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Vieira is probably right after Gattuso in ex-players I would not endeavor to aggravate in any circumstance, maybe this lad's head is lacking?


I'd put money on he never seen Vierra play and doesn't know how much of a hard cunt he was.


Funny you mention Gattuso - reminds me of when he decided to pick a fight with Joe Jordan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKUnGoEwlUw [Joe Jordan was a Scottish striker in the 70s, who looks like he handled himself a few times](https://i.imgur.com/YFk8p81.jpg)


Lehmann's probably up there too. Not only is he big, he's definitely a little (?) crazy as well.


Massive respect to the couple of Everton supporters that stepped in to help escort Vieira off. Easily could’ve escalated the situation. Could see the first guy that approaches after the kick trying to provoke further before pussying off when Vieira looks his way.


I think they realise the reality that this wasn't anything personal with Palace (as far as I'm aware anyway), Palace weren't fighting for anything in particular with this match (unless overtaking Brighton was a big deal which I doubt), so on top of it being wrong in general, getting that heated and overexcited with Palace is pointless to a rational person.


Yeah that’s another point that makes this whole thing weird. Palace have been cruising to the end of the season for the last like 4 weeks. Unless top 10 mattered, they’ve had nothing to play for so what’s there to really rub in?


Exactly. I'm just as confused, I know fan overexcitement is the obvious answer or maybe they felt so much passion that they personally believed Palace was holding them back from safety, but for Vieira and the squad it's just another match. No chance of Europe, nowhere near relegation, and they've finished 10th before, at best they'd have achieved ninth this season. It probably is the passion, but if I was in their position I'd celebrate with the players, not needlessly fling shit at Vieira. Or at the least taunt Zaha instead since he dishes it quite a bit, but never Vieira.


Yeah I really don’t get why you wouldn’t be over with your club’s manager/players recording yourself with them and having a good time. Instead going out of his way to seek out the opposition manager who probably feels indifferent about the result just to record himself throwing harassment at him.


It’s that whole epidemic of some fans‘ first reaction after their team scoring is to turn around to the away fans and flip them off, but taken to 11. Tribalism really is at a high. People seem more interested in football‘s ability to inflict misery on others than it’s ability to bring joy to yourself. Plus, here Palace‘s misery is pretty low. For them it’s just a meaningless game lost…


Nah we don't give much of a shit. Definitely a minor hit to the ego and everyone's frustrated with points left on the board this entire season, but overall its no big deal. Props to Everton tho. Can't say I didn't enjoy watching fans reactions. FA cup semis, safe from relegation, future looks promising, gotta finish games better next year but vibes are good over here this season.


I think Vieira's going to be wondering how his lot fumbled a 2-0 lead and what could be improved there, but in the large scale of things it's not devastating, definitely softens the blow knowing they had more to play for. The motivation there is unmatched.


Been an issue all year with finishing games. Get that cleaned up and we're in a good spot. Pissed away too many wins, this one pretty bad, but whatever. Shit happens. It just sucks cause it was so public y'know, choking on the main stage is never fun.


Huge bragging rights for whoever finishes higher out of Palace and Brighton, they absolutely hate each other




Those kind of people are the reason we haven’t completely burnt down the world yet


Not all heroes wear capes, some just do the bare minimum in regards to human decency.


The world would be a phenomenally better place if everyone just did the bare minimum of human decency. A lot of people don't even do that.


Not all heroes wear capes, and even less wear everton jerseys. All jokes aside big ups to them for stepping in. So nice to see the positives even though it started with a cunt.


Some carry children on their necks.


Fair play to the lads at the end.


Yea nice reminder that not everyone is a complete bucket full of cuntness. After this plus the racist incident, it looks like the club should really get this shit in control.


What racist incident? I'm out of the loop


When they played Brentford, some family members of Brentford players were racially abused by Everton Fans.


N-word thrown at Ivan Toney and Rico Henry's family were the reports.


100%, the lad he kick took a dive.


seriously though, how ballsy do you have to be to goad Patrick Vieira. ​ The only Patrick Vieira I feely comfortable standing up to are less than 10years old or greater than 90years old. Anything in between will kick my behind.


Probably wearing a Gordon jersey under the hoodie


On first look I thought it was a club mascot or someone randomly wearing a giant chicken head - took a couple of watches to realise it was a someone with a child on their shoulders... I should probably take a trip to specsavers.


You’ve ruined it for us all!


