Xavi: We need the money Frenkie. You must go. Frenkie: No I’m happy here. Xavi: The board don’t rate you. Frenkie: That’s fine, I’m happy here. Xavi: I don’t rate you. You’re fucking shit Frenkie. Frenkie: So happy Xavi: “I’VE GOT YOUR KIDS FRENKIE! I’VE GOT YOUR KIDS!”


Should try changing his playtime from important to fringe gets them angry for a move like a charm 😆


The FM special


Since Frenkie currently doesnt have any kids, does it mean that Xavi has Frenkies balls?


We're talking about Xavi here, he has the DNA.


Mr. De Jong. Your DNA results came in. You are not the fa-


"The lab says you're shite."


Van Gaal would know what to do in a ball-related situation. Get him back


It's twitchy ass time for Barca!


I mean Xavi always likes to have the ball


Bit of partridge there


Xavi: "Oh, cook a cat...".




Ten Hag is now "just following up to see if you've made a decision" on emails hourly instead of daily.


“Hi Frankie Erik here. Did you get my last message? Not sure if it sent I don’t know my Outlook plays up some times. Anyway would be great to hear from you” 2 hours later… “Frankie, Erik here just checking in. Didn’t get a response so maybe you didn’t get my last message, did you? Maybe you won’t get this…it’s all cool. Totally cool. Cool cool cool. Ya know. Just buzz me when ya have a sec. Totally breazy” 2 hours later… “Frankie check this funny cat meme out, he falls out of a tree! LOL!!!! Anyway. Left a voicemail, just chatting the shit ya know. Ring me back whenever” 2 hours later… “FDJ! It’s Erik ya boy. Remember that one time, hahaha, at Ajax, hahaha, you said to me “Erik I’ll always have your back!” LOL. We had a great laugh didn’t we. Great times. Anyway totally unrelated but could you call me back?” 2 minutes later… “Frankie I just got your out of office…what do you mean you’ll have no signal for a few months? Where are you?”


>“Frankie, Erik here just checking in. Didn’t get a response so maybe you didn’t get my last message, did you? Maybe you won’t get this…it’s all cool. Totally cool. Cool cool cool. Ya know. Just buzz me when ya have a sec. Totally breazy” Apparently Jake Peralta hacks Ten Hags email from time to time


"I want to keep playing for the Football Club Barcelona Sincerely Frenkie De Jong"


*"Dear Frankie, I wrote you but you still ain't callin'..."*


"Hit me back, just to chat, your biggest fan this is hag"


I'm convinced Frankie will join Erik ten Haag at Manchastar Anatad.


Getting downvoted for jokes but I like a vowel sense of humour


Salty Dutch fans


Perhaps he’s not replying because his old manager seems to have forgotten he’s called Frenkie.


You sound fun.


Only making a small joke about you getting his name wrong in the entirety of your comment.


Least i was consistent I guess.


"Pick up the damn phone and call me Frenkie!"


ETH is beside himself. Driving around downtown Manchester begging (thru texts) de Jong's family for address to Frenkie's home


Hey, Frenkie, how's it going? It's Erik over at MUTD's Gym. Just wanted to follow up on your visit. Give me a shout when you can. No presh. Hope you're well, man.  Frenkie-O! Frenkie, Erik, MUTD's Gym. Hey, I was talking to my manager, incredible deal just popped up, thought of you. Holla atcha, boi! Call immediately.  Frenkie, it's Erikue Haggy Piper. No I'm just kidding, it's Erik. Just on a smoothie run, want to see what you wanted. I'll just grab you the protein power blend, meet you up in the gym in about fifteen, we'll get the sign-up outta the way.... [car crash noize] Ah, you clipped me, bro! Make that twenty, bud. I got clipped. I'm okay, not everybody's okay. Actually if you could get the smoothies that would be a big help and grab me a bagel would ya? YOU CLIPPED ME, CHIEF!!  Hey, Frenkie. Hey, I'm at the courthouse. I'm not supposed to have my phone. Three people died in that accident. They're saying it's my fault, but it's total crap. Anyways, listen, if you could just stop by the courthouse, drop off those smoothies, we could knock off that sign-up, I got the forms with me. My manager said he'd throw in a couple of Pilates classes, I've never seen him do that.


Dear Frenkie, I wrote you but you still ain't replyin' I left my cell, my pager, and my home phone at the bottom


“please advise”


Presentations now shown to Frenkie at 1.5x


Me watching lectures online in college.


