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The last 100mil+ player is gone.


Time to go get more, we have a Ross Barkley waiting for you.


Unfortunately Bartomeu era is done.


What do you mean this deal is clearly benefiting you more , you get Ross 'the boss' Barkleys premier league.


Give him a Drinkwater too.


Fortunately *


Bro I was being sarcastic. 😂


We got a french winger that you can have


No more French players ffs.


Griezmann is still there no?


He's loaned to atletico. Will be paid next year iirc


Mbappé's cunning plan to ensure French victory at the next WC is to recruit the entire national team to PSG so they get a full season to train together.


“I have a cunning plan” - ~~Baldrick~~ Mbappe


As cunning as a fox who's just been made Professor of Cunning at Oxford University?


They should have been signing all the best young French players all along (or at least keeping the ones coming through their academy). They'd be more likely to win the CL than signing high profile, high reputation players and it'd probably help with their image.


They did have a Digne, Nkunku, Diaby, Coman and probably others I can’t remember. They’ve also let go a of few young talents like Nianzou, Adli, Weah, Edouard and so on. Presumably the club culture just doesn’t allow for players to bloom.


Their strategy was to sell the youngsters to be able to buy big name players and still be fine under FFP.


Seems kind of pointless considering the latest Mbappe deal...


Maignan possibly most notably


I actually thought he was a Lille youth product. Another good example though.


Leonardo was a big part of the problem tbh. I hope that starting next season with campos is gonna be good for us💪🏼


The problem is the price asked by the French clubs when PSG wants to buy in Ligue 1, sometimes it's +50% compared to the foreign club which only has to help itself and get the player


Small price to pay for seeming more legitimate, IMO. Also that's also why I said at least keeping the ones in their academy. Maignan, Diaby, Coman, Soumare, Nkunku, Ikone, Adli were all at PSG and let go. I don't know the ins and outs of them leaving but from the outside it feels like PSG could be building a really good French team and are choosing to chase "stars" instead.


Most Parisians dream of seeing a "French" team at PSG. Except that the other French clubs don't want to sell to PSG or with a much higher price. And as far as the club's youngsters are concerned, as a Parisian fan I would dream of keeping the best. But the reality is that most of them prefer to leave because they know they will never play. If you think about it, my only regret is Coman. The rest didn't have the level for PSG at all at the time they were let go. Maignan was sold at 20 by Paris, he exploded at 25. Nkunku had 3 very average seasons (and more than 80 games played) before being transferred to Leipzig, nobody imagined that he would ever have this level (and it took him 2 more years in Leipzig to reach this level). Ikone never had the PSG level. Neither did Adli. And to come back to coman it was him who wanted to leave paris, the club could not do anything. I also think of Kouassi who played 20 games under Tuchel at 17...and who chose to sign for Bayern where he is a reserve player... The question of the Parisian youth is more complicated than it seems. But considering the immense richness of the Paris region in terms of players, I hope that Campos will be able to find the future great players of tomorrow


To be fair that happens in all leagues; domestic transfers especially towards league rivals are always marked up to some degree because nobody wants to strengthen a league rival. I imagine it gets worse for PSG seeing the financial disparity between them and the rest of Ligue 1, can't blame the other clubs pushing to get as much out of the deal as they can. Can't say I feel sorry for PSG though, they can spend whatever they want every season and FFP seems like a bad joke to them lol.


Every league except Bundesliga where rivals are seemingly happy to give players to Bayern


And Italy they loan you their best player for 2 seasons


Except when they court the player just enough so he doesn't extend his contract and then sign him on a free.


Nah, the current trend is to have the player run down his contract so they can give the entire transfer fee to the player instead as a signing bonus.


That happens in most of the cases the person you responded to is talking about.


It’s shameful that Bayern got 2 players and a manager in one window from the team that finished second. Hard to take that league seriously lol


Also when Leverkusen lost the UCL final, they got Ballack and Ze Roberto


dark times that were


1 player was their best player and the other their captain lol


Have you seen the amount of Bundesliga players Dortmund signed?


