PSG renews Mbappe - AS Monaco gets 35m bonus. PSG competes for Tchouameni - AS Monaco earns more transfer fee. Everything PSG touches turns to gold. For Monaco.


they're the only club willing to sell to us. The others prefer to deal with foreign clubs


Wonder why


because france is a really centralised country which has most of its focus on the capital. This results in the general population to primarily dislike this center of attention and grow a distaste to it. It's a deep rooted problem that can be traced back to 1789 and the french revolution and spans way further than the boundaries of sports and politics, but let's not lose ourselves here


Always Wondered why psg don't have a similar pull Bayern have when it comes to home grown talent. This makes a lot of sense.


Thank you for explaining. I've had many people refuse to believe that many French people don't actually like PSG. There is an anti-Parisian bias in France for many reasons, as you said. That arrogant French stereotype is more of a Parisian stereotype because most of the government policies are focused on them and not the rest of the country. Macron was getting criticized for this as well. It's a bit silly to act like PSG is every French player's dream just because they're currently the biggest club in France.


Not every french player dream but every parisian dream, probably And the parisian region is the biggest talent pool in France


>And the parisian region is the biggest talent pool in France In the World, actually.


Southeast Brazil just asked transfer for a new dimension


Got overtook by the Paris area few years back, was big news.


How did I miss that? That’s why the tower is where Christ was


Río de la plata has something to say.


Croydon wondering if it can ease into the conversation


Agreed, as a secular discussion rather than hate about the recent situation between us: Clubs like Bayern regularly buy from League rivals and continue to dominate without hate from inter league rivals (except Schalke?). This is different for PSG in which most French people hate Parisiens and their stereotypes.


Also considering when Lyon had their share of dominance, part of their strategy during that era was purchasing the best players from the domestic league (and then eventually flipping them to foreign leagues for profit), similar to what Bayern currently do.


I am sure the owner doesnt help neither.


The owner is just an excuse. When PSG was really deep in trouble both on the pitch and financially it was the same in the mid to late 2000


To say they were 1 point away from going to Ligue 2 not so long ago...


Just 15 years ago yeah. Everyone was happy we were going down. I can still see Amara Diané's goal in slow motion Happy its behind us and for Lens too. Hope Sochaux and Auxerre next


Amara Diané


not at all . Aulas is a far more hated owner than Nasser for example French clubs have a bit of pride and transfers with direct concurrent are forbidden/overpriced


Nasser is a ghost, he's pretty much never seen. Aulas is respected for his achievement (truly respected) but hated for his communication in media. People know Aulas but don't know Nasser much


I don't care about Nasser. I want Aulas to shut up though


You can shake your head all you want at PSG's ownership, but your socios keep electing a fucking criminal as president over and over. [Florentino is a corrupt, vile piece of shit] (https://tribunemag.co.uk/2021/04/the-evil-empire-of-florentino-perez). [He and ACS are one of the most corrupt companies in the world.](https://www.forbes.com.mx/noticias-florentino-perez-presidente-del-real-madrid-con-el-caso-de-corrupcion-de-agronitrogenados/) So, Madridistas calling another clubs owners corrupt while they keep electing Pérez is the apex of irony.


Now is when you start checking the background of every football president, including Cerezo, Gil Family, etc.... 90% are shady/f-up people. There's no doubt that someone with Florentino's power would be a rotten person but his savoir faire works wonder for Madrid in a highly corrupted environment as it's football


Our fucking former owner build apartments buildings so shitty they collapsed on top of the people living there and ended up spending only about 6 months in prison for it. Cerezo is just as bad (as he was his lackey). Just ironic Real Madrid supporter suddenly find other clubs owners/management "bad" just because those criminals can out spend the criminal they put in charge of their club.


1789? I think you can go an extras few centuries back with it being legit.


