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This list is majorly inaccurate as was flagged last time it was posted.


It's not even remotely accurate. Both City and United are grossly wrong and that's just the two clubs that I have personal knowledge about.


What are their actual situations?


The waiting lists are completely made up numbers that have no bearing on actual season ticket rarity or waiting list times. 120,000 people might have interest in a United ST but 120,000 people will not have the money or inclination to buy one when their time comes and it will pass over tens of thousands. And unless my mate is a time traveller the waiting list for Arsenal is not 10 years, he got a ticket in 3


He might be. I have been on the Arsenal list for 8 or 9 years and have not been offered anything.


Depends when you sign up. I signed up in 2013 ish and only got mine this season. Seems Covid & general apathy led to a good few giving up their tickets or not actually buying it when the time came


they're dead jim


For spurs you’re automatically on the waiting list if you’re a priority ticket member, which a lot of people are just so they can get tickets to the odd game. I think there’s roughly 40k in the queue that don’t take season tickets when offered each year


I live in manchester and it isnt too difficult to get the city season ticket. United one has a long waiting list.


Eh I got mine with a single years wait and £100 deposit paid. So United isn't that long.


It's not, I don't know where these people are getting their info from. The amount of people who turn down season tickets every year is huge and you can get one at either club within a year or so without any loyalty points. Not sure about others clubs but thats the way it is at City and United


don't you get a City one with ten coupons from the back of Cornflakes packets?


Surely it's saving up petrol vouchers.


You don't have to be from Manchester to know that tbf


Our number seems correct as Purslow a few weeks back quoted the number when talking of our application to expand the stadium


Jesus Christ, imagine waiting 10 years for your season ticket


Applying when Arsenal were managed by Wenger, and had Arteta in midfield, van Persie up front, and the next best thing in Jack Wilshere.


Waited 10 years to watch prime RVP and Wengerball, just to end up watching Nono Tavares and Alexandre Lackofshots 😭


British so don't know much about NFL but I believe they have some crazy waits. Like "hand the ticket down as a family heirloom" long


no surprise tho, some of them have a whole state wanting a ticket lol


Yeah there's also just an awful lot less teams to go round compared to football in the UK (and the US has 5 times the population too) The extent of the football pyramid is one of the best things about English football imo.


This is why college football is so popular. In a closed pro league they become the local team.


That makes a lot of sense. I've always been kind of astounded by the levels of turnout seen at US college sports, but that's because I was comparing it to university sport in the UK - when really a better parallel could be teams from down the football pyramid.


I think you just can’t compare college football to anything here. I’ve happened to be in Lincoln, NE a few times when there’s a Cornhuskers game and it’s just insane. 85k people in the stadium and the city just absolutely full of people partying and tailgating. Every bar will be rammed, every bit of space will be red. All for an amateur, university age game. It’s really like nothing I’ve ever seen in the UK before.


It's a really dumb system tho, college players are unpaid and if you don't make the NFL your career is already over as there's no lower level.


Also, large swaths of the Deep South are absolutely crazy for football, but have no realistic chance of ever sustaining an NFL franchise (e.g. Alabama, South Carolina), so they default to college football.


On the packers “According to a report in 2019, there were about 137,000 names now on the waitlist. And with as few as only 750 tickets changing hands some years, you can join the waitlist the day you are born and still not have a chance if you live to be 100.”


I’m guessing you’re not familiar with the whole [personal seat license (PSL)](https://syndication.bleacherreport.com/amp/1147108-why-personal-seat-licenses-are-killing-football-for-the-average-nfl-fan.amp.html) thing... NFL fans pay huge fees for the *opportunity* to purchase season tickets 🤦🏼‍♂️


Yes, yes we do. Imagine the feeling of your team phoning it in during the playoffs, and you had to pay what essentially amounts to a mortgage for the privilege to then pay to witness it 🥲


> the right to buy season tickets at Cowboys Stadium could set you back $150,000. That’s horrendous.