He absolutely shat himself when he realised that Vieira was actually responding


If I was going to fuck with a manager it probably wouldn't be Vieira


Who would you pick first? Probably Hodgson


Nah not Hodgson. His head can swivel round and see you if you come at him from behind.


ffs I can't stop laughing at this for some reason hahaha


I can already see this as a David Squires cartoon.


I can probably kick Sarri’s ass too


Just punch him and run there’s no way he’s catching you after all the cigarettes


He'd need to smoke one just to catch his breath afterwards


While screaming, *Sarri, not sorry.*


Idk-he has an extr weapon in a lighter and a cigarette


“The Man with the Golden Gun”


frank de boer


Not sure I'd choose the guy who is retiring and won't have to worry about an FA charge.




Pulling Conte's hair wouldn't hurt (pun intended)


Conte looks like a Bond villain


Conte would remember his face and then send his henchman out to shoot him in the back as he leaves his mum's house at 2 in the afternoon to buy more beer and cigarettes.


Conte isn't a person who's going to kill you on the spot. He's got an underground lair where he's going flay you alive for decades. While drinking some expensive red wine.


Absofuckinglutely not Sean Dyche for sure!


He looks like he spends so much time in the local weatherspoons before practice that he would be a 15 second bluster followed by chest compressions and a trip in an ambulance.


I am confident I could bully the shit out of Eddie Howe


That’s how you find yourself chopped up and buried in the desert


True the backing of a murderous government complicates it, but he still looks like he's a regular at Weenie Hut Jr.


Not sure I would pick someone who had a long career as a lower league CB


he always reminds me of todd from breaking bad, makes me think Eddie is a killer


Heads would roll


Messing with Bonesaw FC, bold




Ehm, none of them they would kill me being Sportsman whilst I get winded playing Wii Sports.


Graham Potter


Could imagine him having a brown belt in karate or something


I could imagine him fighting like those dreams you have when you can’t punch anything, it’s all just soft and slow


Always reminded me of Paddy Considine in Dead Man's Shoes, who's a bit on the scary side though.


Such a good movie.


Great movie but I always feel like the rest of my day is a right off after I’ve watched it as it fucks with my emotions so much


he probably has some massive conflict resolution skills. i'd back him to negotiate a hostage situation.


Dude would probably whip out a wand and hit you with that Petrificus Totalus


Oscar Tabarez


If you shoved him over I’m not sure he’s getting back up


That's just cruel lmao




I would go for Arteta even if he has a bit of a lego head. Edit* misread fuck with as fuck let's not talk about this.


Why the fuck would you pick on Patrick fucking Vieira. He's fucking massive and literally used to kick people for a living.


6'4" (193cm) and 83kg when he was a player. Looks closer to 100kg now. He's a unit of a man.


I can't think of anybody I'd rather avoid in a fight more except Duncan Ferguson and that guy literally put two guys in hospital


Steven Gerrard put a guy in a concussion over not playing his favorite song.... He's probably on the list as well.


I think Ibra has a black belt in some martial art form and he is also 6'4


Its not about the fighting skills but how fierce someone is at confrontation. Joe Jordan, Gattuso and Ivan Campo comes to mind. Even young Wayne Rooney worth a mention.


People *massively* underrate how strong most top-level footballers are. Lucas Moura, for example (thinking of a smaller footballer who lots of lads probably think they could take in a fight), is almost certainly stronger and fitter than 99.9% of the people on this sub. The gap bewteen us and them is enormous. They literally train every day for a sport that is hugely physically demanding, and have personal trainers, dieticians etc.


Vieira one of those players you'd never want to fuck with on the pitch. Turns out neither have to be current professional players for that to still hold true.


He looks like he's bulked up since his playing days and not in the belly area...he's lucky he didn't get a knockout punch to the jaw after being such a cunt.


Dyche. He'd obviously flatten me, but it might scare the other managers enough that I took him on that they'd leave me alone.


Fair play to the level headed lads to walk Vierra out in that chaos The first Everton bloke is an utter twat


Some people are just cunts


The second one too. Shoves Vieira then runs off behind his mate


Just hops out of frame lol


Always some cunts got to take it too far, this will ruin it for everyone


Time for the barricades!


That’s obviously never happening, only way it’s going to be stopped is if serious punishments are handed out to the clubs


Everton deducted three or even six points? That would juice things up for Sunday, hehe. Different leagues - and obviously different rules and thus not comparable - but I've seen point deductions for far less in the Swedish league than the 85th minute pitch invasion.


