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Economic Levers FC


Why is the term "economic levers" only used with regards to Barcelona / Spanish football and not other countries? Not a native Spanish speaker so maybe it's just a translation thing? Does it have the same context (in Spanish) outside of football?


Yea most likely it's a goofy literal translation for words that have flexible/multiple meanings depending on the context. It sounds hilarious in English though. Like- pull the money lever!!!


it's not lost in translation, it sounds goofy in spanish as well but the idea's clear. for example if they can get the club's socios approval to sell part of their tv rights (think they already did?), that's a lever.


Wrong lever!




Always upvote the llama reference!


The monetary tools at our disposal.




I'm picturing Conan O'Brien's Texas Walker Ranger lever.


Yes, for the last few months. Thought I was the only one


It's business slang in English too. For example if you're trying to make budget you might say "there are levers we can pull" and then proceed to lay off staff or do something else to cut costs.


I get the sense that it's not just a metaphor here. I mean not that it's a literal physical lever, but it seems like they're talking about a very specific legal/accounting practice that isn't being explained.


Every time I hear economic levers in finance, it means borrow out the ass. I hope this is not the case. Can’t think of worse thing to do than borrowing money to sign players.


They’re selling a 49% stake of various assets. Basically they retain a controlling interest but all future profits from them are cut in half


it's got the same definition as in english but laporta chose that word to refer to whatever mechanisms he has to get money for the club and the media runs with it because it's easily understood. their deal with cvc is a 'lever', selling stocks of their merchandise brand is another lever, selling barca studios another lever, don't know how many others they've got. calling them levers is basically saying easy money in these hard times but in reality they'd be selling club assets that they shouldn't need to sell. saying levers is a lot easier than explaining the latter.


Because they’re going to sell their rights off to get some quick cash? Pretty foolish stuff


It's a Skinner box. Instead of treats, top class players are the reward.


I need to find myself some of these economic levers.


Barca is looking for a cheap striker. Maybe that's your way in.


You don't even want to know for how little I'd sell them my services!


Okay but for real can someone explain what these "levers" actually entail? All I see is memes about them.


forever it be known


I mean… yeah 😂


I've never seen a league president so invested in a particular team's finances and signings


Its hilarious, but he's looking after the whole league, its marketability and the balance of Barca - Madrid rivalry. He's fucking shameless while he's at it though lol.


he didn’t take proper advantage of it when messi and ronaldo were in the league


He had the two players that were the best in the world, the most popular and the most profitable, he had the two best and most popular clubs in the world and he still couldn’t manage to promote la liga to be more profitable or more popular than the premier league. He has don’t good things but yeah you’re right he couldn’t exploit all that to make la liga #1


Yeah that’s kind of pathetic that La Liga couldn’t surpass the Premier League under him with those two players


We will never surpass an english-speaking league. That will never happen. But i'm not defending Tebas tho, because part of EPL's sucess also came from a few decades of promoting in Asia way more than english teams. Back then i didn't understand why United would go to Japan and China instead of countries with more football tradition, but nowadays it's paying off, they have more attention there. (Spanish fans have way more fans in south america for example, which is great at building pull for brazilian and argentine players, but not really for selling tv deals and other economic reasons) So part of it it's his fault for not promoting more smartly in markets that have higher economic potential (Asia and USA mostly). BUT, even so 80% of it is the language factor that we will never overcome. tldr: Overall, can't fully blame Tebas, just like cant praise EPL. The current economic disparity between the leagues is not fully a matter of EPL being smarter or doing a better job, it's mostly about secondary reasons that can't be controlled or replicated. edit* The only situation which we could overcome them is if USA/Asia broke economically (due war, pandemic, etc), and Latin America became the richest region in the world. edit2* contrary to what people think, raw number of population is not what gets better tv deals, as thought from the arsenal fan below. It's much more about economic power. Latin america is huge but doesn't have 20% the buying power of north america and Asia. They will never get better deals with our shit economies and next level piracy.


