How reliable is this guy? Also Everton losing Richarlison and potentially DCL in one window could be disastrous


broke our interest and negotiation for Luis Diaz


Richarlison to Liverpool confirmed


I just threw up a little.


The one thing that unites Everton and Liverpool fans.


Me too.


i had a stroke


Don’t even joke about that


Richard Arlison


Dick Arslion


Sounds like the name of a guy who was absolutely crushing in like 1894, like when you get curious about who the last person to save a pen and score a goal in the same game was and you look it up and its always some lucky bastard in 1903 named like Peppy Doodlecock




>broke our interest whose? you have no flair so it's confusing when you say 'our'


Accrington Stanley


I bet you can guess


Yeovil Town


I'm sure Everton will reinvest that money fantastically!


Well Man U and Spurs are both having a clear out so the usual Everton window


Iirc Everton want Winks as well potentially. £35M + Winks for Richarlison would be a banger of a deal (for us anyways)


Reading that made me physically angry... if we do that i'll genuinely burn the stadium down myself as we don't deserve to be a football club anymore.


good plan. burn down the stadium cuz you're building a new one anyway. use the insurance money to buy better players.


Gotta make room for the new Harry Winks stand.


Ah, the Archway method.


Make it a three team trade where United just throw in Martial and get nothing in return.


United also give each team 10m and it's still a good deal for them




So a classic Moshiri move?


Sure but I'm just saying that Everton have reportedly wanted Winks and our price for him is apparently £20M. So if we are trying to buy Richy, the deal would make sense in regards to what's happening. It wouldn't be great for you guys I don't think but Winks isn't 'that' bad, he is a good midtable PL player, just isn't good enough for top6 and no offense, that's not your aim ATM.






Winks is not trash. Has a great eye for a pass, very good at making himself available for a pass and very press resistant. Probably needs to play in a midfield three though




Don't believe the propaganda, Winks really is trash. Sincerely, A Spurs fan


He's really not trash. He's not top 4 quality but he's a decent player overall


He has a great eye for a pass, just not enough skill to complete those passes, often.


But once a season he misses the pass straight into goal.


>very press resistant you've not been watching the games i've watched. he gets rid of the ball so quickly under pressure to anyone near him, regardless of whether it's a good decision or not.


Press resistant is just the most meme fucking …


Tell me your Harry Winks agent without telling me your his agent. Lol.


Sorry, I've never understood the vitriol for Winks. He deserves far more respect than he gets from Spurs fans. A product of the club's own academy who has gone on to provide some solid performances at the top level, and he catches entirely too much shit despite it. While he's certainly not the best midfielder at the club, but he did outpace all of our other midfielders with both progressive passes and key passes per game this past season. For a player to come up through the academy, put up those numbers, not to make a royal fuss to the media about playing time, and still get shit on like he has is just gross to me. Everton receiving Winks and 35 mil for Richarlison would be solid business by both sides IMO.


No, that's awful business. There's no potential for Winks to improve compared to a more promising player. Nor will they sell him for a profit.


Those categorically are not the only metrics for player value though. Prem experience and proficiency, as well as HG status, are two highly relevant factors to be considered. If it came down to exclusively the logic you propose, the player would be free.


If Richarlison is worth 60m, then it's 59m + Winks.


It depends on their recruitment imo. Selling Richarlison is fine, off the back of an impressive season with high demand so could sell for a good figure, while prior to this season he's generally been quite inconsistent I think, while DCL can attract a big sum as well and is replaceable. Issue is, are they going to use the funds they get from these players to make smart signings that fit the system they want to introduce, or are they going to punt 100 million on more big 6 rejects on huge wages and multi year contracts that can't be shifted? Signings like Mykolenko and Patterson in January, and some of the rumours that are going about so far seem mildly promising that they've turned a corner, but far too early to tell. Worth noting I'm not an Everton fan by any means so could be wrong.


Patterson might have been a decent signing on paper but he hasn't played a minute so far in the league, gone awfully so far. And Mykolenko was absolutely gash for his first couple of months, took a while to turn a corner. And also don't forget they signed Alli and van de Beek, still jumping at big 6 cast offs when they can


Can probably forgive Mykolenko for a month of poor performances as a young Ukrainian in a new league who didn’t know the language. He was great for the last couple months so probably better to focus on that.


I agree with you, but it is slightly questionable to sign a young player from a smaller league in Jan who would need time to adapt, if you're a team in a relegation dogfight and Mykolenko really needed to make an impact off the bat after Digne was sold


Oh yeah fair play, wasn’t sure the point you were making but I agree changing left backs halfway through the season and that he was unproven was pretty daft. We were absolutely fuming when Digne got sold and FSW got sacked two days later.