Right, because PSG has a lot of money problems.


PSG can have all the money in the world, but they don't like to be taken for fools. When you are told that a player is worth 50 million and that the asking price for PSG is 90-100 million. No one in his right mind would buy the player for that much above the market price.


It would certainly help with their image in France at least.


Lloris isn't coming.


Banned from driving again?




*happy Spurs noises*


Imagine they get pogba and kante also


I don't envy the manager that has to deal with all of them together.


Just get Deschamps and you good


Yea he can fuck off I like my Frenchies where they are


Same here, but tbh we have a French foundation, the turtle should've just joined us for free


If they actually sign Dembele (i think its a really stupid move) I will believe the r/chiringuito narrative of Mbappe sporting director...


I've said this elsewhere but I'm going to say it again here. PSG is not run as a football club. It's run the way that the ultra rich collect things. PSG is a collection of exceptionally talented players that do not fit into a coherent team because they do not have complementing talents.


> PSG is a collection of exceptionally talented players that do not fit into a coherent team because they do not have complementing talents. TBF Real Madrid invented that idea during the *galáctico* era.


they reached CL finals two years ago?


Literally just stole it from early 90s Berlusconi


That's basically what Pep was trying to do for England, only Kane let him down.


Levy hates the tree lions


Player Manager Career Mode


A new era begins at PSG. They are going to change the culture of the club by... signing Ousmane Dembele.


…and he’s out for the season with a thigh injury


Not a burnt hand while making his own coffee?


That's an awfully hot coffee pot.


To be fair, their new sportsdirector doesnt have experience, give mbappe some room to learn.


I think they are actually gonna try to sell Neymar, dont see them all fitting in.


Doubt he wants to leave, with his salary and probably enjoying life in Paris will be hard to convince him to accept it, he signed an extension just last season.


It's all media fuss to try and destabilize them. All of it came after Mbappe signed the extension, rejecting Madrid


Who would even match 2/3 of fee and his salary?


Newcastle ... it would be hilarious.


Since I was a boy I wanted to play for Newcastle


Basically the same strip as Santos, right? Just trick him and say Santos moved to be in the Premier League and re-named themselves Newcastle.


Imagine having Mbappe, Messi, Neymar, Dembele, Pogba, Ramos, Donnaruma, Veratti etc. on your payroll lol


it feels like a ridiculously unrealistic fifa career mode playthrough where you gave yourself a £500m financial boost.


With the ironic exception that every fifa career mode player wins the CL


I may or may not have save scummed countless times to ensure I win CL…


If you needed a financial boost to get such squad in career mode you weren't playing it right


My entire youth academy has 94 potential. I drop anyone who falls below it. I think im playing properly thank you very much ;)


Youth scouting is the most broken part of fifa. I've had a squad entirely made of 94-95 rated academy grown players and a CAM and GK being 99 rated. And that was my first fifa career save. At that point noone even bids for your player because of how expensive they are. Started with a 1/2 star team, sold a few players to hire a highly rated scout and within like 7 season had a team where everyone was better then prime messi.


Its absolutely hilariously broken. They should make those crazy high potential players extremely rare because it would make finding them extremely exciting


FIFA isn't designed to be hard or deep or strategic, it's designed to give every one of their billions of customers the feeling that they're winning.


Al Khelaifi: "where's the problem with that?"


That’s still understandable. I think the bigger issue is: Čeferin: “where’s the problem with that?”


"No CL, sir. We still don't have them." "Hmmmmmm..here is another 300 million. Go fix that problem"


"We're just 3 shareholders looking for profitability. Not a State club, fam" Wait. Did I get the clubs mixed up or what?


quarter final exit in the CL


Yeah, they still haven’t learned they need a midfield, they think Veratti can be a one man midfield. And when Marco isn’t injured, Pogba will be




you didn’t even mention icardi, the most dramatic player there


And still losing in the CL quarterfinals


They can alternate prsence on the field and in the infirmary. 🚑🚑 Vamos Dembele 🚑🚑


Dembele would be a Di Maria replacement no? Having 4 forwards isn’t an over abundance. They’ll likely keep all of them and rotate. Neymar and Dembele can both struggle with fitness so I’d assume there would be more than enough opportunity


how would that work with neymar,mbappe and messi none of those 3 want to get benched in games




Let's do the math here. Assume Dembele is fit for p = 0.3 of the time and also assume independence, then the probability of having at least one of them available at any given time is: P = 1 - 0.5\*(1-0.3) = 0.65. So yeah for there's roughly 65% chance and i guess it's not too terrible.




