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> I can't be asking an overweight player to press, I'll just put him on attack and let him score (laughs)." really Ancelotti in a nutshell there


"What has surprised me the most this season? The humility of the players who I had already coached in 2014. Modrić, Marcelo, Nacho, Kroos has made history in this club but they have not changed at all." --- This line is not in the OP but was said too.




>“Who deserves the CL more? The team who wins the final.” >I have had absolutely no issues this season, neither with Bale, nor Isco. We all respect each other a lot.” How can you ask these questions lmao


Nerve wracking, can’t wait for Saturday. Hope Militao regains his form from the start of the season, been a bit to inconsistent. Valverde on the right might be the right move, need his three lungs


There's really only one way to regain form and that's through gametime. Eder is great and i'm sure we'll once again will see that against Liverpool. I wonder if he's as fast as Salah and Mané 'caus that guy is ridiculous fast. I think there's no doubt Valverde will start. The real question is whether Kroos will start on the bench, with Modric in his position, Valverde right to Casemiro and Rodrygo on the right wing. It's unlikely hence the experienced needed from Kroos, but to counter Liverpools style i would definiatly consider his place in the starting lineup. With that being said, Kroos' presence might also just be excactly what's needed to play through the Liverpool pressure. We saw this last year when we beat Liverpool in Madrid. I'm sure Carlo and Davide are considering all options. It's gonna be so exciting. No matter what, both Kroos, Valverde, Rodrygo and Camawinga will all feature at some point in the game.


For sure, and of course Mané and Salah’s speed will be difficult to cope with, but I think it will be manageable if him and Alaba are able to keep their heads cool and read the play. Easier said than done though. Yeah, Kroos is a difficult one. A lot of it depends on how quick Ancelotti is to react if things don’t work out. I would rather start him, and potentially sub in Camavinga either earlier if things don’t go as planned or around 60-70th minute than the other way around.


I’m scared for set-pieces the most. Konate, Vvd and Matip are giants.


Benzema,Bale, Isco, Kroos, Modric, Casemiro, Marcelo, Nacho and Carvajal 9 players can win their 5th UCL on Saturday


Carvajal too


Oh yeah. Wrote Marcelo twice


thats the entire squad lol


Man I just need a late Hazard winner to start the redemption arc


or to start justifying the medals he's already racked in


"So far, we've been invencible. Sometimes you can think there's some luck involved, but the Bernabeu is special. The bad luck both teams will have is that we don't play at Bernabeu or Anfield" "The characteristics of a player that is worth 100M are the same as one worth 3M" "Liverpool is the favourite? Maybe, for some people Real Madrid is the favourite. It's going to be a very even final" "Is more difficult to win a league or the CL? In the Champions you can't miss, in a league you can fix things. Both competitions are difficult"


Ancelotti: >I'd be the first coach to win four \[UCL's\] Also Ancelotti: >I am going to play my 2nd \[final\] Me: >What?!?


He’s going to put himself in in the 87th minute


2nd with this club* is what he said


oh ok...