Wonder what’s AWBs market price now. Can’t be near the 50mil they paid right


He's still young so maybe £20m.


£20m could be an absolute bargain, if someone can get him playing like he did at Palace.


Wouldn’t hate to see him back at Palace tbh. I don’t keep up with them super closely but don’t they have a few “aging” right backs and Ferguson seemingly still somewhat on the mend? I’m sure Vieira could get him into shape and playing well again.


That’s the thing, he’s only going to be really good again, if he can get back to having world class athleticism. Dude somehow has lost a lot of movement speed and agility over the past couple of years


Must have been the wonderful coaching at Carrington huh?


20 -30


To be honest I’m not sure how he was worth 50 in the first place. One breakout season under Palace of course and considering he was an upcoming England talent I’d assume. Would be worth 20 odd if we could sell now.


the same can be said about players like bissouma, lamptey, aarons, gallagher etc who will be bought for 40-50+ and above for 1-2 decent seasons


What we call English tax




English club** tax


We got 25 mill for Dan James so we should be looking to get more than that for AWB


James was a long term Bielsa target that he was obsessed with signing. Nobody else was paying 25 mill for James.


Don't need everyone to pay it, just one person haha. I'm putting it out in the world and staking my flag that if we sell him we will get more than 25 mil


Who’s gonna buy AWB for 25M+? They’re gone have to be English - no one’s paying the extra for an average RB apart from because of the homegrown. Gotta be PL and he’s not getting into any of the big 6 teams. West Ham, Wolves, Villa, Leicester, Brighton, Newcastle all have someone just as good as him already there. Palace, Brentford, Southampton, Burnley and Leeds all won’t pay 25M+ for AWB. Of the promoted sides - Fulham are potentially looking at a Rb iirc but they’ve had Neco Williams there and I’ve heard they’re looking to bring him back, so no. And the other promoted sides aren’t gonna spend 25M+ on a bang average RB when they can get someone a hell of a lot cheaper on better wages. He just has no market unless they take a massive discount to drop him.


James wasn't on 80k a week


Young, defensively solid, scope to improve in a more structured defence, and English, 20-30 million is definitely the ballpark. He’s far too limited offensively, he needs to go.


20 most likely. United buy expensive and sell cheap too usually.


I remember when we signed Wan-Bissaka and people were saying we were sorted at RB for 10 years lmao


"Of course he can attack, he used to be a winger!"


Wan Bissaka as a winger is a scary thought


He's going to invent a new position, which will be called "defensive-tackling winger" 😎


You mean Dirk Kuyt or Ivan Perisic?


Perhaps that was the key to unlocking Pogba all along.


Too late now


What's the opposite of a Wingback? An Assfront?


I mean that's not far off how some wide midfielders played in the 442 era.


They could all ping in a nasty ball though


Beckham could. Plenty were just shit


False 7


Antonio Valencia completed it mate


Park Ji-Sung


I know the Premier League is played at a head-spinning speed, but it baffles me that someone at the level can be so good at one thing and so completely incompetent at another.


That’s the part that didn’t make sense to me.. he was a “failed” winger He’d be great at a lower level club (and was) but him going forward is atrocious He won’t succeed at a big club


>He won't succeed at a big club Pretty unfair to declare that before he's had the opportunity


Mate you've had two years of winning football in the last 25. Might want to chill.


Na I'll be enjoying this while I can. Buckle in, bucko lol


People assume, reasonably so, that a failed winger would have at least been a good winger at some point.


Marcelo was a failed winger


He won't, but not just because his forward play is garbage. He doesn't have any good defensive qualities either apart from his tackling. Middling pace for a full back and awful, awful positioning.


And can't head a ball.


Yeah along with that Martial-Rashford-Greenwood front line for the next decade


I mean, in hindsight yeah, funny. But saying that wasn't ludicrous back in 19/20. Martial was finally looking like he was getting his shit together, Rashford was also quite in form. Both of them had 20+ goal seasons which hadn't happened after SAF left. Greenwood was close to 20 goals as well IIRC, young player from the academy. There was promise in that front 3. How it all went wrong, I mean, yeah. Quite funny how it all turned out, but hindsight is 20/20 and that front three was very 19/20.


