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All this argument needs is Uli Hoeness to get involved.


"This is a gentleman's secret, but back in pre-history Bayern actually financially helped PSG and Real Madrid"


"And while I'm on the subject of money, the biggest problem with the sport is lack of financial responsibility and transparency. Let me give you a morally indignant lecture on that topic."


Should have talked earlier with Niebaum and Meier, I guess.


Sorry, not going to get me to defend criminals.


Think of him what you want but at least he gives us something to talk about which is why I don’t mind him being involved


I love sausage Uli. I just don't take him very seriously.


As a football fan this gave me a good laugh As a Bayern fan this makes me die inside knowing that he doesn't keep his trap shut.


hoeness' name will never not make me laugh


His Hoeness, Uli


What about Karl-Heinz Runmynigga?


and a surprise appearance by Aurelio De Laurentiis


Fax 🤣


France and Spain taking potshots at each other? What's this 1635?


Well I guess we’re gonna see a marriage between Tebas and Khelaifi families then. Wouldn’t that be fun??!!


I wonder how the logistics of that union would work out


I suppose their gonna put down Mbappe as the dowry


Mbappe is the Head of the house though. He can't be the exchange


I wouldn’t say so. They fighting over him as a property.


Time to queue up /r/crusaderkings UEFA expansion


Finally France will be able to dominate 🥲


This whole league president taking shots at each other's club is kinda fun. At least everyone dislike Tebas I guess. Bundesliga , Serie A and Pl need to step up their game


Brings me back to Serie A before 2012 where youd have club presidents giving interviews every other day.


Now only Napoli's one does.


No wonder I keep hearing about Koulibaly not joining Barca 2000 times.


And the guy who sold Dusan Vlahovic to Juve


ADL and Lotito


Anyone asked the Premier League president for his opinion?


Most people don’t even know his mane neither does me and I’ve been watching the PL since 2013 lol


Richard Masters iirc. I've only heard his name during the Newcastle and Chelsea sales. He doesn't get involved much in public eye at least


What is the premier league's fascination with Dicks? Richard Masters, Richard Scudamore, Richard Garlick...


Dick Masters is a perfect name tbh


He's a Chief Executive. He's not elected. He doesn't have to perform for the press.


What about Ja Rule? Where is Ja?! Somebody get a hold of this mf I need someone to make sense of all this!






I need answers Ja Rule might not have.


When the entire Jenga tower of football is built on corruption you cannot question the integrity of one piece without the whole structure falling down.


Those guys are a bunch of Spiderman pointing himself même at this point


Ziegler ? Werner Ziegler ?


Show me! 😍


What’s he up to man, what’s he doing😏


Im sorry little one




Let's talk


Battle of the league presidents. What does Richard Masters have to say about all this?


Too busy swimming in money


He's too busy making sure the PL becomes even richer than the rest


tell you what I don't even know who that guy is, but he is making a good job if that's his objective.


He's already making moves to make sure PL out earns the Super league.


Like what moves?


Moves like jagger


You sunova bitch..


Tebas started it last year after the whole ESL and he hasn’t kept his mouth shut since


I had to google the name to make sure... so Richard Masters is the PL's president? Dick Masters?




Lmao yeah that €5M tax benefit they had to pay back (as did Osasuna and Athletic, since they are also still fan-owned) is the real reason those two are so historically popular and successful ☠️


It's unbelievable that this guy and Ceferin can go to the press and say these things with a straight face. Over the last 10 years, PSG has had a net transfer expense of just under a billion €, whereas Madrid is sitting at 179 million. Even Leeds has spent more than Real Madrid in that time.


And Man U has a net transfer spend over a billion. Barca's is 650mil. Real's is low but that is more of an aberration. Crystal palace have a net spend of 300mil in that time and are relegation contenders. It is just the way the sport is moving. Also Real had the 2nd highest wage bill in the world this season so it isnt like they are operating on some small budget


I guess that’s why he sidestepped transfer fees and started talking about wages.