More than likely they’ll be injured at the same time and still have a shortage of players lol


Dembele is a replacement for Di Maria, it’s literally the same thing as it was last season. 4 forwards will play some games and often rotate as a front 3


4-2-3-1, Neymar-Mbappe-Dembele and Messi as a central attacking mid. Also they need to rotate so they can play 433 sometimes.


Step 1: Have a high pressing team that's able to win the ball back quickly Step 2: Watch PSG desperately try to win the ball back with 4 players not pressing coherently Step 3: ??? Step 4: Win the game against PSG


Step 3: Over run their 2 man mid field.


Poor Verratti.


It’s funny tho when Neymar is the dude who tracks back the most out of that front 4 u know you’re in trouble lol


Dembele tracks back a ton tbh.


Dembele tracks back. Guess you've not seen him play for Barca. It's okay, he is rarely fit.


Bye Mosquito :(


So he's going to go sit on the bench at PSG? weird


He's coming in for the outgoing Di Maria isn't he?


is that any different? He's not starting ahead of messi, mbappe and neymar


I can’t see Messi or Neymar being there in two or three years. Dembele is available now.


Another financially hugely expensive player to replace someone who _might_ not be there in a few seasons time, is questionable even for PSG. If they sell Neymar this summer sure makes sense, outside of that it doesn't for either party.


The Qatar Sovereign Wealth fund is worth around $445 **billion**. The money they throw at PSG is chicken feed, Dembele's wages are a rounding error. It's basically what Chelsea did but times a hundred.


Assets are not the same as income / expenses. PSG easily spends $800M a year. A $445B wealth fund can withdraw $12-20B a year reasonably. So PSG is 5-7% of their spending. That’s a lot considering that’s not their only investment and they also use that money for the country itself. PSG needs to be below 1% to be an after thought


Yes we're all obviously aware of that... Just because they might do it, doesn't mean it makes sense. and in any case this was about Dembele's role, which would be just to ride the bench.


if PSG get Pogba we could possibly see the most natural talented but laziest team in pro sports


Man this is so true…


Aka most of French NT except Kante and Benz


And you absolutely need Kante to overcompensate for the lack of work rate.


They didn’t need him to beat a Spain side that suffocates you in possession and that few teams can work hard enough to overcome..


Donnarumma Hakimi - Marquinhos - Ramos - Kimpembe Verratti - Pogba Dembele - Messi - Neymar Mbappe ​ Poor, poor Verratti...


Navas >


This is a marriage made in heaven


Just how many highly paid players PSG can enlist before authorities investigate them on accounts of breaching ffp


As many as they want. Standing up against the super league gave them immunity


Being richer than UEFA gives them immunity. PSG can afford the most lengthy and expensive legal battle possible, UEFA cannot. If push comes to shove PSG will just strangle them in court.


Eh, if there was any interest in regards to punishing state clubs the rules wouldn't allow state clubs. Simple as that. Can't sue if the rules are clear.


States, or "investment groups" which are definitely not just states with a bit of legal distancing surrounding them (nudge nudge wink wink) would just take those organisations to court and force a trial that the organisations simply cannot afford to lose. Late stage capitalism, baby.


The issue is that UEFA had the marketing loophole. PSG can just sign a deal for a couple new sponsorships to manufacture numbers, revenues, etc to skate around FFP


"Let's find out" - Nasser Al Khelafi


The more interesting question to me is how much money can they possibly spend without winning the champions league?


>highly paid ? as far as I know Barca offered Dembele the same contract as PSG /s


Ceferin the clown


PSG (UEFA) investigated themselves and found no evidence of wrongdoings. There you have it.


