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Scrub not even annoucing it on Sky Sports Italy at 11am on a Sunday


Sounds like you don’t want *no scrubs*


His life is in italy, he wants to stay here. Inter is the only club that can afford him


Imagine crying infront of the fans on your last game and then signing with their biggest rivals a week later


Juve and Dybala had an agreement earlier in the year. Dybala was ready to sign that agreement, but Juve changed their mind after signing Vlahovic. It was mostly Juve who decided to go a different direction, which is why it makes both sense that he is sad about leaving and that at the same time he will make whatever decision that he thinks is best for him, even if it means joining their rivals.


More like, Juve changed their mind after yet another season of him always being injured


unthankful plastic


Maybe that's why he was crying tho, he knew he was going to break all those fans hearts a couple weeks later lol


But that's football


Ok.....so? Juve didn't extend his contract. He's still gotta do what's best for him


Ok do "what's best for you", but then don't be surprised if the fans hate you though


I mean I guess? I'm not sure what the purpose of this comment is. I'm sure Dybala is prepared for that outcome lol. He'd be dumb to just turn down a good opportunity simply because the fans might not like it though. His emotions in the moment when he realized he wouldn't be playing for those fans as a Juventus player anymore shouldn't be the sole reason he turns down opportunities. Plus they agreed on the extension at first, then Juve backed out of it. Does that not matter?


It's different for players. It's their job. He can love Juventus and see nothing wrong with playing with Inter, there's likely no more hatred he feels for them than any other Serie A opponent.


In fact, if you are argentinian it is kinda hard not to be partial towards them. Argentinians have been present there for decades.


Plus the prospect of playing next to the NT’s starting striker and forming a partnership that might just finally secure you a spot for Argentina’s starting XI once Messi retires, which he’s been yearning for all his career, doesn’t sound that bad


Juve backstabbed him after Vlahovic


He should have lived up to his price tag.


God forbid letting team grow around players


6 seasons to grow. Nothing grew. Bye bye diva.


Haha the mentality of juve fans Just say bye to the scudetto as well, probably won't get it again in your lifetime


> probably won't get it again in your lifetime Why do people always write dumb shit like this on the sub 😭


Dybala mask celebration against Juve coming up




lol saw an article he was signing Roma an hour ago


Salerinatina have as much chance as Roma


The Ribéry - Dybala linkup you didn't know you needed.


Sadly Ribery retired Edit- I think? I thought he retired mid season, I could be wrong


He's still there, but he doesn't play every match because he always has some injuries


Could have sworn I heard something about him retiring mid season. You're right though. He's was on the bench for the last game and somehow managed to get sent off.


Read a comment here a few days ago saying that Dybala had promised the Juve fans he wouldnt go to Inter lol


According to some random source (not even a journalist just a Twitter account)


Wow you believed the r/soccer people 💀


Idk but [this video](https://youtu.be/N8QSwv9RCKM) is hilarious, man's cold hearted


The trust worthy 15 year old obese lad on Reddit


don't be so hard on yourself lad, I'm sure there's more to you than what meets the eye.


Hopefully he does well, I really want to see him succeed with the NT.


First of all, tier? Second, dont u fucking dare Paulo


Merlo is extremely reliable, at least in the west.


But in the north, south and west he is muh


What kind of sideways move is this?


The only move he can do


He could leave Italy?


He's been there there for 10 years, I believe he doesn't want to move nor does his GF Plus I really don't think there are offers for him outside the country


I agree


Every move he can do is a side move. No better club than Inter would've been in for him.


In truth any move into Spain or England would be upwards


What has he done recently that warrants anything else than a sideways move?


Maybe right , but he has had plenty of opportunity try new things which could take him to the next level.


It's called the Van Persie special


Van Persie who made the perfect United move?


Good choice Paulo


Arsenal, Tottenham, United, Barca, Atleti… pls one of you step up and don’t let this happen 😭


Lol I can see all those dybala fans now 😂😂 “He loves the club so much. He would never sign with them “😂😂😂


I mean wasn't the club who didn't want to renew him after they had a previous argument ? Don't think fans should be too upset with that one


Think of Messi signing with Real after Barca didn't want to renew him. Some things are just wrong, it doesn't matter if it "makes sense"


Is dybala really a good comparison ? I don't know juve history in detail bit I don't think he is a Juve legend right ? Also here the club could renew and had an agreement but then decided to pull out. In Barca case granted I don't love them , the cap made it impossible CVC or no , Laporta just lied to save face but he always knew. I am not saying that him going to Inter is fine but it's not very high on the treason list


He's been with us for 7 years, as our #10, lately as our captain, he's among our highest goalscorers of all time and an iconic player. He won't go down like Del Piero if that's what you mean, but still he's an important part of our recent history Not Messi/Ronaldo maybe but think as if someone like Benzema, or idk Casemiro, went to Barca


Shouldn't have backstabbed him if he was so important an iconic


Nah fuck him


Dybala agent had a contract years ago and didn’t want to sign. He waited too long and his performance kept going down. Contract taken away. His own doing


So don't cry about him going to Inter if there's no offer on the table anymore from Juve.


