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That's their status quo.


I was waiting for someone to say it. Just didn't want to be the one! Lol. I'll walk out on that ledge with you though.✌️


Paris Simp-Germain


Mbappe is going to change the club badge to [this ](https://i.imgur.com/7LmR404.jpg)next season.


Colors don't match otherwise seems legit.




You should've dropped this three years ago king.


This is fire tbh


Yoo you have a portfolio or something? This is great!


Damn that actually looks sick


This is wicked!


Is that Leonardo!!


My guy


That's pretty damn good


How fucking pathetic do you have to be to offer one man that much power in your club. PSG simping for Mbappe real bad.


Literal example of the player being bigger than the club


No one man should have all that power


2 Kanye references just in this thread lol


After all he's a "lyrical genius and musical voice of a generation!".




What a shit voice


It's a circlejerk meme lol https://imgur.com/K0pYjhy


I was making a south park reference.


I don't watch South Park, bro, I'm sorry :(


It's so crazy how the PSG higher-ups turned what could have been a "normal" transfer into some weird dick-measuring contest where they stake their pride on Mbappe staying. Even crazier how they refuse to just take the L and instead keep doubling down, which gives them renewed chances to convince Mbappe to stay but also makes their humiliation even bigger if they fail.


PSG will never be successful in Europe with their decision making. This is a club that has let Moussa Diaby and Nkunku walk out the door for small fees, because they wouldn't be patient. Now they are chasing players for huge transfer fees again, including Nkunku.


Nkunku is not fit for PSG. He was decent but would have never performed in Paris like he does now in Germany. Diaby was different. He was really good and had to be sold for FFP figures.


> Nkunku is not fit for PSG. Lol >Diaby had to be sold for FFP figures. How did you get into that situation?


Nkunku played on every spot in PSG. He was decent as winger or midfielder but didn't show anything interesting for the future. I'm really happy that he had a successful season in a smaller club but for his career he shouldn't come back to Paris he will probably succeed outside of Paris and I'm fine with it. The situation about Diaby is that we couldn't sell big contracts players so we had to sell the young good players that had to play for their career. You can't let the time to good prospect if there are already too professional players on their spot. That's why we always have only defensive players that come out from the academy in first team.


And if Mbappe agrees on that deal, if it is real (which I doubt), it's a godo recipie to fuck up the club for good xD


Qatar doesn't give a single fuck about destroying PSG, it's just a sportwashing toy for them, and with Mbappe it's much easier to do it. But that's what state-owned clubs like PSG, City or Newcastle are, tools to achieve a purpose.


I'm out the loop, what was the offer?


Essentially, he can run PSG to his liking. Truly. It’s mental.


Not entirely, he will be able to say which players should be sold and brought to the club and if the manager needs to be replaced or not


Not to that extent I think, but rather a big say on footballing decisions


They're offering him the presidency of universe


Basically the sun the moon and the stars...


No fucking way. PSG would be absolutely insane to offer that. To paraphrase Kanye, "I like some of the Mbappe football. What the fuck does he know about running a club?"


Giving your best player, and potentially the best player of the next generation a say in sporting decisions... is it really that insane ? Kobe, Lebron, Messi all had a say and Mbappe while not there yet has clearly proven that he is on that path. It's not like we have this stellar sport policy that he would disrupt by giving his input. We just go after shiny opportunities, hell if he can make the board focus on getting quality players that want to win then it might even be for the best really.


> Kobe, Lebron, Messi all had a say And it literally never worked out for them because they aren't any good at managing just playing..


LeBron never worked?


Lebron's teambuilding that he always does after he gets to a new place in subsequent seasons does not work.


Wow, how can he not put together a chip winning team in 1 season smh. Bottom line is he’s won a chip everywhere he’s gone so it has worked


No.. the bottom line is he normally wins when he shows up to a new team that was built by a GM, and then once he starts getting his handpicked teammates traded in the team starts to fall apart and he moves on.


It worked for Lebron. That’s fact. Mans went to 10 finals in a row


What a tinpot club lmao


Damn PSG fans already thinking this is great


Nah, one PSG fan does, don't put us all in the same bag.


