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Full interview, courtesy of u/UndeadPrs: >A few minutes after the press conference that made official his extension at PSG until June 2025, Kylian Mbappé received several representatives of the press in a lounge of the Parc des Princes. The whole thing lasted seven minutes, in order to detail a little more the reasons for his choice. >#####In 2024, there are the Olympic Games in Paris. Are you guaranteed to play in them thanks to this new contract? >I'm not guaranteed. You have to be selected. But we have exchanged with the club. It's one of the things we've discussed. The club is not against it. They are for it. There were no problems in the negotiations. >#####How much influence will you have on the sporting side of PSG? >You have to know how to trust people. It's already starting off on the wrong foot in the project if the star player puts pressure on the sporting director. Everyone must stay in their place. If the club recruits a new sporting director, it is because he is competent. We have to give him time before we put Kylian Mbappé in his place. Afterwards, if he wants to talk, I can talk football for hours. Like with you or anyone else. But I won't influence recruitment or sales, that's not my job. >#####Have you spoken with Karim Benzema about this choice? >We didn't talk. I know that everyone was talking about Karim and Kylian, Kylian and Karim... But in the national team, we only talked about the evening meal. I didn't want to force the issue. When we meet, we'll discuss it. I'll explain this choice to him. >#####And did you see the 'story' published by Benzema (editor's note: which allegedly referred to 'treachery')? >I saw that almost all the Real Madrid players had published it. You don't have to be a graduate of Saint-Cyr to understand that it comes from higher up, right? >#####Do you know if Mauricio Pochettino will still be the PSG coach? >The only guarantee I have is that he has a contract until 2023. I have a great relationship with him. It's the club that will decide. But I get on very well with him. >#####How do you react to the comments from Spain about "lack of respect", saying that you had an agreement with Real? >I didn't have an agreement with anyone. I have always worked like this. We discussed the contours of the contracts. But I had no agreement. I can understand the disappointment. I thank them. All the Madridistas wanted to welcome me. I am only grateful to them. I didn't say no to Real Madrid. I said yes to France and to PSG. I had the call of the homeland and the capital. It was too early to leave for free. >#####Have you spoken with President Emmanuel Macron? >We exchanged quite a few times. Let's say it was good advice. He wanted me to stay, that's part of the negotiations. He is one of the various people I spoke to about football. That's where you see that football has changed and that it has an important place in society. >#####Can you tell us about your role as an ambassador for France? >If I'm an ambassador, you have to pay me (laughs). Our championship has been much maligned so that we don't defend it. We have nothing to be ashamed of with our football. France has an important place. I've had the chance to travel and in other countries, they are proud. It would be nice if that were the case here. >#####Is it easier to win the Ballon d'Or in Paris or in Madrid? >You can't compare Madrid and Paris. Madrid is a much older club. But the rules of the Ballon d'Or have changed. We don't really care about the club. It's the best player who gets the Ballon d'Or. It's not like before. It's the one who burns the retina the most. It doesn't matter where you play, if you're the best you get the Golden Ball. >#####By signing for only three years, is it also a way of keeping a way out in two years? >No... But of course you think about it. You have to analyse all the parameters. You shouldn't have signed too short a contract either. You shouldn't take the piss out of the world. That's good. Not too short, not too long. I have time to invest in the project https://www.leparisien.fr/sports/football/psg/kylian-mbappe-je-nai-pas-dit-non-au-real-jai-dit-oui-au-psg-et-a-la-france-23-05-2022-HRYEMDDBENEX3JHVL6A2AGLAQY.php #####'Ligue 1 needs respect as well' In its response to Mbappe's decision to stay at PSG, La Liga announced plans to file a complaint to Uefa as well as French and EU authorities. As well as calling the deal "scandalous", La Liga president Javier Tebas said it "threatens the economic sustainability of European football". But Al-Khelaifi responded: "Maybe it is a good thing if Ligue 1 is doing better than La Liga. "La Liga isn't what it was three or four years ago. I have respect for all the clubs, but we need respect as well. "We have the best player in the world, that's what matters to us. As for what other people are saying, that is not an issue. I am not listening to that." https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/61555450


PSG bought Mbappe twice for over 200 mil each time. Let that sink in. I mean you have to be impressed by him achieving that.