Even with not surpassing English big leagues monetarily, La Liga has done well with their target audience and in many ways it's good enough there. Pretty level take on big factors that are shortcomings but not insurmountable ones as history shows


serie a was ahead of the prem for a while. i see no reason why la liga couldn’t have been


That was before internet and social media took over. The language thing is boosted by social media and new wave of globalization. Not sure what's so hard to understand, these are 2 completely different scenarios. I'm not analyzing historically, otherwise EPL wouldve always been the most watched one. I'm talking about right now, past decade or so. Serie A is also much behind EPL nowadays, just like La Liga. The fact that they were great in the 90's has nothing to do with this whole subject.


fair enough. there is still a lot of spanish speakers in the world though, but you’re right both leagues are behind PL now. but when messi and ronaldo were there it wasn’t any different


Yes, but unfortunately the spanish speakers live mostly in bad economies. What matters the most are the amount of people PAYING for the channel, so the channels offer more money for the tv rights to the league, and this money goes to the clubs. Raw numbers, as in amount of people that speak the language, doesn't matter as much. We live in a poor region with way lower consumption rate and economic power compared to USA, China, Japan, Korea, etc. Even tho these countries have less people following football, they at least have people with money and willing to pay for cable and stuff. Here in south america? not as much, piracy goes unpunished and for majority of people is the only option. There are hd streams everywhere, it's not 144p laggy streams like in 2007 anymore... Even rich people use it. People with money also pirate movies, music, games, etc. It's normal. And this hurts and tv deal with clubs exploring the market.


I mean you mentioned South America already but there are half a billion Spanish speakers in the world, that's a strong catchment area. Japan and Korea are a tough sell for sports, let alone China - yes a certain market exists but football in the far east isn't considered very respectable. Also I remember the 90s, the galacticos and later on MSN and BBC were absolutely insane, I don't think anyone would put the PL above La Liga until fairly recently.


Raw numbers don't matter as much as you think, pretty far from that. Our economies are shit over here, piracy is the norm over here, and Brazil is #1 worldwide in movies/games/streaming piracy. To get better tv deals, the leagues need to promote to a region which will get a lot of PAID viewers (that's why i said USA and Asia, even tho they aren't football lovers they still have a lot of people with money). They don't get good money by being the favorite league/teams of a poor region that doesn't consume official streams and merchandising. Quite a few people here watch La Liga and spanish clubs in UCL, but almost no one buys cable tv and channels only for that reason. No reason to do it when it's easy to find free streaming with decent quality. And we feel no 'shame' or something like that for watching pirate streaming, i'm not going to willingly spend 10-20% of my salary on tv when it's easily available for free. (easily available, no punishment, no control over it, and good quality) ---------------------------------------------------------------- And that's why La Liga also don't promote themselves much in Latin America (tv deals and also off-season friendlies), despite the lack of language barrier and how much we love these clubs. Because at the end of the day, there's terrible potential here, piracy runs the show over here due our terrible economies. They rather play friendlies in USA, Europe and Asia to get better deals, despite majority of their international fanbase being from latin america. By the historic connection between Barça/Real and Brazil/Argentina, you would think the clubs would be coming here almost every year to play friendlies, spread their brand, etc, right? That just never happens. I support Madrid for almost 20 years and i never read/heard anything even close to Barcelona or Real Madrid visiting Brazil or Argentina. The most they do here is some children camps, but mostly to scout talent and not to make money. edit* wtf how is this downvoted? Ok sure believe what you want then, Latin America is rich.


Absolutely right man, what you described, every word of it, that's the life of people in Latin America. We have other concerns (more important concerns) than just "watch football" which can be just be seen for free on a good quality stream or whatnot. The fact that we need to spend a great percentage of our salary "just" so we can have a "decent" tv deals that gives us the football does not make up for what we didn't get with those 20%. Our economies are, bluntly, top shit. Of course other countries with higher purchase power are seen as better market options. A fellow venezuelan.


You guys have your own big clubs right? Asia and North America don't have big clubs. South Americans seem to support their country men more than certain clubs


And you guys keep forgetting its not only those two, but basically several others in between. From neymar, iniesta, Xavi, Bale, Suarez, Ozil etc.


Have you seen how much we pay for football? Spain can't match that, contrary to what people think the biggest difference between the prem and the other leagues is actually domestic tv revenue.


Nope it can’t. England has way better economy, but it’s not just domestically. In America NBC paid the premier $2.7b for the right of the games for 6 years and la liga just sold their rights ESPN for $1.4b for 8 years. You’re right the biggest difference it is the revenue but not just domestically, also globally.


if the world spoke spanish they don't even need messi and cr


agreed the reason the PL is most popular worldwide is that the league is in english and there are 3x as many people who speak and/or understand english as spanish perceived quality and parity of the league helps, united and liverpool's historical dominance helps, good brand management helps. but english is the reason that any of that matters.