They won’t be docked points for this, or anything that happens at the weekend. I wouldn’t be surprised if over summer some measures were introduced to punish clubs from next season though.


Happened after the Huddersfield Luton match, Huddersfield fans went up to the Luton fans at the end of the game and started pelting them with batteries and coins and assaulted Luton players too https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-beds-bucks-herts-61478471?at_medium=RSS&at_campaign=KARANGA


Forgot about this one. Trouble at Northampton and Port Vale in the league 2 playoffs as well. I know this is the pitch invasion time of year but it doesn’t normally turn ugly as often as this


The little ballbag doing it all for his 2 seconds of fame on Instagram/ TikTok. Imagine thinking people care about your shit video.


Hopefully he’s stupid enough to upload it, gets it traced back, and is fined.


He uploaded it and it’s on this sub now


he'll get a ban from the ground by Everton hopefully


[Lmao you called it](https://old.reddit.com/r/soccer/comments/utfajm/patrick_vieira_incident_from_everton_fans_pov/)


Haha listen to that grotty fucking voice. What a rat. Hopefully he gets a lifetime ban and no one has to listen to it any more.


Everton fan being a cunt, Vieira kicking out. Justified.




Old school Vieira would have murdered those twats all by himself with his gaze alone and he sure as shit would have done it as soon as the first plonker started to circle around him


Yea, I'm not mad at Vieira here.


Also we don’t know what the fan said, already I sympathise with Vieira here but the fan could very well have said something that warranted more than just a kick


True. I doubt he was saying anything charming or sweet.


Off you go Mr Cantona, it's an early bath for you.


This is his video: https://www.reddit.com/r/soccer/comments/utfajm/patrick_vieira_incident_from_everton_fans_pov/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share. He said 'Fuck off you muppet', fair play to Vieria


Mr Vierra would you like to talk about your cars extended warranty? But seriously we have some fans that take things too far. Brings back images of the guy who tried to punch a player while holding his baby


The absolute idiocy thinking they could take Vieira in any altercation is insane. Let the moment get to him and deserves whatever Vieira sent his way.


Congrats to Everton, but that dude deserves it...


Deserved a Cantona hit


What is going on this week 😅


Fuck the everton fan in this


I want to know what was said, Vieira flips so suddenly. Emotions will be high after losing, but he's an experienced man and knows what it's about.. the snap was so sudden.


You can see the wanker switch from filming him to making a presumably obscene gesture with a finger or two. Could've said something as well.


Called vieira a Muppet and told him to fuck off. Gives him the finger in the face. Source: The fan, or someone he shared a video with, has uploaded it.


How often do pitch invaders get in the face of managers and players like this? Especially since it's the day after the Billy Sharp headbutt. Tbh I don't understand why opposing staff want to be on the pitch during these scenes.


In this case, I think they had to cross the pitch to get to the away team dressing rooms.


“Suck on that, ya muppet, Wahay” Seriously


Might have thought he tapped him instead of the other lad who did


Doesn’t even matter if he said anything, you don’t go in someone’s face like that


Okay, not just this instance, but clubs need to be threatened with docked points, matches behind closed doors etc. I fear that we'll see much worse than the Billy Sharp incident.


110% agree, way to difficult to punish individuals, better to impose them on the collective. Not saying I’d ever want it to happen to a club, just a efficient deterrent. And if people still do shit like this, dock points, lifetime ban, name and shame, see if people do this shite then


Dock em points now send them Down


I think footballers should be allowed free reign to batter fans tbh. If you come on the pitch and get battered by Paddy Vieira so be it


Absolutely love the compilations of athletes just bodying pitch invaders. Andrew Symonds (RIP) shoulder barging a streaker while batting for Australia is my favourite.


[Chelsea Women's Sam Kerr knocking over a pitch invader was pretty satisfying too](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CkzyLGSTNiA&ab_channel=GuardianFootball)


Aussies will take any opportunity to be praised for hip and shouldering someone.


Wow that other player running to the ref to get her booked can fuckin do one


Sam Kerr vs Juan Kerr




It’s tragic, I only found out he passed away Googling him to make sure I spelt his name right


In the NBA when the [Malice at the Palace](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Malice_at_the_Palace) took place, Ron Artest went into the stands to fight a fan and thats when you saw how one sided a pro athlete vs an average citizen would be.


Jermaine O'Neal almost killed a man, but luckily he slipped on the wet floor and didn't connect fully.


That ninja slide punch he ended up doing is forever stuck in my mind. Imagine taking a full on hit from Jermaine O'Neal though.


