Who wants tapas and sunshine when you could go for a balti and a cheeky trip to star city


I’m happy if this gets done but seriously even the thought of changing Seville, a legitimately beautiful city, for my home town of Birmingham is… depressing.


This is what I always think when English clubs make big signings from Spain or Italy. Like, really? Is any amount of money worth exchanging Mediterranean food, women and weather for the English equivalent?


Yes, a few years in a less desireable location to earn potentially millions more - and getting to enjoy the rest of your life living where you choose, generally is worth it. It's not like they can never go back to these nicer players again, and footballers only have a very short window of opportunity to earn these massive wages in. Got the rest of your life to live in the Med.


Sure. That's a very sensible and responsible view. But the amount of money some of these guys are getting is pretty obscene anyways. I'd much rather spend the prime years of my life merrymaking in Badalona than Bristol.


I’m a “foreign” fan and the reason was I fell in love with Birmingham. There are more personal reasons ofcourse, but I love the place. And I’m from a sunny place too. Some of us prefer depressing 😂


"Some of us prefer depressing" should be the new slogan to promote the city. At least it's an improvement on: "Not too far from London and better than Coventry"


Birmingham is not better than Coventry. Do you have a transport museum? No. Brutalist architecture? Some, maybe, but is everything brutalist? No.


If everything is Brutalist, is anything Brutalist? Kudos for not using the old "two cathedrals" argument. Edit: don't make me bring out the big "more miles of canals than Venice" guns


Our TPM (trolleys per mile) destroys Venice too


Have you tried a Venice balti pie? Absolute dog shit.


I went on a holiday in Preston and freaked out the locals thoroughly telling them I came from America 😅 Genuinely loved Preston.


Its one of my favourite away days as its full of decent cheap pubs, though we always bloody lose at Deepdale


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There's plenty to love in the midlands from the Cotswolds to the peak district. Not to say Sevilla isn't just as beautiful in its own right!


Not doubting that there are beautiful areas in the Midlands, but neither the Cotswolds or the Lake District are in the Midlands.


Cotswolds does span into the midlands atleast into Warwickshire


Sorry, meant peak district! Edited now. Cotswolds are most definitely in the midlands, I grew up there and I'm currently sat in south Birmingham, could be there in 30 minutes.


Mate Resorts World just opened up their own Hollywood Bowl, Star City is fucked


But does Resorts World have the mini golf?


What's wrong with a proper balti?


To be fair the lad is married with 3 kids and making rake loads of cash. Could have himself a very tidy manor house nestled in the countryside as opposed to a dingy flat above Greggs.


A dingy flat above Greggs sounds about perfect


MONCHI ARE YOU FUCKING MAD ?! I love you man but what is this? Selling a man for arguably half his value? I am extremely frustrated


Apparently you need 30 million before June to balance your seasons books. And villa porbably wanted this done before June to put the expenses in this year's books with the Grealish sale.


Maybe we're hiding the true fee so as to prevent other clubs from knowing how much we have. We kept Diego Carlos and Ocampos's contracts a secret so ig we could be doing the same here.... hopefully


They're going to fuck us on Kounde aren't they


Probably no less than 80 million now, losing both CBs and potentially ceding CL football to Betis unless you pay way over the odds make sense.


They're cashing out this summer. Ocampos might leave as well and Lopetegui's future is uncertain. They'll get €150M for Koundé, Ocampos and Carlos. Interesting to see how their rebuild goes.


I hate Monchi, but he will do a successful rebuild at Sevilla. Sevilla has a top scouting team. But competition in LaLiga is not sleeping.


Monchi at Sevilla is one, if not the best, director of football I've ever seen. Amazing deals for peanuts for good players and selling deals that are mental. I do not have any clue what did go wrong with him at Roma, but he has done wonders at Sevilla


I read somewhere Monchi made Sevilla 200m+ in profit from selling players.


I read he eats exclusively grape mochi


The disrespect to the goat director of football Kylian Ben Mbappe




Seems to have gone a bit stale there, particularly the 2nd half of the season Will certainly have the funds for a rebuild


There issue was scoring goals tho, not conceding them. They finished the league with the best defensive record in the competition. Doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me to sell both starting CBs in the best defense in the league, but what do I know? I'm sure that Monchi has a plan, or targets in mind, if he's Ok with shipping out both DC and Kounde.


There is no way we're getting 80M for Koundé, and there's certainly no way we're getting 40M for Ocampos. I'd guess 65M and 25M for them.


Cashing in on Carlos and Koundé makes some sense, but Ocampos? Is he even worth more than €25-30M?


