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Imagine winning 5 champions leagues damn


Guy has the same amount of CLs as Man United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham and Man City combined. Ridiculous stuff.


2nd highest number of UCL final goals


Tied for 4th actually if you count European Cup finals, Puskas & Di Stefano have 7 each & Ronaldo has 4 🤓


Respect the Welshman 🤨


Carlo sticking up for the Welshman is extra important because Bale pretty much got Carlo fired in his first stint. Carlo subbed Bale off in that game against Valencia because of Bale's selfish streak. That, and Bale wanting to play through the middle prompted his agent to go behind Ancelotti and talk to Perez to bring in a coach who would make Bale the main man, and play him centrally. In came Benitez, six months of nightmare with Ronaldo as center Forward, an ineffective Bale as no 10, and James, Isco etc. out on the wings even when they were more suited centrally. Edit Imagine this was done in PL by a foreign player. The press would have had a field day.


Why did Bale even want to play centrally?


He played centrally in his last season at Spurs. He thought he would be more closer to the action, and would be the main man. Just didnt have the efficiency, or the skill or technique to play like that against Spanish sides. He was very effective doing that against English clubs though. Spain requires a better technique to survive if you play centrally.


This doesn’t sound right, he was good enough to play in the center. The problem was how much it destabilized the team and forced Madrid to play with James or Isco on the wings and making Kroos and Modric play farther back. It also didn’t help that for some reason Madrid thought Danilo was necessary considering Carvajal was fucking class at the time.


He was ineffective in those six months. Others were too, he was really poor in the center. Kroos and Modric in a pivot was still workoutable. Fullbacks were still fine, a no 10 in Spain needs better technique and more awareness. Just wasnt there. He was too individualistic. (interestingly Zidane thought the same thing about Bale)


Kroos and Modric worked against the weaker La Liga sides but the teams who finished in the top 6 spots Madrid struggled against (not being able to beat Atletico, Sevilla and Barca) Danilo was definitely not fine as the starting right back, he left way too much space open. Bale playing in the center didn’t last too long because of how much he was injured. He got a lot of playing time when Zidane came in just because he was able to stay fit. It kind of sucks he wanted to play everywhere except the right wing. There were constant reports of him wanting to play on the left or on the center.


Why does a no 10 in Spain need better technique and awareness than in England? That's an odd premise.


Because the role isnt the same. In England it's more of an SS role or a general goalscoring attacking midfielder role, while in Spain most teams have 10 playing as a trequarterista. Not saying roles are rigidly imposed, but this is how football has evolved over the years, which affects the training of youngsters. Most Spanish defenses know how to shut down runners or carriers, hence only ones who remain are cracks. In England, it's the runners and Shadow Strikers which are frequent given the spaces. A playmaker does better in England than in Spain. Ozil is a great example, where he had to roam and was closed down quickly, and Arsenal, till the time he played centrally he created so many chances. Bruno is another though he didnt play in Spain. David Silva another one. As an aside, English managers have a tendency to shunt the no 10s on the wing. Modric played as a left midfielder at Spurs. Ozil played on right so many times. Even now Odegaard is not getting enough games as a 10. Kevin De Bruyne too played on the right when Oscar was preferred as a 10.


Interesting. To me it sounds like it's because in Spain, the role of a classic 10 still exists. This was my first thought when I read your comment: who the hell plays as a no 10 in England? The role doesn't really exist there anymore save maybe at a couple of clubs. Even when a team says they're playing a 4-2-3-1, they often don't employ a classic no 10 style player in that role in the same way as it used to be done.


That classic no 10 is a very Iberian-Italian (and Argentina - Brazil) thingy. I dont remember who wrote a book about football styles and covered it well. UK and other places had a common 4-4-2 where the 2nd striker was also a playmaker. Just different footballing cultures.


He also wasn't as good as a certain Cristiano Ronaldo or good at linking play as Benzema meant he was always going to be the third fiddle in the trident, more defensive duties and crossing.


He was the fastest tho


Even that's debatable vs Ronaldo


It’s not …. Bale was the fastest mainstream attacker before Mbappe came on the scene


100%, and I'm not sure mbappe could outpace prime bale either.


Yeah prime Ronaldo has slightly better acceleration but prime Bale would overtake him eventually as he has better top speed.