2x with subtitles is the move


Unless it has a big EXCLUSIVE then talkSPORT is useless.


Would a De Jong - Fred - Bruno midfield even work?


We'd still need another, de Jong would be the Pogba replacement


Didn’t Pogba spend most of the time on the bench?


He knows what he said


But VDB return next season?


> Didn’t Pogba spend most of the time on the bench? the real Pogba replacement right here.


Get rid of Fred and replace him with hopefully a new DM.


They are talking very fast now


I don't get the idea of signing a player who made clear he doesn't really want to play for you but might join because his old club is forcing him out. While i can see de Jong succeeding at United, it still feels off. Sign players who love the idea of playing for United, players who burn for the club and obviously have the quality for the club, you can't tell me these players aren't out there. This team needs mentality, not another player who shows up "Well, the city is ugly and the weather is shit but at least they pay good, so whatever".


> Sign players who love the idea of playing for United Laudable and probably a good idea, but you're gonna miss out on a lot of talent out there, most players are not United fans.


Calvert Lewin for £80m or GFTO. We need our Vibes FC brought to you by Brexit back.


You don't even sign that many English players but your fan base does seem to have a weird anti English vibe.


There was a huge shift towards building around British talent under Ole. It set us back 5 years.


Really, I'm not sure I agree with shift, you're a club in England and have always had English players. If guess from Jose who wanted now more than the future. Although these days I'm always wary on managers and signings as they don't have the same level of control as in the past and OGS, seemed to lack real power. That first summer was pretty British but after that, only Sancho comes to mind, in 2020 I recall links to Rice and Grealish and tbh it seems like an error you didn't make those moves, might have been in that title race.


They said they wanted to bring in younger English/PL proven talent and catch players before hitting prime rather than spend huge money on already discovered prime talents, and hadn't had great luck with bringing in players from other leagues and having them adapt to PL..something reddit latched onto for years. They also publicly said they aren't just focusing on English talent, and they still want a good mix of experience and youth, and Ole talked endlessly about balance.. Something redditors conveniently forgot within the week.


I don't think its that simple. Ofc he would rather stay at his dream club, but if they don't want him then he has to come to terms with it and move on. United are seemingly the only club interested, only one willing to pay for his wages, theyre still a huge club in the most popular league currently and he has a great relationship with ten hag. I think if Barcelona do ok his sale and agree a fee he will warm to the idea of leaving and possibly joining United, becuase he has to. You don't have to love the club you're playing for, its a myth. Like the rest of us you just need to be happy with your worth, be happy with your boss and colleagues, be proffesional and you can enjoy your job.


I find it an odd description, he seems he wants to stay at Barca and reports are he wants a CL club, I don't think he has said he doesn't want to play for United. They that ETH too which would be a key factor. But by using the logic that his dream is Barca, then no one else should sign him.


De Jong has never said he doesn't want to play for Man Utd, it has only been reported he doesn't want to leave Barca.


Has De Jong made it clear “he doesn’t want to play” for us? All I’m hearing is that he doesn’t want to leave Barca, but he might not have a choice in the matter. That’s not the same thing as not wanting to play for us.


Yep you are correct. He does not want to leave us but even if he leave, he will not be suddenly sad like Messi. I think he will be happy there as several Dutch player will join, you have some of the top player in your squad, and your club environment is not toxic though laid back it seems.


It’s like if your girlfriend breaks up with you. Yeah, you might be heartbroken, you want to stay with her. But if she says she’s done, that doesn’t mean you completely swear off women completely. You go back into the dating pool and you try new relationships.


Frenkie loves Barcelona and he still has a contract there. All he said is that he wants to stay. Which makes sense, because it's his dream club after all. If he said anything else, it would be weird. If he's forced out by Barcelona, United should obviously try to get him. So many players have played for the direct rival of their dream club, I don't understand why people think it'll be a problem if he's not playing for his dream club. If there's actually any indication that he doesn't want to go to United, then fair enough, but there's only been rumours of him wanting "CL football". Which is fair, but let's be honest, if United actually have a long term plan to convince Frenkie, then a single season of EL football is not going to be an issue. They should have a plan to win the league. Not a plan to get back into top 4.