World-class cope


Tbh Mbappé probably has more sense than Leonardo


Literally only one comment


Fucking deluded


Lmao. And yet you guys sit and whine all day about the predicament you find yourselves in. In the words of the famous philosopher Mourinhodamus "This is football 'eritage..."


Yeah it's freaking insane, why would you put any player above the club??? That is insane


He's going to get the same anywhere he goes. If Mbappe has a problem with the coach at Madrid then the coach will get sacked. Good football players are so much more important than the coaches so they have all the power


Eh … well no


No offence but unless he is from the top player from the academy, he is not going to make coach sacked unless that coach perform bad.


No way can Mbappe get Guardiola sacked from City or Klopp by Liverpool


the people in the respective cities will chase him out of the city with shoes if he tried.


He's not gonna get anyone sacked at Madrid lol. Madrid won't bent over backwards for him.


Not saying you're wrong but I literally saw Madrid fans saying Bale got Ancelotti sacked years ago on another thread. Is that not true?


That is kinda true, Bale certainly played a part in it, and that's why the RM fans here are naive as hell. Perez would definitely sack a coach for Mbappe's sake as long as that coach hasn't won the CL that season and isn't called Zinedine Zidane


Mbappe will accept. First order of business - loan himself to Real Madrid for 10 seasons.


Yeah, I still doubt that a club would be that desperate enough to offer that much control to a *single fucking* player


In before we see haaland and pep as co managers next year


It doesn't make any sense, but then again many of PSG's decisions are questionable. The only reason that I won't dismiss this incredible claim is that PSG's higher ups have literally staked their reputation on Mbappe staying. They have made increasingly grandiose claims about the situation, including the infamous "he's never being sold or leaving for free". They know what a joke they have set themselves up as if he does leave, and ego is everything to these people. It's still probably false though


If you'd tell me to pick between Leonardo and Mbappé to have this much influence on the sporting decisions at my club, I'd actually have to think about it.


Says more about Leonardo than PSG offering club control to a 23 year old with a massive ego


PSG is a tool rather than a club and as such is run. The objective is to sportwash Qatar, not to have a well-run club.


Then PSG is totally desperate, giving total control of your club to a player to try to convince him to renew


I can't believe PSG are so desperate... Can't believe el chiringuito was right. Some PSG fans are saying Romain isn't very reliable for them, so maybe it could still be fake?


I remember reading a breakdown of their entire club structure from Romain so idk I think they might be coping a lil bit


Most Madrid fans have been like “nah he took too long to sign, if he doesn’t sign this summer leave him forever, the club is bigger” Meanwhile PSG is doing this….


We booted Ronaldo and Ramos when they thought they could play games, Ronaldo was like "I didn't feel respected" and Ramos wanted to play money games. Adiós.


Lol that’s definitely not the same thing. Both of those players were, of course still great players, but past their prime. This is a player who potentially could be the best player in the world for the next 10 years. Whilst Madrid would not be handing mbappe the keys to the city they would defo be bending over backwards if he was about to be leaving on a free.


Ronaldo scored 40+ goals in his 2nd season out of Madrid and our team was literally built around him. I don't know why is it so hard for people to understand this, but real Madrid is bigger than literally any player, we're in a UCL final with one of the weakest squads we had in a decade while mbappe is out in the round of 16, he doesn't come it is his loss. More importantly perez will kick out anyone who dares oppose him to a fault he kicked makelele the greatest DM of all time in his prime because he disagreed with him and fired del bosque who was literally the only manager on the planet at the time that could manage the galacticos just because he was on makelele's side. Mbappe is generational talent, but if he doesn't come we will move past him and we will build a project without him.


