Of course he did.


At this point, we should just automatically assume the worst with those people. In a way, it may have been more shocking if he had not accepted the, "gift".


I know there are exceptions to the rule,but lately I have been assuming by default that most famous/powerful/rich people are like that unless proven otherwise. And yes, I am well aware that there are assholes is most social strata but I am under the belief that power and money bring the worst of people or make it more notorious.


Having power gives these people the opportunity to do more of these things and also increases their chances of getting away with it, so it's not surprising that people with more power do worse stuff.


Wonder how much of it is happening in Qatar for this WC


In all honestly, they are openly using slaves to build the stadiums. I can't really believe they would hide anything at that point.


There are thousands of thousands of slaves that they call maids as well in Quatar. Just a shit region.


And the 3500+ who have already died building these stadiums are "acceptable" losses.


Current FIFA chief already lives in Qatar. No reason to believe he will be better than his predecessor.


Absolute power corrupts absolutely hermano




I don't consider myself a crank(well...) but if there is one thing I believe with all my heart and without a shadow of a doubt is that international High-level pedophile trafficking rings absolutely exist, have existed for a long time and will continue to exist for the foreseeable future. The elites are pedophiles. That's just how the world works, I guess.


I grew up in a very poor area around a lot of vulnerable kids, I assure you it's not just a problem of elites abusing children It happens up and down society and it's disgraceful.


I don’t think elites are necessarily pedophiles, elites who are have the means to act accordingly though.


It's a sobering thought to think of how many people are only being held back from buying other humans because they lack the means.


History demonstrates this pretty clearly. Basically everyone who ever fought in a way prior to the modern era did so knowing that one of the rewards of battle should you be successful was raping the women of the people you conquered. Yours and my brain work no differently to theirs


>Basically everyone who ever fought in a way prior to the modern era Mass rapes happened back in 1940s, Nanking by Japanese and mass rape of German women by Soviets. Mass rapes of Bangladeshi women in 1971 by Pakistani forces. Mass rapes of Kurds, Yazidis by Isis. Humanity never leaves behind it's monstrous nature no matter what age we are in.


Happening right now in Ukraine.


>prior to the modern era and still happens in every major conflict


Oh yeah 100%, it’s just not quite as brazen and people pretend they’re not and don’t sign up to fight with being able to freely rape people as motivation


Jeez - I never thought about the topic like that!


“The elites are pedophiles” is a pretty huge generalization. Obviously this is entirely conjecture but I would posit that the rate of pedophiles among elites is approximately the same as the rate among any other segment of society. The only difference being that with increased wrath/power comes increased opportunity to exploit others. So an elite who is a pedophile may be better able to abuse children without being caught.


Exactly. Same amount of perverts in every social class, it's just hard to start an international trafficking ring when your Burger King shift starts at 4 AM.


So rather than "elites are more likely to be pedophiles", it might not be a stretch to say wealthy/powerful people are committing more pedophilia than normal folks, simply because they have more access, means, and protection.


Shit loads of normal folks do it to. There was about 1200 people at my school. If the rates are the same there as what's observed in the general population, about 60 of them will be pedos


Rich pedophiles have the money power and connections to act on it and not get caught. The less rich and powerful pedophiles get caught trading pictures on the internet.


Just imagine what is happening onboard of all the mega yachts far away in international waters. No police, no jurisdiction, they can do whatever they want and toss the body overboard when they are done.


Look up how/where they found Robert Maxwell's (Ghislaine Maxwell's, Epstein's Madame, father) body


Iirc he was an intelligence operative for Israel right? And then he died in mysterious circumstances on a yacht. Very strange


He was, and not just Mossad but MI6 as well. And his daughter and Epstein himself also have some highly suspect connections to both Israeli and western intelligence agencies


Yeah I've heard about those connections. Definitely wouldn't surprise me if they were working alongside intelligence as some sort of blackmail scheme. It is in line with their MO and would explain how he was able to operate so freely for so long. Just goes to show u how fucked our governments are.


A fairly popular theory is Epstein/Maxwell we’re running a honeypot sting




The whole Haitian FA was like a sexual abuse operation. Hope the victims ever get some justice.