He hasn't really made it clear he doesn't want to play for us has he?In the recent interview he said he would pick phone calls from other teams,maybe Ten Hag has convinced him of the project here at United?Not trying to argue btw just want opinions here


He wants to stay where he is, it doesn't mean he's just not gonna try ever again if he goes anywhere else. I also hate this dumb opinion that unless a player absolutely jumps at the chance to play for a team from second 1,they can't be convinced it's a decent project qnd try to be decent when they get there..ots ridiculous lol


Can't upvote this enough. People who are desperate for us to sign him are the first ones to moan about how many mercenaries we have in this club. If he doesn't want to come here then don't force it, let him sign for another club.


Can't downvote this enough. Not wanting to leave Barcelona is not the same as not wanting to join Manchester United.


Ten Months needs to be backed, so the board will buy him the most expensive target possible to impress everyone. It's the same reason why they broke the record transfer fee to sign Pogba when Mourinho took charge. Same reason why they signed Maguire before Ole's first full season. That's how United's board see things. Big expensive transfer = big backing in their eyes. Other factors aren't thought about. Not sure how it makes sense, but that's what they do.


Ten Months lol


When your club has come off such a bad season where they are basically a meme for being toxic and a mess, and you aren't even in the CL, then you are not in an idea spot in the market. I think if the coach wasn't ETH, they wouldn't even consider FDJ and he would flat out say no and look for another team. Because its his old coach who did get great performances out of him, he is still considering. And honestly the Di Maria situation actually shows its not the worst idea. He left a year later for basically the same fee, and both parties moved on. This isn't like Alexis, where he's at the tail end of his career, and you'd be stuck with his huge wages for 4-5 years. If FDJ wants out in a year, I'm sure there will be a club willing to buy him for a big fee.


He's never said he doesn't want to play for United though. He just wants to stay at Barca. However, if that isn't an option maybe United would be the next best thing for him? especially with Ten Hag. Its like if you were fired from your job, would you try to linger around there and never work anywhere else or never enjoy working somewhere else?


I agree. This is basically what happened to Di Maria. A guy playing at his dream club getting forced out is not going to be as motivated for the next team. We never learn.


People forget DiMaria was brilliant for us until his house got robbed. That was the turning point. It was less United, and more Manchester and the UK. He just didn’t want to live in the UK at all. That one deal seems to have spleft scars though, but is a massive outlier overall.


He was not brilliant he was okay the thing I remember most about that period was grabbing the ball out of the air and getting a yellow.


He was not brilliant he was okay the thing I remember most about that period was grabbing the ball out of the air and getting a yellow.


People need to stop fucking likening his to Di Maria like its the exact same situation. Di Maria got pushed out of Real Madrid AND opted for PSG who couldn't afford him so then had to "settle" for United and had all the issues mid season off pitch.. If you want to compare the 2 situations, when he immediately jumped at the opportunity to go to PSG as soon as FFP allowed them to buy him (the team he would have joined despite preferring Real Madrid) have you ever heard even 1 word about Di Maria's poor work ethic? Downing tools? Terrible attitude? Lack of effort? Anything?


Lol, why are you so mad? The situations are incredibly similar


I'm not mad, I just see the same example over and over again and its dumb..its just not the same thing lol. There are very blatant factors that make it not the same thing and even then as somebody mentioned he was still trying qnd clearly putting in effort the first few inches despite it being his 3rd choice and only option. Had he gone straight to PSG, the "United " in this repeated attempted comparison, there would be no attempted comparison coz he just would have been pushed out of Madrid and tried at PSG instead. If Frenkie goes "alright then it seems like I HAVE to leave Barca, hey Inter I want to come play for you" Inter say they can't afford him and he goes "sigh..alright United I guess youre all I've got" sure, run away fast remember Di Maria.


The only difference is there was another team involved. Di Maria was at his dream club and did not want to leave, same as De Jong. Realistically its going to have an effect I don’t want these players that are basically forced out of their current team, is my point


We are not showered with many choices without UCL


At this current moment, who would want to play at United, in all honesty? Not one player close to his quality would, and that's VERY understandable. FDJ doesn't want to leave his dream club, he's talked about wanting to be at Barca way back when he was starting out at Ajax. It's not FDJ completely not wanting United, or wanting another club like Di Maria did, he's just loyal to Barca, who will be pushing him out anyways.


I would be worried if Ten Hag wasn’t involved, but if he knows him then he probably understands if he’ll try his best or not. Lot of footballers are forced out of top clubs and go to have good career.


If Barcelona are forcing him out, that means Frenkie will need a new club. United are trying to be that #1 choice in that circumstance. If we are not his #1, then sure, we shouldn’t bring him in.