Pretty sure they outscored Salah - Mane - Firmino didn’t they? Or were close.


They did in all comps.


I absolutely love Rashford. I realize he hasn’t lived up to the “potential” everyone expected of him, but I really hope he pulls it together. One of my fave players to watch when he’s on




One very, very bad year. If it was any other player, for instance Martial, he would be on the transfer list.


People are not shitting on him for not scoring goals. People are shitting on him because he can't be even assed to go for the ball if his life depended on it.


United fans will shit on anyone after 6 months.


Greenwood was just terrible luck that he was a twat like that, he was a potential £80m+ player in the frontline for years to come


Yes. He was/is an amazing player. Immensely talented but threw it all away


Hindsight is always 20:20. Milan had Balotelli, El Shaarawy, and Niang that were supposed to be the same thing. I think some people called them the mohawk trio.


Thats nothing, start of this season i confidently told a friend that rashford greenwood sancho would be England and uniteds front 3 for a decade


I would have agreed. What a difference a season makes...




He can make highlight reel tackles. What else do you people want from your fullbacks? /s


He's really solid at tackling but many dont understand that he often has to tackle because he's so out of position or in a bad situation haha. The amount of times Ive seen him completely sell out his RCB because he's in a different postal code is ridicilous.


> but many dont understand that he often has to tackle because he's so out of position or in a bad situation haha Well, this gets brought up literally every time AWB is mentioned. Maldini quotes included for free.


Enter thread about AWB Ctrl + F "Maldini" *23 results*


Or he sticks too tight to him and allows a far post header. United fans should be very familiar with this


Making too often "highlight reel" tackles are often an indicator of bad positioning. Wan Bissaka has exactly that weakness


Not completely wrong, but the guy made a lot of insane tackles in 1 on 1 duels as well. Or when fixing mistakes for others on a counter attack. Usually when he's dragged out of position, he is unable to make a last ditch tackle.


*Yeah but I read a quote online from Maldini that means "If you make a tackle you are shit"*


I mean he's not exactly helped by his team's defense.


Ya and people was actually comparing him with Trent few years back, saying he was so much better then TAA. It's funny how time goes.


Pretty sure they said AWB was better defensively and Trent was better offensively - which is still true. Nobody claimed he was better offensively than Trent. The fact that none of them is England NT right back, behind Walker and Trip, proves both of their deficiencies.


AWB is a better tackler otherwise he's a shit defender


Yes absolutely. People keep saying "better defensively" when what they actually mean is "better at tackling in a 1v1". Because if you ever watch him play, fucking hell his positioning is absolutely wank. He cost us so many goals last season for falling asleep at marking the back post, at being way too forward up the pitch and sauntering back etc. Genuinely infuriating watching him get a free pass whilst our fans were eagre to crucify Lindelof/Maguire instead.


He’s only such a good tackler because he’s always in shit positions and has no choice but to make tackles. I think a lot of PL defenders would be seen as “good tacklers” if they were having to make as many as he does a game. But they don’t have to because they’re actually good at defending…


Trent is better offensively than AWB and better defensively than AWB


If Walker and Trippier weren't there, I still feel like they'd go with James over Trent.


You're having a laugh right wow


Most of my friends support United and they were telling me last summer that Utd have the best back five in the league after signing Varane.


So Mata, Matic, Pogba, Lingard, Cavani and Greenwood are sure to leave. Henderson, Bailly and Wan-Bissaka are now being shopped around. That's 9 players off the first team squad. Good to see the management finally willing to blow it up and start all over again because the incoherent team they built is surely going nowhere.


Jones wants to leave too. Lee Grant retiring probably. Martial still wants to leave, and we'll move Tuanzebe, Pereira and Chong on.


Is MU even going to have a team next season at this rate?


MU 🤝 Chelsea not having enough players next season


Manchelsea United


Think I prefer Chelschester United


Ohh god they are gonna combine together, probably get Everton in there too, to create an unholy megazord of trash.