""""Luckily"""" for me we are kind of in the nosebleeders of AT&T Stadium (coincidentally of the Cowboys, as you referenced), so our PSL is """"only"""" $10,000 over 25 years. Yes, that's before the cost of the tickets each year, and also no, once the 25 years are up, the seats are not ours. We would have to renew and pay for the PSL again. The tickets themselves this season were $1050 per seat, for 9 regular season games and one preseason game. So with the PSL payments and tickets for our 2 seats (again, in the nosebleed seats), it cost us $3000 in total this year. And when I sell my tickets to big games (like when the Packers and 49ers come to town) for $300 a seat in a desperate attempt to recoup some of that cost, *I'm* the bad guy lol. We have about 16 years left on our PSL. Oh, and another interesting fact about the seat license. Not only does it *grant* you the right to buy season tickets, it *obligates* you. Let's say I lose my job, and literally can't afford the tickets. Well, I signed the seat license agreement, so it's essentially the same as debt. If I can't afford to pay for the tickets one year, it's reported to credit bureaus as an unpaid debt. Needless to fucking say, that decision I made in my late 20s was not a great one. When this PSL expires when I'm in my mid 50s, I'll not be renewing. There have been full seasons where I only get to go to one or two games, because we've had to sell the rest just to be able to afford the next ones. Edit: also, I thought you guys would find this funny - none of this includes parking. Parking passes on stadium grounds are still $75 per game, even for people who have season tickets and pay a seat license. I have actually been slapped in the face by a woman as you would see in a romantic comedy, and there is *still* nothing quite like the slap in the face the Dallas Cowboys put on you when you see, "Thank you for your payment of $2100 for your 2022-2023 season tickets! Click here to reserve your 2022-2023 parking pass for only $750".


Not a PSL holder, but my dad and I went to his first Cowboys’ game for a milestone b-day present. Ticket prices and parking was so atrocious that we paid $150/night to stay at an Airbnb over a mile away from the stadium. I come from a fairly average, middle class background but the dystopia that is Arlington TX and the parking lot wasteland surrounding the stadium was shocking to me. Just an absolute sh!thole. We love the cowboys and even when they’re bad, it’s still fun to support. But I couldn’t imagine pumping PSL kind of money into a franchise like the Dolphins, where the owner is allegedly paying the coach under the table to lose games (I know it’s alleged but with the BS you see on the field, you have to believe that it’s true). I feel for you trying not to lose money in this situation. The NFL is just a massive racket solely focused on sucking as much disposable income out of the American sports fan to fund their overpriced entertainment cartel.


LMAO America is such an open scam holy shit


That's American.


When the Houston Texans came into existence and unveiled their logo, I ordered a hat from their online store. With the first day purchase, I was entered into the lottery to get first choice to purchase a PSL. Lo and behold, I won. I was offered 2 club level (prime location) PSLs for around 3,500 dollars a piece. My dad deliberated about getting them for about a week (we had 15 days to respond) as they were good for I believe 5 years and would guarantee us those seats, after 5 years you again had first option to renew the PSL and buy the season tickets. As long as you kept buying the PSL And season tickets, you had them in perpetuity. We ended up passing on them because a) neither of us were fans of the team (mainly because it was an expansion franchise). b) while we lived in Texas, Houston was either a 6 hour drive or 1 hour flight from us, add to it hotel and meals, it meant at least 400 to 600 bucks 8 times a season on top of the 8,000 for the season tickets. While not outside our possibilities, we didn’t see the point of spending so much on a team we didn’t support in a city we never really enjoyed ( my family had always been meh about Houston). Years later I read people and companies were paying outrageous prices for those same club seat PSLs, at least 20 to 30 thousand dollars a piece for you to transfer them. I remember my dad saying he regretted not getting them later, when he realized just how easy it would have been to re sell the tickets to 3 or 4 games a year off to friends and use that money to pay for airfare and lodging. He said eventually we could have even made good money from selling the PSLs


Alexandre Lackofthreat works better.