He was in line to start his first game and apparently become our starting right back and got a season ending injury in training


I didn't realise he was injured tbf. I just remember him never getting off the bench in the early Prem games and also him getting hauled off at half time against Boreham Wood


It might just be my absolute dislike for the man, but I don’t really think Lampard has ever really made waves in a transfer window that hadn’t included signing loans/unused players from the ‘big 6’. I think it worked for him last season, when he realised he had to dig in and grind results out, but now he’s got a full summer and can start fresh next season, Its hard to imagine what he’ll do in regards of putting his own stamp on the way they play and who they sign to do that


Everton will be an interesting club to watch in the transfer window. Bad track record with signings and have to be very wary of FFP. They could easily have an awful window and put themselves in a relegation fight again. I do rate the Tarkowski signing though


He got good loans at Derby with Mount and Tomori - Reece James and Abraham were at Wigan/Villa though. Chelsea, first season was a transfer ban and second season everyone expensive was a failed signing that was tracked by the board for multiple years - apparently. This will be the first season where he might have a transfer budget and be allowed to spend. Could be interesting to see what happens or if he even has that control at Everton - he doesn’t really have Carlo status where he can demand more power


Did it work for him? I know Everton avoided relegation but that had nothing to do with the top 6 deadwood he signed, both Delle and VdB were anonymous from what I saw.


Dele had a few cameos in the 2nd half which seemed to turn the tied of the game picking us up a few extra points


Dele tbf was MoTM in the 3-2 comeback against Palace. He was anonymous for a lot of his cameos alright, but he did have 1 very good performance when it was really needed.


Of course you haven't seen VdB, he was out injured during 99% of his loan spell.


Genuinely been his worst season for us besides the last few weeks of the season


Has your entire team played as badly as they have this year though? It's no surprise it's been his worst season when your whole team has stunk for like 32/38 games


The worst season I can properly remember us having. A mess on and off of the pitch. Tactically a mess and everybody just kept getting injured for whatever reason. I was fuming with Richarlison for the bulk of the season because he was playing way way below of what he’s capable of. Thankfully he turned up when it mattered most to help save us from relegation. He can score all kinds of goals and his work rate and defensive output is brilliant. I think he’d be boss under Conte. I wouldn’t be happy if we only got ~51 mil for him considering his importance to Everton.


you guys also paid 50m for him which must sting a bit because you could easily charge +60m if the club wasnt such a mess right now


Just not true is it, Richarlison was certainly worse 20-21 even though as a team we did better. He worked hard to keep us afloat this season and was consistently let down by his teammates.


If I’m confident of one thing it’s that Everton will spunk the money on total shit


He is a brazilian journalist who lives in Portugal, pretty reliable imo


They won’t lose both imo DCL links are kind of down because he was garbage all year


Garbage all year? Mate he missed 120 days from one injury this year and coming back from an injury is not always easy. Still had 7 G+A in 17 appearances.


Actually think it’s unlikely we sell DCL




Realistically no one outside of the premier league will pay this kind of money for him


PSG was interested


Realistically where else would he go except in the league? PSG have enough forwards already, bayern likewise with wingers, Real dont need him, the only top italian team which may use him is Milan but i doubt they spend that amount, Barca maybe but they have money issues.




That's euros as well. Only £49M With the rumours that you've asked after Winks as well, wouldn't be surprised if we used him as a player+cash deal to get that down lower.




i think he means u get extra cash to take winks /s


As a Tottenham supporter... I agree with your take on Winks. I'm always shocked when I hear teams are interested in him.


Homegrown rotation player for a lower table club...so perfect for Everton 😂


I've always thought that he'd fit very nicely into the Atlético Madrid side


Oh god he would be even more infuriating to watch


I was desperately hoping AC Milan might be interested in him again, especially if Leao did leave but guess there is no chance of that now.


Could be a decent option for Bayern if Gnabry leaves, but don’t see them splashing this much for him.


At least it's not like he's going to a team you'll be competing with to avoid relegation next season.




Berbatov to Man Utd was so painful to me for exactly this reason.


I can understand that, he's a great player but also one of those you love to have on your team but hate to play against due to his shithousery and general antics.


Guys if you think Conte stayed with knowing Spurs will sell Kane, you guys are mad. Conte would be on a beach after saying thanks for seasano if Levy even suggested selling Kane.


If selling Kane was an option he had to be promised warchest of dimensions we could not even dream off. But I think Kane stays - with City out of the race unless some weird shit happens and he goes to Bayern or Chelsea (neither of which I see him doing) there isn't really better place for him than Spurs.