My bad, I thought transfer fees and wages were part of the same budget.


That got overturned as well.


Yeah then the prosecution appealed and won in the highest court


I wasn’t aware of the fact that this particular case had been overturned again. I stand corrected. There are two cases which are often brought up in relation to state aid. One is this one. The other is the one involving Real Madrid and the City. The first one has a fine limited to €5m while the other one was to the tune of €20m. The first one has gotten overturned again — as you’ve pointed out. I wasn’t aware of that.


The second one was overturned as well. I think the city had to return the money Real Madrid paid with interests. People also talk about the old Ciudad Deportiva sell, which at the time was sued and the european comission found no state aid. But somehow people keep mentioning it completely ignoring what the resolution was.


And they keep mentioning how apparently Franco helped the club which has been debunked dozens of time but reddit gonna reddit


That's the point to - they had to pay it back. The law applied to them. And when it comes to salaries La Liga is stricter than most of the leagues. Barcelona is massively in debt... and they are accountable for that, you have to be blind not to see it with most of the transfers they're making being free that they cannot even register until they offload twice as much wages from different players.


I don't understand what this is supposed to achieve. We have two expensive players at bench but that is a responsibility that we bear and we are within ffp. Barcelona have debts and they are paying for it. What is wrong here?


He basically just said, look at how the top 2 la Liga sides are suffering the consequences of their actions (unlike psg)


What consequences are you suffering from? You have two of the highest paid players on the bench and you're still in the UCL final


Those 2 players cost us legal money and influence our FFP unlike certain other clubs.


Hoffenheim flair ?


It was a old bug if I remember correctly where people were getting Hoffenheim flair by default. I think it got fixed but the other guy probably never bothered to change it


I indeed have never bothered to change it


Cmon. Hoffenheim isnt that bad of a team. No need to be ashamed


Well, most Germans would disagree, to them Hoffenheim is Leipzig-lite.


If Leipzig is a 10/10 on the unlikeable scale Hoffenheim is like a 6/10.


Hopp-enheim is another stab at 50+1 in Germany. Hey at least it wasn't solely started as a marketing operation like Rasenball


paying their wages without taking any advantage on the pitch. for most clubs, money is finite; but not for PSG because the club is state-owned.


Mostly 1 signing (transfer) per year after CR left 4 years ago, being Hazard the only big one. Then you have teams like PSG signing all the players in the world making them the best paid in their position thanks to Qatar oil money. Dunno man, i think I didn't even need to explain this.


Mostly one signing per year… except for the year they dropped 350m on Hazard, Jovic, Militao, Mendy, Rodrygo and Reinier. And Madrid pay some of the biggest wages in the world. You don’t have to make many transfers when you never have to worry about your players leaving because you bury them in cash.


Players did leave Madrid though, a lot of them, some of the best players even.


We had to sell Hakimi, Odegaard, Varane and countless players to get 200 million for Mbappe.


no,we had to sell them to keep the club afloat during covid RM was one of a few clubs who came out of it with a profit.


If you came out of it with a profit, you didn't *have* to sell all of them, FFP let's you be somewhat in the negative


Why should Madrid suffer any consequences ?


They are talking financial not sporting


He’s not saying that at all. He’s saying that the other clubs are the ones that are doing something illegal even though they accuse PSG. The problem is that it isn’t true, they didn’t.


So why were they fined?


If anything he is highligting one of the major reasons oil clubs have such an advantage. They can afford to overspend on flops without consequence because they just go buy a new player, even a club with the stature of barca had their bank account run dry after a couple years of bad signings. PSG could make bad signings for an entire decade and still be fine


Bad signings? Those were criminal business decisions made from signings to the obscene contract Messi was getting paid.


And the contracts psg are handing out are equally as obscene given their income. No normal club can hemmorrhage funds the way psg have in the last decade just to come out anf give mbappe a 300 million signing bonus. Barca are facing the consequences of their actions, psg will not


Very well said.