If I was told Sepp Blatter killed someone while president of FIFA I would not be shocked - this concerns me, slightly


We’ve become desensitised because the crimes of the elite never gets punished.


Not necessarily desensitized but we definitely accepted a rule that has been forced on us anyway: money grants anything.


We as in general population btw, I think your everyday man realises this behaviour has become normal to read about regarding the rich and famous due to how often they do these immoral acts and are rarely dealt with upon being exposed. The money grants the access to the behaviour but I’m referring to the lack of ‘shock’. The UN did the same sort of behaviour in Haiti a few years ago, We are still dealing with the global expose of the Epstein debacle and just two days ago an unnamed Tory MP was arrested for rape here and that’s not something I was shocked about due to the multiple times we’ve seen members of parliament breaking laws whether it’s child abuse/porn, rape, bullying/sexual harassment on the assistants that serve . It never ends. Celebrities/politicians/elites are all part of cabals that have free reign to do what they want due to their power and the fact they rarely face their due recompense.


It's about time we learned how to make guillotines again.


I'd be shocked if he did it himself. Ordered some murders to be carried out by someone else, maybe, but even then there's usually layers of deniability between the top brass and the dirty work in organizations like this


Honestly this is worse than killing someone, knowingly participating in sex slavery is fucking horrid like this is up their with murder as a paplably evil act.


I don't know that it is, but it's obviously despicable


Theoretically killing someone not legally but morally could be justified, participating in sex slavery cannot be justified.


Right, but you're not talking about murder then, are you? Murder is not justified by definition. In any case, this is a daft debate because they're both abhorrent crimes Edit: Just realised you never actually wrote 'murder', so fair enough. My mistake


So in the end he did have a big story. Good good. Someone needs to air the dirty laundry of FIFA and UEFA. There is so much shit behind the pretty facade.


I can't remember, but he supposedly has a few more big stories, right? Like didn't he say he was going to put them all out there this year and then retire and go into hiding? Can't imagine what could be worse than this.


2 days ago : https://www.theguardian.com/football/2022/may/17/caf-official-tried-to-intervene-after-arrest-of-gabon-fa-chief-accused-of-abuse-cover-up (and the whole [Gabon FA sex abuse case](https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2022/apr/13/how-sexual-abuse-allegations-rocked-football-in-gabon) as a whole). 2 weeks ago : https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2022/may/01/sydney-olympics-were-bought-to-a-large-extent-said-australian-official-john-coates (John Coates is the current CAS (Court of Arbitration For Sport) president)


Yup, tons of shady shit that is being brought to light through Molina even though people here accuse him of just screaming for attention. The main issues are that since they're not western countries or NAs people lose interest rather quickly, and that since FIFA can't really sink any lower morally people who follow these stories are numb to it all. Very rarely is there any comeuppance (2015) and even then everything stays the same because the system is too extensive to change.


The Olympics are yet an other cesspool of depravation and corruption. People should avoid watching them as much as possible, as there is very little of sportive or regular in whatever happens in and around them.


>Can't imagine what could be worse than this. I really don't wanna imagine, cause this one is already sickening enough. And it should be blowing up but it wont. it will probs whiff cause its Haiti and not some "first world" country. Lots of hypocrisy.


If he has to retire and go into hiding it's likely some corrupt governments and organized crime. Once investigated or exposed they tend to assasinate investigative journalists. [Something like that but FIFA officials being involved](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daphne_Caruana_Galizia)


**[Daphne Caruana Galizia](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daphne_Caruana_Galizia)** >Daphne Anne Caruana Galizia (née Vella; 26 August 1964 – 16 October 2017) was a Maltese writer, journalist, blogger and anti-corruption activist, who reported on political events in Malta. In particular, she focused on investigative journalism, reporting on government corruption, nepotism, patronage, allegations of money laundering, links between Malta's online gambling industry and organized crime, Malta's citizenship-by-investment scheme, and payments from the government of Azerbaijan. Caruana Galizia's national and international reputation was built on her regular reporting of misconduct by Maltese politicians and politically exposed persons. ^([ )[^(F.A.Q)](https://www.reddit.com/r/WikiSummarizer/wiki/index#wiki_f.a.q)^( | )[^(Opt Out)](https://reddit.com/message/compose?to=WikiSummarizerBot&message=OptOut&subject=OptOut)^( | )[^(Opt Out Of Subreddit)](https://np.reddit.com/r/soccer/about/banned)^( | )[^(GitHub)](https://github.com/Sujal-7/WikiSummarizerBot)^( ] Downvote to remove | v1.5)


He’s already in hiding, no ?