80m surely. Barca would be stupid to sell him for anything under 80m.


Reports suggest Barca need the cash.


Barca is currently negociating deals in the 250-600M€ range. And if they do that it's to not have to sell for financial reasons as their president + VP explained. They need that kind of money. Selling Frenkie for 60-70M€ won't get them any closer, especially since he is the only player with that kind of value they'd be willing to sell, and his transfer is probably not even amortized yet.


If they need the money then they have no leverage. I think at best United will offer 60M and some addons.


60mil + container of old kits that Laporta can sell on the street


This is United we're talking about, 90m+Fernandes


This is United who have sacked their DoF and head of negotiations. For sure if it was United of previous years they would be more inclined to over pay but not this time I feel, especially with Barcelona being so financially weak.




Don’t think that’s how it works. While yes, it will be a loss on an individual asset I would have thought the overall debt of the club would take priority - and if they have a chance to sell an asset for €60m they might take the chance.


Exactly, whether they make a loss or gain on a player is completely irrelevant, the only thing that counts is income from sales, otherwise the Coutinho transfer to Villa would have never happened as it would have been a €100m loss


No. Coutinho's transfer was already amortized, he had only a year left with around 20M€ in amortization left for 2023. Frenkie has signed in 2019 a long contract so his transfer is still not amortized. For 60M€ it'd be a small drop in the ocean when the latest news is they negociate a 600M€ deal with Bank of America...


What does any of that have to do with anything I’ve said? I know how transfers work and how the payments work, but that’s not what the deleted comment was talking about. It was saying how Barca wouldn’t be able to take a loss when selling De Jong


Because what matters for FFP regulation in La Liga is the accounting profit. Coutinho was a guy Barca desperately wanted to sell. So as soon as they got an offer that covered the amortization left. Basically you only save the wages. Yes overall the transfer was a loss (bought 160M€ sold 20M€) but it doesn't matter becausd his contract was almost fully amortized. On the other hand, FdJ's isn't. So if Barca sells for like 60M€, they'd be getting almost nothing in terms of leeway of FFP rules. And 60M€ when you need to cover losses in the 450M€ is useless and you have a 600M€ offer from Bank of America is basically useless. An offer that might be enough to do without these FFP regulations (your wage bill < SCL, the figure known as the "wage cap" in La Liga and calculated with your losses or profit in a complicated manner)


But, again, that’s not what the comment said, and it’s extremely weird that you’re so defensive about it considering you came after the fact it was deleted… You’re essentially arguing a point, nobody has disagreed with, and despite me saying it’s all irrelevant to what I was referring to, you’re continuing the explanation like I’m thick? Edit: the deleted comment is below: >*[Well, they can’t sell for 60m because it’s a loss for them on the books](https://www.unddit.com/r/soccer/comments/v3z9v3/talksport_understands_manchester_united_have/ib1aak0/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3).* Which as I’ve already proven in my comments below, is incorrect.


I don't care about the deleted comment, all I know is >Exactly, whether they make a loss or gain on a player is completely irrelevant, the only thing that counts is income from sales, otherwise the Coutinho transfer to Villa would have never happened as it would have been a €100m loss Is wrong for what Barca needs. That's all I'm replying to. Income from sales is not the key here, it's accouting profit. It's a bit different. Edit: also even that is not totally right, since what Barca needs is like 450M€ in fresh cash too... A farcry from a 60M€ offer


Still better than not being sold at all. MU has all the leverage and barca is buying time to get all the cash they can before due time. Also 300k pw is a major saving from barca stand point.


How is it better if it generates no profit? The point of selling is to get out of the La Liga FFP regulations. Selling FdJ is a small profit compared to the figures of the deal Barca is entertaining for TV rights Anyway sales of players is not how Barca will get out of this (we only have FdJ who has value and we might sell anyway so it won't go far), it's economic levers. Selling FdJ is simply seen as a good sale for a spot they can replace relatively easily by the Barca board.


Yes its a loss but they need the money and they need it now. Not to mention the weekly wages they will be saving. Barcelona and their fans just watched their rivals win the league and CL. They can't even afford contract renewals and they want to sign several players to challenge at the top next season. Not to mention the world watching them sell one of if not their best player ever last season. They are under incredible pressure both on the pitch and financially. They need to do something to show that theyre on top again. I think they need to bite the bullet, sell him and a couple of others and make a statement signing like Lewandowski to show the world theyre still an elite team in Europe.