Plus the biggest factor which is that the UK has a substantially large economy than Spain so domestically we spend a lot more on football. If the Germans were willing to spend what we do they would be making money out the arse but thankfully the fans have a lot more power there.


La Liga doesn't speak English. That's the #1 reason Premier League is so big - people in UAE, China and Thailand learn English, not Spanish, and coverage is in English.


More people speak English than Spanish. The atmosphere and colors are much better in PL. The lighting, stadiums can be below par in La Liga. People don’t want to watch matches with dark stadiums that are half empty. Serie A has this problem too. It’s more than just marketability.


I still don't get it. Is the language thing important ? It's not like I'm watching a movie , who cares about the language ?


More access to highlights in the language, plus The signs, the ads, the culture are also different.


Having great players in a league is pointless if the league is decided for two teams before it starts.


Not really. You’re going to watch the PL but only two teams can win it. Things like that aren’t things that go through your mind when you start watching a league.


What do you mean? La liga was dominating back then


it was yeah but it wasn’t promoted enough, even the other teams didn’t get as much attention


Compared to what? La Liga still is by far the second most popular league in the world. Their international broadcasting package is worth more than Serie A, Bundesligs and Ligue 1 *combined* They are far and away the second most watched league, what more do you expect? The English language and the fact that English speaking markets have the highest purchasing power, makes the PL an anomaly that can't be repeated


Foreign viewership of any team not named Real Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia was massively restricted until the early 2010s because of how horribly mismanaged TV rights were. You couldn’t watch most teams in the emerging markets - international growth was limited to only Real and Barca for the most part because TV deals were negotiated at club level, not as a league wide package. La Liga would be a lot stronger and less uneven if the mid table clubs had the same level of international marketing that PL clubs have had since the 90s. It’s painful seeing Real and Barcelona fans complain about the PL’s financial power when their clubs were the ones that held La Liga back. Decades of La Liga marketing and exposure missed for the big clubs short term profits.


That's because before 2015, La Liga clubs sold their rights individually. Which meant that Barca and Madrid got great deals whilst the others had to settle for scraps. Spanish football has been incredibly unfair and unequal for decades no doubts about that. But the change to a collectively sold TV-package in 2015 has changed everything. Tebas actually deserves huge credit for that, Barca and Madrid tried to fight it but he got it over the line >La Liga would be a lot stronger and less uneven How much stronger can it get? La Liga has still dominated European competitions in the last 20 years and keep performing better than their English counterparts in the Europa League which is surely the best indication of overall strength. If they were even stronger than this it would be frightening Edit: I really don't think you realise how much things have changed since 2015. Nowadays even smaller clubs are making a lot of money and heavily targeting foreign markets like Asia and North America. The league keeps breaking their previous records with new deals too


Right, but you said previously that the PL’s financial dominance stemmed from the English language’s soft power, and not from the TV rights mismanagement. Real and Barca have the biggest fanbases in the world - imagine if each and every one of those international fans were watching La Liga over the previous decade instead of only those 2 clubs. The US+LatAm market is mostly Spanish speaking and 1 billion strong. Less than 1% of the 1.4 billion Chinese population speak English. English media isn’t responsible for the PL being more vastly more popular than La Liga in those markets. It’s the Real Madrid and Barcelona board members throughout the 2000s that sealed the PL’s financial dominance.


Football is not so popular in China. It’s popular in korea, Japan and south east Asia.


That is false. Barca accepted immediately but it was Madrid and Atletico who fought.


People would look completely different at La Liga if we had a decent fantasy football game. And more media in English.


People weren’t able to look at La Liga at all until 2015 when the TV rights were sold collectively. That’s not English media’s fault. Which two clubs were responsible for that?


I was still able to see La Liga in 2013 in India.


Games with Barcelona and Real? Because that's specifically what's being referred to here.


Comunio was excellent, easy to pick up and hugely popular. It just wasn’t allowed to progress from there.


He only came in '14 lol and has made leaps and bounds of progress economically since then


If he was looking after the league they would’ve made the CVC deal a hell of a lot better, he would’ve gotten better tv deal for the rest of the league… he would’ve marketed the league better in America with a shit load of Spanish speakers, and gotten bigger deals in South America.