Ronaldo has always been fast but not outrageously fast. Bale was insanely fast at his peak before the injuries, he was in that Walcott category of just outrageous pace. The difference being bale had much more ability than Walcott beyond just the pace. Something in the water at Southampton


I'd say Bale probably had a higher top speed and Ronaldo had a higher average


yep 8: Cristiano Ronaldo – 33.6 KM/H 7: Gareth Bale – 34.7 KM/H


6: Andy Carroll - 35.1 km/h Source: trust me bro


>8: Cristiano Ronaldo – 33.6 KM/H If I am not wrong this was the world cup run of old ronaldo not prime Ronaldo.


From where? Ronaldo clocked 34.6 with Juventus in serie A.


Top speed is almost useless though in football, it’s only ever reached on counter attacks after like a corner. Timing, acceleration, reaction time and positioning are what actually matter at that level and Ronaldo has him beat in all of these.


Tbf he was more of the second fiddle in the trident during his initial years


It's pretty hilarious to suggest Bale's game was about defensive duties and crossing. r/soccer will upvote anything I guess.


It's not that hard to understand, because Ronaldo and Benz were further uplfield. It was EXPECTED of Bale by the manager to drop back to help.


As opposed to Benzema and Ronaldo it definitely was. It's hilarious how you assume everything to be an attack on him.


He was very good in that season too, but under AVB the entire squad was just there to give him service.


I mean, he singlehandly won spurs A LOT of points that year. Without him we were abject.


And it was more of a free role rather than just staying in the middle the whole time, He played well and scored some good goals coming off the flanks.


>He played centrally in his last season at Spurs. This just isn't true, Bale was never a classic number 10 nor central striker in England. He had licence to roam in his last season but he mainly played on the right. Most of his famous goals from that last season were from him cutting in from the right. > He was very effective doing that against English clubs though. Spain requires a better technique to survive if you play centrally. And this is just a delusional biased take. Plenty of no.10s have done well in Spain only to struggle in England and vice versa.


Probably because that's how he played for Wales


Interesting, James was always useless for us when central iirc, had to play off a wing (and then watch on as whichever side he played on got absolutely bombed down over and over)


James was very good as a 10 when he had runners left and right. He rarely played as a 10 for Madrid, just played as an 8 on occasions and was superb. Then you know, whole Isco and diamond formation meant he was relegated to the bench. At Bayern he was a 10, and was mighty effective.


James as an 8?! I really can't imagine that. Obviously the talent around him at Madrid would help a lot more than at Everton.


He was an 8 on paper but he functioned in a very free role, more like you'd expect a 10. He would be in between the lines both horizontally and vertically, combine with those around him, move and pass or shoot. He had 15+ goals and 15+ assists that season. Our attack was extremely fluid and lethal that season and [this is a memorable goal that James scored](https://youtu.be/UuZUZPAv_rM). You'd often find James where Isco was here. He inherited the position from di Maria but AdM was more like how you see Fede today.


So you're saying Benitez came in and played shitty, turgid nonsense football? Where have I seen this before


He was handicapped. When Bale was injured, team was able to play well. We scored 10 against Rayo iirc under him.


Bale had 4 in that game though IIRC. Benitez's failing was how to break low blocks and establishing control in the midfield. The latter was woefully exposed in the Clasico with a setup that looked like 5-0-5 in the attacking phase, had to resort to long balls and we're exposed to countless turnovers. The one stark difference that he had from Carlo was the tactical instruction to prevent the other fullback from bombing up when one pushed up (we often were 3-2-5 in the attacking phase under Carlo). But apart from that, I don't remember any significant tactical contributions from him and even this, which was aimed at more security in transitions was ineffective. To break low blocks, he often resorted to "cross and inshallah" which was easily repelled because unlike Zidane, who actually had a solid tactical plan around crossing with designated positions to be taken up in the box and running patterns, Rafa's crossing was just hit and hope. It's safe to say that he was very underwhelming, especially given he was welcomed as an astute tactician who'd help us be more rounded as opposed to Carlo's 2 but glaring weaknesses of rotations and Kroos as DM in defensive transitions. Only coach to lose the dressing room in the past 10 years (since mou that is; some feat considering we had a season with 3 managers in it).


Yea he’d be annihilated. Actually even a domestic player probably.


If it's a black domestic player then yes, if it's a white then probably not. They are the most protected class of players in UK. Look at Mason Mount's season and level of criticism he has gotten.