>Yes its a loss but they need the money and they need it now. Not to mention the weekly wages they will be saving. > Yes Barca needs money. But way more money than that. So much money that selling players won't get you any closer. Selling FdJ would be almost useless in that it won't be close enough to fix anything. It's why Barca is selling % of TV rights for hundreds of millions of euros + other assets. And if we do it, it's precisely to not have to sell players in a desperate situation. Now in the end he might be sold mind you, but it won't be to solve the financial crisis per se. It will be because the board thinks selling FdJ is a good opportunity in general, high pricetag, high wages and average performances (according to them) and that they midfield can be reinforced for a lessee amount they got for FdJ.


They wouldn't, amortization left for De Jong should be around 20-30M so they would have a plus not a loss




Ah, the books you say, I'm sure United can rustle up a player to balance them 😉


Best i can do is 20m + andreas


So is happening then




Wasn't he one of the best midfielders in the world a year ago? Or so I was told


He still is, not many better than him at his age and role, immense potential not utilised by not playing him correctly. He wasn't a busquets successor as he hoped to be and is one of the only saleable assets barca has


He still is


On the one hand he's what they need. On the other you're adding another potentially unhappy underperformer to an already dysfunctional squad.


Resubmitted as a tweet as the link broke on the original.


They now have an email in there drafts.


Why? He literally said he wanted to stay in Barca out loud. United looking super desperate.


God no please. He is good but he clearly doesn't want to leave Barcelona, let someone else handle this headache. Guaranteed Di Maria 2.0 if he signs for us.


Frenkie is an amazing footballer and exactly what United is missing right now. He said that he wants to stay at barca to reporters, but what would you say? 'I want to play for Manchester United' when he is still a barca player?


I agree to a point but they also need to sign the right partner for him and ETH.


The way you phrased this implies it would be different for any other player. If United want to be challenging for trophies again, they need two players behind Bruno. Ideally someone that can get the ball to Bruno and another that can protect the backline and both should be able to do the other role somewhat competently. Frenkie would be perfect for that. There's not many players you would trust with both roles that allows for an average player like Fred to play alongside him.


No, it's not. He's getting rid of by the club he wants, most players with good attitudes will use this as motivation, not as a signal to give up on your career.


Yeah that's what people said when this club signed Sanchez. I'm not believing De Jong would be any different than all of our other high profile failed signings.


I mean if you believe that existence of player X ensures that player Y will be the same, then I can't convince you otherwise, and I won't even try.


I don't know what to tell you either. Players who are forced out their clubs and have nowhere else to go turn out horrible most of the time. Just look at Messi for example. Forced out of Barcelona and the only option he had was to sign for PSG, and his head is clearly gone now.


You're right, Messi with 100s of millions in the bank account, towards the end of his career and after winning almost everything in world football, will have the exact same mindset as young, unerappreciated player. Great example.


So you're saying money is important right? If Messi didn't have that much money he'd at least try a bit? You're inadvertently proving my point. It's only about the money.


It's the difference between being accomplished and not feeling that way.


Sanchez was a bit like Torres when he moved to Chelsea the signs were already there that he wasn't going to be at his peak, FDJ is heading to his peak.


Getting so sick of hearing this nonsense tbh. "DON'T GET GOOD PLAYERS BECAUSE THAT ONE GOOD PLAYER SUCKED!"


You are ignoring the context behind my comment. I didn't say to never sign any good player again, I'm just against signing players who don't really want to be here and who are only after the money. How many failed high profile signings does it take to realise this?


Most of our squad would prefer to play for Barcelona. It's just lazy to compare completely different human beings and act like this is the norm. By your logic we should just limit ourselves to players dying to play for Manchester United. Because Maguire and Wan Bissaka worked out great. De Jong is a phenomenal player who our manager knows and trusts. You think he'd be in for him if he felt he would be disinterested?


Every report says that he doesn't want to leave Barcelona and if he were to be forced out he'd want to play Champions League football. Either every journalist on the planet is lying or this is clearly coming from De Jong's camp. That doesn't bode well for us. The only reason he'd come here is the money. Managers aren't as important when it comes to attracting players as you think nowadays, they only last 2 seasons on average. What is he going to do after 2 seasons, try to force a transfer out of this club?