They will just raid ligue 1 again, monchi has this formula down to a science at this point. Raid ligue 1 for a fraction of the price and pocket the rest lol.


Sorry I'm slightly confused. Do you mean if they sell those key players Betis are likely to have CL football next season? I get for most of LaLiga theres only really one CL place to fight over.


> potentially ceding CL football to Betis We're probably gonna fuck it up somehow, maybe because we try too hard for all competitions and it strains depth.


Will probably be release clause or fuck off now, never wanted him anyway smh


For a second time


Wouldn’t be surprised if they worked with Villa to time it for right when the takeover was imminent, knowing he’s our #1 target and will have to pay the RC.


No. We need to sell him too. I think you'll get him for €65M.


Consider yourself lucky that psg arent bidding on kounde yet.


You mean Mbappe?


[John Percy says the fee is £26 million](https://twitter.com/JPercyTelegraph/status/1529855986541989888)


That would be an absolutely genius bit of business by Villa


Coutinho, Kamara and Carlos all through the door already is a big statement of intent from Villa. Fantastic business


Beware the Summer Transfer Window Winner trophy


To be fair at this rate we'll have all our deals done by the time the window actually opens, I'm sure everyone will have forgotten about us by deadline day so that poisoned chalice will be passed onto someone else.


Nah once those premier league predictions come in you guys will be bigged up


Tbh I feel that there's around 12 teams that will be bigged up lol. PL's gonna be really hard next season


In the end everyone died by December and we have two horse race again, and City won the league by goal difference.


And Spurs are gonna somehow take 6 points from City before Liverpool bottles against us, making the whole exercise pointless.


It will be like usual, Liverpool wins at Anfield and draw 1-1 at Emirates. Same thing at Everton as well. Meanwhile City wins twice vs Arsenal despite Arsenal playing well in both games, but some dodgy penalties and Xhaka red cards resulted in City wins.


Can you guys put spoiler tags in, I’m really looking forward to next season.


Can relate


What is this a race to get as many signings before pre-season? Villa are killing it. Reckon they got one more in the works too, a striker?


Gerrard wants a full pre season with his team to get them playing how he wants.


Don’t we all?


It seems to be an open secret that we're gonna sign Suarez


Fucking hell you never really walk alone huh


For a total of £43m too. Seems like good business to me


The interesting part is our bargaining. Coutinho from 30 something million down to 17million. Kamara free. Carlos from 50mil euros to 26million pounds. Slippy G, Christian "Fernando Torres of Finance" Purslow and Johan Lange are ye coursing themselves through some signings.


Barca had basically no leverage in the deal as it's either coutinho out, or their summer window is fucked


I mean, yes and no. Coutinho still had suitors. It's just that we still had Lange in our corner.


Did he really? who else was willing and able to take on even 70% of that 550k he made weekly at Barca?


Johan Lange’s smile is haunting the dreams of every executive he’s hustling


This doesn't factor in the insane wages that you all are paying to these players


Possibly but define "insane". None of our players are being given more than 150k a week. And theres only 4 players that earn above 100k at the moment.


You should know that if you want to keep top talent you have to pay up, I mean look at the money you were giving griez before he left, mad ting.


This complicates our Kounde deal. It'll be hilarious if we miss out on him again.


he’ll force it


He tried last season but failed.


sevilla have less leverage now as his contract is shorter


Also was much later in the window last time no?


Last week of the window, yeah. The ball is in their court now, we desperately need a CB and they don’t need to sell.


Holy fuck that was fast


Not as fast as Ings


From one "villa" to another




That's what she said


Leicester & West Ham better get on top of things


Lol no chance. Dithering Dave on transfers for us unfortunately




Villa move so quickly in the transfer market I don’t get it. This went from weak rumours to done in an afternoon


They probably immediately meet reasonable transfer demands for the sake of expediency


Well we either do this or we do foreplay like with JWP and ESR last summer. Bidding well under what the teams want.


Well considering how JWP and ESR are valued by their clubs I doubt they'd be willing to sell them to a PL rival for whats considered reasonable anyway


Majority of transfers are set up and organised months ahead of time This deals probably been going over the finer details since like April


probably not haggling around with the prices, meeting Secilla's demands


The rumours were for a fee around 50m, 26m seems incredibly low for a player of his calibre


That 50m was around what Newcastle were quoted in January. When you're Sevilla in a title race and a relegation-threatened team who have just become the richest club in the world want to buy your CB, you better double the price. 26m is probably about right. Its the summer, he's 29 now and Sevilla will be able to sell Kounde too in order to buy 2 young CBs. Good for Villa but their transfers seem more like "push for Europe for a season or two" rather than building themselves to be a top-half side every season.