Mason Mount has been Chelsea's best player this season, except maybe Rudiger. Why you'd think he'd be getting criticised is beyond me. He's probably going to (deservedly) win our Player of the Year, and has been nominated for the PL Young Player of the Year. He's had his best ever year in terms of goals and assists, and is one of only three players in the whole league to hit double digits for both. Odd example to use - because your point is one I agree with in general, but the reason Mount isn't getting criticised is because he doesn't deserve to get criticised.


I'm not gonna deny the UK media is racist toward black footballers cos it definitely is and does subject black footballers to more scrutiny. But Rooney is white and did get and still does get a hell of a lot of criticism from the UK press. Although I think him being working class and Northern plays a large factor in that also


My judgement is probably clouded by the negative publicity POC footballers receive. Probably white footballers are poorly treated too, just not as noticeable.


I mean they get plenty of criticism. I’d actually argue that your more likely to be able to kick a cat around your house on camera than if your domestic.


Gah I forgot of Bale as a 10…didn’t he campaign for that role too? I know he had kind of a false 9/9.5 role at Tottenham in his brilliant last season but that was such a flop at RM


>In came Benitez, six months of nightmare with Ronaldo as center Forward, an ineffective Bale as no 10, and James, Isco etc. And Benzema where?


Probably on the bench or injured. I dont remember this part well.




Because English media and PL fans are always outraged by how Bale is treated in Spain, yet they all have hatejerks against players like Pogba/Alexis/Ozil who have all not done anything close to what Bale and his agent have pulled time and time again in Madrid




Well obviously. No generalisation implies that every member of the population acts like so. It signals to the overarching sentiment or perception from the population.


None of those players have played huge parts in their respective clubs winning the Champions League and other trophies multiple times.


Ah so that gives you the right to insult the club and undermine team cohesion then does it


Not a dig at PL, but the press in UK. Trying to give a more close to home example to maybe help understand better.


Still annoyed that Bale was robbed of a Puskas for that overhead kick in the UCL final. What a goal and what a stage to score it at


Salah's goal that didn't even make goal of the month in his own league clearly deserved it more than Bale's literal once in a lifetime UCL winner bicycle


Don't raise my blood pressure, man


Was not even Salah’s best goal, i really wanna know what they smoked that year


I believe that year had a fan voted puskas award. Egyptians came out in full force for Salah


Nationalism. It was fan voted


Wasn't even Salah's best goal THAT month. I remember even Milner tweeting about it


Yeah the one against the Spurs at home was more impressive


Twice in a lifetime tbf


Who got it that year?


I think it was Salah with an average goal. Not Ronaldo bicycle kick against Juventus either.


Arguably the best goal EVER and doesn’t even win goal of the year


Would Spurs fans welcome him? (assuming that he isn't retiring)


Yes absolutely


If he will lower his wages and accept a role as Deki's deputy.


Think he would be better as a Kane sub at this point.


A million times yes. The key is if Conte actually wants him. Spurs fans are fully on the "back Conte" bus. Get players the manager wants and let him work.


Doesn't seem like a Conte player, would very unlikely get into the starting 11, even if he took a cut would still be on big wages I'd only say yes if it turned out Conte really wanted him, if he doesn't then no


I prefer Son and Kulu on either side


Rotate him with Kulu, obvious choice.


What a sight a motivated Bale can be.


Would love him back. I honestly think he'd fit our system so well for when we need to break a team playing the low block down


Time to come home gareth


Didn't you guys already try that?


Yeah and he was pretty damn good for us.


He fucked us in the ass raw that last game of the season


What with how you got done again by them this year, I'm starting to suspect you have a fetish for it


We don’t talk about the Bergwijn game, never happened, nope. The worst part of that game is we deserved a loss, somehow pulled a win out of our ass, then completely fucked the lead at the end there. Second game we played our B team to focus on the conference league


It worked well once he got fit tbh. If he’d accept a role playing against lower table teams that defend and a pay cut, I think it would be a great signing.


And he was so good


He played really well when he was fit. Had a fantastic xg+a/90.


And he did well given his role and limited minutes. If he comes back he’s obviously going to be a rotation player who could be useful, and will backup deki in a veteran role.


Aye, to Cardiff 😊


Tottenham in the CL. Bale tearing down a wing and scoring against Alves/Alba/the American.


