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It makes me laugh when Germans say their English isn’t good enough then go on to speak it better than a lot of people here.


Klopp: I don’t speak English particularly well, which is why I’m in such a delicate conundrum.


Due to the fact that my English is subpar, I can only express my sincere, unalloyed extolment.


I would like to offer Mr.Ancelotti my most enthusiastic contrafibularities


Lmfao, that's a word I'm integrating into my everyday life and forcing. It's SO very English, sincerely love it. (Contrafibularities)


Psshaw. It's empty persiflage.


Mr Ancelotti is the man (sorry for bad English)


>Mr. Come back when you speak England.


Is this a Futurama reference? That doctor who was like racist towards Leela?


Lol it is, shows how old I’m getting. 10 years ago everyone on Reddit would’ve got that reference instantly.


Ok good because otherwise I would've seemed insane. Futurama is the only show I can catch deep cut references. Perfect for this situation though




Scrummy, scrummy, scrummy.


Almost all the germans i've met (i'm italian) were extremely humble. They were all better educated than me and their english were way better then mine as well but they never mocked me for not being as good as they were. They were really nice :)


Because no matter how proficient you are and how long you've been speaking a language, you'll always feel much more articulate in your mother tongue if you still speak it on a day to day basis and have not switched to the acquired language entirely in your everyday life.


People in Liverpool?


Was thinking of the cast from AFTV personally


[No idea what you're on about](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ea_2bsR11L0)


Chin chin Santi Cazorla


It's like the Dutch who say they can't speak English very well and then are easier to understand than all northerners, the whole of the east of England and Devon and Cornwall


I feel like this is also true of the Nordic countries


I think he's just flexing his German proficiency on top of his English is the sly dog. 😉


I mean, what is a word that can define a man whose balls are so big that - he takes off Benzema, Vinicius and Modric - and puts on LV, Ceballos and Vallejo - to hold a 1 goal lead - against an angry Pep and Man City - for 20 minutes of extra time - in the second leg of a Champions League semifinal ?


I still can't believe we played Vallejo and survived against city.


Credit to Vallejo who has filled in great when needed.


Yes. He has been excellent with whatever limited minutes he got. Pleasent surprise


Hope he stays and becomes the next Nacho.


probably should've kept loaning him for a bit but there's a reason he was the hot talk a while back, people forget how insane age & experience is for CBs and GKs, feels like they just start getting good at 30


Vallejo has definitely been coming good this season which is wonderful


And City had...one decent chance? They were stunned and shattered by that point.


I was stunned and afraid, but somehow, it worked


It surely sounds a lot more impressive if you leave out all context. * It was Extra Time, so they played 120 minutes, it's all but smart to make use of your 6 substitutions, your plaers will be exhausted after running for 100 minutes. * Eder Militao could barely walk anymore and he had no other choice than playing Vallejo as CB, that's why he was brought on, he didn't choose to bring him on because he thought the defense would be more stable then. The alternatives Alaba and Casemiro were injured/subbed out. * What is the big balls thing about bringing on Ceballos for Vinicius? It's a logical move to sub out an attacker who ran for 110 minutes and bring a more defensive fresh option in a Center-Mid if you want to hold a lead. * The big balls move was to sub out the whole trinity of KCM around the 70th minute and bring on young players for them when they needed 2 goals, but everything after that weren't crazy decisions.


Nah man, if City somehow scored and dragged this to penalties we would’ve found it difficult to find 5 shooters with the on field players. Carlo is fairly conservative minded usually, for him to take out KCM and Benz of the field and banking on the rest of the team to deal with City for 15-20 mins….that takes balls.


He subbed them out because they're spent already, and going defensive and hold on to the lead is the way to go. What makes you think they can hold on to penalties with tired players after city scored a goal? It probably wouldn't even reach penalties, because City will get the momentum meanwhile we have KCM with dead legs on the field. Next thing you know, threads will be filled with comments about Carlo being a stubborn for not using subtitutes.


At that point we’re fairly used to Carlo subbing off Toni and Casemiro for more attacking minded options in the UCL. The way I see it, KCM on the first half to not concede goals, Camavinga and Rodrygo on the second half to score goals and take the game away. What was different was Modric and Benz was also taken off who usually stays longer or play the full game even when the game’s going long (Chelsea for example). For Carlo to take out Modric in 70 min and Benz after the penalty is a very baller move. Sure it worked out so it’s all good but think objectively, do you expected Carlo to make those changes? I certainly didn’t.


>to take out KCM and Benz of the field and banking on the rest of the team to deal with City for 15-20 mins….that takes balls. I also just wrote that >The big balls move was to sub out the whole trinity of KCM around the 70th minute


Anyone on the pitch can take a pen. They have kicked a ball everyday since childhood.