>Barcelona have debts and they are paying for it PSG would never have to face such consequences


PSG maybe, their Qatari owners won't.


FFP was literally created to fine PSG, Monaco and Anzhi Makhachkala...


Because PSG isn't carrying debt.


Yep, also is he trying to say that it's wrong but it's ok if PSG does it? I don't get it. Also PSG uses state money.


It’s a response from repeated attacks from Tebas. Click on the link to read the whole message (it’s only 3 paragraphs)


he is trying to deflect by deliberately ignoring the issue i.e. PSG's flagrant violation of FFP


How is PSG violating FFP?


Signing players who are liked by old money clubs


This has to be a joke and you're not seriously think that's what it is right?


PSG are within FFP. What he’s said is literally true.


We violated the FFP and were sanctionned for it, and unlike a certain club we compelled with the sanctions. As a result our team has been unbalanced as fuck, up to this day. Yes we've been abusing the corpse of FFP since it's paused because of COVID, but it's not like only PSG can do so.


Stop trying to reason with these people. They will never change their stance.


'stop trying to reason with these people' as if they're wrong


Not to mention RM and Barça are two of the biggest clubs in the world so it’s not like it’s a lot to ask that we have the highest paid players.. I guess I can’t talk though, PSG are the biggest sportswashing project in the world so who are we to compete


PSG are within FFP too. So what is your comment supposed to achieve?


Lol also the "illegal state aid" was a ridiculously low tax break for being classed as non-profit orgs


How does that change anything? I don't really see the difference between a tax break and a subsidy


It does change things because what he's saying is false. The EU court of justice has found no illegal state aid. The tax break barely reached 5M a year which goes to many different league teams


You lost your case in the high courts. Your fine was upheld.


and Papa Perez managing to get the grounds classified as non-sporting reasons and managing to sell it to his construction company for 500 million dollars in 2000s wasnt illegal too.


We don't talk about that, it's just good business.


Every Spanish club had it until most fucked with their economy and was forced to change to a company


It’s a response from the French LFP president over repeated public attacks from the Spanish league. Read the full message Labrune posted. I’m not a fan of Labrune either but it’s very strange to have a league president repeatedly for many years denigrating another league publicly, all the while being a representative of Ligue 1 as he is on the President of european professional leagues.


Shhh don't interrupt people jerking off one another like that, they're having such a good time and you're ruining it with logic. Do you even Reddit ?


Ligue 1 president knowing the only reason his league is relevant is one club and one club only.


God forbid the French look out for their domestic championship. They should just roll over for Spanish clubs, their championship, and their president because of ‘History’.


yea man dont you fucking know how much Real won during 50s... smh fucking plastic football fan doesnt even remember football during 50s. French league should be thankful to Spanish giants and send their best players there for free!


Because your league is not only relevant because of RM and Barca?


Yeah it's not like the Europa League has been dominated by Spanish teams for the last decade right but sure only Real and Barca are relevant.


FFP is about your revenues you knob. PSG don’t have the revenues to justify those salaries. Even with Bale and Hazard on the bench Madrid is 40% under its salary cap because it earns that much money. PSG is a loss making shitshow even after financial doping with most sponsors partially owned by qatar. Stop being shills for their dirty money at best, or complicit in their corruption at worst.


Doesn't FFP solidify monopolies? PSG should be able to spend as long as the owners sign an agreement to cover the losses. FFP was meant to stop clubs from going bankrupt, not to keep the status quo. Imagine Amazon, Facebook, Google etc saying tech startups should run within their means and ban big money injections into them. That would be considered an unfair business practice.


It absolutely does, yes.


FFP ensures that clubs don’t become debt pits - banning gambling doesn’t prevent people from getting rich it prevents poor people from throwing it all away.


Right, which is also why the outrage over PSG and City evading FFP is misplaced, because neither of them are in danger of becoming debt pits.