Please dont say were in the CL yet


Bro if you miss out on CL with a last game against Norwich (or is it Watford?) you need to pack your bags and leave cause that is just not acceptable behavior. Let Conte get that bag bro, don’t be like this.


Sir, this is Spurs.


missed opportunity to do a lads...


May be pretend you’re not Spurs for one game, or you’re Spurs but this is 1960. You got this Bro.


Cant tell if this is sarcasm


no, why would it be? he had the most G+A per minute played in the prem last year. he took a while to get going but was absolute class once he did, especially against teams where he didnt have to do the Defensive work


Sorry mate. He’s coming to Cardiff next season, not your mob


I know this keeps coming up but I can’t see him taking a drop down to Cardiff from Madrid. Spurs is probably the most likely U.K. club if he returned this way


Why didn't you keep him last year


He's on like 500k/week or something silly


i think Real Madrid wanted him back and the agreement was only for a 1 year loan so we couldnt really do anything about it. His wages were high, but his loan was definitely a success, took a while for him to get going but once he did he just looked class. Having him on the right was chal and cheese compared to bergwijn or Lucas there.


A true legend of the sport unironically. I think in a decade he will be far more appreciated when all the current drama subsides. Bonifide legend for us with an incredible prime after a start that could have killed his career, and then goes to Madrid and wins 4 CLs. A true giant who just lost his way.


He’s achieved (not done) more than Neymar.


wouldn’t say he hasn’t done more than neymar, was incredibly important in at least 2 of your cl finals


Without irony, one of the best ever British footballers.






The CL final goal was more spectacular, but that one from the Copa del Rey final against Barca will always stick out in my memory of his time at Real. Unreal stuff, God himself couldn't have stopped Bale in that moment.


I remember that one as the roadrunner goal. He fucking meep meep’d us


The one that ended Bartra’s Barca career?


Was that the one where he took like 3 whole touches to travel at the speed of light across the entire pitch to then score? Never gonna forget that


That's the one.




His speed and intelligence on that run was truly extraordinary, if it wasn't Madrid it could have been worth the price alone for a club. They just have not unfairly higher standards.


He was the most expensive player in the world at time of signing..


He still performed well until the eventual fall off. He was no Ronaldo but no one ever really is. I think he justified his price tag when he was performing . RM should have let him go sooner though


He has more G+A for Madrid than Figo, Zidane, and Ronaldo Nazário. As many G+A in finals as all of them combined and nearly as many titles as all of them combined. He's well earned his pricetag and I don't think it's really a debate.


Was it this one? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tuDiylkXHLo


I don't know I hear god can do floods and plagues and stuff


If you look at the world around you, you will realize God and Harry Maguire are one in the same.


Have you ever seen God and Harry Maguire together in the same place at the same time? Me neither.


We're truly fucked in that case


Fucking athlete


What a weird career Bale has had. He's both a total Madrid legend and also an absolute waste of space and money.


Schrödinger's Bale.


Career of two halves for Bale at Madrid. He did good things but he also needs to take ownership of his bad period. It's impossible that none of it is his fault, like him and his agent always try to portray.


The thing that bothered me about Bale isn’t that his form dropped or that he became injury prone it’s that he never took responsibility. He never said “I want to be healthy and help the team” or “hopefully I can regain my form and help the team”. It was almost like it was everyone else’s fault that he got injured or was out of form.


Yup. Never once apologized for his agent shitting on the club and fans or for the flag incident.


Bale has incredible talent and did amazing things for the club. But the man wanted to be the center of attention in a club full of legends. Plus he never bothered to learn the language. He just alienated himself because his agent told him what he wanted to hear and Bale became a shadow.


It’s ok to want to be the main man. That shows ambition to me. But the guy doesn’t have the mental aptitude or the drive to work through a bad patch and regain form and fitness. Everything has to go perfect in order for Bale to shine. He’ll have a purple patch where he’ll look like the best player in the world. Suddenly he gets injuredlose the performances dry up. Then you gotta wait for a year for him to find that otherworldly form again for a month or so. Rinse and repeat. Will forever be grateful for all that he accomplished with us. But his shitty attitude is a black mark on his time here.


Imagine defending the bastard that once got you fired. Big respect to Carlo.




One of the most gifted players I've ever seen.


I remember him winning a champions league final, being the reason the game switched and scoring an absolute cracker. Any other club would love him for this.