Our squad is very young so we need experienced top quality players to provide a good base for our team. It’s about buying star players for the here and now to get us to that next level


Jesus. Stevie, Johan and Christian are on a mad one.


Villa are like drunk me on Amazon *stares at longsword and drum kit *


Villa’s owners have to be about the most ambitious in the league. That squad has had huge numbers invested in it. Hope Stevie does well with it.


One thing you can't knock them for is their ambition and willingness to provide the funds. Just need Stevie to show it now, anything less than being around the top 8 is unacceptable really.


> anything less than being around the top 8 is unacceptable really. The same will be said by Leicester, West Ham, Newcastle...The PL is getting insanely competitive.


It’s easily the highest standard of football on the planet now. Probably harder to achieve in it than the CL.


Found Pep's Reddit account!


Shit you just made me bald


> anything less than being around the top 8 is unacceptable really. they've been 8th in the form table since Stevie joined iirc, so him getting some players he wants to reinforce the squad should help them finish in the top 8.


Villas underlying numbers for the second half of the season are really not great so there is going to need to be some serious improvement to get 8th. Improvement in coaching, rather than individual players coming in.


crazy how people just lie with so much confidence there was a significant underlying improvement in the second half


Yeah but you're looking at things like wins and losses, goals and expected goals, overall results. You should be focused on the only stat that matters, how much your team runs /s


I think since Gerrard came in we are 9th. So 8th doesn't feel a million miles away. When Smith got the sack we were 17th. We were not in a good place when he came in.


We also have to remember by that point with smith a lot of our tough first half fixtures happened already by the time Gerrard took over. Gerrard got Southampton, leeds, Norwich, and Burnley twice. We were also a drastically new team that needed time to grow. We are better under Gerrard but when people say under him we are 9th, that lacks a lot of context. I'd look at the past 19 games where we play most teams once and we are 12th under Gerrard which I think makes more sense. And 12th to 8th doesn't seem that bad especially if Manu continue to implode.


I'm not really sure what numbers you're referring to, but most I've seen show a pretty significant improvement in Villa's performance under Gerrard. [The graph in this article is one example.](https://www.sportinglife.com/football/news/premier-league-team-by-team-xg-analysis-on-the-202122-season/200678) Just looking at [FB Ref's XG numbers](https://fbref.com/en/squads/8602292d/Aston-Villa-Stats#all_matchlogs), they went from a xGD of -4.9 under Dean Smith to 0 under Stevie. He didn't get the results, but the team looks quite strong under him, and with more backing they should challenge for a spot in Europe next year.


What? Did you just make that up??? The second half of the season was the better half.


We were 9th if you take the league from the day Gerrard took the job. [table](https://i.imgur.com/k7TBoHh.jpg) There is a LOT of room for improvement but we had some shit luck with injuries and I’m sure Gerrard and co can put a spin on it.


…and pays ridiculously over the odds for big Shirley


Villa has some of the richest owners in football and there's people in here acting like their one of the small boys and saying how they're just doing what other lower Prem clubs could do if they had ambition.


It's because big 6 supporters despise it when other clubs spend money like they do


Wow that's yet another massive signing done very early.


Sevilla fans, is he still as error prone as he used to be?


He was better than kounde this year


That's what I like to hear big man.


People will scoff because we "won the window" last year and finished 14th, but even at the time, I felt we were panicking after losing Jack. This window seems a lot more measured like we've identified who we want months ago and we're just getting it done early. Love to see it.


Yeah both these signings are in places Villa needed to upgrade. Last year signing Ings was odd because Watkins was already great up top


The prem is so brutal- you guys are out here spending more than any non-english team besides Juve, Bayern, Barca, Real (PSG too) and still will be happy with finishing top half. Crazy stuff


They’re spending more than a lot of prem teams too tbf. They’re one of the biggest spenders outside the big 6.


It's not just how brutal the Prem is, it's where we've come from as a team. 3 seasons ago we were promoted from the 2nd tier with a squad that came 5th in the championship - minus all the loans that we relied on to get us to the play off final of course This time 4 seasons ago we were staring down the barrell of a points deduction because our owner was really dodgy and basically couldn't bring any of his money out of China. We've spent a lot because we didn't have anything in place to build upon - we've basically had to build a PL team from scratch and out owners are refusing to accept just making up the numbers


I mean yes you've spent a lot but it's ridiculous money you're throwing around even if you didn't have much of a team before. I'm jealous because our owner has a similar net worth to yours but won't spend 15 million on our player of the season (Torreira). Like I said I love the ambition.