If we sold kane we'd have enough money to buy any striker in the world! We could even buy kane!


Going to be horrible seeing him play for another premier league club


Watford FC moment


They said Premier League


Our fans are mental,give out about not spending money then give out that we spend too much on someone


Exactly. So many people begging us to back Conte and then when we do people moan about the prices.


Richarlison is completely worth £50m, he's inarguably one of the best 5 players in the bottom half of the league. Probably only Bruno G Phillips and Raphinha are on a similar level to him.


He’s still young and has an insane drive to be a top player. Fights for the team no matter what. If he does join, I’m sure he’ll make a big impact


Biggest compliment I can pay him is I’d hate to see him on spurs with Kane and Son.


Indeed, good player for a fair price. The sort of deal Liverpool would be praised for. He needs to kick on a little but he seems like a fella with drive. The funny thing is I heard he was next in line for United, a bad week for them.


Absolutely no credible United links


Where did you see that? All I’ve seen are Antony links from Brazilian sources.


Im not a Tottenham fan but Ive always been mystified by this attitude that almost every fanbase has. Whenever a top player is rumored at a high price people start hand-wringing and shaking their heads, fearful that they arent getting a "good deal". Why? What does it matter if you overpay by 10 million or 15 million if its a really good player at a good age? If he bangs in goals for the next 5 years, literally no one will remember that you paid 60 million pounds instead of 50 or 40. Obviously if your team is bidding 50 million pounds for someone unproven or some other club's reject or a guy that has only ever played in the mid-tiers of a different league, you should be worried. But if your club wants to buy a league-proven, top-tier player just embrace it and be happy the club isnt missing out over a few million quid. Also, people start talking about "sharing minutes" or where the new player will fit in tactically. If you have a great manager, how about you just let him deal with that? Why do fans get to stressed out about having too many good players? Its literally one of those problems that you should be happy to have.


Not my money I’m not bothered. So long as they get enough game time, which he will, it’s serving a purpose.


Even if it was my money, it's worth investing. Quality squad depth will keep us in the CL by avoiding injury to Son+Kane by giving genuine rotation option which means more revenue.


I’m not a Tottenham fan, but it seems like a striker would be the last thing you guys need right? I feel like fewer people would be complaining if it was a £60m CB or midfielder.


Not having a backup or rotation for Kane in 7 years is tough. We literally don’t have a backup striker and we haven’t except for the 1 year we had An aging Llorente and we made a champions league run. We have always operated with no depth or rotation and Conte wants to fix it. Especially with 5 subs coming into play


60m backup seems a tad excessive.


Not trying to be demeaning but you’re just saying that cause it’s Spurs. Liverpool spend 50 and 60 on Luis and Jota and it’s considered shrewd.


Díaz is a starter and Jota was actually playing in 35 PL games and starting in 27. You were talking about a backup. Hence my comment. Backup players that play for Liverpool for example: Minamino (7m £). It’s also not meant as a dig at Spurs, I simply don’t rate Richarlison that much and don’t think he’s worth anywhere near 60m €.


We desperately need a striker, it's ridiculous that we don't have a back-up. Then with Bergwijn (almost certainly) leaving we need a back-up for Son too, and Richarlison can comfortably play both roles. I know it's a lot for a back-up but I think he'd still get plenty of minutes and be worth the investment. You want those players to be quality so that you can compete on multiple fronts and have real cover for injuries.


I think it's more about spending too much of our budget on the wrong position. Not sure how this is hard to understand tbh, of course we get more worried if we don't spend anything and then all of a sudden we spend close to our record signing on our strongest position


I know people say this about seemingly every player but he could be a monster under Conte but he really should be played on the wing, meaning he’ll be back up for Son, On another note I’ll be absolutely gutted if he leaves us for another Prem team. He deserves his move but go to another league please Richthofen


Backup to son? He could literally backup all front 3. It is so important to have a 4th option in the attack if you want to achieve something. Richarlison will make that happen. If he does come ofc


Exactly. Signing Jota was massive for us. Richarlison could unironically have that kind of effect for spurs. He's clearly an athlete with a ton of drive. I think his biggest issue might be attitude / lack of chemistry if he starts fighting with other players / staff.


Not gonna be any chance of him trying for pens at Spurs at least lol


Based on what mate? His attitude is sensational, and works his arse off. He goes down easily and can be hot-headed at times but he hasn't ever had a fight with a teammate.


You mention lack of chemistry, but I’d just hope him and Romero wouldn’t injure each other in training.


That January Barca bid springs to mind.