Nah not really. France was very very decentralized until the Sun King. Most regions were almost autonomous and the king was just viewed as the first among equals


Louis XIV reigned about 100 years before the revolutionary period, so he's only wrong on the technicality of saying multiple centuries. And even before that, there was still a lot of resentment of monarchy — and thus Paris — it was just mainly confined to the aristocracy.


So my guess is that all French clubs have an issue with sanctioning sales to Paris FC and other clubs in the area…


Same shit here in Britain with London. People in London seem to think that the whole country should (and it does) work around them. Not the 55 million other people in the country.


> People in London seem to think that the whole country should (and it does) work around them. I think the majority of people in London just like anywhere else simply don't give a fuck about other parts of their country because existing on a daily basis is more important


Doesn't effect London clubs ability to buy talent from other prem clubs tho.


Monaco is a guest club in the french league and are really held hostage so to speak, they need to have good relation with the french clubs so they don't risk getting voted out of the league.


Would they join Serie A?


If they get expelled from Ligue 1, Serie A would welcome them in a heartbeat. Obviously it won’t happen cuz Ligue 1 has nothing to gain by getting rid of Monaco.


This is a lie perpetuated by supporters of Leonardo. In reality, PSG hasn’t made any efforts to sign French talents since bringing on Mbappé.


one doesn't exclude the other. leo may have looked outside of L1, it's also the case that they wouldn't have quited us the same price as a foreign club though


Only they didn't renew, and Monaco didn't get their bonus.


[They will get it](https://www.lequipe.fr/Football/Actualites/Le-psg-va-bien-verser-35-m-et-8364-supplementaires-a-monaco-pour-kylian-mbappe/1334927)


If you could avoid paying out a renewal bonus by simply waiting until the last 6 months of a contract to technically sign your players on a free transfer I'm sure a lot of clubs would do that.


This one simple trick...




the transfer market is absolutely fucked what are these insanely inflated numbers?


Welcome to the Post Neymar Transfer Market.


Love how Barca thought £222 was unthinkable money for arguably the 3rd best player in the world at the time and Nasser just came thru like it was nothing because we targeted Veratti. Now €1 Billion release clauses are the standard for “generational” talents


release clauses aren't meant to be the value of the player


Exactly, by their nature release clauses are supposed to be massively inflated in order to deter teams from trying to sign said player


They are for a lot of players in La Liga (outside of RM and Barcelona and a few players). Release clubs give players power to negociate a higher or lower release clause according to the salary offered. When teams aren't willing to offer the desired salary they'll compromise and put a reasonable release clause. Even Atletico has some release clauses at market value like Carrasco and sold Thomas at 50m which was his market value. Atletico has like 4-5 players at double their prize, 5-6 at +20m their prize and the rest are at +10 or the correct value. Only big clubs put this 1 billion release clauses, no player playing for any other team is gonna sign that.


They could buy players for 1 billion as well


Extremely normal to be honest. Excluding EPL and maybe La Liga, TV revenues aren't really great and CL money is juicy. Monaco with Tcouameni can make it to CL next year but without him they might need to spend another 40-50m before they make it to CL again. So if you sell him for 50m and don't make it to CL you might even end up making a lose from the transfer. When Real Madrid,PSG, Liverpool and United want a player, you would like to milk them as much as possible. Worst case scenario is if these teams back off,you get to sell him to Tottenham or Arsenal for 65m at least. It is harder to get players from teams who don't make that much revenue from TV pool from their locals leagues if they are constantly getting the juicy CL spots. Honestly after seeing Eredivisie TV money, I would be surprised if Ajax sells their most important players under 50m as long as they are not in their last year on the contract.


80m is already an overpay lol - Monaco's pushing it!


Monaco: “ hey didn’t you have 180m to spend on Mbappe. Come on I know you have money…”


Barca post Neymar 222 millions....


I mean that was the dumbest shit imaginable as well. Liverpool didn't want to sell Coutinho at all, not at all.