And they will buy him again a third time in three years.


Exactly. If Madrid was outbid now, they will be outbid in 3 years.


Which is why they won’t bid. Will be interesting to see which club takes the bait in 3 years though.


Not many who can. City might.. maybe Newcastle depending on where they stand in the league table.


I’m willing to bet we won’t.


City and United will.bith make contact, but Mbappe is either going to pick Madrid, his favorite club, or PSG, his home country. No one else will have a shot.


Pretty sure Monaco got a nice chunk of the initial 180


They got 35m


Who let the fucking sink out again?!?


PSG might not care too much in 3 years. They want their prodigy to win the World Cup in their own home turf in Qatar. Afterwards, I don't think the money supply will be infinite.


I wonder how many shirts Mbappe sells so PSG can afford him...


You misspelled how many oil barrels lol


He is signed to the Jordan brand . He is making money for them


Madrid vs. PSG in the CL will be a permanent fixture now.


And may we knock them the fuck out every time.


I feel dirty typing this but... You go do that homie


hala amen


I pray we play them every year mentality midgets


And I bet they will have magnets in their hands to pull us against each other when deciding the knock-out stages haha


I for one, can't wait for three more years of rumors connecting him to Madrid again.


I for one, will enjoy every time they get booted out of the CL with extreme Schadenfreude. I love France. I like Mbappe. I wish all of their other clubs success in Europe. But fuck PSG. Oh, and fuck Ceferin.


Amen. I would honestly rather see Barca win the CL than PSG.


I for one, can live without that.


Honestly 3 years is a long time but I imagine in 3 years Madrid won't "need" him as much as they do now. They won't be banking on him coming anymore and as such will probably have a team that doesn't necessarily have a spot for him.


There will always be a spot for him, anywhere.


RB is pretty thin.


Not if Vini establishes himself on the LW and Mbappe wants to play there. Florentino doesn’t take too kindly to those that go back on their word, we Madridistas have seen it plenty.


Madrid is never getting into a bidding war for him. They might offer him a contract to sign without if he is really keen to move but he wouldn’t be the core of the project and it probably wouldn’t be for the terms he was being offered this summer. So odds are, he would just renew with PSG for an even bigger extension.


imo bigger odds for qatar dropping PSG project after world cup


I genuinely hope the door is closed for good. This whole saga annoyed me even before the decision. He made a fool out of us to get a better contract you know what fair enough that's the game. But I Hope Flo learned something, 2017 was understable since he was very young and we had BBC but this time the club got played , fool me once shame on you , fool me twice shame on me.


Tbf, maybe Mbappe really wanted to go but in the end got an offer he couldn't refuse. We don't know if he had ill intent


Then why bother to play with both clubs like that, "but it was a last day offer tho" he knew what he was doing, if he just have said "look i want a lot of money and I'm accepting the higher offer" since January nobody would be that mad at him, but changing your every 24 hours and making it public to get the media attention seems unprofessional. It's completely abou his decision but about everything he did to take it.


Either way what is done is done


The whole point of this saga was his intent to use Madrid and milk PSG for maximum money in his favour.


the door is never closed for probably the biggest star in football in the coming years it's all about the money and specially la liga as a product wich like every other ligue in europe is falling behind the premier league it would be stupid for real and la liga not trying to bring him if there is a possiblity


In that time frame is it possible that Haaland also will be on move. Also if Mbappe accepts lower salary. He wont get special privilage.


Barça can get him then.


No. Let him stay in his middle eastern team.


I dont think he will accept a paycut to join Barca or even Man City. I do believe in the future only Newcastle can sit properly on the table with PSG board cuz his number is unREAL.