I hope he goes. He’ll take up a starters spot on the team while being on the physio table


This what I've been thinking, he could have signed a contract extension as far as 2 years ago. Don't know how long his contract has been discussed but it's felt like years. Absolutely his own doing and also isn't his agent his brother if memory serves correct? He may feel sad leaving but it is completely his choice at the end of the day. People will blame Juve though of course as they are always the bad guys.


Literally no reliable journalist ever confirmed the contract Agnelli spouted about in 2020.


i don't understand why would he cry like that in his last game at juve only to join us, probably juves biggest rival


I don’t understand why people are so shocked by this. Inter is apparently giving him a better deal, and it’s allowing him to stay in Italy. So he’s doing what’s best for him. That doesn’t make all of his fondness toward Juve melt away. Have you ever broken up with someone? It can 100% make you sad even if it you think it’s the right thing


Inter are giving him a better deal than no deal. The rumoured 6M net salary is less than what he currently makes at Juve, and I don’t think there are any more suitors with better offers on the table. If he goes to Inter it will be only because he has no real alternative.


I'm sure there are some mediocre english or gulf teams that can offer him more money but it seems like he wants to play at high level and we are the best team that is willing to sign and make him a starter.


Yeah, which is exactly what I said. No real alternative.


He has always been a fan favorite and fans gave him a very warm farewell, not like he is going to Inter out of hate for the fans.


Go rot in hell




Would say high 2 for all Argentines


Dybala takes similar Inter contract to what hes earning at Juventus /r/juve: yeah but Agnelli obviously told the truth when he offered him a contract years ago !!!! Yawn, maybe in a couple years they might realize how we backstabbed him by never actually offering him any contract ever and it was always a bunch of empty words. Antun becomes an agent in January, okay time to sign the 8+2 contract we agreed on in October. Arrivabene: Offers nothing, refuses to elaborate, leaves. But they also make excuses for Del Piero so🤷‍♂️


Meh. A high end car that keeps breaking down is worthless. Don't care where he goes. Vlahovic and Chiesa are the future of our attack.


Wild analogy when one your cars will be in the shop for 3-4 months and you don't know if it I'll ever be the same after one the most difficult pieces to repair broke down


>. A high end car that keeps breaking down is worthless >Chiesa Something doesn't add up. If you think dybala is injury prone are you forgetting chiesa has torn his acl? Or are you making an exception because he's not leaving you? Also from what I've been reading, dybala is supposed to replace sanchez. So even if he isn't there 100% of the time, we have 3 other valid strikers.


I was never a fan. He's more diva than hero. Enjoy.


Didn't ask. I'm talking about something completely different.


ACL isn't the big deal it used to be..


Sure, but its still the second worst injury you can have as a footballer. Gonna be tough for him to return to his peak. Also, the severity of the injury is not the point I'm making. I'm saying that it's hypocritical to say dybala isn't worth the money cause he's injury prone, and then say chiesa is the next big thing when he's already had a major injury (and had been out all season even before the acl tear).


You clearly have no idea about what you're talking about and I really don't wanna lost my time so whatever


Inter? Why is he leaving Juventus?


Juve didn't renew contract and contract expiring


So, Inter are going to line up with both Martinez and Dybala at the front, both players who need a physical presence beside them to do well?


We are rumored trying to get Scamacca from Sassuolo who will act as no.9 and Dzeko as subs. Probably Inzaghi will use 3-4-2-1 with Lauti - Dybala/Correa behind Scamacca/Dzeko (my own prediction)? hmm


Martinez is partnering Dybala. Scamacca ship has sailed, Sassuolo asks too much for him. Martinez needing a physical presence beside him is normie take based on his partnership with Lukaku.


I don't think Dybala was treated fairly by Juventus. By that I mean that the signing of a certain C. Ronaldo (who they didn't really need) has stalled his career.


Injuries stalled his career, he’s missed major CL/season games etc the last 3ish years