Personally I go for Alexandre Lack-of-threat


Still, doing better than United with Ronaldo, Sancho and Varane.


Spurs fans have waited longer to see their team lift a trophy.


A lad I know who has a Liverpool season ticket got it when he was 19 because his dad put him on the waiting list the week he was born.


Man, his dad is a champ!!!


Good thing he didn't grow up to be a United or Everton fan!


It's a shame he didn't end up supporting Tranmere Rovers and getting a season ticket whenever he damn well wanted it.


The season ticket is probably the smallest reason to be grateful for that, though


Yep my uncle did the same for him and my cousin when my cousin was born in 88. They waited 30 years!


Not the worst 30 years to miss tbf


I've actually heard of quite a few Liverpool fans doing that


My dad has been on the Anfield season ticket waiting list for 28 years.


Liverpool should just build a stadium to rival the nou camp


The issue is we can’t go any higher without spending millions buying out every house for a mile around the ground and building at least one new train station. Factor in most of those thousands of people don’t want to leave their house and we’d have to move (see Evertons new ground).


We gotta dig down!


Transparent pitch and seats underneath


Much prefer the current size tbh. The huge stadiums are never that great for fans in the upper tiers as they're too far away from the pitch. Wouldn't say it affects atmosphere that much but it doesn't make for the best viewing experience.


Is he applying for tickets in the dugout?!


The demand for Liverpool season tickets is/was just that high. Waiting list was >30 years when they closed it in 2011


The wait time is well over 30 years. About 30,000 on the list and it moves by 100/200 a season.


So just over 12 more years to go then!


30-28=2? 🤔


I'm sure I've read before that Green Bay Packers fans put their newborn children on the waiting list for season tickets there because of the insane wait. I could see some Premier League season tickets becoming like that eventually.


Can confirm. Have had season tickets in the family since the 1960’s. Was added to the list on my 13th birthday. I’m 27 and there are still 40,000 ahead of me on the list. I’ll be lucky if I can buy them when I’m 50. You can will the tickets down to immediate family members. My grandfather’s tickets are currently my dad’s. Those will not be leaving our family in my lifetime


On average about 500-700 packer tickets rotate per year, you’ll pass on your waitlist spot to your heirs when you die (not joking)


Probably will accelerate quite a bit after Rodgers stops playing for the Packers.


My dad joined the list at 14 and just got his tickets a couple years ago around 60


Waiting 10 years for a season ticket vs. waiting 10 years for public housing. What a time to be alive 😅


wonder which is quicker, that or 98k queue


I've been a spurs member for a fair bit over 10 years and am not at the front of the queue yet. That said, every now and then you get the chance to buy an ST because everyone ahead of you rejects it. I could have gotten one on 4 different occasions


Why do people reject?


A lot can change between signing up for the list and being able to get one.


Because if you become a Spurs member to just buy tickets, you get entered into the season ticket waitlist too. So you might not have actually wanted a season ticket. Also, depends on what season ticket you're offered. They vary hugely in price, so I've been offered ones that were about £2k, and had to reject it because I didn't want to pay that much given I wouldn't be able to get to all 19 games


Don’t want to sit in that part of the ground potentially.


I've been a Spurs member for a few seasons, and have been offered a ST twice. Turned it down as I don't actually live that near London these days and I wouldn't be able to get to that many games. However I stay on the list as you never know when circumstances might change.


Last time I checked I was about 110,000th in The queue so I reckon they’re roughly similar but also depends on stuff like how many hospitality seats you got


Green Bay Packers waiting list is 30 years.


how much are season tickets there? i assume they are far more expensive than uk ones


A high up seat is 71ish Euros. So 10 or 11 games are 800 Euros.


You pay a one time fee of ~$5000, and you’ll pay $1200 per year for one pre-season game and 6 regular season game, plus discount and first dibs on playoff tickets


Joined the waiting list in 2014, was around number 70000 in line. Just checked and im at 51000 now. Progress!