He wouldn’t just backup son. Son will be 30 at the start of the season. Son, kulusevski and Richarlison will all rotate as needed. In a 343 and if Kane is rested spurs will probably play a 352 with son and Richarlison up top.


Turning thirty won't suddenly make him lethargic, the guy is at his prime as an athlete right now he won't suddenly stop starting


of course not but we have to take care of sonny. Despite scoring lots of goals sonny was running himself into the ground from feb-april. Conte even praised him for his hard work on the pitch saying that he was surprised


No, you are right. But turning 30 isn’t like turning 25. You can’t expect him to play every single match all the time.


> You can’t expect him to play every single match all the time. Yes you can. Him turning 30 doesn't suddenly decrease his stats IRL at the drop of a bucket. Just look at how many players are still playing every game until they're 34-35. People on here act like the number 30 immediately alters your body the next day after.


Yeah, sports science has evolved. Players who used to be finished at 30 and now extending their prime to 34-35, just look at Benzema, Modric, Ronaldo etc etc.


30 is absolutely fine these days for a footballer the way they look after themselves


Bring me that sell on clause, however much it is


10% apparently


Of profit or fee?


would be class, Conte wants a striker that can play across the front 3 that is similar level to our existing front 3. Kane will not be leaving


I know he’s played there a bunch for Brazil but he’s always struggled as a lone 9 for us. Could just be us being shit and allowing him to become isolated, but he’s much better on the left wing


How is he on the right? Just having the ability to actually rotate our front 3 would be huge for us.


Not sure he’s ever played on the right for us.


He definitely has but i've never remembered him doing well there and it's been very rare. Could be because he's only ever played on the right in crisis situations though.


I Richarlidson plays the Kulu role from the left, Son could play on the right. He has no problem using his left foot lol


Ask Watford fans. I remember him playing there for the most part. Back when they had Ighalo


He played there for Brazil a couple of times. He's great at back post crosses or drifting in. Good dribbler and pace/hold up makes him a good fit for all 3. I rated him highly in the Olympics when he would rotate out to RW too.


Off topic, but whenever I see your username I just crack up 😂


made it ages ago as a joke thinking you could change it 🤦‍♂️ guess i’m stuck with it 😂


there are worse things to be stuck with


Many things I'd prefer to be stuck with than massive horse penis.


Anyone thinking Kane is leaving needs to give their head a wobble. Conte would never have agreed to stay if he was. Also, Harry wants Shearer’s record and won’t be leaving England until then.


Spurs do need a good shithouser since they don't have Lamela anymore, makes sense.


Angry bird man on chicken on ball fc would be interesting. Specially with conte


Richarlison to spurs under conte is superb


The shithousery makes it all worthy


Someone’s gotta fill that Lamela void


Maybe he'll score a rabona or two, as well


I would love to have a cunt like Lamela again. Richarlison and Romero on the same team - fucking love the thought (if they make up of course)


Really feel like they'll get along great once they get to know each other, they're just from two groups that don't like each other, like Romero and Juliet.


would love him here




He probably wouldn’t get into our best 11 but we need depth. The only forward who we can bring off the bench is Lucas because Bergwijn is leaving. Kane, Son, Kulusevski and Richarlison can all start 30+ games in the same season. If Liverpool and City can bring Jota and Mahrez off the bench, then a signing like this is a step in the right direction.


Omg please be true. I'd be so happy.


Well, that came out of nowhere. Would he really accept being a rotation option there and would Spurs really pay that much for it?


Not really nowhere, our interest in him had been reported earlier and Conte reportedly wants another forward as well. With Bergwijn leaving, he makes a lot of sense. Rotation for the LW spot and even striker. He'll get plenty of minutes with 5 subs and 4 competitions, but yeah, no way he'll get a guaranteed starter position because his two best positions are occupied by two of the best attackers in the league.


People need to stop with that “rotation option” stuff. It’s only brought up with spurs and not teams like Liverpool, city, Chelsea and United. If Darwin Nunez goes to Liverpool does that make him or jota a rotation option? Is maharez or sterling the rotation option? Who is the rotation option Jadon sancho or Marcus rashford? All top teams have four forwards that can interchange. Son will be 30 and spurs will play in over 50 games. Son, kane, kulusevski, and Richarlison can all start over 35 games and play over 40.


Tbh for the longest of time when we only had Firmino, Mane and Salah we heard things like this. After we got Jota people realized that there is plenty of minutes for 4 forwards playing 3 roles and people stopped talking


Spurs aren’t allowed good options 😡😡😡how dare they try to improve the squad 😤


Literally been this way for ages. Every PL team hates us for trying to be a top club as if they want to just get dominated by City and Liverpool every year.