At this point, even the pretty facade is covered in shit.


This is insane but I don't expect it to go anywhere unless there's proof. Which I desperately hope there is.


Its stands to the authorities to dig up the truth and find conclusive proof to put these individuals behind bars. As far as the Journalistic part, I am quite sure Molina must have some proof in regards to the veracity of this article. But I dont think that alone will be enough to condemn anyone.


Didn’t he claim there was a French international player who was into well…. 2 girls one cup ?


Tbf that's very weird but not *dodgy*. Like that barely makes a noise compared to shit like this


Something like that would make more noise than this. Imagine if Kante was involved, social media would lose its mind


No wonder he's always smiling


Shit eating grin


Take Kanté’s name out ya fucking mouth


So what?


Well it's disgusting to me but if the people involved consent to it, there's nothing illegal about it. Whole different story from sex trafficking and pedophilia


If they’re all consenting adults, then there's no issue here


Read the whole story. This isn't just Blatter, this is awful systemic slavery and rape.


Both men and women?


Boys and girls






If anyone is not aware of the insane amount of child trafficking that occurs out of Haiti this is probably the best place to start coming to terms with how fucked the world HAS been.


And let's not forget the role played by the sanctions imposed by the U.S and the OEA in creating this environment


And [France, who had the audacity to demand for reparations from Haiti](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/External_debt_of_Haiti) after Haiti achieved independence from France, and to which Haiti was forced to agree in order to be recognized as an independent country, a debt that ensnared them for future financial troubles


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this happened to quite a lot of countries actually. indonesia had to pay to their former overlord too since the 50s. payment was done in 2015 iirc.


I feel dead inside now. Such a depressing read


Tbh, I don’t think I want to. Generally not a good thing to react to the headline and not read the article, but sometimes you just don’t want that detail.


I read Evra describing what they would do to him in his youth, it was hard to stomach.


Poor Haiti, all the shit they had to through the natural disasters and yet it wasnt enough suffering. There are a lot more of these cases in poor countries


Because these countries are poor and have no leverage, people who are rich and powerful think they can take advantage of them and get away with it. You can't really refuse because no one will care to do anything about it if you go public and even if they do, victims can probably be paid off to keep quiet because they need the money.


Disgusting what power does to some people. Although it is good for these things come to light and for people to see how horrible some of the people accused are, I can’t help but feel sorrow for all the victims.


It's kind of sad that we all know the elite is, for the most part, corrupt, but there is not really much we can do about it. They can spy on us via smartphones, malware and whatnot, and there is little we can do about it. They can arrange for any opposition to be thrown in jail for recording a policeman, as an example, and there is hardly anything we can do about it. But they can commit rape and get away with it, and they will never face consequences of it. Infuriating. And so, we are forced to live with them somehow.


May I introduce you to a nifty little invention called “the guillotine”?


"We're gonna need a longer blade"


"Like 100 metres long for every blade, sir?"


Would you change your mind if I offered some cake?


I think it's pretty interesting that your comment is upvoted whereas mine elsewhere in this thread is downvoted despite saying more or less the same thing. I guess it's because yours is vague whereas I specifically called for consequences for all who seek that level of power. Reddit can be a fickle mistress.


Sorry guys, we couldn't get them all last time. Hopefully next time !


Is it power that does this to people or just that these kind of people are attracted to power?


The ones addicted to money and power, who are willing to throw away any morals and are possibly sociopaths, are the most likely to achieve money and power. That's the way our system works.


The theory I think makes the most sense to me is that it's a way to make these otherwise cutthroat cruel people with no scruples and no morals truly accountable(and yes, blackmailable) to each other so they can establish a base point of actually doing business and trusting each other enough to do crimes together. History is full of these kinds of things.


Or that people in general are shitty, and having power enables them to act on it.