Just watched the whole thing on YouTube. What a fucking brawl. Also love the way before the fight in the crowd breaks out Artest is lying on the announcer table just being goofy


Lol if you look closely he was chillin til somebody threw beer at him


There was one fan who only barely avoided head injury or death because Jermaine O'Neal slipped and missed his punch that he was winding up. One of the moments within the moment I'll never forget.


Mad he attacked a completely innocent guy


Much like in the states for pro wrestling, if you jump the barricades and try to enter the ring you get fucking mauled and it's your fault, I remember the cases of Bret Hart during his HOF speech, a HHH Vs Austin match (it was in Germany tho I think?) or more recently Seth Rollins I still don't get why you would enter a ring to attack people three time your size but w/e


Omg, when that guy jumped in the ring and took down Bret Hart, he got fuckeeeeeed up. Like, I'm a big guy and even I wouldn't dream of doing that, the people in that locker room went ape at him. Big guys just smashing his face in, it was crazy. But yeah, I'm tired of seeing footballers who get grabbed or jumped by random fans being carded for shoving them over or tripping them up etc, should be well within their rights to protect themselves.


> Big guys just smashing his face in, it was crazy. Bret is basically considered Jesus among wrestlers and wrestling fans, so the athletes there saw their idol (who just recovered from cancer) getting attacked and they went mental on him Also the first one to get him was Ronda Rousey husband Travis Browne, a 201 cm x 120kgs MMA/UFC fighter So ye, the guy didn't think that well about the consequences of jumping inside the ring


Vieira pushed and attacked, Swindon players punched by Port Vale fans. FA have to act now as this is becoming a regular thing


Fan behaviour has definitely gotten worse this season. A fair few bottles thrown at players at the start, flares making a reemergence, pitch invasions galore.


Behaviour in general seems to be at its lowest in my memory. Far too many bellends of all ages these days


People came out of lockdown with two years of wanker behaviour stored up in them, I swear.


Coke’s a big part of it. I’m all for drug decriminalisation but it’s damaging the sport.


It's totally performative. These are not natural reactions. They've seen people elsewhere doing it so they do it too. It's a trend that'll die off but it's really embarrassing just now.


It will die off if fines are given and arrests are made. Otherwise all I'm seeing is bellends seeing the stewards not giving a shit and making the most of it


Obviously this is basically the only part of the season where you’d want to pitch invade but it’s a joke right now. Got really trendy and it’s not gonna stop until someone gets seriously hurt. Fantastic way to kill off something which has in the past made emotional moments way better


At least let's pitch invade but escort the players and staff first. This is a tragedy waiting to happen, players and managers+drunk bellends post game in the same space can't possibly end well, as we've seen with the Billy Sharpe situation just says ago and that could have ended worse as well


Really interested to see the pics of the Swindon players, won't be any decent footage of probably some fucking horrible hits


Hooligans on the rise


During lobster season of all times


Points deduction!


Fair play to Patrick. You get in someone’s face like that acting like a bellend then don’t be surprised if they react.


Fan lucky it didn't keep going


To be fair so is Patrick, only takes a couple of lads to back 'one of their own' and it can get messy quickly.


Three incidents in the last three days in England. Crack down now before someone gets seriously injured. Fines aren't enough. Games behind closed doors, forfeit games, something needs to be done. Maybe then fans will listen.


Agreed, if I was a player I would be getting the fuck away from them. Could get sidelined with Covid, attacked or worse. Saw from the Grealish incident a while back and Sharp one the other day it takes one nutter disguised in a crowd to attack someone. If it’s not contained, extremists could easily use it as a tactic of getting close to players or other fans


Yeah pitch invasions look colourful and fun and whatever, but yesterday for example the zoom ins of people just crowding a player and trying to hug him/get a pic were making me so uneasy. Crowds are so fucking dumb, it would take very little for something to escalate and for things to really go to shit. In a perfect world where nobody's a cunt it should be a nice thing for players to have a moment to celebrate and connect with their supporters. But in the regular world, nah fuck that tbh.


stop those crowd celebrations on pitch, there are always few fucking neanderthals doing shit like this leave the opposing team alone you idiots


The Thing that really pisses me off here as well is the guy in the white (?) shirt who sees the fan goading and getting in Viera's face, his rational decision was to push him (PV) as if that was the correct decision and not try and separate the two. what a pair of cunts.