The waitlist for Green Bay Packers season tickets in the US is around 140k people. Approximately 1000 get off the list every year, so the approximate wait time is 140 years.


We’ve just got a massive fanbase I guess


This list is so random. How long would I have to wait on a waiting list with 100k+ people? 1 year? 5 years? 10 years? How many are on the waiting list for Arsenal?


Based on some other comments the number ahead doesn't seem useful anyway. A spurs fan said they automatically get added to the waiting list when they become a member to buy tickets. So people ahead in the list might reject a season ticket if they don't want it. For Liverpool your only chance is if a family member or someone transfers it to you.


Can you buy it from someone who then transfers it to you? Would the club accept that?


No; you actually can’t transfer them, they just had a one off amnesty about 10 years ago because so many people were going on their dead grandparents ticket and they wanted to know who was actually there for health and safety reasons.


I'm not sure, I'd assume they don't allow that because then people would be selling to the highest bidder and the waiting list would be pointless, but I'm not sure how they'd know if you got paid when you transferred it. I know that people sell (or rather rent out I guess) their season ticket for 1 match. That's against T&C as far as I know, but it's done, so idk if they ever crack down on it or not. I honestly don't know a whole lot about it, that's about the height of my knowledge.


I was on the Arsenal waiting list since 2009 and offered my first season ticket last year (this season). I believe there were 50,000 people in front of me when I originally applied, must be much more now.


IIRC Liverpool was >30 years at time of closing. Roy Hodgson was manager at the time and we finished 6th.


Yeah you basically had to have one passed down to you from a family member to ever realistically get one


Feels very British to leave your loved ones a place in a queue in your will!


It‘s the same in Dortmund. They closed the waiting list as well. I got my season ticket transferred from my Dad otherwise I would have never had close to a chance to get one.


Tbf the fact you were able to transfer them from your dad is probably also a reason as to why it takes so long in the first place


Unless we get relegated, i´m pretty sure i will never own a season ticket in my life.


Honestly…. Even if you get relegated you probably won’t have a chance


Yeah. But I might get a spot on the waiting list. And then I only have to live another 50 years.


I am very lucky, i live in dortmund since only like 2 months and through my boss who is an avid dortmund fan i got to know someone who has a season ticket but doesnt go to games so he gives it to me to use instead. Every dortmund game ive went to so far was in the yellow wall because of that. But i mean as a member you will still get tickets for every game, and for away games season ticket holder and members are treated the same, so even if you dont have a ticket and youre a member youll get tickets easily. As long as you keep check on when they go on sale, its such a big stadium so theres tons of tickets to choose from, most of the times the members dont even buy all the tickets so theres a public sale as well


Coming to the stadium as a motivated fan is not difficult. I stand in Block 13 every game because I get tickets through the local fan club. Nevertheless, I would like to have a season ticket.


Oh most of the time im in Block 12 so we are neighbours hahaha. Yea exactly if you are motivated enough to check when the tickets go on sale as a member youll be able to get your hands on tickets for every game. Many times i got my friends tickets in other stands as they wanted to come too. Does your fanclub still take members? I always wanted to join a fanclub but im very indecisive as to which one. Would you share yours with me if they still take new members?


In the years between near bankruptcy and before Klopp season tickets were reasonably easy to come by. You had to see Philipp Degen and Nelson Valdez play, though.


What if I vanquish them in the Thunderdome? Do I get a season ticket then?


And this is just season tickets. Our ticket situation is pretty grim; I've managed to get tickets to 10 games since 2017/18 and I consider myself one of the lucky ones. 2 of those games were the Community Shield and West Ham away in the home end.


I got like 8 this year. If you go for cup games it’s not too bad.


Cup games are the way to go. You can be lucky and get on the European ladder much more easily than the league. The League Cup and FA Cup always go down to all members.