The door is certainly closed when even Madrid doesn’t have enough money to bring him. It would be stupid for real to fuck their whole wages structure Bartomeu-style for 1 player as good as he might be. And please I hope this transfer saga never start again because it’s so freaking annoying we already can’t escape Mbappé news when is playing so we don’t need to know everything single thought he has during the day when he’s not




He should’ve thought about that before cock teasing a club for over a year with interviews, a comic book etc and then last minute texting the club president about taking PSGs offer. It’s not that he’s not allowed to not sign for madrid it’s the whole process has lead on the whole fan base and president, let another massive talent get signed before his decision and how he did it.


haha indeed welded shut


Give it 2 years til that clause in Haaland's contract triggers and all youll hear will be Madrid rumors


I mean Benzema will probably retire in 2 years, so why not.


Plssss I hope it stops here 😂 I for one appreciated the Haaland move because it was so quick! The Mbappe saga went on for too long!


Fuck that snake tbh. 🐍


Keeping the door open for his next contract extension


Can we now just put this to rest


No, I’m enjoying all the salty Madrid fans on each thread.


I wonder who the downvotes came from 🤔


Their saltiness knows no bounds


His conversations with Macron are shady as fuck to me. Like, Macron actively pursuing him in private, for his patriotic importance and what not, reeks of back-dealings and political leverage/influence from Qatar.


You think Macron may have been paid off by Qatar to convince Mbappe?






I mean, the French presidents before Macron got accused, and one even sentenced, for this kind of kickbacks deals. And everyone knows Qatar bought the right to host the WC in a very blatant way. Meanwhile, Macrons former chief of staff and right hand man got caught in conflict of in conflict of interest aka corruption issues. I don't know why this is so ridículous to you.


No idea, its just not a good mix of responsibilities in my view.


Do you really not see the value in the French President convincing the best player in the world who is french to stay in the French league and improve french football and the image of French football? Mbappe in League Un means League Un is a lot more valuable. I get not liking it, but it is clearly excellent for France that Mbappe stayed in France.


It’s pretty small time. I don’t remember Tony Blair ringing up David Beckham to stay in Manchester rather than Madrid or LA.


?? Why would Macron, a French football fan, not lobby for the biggest French star to remain in the French league?


Yeah, I dont think a president should lobby for a player to stay in their country. There is obviously loads of commercial interests from the league and the PSG owners/sponsors, its not somewhere a fucking president, a position of that power/responsibility, should be at.


Because as a president he should not be involved in something of this nature on this level. Specifically when their owner is another state...


Why ? I would have been mad if Macron didn’t at least try to keep him in France. Mbappé brings visibility to Paris and lots of money in taxes, it’s a win win situation.


>Why ? I would have been mad if Macron didn’t at least try to keep him in France. Mbappé brings visibility to Paris and lots of money in taxes, it’s a win win situation. It's totally tone-deaf, but OK.


Why would Macron, president of France, not want the two best French forwards combining with each other months before the world cup? It cuts both ways, and regardless it's not something the leader of a world power should be spending any time dealing with, not at any time but especially not given the multiple crises going on. It's ridiculous.


They already combine very well, they're two elite forwards, they don't need to spend every day together to dominate international football, the health of Ligue 1 is more important than that.


If the health of Ligue 1 would be more important than that, the Ligue itself would place controls on the absolute limitless spending that Qatar Saint Germain is doing every year.


They could potentially combine even better. France fell in the Euros, any boost to winning the WC would be good. And Ligue 1 would be healthier if PSG were run like an actual football club and not an ode to the egos of absolute monarchs and their cronies. Somehow don't think Macron is doing much to address that aspect, because it's not about the health of Ligue 1. Regardless, Macron should not be getting involved, he's a head of state for god's sake, and not a small state either.


It's done for him now. One thing Real and Perez have always shown is appreciation for players who have shown them respect. I remember that with Rodriguez and Hazard. On the other hand, Neymar has never ever been mentioned since he moved to Barca. Mbappe is on ~2m/week now. He'll get quarter of that if he goes anywhere else in the future. Not to mention he has soured his image in front of madridistas and most neutrals. He really should've signed a fuck-off 8-year contract for that money. All he can hope for now is City and Barca take the bait 3 years from now.