Dortmund talking to Barca directors over Dembele after the Neymar transfer basically went like this...


madrid: nope, bye


They know that PSG will easily go over that number if they feel there's a possibility to snatch him from Madrid.


But Tchuameni doesn't want to go there. They can't force him to, right?


He won't mind going there. Not his first choice though.


Tbf Real Madrid were ready to spend double that on a player was available on a free a year later. Fair game from Monaco really


Yeah I do not begrudge them one bit. Unfortunately this pushes us out then (if we were still in) 😅


I mean £70 mil is not terrible, I can't imagine Bellingham would be any cheaper and by the sounds of it Tchouameni is more suited to us. Unless he can play either side of Fabs DM spot then its definitely not worth it though. Seeing as we desperately need quality in midfield I hope we do bite the bullet for once and buy one of these young potentially world class players that can be with us for the long term.


You paid premium for Allison a VVD? Right? So you could probably spend money if the person is a right fit. And Liverpool recruitment is something out of this world. The only problem probably is bidding war. For Bellingham, I would think all English club would be in for him. Do you think it is possible for Liverpool to get Bellingham?


We’re willing to spend the money when the need is right and with Fabinho the only nailed on starter this side of 30 I could see us spending the money on somebody that would take us up a notch. But like you say with competition from other clubs it’s always difficult and we don’t tend to win those battles often. There will be better financial offers on the table, just need to hope his desire for Liverpool and development is bigger than the pay cheque. I believe he is a boyhood Liverpool fan and his idol was Gerrard growing up… not sure how much of that is true though, especially considering his age with being a Gerrard fan!


People said the same when PSG paid 185m for Mbappe while guaranteeing him a starting spot. If you've watched Tchouameni play, you know he is well worth it. Absolutely not a surprise Monaco is pushing the price.


185m **was** too much In case you forgot, they still haven't won a single champions league. They were winning Ligue 1 before Mbappe, how did he justify his fee so far ?


So if they score one of their chances in the CL final 185m was a good price, but since they lost it was too much? Mbappe is a great player who makes the team much better, thats how they justify the fee.


Cancel the transfer, it's getting out of hand


I feel like 80m is a already a bit more than expected for a midfielder, but since he's young it's understandable, going any more would be ridiculous


80 milions is definitely stretched, 60+20 is fair price, 80+20 that's too much for a young talented unproven CDM, 100m is a price for prime Busquets wth


I mean it's upto Monaco how they value him and other teams like PSG or United might pay since they don't have good midfielders but we don't need to take that risk, especially since he probably would be a backup for us.


Players worth and price aren't the same, his price is how much psg or Real will pay for him but his footballing worth is definitely not a 100m


Two years left on his contract, expires Jun 30, 2024 I could see Tchouameni agreeing with Real Madrid or another club. Wait a year and Monaco get nothing near what they want. The presumption that Tchouameni will just sign for whatever club is willing to pay Monaco's highest asking price isn't realistic.


Except PSG will happily pay 100m for him


Reliable sources are saying Tchouameni doesn't want to stay in Ligue 1 (for now at least)


Those same reliable sources said the same thing about the turtle


Leave the ninja turtles out of this


last words


>Players worth and price aren't the same Yes they are, this isn't FIFA where every player has an inherent 'value'. He's worth whatever someone will pay for him, just like anything else in a free market.


We definitely won’t pay. Potentially 10main squad players could leave the club this summer, many for free, we need at least 5-6 players, dropping 100mil on a player is out of the question. Even ~70mil for De Jong feels bit out of the reach. PSG though 🤷‍♂️


United supposedly have 120m + sales for this summer and they need a DM, RB and RW as high priority and then CB, CM, ST depth as medium-high priority. I highly doubt 100m for Tchou is viable.


100m is nowhere near enough for prime Busquets.


Prime Busquets in 2022 would be worth more than 100m, to Barca especially.