That’s assuming their benefactors stay forever. Chelsea could have been liquidated if Abramovich had insisted on getting his money back, and his valuation for the club. The same would happen to PSG or Man City too. That’s why clubs are required to make money to spend it : and that’s why FFP is not taken in a single year but a multi year average : it gives you the chance to go overboard one year as long as you balance it out or show you increased revenues. With their financial doping, these « owners » have put important community institutions at a great risk where they can catastrophically damage their communities if any government ever threatens to push them out. I won’t even get into how they also inflated tv deals to really fuck everyone with beinsports : since everyone gets a little more money, and qatar says well if you don’t let us outspend you by a lot more, everyone will lose. There are deluded people who think these qataris are making the French league stronger, when in fact they have stacked the deck and are holding everyone hostage.


Chelsea could have been liquidated because the club owed money to Abromovich personally, that’s not how these “sham sponsorships” work, right? Qatar can’t just call in a debt and force PSG into bankruptcy because they injected that money, didn’t loan it, that’s my understanding. Also there’s plenty of high profile owners who have ruined clubs, that’s not against the rules (ask Valencia fans). My point is that FFP is the wrong excuse for outrage against clubs like PSG, and the wrong vehicle for fixing the situation. If you want to level the financial playing field, *do that*, don’t complain about how clubs didn’t earn their money fair and square.


People on this sub really need to read this comment..


>There are deluded people who think these qataris are making the French league stronger, when in fact they have stacked the deck and are holding everyone hostage. Finally someone said it here, since most user on this sub don't watch Ligue 1 at all this idea of QSG improving the league is thrown around pretty often. But it's been clear since forever that trickle-down economics doesn't work in football, nor anywhere tbf lol.


>The same would happen to PSG or Man City too. Pretty sure the sheikh could get back all his money if he had to sell at market value. Even accounting for all the sketchy sponsorships it’s still highly unlikely he wouldn’t make all his money back seeing as City group is worth more than 4 billion.


most of City’s valuation comes as a result of having the Sheikh’s backing


You don't value a company based purely on the hope that the majority shareholder will invest a ton, the Chinese/American investors would base their valuation on how much they think City group is worth. The City group is still easily worth more than what the sheikh has put into it and could easily start becoming profitable to owners if they ran it in a different way.


I am saying as long as the owners agree to cover the losses they should be able to spend as much as they want. That covers your problem


> Doesn't FFP solidify monopolies? That was the real purpose to begin with. The royalty clubs want an unofficial closed shop.


>Stop being shills for their dirty money at best, or complicit in their corruption at worst https://i.imgur.com/hUYd1jL.png


Barcelona sponsored by Qatar, Madrid sponsored by Dubai, literally every club bending over for their gambling sponsors. It's hilarious when football fans try to take the moral high ground of where their money comes from.


Bayern sponsored by Qatar too (their fans were angry about it at the last committee with the board)


Speaking of corruption and dirty money: "In a 2014 visit to supervise construction, Pérez gifted Guatemala’s then-president a Real Madrid jersey and boasted of Renace’s “exemplary social responsibility, with respect for others, the environment and the communities.” "But Caal says it has inflicted terrible harm. In one handwritten letter, he accuses Pérez of piping and diverting the river without consulting the affected communities, thus “leaving thousands of Q’eqchi’ Mayan brothers and sisters without access to water.” [https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2021/11/01/bernardo-caal-xol-mayan-activist-guatemala/](https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2021/11/01/bernardo-caal-xol-mayan-activist-guatemala/) ​ [https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2021/11/mayan-teacher-locked-up-defending-sacred-river/](https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2021/11/mayan-teacher-locked-up-defending-sacred-river/) [https://ctxt.es/es/20181114/Politica/22783/Gorka-Castillo-Bernardo-Caal-entrevista-prision--lider-maya-Guatemala-ACS-proyecto-hidroelectrico.htm](https://ctxt.es/es/20181114/Politica/22783/Gorka-Castillo-Bernardo-Caal-entrevista-prision--lider-maya-Guatemala-ACS-proyecto-hidroelectrico.htm) [https://twitter.com/BernardoCaal2/status/1416535109776281601](https://twitter.com/BernardoCaal2/status/1416535109776281601) [https://twitter.com/BernardoCaal2/status/1348422216476725248](https://twitter.com/BernardoCaal2/status/1348422216476725248)