So as a member its still so difficult to get tickets at liverpool? Oh man that sucks, id hate supporting a team not knowing for sure if i can go to every game


The only way to get tickets is to be a member (or season ticket holder). There's then a ballot for each league game. You can only get on the ballot (and get tickets in the later sales) for the big 6, Everton and the last day of the season if you had 4+ the year before. If you have 13+ the season before you're guaranteed a ticket for all but 3 games (I think, I'm not in this position). There are smaller sales closer to each match because of season ticket returns and the like. Cup games work based on previous games in that competition. Sunday will be my 21st game this season. Until I get my season ticket I don't expect to get near that again. I've been very lucky this year/it's easier because of Covid as they've put a pause on credits counting for next year.


And with us currently winning trophies and being in the spotlight the chances of getting a ticket to any game is slim because the demand increases vastly when a club is successful.


I got 5 this season with my first year of membership


I got 4 in my first season. Then got 3. None in 19/20, none this season apart from AC Milan that went to general sale. It's all luck mate.


Hospitality and cup schemes are the easiest way. Hospitality is actually reasonably priced from 3rd party suppliers like SportsBreaks as you get a hotel included. We’re a club with a massive following it’s always going to be hard.


I’ve managed to go to one - bought a hospitality ticket for the home game vs Hoffenheim. Worth every penny


That went to all members lol.


Can you apply for aways with a ST at Liverpool?


You need credits from previous away games to apply, ST doesn't matter. Getting on to the away game ladder is the final boss battle of getting Liverpool tickets. I remember we played someone with an absolutely tiny away section in the Cup a few years back and you needed to have gone to the 3rd round Burnley away fixture in January 2005 to qualify for tickets.


> I've managed to get tickets to 10 games since 2017/18 and I consider myself one of the lucky ones. You're doing something wrong if you've only got 8 home tickets in 5 years. For starters pretty much every domestic cup game goes on general sale unless the opposition is spicy or its the latter stages of the cup. You could have had 4 or 5 this season alone, at least.


I think I naively assumed in the past the ACS was based on previous credits added to the fact we never got past the 5th round for anything before this season so I never bothered. Will try this year. I basically didn’t get anything in the ballot for either sale this year and I don’t have enough credits to qualify for the sales for games against the big 6 + Everton anymore. Only game I got this year was AC Milan and that was because it went to general sale and I got through the queue immeidately.


This makes it sound like you can just rock up and get one at Chelsea. You can not.


Nah mate, you just walk down the kings road and they hand them to you


Then how is it?


Existing season ticket holders get to renew first. Then, if any left, it goes on fidelity points. A bazillion of them should be enough. Not having a waiting list means if you are active for a season (to get fidelity points), there is a chance to get a season ticket.


You accumulate points by going to matches throughout the season, people with the most points get picked on a first come first serve basis if there are some available. I did it a few years ago and to get enough points I had to go to almost every single home game, including cups and a few away games. Doing that cost vastly more than the season ticket itself and wasn't easy.


Do the points roll over to the next season or is it solely judged on points accrued in the previous season to get onto the waitlist? Honestly from a Liverpool fan perspective I'd swap for your situation in a heartbeat.


Well yeah your situation is by far the worst - but the way it’s described in this post is slightly misleading as it is very hard to get a season ticket at the Bridge It’s hard even to get tickets to home games because of the points system. Most get sold out before they go on general sale - so you need to be a member, then hope those with more loyalty points don’t buy them before you get a chance, then the only way to get loyalty points is to go to tickets… so you have to target games against less glam opposition to build up your points slowly to then be in with a chance of getting tickets for the bigger games and accruing enough to get a season ticket Long old process


Yeah the inforgraphc is definitely misrepresentative then. Is it fair to say you could probably get your hands on a ST (with a bit of a luck and a lot of money) within 5-7 years then? I would say that's probably about fair for a club as successful as yours with a slightly undersized stadium. I remember my mate would get Chelsea tickets as a Christmas present every year growing up and asked me how come (at that point) I hadn't managed to ever see Liverpool haha. Couldn't explain to him how lucky he was.