I think youre equating “respect” with ass kissing Usually Madrid holds the leverage, and there is nothing “respectful” about how they operate. It’s purely transaction to them. Player A believes they’re worth this much, then RM goes “we’re Madrid and we believe it’s an honor to play for us so take this much” (usually less than they’d like). The fans act in a similar manner Mbappe holds all the leverage here. He’s acted in a way anyone with two competing offers would, he’s been outspokenly respectful to RM, and in the end he went with the club that paid him more He’s on 2m/week now and you say nowhere else would give him a quarter of that. So he’d have to play 4x as long to make the same amount of money? Sounds pretty dumb. He’ll get this huge contract and then go play somewhere else on 500k / week anyways You sound like a butthurt Madrid fan


No weebu, I said Mbappe should have extended for a longer period if he wanted more money. Is he really going to play for quarter his salary as he goes into his prime years? As far as football is concerned, he just needs to look at Neymar. His hunger and desire dissipated the minute everything came so easily to him. Mbappe could've went to Madrid, and built a legacy throughout Europe. Now, he has no places left realistically where he could build his legacy AND have that much power and wealth.


>Kylian Mbappé: "Is the Real Madrid door closed? I don't know what will happen in the future." It is closed unless Perez develops an obsession Other quotes about Real Madrid - >Kylian Mbappé: “PSG or Real Madrid, these clubs don't need any convincing, it’s an honor to play for either of them.” > Kylian Mbappé: "A message to Madridistas? A thank you, they always accepted me as one of them, I understand their disappointment, and I hope they understand I decided to stay in my country."


Mbappe cant be this oblivious right? Guess this means he will stay at PSG till retirement then.


The guy is saying the PR things he needs to, obviously he won't go with "lol I don't give a fuck about any of this"


He could have said "I love PSG, it's my childhood club and I'd love to retire here" or something


He would be compared to Morata who changed his childhood dreams as i do with boxer.


But then he would lose the leverage to milk them for an even bigger contract.


But what about all the shit he has talked about PSG this last year lol.


He was smart enough to play two clubs against eachother and earn an absolutely crazy amount of money, so I hope he is also smart enough to know he'll never play for Madrid during his entire career. I imagine both the fanbase and the management of Madrid want nothing else to do with this guy.


Let me put it this way: in three years, if PSG's sporting project doesn't work out and he wants to move to a new club, would we really say no if the alternative is him joining Barca? Because as much as I dislike his personality, he's still a great player that would instantly make our competition way too strong.


Unless it's barca, yes. I'd give no fuck if he goes to City or any PL team.


He has proven that he is all about money. And if Barca wants to sign him for an even bigger contract than PSG then please let them go for him. Bartemou special 2.0. Realistically only Man City and Newcastle would be able to sign him with those wages.


Sure, because there is a zero percent chance he will lower his wage demands to a point where he will be viable. If Barca wants to pay what he is making now go ahead they will further destroy their finances.


Will Madrid be able to afford him? Are they going to hold back in the market to have a spare 200 million to drop on him like they have for the last 2ish years?


Probably not, but if Madrid can't afford him then I don't see how Barca can. I don't really mind if he moves to the PL, since we'd only ever face him in the CL.


I'd rather a million times him playing for Barsa than for us. In fact, that despicable money hungry rat is a perfect fit for them.


its 3 years, madrid wont say no if he wants to come on a free in 2025


>madrid wont say no We will




He's never playing here.


Lol. Unless he comes offering himself and accepts a modest wage no one will accept him.


madrid will be begging for him again in 3 years


The same Madrid that kicked 3 peat Ronaldo out because he wanted a raise? The same Madrid that toks Ramos the renewal offer has expired after he took too long to reply?


He isn't he is just doing what got him that fat PSG contract. He is banking on the fact that in 3 years time a club will chase him and he will wind down his contract and then sign a bigger one for PSG.