The quotes directly from De Jong said no such thing. He said he's rather stay but hadn't been told they wanted him to leave - I imagine that would change things significantly. No shit a player would *prefer* Champions League to Europa League, real cutting insight there. This trash would be like City passing on Aguero, David Silva and Yaya Toure because Robinho and Santa Cruz didn't work out. Just listen to yourself. I will trust Ten Hag's judgement on his character before the PTSD ridden experts of r/soccer. He's clearly his no.1 target as those same media outlets are reporting. You start this new regime by getting him what he wants. Not by going bargain hunting over England for passion merchants who love United.


I'm talking about the different articles that have been published, not his direct quotes. So we're dealing with a player who's being forced out of his dream club and would much rather play for a CL club. Anyone who has followed this club for the past 10 years already knows how this transfer will go. The smart thing would be to reject this guy and look for alternatives, these scouts and data analysis people are being paid millions to find similar players albeit of a lower quality. Sign a player who's a bit worse but who also wouldn't down tools the second Ten Hag leaves this club, and someone who wouldn't break our wage structure even more than De Jong would.


You are not comprehending his argument


Especially when Di Maria wasn’t even bad until his house got robbed. Biggest issue with this is the price we’d have to pay


Di Maria's house was robbed in Paris and it was even more violent than the one in Manchester but guess what, he didn't down tools at PSG. Because he clearly didn't want to be at Man Utd, we were always his second choice. Are we really going to repeat past mistakes here?


Not really , he might actually enjoy playing with Ten Hag again


Agreed. De Jong is a good player but every report comes with the caveat that he doesn't really want to leave Barca and if he does, he'd prefer to go to a CL club. United already have a big problem when it comes to player attitude and commitment and we are guaranteed to go through some rough patches next season given that this squad is not exactly ideal for Ten Hag's style of play. Last thing we need is to be spending big money on a player who doesn't really want to be here and only joined because he was forced out of the club he actually wants to be at and United were the only ones willing to pay the transfer fee and wages.


He's not the kinda guy to play such games. If he signs he'll go for it and wants to be succesful. His attitude has never been in question


That's a leap, Di Maria just seemed too soft and didn't seem to gel with the manager. I could see the issue a bit if you didn't have ETH. But you might be better off calling up Lens and trying for there midfield duo.


Talksport isnt source to be trusted btw


They were decent last summer


It absolutely is for United tbh. They've been very good for us over the last while.


I heard on talkSPORT today that United are interested in Chamberlain so I wouldn't trust them too much.


Ooh, link for the laugh?


It was on the radio sorry. It was just ridiculous though.


Found this now https://talksport.com/football/1126430/manchester-united-transfer-news-liverpool-alex-oxlade-chamberlain-man-city-newcastle-dean-henderson/


they have been on point for United since the end of the last season


They've been reliable for the past year


He is not good enough. Especially for that price. I would go and but SMS


Is it 0mph?


“Hi Frenkie do u want picking up in the morning pal”


Odd, he really doesn't want to go. It's gonna be interesting to see if this develops.


They’re just talking really fast with a weird accent so Frankie thinks it’s Barca.


Guess he wants to play Europa League football with ETH


He was playing Europa League football this season as well (knockout stages but still). I'm sure he'd survive a year lf EL football if he did make the move. Still think it won't happen, I'm guessing Barca will find a way to make their finances work. But United usually don't stay out of the CL for more than a year, so that excuse is too shortsighted to reject a club imo.


Yeah, I think man Utd makes it back to the top 4 next season.


Fun fact for you. Man United play in a highly competitive league called the "Premier League". This league is the richest on the planet, with the highest global viewership. Man United can also afford wages high enough to buy a moon.


Being that competitive isn't really a selling point for him right now though. He probably has a higher chance of winning the CL with Barcelona than the PL with ManU


>highly competitive league In what universe a 2-horse league is considered highly competitive? The same 2 clubs have won the PL for the last 5 years. News flash: It won't change next season either.


ETH just bidding on everybody at big clubs.


Frenkie has seen the light.


Signing a player on huge wages for a huge transfer fee, on top of that it is a player who doesn't want to leave the club, so he probably won't be thrilled to play elsewhere. This seems all too familiar.


the suspect accelerated his transfer at a high rate of speed and for the safety of my fellow officers and the general public we had no choice but to tactically ascertain whether or not we could undercut the desperate mooks looking to liquidate all their assets


heyfrenkiewillyoucomehereplzwewillpayyoulots - true acceleration here