> Is it fair to say you could probably get your hands on a ST (with a bit of a luck and a lot of money) within 5-7 years then? You can get a season ticket quite easily, the cheaper end of the VIP ones are usually available quite late in the year (~2k last time I checked). But who wants that?


Sounds like getting a job right after uni. In order to get hired you need to have 5+ yrs of experience, but the only way to earn experience is by getting hired... etc. etc.


> Do the points roll over to the next season Some of them do, 10-15 or so. As /u/goobergut said, you need to be quite active to get in the enough points for a season ticket area. And getting the tickets is not easy. They start selling at X o'clock for people with +XX points, then, if any left, to people with +YY points and so on. I remember one time, I was at a conference in Berlin and on my way to the venue I was constantly refreshing the website, started at 6am, uk time, (I had enough points to get in the first batch) and by the time the page loaded they were all gone. You can still get tickets, fairly easy, from the exchange (season ticket holders will sell, at the price they paid, the tickets they don't want to use and members can buy those at regular prices, with the difference being donated at the end of the season), but you can't get points for those tickets. There was a season I got enough for a season ticket, but there were none available in the Shed End, so I didn't get it.


Yeah the first season I tried I failed to get enough points because I'm not a morning person and queueing at 6:30am didn't work for me. If you miss a few at the start of the season then you won't have enough points to get tickets to other games so you are screwed I think I read the moved the release times later now at least


You have to order it online and its sent to you via email.


Hahaha. No but for real there is a waiting list. Stamford Bridge is tiny for a club like Chelsea. There’s a lot demand.


Is it even a waiting list at that point


Don’t put yourself on these waiting lists, ring your club at the end of every season, you’ve got more chance. I know multiple people that have just phoned up United and got them.


This is either OC or an ad for a betting site?


I think it's Footy Accumulators, a betting community or whatever you want to classify it


I’m glad I got my Brentford one years ago - although never thought they’d be in the Prem so soon - it’s a bit of a nightmare to get tickets these days if it’s not league cup. Weird to see it change so much in such a short space of time


What stand you in? I’m in the West Stand next year again. I’ll put my balls on the line and say it’s the most consistently loud stand in the premier league.


East Stand! So loud when you get a good set of away fans - stadium overall has been really well designed in terms of acoustics. The noise levels when we win a big game at the end just add so much


What does first come, first serve even mean? The way I understand it works at Chelsea is existing holders obviously get the opportunity to renew and then any tickets available after that are based on a points system earned through attending games.


At Newcastle, existing holders have until 5pm today to renew. Any tickets that haven't been renewed will go on general sale soon. I don't expect them to be available for long.


Yeah same with us. Having a waiting list is basically that the club remembers who failed last season and you get put on a queue for the next season. But we don't do that, if you failed to get one last season you can try again this but you don't get priority cos you applied earlier than someone else last season.


I think it suggests that there is some usually available at the start of each season, which would be a bit of a surprise


It also means they don’t have waiting lists. Each year there will be people not renewing (as with all clubs) and it’s a free for all to get the season ticket instead of running down a set order.


I think some teams do this to prevent the legacy holders that just pass it down to family and friends to make sure more fans get chances to own them. I’m sure there’s some tricks or corruption behind it with same people always having them though


Chelsea definitely doesn't though, you can request to give a season ticket to a family member and they'll normally say yes Source: that's how I got mine about 6 years ago aha


Except it's not really a "free-for-all," it's a de facto waiting list based on the points system/game attendance. It's just a different way of doing things that means for the purposes of this graphic we don't have a "waiting list," but it's still incredibly difficult to get season tickets.


That's not how it is at all. You've got to build up loyalty points by going to matches (read: literally every match available) and then you might get invited to buy a season ticket. It costs a lot more to get the tickets to every individual match than the season ticket itself.