Prime Busquets would only be transferrable thru Release Clause and set at a min of 1,5bn.


for the sake of the discussion let's put in the scenario of which Barca wants to sell him and he wants to leave, in 2022 he would cost 100-120 imo


He’s not even a CDM from what I’ve heard.


80m is lunacy. This market is utterly unworkable for anyone outside of the elite. Even a normal ass player goes for like 20-25. Completely unsustainable.


It's nice to see some other teams getting shafted with transfers other than United LOL


The article says he still wants to go to Madrid. So even if PSG outbid Madrid Tchouameni can say no to them and we'll be back where we started. If Madrid pull out who knows how Tchouaméni will react to his club raising the transfer like that after he already agreed to a contract with Madrid.


> Tchouaméni can say **no** to them FTFY




>who knows how Tchouaméni will react to his club raising the transfer like that after he already agreed to a contract with Madrid. Considering our track record so far, I wouldn't be surprised if he wasn't all that upset about missing out on Madrid for PSG. If one Frenchman can do it, why not another?


You guys need to be more like bayern when it comes to transfer fees, make the offer then if they start playing games just say OK no worries best of luck for the future.


I mean that's what we do. Madrid doesn't get into bidding wars with other clubs either. But Perez knows that other clubs will demand extra since it's Real Madrid and will pay a bit extra to keep a good relationship. Doesn't mean he'll just throw away money though. Don't know when that's happened on the past.


Yup. 80 mil is pushing it as it is. We should pull out now. We cannot compete with Psg in terms of money, anyways. They will just keep increasing the offer till they outbid all competition. We can only hope that the player would choose us over the money. If not then all the best and move on.


Frenkie was “only” 80m for us too right? And at that time he’d played at the world stage with that Ajax team..


This right here. I would like to see 2meni here but clubs know we have more money than anticipated without Mbappé and are trying to take advantage. We shouldn't do a Bartomeu here, the moment it becomes ridiculous it's time to back off. If we play into their trap, it's game over for us. No player is that important, we'll find someone else from a decent club.


fucking hell PSG is waging a transfer market war with RM aren't they. meanwhile italian teams not named Juventus getting slapped for using cashew nuts instead of peanuts for corporate office snacks


It’s because Nasser and Ceferin are best friends.


No, it's because FFP just needs a club to not lose money, and with cash injections, PSG doesn't lose money. For some fucking reason reddit believes FFP is here to be a paladin against billionaire owners or some shit lmao


I'm pretty sure that's not how that works. Shareholder injections as I understand it are structured as either equity (i.e. the issuance of new shares to be purchased by an existing shareholder) or as a loan. If it's equity, the company will usually be obliged to repurchase the shares at a later date or when specific conditions have been met. If it's a loan, then it just functions as conventional debt. Now because their owners don't look at PSG as a business investment, the terms are likely to be fairly lenient either way, but in the event that Qatar sells, technically the club would be on the hook for this money, though i think technically if it's structured as equity the new owners could simply buy that equity as well rather than the club being obliged to repurchase the shares. But if the buyer can't meet the price the owners will demand to cover their investment, the club will most likely be on the hook for the difference.


This sub has not a single clue about what FFP is and what it is designed for


It‘s because the breakeven requirement is more complicated than the pay-your-debts requirement


Well Madrid did offer 200 million for a player on 1 year of contract just last summer. Monaco must realize they have lots more cash available. Same thing happened to Barcelona after PSG bought Neymar


Exactly lol. Perez’s €200m taunt is coming back to haunt him now.


The same Italian teams (Inter, Milan, Roma) that have had some of the biggest deficits in Europe recently ?


And I bet none of them had -300M benefict on the same year they gave a >100M bonus signing and going to bid wars, hein?


Are you using a deficits as a counter argument to PSGs spending??


Personally I would pull out, we can’t afford to spend this much on a player that is not an undisputed starter


I do not know any player who could start above Modric and Kroos. And any player close to their level will cost you more than Tchouameni. That is just bad logic imo.