All 3 fans gonna hold hands and shout "Gracias Lukaku"






Can’t have the worst season ever if you don’t have a season 👍


Our squad, if everyone leaves who is expected to, is going to be extremely thin yeah. But likely going to be getting a handful of loanees coming back and given chances but we do need 5-6 signings this window.


Our squad is also massively bloated at this point. We don’t use or need half the players that are leaving.


Yeah I mean it sounds a lot but how many minutes did Jones, Bailly, Tuanzebe, Mata, Pereira, Grant, Chong, Williams, Cavani and Lingard even get for us this season? Some were out on loan anyway so no big loss there, the rest sporadic minutes. We need maybe 2 or 3 signings to cover those 10 outgoings. The big gaps would be Martial, Greenwood, Pogba and Matic.


Those are the gaps and we should be making 4-5 signings this summer and Garner should hopefully be able to make the jump.


A thin squad can be rebuilt, it will take a few seasons though of getting in 2-3 right players. Arsenal did it pretty well even though their squad is thin now they can finally progress.


De Gea Dalot - Varane - Maguire - Shaw McTominay - Fred Elanga - Bruno - Rashford Ronaldo A pretty shit team but there is a team


Problem is depth. Donny, Sancho, Telles are the only other players.


Could be worse.


They will still have McFred.


Not sure about McTominay but Fred is definitely good enough to be a squad player.


It's crazy that it's been there midfield for this long tbh. Squad players is fine, although I guess that makes them starters in Europe.


>It's crazy that it's been there midfield for this long tbh Tell me more. >Squad players is fine, although I guess that makes them starters in Europe. Starters in Europa, League cup, initial rounds of Fa cup maybe and occasional PL appearances here and there. Fred is a great sub to bring in, full of energy, great in the final 3rd if you're chasing a goal, crazy good work ethic, rarely gets injured. Would be happy to keep him atleast. Scott needs to really improve under Ten hag, he's good against possession based teams, but that's it.


They’re both fine. They do get shit on way too much and not good enough to be starters, but they’re the least of our worries. If you watch our games sometimes they both have to cover for our incompetent centre backs and fullbacks as well as join the attack, so inevitably they end up stranded somewhere in the middle


> but they’re the least of our worries The midfield is a big worry though.


Yeah, but the lack of a solid holding midfielder is the problem, not Fred or MacTominay necessarily. Either starting is fine, both starting leaves the midfield far too limited in terms of progressing the ball.


They're both not fine, McTominay isn't even good enough to be a premier league midfielder. Lad can't even start for his own NT as a midfielder, fucking Scotland. He has no positional discipline, he is a poor passer, he is not at all press resistant, and he is defensively poor. The only thing he excels is making runs into the box and striking a ball, which is not a midfield attribute whatsoever. Shouldn't be anywhere near the club. Stop sanctioning mediocrity.


Now that’s what I call an overstatement. McTominay is a perfectly decent backup for now. His only major weakness is struggling with a proper high press but having someone like AWB next to him doesn’t make it easier. He’s just an ok player who, like Fred, takes a lot of the heat for our shite performances. Also FWIW, making runs into the box and scoring is absolutely a midfield attribute. I’d suggest asking Frank Lampard about it. Please do note that I am in no way comparing McTominay to Lampard.


His only major weakness is not just struggling with a high press. He is absolutely clueless off the ball in a positional sense and his decision making is nowhere near where it needs to be.


If all those players were to leave United actually need two more home grown players to reach the 8 home grown players needed to fill the squad. At the moment if you're 21 or under you don't need to be registered so you're looking at Heaton, Shaw, Maguire, McTominay, Sancho, Rashford as the only home grown members.


You don't actually need any home grown players, it's just a max of 17 foreign players so to get the biggest possible squad you need at least 8 home grown. But theoretically, you could just have a 17-man squad and it all be foreign players.