He is. Or put it another way, I'm sure for the past year most people around him have been telling him "it's ok you're still young! you'll have all opportunities available in the near future too!"


Exactly, im sure he was sold on it as a "you have time to go later, you have more to do in france" thing. Im not exactly sure he realises how much damage he caused.


Most people defending his decision are using that argument so yeah, it's gotta be what happened. He even just said "I don't know where I'll be in three years." Well I do, bitch. lol You're gonna be right there.


You know there are other clubs right? Like Barca, like Man U, City, Liverpool. In three years, hell, Tottenham could be a Cl contender. Madrid ain’t the only club.


Most clubs won’t go anywhere near him with the wages he’s currently on. Unless he’d take a significant pay cut he’s unlikely to leave


What club is going to offer him more then what PSG will? Heck what club will offer him anywhere near what he makes right now?


None of those clubs have a galaticos policy of paying one player 5x more than any other player tho


Those clubs can't afford him, as other people said. He'll be aware of it long before his contract is up and he'll just sign an extension a year before.


I think the issue is that no one can realistically give what Mbappe will earn on this current contract. Newcastle and Manchester City won't even be viable for different reasons. The former will most likely not even be a CL club, let alone a contending club in Europe in three years time. Manchester City is owned by their geopolitical rivals, if you think the Emir was pissed off about Madrid, he'll triple his efforts to prevent Mbappe to go to a UAE owned club.


Oh man triple. So like 1 billion euros in a signing bonus


Anything's possible


I’m sure he won’t feel as accepted next time he plays in the bernabeu hah


lmaoo yes


Yeah I dont know. Qatar's obsession with Mbappe is way worse than Perez's was. Theres a list of other great players we can go for that we dont have to shell out like 150 million on. Edit: Punctuation added period after "know"


>Yeah I dont know. Qatar's obsession with Mbappe is way worse than Perez's was. Imho it was more a power move than anything else


But none of them as good as he is tbh. He's probably the best player or attacker apart from benzema and lewy on the planet.


You don't need the number 1 to win. Many teams won without the best player in the world.


Yeah I find the prospect of Madrid using 200 millions € on several future world class players much scarier than them just keeping the same team as this season + Mbappé


Same , if we are smart with it we good


Obviously not. But we pride on having the best players, it's part of the club's brand and identity at this point.


And how many forwards available on the market are on Mbappe's level as well as being young? The only one I can think of is Haaland, but his release clause is €150m & will be available in 2 seasons. I guess you don't want him in Real Madrid then?


Of course they don't want him anymore after this awful saga.


Ignore Varnagel. He is a "Madrid fan" that praised Messi left and right while bashing anyone not named Benzema. and only supported Madrid for Benzema.


I think Madrid can do with players who can play a hybrid forward/winger/ss type of role. I know people may disagree with me on this but the following players can do well. You dont need Mbappe to win Champions League. Again this is just my opinion of a few that should be looked at. 1. **Heung-Min Son** (Class player, but Levy+Conte probably wont let go easily) 2. **Nkunku** (This one will be the most expensive for sure, but not Mbappe expensive and perhaps can play just as good on his day) 3. **Mahrez** (I feel like he can come for rather cheap as he is above 30 and it looks like he is kinda done with City, still a great player on his day and La Liga suits his style) 4. **Diaby** from Leverkusen (He doesnt get spoken of alot)


You already took bale and modric cant you let us have sonny ffs


How do you leave Salah (who btw has only 1 year left of contract) out of that list?


I dunno it always felt like Salah wants Barca for some reason.


Ugh 🤢


Im waiting for a similar to Figo at Camp Nou type “welcome”


Turtle blue balling Papa Flo?


Mpaypal needs to just stop talking about Madrid now, you chose PSG so just refrain to speaking about your club from now on


Mpaypal im dead lmao


Has that ever stopped Madrid fans (or president) from talking about other clubs' players?


let’s not pretend like it wasn’t a mutual interaction. He’s been twerking for Madrid for years now, if you need reassurance go see his comic book


Trust me no Madrid fan has any problem if he would have just renewed. The problem is the year long flirting with comic books and empty promises. This mans word is worth shit and if you ask me a man is worth as much as his word. These words are uttered at empty chairs.