Yeah the plan was to secure the midfield for the future with cama valverde and tchouameni, even if they are not starters right away.


I think Tchouameni is up there with Bellingham in his generation. I expect him to be a starter at the world cup actually. He has been getting more playing time recently with the national team. So this could be the cheapest any team could get him imo. Still a high fee. No argument there. But talent is so crazy expensive now.


>I think Tchouameni is up there with Bellingham in his generation. Tchouameni is four years older than Bellingham. Also Im a bit biased but would put Pedri above both of them.


Buy SMS, already excellent player best midfielder in seria A, and most consistent. Loves the club and is closes to Kroos/Modric replacement


Real can sign whoever they want. My point is just about the rationality behind it. SMS is 27 and Lazio's asking price was the same as Monaco's. So the question is whether you are debating about the cost or about the immediate quality. Paying 100m for Tchouameni is cheaper than paying 80m for SMS because of the resale value. And who knows, Tchouameni might become better than SMS. In fact, TiFo made a video where they showed that Tchouameni is one of the players closes to Kante statistically speaking. And he is just 22. For me, it is all about the opportunity cost. Tchouameni will save you money in the long run as he has a decade of football ahead of him meanwhile SMS has 5 years till he is 32.


> Real can sign whoever they want. Mbappe says otherwise


Tchouameni is also the risk. If he wants to reachthe potential and become a better player then SMS he will need playing time to develop, he isn't getting any play time next to casemiro (if we decide to play him as a DM) or Kroos, modric, Camvinga and Valverde. SMS if he pushes for transfer and I'm pretty sure he would if we come knocking since he will only leave for us. SMS is also a player that can replace Kroos or Modric, since Valverde Casemiro Camavinga midfield wouldn't work unless you are playing Getafe or Cadiz. I'm not concerned about SMS age since he like kroos doesn't depend on his legs.


Tchouameni has seen how Camavinga went from starting almost every match with Rennes to being a sub for us. And yet he's still interested in our club, which means that he's willing to spend some time on the bench if it means being a future core member of our team. There's always the option to loan him for the first season to Monaco or even a club like United that desperately needs a DM but can't seem to land a good one for now.


Mbappe has murder on his mind.


Mbappe didn't even mean to shoot him, Perez just caught him by surprise.


Jordi alba when he sees mbappe in the street💀


Nahhh that's too much. Especially since there's no guarantee that he'd be an undisputed starter in the team


Cursed Mbappe budget money, everybody knows Madrid has saved huge on signing fees and crazy salaries and will be looking to exploit. This is like a mini-version of our Neymar cursed cash


*I hear you have a lot of money*


This is getting ridiculous.


The biggest inflation problem is that a lot of TV rights were sold to qatar (Beinsports) at inflated prices so no one in power in football is going to do dick to them, and since those rights will never be worth more to anyone than these trashy sportswashers, nothing is going to change until politics or courts accept that they compromised important cultural assets and institutions for what are essentially bribes, and bounce that trash out of Europe.


Let's try and sign Mcguire for 120 millions and let Psg interfere and get him


I thought it started about €50m. Thats just absurd at this point


I can see smoke coming out of Perez's ears.


Christ, 80m is too high as is


Hmmm, apparently when clubs know you have a €200m+ pot of cash sitting around and there are multiple bidders for their players, they put the bite on. How very unpredictable.


Yeah but no biggest problem here is PSG are ready to give100 millions, otherwise Monaco would have already sold him


Flo is about to hold a grudge against the whole country of France.


Hope Real pull out of the deal, this is getting ridiculous


Hope Liverpool pull out like I wish my Dad did. Too Much..