Let's also not talk about Perez's company's strong ties with Qatar 🤫


I wish Qatar Airways injected all the money the nation of Qatar injected into PSG, instead we only got like 50m per season. Are you serious rn?


lmao money from qatar is dirty only over a certain amount, under it's fair game. Keep hating son


You understand why people think there’s a difference though, right?


Yep, because in one case the club is French and hadn't been successful since the 90s so fans of big clubs are pissed off that they entered their rich people's private club


I understand but I disagree. To sum it up quick, money has ruled football forever, football was used for sportwashing forever, shady money and shady people have been in this business for ever aswell. People love a scapegoat so they can close their eyes on how global and rampant the problem is in football. It's part of the paradox of loving a corrupted game, and it's the easy way to cope with that paradox


Wouldn’t you like to see that change though?


Of course ! But I don't think hating psg on social medias is going to achieve any change.


I would like to see football change, and I join in whenever I see people with pitchforks going for ALL the money clubs — PSG, Madrid, Man City, Man United, Bayern, and the rest. But when it’s a bunch of Madrid flairs piling on PSG, it just seems like the height of hypocrisy to me.


Let's not mention Barça used some of that money to fund a press campaign to defame their own players 😂😂😂😂


>First, in relation to financial stability and sustainability, two of your clubs — Real Madrid and Barcelona — have broken a multitude of records in the past decade. In terms of transfer fees, these two clubs have broken the world record six times. In terms of player salaries, Real Madrid currently has two of the highest paid players in world football sat on their bench. In terms of debt, Barcelona is reported to have a debt level of €1.5 billion, and this is despite the European Court of Justice finding that Real Madrid and Barcelona benefitted from illegal state aid. Over the past 10 years, LaLiga has spent +32% more on players than Ligue 1;and significantly more on foreign players outside your own league compared to Ligue 1. > >The fact that you publicly and repeatedly take this position against Ligue 1 on this topic and denigrate our League and our clubs is both unacceptable and manifestly false. The fact that you do this in your capacity of President of the European Leagues — which represents Ligue1 — is not only conflicted (a topic on which you are also vocal against others) but also completely inappropriate. > >Finally, one final comment would be a simple request to treat players in our league and across European football with some respect. When Lionel Messi, Sergio Ramos and others left your league — by choice — last year, rather than acknowledging their greatest (which you had weeks prior to their departure) you commented on their age and brandished our league as being “like the league of legends given the age of some players”. Now your disrespectful smears seem to be directed towards Kylian Mbappé who is widely acknowledged to be one of the world’s greatest players and who simply didn’t join your league, by choice, despite having received a similar offer. Unlike you, Ligue 1 lauds and promotes players both in our league and across Europe — including those in your league. Someone in your various positions might be wise to consider the same. On our end, we are pleased and proud that Ligue 1 has received a multitude of supportive calls from other leagues, clubs and European football stakeholders following your letter..


>Finally, one final comment would be a simple request to treat players in our league and across European football with some respect. When Lionel Messi, Sergio Ramos and others left your league — by choice — last year, rather than acknowledging their greatest (which you had weeks prior to their departure) you commented on their age and brandished our league as being “like the league of legends given the age of some players” Agree with him here. But then again how PSG can afford these two with already heavy wage in their squad. ​ >Unlike you, Ligue 1 lauds and promotes players both in our league and across Europe — including those in your league. Disagree with him regarding promoting of youth players. Barcelona literally dominated world football with their academy players, everyone Knows about Atheltic, Valencia have very good academy too so do Atletico. Madrid has good academy but their president and as a club don't care or worry about giving youth player any chances. Its their philosophy so thats fine. Tebas is corrupt shit. But PSG are worse club to even back. Their fans might be genuine but the club ownership is something else.