I mean given the shit that regular people used to do a few hundred years ago, I'd say this is far more likely. Back when everybody was allowed to be a cunt, a lot of people were cunts. Most of us aren't nearly as morally angelic as we like to pretend, we're just not allowed to do a lot of the shit we'd probably do if we could. For example, the only thing that prevents me from stealing an expensive car from a dealership is the fact that I'd go to jail if I did. If there was no legal repercussions for stealing an Aston Martin I'd definitely give it a go.


Someone's been reading Dune?


Probably a bit of both. The voting structure of FIFA, combined with the amounts of money available and the lack of any effective checks, mean that a large degree of corruption is required to be elected to positions of power. While this is arguably true in most powerful organizations, it's exceptionally bad in FIFA because of the lack of effective countervailing mechanisms.


Nobody working at fifa has any morals, that should be very clean by now


I wouldn't go that far with Wenger, but he has come up with some pretty bizarre ideas lately (probably through boredom).


Or greed.


I worked on a cruiseship and occasionally some dude would just become assistant bar manager or some stuff and three months later those 2 officer stripes on his jacket would lead into three complaints about him abusing his powers demanding sexual services from filipino waitresses. 6 months there and I know of 2 people fired over sexual misconduct and one more where it wasn't quite sure but probably. They were normal people before, but a bit of power turned them into literal villains, especially when they can exercise that towards 3rd world workers in an environment like Haiti or literally the sea where they believe noone will catch them.


This is absolutely sickening. Oxfam, the UN, Fifa all seem to view the Haitian people they are supposed to be helping as objects to be abused.


If only it was just the Haitian people ! This is wide spread, this is world wide and this has happened even within Europe. Corruption runs higher than ppl can imagine.


Yeah, story I heard about Albania, Macedonia or Moldova in Europe are going to come up sooner or later.


Haiti never seems to get a break from nature or man


Truly a nation that knows all sorts of suffering, from colonization, slavery, revolution that led to the French imposing insane sanctions on the people, batshit insane dictators like Duvalier and insanely corrupt leaders to never ending natural disasters. The people responsible for this should be guillotined, first a trial then a guillotine.


The Western world (my own country of Canada is one of the worst on this front) is still making them pay for the successful slave revolt (with France literally making them pay reparations to slaveholders which took generations, effectively crippling any chance to get going). Whether it's keeping them in a debtors prison, looting of resources, regular coups, propping up dictators, NPO scams, Haiti just can't get free from the shackles of colonialism that they fought hard for.


Exactly, the legacy of colonialism (neocolonialism) is still crippling many countries across the world, especially countries in Africa.


I would urgently recommend that people read Greg Grandin's work and more specifically Empire's Workshop: Latin America, the United States and the Rise of New Imperialism to even begin to comprehend the continuing ravagement that neo-colonialism and imperialism has brought upon South and Central Americas. I could recommend a few chapters in British histories that touch on our ideological/economical/governmental buttressing of comparable atrocities. A similar devastation is wrought via overlapping apparatus in Africa. just thought I'd tune in to add on what might direct people the right ways. Turse's Tomorrow Wars: U.S Proxy Wars and Secret Ops in Africa is a text I've heard investigates similarly the poisonousness of Africom.


FIFA should just be destroyed. As a governing body it is an absolute disgrace


Remember when they had the balls to make that horrible movie "United Passions" where FIFA is the good guy?


The one that 12 people watched in total?


Yeah everyone who watches football knows that FIFA is a corrupt POS organization. If they don’t, they haven’t made it to their first int’l tournament yet


Young people that need to be taught about these exist. We shouldn't forget newer generations.


Don't think those pieces of shit care, it was a money laundering scheme.


Makes sense, the only reason someone spends money to watch United Passions would be to launder their money.


Should definitely be completely reset. The problem is you either have some kind of national government oversight and that would be a shitshow, or you have an international NGO which almost always just turn into sex and cash corruption fests. They always just attract self serving scum like Blatter. IOC isn't much better iirc.


It's the sort of thing I hoped Wenger would get involved in after he left us. Trying to the fix the game at the top level but all we got was him supporting a bi-ennial WC.


There’s only so much one man can do in a big organization like that


Yeah, he should be pushing for annual WC.