>he would’ve gotten better tv deal for the rest of the league… La Liga has a good TV deal.. the last placed team gets öike €50M every year which is a lot more than any other league bar the PL. Stop comparing it to the PL it is an anomaly for many reasons, compare it to anything else and it's a great deal


Under better stewardship, La Liga would be the anomaly. 15 years ago, the EPL was barely televised in the US and Real Madrid and Barcelona were more popular than any English team in the US. LA Liga easily could have been the dominate league in the United States with better decision-making at the top.


The share is exploitatively In favor of two clubs. They could easily have better tv deals secured in the americas. They could aid the building of other clubs in the league to elevate their brand awareness but no it’s just the two big boys and a focus on Saudi Arabia connections.


The share now is like 3X more than the last placed team for the big 2. It used to be 20X, progress has been made since 2015. Spanish football historically was corrupted and filled with puppets of Barca/Madrid. At least Tebas made the TV deal collective and made it much less inequal in a short period of time


this isnt true and lately there have been a crop of you lying or misinformed but pushing this narrative in every tebas related post he just needs madrid and barca for cvc bc their rights are orders of magnitude more valuable than the rest of the league but would be bought for 50 years at the same low price that turns out to also be a *loan the clubs would have to repay and the cap has *hurt the league on purpose* by using covid numbers as a baseline instead of as the anomaly it was and using that to cap sprnding so low and w such a tax that clubs immediately couldnt operate no other league on the planet did this bc it makes no financial sense. unless you somehow need the teams artificially broke and desperate to sign a bad, suspiciously non negotiable deal you brought *just as they down*


He isn't looking after the league, only himself. This son ova bitch took advantage of the financial crises la liga clubs suffered because of the pandemic to force them to agree to a horrible TV deal. He didn't bother relaxing the financial rules due to covid like everyone else because that way he can push the clubs even harder towards the shitty CVC deal. Fuck this openly corrupt shit head.


Yeah, the president of the league should not be doing that.


If only he was invested in that…


I think it is because he doesn’t want to be blamed for them not being able to sign people.


He doesn't give a shite about that, he's just saying as it is here. Barca need these sales in order to put last years losses behind them and not to be hindered by FFP. If they go through they are in a totally different situation


Yes and he is saying that because he doesn’t want people to blame the league because the salary cap exists. They already tried blaming them for Messi leaving. He cares about keeping his job.


I wonder if he’ll file my taxes next year, provided I give him permission to tweet all my numbers


He's in to earn a nice payday if he can make Barca sign their death warrant.


Is it normal for a president of a league to talk like this? You'd forget there are 18 other teams in the league


He is mostly asked about matters that pertain to the big two, and those are the answers that are widely reported outside of spain


Reminds me of Pelé. Dude had a beautiful career (widely regarded as goat, at least until 15 years ago) and life story. But nowadays he's asked mostly the same questions, and if he shows even mild confidence/ego, that's the quote that international papers chose to spread across the world. So between international fans nowadays, Pelé is only known as an egocentric old man who boost his stats and thinks too high of himself, nothing more than that. Really sad stuff how media twists perceptions. They don't do it by intentional manipulation, they do it organically by asking and spreading more of a certain type of answers and by unfaithful translations.


It's nothing like Pele. Tebas is a piece of shit.


?? I'm talking about people perception of certain famous people, and how it's twisted by media even when it's not the media's intention. Both fill in this criteria. I'm not talking about who is nice or who's a piece of shit. Chill, dude, relax a bit.


He could just not answer though? Like I don't even know who the Eredivisie director is. He's certainly not answering press questions about Ajax or Feyenoord's financial status and such.


It's not his fault that everything he says is posted here and people upvote it though.


Afaik, he talks about what he's asked always. Just so happens (naturally) that more people ask about Barcelona, specially since it's easy to create headlines and crested engagement (just like here). He doesn't talk about others because either there's not much drama to make or no one cares enough about them to ask.


The weirdest part is that both Barcelona as a club and it’s fanbase would be happier/better of if he didn’t speak about them lol So it’s the other 18 who are winning. Imagine him going ‘Yeah Valencia are fucking broke lmao. They have to sell Soler for a big sum to survive’ Would massively weaken their position.