Your mistake is thinking that Madrid would ever find themselves in a situation where a top 3 player in the world (with the potential to be the best for the next decade) is potentially leaving on a free because we refused to let him leave the previous summer after he had said he wanted to leave. If the roles were reversed and Mbappe was a Madrid player with a dream to play for PSG, he'd have been a PSG player last summer. If someone truly wants to argue that Madrid would've kept Mbappe despite his wishes knowing he could leave on a free the following year, then they have no idea how Perez runs Real Madrid. He's only ever blocked a transfer once, and it came back to bite him in the ass so I sincerely doubt he'll ever do it again.


Nah, not really. Door is always open.


I mean you can pretend that wouldn’t be the case but that just seems silly. Though you’ll need a better argument than “we didn’t put up with two 30 yr olds antics so we sold one for more than we paid at a record fee and let the other go on a free” it just doesn’t compare to PSGs situation right now at all. Whilst PSG seem hilariously desperate right now it’s wilfully ignorant or either arrogant to pretend Real Madrid in same situation would just be packing his suitcases for him right now lol.


The only player in history who wanted to leave and was blocked was Gareth Bale, and it was because Asensio had an ACL injury at the end of transfer window and his transfer to China was blocked, he wasn't even starting material, just for depth. If you bring an example of one player other than him who asked to leave and was held back from leaving or even asked to stay, and I'll believe your stupid argument.


That wasn’t the argument made. You’re original argument was that Real Madrid would never put up with these antics and no player is too big for the club and then you used Ronaldo and Ramos recent issues as an example. As I’ve repeated, this is not comparable and is a very weak argument. On a lesser scale to PSGs situation right now, Prime Ronaldo demanded to be the highest paid footballer in the world whilst at Real Madrid so they gave it to him. These kinds of players are so rare and so coveted by teams they will give them anything they want. Look at Messi during last few Barca years is a good example. Whilst Madrid hasn’t had a situation where they are a month from losing prime Ronaldo on a free don’t be so presumptuous to pretend Madrid wouldn’t be panicking and offering him a lot more if they were in the same boat.


When a player wants to leave Real Madrid, he is shown the door. When a player wants an increase in wages he is given wages within the wage structure and an appropriate contract length, if he doesn't agree, he is shown the door. You're pretty much talking out of your ass, be it Mbappe, Nacho, Benzema, Modric, Vallejo, Mariano. It's the same. Hakimi was sold, Llorente was sold, Varane was sold.


Ah yes future ballon d’or contender for the next 10 years Llorente… Whatever pal there’s no point carrying on cos you seem to miss the basic point that players like Mbappe, Ronaldo and Messi when they are at their prime and so integral to the team are just treated different. But yeah keep on wanking off to how Real Madrid would never simp like this with Mbappe because “we were strong enough to show Marcos Llorente the door” what a shit argument hahahaha


"The power of the sun, in the palm of my hand" - ~~Dr Otto Octavius~~ Kylian Mbappe


If it’s somehow real, surely that points to the rumours being true that Qatar plan to get rid of PSG after the World Cup, right?


Doubt it, if they didn't care about the long term they wouldn't stake so much on Mbappe renewing. They will look like clowns if he doesn't, I doubt they'd risk that if they were a year or two out from bailing anyway


i still doubt they will, i think they will just get rid of leonardo. at most they'll probably get rid of nasser too.


So, it's right?


When you're not wrong you're not wrong


Is that right?


It's not wrong!


Wow, what a desperate fucking club. This is embarrassing on another level, and I don’t think this exactly raises the morale of the squad going forward, even when he does end up likely leaving.


>This is embarrassing on another level, and I don’t think this exactly raises the morale of the squad going forward Yep, nothing else to say ....but that raises the question on how exactly is RM negotiating this deal. PSG offering anything and everything...if Perez manages to sign Mbappe after all this it will be truly embarrassing for PSG


My assumptions are that: 1) he wants to go to Madrid no matter what. Madrid’s stature is huge and no matter what, he’s going to get paid. 2) PSG is desperate to keep him not only for him to be the face of the club and the league, but also to make it more attractive for the potential buyers that could come in should Qatar sell the club. Not as easy to do that if he’s gone. PSG should have just taken the 180-200 million euros offered last summer tbh, but hindsight something something. Needless to say, I feel he will be leaving still AND I think this potential offer to him hurts PSG’s image for potential recruitment down the line. They’ll obviously still be able to get quality players, but the foundation of the club seems very broken and they just aren’t at the same pedigree as Madrid.


