Fair enough really, he's behind Walker, TAA and James, and Livramento's coming through too. He's not likely to get a look in with us


Isn’t Livramento also considering switching for Portugal? I think the prospect of being behind Trent and James is already enough


>Isn’t Livramento also considering switching for Portugal? Dalot: Shit, I'm in trouble.


Dalot is in trouble every time he gets on the pitch, he's pony


He's also considering Scotland apparently, which would be a surprise but a welcome one


How many fullbacks do you need???


Our RB options are nowhere near as good as our LB options so having Livramento onboard would be amazing lol


maybe we could trade you a RB for a LB


Yeah it’s funny how we have like 6 good to decent options at RB and then we have to trot out Shaw after he’s been dreadful this season. Like just one of the Scotland LBs would be a massive upgrade


What’s gonna happen with Tierney, Robertson and Hickey then? Who gets minutes


So we play a back 5 with Tierney as LCB and Robertson LWB, with the two constantly overlapping on attack. Hickey would be Robertson's substitute, as I am not sure if he could play as the LCB, or he would play on the right instead of Patterson/Ralston. The less said about Stephen O'Donnell the better


Makes sense then. Any chance Nathan Patterson develops into an option on the other side?


Definitely, Patterson has a lot of potential and has played brilliantly for Scotland so far, so it would be unfair to drop him. However, his lack of game time at club level is a concern and if that doesn't improve next season then his development will probably stall


Got a source? Would be great for us as we have been having injuries in the full back areas


You know we have so many right backs, you can bet at maybe the World Cup in 2026 all the RB prospects will have switched allegiances after not wanting to compete with James and Trent and then both will be injured or something and we’ll actually be short there.


The England team is stacked in that position but let’s be a bit fair to the lad He MAY just feel more affiliation to Ghana, it may mean more than England to him That said, he hasn’t represented Ghana at any youth levels has he?


Played for England at u18, u19 and u21 level. Think it's a fair assumption


Tbf even if you care more about Ghana, playing for their U17s whilst living in England must be pretty difficult logistically.


Probably is yeah, not what he’ll say in his PR announcement about it though haha


Goddam, if we could only field a team of fullbacks


Yeah, there's no way these lads like Lamptey, Livramento, CHO, Nketiah, etc. will ever be an England regular with the competition they have to face


Hudson-Odoi could definitely be in the mix, I know hes had his injury problems that have stalled him but hes still only 21. That said, if he does decide to switch, I'm sure we'd cope.


He's behind what, Saka, Sterling, Grealish, Foden, Sancho, Mount, maybe now even Bowen, Barnes, Smith Rowe, arguably Rashford too. Going to need to nail a starting spot at club level soon or he'll miss the boat.


Yeah, kind of feel he could have a similar trajectory to someone like Zaha. Like, would definitely have been great to have as an option, but not a huge loss without. Wish him well if he does go with Ghana though.


Livramento is still in with a shout if Gareth keeps a back 5 as James will likely RCB while Trent plays RWB


Nketiah honestly is on with a shout if he can perform. Kane is obviously starting but behind him there's a mess of different starters, DCL, Watkins, Toney. None are out and out on the team sheet over one another.


Welcome to the Black Stars Lamptey. Together let's humiliate Suarez and his team.




If you are a young England right back, get on ancestry.com and find out who else you can represent lol Insanely stacked. James and Trent are both top 5 in the world at right back and still like 22-23 and are behind Walker atm. Edit - As others have pointed out I mean they are behind Walker in the England pecking order, should have been clearer.


There's also Kyle Walker-Peters who had a stormer of a season, Livramento looks like one for the future if he bounces back from his ACL tear Never mind Trippier, Justin, Wan-Bissaka


I think it's safe to never mind Wan-Bissaka


I'll accept that, he's fallen off a lot


One bad season and people pretending like he didn't pocket likes of mbappe, sterling and neymar with ease last season. I think he would choose to not represent England though as some rumours were there.