I mean everything is great for him right now but I really hope he keeps that same energy if PSG doesn’t win the CL next year. Can you imagine the heat he and PSG will get? I can already see the memes coming. 600 million is an awful lot to pay for another Uber eats league title


He’s not getting 600m


This kid is so full of shit. Lies everywhere on this. He didn't call florentino. He recorded a video the day before at 9pm. Psg knew few days before. And florentino got a WhatsApp messaged. Best player in the world but he needs to learn how to be a decent human being


He has morphed from turtle to snek.




You should’ve just thought up the most ridiculous contract and singing bonus you could imagine and told NAK that this is what it will take for me to stay. I have no doubt in my mind he would’ve signed it on the spot. There was no reason to drag us through all that. I wish you bonne chance Monsieur turtle, but don’t ever speak of my club ever again.


Lmao every time you speak, it just sounds like bullshit. It’s crazy what 7 days will do. It’s crazy.


Bruh, he's just twisting the knife now


As pathetic as this is, it’s lead to a lot of Madrid fans bitching which is funny 😂


I am a Madrid fan and would have loved this to happen, but I am in Paris at least once a month. I don't think you people understand how big this man is there. He is close to a deity all over France and especially Paris. Billboards everywhere from champ elysses to the suburbs of every city in France. I haven't seen a player as liked as him in France since maybe Zidane. I think even disregarding the monetary benefits of staying there, I fully believe he was pressured from loads of différents sides, from president of fucking France to his own fans in the arena.


They have been pressuring him with the whole patriotism bullshit. That and a crapload of money basically


It's not bullshit. If you could be a part of something built up your domestic leauge, than fair game. Even if he took the best offer, I'm fully certain he at least wanted a CL with PSG before leaving. Bring it to France. If he did it with Madrid it would have been amazing, but doing it in your hometown, in the streets you grew up, has to feel a thousand time sweeter. He has a right to choose not only the best offer financially, but also the right stay in his hometown, regardless of how much he flirted with Madrid.


Yeah I think what a lot of people are missing here is that PSG offered him less than Real. Madrid offered him a lot more financially, it was purely for the love of his home town. There's reports of £200mill sign on fee, but we all know that's fake. It is 100%, all down to wanting to play for Paris. Wouldn't be surprised if he actually took a pay cut actually from his last contract.


Lmao please tell me this is trolling


I'm pretty sure he's being sarcastic.


Yeah the follow up they posted makes that clear. Really good satire, kept me guessing the whole time


Don’t need that


I don't know why there are people in this thread who are acting like we will go for him in 2-3 years time. He will never wear a Madrid shirt, that ship has now sailed for good. The next time he will play here he will get booed off the field. That could be next year or the year after, and then after seeing that happen you think Florentino will try to sign him that same season or the year after? Crazy. Madrid still has elections for the presidency. There might not have been other candidates the last time to challenge him, but anybody who tries to go after Mbappe would lose any following election that there will be challengers trying to go for it then. Ignoring that, I think Florentino's "Que te vaya bien" is pretty much a farewell from his part as well. I'm sure he has a bigger ego that didn't like getting used to squeeze some extra millions for familia Mbappe.




May 2025: “I have respect for Newcastle and Mohammad bin Salman. They did everything for me and tried to make me very happy, that's why I had to call him personally, we’ve a close relationship. I just decided for myself and I made the best decision”


Mohammed bin Salman would have Mboopi straight up chopped if he would ridicule him as he ridiculed Perez.




Ive read somewhere here that he didnt even call but just texted his rejection? Is that true or that is some kind of hear say?




How disappointing he goes for the money. Of course I understand why, but why wouldn’t you go to Real Madrid.