We have two owners worth combined around 15 billion dollars, I just looked it up and your owner is more like 5 billion which is a ton but Villas owners have stupid money. I'm also sure Sawiris has more money at his disposal since his brothers also have shares in his families company. You also have to remember villa are in the premier league which in its own right can out spend every other league many times over with their TV deal


5billion is stupid money too.


It's getting difficult to understand how we stay in this league much longer. Three signings, Kamara, Coutinho and Carlos who they've probably paid in transfers fees what half our entire team cost, and in wages would cover probably cover the same


And people laugh at us for being relegated. Mate, our owners are worth 20 million..


It's hard! People moan about rich clubs spending money but the question is always why don't Norwich spend more to stay in the league? Why don't Saints back Hasenhuttl etc. I mean, we're rich in the scheme of things, multiple 20m players but they've all been shite, and capable of giving someone like Ward-Prowse 120k contract, but outside of that the rest of the squad is nothing compared to everyone around us. And for Norwich it's even worse! I'm actually really happy spending so little, promoting youth and "buying young, selling high", but sometimes you do wonder what it'd be like to just go mad one window


The thing I always wonder about you guys, how do you not have money after selling so many class players over the years.


It all goes into the running of the club. By the time you pay all your staff and player wages and running of the stadium, academy etc, where ever the funds go, doesnt leave you with much


Crazy to think about. Really shows how the modern sports owner needs it to be a toy they’re fine losing money on.


If rumours are to be believed around £45m in transfer fees (£17m Coutinho, £0 Kamara and £26m Carlos) and around £120-130k p/w in wages for each of them Which isn't awful considering our wages were well controlled before this and we're actively looking to move some players on


Oh, amazing deals. But we just don't have that money! Some really great players there. Villa aiming high


43 million.


Damn, aston villa is making really good signings. Hopefully it wont bite them in the future


Newcastle and Aston Villa getting so much better can only make Top 8 much harder to predict


Tbf that was said about Villa last year and it didn’t quite go to plan


Last season felt much more rushed and way less thought out than this season. I think it’s different, obviously I’m ready to be proven wrong, but signings to actually fill in the weaknesses are better than splurging £30m on an injury prone 29 year old striker we didn’t need


We did lose our captain/best player. Most people I know were in agreement that losing Grealish was a bigger impact than gaining Ings/Bailey/Buendia and having no idea how they’d settle into the team.


Bailey. Completely forgot he existed….


So do we..


He’s been injured like 3 separate times. Every time he’s come back from injury he’s gotten another one. Shame because he started off looking so promising


We did lose our star player who the entire team was build around to be fair.


Jack made all the other players look better than they actually are in all honesty. He was a massive loss and it was clear whenever we had to play without him, the level he was playing at last season was the highest I've ever seen personally in a villa shirt.


It is hard to shake the Villa DNA of throwing matches.


Whilst that is true, 9th in the league with Gerrard at the helm and just plugged the 2 biggest holes in our team.


I'm trying to temper my expectations of Villa for next season. Last summer they also made a bunch of signings that looked quality and just never got going. Yeah, they have Gerrard, Coutinho, Digne for a whole year but I dunno. They didn't exactly blow the league away the last half of the year. I hope they do crack European places because they've made a lot of progress but they've spent a lot and don't have much to show for it yet.


Didn’t blow the league away but I believe 8th or 9th under Gerrard so not bad tbf. Could maybe push for europe with some luck next season


I do hope we can manage to go for Conference. Well one can only hope, our final game is the testament to the phrase “classic Villa”


Yeah... classic villa caused quite a bit of pain icl lol. Lets hope you sort that out


We massively had injury issues is the thing. Watkins/Ings intermittently injured, Bailey who looked electric when he first started but was delayed by a hamstring injury then reinjured it like 3 times. Our 4th choice midfielder injured for a few months so we played a 3 man rotation in a midfield of 3 for a long while. Digne had a number of issues after signing him. Buendia looked our best attacking player for most of the season but had niggling issues that prevented him from starting a number of games. I'm not necessarily saying we had worse injuries than other teams but they often came at inopportune time and to positions we were relatively thin and to the brand new signings expected to make us better.


Since Gerrard took over we are 9th. Which isn't amazing, but a few key signings could see us climb a place or two so not completely unrealistic to think we could challenge for comference league. Still, I doubt it'll happen, but gotta try!


Villa are Massive!


Feel bad for the Sevilla fans they must hate premier league clubs lol


Yeah bet they must prefer selling their best players to Barca and Madrid instead


Sevilla and Valencia seldom sell to Real.


i can think of 4 players in the last 22 years that went from sevilla to barca : alves, raki, adriano and keita. sevilla hardly sell to barca


And the Lord clement.