Yeah - I just meant filling the squad in terms of having those eight players to make it a 25 man squad rather than 23. United have never had a problem since it's introduction so it's interesting that they might do next season (although I don't think they'll get rid of everyone.)


We don't need to register the youngsters but we absolutely can if we need to. And with so many players leaving, that is not an issue anyway. It will only be an issue if a youngster is registered instead of a senior players with the latter being unable to play in the competition.


No club would do that really. Man City for example have had Foden in the unregistered squad despite them not having a full squad for a few years. In reality United would be fine as well as the likes of Elanga, Hannibal, Garner (whoever comes through the academy) would just be in the squad.


I think Ronaldo counts as home grown.


He doesn't as he just missed out as a teen.


Get Piqué he's homegrown


Incorrect, he arrived at the club after his 18th birthday so couldn't fulfill the 3 years before 21 requirement.


Obscene to see Henderson being shopped around when De Gea’s clearly not suited for any team that’s not going to just be pegged back and only ask him to make reflex saves


De Gea is unmovable, his wages are astronomical


All those extensions came back to bite them, poor decisions by Woodward


Henderson is not as good as everyone seems to think he is. He's also been a massive dressing room issue. He needs to be moved on for both his career and betterment of the club.


Henderson is better suited than De Gea to Ten Hag’s system, but I don’t actually think either is good enough to really make it work. If United want to win, the best of the bad options would be to sell Henderson (young, English) for a decent fee, bring in a better passing goalkeeper, and just eat the cost of De Gea as a backup. It’s not likely to happen, DDG’s wages are too high, but from a footballing perspective that’s the best bet for success.


He'd probably be loaned but i genuinely think Henderson should have started over de gea because de gea has reverted to mean as a shot stopper and his passing compilation is a blooper reel.


Not so much willing as contracts up. That said they are freeing up like 1 million per week in wages from free transfers out alone. They will be looking to spend big


Freeing up 1m/week should give them the salary room to sign another 3-4 players the way united pays them!


None of these are the ones who shit on the pitch every weekend. I swear one more season of CBs passing among themselves, inviting pressure and passing it to de gea who passes it to the opponent or into the touchline, I'd gouge my eyes out.


👋 over here, I'll take a United reject, they do well here. 1 Wan Bissaka please.


Eric Bailly becomes a top 5 CB in the world at Inter, until someone like Chelsea buy him. This is how it works


Oi. We've got a decent record with Centrebacks. Its our strikers that go to complete shit.


Yes, on loan, option to buy, payable over 12 years.


Alexis wants to leave right? It's Cavani time


What? Over Dumfries??


Don't tell any other Inter fans (because they don't like hearing it), but Dumfries is not good enough. Youth players are more confident in themselves then Dumfries. Defensively ok, but Inter's midfield pass to him 20% as much as they pass to Perisic. If Dumfries has a man in front of him, he always passes it back to defense. No confidence whatsoever to beat a player. He needs replacing to improve Inter's squad. Maybe AWB isn't the exact profile, but one thing is for sure, Dumfries should be no more than a bench player for Inter. In an ideal world, we play Perisic RWB, Gosens LWB. But that lives only in my dreams.


> No confidence whatsoever to beat a player That's cause he can't. He can literally only run and give a low cross.


AWB isn’t the answer. He has too many faults in his game to be playing for a club chasing the league and in CL. Going forward he is awful. Has no link up play, crossing, or shot on him. Defensively the only good thing is he’s a decent tackler. He’s poor at positioning and with him liking to put a tackle in can get him caught. AWB is probably worse than Dumfries when it comes to being used as a wing back or right mid where Dumfries plays.


Darmian could cut it in the Serie A - AWB would be fine


I don’t see how that makes sense. Darmian going forward is miles ahead of AWB. Being a WB or RM doesn’t fit AWB at all. He isn’t good enough to play a right sided CB either. There’s a reason he doesn’t get into the England NT. There are a lot better players than him and he just isn’t that good.


Anyone willing to buy Bailly is mad. He gets injured regularly without even playing


It'll be practically free, and I'm guessing back to Spain.