It's funny that Mpabbe played both PSG AND Madrid. He used them both to extract the maximum amount he could. Madrid are losers obviously because they did not get him. PSG are losers because they got played for $300Ms, and he's not even on a long term contract. And we will all be here again in three years. Al-Khelaifi is a loser and a crook, openly flaunting FFP violations knowing UEFA lack a spine.


“Can you tell us about your role as an ambassador for France? If I'm an ambassador, you have to pay me (laughs).” Welp


His face is made of steel or what?


Shut up


Snake 🐍




Seeing that he has practically burned the bridge to real, why do I feel like he could go to barca. That would be hilarious


If they could afford him. Don’t think he’ll take a pay cut. But I would love to see them destroy their wage structure again.


Suck your mum


U guys think after 3 years real would wanna Sign him again ?


If Perez is still there, no.






No. Contrary to popular belief not every generational talent has played for Real Madrid. We’ll be ok. There will be another Mbappe and hopefully he comes straight from our academy. The only difference between Mbappe and say Neymar, Ibrahimovic, Henry et al is that Mbappe publicly and repeatedly expressed that his childhood dream was to play for Real Madrid, that he’s a fan, etc etc. Basically he played with the fan’s emotions because he knows we’re all romantics. He’s going to get a ton of abuse next time he plays at the Bernabéu, guaranteed.


Florentino is not forgiving him after getting humiliated


I hope not


Only to play at Castilla.


Unless Papa Flo bites the dust within the next 3 years, no way.


I don't think Florentino will. But if we have a different players then who knows. It's been proven that a lot of things can change in one year, let alone 3 years


"Very well, I accept. A man may fight for many things: his country, his principles, his friends, the glistening tear on the cheek of a golden child. But personally I'd mud wrestle my own mother for a ton of cash, an amusing clock, and a sack of French porn. You're on": Kylian"blackadder"Mbappe


Marca: Mbappé to Real Madrid. Here we go!!!!


Can someone explain why is everyone around here so mad at Mbappe ? Legit question.


He likes to twerk for money.


The level of salt in this thread is amazing, it seems like Mbappe has fucked the mothers of all Real fans without condoms. There is a thin line between pride and arrogance and I don't see a lot of RM fans accepting gracefully a player free choice. Shit happens mates.


No one had any problem with him rejecting us before where it was just a firm no This mf literally said he cried when he couldnt join madrid last year and then renews, and still doesnt shut up about it.


Obviously, context changed. You can cry about a thing a year, and cry about the opposite thing the year after, a lot of things can happen in a year. I understand that Madrid fans would feel betrayed, but the reality is out of your hands, you don't know what happened and the circumstances. I personally think he did it if he had guarantees like sporting director and coach to ensure a change of culture inside PSG, which is exactly the problem of the club. So his choice is understandable too. Now if you ask me as a french, not really a PSG fan, having your local world superstar staying in his city with a club that never won it and a country waiting for one since decades, it would be an iconic thing to write, can't blame him for wanting this instead of a club that wins CL every sundays imho.




Right? The comments he made in this interview surprised me with their thoughtfulness and maturity. The fact that Madrid supporters are attacking him anyway shows how entitled they are.


And I guess you're not a native french speaker according to your flair, so you probably can't relate, but the way he speaks for a 23 years old is impressive. He sounds like an experienced 50 years old politician, really not far from perfect.


Imo Perez toyed with Madrid fans' hearts more than Mbappe.


Madrid fans having a hard time believing someone can say ‘no’ to them I see. Best part of this whole thing


Totti, viera, neymar, pirlo... List is long


Nah, we have no problem taking a no. But the way he has done it, I don’t think any team would be ok with it.


Like RM wont go for him in like 4/5 years haha


Madrid fans acting like they arent gonna forget and forgive all this in 3 years time and beg for his signing again. Hypocrites


Some (maybe many) Real Madrid fans, not all of them. Football fans are fickle and also way too emotional, that's why they can't comprehend 'easy to understand' decisions. If Mbappe keeps performing at the same level he is right now then everyone will be happy to see him joining




No we are laughing at your trophyless season and sinking economically ruined club instead xD