In fact it is said that during this investigation they found more money that they can spend on another player. Van dijk in


Nope, a defender would make sense. Salah in!


Khelaifi is pleased with the findings of the investigation


It's pretty clear at this point that FFP is a complete joke that isn't doing what they told us it was intended to do, if anything it's better at keeping "regular" top clubs down then to punish state owned clubs.


FFP was always intended to stop smaller club from spending themselves into financial default & administration , not force any sort of financial wage parity. The biggest mistake was them calling it FFP because of what the name implies.


People gotta stop mentioning FFP in these threads. That’s not what FFP is about. PSG could spend 5 billion on wages and UEFA will not care because Qatar will offset PSGs losses. They have the unlimited money cheatcode and the support of UEFA to do this.


That is not true, you can only have losses of 60 mill in a 3 year period. Used to be 30 but UEFA increased it after covid. 19/20 and 20/21 also counts as 1 year because of corona so it is a 4 year period right now. PSG had 220 million in losses last season, but not everything counts for FFP so those losses can be paid for by qatar. It is just accounting. Infrastructure, youth teams etc are not considered for FFP.


That’s not true. Just look at their signings in the seasons after Neymar and Mbappe.


Wait, there is a number ? Khelaifi probably


I’m so excited for them to win the French League and fail spectacularly in UCL!


I feel sorry for Messi, but I am with you in this one. We need some kind of salary cap (wage ceiling etc) like in NHL, cuz what teams like City, PSG, Barcelona (hopefully not anymore) or United are offering to players is too god damn high.


How do you implement a wage cap football? It works in North American sports because there is only one league that's actually worth being in. In football that's simply not the case. Setting up a new league (like a European Super League) would give clubs signing up to it the chance to impose a wage cap but this would create more problems than it solves because 1] it would rip the heart out of the game for the benefit of maybe a dozen clubs and 2] the wage cap would have to be higher now than what someone could get in the existing system or what's the point?


It's too late for it to happen organically, but it could be enforced continentally by UEFA. They'd never do this of course, but they could, and it would probably work.


It would breach EU law.


Why salary cap for employees? Employees, footballers should be paid whatever their worth is in the market. Rather the money go to players than be collected by the owners.


But it’s not necessarily working outside of domestic success . Sure they are guaranteed to get out of the group stage but then what.


Why do you feel sorry for Messi? Messi could have gone to any club that he wanted. Messi chose PSG because PSG paid him fist fulls of money.


PSG are the definition of a team that skips leg day at the gym. Where are the defenders?


this is actually such a good way to describe it you made me snort 😭


Just score more goals than you concede ez pz


Even ignoring the FFP side of this or Dembele's propensity for picking up long term injuries, its frankly impressive how PSG keep doing stupid shit like this. Its not just a colossal waste of resources (close to 40m a year for Dembele plus another 40m in agent fees and signing bonus), its also a forward that doesnt mesh at all with their current front 3. I just dont see how PSG need another playmaker that also has little to no offball value, who isnt much of a goalscoring threat and who has an erratic understanding of collective play and positioning and who needs very tight coaching to perform. Its not even that Dembele is a bad player, he's really fucking good despite the fact that he's been somewhat inconsistent, its just that its a weird fit. If PSG had an elite 9 on top of Mbappe then sure it makes sense but with Messi and Neymar on the team, its just a repeated profile. And I dont know what manager PSG will bring over but if they chose to bring a more dressing room oriented coach to manage their superstars *a la* Zidane it doesnt seem like the best environment for Dembele. Maybe Im wrong and maybe he can turn it around over in Paris but it just feels like the wrong move for him given his career trajectory so far. Wish you all the best Dembo, but I really do think you're making a mistake.


Just let them collapse like they always do. It’s more enjoyable this way.




The very definition of a state-funded club, eh?


At this point, PSG is just trying to grab all the popular names for more influence.


I heard a pundit saying that dembelé is great playing with the ball ('jugando a pelota') but awful playing football. One of the best Dembelé definitions I heard.