Would be interesting to know how much Covid affected it. I know the seasons after we got promoted we had a fairly long waitlist. But post Covid there is no wait. Jus had a look and roughly 2k are available across the stadium but most are located in shit seats. None behind the goal in the main singing section. Though I imagine part of that was post promotion hype, which has since faded. Also none close to me so you can't come and sit next to me 😥


I think the increasing difficulties with travel and the new rules on sharing season tickets have also played a part for Brighton. Family members of mine have not renewed because of the amount of rail disruption this season and the difficulty in letting other friends and family use their tickets.


Was about to order one but cancelled when you said there’s non close to you 😔


I was thinking of getting a Brighton season ticket this year, do you know what the best zones are? Haven’t been to the Amex in ages so can’t remember


It would be interesting to know how many seats are sold as season tickets vs being made available for general purchase


One thing I would say for our megadome. I've never not been able to get a seat for a game on resale, I may be in a dreadful seat; but if I really want to go to a game, I can get a ticket. You'd be lucky to get a ticket to most games at Upton Park if you didn't have a season-ticket or enough points, it's one of the few benefits of the new stadium.


Is there a platform to buy a match ticket off a season ticket holder? Don't live in London but would love to head to few games next season.


One off tickets are easy enough if you go the hospitality/premium route. You pay a bit more but get a good seats/experience.


At least at Chelsea, hospitality tickets are *obscenely* priced compared to the already ridiculous normal tickets. You could pay £60 for a normal ticket and get a proper fan experience or something like £300-500 to essentially visit a luxury restaurant and watch the football. It doesn't sound like a bad day out, but it's a different kettle of fish.


Depends on your situation If you live in UK, get to see games often enough, it can be outrageous (you can get tickets under £300). If you are flying to UK for a once in many years, first game, first time at new stadium, etc. it's not that terrible a deal (e.g. US fans probably pay that much for a concert ticket or local sports)


thepaddedseat on TikTok reviews many of these hospitality tickets. Chelsea's is actually not bad value for money. https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMLT57aHS/?k=1


Depends on the club, I know for Arsenal you can get the red membership and they release 3500 tickets and allow people to buy from those that release them. Spurs do the same thing I believe, you get their Hotspur membership and then can purchase tickets that are available


This is what that whole Barcelona kerfuffle was about when all the Eintracht fans went in. I'm sure there would be ways.


There is at Chelsea. Members can buy tickets that the season ticket holders put up for sale.


Not directly. Usually you just release your ticket to the club and they re-sell it. At Leeds we get the price of our ticket (divided by 19) back, and then the club re-sells at a profit.


You will be seeing a big change in Newcastle United waiting list next season. We already crashed our website when season tickets were made available recently, it’s tough to get to games these days.


Maybe a stupid question but what’s the difference between “isn’t one” and “first come first serve”?


"First come first serve" means that the club is still likely oversubscribed every year, so there will be a scramble for released tickets when the window opens. It's just that there's no organized year-on-year waiting list. "Isn't one" means that anyone who wants a ticket can buy one, because the home ground isn't at capacity.


Haha, good point, who knows? This list doesn't make a lot of sense anyway. Chelsea's system is basically exactly how the Leicester one is described, it's not just a case of turning up first when they're released.


Norwich City, a team relegated from the premier league, have more people on their waiting list than Manchester City, the team about to win the entire league. Thats hilarious.


This can be misleading to be honest, we have no 'waiting list' but we have a massive surplus of demand, no way in hell you are getting a season ticket next season unless you are renewing one that you already have.


Yeah and if someone didn't renew, it comes down to whoever is quickest to grab the ticket when it goes on general sale not based on a queue the club holds on who had asked first in the past.


Well yeah, Norwich is a proper club


Norwich won the league last year tho


That's not what that means. It just means we don't operate a waiting list. If we had a waiting list with no people on it, we'd be listed as "Isn't one" alongside Brighton, Burnley and Southampton.