I think this is just a normal sports thing for improving teams. My college football team was bad-to-mid for a hundred years and they've recently improved under a new young coach and the amount of vitriol received is exponentially higher. It's kinda nuts. Everyone loves the perennial loser, especially when they pull the upset. But if it becomes regular, the hate will flow.


Being a rotation option at Spurs sounds better than fighting relegation at Everton. He could be the first option off bench at all the 3 attacking positions. And with Son and Kane both being 30 or close to it he could replace them in a few years. He doesn't have many options as far as top teams are concerned.


And we will be playing twice a week for at least the first half of the season - there's going to be more than enough minutes to go round. He'd be less of a backup, more of a rotation option.


*The* rotation option.


Spurs are in the champions league. If they're serious about staying there and challenging further they need more than just a good starting xi I wouldn't call any of Grealish, Foden, Sterling, Mahrez or Jesus rotation options even if they all competed for the front three positions last season


He would be a rotation member yes. But he will get a lot of time being a rotation member. Depending on other players form or tiredness. A player that can be trusted when he's starting over a key player is needed in every big club. That's the step we're taking.


I already hated Spurs and this will only compound my hate.


Are we in danger of actually having competent backups for Kane and Son? After all this time? Someone pinch me.


If we sell him for that cheap then we are idiots. Up the price


what does this mean for bergwijn. Will he go to Everton, or are Ajax a more likely move?


I think aldasair gold (T1 for spurs) said he will leave for sure


He would be an elite player at Spurs honestly, such an underrated talent


60 million euros is far too low, want 80 million squid. Moshiri out.


Don’t tempt Moshiri. He may like the idea of 80 million squids over 60 million euro. Calamari all round.


1 squid should be worth more than a pound so I'll take it


Exactly what i was thinking. IMO he is worth way more for you then 50m £. Would be really happy if we could finish this, an ideal rotation player/ starter if one of the 3 others is injured/tired.


Kane Son and Richa. For fucks sake that’s some front 3


Kulusevski isn’t to bad either


Kulusevski is starting big matches. Way too good not to. But all 4 will get plenty of game time which is really why Richarlison is getting signed.


Really, really screams that he's not been getting the interest in him that he thought he might. Spurs have arguably the two best players in the league in the two positions that he wants to play, and he's someone who can blow very hot and cold if he's not getting consistent game time, as well as having fully broken his way into the national team setup which would absolutely be in jeopardy if he was sat on the bench. A step up from where we are for sure, but also just about one of the worst moves he could possibly make. Disappointing fee as well to be honest unless we're getting Winks as part of the deal.


What are you basing the hot and cold game-time thing on considering he plays every single game he's fit for us?


Ya I was confused by that part as well. He does blow hot and cold but not due to a lack of minutes. Usually just the teams performances hold him back.


>unless we're getting Winks as part of the deal. They should pay you for taking Winks off of them


I mean making more money (I assume) and playing under Conte in the CL is a pretty big upgrade from fighting relegation under Lampard. Also, I really doubt Tite will drop him, he’s solidified himself in the Seleção over the last two years.




He’s a good player. Think he’ll do well under Conte.


Lewy is really feeding Conte lmao


Seems like a weird signing. Were Spurs wingers not 2 of their most reliable players (Son being their best)? Is it just a squad depth thing? 60m seems a lot for competition in the position. Then again we got Pepe and he is hardly even competition.


Exactly the kind of signing top teams make. Nobody questioned Liverpool buying Jota when they had Salah / Mane / Firmino, or buying Diaz when they had Salah / Mane / Jota. We have 50+ games next season, and if Son or Kane are injured our form usually drops significantly.


Liverpool had superstars in every posistion....


Rate Richarlison very high good player, two footed works hard very versatile and he might be more willing to be a rotation option than Jesus who’s a similar player.


Everton really need to invest in young talents this summer. No more has-beens on big wages.


Fuck my life.


Cant wait for the opinion of Richy to change overnight if this happens


You kidding me? Everytime Kane or Son are mentioned there are legions of arsenal and chelsea fans shitting on them on here, he'll be just as hated as ever.


On the flip side you'll likely have the odd Liverpool fan rating him all of a sudden.


Why would two English clubs trade in euros?


I know Everton didn't have the best season, but he has never seriously impressed me or looked amazing. Attitude problems aside, he should still be able to finish chances when they come his way and he did a horrible job of that this season.


Fabrizio mentioned that Richarlison’s future was dependent on Gabriel Jesus I assume this means Jesus has turned down Spurs bc of the lack of starting chances


Could it mean Arsenal go in for him if they can't get Jesus?