Hi Mr. Southgate, didn’t know you frequented Reddit. Thank you for your contributions in stopping England NT winning anything, keep it up.


Not with stakes like these.


The first two penalty takers for Frankfurt in the biggest match in the history of their club were Christopher Lenz and Ajdin Hrustic who combined for a whopping 1800 minutes played across all competitions. I'm sure the likes of Ceballos or Vazquez could've somehow managed it.


Firstly, wouldn't the 1960 European Cup final be the biggest match in the history of Frankfurt? Secondly, Ceballos and Vazquez would've managed it 100%. Ceballos has a cool head from what I've seen and Vazquez has already been involved in a shootout of this magnitude, so my comment wasn't directed towards them. I was going with the assumption that the shootout would stretch beyond the first 5 penalties and then people like Vallejo would've been involved.


> Nah man, if City somehow scored and dragged this to penalties we would’ve found it difficult to find 5 shooters with the on field players. Real would have won anyway, they have plot armour.


Can’t use up all that plot armor before the final boss fight.


When you lead by 1 goal, you want to keep the lead with your subs not think about conceding 1 goal and sub the players by who are the best penalty takers


This is not what bullet points are for :(


They for sure went on Lockdown strolls on crosby beach together


>My English isn't good enough to find a word for it Why use English when there's an emoji available: 🤨


Why use an emoji when there's a german word? _Hochgezogeneraugenbrauegesichtstrainer_ perfectly describes what Klopp is thinking of


Can't tell if this a real word or not


Yeah, it means raised eyebrow face manager, it is very commonly used in Germany.


Is this the famous German humor?


Yes, for more check r/GermanHumor.






Kulmakarvannostajapäävalmentaja in Finnish


Is there a word for assistant to the raised eyebrow face manager ?


Of course not.


more of a German word than what hollywood does to the German language


Yeah, 🤨


Isn't that the safe word from Euro Trip


Or as ronaldo eloquently described, Teddy Bear.


Slight irony that he might be looking for a German/Yiddish word here: “Mensch”


well not really. Mensch in german carries absolutely none of the connontations that it has in yiddish. simply means "a human", completely neutral. the jewish meaning is usually completely unknown and foreign to germans ime


Ganz richtig. Als Deutschsprächiger Engländer stoße ich oft auf die beiden Bedeutungen von “Mensch”. Ich fand es halt ein bischen komisch dass Klopps fehlendes “Englisches” Wort eigentlich so “close to home” ist :)




Klopp on literally every manager: *Best guy I ever met. Beautiful manager and an even better human. I would give my life for this guy.* Klopp on Dyche: *Fucking gravel-snorting ginger cunt mate.*


Klopp on Wilder: 3 subs, 1 point


Thanks mr cumblast. Your comments are always welcome


Everyone loves a good cumblast


I honestly felt a little for Wilder that time. For Klopp to save his only personal attack for a man who was already down on his luck.


Tbf he took shots at klopp as a distraction for his bad luck/performances. everything after that is fair game in my book


They defo had a heated debate about the 5 subs the day before in the managers meeting. Klopp didn't just have a go at him for no reason.


Yeah but even so it's not like Klopp to go after someone so directly. He would have usually done his usual filters like he did for Spurs after the 1-1 draw "they're world class, done a fabulous job, entitled to their opinion"


And Marcelino.


"Don" is a good word for him.


Ancelotti really seems to be quite a lovable person


Ancelotti: 🤨


He did an interview over lunch with the Financial Times which was excellent (though sadly behind a paywall). He comes across as an extremely intelligent, cultured yet humble man, which is pretty special considering his success.


The word he's looking for is icon.


Humble God.


Is there a coach who won the UCL at least 2 times with 2 different teams?


No manager has more than 3 wins


Hm Heynckes won with Real and Bayern and Hitzfeld with Dortmund and Bayern.


Also Mourinho, Happel.


Twice each?


No once.


The English word is “Gigachad”. You’re welcome.


The German word for it is, "Zudenerfolgreichstenmanagernderweltundisteinvorbildimumgangmierfolgereisteinerederbestenmenschendiemanjetreffenkannwirklichnetterkerl"


One of the most successful managers in the world and a role model in dealing with me


Ancelotti took 4 points off Liverpool with Everton… This should be a walk in the park compared to that achievement.


Also got knocked out of the FA cup by our youth team tbf


Okay if that was controversial for you then let's talk about Carlo's Napoli vs Liverpool fixtures


Even then. 1 win, 1 draw, 1 loss is pretty good considering the gap in quality. Beating Liverpool with Real Madrid would be a much easier task.


Fucking hell did you see our team when he beat us???


Fuckin hell did you see everton team when he beat you???