„An absolute cracker“ is an understatement. Its literally the best CL final goal I have seen


He scored a [once in a lifetime bicycle kick](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s85tXhN_Nto) (which honestly is even better than I remember it being lol) to win a CL final, highs pretty much don't get higher than that except to do the same thing in a World Cup final.


people dont realize how fucking hard that thing is to pull off. like forget a normal bicycle kick just look at the weird angle + speed the cross is coming in. Literally an impossible goal. Way better than for example Mandzukics bicycle in the final


Agreed. The only that's close to this is Rooney's one against City. It was in a league game but basically sealed the title for United that year plus a derby game and Rooney fucking soars to get his boot up that high


Zinedine Zidane wants to have word with you.


Zidanes goal is maybe more important but Bales is 100% better its not even close


How was Zidane’s more important?


because it happened in 2002 and not 2018


No, he doesn't.


Zidane was rubbing his bald head looking at that goal from the sidelines, that goal also enshrined him as a part of greatest ever manager in UCL history, I don’t think he minds not having a word.


Don't act like you don't know the reason behind Bale complicated relationship with Madrid. Ronaldo, Ramos, Benzema, Modric, Marcelo contributed as well or even better than him but don't have the same behavior. They are cheered by Madrid fans. Hazard is always injured, a total flop, but the fans aren't mad at him.


not if he then spent years sponging off them after completely shutting it down, then periodically rubbing the faces in how little he cares if you can be cheered for being a decider in one game you can be booed for *years of intentional disrespect and quitting* bale is one of the biggest hos in football history on a sporting level and what hes done is unprecedented. idk why people pretend madrid fans dont have every reason to boo him on his way out. honestky, hes already shown he dgaf about them or their club. the boos shouldnt matter either no?


Nah, i am sure, they would be very happy if a player wins them the CL no matter what he does after that. Of course, it may be their first CL and not the 13th one. After that if he spits on the logo, refuses to play, calls the fans a headache, mocks the club, pull out of every game after signing a fat new contract, and basically score one goal a season for next 10-20 years, they would be fine. Even if they spend all money on him and get relegated in the process. They would still love the player.


>After that if he spits on the logo, refuses to play 😂 definitely happened


nicely done. honestly i hope if he gets a farewell the whole stadium is just silent. bale doesnt deserve boos or cheers as if hes still a player for madrid and not just a tourist on extended visa just apathy, silence, nothing. if a madrid fan spends any energy on bale they just wasted it


The game didn't switch because of him. We were already on top. If you don't have time to watch the game, just look at an xG time map. I'm sure it would back me up. Better yet, just listen to Klopp's post match presser. Anyway, the rest I agree with but the reason you remember only this is because this was the highlight. I and many others in the past have time and again presented why Bale had a tumultuous relationship with the club and the fans despite some like me being extremely fond of him and rooting for him until the very end (albeit I'll admit that many lost their patience much earlier than me and I'm in the minority but I still hope for that one season from Hazard; flights of fancy over realism but I digress). One has to ask why Bale received the treatment he did. Demonizing the fans is simplistic and reductive, the same fans who don't subject a much lesser player like Lucas or a much more disappointing signing like Eden to the same treatment.


> being the reason the game switched Which final switched? 2014 or 2018? Let's say another club had a player who them a CL, then disrespected the club, got the coach to leave twice, stopped putting in performances, and just kept insulting the club everywhere. At what point would you not be fine? If anything, Chelsea won the CL with a manager - their first CL, and they fired the manager unceremoniously within six months. That manager was also a legend at the club. Wenger was insulted out of his club that he managed for 20 years. Liverpool won the CL final cos of Dudek, and proceed to replace him very next summer.


I can name you 10 players and keep going, who I consider at a higher legendary status and that are more than Bale. Raul, Juanito, Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos, Zidane, Redondo, Figo, Modric, Di Stefano, Fernando Hierro, Sergio Ramos, Guti, Makelele, Laudrup, Pepe, Mijatovic, Casillas ... This club is full of legends, and yes Bale did do some legendary stuff, but legends at an elite club don't just play fantastic, it's also an attitude and mentality thing. Get immersed within the club culture. A great example is Beckham. He didn't really win much here. Only in his last season here he won his first La Liga title. But the fans love him. The guy learnt Spanish, got into the culture of the club and country. Even though he was a diva, the other players loved him. I mean dam he even cheated on his wife in Spain. You have to ask your self is EVERYONE that crazy that they hate on Bale


Exactly this. This is not even considering piri or chendo or gento or Hugo Sanchez of butragueno or the other four of the Quinta. People call bale a legend without realising the company he would be entering and how thin his legacy looks then. He's had legendary moments but hardly a legend.