You honestly don't need hindsight. I was dumb not to sell him last year, and for their ego they could spin it as them basically robbing Madrid (which wouldn't even be false). Instead they turned this into the football equivalent of a dick measuring contest that they were almost certain to lose


It would say a lot about Mbappe if he chose Real instead of being basically PSG's Director of Football plus the highest earning footballer by far. Gotta love football and Real Madrid to reject that, tbh.


True... its almost impossible to walk away from Paris now. Also I feel that winning LaLiga and getting in the CL final (against/without Mbappe) made us less attractive to him as it looks we are in a position of power and not really in need of a game changing player. But maybe I'm wrong and everything was already signed before the latest PSG 'offer'


Mbappe gonna be the first player sports director


This guy is as reliable as it gets, surely this PSG offer is madness?


No offense, what makes him reliable for PSG news? I understand he has accuracy regarding other things, but this seems a bit different from what he usually reports on.


Does he not have a really great reputation? Would be odd to put that on the line over some sensationalist article


There was a Twitter space yesterday on media parisien I think with around 2000 people ? Most of them were PSG fans and a few know people in the club and they confirmed that "Mbappe will have a say on decisions" if he renew like suggesting staff for example or a few players but he won't have the "full control"


No he does this all the time.


The dude's entire brand is sensationalist claims TBH.


Which he has backed up time and time again with hard evidence, but people choose not to believe him initially and call it sensational because they don't want their perfect world view shattered.


Tbh he has had like 3 confirmed claim out of the hundreds he made. He's done wonderful work with his corruption investigations, but a lot of his other accusations are made without proof (some that he's been announcing for months now) or fall in sensationalism like "X hates Y". Had he made 5-6 accusations and backed up 3-4 of them with proof then yeah, I'd call him reliable. But less than 10% proven stories is not a good "reliability score" in my opinion. I'm not saying he's full of shit. I'm saying we shouldn't believe everything that comes out of his mouth like he's some kind of prophet. It wasn't that long ago that a reputable journalist in Germany that was on the road to get a Pullitzer got proven to be a total fraud.


> Which he has backed up time and time again with hard evidence Eh. Some of it, yes. Some of it hasn't been backed up with evidence TBH


Tbh he has had like 3 confirmed claim out of the hundreds he made. He's done wonderful work with his corruption investigations, but a lot of his other accusations are made without proof (some that he's been announcing for months now) or fall in sensationalism like "X hates Y". Had he made 5-6 accusations and backed up 3-4 of them with proof then yeah, I'd call him reliable. But less than 10% proven stories is not a good "reliability score" in my opinion. I'm not saying he's full of shit. I'm saying we shouldn't believe everything that comes out of his mouth like he's some kind of prophet. It wasn't that long ago that a reputable journalist in Germany that was on the road to get a Pullitzer got proven to be a total fraud.


I want to see it.


It’s bullshit. There’s no way this stuff is true


But it’s PSG, wouldn’t surprise me if it was true to some extent


At this rate, I won't be surprised if Messi, Neymar leave.


Who the fuck will match their wages?


No he isnt.


He’s not stop dreaming. Go see on the psg sub where we put him in term of reliability…


there is actually just two rumour tags on the PSG sub: "shit tier source" and "mid tier source". Molina is "mid tier source", so thats as good as it gets really.


Little General and Mboopi leading the club to success


Small time mentality there from PSG


This is pretty pathetic tbh and this club wants to be taken seriously by making these kinds of offers.


Not even mad if Mbappe accepts PSG's offer.


This has to be fake




This has to be something more, part of a political play or something otherwise I can’t think of a reason why they’d give him this much control.


This is honestly so pathetic. Like watching a snivelling, grovelling husband trying to stop his wife from leaving when she’s clearly done. Move on, Christ. They honestly can't accept or process that money can't simply buy something?