying one is better than the other.


It depends on how you look at it - it seems that Lampard had a more relaxed approach and let the players play their own game. That approach will work for some players. Clearly not for Kepa. And it seems a lot of that Chelsea squad did not thrive under it and require a stronger system. I don't think this is necessarily a criticism of Lampard per se but an acknowledgement that his style didn't really fit that squad


It's how Ancelotti manages and to an extent how Mourinho wants to as well. Both managers Lampard loved playing under. Give the team the framework to succeed rather than micromanaging.


I don’t think that’s fair though on Ancelotti. While he gives you freedom, there is also an element of organisation. Our defence was an absolute shambles. I loved lamps but he had no clue on how to properly set up a side to defend. There were huge gaps the size of the Grand Canyon between our defence and midfield and our press was disjointed. It left holes and meant our defence was heavily exposed. It was fun to watch at times but when we faced good sides we struggled and we had no plan on how to break them down. It’s like Pep always gives freedom to his attackers but there is a coherent plan on how the ball gets to them


Similar to Jurgen giving his wide players more freedom but the centre of the park is super drilled. I think all good coaches have a balance of both.


I wasn't commenting on the quality of what they are doing, that's just what their management philosophies are. Lampard struggling to set the defence up and keep them focussed doesn't mean they don't follow the same school of thought as to how they want to run their teams. It also doesn't mean Carlo & Jose don't have a coherent plan either.


I thought Mourinho was known for being a very micromanaging coach


Not really, i'm not saying he doesn't get involved like that but primarily he wants to create a team that have the tools to solve stuff themselves - or well that's the way he was working with Chelsea mid 2000s and one of the reasons his influence carried on for so long after leaving.


I loved Frank’s time here, the most connected I’ve felt to the club in years.


Even if you interpret this quote as negative towards Lampard'a tactics, I have no idea how you can take it as a sign that he was hated. His tactics didn't work that well and the players are aware of it. Doesn't mean anyone was hated


Lampard is generally viewed positively by Chelsea supporters because he did what they've been asked for for years, which is to give the youngesters a chance. But otherwise he's clearly not good enough. Couldn't organise the defence at all.


Nah, tuchel is just a better coach.


English players really liked him Tammy, Mount, James for obvious reasons Chilwell also seemed to really be a fan and played quite well under him even when we were imploding near the end Zouma seemed to like him, Lampard revived his career I think Silva had a pretty good relationship with him but he’s also very professional and appreciative and etc on social media so I wouldn’t give that too much thought


The reason Lampard was fired was because a manager of Tuchel's level was available. I'm sure that if there wasn't a top manager on the market, Lampard would have been given at least until the end of the season.


Its not hate or anything like that, he just simply wasn’t as good as Tuchel.


Which is understandable considering Lampard is still new to coaching. I'm more surprised that Jody Morris didn't go into coaching himself after coaching youth.


That kind of laissez-faire attitude works if you win. Looks dumb if you consistently lose against bad teams.


I read this as a slight towards Tuchel not Lampard




Yet Everton took 4 points from Chelsea last season...


According to the logic Sherif is better than Real Madrid


Have Real ever won the Moldovan league? checkmate.


I see no lies here


We actually lost one and won the other, so if anything according to that logic we're on the same level.


Surely Chelsea finished below us then!?


Chelsea doesn't play in la Liga my man




Oh fuck off man we know we’re shit


That haircut looks horrible on him tbh. It adds 10 years


Damn. I wonder how old I look with my balding head


Translation: "Fuck you Frank Lampard"


Not really.


That’s not remotely what he’s saying.


He's thinking it


No, that’s in your head


He literally can't play with the ball from out the back. Mendy is way better than him at it, but because of skin color and nationality people just assume Kepa is better than him. Same with de Gea, people just assume he's good at playing from the back because he's Spanish.


Mendy isn’t better at playing out from the back than Kepa, nonsense.


Do you even watch your team play? This is demonstrably false


Kepa isn’t a better GK but he’s definitely better playing out from the back


Do people assume that?


People assume de Gea can pass out from the back well?


One of the most widely held criticisms of both Kepa and De Gea is that they cannot play from the back and that is one of the main reasons why neither are the Spanish number 1. Stop chatting fraff


You’re just lying, its not like its even a debatable thing. Im not sure if you said a single true thing in this comment.


this comment reeks of lampard dickriding


Wtf I thought he was good at it. Why was he so expensive then cause his actual keeping ain't so hot. I've always assumed he was good with his feet?


He is good with his feet.


He’s not bad at it, certainly better than Mendy but he’s worse at absolutely everything else


Mendy is clearly better than De Gea But Kepa? Must be because he is white


Imagine saying people think De Gea can play with his feet. It’s the most widely used criticism of his game




Hes downvoted because he mentioned race and nationality for absolutely no reason


Mendy is God awful at playing out from thr back. He's nowhere near kepa level, don't kid yourself. Hes a better shot stopper and better at controlling his box. But if he carries on like he has been doing he'll be replaced.