Who did he cheat with? The housekeeper, or someone else ?


Nanny I think lol.


I don't know if I agree with the diva thing regarding Beckham. He was still one of the hardest working players in the squad. He even adapted or tried to adapt to a new position as midfielder. Of course his marketing value outshined his skills on the field, but that doesn't make him a diva.


Still can't believe he didn't make an effort to learn Spanish. It makes your job and life easier and more enjoyable. Also, it's about being respectful to a country and its people. Even if you struggle, fans are gonna appreciate you more if they see you make an effort to learn and fit in.


That's the thing. He speaks Spanish!! He just refuses to be involved in anything.


He does? I don't follow the club closely but I've seen the criticism pop up a few times over the years. My bad, I stand corrected.


So does that give him an excuse to sh*t on the club for 4 years?


Maybe because that's literally the only thing you remember of his stint here


He won a Copa del Rey right? And was a great player for 4 cl runs?


Yes. No.


Players shouldn't be loved just based on silverware. He's also been quite disrespectful to Madrid and their fans the past years. He's also missed many, many games with injuries. And he's had way more bad games than good games. He was only really consistently good in his first 2 years. He deserves more recognition but I can see why Madrid players don't like him. His contribution overall is overhyped by English media.


The Divock Origi of Real Madrid


Sad comparing origi with bale


Bale with us at least was a top 5-10 player on earth for a few years, even with Madrid for a bit. Origi has never been that, some incredible goals don't get me wrong though.


The fuck. #How dare you compare the two One of the them is a legendary UCL winner who deserves every ounce of respect possible and the other is bale


Correct, any other club, not Real Madrid who have 13 UCLs. We're not just any other club, we don't let any player disrespect our club regardless of what they did.


Tell em


Hope he gets a proper send off


Bale is the most underappreciated legend I have ever seen that guy was a beast and doesn’t get respect


He's a legend, but his attitude this last years didn't help, he clearly doesn't care about Madrid


Should've sold him then?


No one would pay his wages. Some chinese club came for him but Ausensio torn his ACL that year and the Asians didn't wanna pay a transfer fee so his move was blocked. That was what a 60 million euro mistake give or take?


Through no fault of his own right?


He may be a hero , but to be a legend you need to do it consistently . He should have left on a high or played that simple . Instead he just wanted to get payed which is fine but will be treated as such . He didn’t play cause he was injured or simply not as good as the people picked infront of him . He froze himself out of the squad .


Everyone acts like Real fans hate him, what makes me most sad is his lost potential, after winning the UCL final in 2018 I wasn’t even slightly worried about CR7 departure, they wanted to make him the main man and he had the age and skill to do so. But he never delivered, got injured and lost form. Benzema had to step up and after that Bale stopped caring. He won us amazing finals and was very clutch, I just feel he never fulfilled his potential


Gotta channel the Karius energy for Alison


I think that the Bale transfer could be described as kinda successful . 7/10 He scored many great goals, appeared in important moments. But what most fans can agree and I think is what we recriminate Bale, is that he obviously had the talent to become the next Ronaldo. Apart from Messi and Cr7 (at that time) , we could agree that a prime BALE is possibly the next best one.


Over Neymar?


Feel like the fans/players ostracized him then got confused why he didn’t want to be there


Average Pl fan




Gareth Bale is one of the most legendary and greatest players to ever play for Madrid. He is a club legend.


Real madrid is the most ilustrous club in the world. They have so many greats that is hard to remember half of them. Bale will go down just as another good player who played for them. He had the potential to be a legend at the club, but he blew it up


Feel like Bale at Real Madrid will be remembered as Pirlo at Milan by their fans.


I'll take it, we need some hero's


Lol, he's a great player and helped Madrid win multiple CLs, but he'll never be a legend. He might be a legend at a different club for his role in a couple of CL wins, but not at Madrid


For a club like Madrid he is definitely not making in top 15-20 of all time. An very important player in patches but legend would not be the word I would assosiate him with.


two years ago i would have agreed with you, but he's destroying his own legacy by turning fans against him. its his own damn fault now. cristiano left and all but at least he never acted like he was bigger than the club.