Yeah as a Brighton fan you can literally just go on the website and buy a season ticket like there is no wait


I'm a Norwich fan who joined the waiting list for the first time in March and I was able to buy a season ticket two weeks ago. Effectively I don't think there's anybody on our list now as it happened so fast, you could probably buy one immediately


I do feel for the fans of those London clubs especially. I've only ever really known cheap season tickets, accessible games, etc. and have probably taken for granted that I can just go watch the Albion almost whenever in some pretty good seats. There's not exactly a mob of tourists attempting to barge their way into the Hawthorns on a regular basis.


My ST is £149 for the whole season, in the singing stand right behind the goal with solid views.


Okay I'm not getting season tickets before I die lmao. I'll settle for like 5 games in my next hopefully 60+ years.


At least they give you hope 🥺


I'm sorry I know my dad's friend who lived in Europe for like 10 years and is a massive Liverpool fan he only got to go 1 game and that was an FA cup final loss. Must suck 🥺


I don't get this though. Tottenham is on the average one of the least full stadiums every game according to multiple sources [https://www.transfermarkt.us/premier-league/besucherzahlen/wettbewerb/GB1/saison\_id/2018](https://www.transfermarkt.us/premier-league/besucherzahlen/wettbewerb/GB1/saison_id/2018) [https://www.footballwebpages.co.uk/premier-league/attendances/average-as-percentage](https://www.footballwebpages.co.uk/premier-league/attendances/average-as-percentage) How can you have 7K+ empty seats every game but then claim that you have a 98K+ waitlist to buy season tickets?


Likely because whoever had a ticket wasn't able to attend but didn't (or couldn't) sell their ticket for whatever reason; fewer people in the stadium but no opportunity for someone to buy the ticket off them to make up for it.


I cant imagine you'll have to wait more than 15 years for that 98k queue to run down. Just make sure you're actually on the list


I'm 6776th on ours. Hopeful to get it by the time I retire in 50 or so years lol.


What year did you enter?


I think it was when I got a fan card so 2004 I think.


Fuck, that’s depressing


My dad gave up his in the early 90s as well because the price went up too much. Could've been sharing that with my brother by now lol.


Waiting list trophy, you’ll never sing that


As a Londoner I’m going to tell you right now there’s no way in hell Spurs have a 100k waiting list lmao.


This does inadvertently help teams in lower divisions in a small way. I am from Leeds and was a season ticket holder from a child to my late teens, but then moved around so much it wasn’t plausible. Luckily I can borrow family members’ tickets now and then but mates in similar situations have started going semi regularly to watch teams like Farsley Celtic, Bradford (PA), Guiseley etc because they want to watch live football. Would encourage people to go along to the local side near where they live, even just as an interested spectator. When I lived in Spain I used to go and watch Cerdanyola del Vallès (they are in the 4th tier of Spanish football) occasionally and almost no one watches these teams, they are dying, whereas in England and Scotland the non league and slightly higher teams can do quite well by attracting local fans. Pollok FC in Glasgow is a great example of a lower league team that has built up a solid local fanbase, loads of their fans might also support Celtic/Rangers/Partick Thistle, but it’s a good atmosphere and the quality can be decent.


I’m imagining calling Brighton to ask about a wait list for season tickets and just getting “isn’t one” as a response


Wow Liverpool


Meanwhile tickets to my local MLS team not only have no wait list, but the parking is like double the price of the game!


My Season Ticket is £149 for the whole season, in the singing stand right behind the goal with solid views.


10 years? Just to suffer every week after


Had been on the Arsenal list for exactly 9 years when they offered me season tickets last year.


First come first **served**, surely?


I would be interested in seeing the prices for these tickets for each team too


Nice list, could you do one for Bundesliga?


This’s inaccurate. Still can’t get a chelsea season ticket holder


Finally an upside to being a Saints fan 😇


When I got my season ticket back in 2016 for Burnley, I had plenty of choices for seats. I could have bought 50 there and then. It was expensive, I paid close to £700 originally but when renewing it ended up about £450 on early bird rates.