How can we compete


Yeah. I do sort of feel for you. Obviously, it's a bit hollow coming from the only bottom half club that can attempt to compete with Villa's spending, but it does feel harsh on a club like Brighton that all your hard work and progress can be wiped out by clubs bankrolled by sugar daddies just outspending you.


You have PL money as well. This is a £30m odd deal, not out of Brightons realms. We are not throwing £50m onto a backup left back like other teams.


£30m would be are record transfer and we would only pay probably half the wages your paying him. Bloom has already put loads of money in so I cannot complain but with the money you and Newcastle have been spending don't think we can keep up.


I get your point, but tbf we've only ever spent over £30m once on Buendia. Most our deals are good value.


Grealish sale simultaneously derailed us at the start of last season but has set us up financially to do some big things.


Don't be obtuse, theres wages behind that fee too, and we both know not all clubs in the league can compete with those wages or close to it


This is what always happens, the small teams can't compete and everyone agrees it's disgusting, until your club is the one to get pumped full of lovely gold. Then it's all "oh you've got PL money as well." Talking from experience, we've done the transition and it's grimey as fuck.


Not quite Danny Ings level but I admire how quickly Villa get their deals done


Wtf Villa


When we were linked he was billed as a very good defender with the odd brain fart. I'll be curious to see how that profile transfers to the Premier League. Either way, getting a La Liga team of the year defender has to be seen as a positive.


Wow, Gerrard said he wanted the team in place for pre season and he wasn't kidding. Wonder who we will sign in a few days.


Would've been happy if we'd (Newcastle) signed in the winter, so can hardly say it's a bad signing for Villa. Coutinho and Carlos are players for here and now so there's a lot of pressure on Gerrard. Let's see how it goes but I hope it all goes tits up (against us especially)! Only joking fellow members of the Other 14.


This means that Koundé will not leave for less than €80M. Who are Sevilla looking at? I remember some faint rumours linking them to Bremer.




Ibanez is not champions league quality, as someone who watches almost every Roma match.


Ibanez until December was beast. Don't know what happened to him since December. But he has all the qualities to be a top CB and he is still very young. Very fast, great in the air. Needs to work a bit on passing and decision making


Bremer is likely off to Inter.


Marcao of Galatasaray


From what I remember there were some links to Davinson Sanchez last summer. He’s our only capable depth option at CB right now though, so not sure if they’d be priced out of a move considering that, as well as what we paid for him.


As good as gerrad is. But this villa team with a decent manager should absolutely challenge for European places. Their first 11 is great


Why don’t we see how Gerrard does then next season? I believe since joining villa are 8th in points or something


[9th and level with Wolves](http://1x2stats.com/en-us/ENG/2021/Premier-League/table/?da=2021-11-20&a=2022-05-22) but a better GD buoyed by scoring more.


If Villa had Gerrard from the start of the season, Villa would be 8th.


I think the big thing to take away for next season isn't the first XI, it's the Match Day Squad due to 5 Subs coming into the PL ##### GK (2) Martinez, Olsen/Steer (Injured)/New? ##### DEF (7) Digne, Cash, Carlos, Mings, Chambers, Konsa (Injured)/Hause, Young/Kessler/New FB? ##### MID (5) Kamara, Nakamba/Luiz, Ramsey, McGinn, Chukwumeka/Sanson ##### FWD (6) Watkins, Ings, Buendia, Coutinho, Traore/Bailey, Archer/Barry That's a really flexible Match Day squad that I really think Gerrard will be able to get some great football out of


That is actually a class signing for Villa.


Not sure what annoys me more. The fact that Villa are taking our transfer targets from 12 months ago...or the fact they can snap them up so quickly when we don't see it through!


A$ton Vi££a. Banter aside, if you look at the latest Forbes list of most valuable football clubs Villa have moved into 20th at around 750 million. NWSE only paid about 80M when they bought the club 3.5 years ago. So they could drop another 100M in the team this summer, both decide they hate football, and sell the team in the fall and still net north of 300m on a less than 4 year investment. And that's before we offload a few players this summer


Fucking hell.


[It was just rumors a few hours ago..](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6Qd-RfeT9Y)


Is Villa trying to win the transfer window again


It’s the only thing we have “won” for 26 years 😔


can any Sevilla fans sum him up?


Well that's a fantastic signing for Villa! No doubt Sevilla are gonna have a higher price for Kounde now that they lost a great player.


Villa really going for it, could easily see them finishing 13th next season


Villa are moving fast fair play


Villa for 5th place next year.


Villa ain't fucking around. *Meanwhile..*


Am I crazy for thinking both Kamara and Carlos would have both been good signings for United?