He still didn’t play that well last season either. Yes he had some good games but His whole tenure at United was lackluster for the most part.


No it wasn't.


Imo walker-peters is gonna get chances cause he also plays left back and that position is still not fixed for any one player as first choice.


Idk If Shaw or Chilwell are fit, either one of them are locked in for LB. Chilly just back from an injury as did Shaw hence they aren’t called up


Shaw/Chillwell/Trippier/Justin apparently are ahead of him at LB.


Think Justin is prob before him in the pecking order as far as playing both sides, he ended the season well too


I thought AWB already switched?


He could've! Naturally I didn't bother to check before posting


Livramento is looking at representing Portugal apparently, and AWB with DR Congo


OP's words def ring true


yeah definitely!


So you think Walker James and Trent make 3 of the top 5?


I think they mean Trent and James are both Top 5, but Walker is ahead of them in the pecking order for England.


Walker must be top 5 aswell right??


They aren’t behind Walker at all.


They mean they're behind Walker in the pecking order in England's team.


Southgate prefers defensive solidity over attack and his best option is Kyle Walker who's the best defensive RB in the world.


>Kyle Walker who's the best defensive RB in the world. According to what metric? At city he is rarely squared up 1v1, when he does he's okay but will still get dribbled past as much as any other fullback. He's got great recovery pace making balls in behind a lot less threatening so he suits City to a tee. But when he actually has to defend he's solid but not spectacular.


Vini couldn't do shit against Walker in the second leg. It's only when he went off that they started getting round us. Please don't underrate Walker. He's not the best offensively - certainly nowhere near as good as TAA and James - but defensively the man is a tank, and a fucking fast one.


There hasn't been a winger anywhere that could consistently get behind him 1 on 1. He's pocketed every left-winger worth mentioning in Europe the past few years, he's absolutely the best defensive fullback in the world.


Who plays rcb for england for england not rwb anyway. He’s all pace.


England play most games with a four and Walker is the preferred choice


Feels like we play 3-4-3 a lot, i guess I don’t notice much of a difference


>James and Trent are both top 5 in the world at right back and still like 22-23 and are behind Walker atm. You are overrating Walker, like he's good defensively but not leagues better that the other two but is leagues behind when it comes to offensively. He's good cos his role is to play relatively defensively for Man City. edit: Am dumb, didn't realize the comment meant in Southgate's order


the walker part refers to Southgate's preference not Op's ranking


yeah I'm dumb, misunderstood


Is that how it works haha


Good for him. Always sad to see talent go else where but of all the talent to lose, a right back perhaps isn’t the worst case. Major boost for Ghana if Nketiah, CHO and Lamptey all leave.


Cobham International


It’s really exciting to see all that talent break through.


I wonder what is happening behind the scenes for Ghana to get everyone now. Maybe it is just playing the WC but Nketiah, CHO, Iñaki and Nico Williams and now Lamptey just in a few weeks


I don't know how they'll fit all their new attacking talent together, anyone have any knowledge of Ghana's current team?


They’re all big upgrades. Nigeria must be kicking themselves because Ghana barely created anything in the 2 legs.


Bro well take anyone right now over the Ayew brothers


Kudus is their main creative outlet as far as I’m aware, but sadly he’s not fit very often. Kamaldeen Sulemana is also developing nicely on the wing


England is stacked for the first time in years with young players so they don't feel like they'll get any caps for England and Ghana is going to the world cup. Anyone who says it's because they feel connected to Ghana more than England (or Spain for Williams) is quite honestly deluding themselves. All of them were brought through the English / Spanish systems and have only ever played in them.


Smart. England have too many talented RB’s that are young. Good luck to him.


Good for african football to have one more talent, and good for him since he almost certainly won't get 10 england caps over the next decade.


Did Lamptey and Hughton overlap at Brighton?


No Hughton had been gone long gone before Lamptey arrived.