See like with any kind of football news that isnt coming from an agent or pundit that are not that often asked things most officials and players are asked things constantly. We get just get a little quote and some people really struggle to understand that these guys arent posting their statements to /r/soccer themselves but people do and they will nitpick whatever they feel would get a lot of upvotes.


Why tf does he feel the need to state all of these things publicly. Just shut the fuck up.


He’s obsessed why wont he just shut the fuck up




That's easy "No comment"


try me


levers go up levers go down


You can't explain that




Damn Laporta really did number on him. He went full 180 in a week


Laporta got access to his nudes.


But the "levers" were approved last week, Barca's whole situation took a 180-turn with that decision. Your commenr makes no sense


The thing is that he already knew that they were going to activate the levers, that's why his "they can't sign Lewandowski (now)" comments did more damage than good


How? They were going to vote on it..


Anyone else picturing Xavi and Laporte trying to pull down a massive lever Animaniacs style


"Pull the lever, Xavi" "WROng lev^ee^ee^er "


Cash lever go brrrrrr


More like a super Mario level axe in browsers castle but aside from that, yeah.


Is it time for the daily Tebas quote already? Kinda early innit?


With all due respect, Tebas needs to STFU


he is due no respect


Wrong lever, Kronk!!!!






I really don't understand why the president of the league they play in is commenting on individual players they want to sign to the media


Bitching about psg and city while engaging in financial shenanigans on behalf of a club in his own league… nothing to see here


This dude talks too much, lmao


Back to bankruptcy 100% WR speedrun


Real Madrid fan Javier Tebas*


If Tebas manages to shut up the world would be a better place


Emir is that you


And an even better place if Nasser could stfu, or just go on a trip on the moon forever


agreed, it would be wonderful.


Bruh, at first I thought your comment about Nasser was just the usual. But holy cow, I shouldn't have looked at your profile. I know PSG are this subs most hated, and easy to farm karma, but you spend quite a lot of time talking about them. No offense, I just found it interesting, and weird.


“No offense you’re a hating weirdo”


Ironic cause it's a little weird in the first place to just start reading other redditor comments lmao


It was just an observation. Sometimes on this sub you can't tell if someone means what they say, or just doing it because it's popular. If he's passionate about that topic, as he claims, then fair play to him.


He’s making fun of you because you said no offense after being offensive. No offense, but you are a muppet. Just find you bizarre.


He’s just an undercover Marseille fan. Don’t blow his cover


Yeah I hate PSG. I honestly couldn't care less about karma, I am just speaking my mind. You probably won't get it but I am a football fan before everything and everything that Qatar is doing with football disgusts me. No offence taken. When you are passionate about something and someone is actively trying to destroy that while lying to everyone I get pissed. And believe me if english was my first language I would probably write entire essays in the comments unfortunately my english knowledge prevent me from doing that.


why are you IN and posting on the PSG sub lmao


That's fair enough mate, and thanks for the explanation.


Dude talked shit about Nasser, I must browse his comment history!


I only used a feature of the platform. Is that a crime? Should I only use it for people you approve 😉


To be fair, if you don't hate a club that is run on slavery then something is wrong with you


I wish him and PSG would both fuck off together




Tebas is acting like a celebrity. Every day a new interview.


Does he have a daily talk show? Our FA president is virtually invisible


The same guy that was bitching about PSG and Manchester City is now cheerleading Barca to find "economic levers" to sign an all-star team. JFC.


Imagine the president of PL commenting on daily basis about Liverpool's transfers, affecting actually their transfers negatively. The shit storm and lawsuits would be insane. In La Liga they are like cowards.


Tebas actually explains the Barça conondrum and why we seem 'broke' one second and tied to all these names the next one. Meanwhile, r/soccer, is still lost in translation and bad memes.


He just talks a lot so even when he has something of value to say, people just make fun of him


BuT hOw CaN bArCa AfFoRd AnYoNe


Answer: Levers


Archimedes did say "Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world." They are powerful stuff


Economic levers - economic = money Money - makes world go round Adds up


Answer: by selling off their potential future earnings and taking an overall loss worth in excess of €300m


Look at the financial expert over here.