It's amazing how an organisation can be so obviously corrupt and yet very little seems to happen.


The trouble is that most anti-corruption legislation is aimed at government officials and publicly traded companies. FIFA is neither.


This also goes in reverse, there's a lot of legislation when dealing with governments. Certain things can be completely fine between private companies, but could be considered bribes when dealing with governments. Also if a nation puts together a bid for a competition and spends a lot of money researching and putting it together and that bid is rigged from the start, that would effectively amount to defrauding a nation. I can't imagine that people saw the world cup being awarded to Russia and Qatar, and though "hmm, nothing strange to see here".


That’s most large organisations with money and power, if they have enough influence they’ll largely be left alone


Lived in middle East for most of my life and to this day, I cannot find a SINGLE good reason to award Qatar the WC. Absolutely BS


I think every single leader should be tried under Rico and sent to solitary for the test of their lives.


Just close down the shit and start over again.


FIFA or earth?


You make a point


Before doing this, we need to decide how the new FIFA will be different from the old so that the same thing doesn't happen again.


Same thing that happened after the earthquake with UN officials. Boys and girls (very young) sexually abused by the same people there to save them.


UN "peacekeepers" are one of the most notorious rapist alliances around.


Dutch "peacekeepers" involved in some of the worst war crimes since WW2


Btw, support Josimar! They do great independent work and dare to say what others do not. They've been strugling financially and losing them would kill of an important voice in football.


United fans have told me they're a hack organisation just like City fans will say the same about Der Spiegel. I wonder if it has anything to do with who they've reported on.


I’m a United fan. No idea what you’re talking about.


Josimar reported on the Ole/Sarr story.


What story is that?


Sarr was a Molde player under Solskjær. He was several times accused of rape. The club sold him to a club in a country without extradition to Norway while the case was upcoming.


Josimar has also written about Ole's unreported (i.e. to the Norwegian tax authorities) accounts in tax havens in the Caribbean.


Why is this not blowing up?? Horrible


Certain articles automatically start with multiple downvotes as soon as they are posted. This manipulates the Reddit algorithm, as only a certain amount of posts can make it into the hot and rising queues at a given point on a given day. Bombing certain posts early reduces promotion and visibility that the algorithm otherwise would provide, meaning these posts overall perform worse and rise more slowly, or lose preference relative to other posts rising fast in the queue at the same time. Even if all real users that do read the post upvote it, later on making the overall upvote rate seem high and natural again at 98-99%. It's a Reddit wide form of soft-censorship and happens in a lot of the biggest subs. It is very prevalent on this subreddit specifically, especially for posts from certain writers or controversial posts about certain clubs.


Interesting - when you say they start with multiple downvotes is that an algorithmic based function based on article sources, just pure chance of readers downvoting it, or are you implying a more sinister reason?


I'm not talking about real humans in this case. I also don't know about the exact current technical specifications, it was a few years ago when I was exposed to these methods. But the essentials are still the same afaik - only a certain amount of posts can gain traction and make the front page (by showing them to personalized user feeds, for example, etc.) and the algorithm decides within the first few minutes which posts qualify and which don't. That is why only a few downvotes (like 4 or 5) as soon as a post is posted can do the trick. It works the other way around as well, if a post gets 5 to 10 upvotes within the first seconds of being posted the algorithm decides that it *must* be good content and it will have preference relative to other posts posted at the same time. It's not the algorithm itself that does this however, Reddit isn't technically in on it (or was, maybe nowadays this changed). They were always actively updating the security to prevent these exploits though. Essentially, people could make loads of ghost accounts and write scripts to automatically make a few of these accounts upvote or downvote a post that that user wanted to gain or not gain traction. Then Reddit made it so that it could recognize these ghost accounts but then the exploiters would just 'level up' these accounts by making them seem like real humans and have them post some other legit content first and have them gain some karma. This used to be done manually for thousands of accounts but nowadays this is automated as well and why people are continuously testing and refining bots with machine learning. The specific reason back then was that front page Reddit posts on big subs led to very significant traffic, and the relative conversion and clickthrough rates from this traffic was very very good (i.e. if a front page post was a documentary or a youtube podcast the people that would click and come from Reddit would be more inclined to subscribe and stick around compared to traffic from other sources). By manipulating the algorithm and even the time of day posts were submitted, exploiters could guarantee content creators a certain amount of good traffic, and traffic is $$$. Entire YouTube and other social brands with millions of followers were built this way. Of course, the byproduct is that these techniques can be used in much more sinister ways, by controlling what we see and soft-censoring posts making sure that the odds of them reaching the front page were as low as possible, without having to outright remove a post. Most light users only read that type of content.