I see PSG continuing their transfer strategy based on Fifa


Second worst transfer in Barca history, showed some promise after Xavi's arrival but yeah his wages are not sustainable


He is actually worse. Coutinho does not have role to fit in our squad. He need to be main man wherever he goes as number 10, but he was not good enough to play iniesta role which our stupid board thought. And Dembele literally missed sitter against Liverpool and had terrible attitude mostly. At least with coutinho we earned some transfer fees, loan fees with Bayern, and future transfer fees.


>terrible attitude Also the fact that he's a racist


He has admitted it and does not see any wrong also. Also Coutinho footballing IQ is top class just does not have that kind of free role in big team.


First time I hear about this, can someone explain?


During one of Barca's visit to Asia, some guys were helping Dembele and Griezmann to set up their gaming console. While they were working on it, Dembele was caught in video making fun of those guys in a derogatory way.


I think there's a video of him and Griezmann mocking an asian person


Ah, I remember now. Thanks.


scumbag player to scumbag team. Match made in heaven.


Even as a madrid fan this shit is disheartening to see, that oil club is ruining football. At least City is run like good team


PSG performing miracles, uniting Barcelona and Madrid fans. I respect Barcelona and they have earned a seat on the table. PSG are nothing more than twats with money


PSG are uniting Barca and Madrid. I swear none of us hate each other more than we hate PSG


I hate Real so much, but I respect them. Can’t say the same about PSG


I don't hate them for getting dembele. I just dislike them for disrupting the whole market by signing Neymar and Mbappe for almost 400 million euro. Apart from that their president/chairman is just idiot buffoon. Then paying massive wages without any issue. How can a team can afford to pay Messi, Neymar, Ramos, Mbappe, Verratti, Marquinhos, Donnarumma, etc. And they are linked with monaco french guy, mane etc. And they don't have foreign fan base as much as most big clubs or premier league clubs.


Ik I didn't imply that you should hate them because they're getting Dembele. It's just they're the reason why reasonable contract demands are out of the window because the other option is always, fuck it I go to PSG they're offering 10 times my demands


PSG managed to unite Barca and Real fans. If any of those two face PSG I can guarantee you Barca/Real fans will support Barca/Real.


Mbappe’s phone call to Perez probs went something like this Perez: So your not coming? Mbappe: No, I’m sorry, but I’ll make things right for you. Trust me


Only thing left is him to buy Luuk de Jong and we good


Luuk De Jong would be PSGs 6th infinity stone after getting Messi, Neymar, Mbappe, Dembele and Mane


And Pochettino will wield the gauntlet




Poch: you should’ve gone for ~~the head~~ Nasser!


It’s pretty obvious that FFP is a scam. Man, i hate that football is run by corrupt and shady criminals.


the world*


Bye idiot racist. Have fun being benched by Emir Mbappe for looking at him weird during practice.


>Emir Mbappe 🤣


Football needs hard wage caps and heavy transfer taxes to push back on the amount of money being thrown around by the very top clubs.


Thank you for nothing and goodbye.




I would'nt like to be the owner of Dembelé's apartment...


Poor messi just cant escape this guy


Psg are just a joke. Same with FFP Only shining light is they never learn and will just buy attacking players and be beaten by a decent balanced team in the knockout rounds.


Fucking finally. We can move on now.


Messi can’t catch a break


Dembele trying to ruin Messi’s CL hopes at every turn


I wish he had pushed for a move to reunite with City at Pep instead of going to PSG


Barca dodge a bullet




Its as lmfao. But I can definitely see this happening


AS so decent chance its bullshit but i can see this happen.


They can’t keep getting away with it!


Remember when we played Barça in this season CL group stage. When he was subbed in, Benfica had to put 2 players on him because he was the most dangerous player in that team. It's really a shame that such an extremelly talented decides to ruin his career like this and go for such an uncompetitive league.


Its official, we are a feeder club to PSG lol


At this point anything but a CL win will be a humiliation for PSG this upcoming season. I can't wait for their inevitable bottling.