You'd have been able to figure this much out as well, if ya listened to your mum and didn't drop out of school. Or just ask yourself simply, why isn't every other club selling off their TV rights and merchandise division for a quick 600m in exchange


Sure, but I’ll be damned if I believe a random redditor, giving random figures as if he was part of the negotiation team on this deal. You can arm chair expert all you want, but I ain’t taking any of what you say seriously.


Barca's TV revenue was 164m this year. They're selling 25% of that every year starting next year for 25 years. 25% = 41m each year. Total revenue lost = 41m*25 =1.025 billion over the course of 25 years. I was being generous. This is assuming that TV deals for the next 25 years will remain the same and not go up even slightly.


Naw because of inflation, and the time value of money , the 500 m Barca are getting right now are worth much more to the club than a spread out 1 billion revenue loss across 25 years. It’s a massive gamble for sure, but given the situation it’s not a bad deal, specially if they have a clause where they can buyback those rights before the 25 year term expires. If the club is successful, which I believe it will under this admin, then this deal will be seen as an important step to bring back Barcelona as one of the best teams in the world.


>Naw because of inflation, and the time value of money Inflation is taken into account when new TV deals are signed lol. The current Laliga deal runs for 5 years only. The next deal will obviously be worth more and hence barca will lose more money per annum. Do you really think investment banks forgot to account for inflation and just gifted Barca 500m for shits and giggles? >where they can buyback those rights before the 25 year term expires. When and if you have the money to buyback, You'd have to pay more than 500m because of the same inflation that you were talking about lol.


I mean, drug addicts with no money can sell the furniture of their house to buy more drugs


They could sell the house to by even more drugs.


Mortgaging your future to stay relevant can and has backfired on clubs before. However, Barca is one of those 'too big to fail' clubs, so they'll be fine.


How inappropriate.


These levers seems to be some of the toughest ever to activate even tougher than the ones in Prince of Persia : Sands of time


The secret ingredient? Crime.


"Anybody else who makes a big signing is a criminal and should be investigated, though."


You gotta pay the troll toll, to get into that boys’ soul.


Okay so what are the implications of these “levers” I feel like all I’ve seen is excitement but truly if they weren’t extremely valuable for the club to hold they would of sold them a long time ago? Also my god I despise this Tebas guy, he’s way too involved and vocal in the day to day affairs of Barca. Him and Perez are doing a lot of damage to La Liga’s reputation because they refuse to just shut up.


In the simplest way possible…see this as taking 5 dollars now instead of 7-10 dollars in the future…that’s why nobody does this if not absolutely necessary.


It’s a gamble of denying % of future revenues to be able to invest now to stay competitive. If they win competitions (or at least qualify for UCL / go far enough) they could still get more revenue (even without 100% of it) that if they failed hard like they thought it would be this season (out of UCL group stage, out of Europa league, and fear of missing top 4). The risk is that if they don’t perform even with those investments, they gonna crash even harder, but no Barca fan here considers this possibility, hence the big excitement from them.


How come Barca get to play with levers and no one else does? Seems unfair


Because barça have them and other club dont. (Or at least so valuable)


In England they give you warchest but never a lever


Because our levers have a lot of value. Other teams could do it but it isn’t beneficial for them in the long run to do it


Because nobody else has -540 million net value at the moment lmao


Dunno why you're downvoted, no club that's a in a healthy financial spot would accept the deals we signed. Laporta did well to reportedly get buy back clauses in there and limiti how much we sold off, but we wouldn't do any of this if we weren't desperate.


Other clubs with such assets don’t really need them because they were better handled


Lol this guy probably wakes up and thinks about Barcelona before anything else. Never read the name of another league president as much as his.


Tebas how about you shut the fuck up


No shit Sherlock.


Back in the day I used to download ram, can't they just download some levers?


Economic Levers Economic nomic mic C CV CVC


I love how everyone hates this but it's posted and upvoted to the thousands every single day. There's nothing to actually discuss. This is nothing more than rehosting a tweet.


If i see economic levers one more time I'm gonna gouge my eyes out




Just shut up man


What does that even mean


Because budget restrictions are for little people. Honestly, at this point, I think Bayern is willing to force Lewa to retire rather than leave.


I can't wait to read tomorrow's article about how Barca can't afford to bring in any players!


His list of topics is not long


if my grandmother had wheels....




AKA mortgaging their image/tv rights lol it's not sustainable


Is this all because Messi is no longer there?


Let them burn La Liga


mf changed teams