>Essentially, people could make loads of ghost accounts and write scripts to automatically make a few of these accounts upvote or downvote a post that that user wanted to gain or not gain traction. Then Reddit made it so that it could recognize these ghost accounts but then the exploiters would just 'level up' these accounts by making them seem like real humans and have them post some other legit content first and have them gain some karma. > >The specific reason back then was that front page Reddit posts on big subs led to very significant traffic, and the relative conversion and clickthrough rates from this traffic was very very good (i.e. if a front page post was a documentary or a youtube podcast the people that would click and come from Reddit would be more inclined to subscribe and stick around compared to traffic from other sources). By manipulating the algorithm and even the time of day posts were submitted, exploiters could guarantee content creators a certain amount of good traffic, and traffic is $$$. Entire YouTube and other social brands with millions of followers were built this way. Stuff I knew, but well done for being so detailed and articulated in describing it.


> Then Reddit made it so that it could recognize these ghost accounts but then the exploiters would just 'level up' these accounts by making them seem like real humans and have them post some other legit content first and have them gain some karma. Almost every thread in /r/soccer (at least, and probably most other subs) for the last few months, I've seen a reply to the top comment, then scrolled down, and found a word-for-word identical comment, posted earlier, with a positive score. It's so obvious what is going on once you notice it a few times: they wait an hour or two, pick a random reasonably well-upvoted comment, and then repost it as a reply to the top comment. That way people open the thread, are bound to see it before they see the original, and because it's (already proven to be) a half-decent relevant comment, they will upvote it. Once or twice I've caught it early enough that it only had 2 or 3 upvotes, pointed out that it was a karma-farming bot, linking to the original, and managed to reverse the trend - i.e. get it downvoted. Thing is, if it ever goes below -1 or whatever, the bot will delete it. So worst case they lose 1 karma. 9 times out of 10 nobody notices and they'll gain at least 10, maybe 100s. Repeat over dozens of threads and its piss easy to build karma. I've reported these accounts every time I found them. I have never seen a single atom of evidence of reddit doing a single thing to stop them. Thing is, more accounts, more comments, more 'engagement', all looks good for their IPO or whatever. So Reddit admins/owners clearly do not give the tiniest fuck about these bots. It's in their interest to leave them alone. This is one major reason why I am increasingly un-interested in reddit these days. (The other reason being most of the actual human submitters/comments seem to be morons, arseholes and/or children, but that's another story.) Honestly the only reason I'm still here is the dopamine addictiveness aspect of it, and not having enough willpower to stop, or enough of a 'life' to fill my time any better way. I'd like to think eventually me and most other non-bot accounts will get so sick of it we quit and reddit dies a digg-like death and that teaches everybody a lesson that although those bots might boost your engagement metrics in the short term, they are fatal for the health of this type of site in the long term, and as such, reddit and/or whatever comes along to replace it, is super-strict on banning them. But I can't honestly say that with a straight face tbh.


This case has been dragging on for what feels like years


It’s time to purge FIFA and start over.


Christ the world is such a depressing place.


Romain Molina is the best thing that happened to football in a long time. DESTROY THEM MY GUY


FIFA needs to be burned to the ground


Burn FIFA to the ground and jail every single official within the organization.


Dolores Abernathy was right.


Unfortunately these violent delights don't have violent ends here.


Would be a surprise if he didn't accept it, the proper twat.


There was a journalist who was investigating human trafficking in Haiti and subsequently vanished / got killed. Wonder if this is semi-related.


Utterly depressing.


What the actual fuck?


not the first time Blatter’s been involved with sexual assault. absolute sub human cockroach, needs putting to death.


Funnily enough “blatta” means “cockroach” in Italian.