The last paragraph means Ligue 1 doesn’t attack players of other leagues, not about the quality of youth formed.


For the second statement, he’s not talking about promoting youth players, I believe he’s just talking about promoting any player in general instead of shit talking them at any chance.


Sergio Ramos didn't leave by choice, he fucked up his contract negotiation with Florentino and everyone got tired of his shit after being a whole season injured so he had 0 negotiation power. In the end he wanted what Florentino offered him but when Ramos was ready to sign it the offer expired.


When you think that Santiago Bernabeu played a role in PSG's creation is really funny seeing everything happening these days.


Didn't EU court overturn that decision?




It was a 5 million dollar tax grant. Let’s not blow it out of proportion. Now let’s talk about how PSG sponsors contract valuation from Qatar are higher than most clubs, when barely anyone watches league 1 and PSG keep crashing out of the Champions League early. Madrid and Barca are all fan (socio) owned, we spend what we make. PSG spends what Qatar makes. Let’s not deflect by pointing out an accidental tax break fee and call it being “state aid” when PSG is getting billions funneled through a foreign nation. All that matters is that while having money, these big clubs will suffer from overspending, and have no state aid. In contrast, PSG and Mbappe will not have to think about funding at all, despite atrocious wage bills and signings.


But what about the wage spending of top two teams in ligue 1? Whats the difference between thise two? I feel you can make a pretty good team out of the juat the difference between PSG and the next teams wage gap alone.


He obviously isn't going to bring that. PSG is the most marketable team in ligue 1 so he is defending his "league interest" as should that his job. This debate will never be in good faith from both sides.


Couldn’t you say the same thing in La Liga? With the difference between Madrid and Atleti you could fund Tottenham for a year.


[This is just lazy man. At least the Ligue 1 president should keep himself updated on developments. The EU courts overturned that decision and we got the money paid in fines back — one of the main reasons we showed a profit during 19/20.](https://www.euronews.com/2019/05/22/eu-court-rules-real-madrid-got-no-state-aid-in-land-deal)




There are two different court cases. One is in relation to the taxation of socio clubs which includes Osasuna, Athletic Club, Barca and us. The one I mentioned in my comment is the court case related to land dealings between the City of Madrid and Real Madrid. It looks like your article is talking about the former while the one I linked to talks about the latter. Nevertheless, both had been overturned. But it seems like the former has been overturned again which I wasn’t aware of. I stand half corrected then.


Didn’t Madrid make something like 50-100k off of that illegal state aid? Sure it’s technically illegal… but it’s also negligible. Someone correct me if I’m thinking of the wrong thing. Madrid has 2 very high earners on the bench, but the club is continuing to make money. How that money is spent does not matter. Madrid is also well under FFP spending caps. Pointing fingers at Madrid for spending too much money is absurd. Barca is a different story…


why is it that these people with power are always such clowns


The most frustrating part of the current state of Ligue 1 is that PSG is totally erasing other amazing clubs with great fanbases and histories like Lyon, Marseille, Saint-Étienne and Monaco. A lot of people don't really watch Ligue 1 and before the big PSG take off IMO it was an amazingly balanced league besides the Lyon run in the mid 2000s, but even then their first three titles the three other top teams where within 5 points. The 2003/04 season with the race between Lyon, PSG and ~~Marseille~~ Monaco was an amazing season.


> The 2003/04 season with the race between Lyon, PSG and Marseille was an amazing season. That was Monaco, not Marseille. Monaco was around 10 points clear at the winter break ahead of Lyon and PSG. But they went on that deep exhausting C1 run all the way to the final, and ended up third, while PSG lost their realistic shot at the title in the penultimate game in Bordeaux


Didn’t lille literally win the league last year?