Bailly 🤝 Umtiti


Sounds like the perfect player for Lazio. Cheap, injury prone CB also prone to blunders. Match made in heaven.


Wan Bissaka makes me genuinely wonder what our scouts were doing when watching him because he looks genuinely terrified to be in possession.


Perhaps they watched his highlights tackle compilation on youtube and were convinced. :3


Damn, they just like me




Well, there was the time Liverpool signed Stewart Downing based partly on a doctored video of him kicking balls into rubbish bins, so...


Tbf to you guys he was extremely highly rated coming off that season with palace. 50-55m definitely seemed like a lot at the time though for sure.


He did well at the start, specially since people expected he'd actually learn how to attack as he developed further. He didn't and somehow became shit at defending too. I still think if he could do well at a club that plays very defensively or on the counter


How many players have come in and improved in recent years at Man U? It's the graveyard for semi talented players.


Think a lot of it does boil down to a mentality issue in fairness, I remember his first few games he was crossing it straight in but slowly that went away and he started just taking the safe pass back option.


800 RBs scouted and they picked the first one alphabetically.


The most risk averse player i've seen. almost as if he knows he's shit on the ball and is terrified of losing it so does the simple option 9 times out of 10. not the worst thing in the world but over the course of a season you need way more contribution and can't just carry someone like that in the team if you want to win trophies.


Eric Bailly is the ultimate “what could have been”


we literally employ paul pogba for that


Pogba’s been very succesful and has had some amazing performances. Just not with United.


Under Pellegrini there were pretty legit talks that Aaron Cresswell was done in the top flight. Simply wasn't good enough to compete at that level. What happens next? Manager comes in and sets up a good defense, Cress gets his confidence back, and he's all of a sudden a revelation at CB and then a good LB again. I think same will happen to AWB. Goes to a team that actually have a defensive structure and he turns into a top defensive rightback.


That could happen, but from what I’ve seen of West Ham over the years Cresswell has always had a fantastic left foot and cross on him. I’m not sure if AWB has any great attacking quality like that at all.


There was a time big clubs were looking at Cresswell, he fell off for a bit but he was always a very good LB. AWB is just average.


Happened with Doherty this season


Maybe it's an unpopular opinion but I actually like Wan-Bissaka. He's fast, he's a great tackler and he's never injured. Of course he could improve his positioning and crossing but I'm sure a good manager like Ten Hag can help him with that. I think he's been looking worse than he actually is because Man Utd haven't been a well organized team for years. Any player would struggle in those circumstances. I mean, look at Varane or Sancho.


Nah he is a full back he needs to be more than fast and tackle well. He needs to go forward ,stretch the defence, be able to pass and switch play, and cross well enough. All things he cannot do well enough.


I still feel that AWB has been let down by our coaching and not developed properly. There's a good player in there, but we bought a primarily defensive \*RB, have done little to develop him, and expected him to be a very attacking RB. He's underperformed a good bit but I'll be sad to see him go if he does. I think with a proper coach he would have developed into a much better player, and maybe still can


Echoes of Zaha to Utd


Not really. Different circumstances. Different reasons for his failure at United. He rarely got a chance at United.


He is a defender in the wrong time imo. Full back role has changed.


Can say the exact same with Dalot unfortunately. I'd actually prefer to have AWB stay at the club if it was one or the other but one needs shifting quickly.


Yeah you can, and I agree. I think AWB has shown more promise than Dalot, but our fullback situation in general needs improving Edit: Anyone who disagrees with this, what has Dalot shown at United, especially compared to AWB? AWB had a really good first season and has just stunted. Dalot never took off and has regularly looked terrible defensively while also being relatively toothless in attack.


Dalot has shown he can actually attack, and I think he could still develop into a very good RB if United manage to get a proper CDM to help him out and their defence gets sorted out. And as of right now, if I had to start one or the other I'd start Dalot


> we bought a primarily defensive CB lulwut


Fixed it, was a typo on my part :/


fairs lol. Thought you were one of those from that "good at tackling = good at CB crowd" haha


Hell no. I like AWB but his positioning is generally terrible. The calls to use him in midfield in a Kante like role are some of the most ridiculous I've seen lol


How about sticking him up front? He could press and make great tackles to get the ball from the keeper!