Yes. We had a CB from the German second division and another from the 7th tier in England. At the same time we were in our worst run of form probably ever


Dude everton nearly got relegated while liverpool fans spent last season whining all the way as if they were the first club ever to suffer from injury, in fact you're still doing


Everton almost got relegated last season?


10th is basically the championship.


We never acted like we were the first to be injured. But to act like we didn’t have an injury crisis is absurd. We had 3 CBs and 5 of them were injured along with countless injuries all over the rest of the pitch. Don’t embarrass yourself trying to deny it. And no, Everton did not nearly get relegated last season but nice one showing you don’t know what you’re talking about


They were 2 separate sentences also yes, you did very much whine under every thread


We whined that we had one of the craziest injury crisis seen. Because we did. Bet you’re one of those who try to act like only VVD was injured aren’t you


Bro. It is not an wild thing to think beating Liverpool with Real Madrid would be much easier than beating them with Everton… not sure why these Liverpool flairs are acting so incredulous.


It's the way it's being worded. Makes it sound like the ucl final is an easy real win.


I think people who don’t watch Liverpool are going to be in for a shock on Saturday lol, I’ve seen so many people acting like Real have already won, as if Liverpool aren’t one of, if not the best side in Europe.


Is saying beating Liverpool with Real Madrid is easier than with Everton acting like they’ve already won it? Or did a lot of people just read way too much into a comment.


Nah not you, but just a lot of people in general. I think it’s the use of ‘easier’ sort of implying that it would be easy for Real Madrid, where in reality it’ll probably be the hardest game of their entire season.


Ofc there’s a German word for *’one of the most successful managers in the world and is a role model in how he deals with success. He's one of the best people you can ever meet, really nice guy.’*


Don Carlo is miles ahead of Klopp and Pep. He has proved that no such thing as small or big club to him. He can be the manager of PSG, RM, Chelsea and he can also be chilling with Everton. It might be a job for Klopp and Pep but it’s a game for Don Carlo. And you know he has made it when they made an emoji just for him 🤨


Klopp started his career at fucking Mainz which was in the second division at place 14, he brought them to the Bundesliga and raised the club profile. After that he went to Dortmund when they were placed 13th, three years later they won the league two times in a row. He only managed three clubs in his career because he tends to stay for a while when he chooses a club, don't know how you can hold that against him.


The dude is coaching like he finished multiple saves in FM and just cruising at this point. Like imagine if Liverpool scores 3 goals in the first half in the upcoming final. Any other manager could panic but Ancelotti already experienced all kinds of comebacks and defeats, the worst being in 2005, that's 17 years ago. The dude is like war veteran at this point lol, the only time I saw him animated this season was when we won the league and that's because he didn't win La Liga in his career, so it was probably the only thing he lacked in his career. This next final meanwhile will have the mental effect of "just another day at the office" for him. I would also like to praise Klopp as well, he's also becoming a veteran of CL, being in multiple finals at this point. But Ancelotti overall is on another level, like "Sir Alex in his final years levels" perhaps, not in terms of titles or success but more so in terms of longevity and experience.


>He has proved that no such thing as small or big club to him. What does that even mean? He only went to Everton because he wasn't a hot commodity anymore after questionable stints at Bayern and Napoli. As soon as Madrid came knocking, he didn't hesitate to leave Everton. Great coaches are offered the biggest jobs, that's how it works. ​ >It might be a job for Klopp and Pep but it’s a game for Don Carlo. Again, what does this even mean? Just say you rate him higher than Klopp and Pep instead of making weird stuff up to praise him.


his feet stink


Klopp and reverse psychology at its best. Until he makes Carlo win the final, we're not taking this compliment seriously.


I wouldn't read too much into it, he does this to basically everyone


Except Chris Wilder


And Sean Dyche


It's not reverse psychology, Ancelotti is literally one of the best of all time.


lol what is someone supposed to say about Ancelotti? dude has being in CL finals since the 80s (as a player) and 90s (as a manager) anything that does not states how legendary he is would be bs


Yup, it’s all mind games. Like the psy-ops perpetrated on the Madrid fanbase by the board and Madrid media regarding a certain French international. The truth is out there.


I mean, tons of opposing coaches compliment him independently of whether they play against Madrid next. Mourinho for example was saying how much he wants him to win the final because they are good friends recently. I don't remember if it was before or after losing, but Pep said he will always agree with Ancelotti on everything. Even Cholo Simone was praising him after winning the derby. He just has a likeable character, that's why he's such a great fit for Madrid because he has an easy time man managing player and dealing with the board.


People’s smile vs peole’s eyebrow.


Id be really interested to learn from Carlo what made him such a well respected person.




The mind games have started


The circlejerk begins