Liverpool will have already pulled out if there's a bidding war between Madrid and PSG


Liverpool do not play this game. They negotiate a price with the club and the player. If either changes they are out. Fekir learned this the hard way


Yeah good point. Liverpool don't indulge in this bullshit. Perez won't bother either I don't think. We've stopped pursuing players for a lot less


It's Madrid vs PSG again. All reports say Tschouameni wants Madrid, hopefully not in a Mbappe way lol. PSG are willing to pay more for the transfer which is why this is happening.


get someone like Sangare now, agree a deal for Bellingham next season is maybe something I would be looking at


That was likely the plan * 2022 Tchouaméni (1st choice) * 2023 Bellingham


What makes you think Bellingham would be any cheaper?


He wouldn’t but would be worth it for us unlike Tchouameni. English , Homegrown and similar profile to Henderson to effectively replace him.


Yeah, plus he's younger and more proven.


I would be willing to pay more for Bellingham


Hey, I'm curious about your flair. Does it mean what I think it does? You basically support anyone but LFC?


So glad we're not in this saga now. I think even Madrid's gonna get sick of this.


His Royal Higness' Mom... fixed the headlines for you bud


Everyone dreaming of RM until some oil club makes you richer than you can dream of. Winning Ligue 1 and short UCL seasons not too bad after all.


Yeah, this is the year when the transfer market will collapse


Since dreams can be buy, let players go to the highest bidder.


Qatar saint germain attacks again


Mbappesos gets what he wants


For this price they can have him, there's plenty of players around we can buy now or a year later.


Damn I wonder why


PSG is on a mission lmao


Would be hilarious if khalifi made it his life mission to outbid Flo on every player he targets.


What I don’t get is how they’re going around FFP. Surely it’s not just being ignored, so is it inflated revenue from shady sponsorships, is Mbappe’s salary or signing bonus coming from a sponsorship as well, is it hardcore fund injection? How can they sign Mbappe for all that and compete for these targets in the transfer market?


We regret to inform you that FFP was last seen entering the Qatari embassy in Paris some weeks ago and has been uncontactable ever since.


Step1: be best buddies with UEFA.


That explains why they get away with whatever loophole they found, but isn't the loophole itself, is it? Otherwise you'd see a lot more noise from other clubs (besides RM and La Liga)


I mean UEFA main broadcaster is Bein Sport and Bein Sports president is Nasser Al Khelaifi who also ECA main man. This man is Linked to UEFA through and through , PSG could do anything and they will be fine.


I mean Tebas is talking about sueing them but personally, I dont think itll go anywhere.


FFP has been put on hold since COVID and there’s reportedly a new system that will be implemented based on % of revenue that can directed to salaries. In the past PSG had been punished by FFP and cooperated with UEFA to pass (selling a lot of their youth for example). Since COVID they haven’t really tried lol


>Surely it’s not just being ignored Sadly i'm pretty sure that's all there is to it. We all know how NAK is well connected within UEFA so I'm pretty sure they have a good knowledge of what's going to become of FFP. Presently FFP is paused because of COVID, and I'm guessing that the new one will not take into account the COVID years.


Breaking: Real Madrid bids 500m for Danny Drinkwater. The player is keen on move but waits for an offer from PSG as he wants to play with his good friend, Kylian Mbappe.


1.Fuck PSG 2. At this point why not go for someone like Zaniolo/Barella or use the excellent scouting network in south america to bring new talent in ?


Tbh watching Real Madrid struggling to get their transfer target after all these years is entertaining


Yeah, its funny, until you realise that if Madrid cant get them, then other none oil/state clubs wont come even close.


It should be rather worriying since Madrid has the cash from frugal financial planning and is getting outplayed by brainless money injections. This will have huge implications for the future of european football financing, and potentially for european football in general


Yeah I can see that. But to be fair to Perez, he actually saw all this coming years ago when he said that Real Madrid just don't have the infinite funds to compete with Citys and PSGs of the world, and need to focus on finding more cheaper young talents than prime Galactico players. Since then, except Hazard, we didn't make those kind of big moves. But other clubs are also caught up to Madrid's relatively pricey young talent policy, so we can't even outbid them in young players as well lol. Perez probably didn't expect PSG especially to be this determined, it'll be interesting to see how he adapts to this new situation.