I’d love to see what Conte would do with AWB.


think he would Ben Davies him and make him RCB


You guys would be fucked by his insane positioning, sign away


This is great news. Not as much for the players leaving as for the fact ten Hag understands these players can not possibly play for United. Even if they dont go , which is a very possible scenario given almost no one will want to pay their wages, just the fact that the new management recognizes they are deadwood is a major step forward. I hope to hear Maguire be added in the list next season.


Would expect 5m for Bailly and 25-30m for AWB.


AWB the new Zaha?


Zaha’s good


so was AWB at palace


Looking back, their style of play under Roy suited his attributes.


Also a former United player. Coincidence? I think …


Surely Ten Hag would want to try his luck with AWB? There's only so much positions they can strengthen in in one summer


Apparently not.... If the media is to be believed. ETH is bringing half the Ajax squad with him. They are signing an entire new first 11, apparently.


Yea the media never seems to learn. Same shit was said about Pep when he took over. Ended up buying 3 first team players (Bravo, Sane and Stones) and used the rest. ETH would definitely do the same. United need a DM. Like a real DM not that McFred shit. Also he'll need to sort out the Full Backs. Either Stick with Shaw/AWB or look for replacements. Players of United are actually good they just need to be coached better.


I actually think AWB is irredeemable for Ten Hag tbh. Of course there’s no guarantee he’ll be sold, parties have to be interested too of course, but out of all United’s failing players Ten Hag will be hoping to improve I think AWB is the least likely one. Attacking inverted backs is a staple of Ten Hag’s game, he did that even before he joined us. Maybe he’ll make him a CB though


Please sell AWB. Cut the losses nobody will ever pay 50 mil for him other than United.


Bailly is made out of glass. Can't see too many clubs wanting him.


Absolutely not looking forward to the possibility of AWB playing RB for Atleti... his wild, flying in for tackles and physical style would both fit their aggressive, foul-heavy approach, and perhaps more importantly than his own personal fit, allow Marcos Llorente to go back to the RM-esque position that Simeone used to get the best out of him.


Honestly Wan Bissaka's tackling rarely results in a foul. He's a great addition to any club looking to sit deep.


AWB can't do the dark arts though, the borderline yellow or reds that players seem to get away with. His fouls seem to use every facet of his body, gangly legs everywhere. Too obvious a decision for the ref to give a card.


i mean he may not be the best FB to get forward, but he can put in a decent tackle and is pretty athletic. think he needs a manager to improve his positioning and decision making first. After that, then he can work on refining his attacking prowess


AWB would be vastly better off playing in a team that has a defensive grinder of a manager. He's never going to be an attacking RB. but in an club that plays an extremely disciplined defensive structure, he'd do very well.


And there’s nothing wrong with that. He just needs some positioning and tactical work. Not every team needs a TAA lol


Totally nothing wrong with it! He's just not the kind of player that will do well in an attacking system *consistently* regardless of the coaching he gets, and for the price he was bought for that is the expectation. But that last bit is more about the buying club than the player.


Manchester United is now the ship of Theseus


Dunno what happened with Bailly. There must be some attitude issues with him. He was great when I watched him for CIV in the afcon and in that game Vs Villarreal under Carrick. Surely he could have atleast gotten some playing time Infront of someone like Phil Jones?


they're basically just this gigantic machine gun of cash. surely some of those bullets will hit soon and they'll actually buy a good player!


They bought plenty of good players, it is deeper problem.


Could see Bailly going somewhere but how big a loss would they have to take on Wan Bissaka


I think the opposite tbh. Wan Bissaka at the very least is young, rarely gets injured and would be fine for a team that sits deep. Bailly struggles to stay fit and isn’t that great when he is fit. We’ll be taking a loss on both but I could see us managing to get £15-20mil for Wan Bissaka


Good buy for Arsenal? e. Wan-Bissaka