Shoves Vieira, fronts up, chats some shit, and then jogs away as soon as Vieira starts paying attention to him. Exactly what you’d expect.


Imagine picking a fight with Patrick fucking Vieira lol


Should've two-footed the wanker.


Another example of the reasons why pitch invasions should NOT be encouraged


I hate it when people abuse powers like that. The everton fan assumed viera wouldn’t react because of his position so he decided to be a cunt, unfortunately for him viera couldn’t help himself


Time to come down hard on clubs who's fans invade the pitch. An incident every fucking time.


Vieira is not one to be messed with, and that idiot Everton supporter is lucky he didn’t get seven shades of shit kicked out of him. What’s wrong with fans post pandemic across sport in general? People have lost their damn minds in public.


I don't think it's just sport. More people just seem to be behaving badly in general. I've noticed it at gigs, for example.


I've seen it at pubs and at clubs as well pretty much since everything opened up. Its like everyone's IQ regresses two full digits after a few pints, I'm pretty sure it wasn't quite like this before lockdown


It's the same on the roads, people seem to have forgotten how to drive since lockdown or at the very least become a lot more impatient.


Only a matter of time before someone brings a knife a stab someone to “destabilise” opponent team


Monica seles was on track to be the greatest tennis player of all time when a nutcase ran on the court and stabbed her in the back. Took her years to get back to playing and she was never quite the same. The nutcases reasoning... he was obsessed with Steffi graf and didn't like the fact seles was beating her. So you're right, it can and has happened


I think of Monica Seles every single time I see a pitch invader. Yeah a lot of them are usually just harmless idiots, but you just don't know when one is going to be a really legitimate threat to a player or staff member. Scary shit.


Governments only acts after disgraces happens.


I don't get it. When we had fans individually invading the pitch over the past couple of months to take selfies with players and whatnot, everyone was saying how bad it was and how they deserve to be punished. The main argument was "imagine if they were carrying a knife or were trying to hurt a player". It's a convincing argument and I found myself agreeing with it. Now we have all of these pitch storms and everyone is like "let the fans celebrate, they are just over excited". What's the difference here? I would argue a huge crowd of people running on to the pitch is actually far more dangerous than one single fan. Not only is their major destruction of property that the clubs have to pay for out of their own pockets. But there are also examples of actual physical harm being caused. The other day we had Billy Sharp being attacked by a fan during a pitch storm, in Germany a female fan came forward claiming with good evidence and multiple witnesses that she was sexually harassed during a pitch storm. I get the excitement and I'm not even heavily against storming the pitch. I just don't understand how both situations are judged so differently.


100%. You have thousands of fans storming the field with vulnerable players, staff and referees having to avoid getting attacked for no reason. No not every invading fan is going to attack someone but all it takes is one intoxicated fan going too far to cause serious damage. Unfortunately it looks like the majority of r/soccer aren’t going to change their mind until something serious happens.


Since covid people are generally getting more out of control I’ve noticed. It’s certainly the case in Ireland so I imagine it’s the same in the UK


Mr poopy butt hole recording


Oooo weeee


6pt deduction would be a fair punishment.


Thats my Super Pat Viera!


Pitch invasions have to stop. Idiot fans have already proven in just a couple days that they cannot be trusted to behave and it's worse than ever in the age of social media. Fuck you if you behave like this. Fucking ludicrous scenes.


One might even wish Viera hadn't been held back. What a little cunt.


As an Everton supporter, I support Viera in this. He should have punched that moron


After watching this I'm disgusted by Vieira. Didn't kick him hard enough.


Pretty obvious something needs to be done about these pitch invasions- 3 point deduction for next season if it happens? Clearly an out of control situation and it's safety issue for the teams.


All this anger we've seen over the last few days but instead of aimed at footballers it's aimed at the government. That'd be nice.


I get it emotions is running high but there is no excuse for this


Guy in the white shirt absolutely shitting himself when Vieira squared up to him. Guys a tank.


Everton fan found out he's not Roy Keane.


"Not touching, can't get mad. Not touching, can't ge....oh fuck....!"


Chat shit, get banged.


Got be serious punishments fan behaviour has been getting ridiculous lately. Everton and Forest are lucky that the FA and EFL aren’t harsher because both their seasons could have been ruined because of these few dickhead fans


Just stop pitch invasions. Zero tolerance. Yes it’s “only a minority” of dickheads but when there’s thousands on the pitch then there’s dickheads on the pitch who are going to be cunts. Opposition players and staff shouldn’t have to deal with that shit. Just stop it