Hearing Reddit it looks like PSG somehow erased their history lol. One or the most dominant clubs in the 90s but people have short memory


The MLS is also an amazingly balanced league but nobody watches cause there are no star players.


the french league was barely making any broadcasting deals before QSI came in for PSG and took over? Nobody wanted was interested in it…. coefficients were fucking SHIT and Portugal looked way better with their clubs. The french league started dying with the stars getting poached left right and center. PSG couldn’t compete at all with Barcelona in keeping Ronaldinho back then? how’s it any different now with PSG actually being able to retain a player for once and not letting them go to Madrid.? p.s it was monaco


> Coefficient was fucking shit We went from 6th to 5th. Barely a difference.


The broadcasting right are not important here, we're talking about how the league was mostly balanced before QSG came in, now the title of league champion is basically unattainable unless there’s a miracle combined with PSG fucking it up themselves. PSG being able to keep Mbappé and buy every other player under the sun while the rest of the league can't do anything even close to that is not better for the league in any shape or form.


I agree that Ligue 1 was one of the more competitive ones before the Lyon run, but there's also a lot of positives to PSG for Ligue 1. They've been able to renegotiate the TV rights deal and gave up a larger chunk than they needed to, so it could be distributed to other clubs, they shine a light on the league from a global audience made up mainly of Neymar and Messi stans which completely ruins the subreddit, but I digress... The problem is Ligue 1 needs at least another sugar daddy because that's the only way this works in today's football, having huge sums of money. The other issue is that even with better TV rights deal, in no way is it profitable right now to spend huge sums of money to play in Ligue 1 and try to compete with PSG. And despite PSG's huge advantage, Ligue 1 still finds ways to pounce on their sleepiness at the wheel, like Monaco and Lille did. It's not quite Bayern in the Bundesliga just yet. At the end of the day, the extra revenue PSG generates for Ligue 1 is more than they would have had without them. It's not enough to fend off the offers from clubs of other leagues which constantly resets any title winners not named PSG and keeps feeding other leagues with French talents that could elevate their own league, but at least there's more money to try and slow that down and build something under competent people with the amount of talent produced in France.


The only thing that's left was for the rulers (of France and Spiain) to fight...


Pedro Sanchez is massive, for sure he fucks up Macron.


So... That's what we and Tebas should do...


The size [difference](https://images.app.goo.gl/vjUSmAb8a4ctj92m8) lmao


>Pedro Sanchez is massive, for sure he fucks 👀👀


Mbappe Ligue 1


oh no now we have TWO league presidents shit-talking?


You could have just said "cry more" and be done with it Mr President


That’s a legit slap down tbf


Honestly Mr Labrune, why are you trying so hard to unite Madrid and Barca. I am telling you at this rate I like them more than PSG


President of the Farmer’s association got them there…




Barcelona posted €400m loss! They’re trying to get a loan from CVC or whoever to clean up the mess. Everyone is trying to clean up their mess with loans or something. PSG cleans up their mess with owners money.


Yes, so basically Barcelona is suffering the consequences for their actions, while PSG does not. I am glad we are on the same page here. Messi is playing for PSG right now because of those decisions Barcelona made, PSG can post 200 million in losses every year and just shrug their shoulders and do it again. State ownership should not be allowed in sports and that is all.






Tebas doesn’t care about his league. It’s been dying every year and he keeps complaining submitting appeals for his poor league.


The true difference is that Barca is paying for these mistakes , they had to reduce drastically their wages and have restrictions because of la Liga cap which already harder than FFP. With PSG they don't have the same limitations , the French regulator is harsh but since Qatar can just clean everything they good. Basically they could have done everything Barca did and came absolutely unscathed. Also on another topic people keep using the state aid argument when it's factually incorrect , I at least expect a league president to know that. If he is using it as an argument https://www.euronews.com/2019/05/22/eu-court-rules-real-madrid-got-no-state-aid-in-land-deal


Are you for real? We had to let go of Lionel fucking Messi because of the financials! Tebas absolutely fucked us.