What a way to start the day, having to imagine Sepp Blatter having sex.


Sepp Blatter raping people*




Raping children*


>What a way to start the day, having to imagine Sepp Blatter ~~having sex~~ raping people. Ftfy.


Yea this is the appropriate response to the article about child sex slavery: "Ew gross old man having sex". C'mon.




How does anyone accept something like this? If someone asked me whether i wanted this """""""gift""""""" I'd dome them and call the police then and there. It's repulsive. It can't be about money at this point, right? Blatter should have enough money. > two years after the investigation started, victims have become increasingly frustrated with Fifa. Football’s governing body has lost the confidence of the majority of the survivors. One of the victims even thought of taking her own life because of Fifa’s negligence and refusal to act. No investigative team was sent to Haiti except an ad hoc panel chosen by Gallavotti. The panel included Jacques Letang, one of the best friends of Yves Jean-Bart’s lawyer, Stanley Gaston. If Jean-Bart wasn't evil enough, FIFA don't care about this. I'm not surprised anymore. Feel so bad for the victims


Exactly which police will you be calling when you’ve landed in Haiti? I highly doubt they’re not complicit or about to become complicit if you’re a whistleblower.


Good point. Still, Yvon Avry who's mentioned in the article was sent by fifa to make sure this kind of thing wasn't happening but even he became complicit. It just isn't appealing to commit(?) *rape like this yet he accepted it and i can't wrap my head around that *It's not sex it's rape


It’s damned if you do, damned if you don’t. There’s probably immense pressure not to say no as well. Have you ever seen Training Day where Hoyt doesn’t take his share of the cash? All the other dirty cops instantly assume he’s going to snitch based on his wanting to remain clean throughout the process.


I have to wonder what they hold over his head though. Short of murdering me I would 100% report them if I was the one sent to make sure this didn't happen. That said, if murder was on the table I'd probably just quit and live a quiet life somewhere. Not a brave move though.


youre talking from your point of view, their point of view comes from a position of power that they are so great and important that they get offered such gifts, it fuels their ego. power changes people


Some say power changes people, some say power reveals who you truly are.


Plus theyre surrounded by people who enable this stuff. Theyre all feeding off each other and pushing each others boundaries of what is acceptable. In the process even normal people will lose their humanity.


Its not about money, its about power. Money are worth next to nothing to these ppl, they already got more than they need.


This is absolutely awful


Deplorable. Rinse that entire organisation out, top to bottom. Fifa is just the hollywood of football.


Speechless. FIFA needs to be disbanded and all the victims need to be compensated, including those that worked on the Qatar World Cup stadiums. It's baffling. How can people be this rotten?


This is just depressing to read


Wow, so this is suggesting that FIFA corruption went all the way to the very top of the organization... *shocked Pikachu face*


It's hilarious to me that for years and years Blatter did everything in his power to try and get himself a Nobel peace prize, and now we know what he was really like.


If you're feeling just a little too happy today, read this article. It'll clear that right up.


This article is a tough but insightful read, fucking disgusting the things happening with the Haitian FA


FIFA needs to be purged, and every single member needs to be investigated by some independent empowered agency.


Of course it was.


How the duck are these people not in prison?


They are not poor enough.


Horrifying to read


FIFA is a disgusting organization. Full of pedoes and the worst kinds of people you could imagine. Blatter should serve the rest of his life in prison.


Hope Romain Molina is under protection. FIFA is the biggest criminal organisation in the world.


I expect it from the likes of Blatter and his ilk now as a matter of principle. Nothing will happen to them though, no consequences exist for the rich and the powerful after all. The journalists that reported this on the other hand need to be careful before they find their car rigged with explosives or end up "falling out and a window," because we all know that reporting on the crimes of the elite often results in the ultimate punishment of being murdered.


I don’t remember this in that film FIFA had made. But then again, I didn’t actually watch it like everyone else in the world, so maybe it did…


Either Molina is going to be killed soon, or we’re going to have the worst stories about our beloved sport… Wish him well.


imagine that wrinkly scrot touching you. sickening.




Blokes a Corrupt cunt..!🖕🏻😡


Platini talked about FIFA's sex scandals years ago


Oh my fucking god. What the fuck?