Pull out...............Pull out. This is not a drill !!!!!!!!!!!.................Also Fuck PSG


Tchouameni should just stay one year at Monaco, guaranteed starter, CL football, World Cup... and next season he'll just have 1 year left, much easier to move.


Before the mbappe thing it was said that madrid asked him to stay 1 year but he didnt want to, so it doesnt seem an option


Would be idiotic to trust any club. If some new talent pops up who is more promising, real will just go buy him & ditch Tchouameni without a 2nd thought


Aka asking to meet PSG offer


Mbappe tax lmao


Time to go for SMS. Best serie a midfielder with Brozovic. He is worth 80m


Tebas about to sue the whole fucking league at this point.


Well, if he really like RM and Monaco is increasing the $$ then just sign a pre contract agreement with him and give him $80m signing bonus for after he becomes free agent in two years time. Include a penalty clause of $150 if either party backs off. There were precedent like this with Ronaldo and Figo previously. This is assuming if he wants to move away from France and not interested in PSG. But, my prediction is he will end up with PSG for $100m.


Personally I hope this is probably the moment to pull the plug and hopefully we pull the plug.


they know that paris is in the bid war. its smart. but it also shows that paris destroys this sport


Is Lotito running Monaco too? Sounds like SMS all over again.


Then we will most likely pull out. We have other pressing needs such as a proper RW. If this guy was able to replicate Casemiro’s defensive work 100% then maybe it would be worth it but he can’t so….


It's a tax issue, apparently. https://www.espn.com/soccer/real-madrid-espreal_madrid/story/4675488/real-madrids-aurelien-tchouameni-move-held-up-by-monaco-tax-issue-sources >LaLiga champions Madrid are prepared to pay around €80 million to land Tchouameni, who joined Monaco for €20m from Bordeaux in 2020. > >However, the Spanish treasury considers the Principality of Monaco a tax haven and are therefore expected to demand Monaco pay 24% in taxes on top of the €60m profit they stand to make from the deal. > >Sources close to the negotiations have told ESPN that the Ligue 1 club hope Madrid will pay the additional money, which is just under €15m, but the Spanish side are resistant to doing so. > >A source close to Tchouameni played down the issue, saying everything is progressing "as expected" and that they expect the move to be completed next week.


GMbappe: how much you want?


Would it be worth it for Madrid? Arent they stack in midfielders too?


He is supposed to be the new casemiro, we dont have anyone that is a natural replacement


He is not a natural replacement to casemiro at all


>He is supposed to be the new casemiro Is he though ? As I have heard from people who have watched him apparently he's best in a double pivot rather than by himself, going by that I assume he's more like Camavinga and Valverde than Casemiro.


I dont know, that's what i been hearing about him, and how a lot of people justified signing him, but cant say.


People also thought the same about Camavinga. Tchouameni would still be a good player to sign either way, not the most needed one rn but given his potential, alongside Camavinga and Valverde it would secure the succession of Kroos and Modric.


If Real are planning to play him as a DM, then they should pull out. He can play there but that would be so dumb because you are just wasting his potential there. I thought Real wanted him to replace Modric as he can play as a box to box but it seems Real think Modric can play forever.


I mean we thought Modric would slow down, and would become a rotation player and slowly phase out, but the dude is outpacing KDB in UCL semis lmao. Modric is once a generation player, as long as he has legs, he has to play, especially in big games, you can't just drop him because he's what 36 or 37. It then makes it harder to sign a young talent in his position who is aware of all this and usually decides to find another club where he'll be a starter. This happened to Kovacic as well, he was the Modric regen, but you can't just keep him as a backup to prime Godric, Kovacic made the correct decision to move somewhere where he can play consistently. But although I'd love him to play forever, Modric will probably slow down next season, especially after World Cup and with La Liga + UCL fixtures, I think father time will finally catch up with him. So we definitely need to find his replacement next summer.