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Why in God's name are assists listed first




Should have been Assist, Games, Goals, Titles


im 26 and i still need to start from a b c d to know what comes next


Same 😂


For some reason ,I read it as titties


and i thought the first line was the coach's name and im like who the fuck was Gha-Mez? are they all gha-me.... ohh


Lol no way this isn’t in response to the Ronaldo post on the front page rn


There’s gonna be one of these posted for each of the top players throughout the week I bet


Post the Vincent Jannsen stats you cowards


They are scared of his greatness


It would end the debates, really.


Is it just me or was there a massive increase in the number of "this happened x years ago..." Posts Over the past few weeks? Maybe because all the finals are around?


Yeah, a lot of finals in May... next month a lot of World Cup anniversaries


Exactly. Tis the season for OTD posts.


Just wait until July, as it's an international tournament year


It's free karma


Harry Maguire next


I can’t wait for Joel Matip’s memory collage.


Messi stans are seething whenever Ronaldo is on the front page. Need to one up him at all times. Rent free


You could switch up the names and it would still be true. That's the whole point of being a stan.


Yeah, but as a Messi stan I have to say Ronaldo stans do that as well.


I hate these two communities so much. They've ruined football discussions on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


Just the absolute insanity of that first Guardiola team.


211 goals in 219 games, this isn't fucking real, damn


And almost half of that in just 1 effing season.


Year* Season tally was was 73 I think


Oh my bad.


Yes this was Barcelona


Where are Koeman stats


And more importantly, where my homies Roure and Setién at?


47 games, 38 goals and 17 assists, one title


And poch stats


Definitely wanna see the Poch stats


24 g/a in 33 games 1 title.


That's way better than I thought it will be




Cause he didn’t split it up. It’s 11 goals and 13 assists in 33 matches. Nothing short of a monumental drop off when you consider the player and the previous numbers


Everyone knows he's had a monument drop off. It's just that even after a monumental drop off,his stats are... pretty fucking good???


Yeah Messi is pretty good now


We are going to see this Messi Ronaldo war for years aren't we? I thought it would stop with their retirement


In 20 years people will still discuss who is better and come up with shit arguments like "Ronaldo is better because he had noodle hair" or "Messi is better because he celebrated with his shoe in a CL final".


Intellectuals will say bale because he scored a bicycle kick in a ucl final


Username checks out


True intelligent individuals will say SIUUUUUU


simple as that bro




It’s like a Dragon Ball Z fight with different forms and no end in sight. Still enjoy the rivalry between Messi and Ronnie. It’s a special occasion that is slowly ending. I hope we can appreciate it more. So keep the Messi-Ronaldo post’s rolling. We all love the rivalry and the players.


In 20 years we will all be senile and people that use reddit won't even really know who CR or Messi were or did and they'll probably say how shitty they were and X and Y are the actual GOATs.


Nah Messi and Ronaldo will be remembered like pele and maradona and unlike with those two there are countless highlight reels. In time people will say Messi was better though precisely because his dribbles are more fancy


Recency bias is a thing, specially between two things that you can't exactly compare, as soon as someone starts breaking major records you'll see the GOAT conversation shift away from Ronaldo and Messi.


Possibly, but in the trajectory they're going Ronaldo is going to be the all time top scorer, the all time CL top scorer, the all time international top scorer, and the all time top assister in the CL, whilst having more CL titles to his name, which will pop out far more than dribbling highlight reels. I reckon the general opinion will be that Ronaldo had a better overall career (won more prestigious titles, broke more all time awards whilst playing in multiple leagues) while Messi's peak was absolutely unrivalled (his 91 goal year is ridiculous).


Lol and how about the 2 more Balon D'or thing


Well, you can’t compare actual achievements with the farce that have been ballon d’or for so long now . It lost a lot of credibility in the last few years but I believe it lost all its credibility this year. It’s no longer a metrics of success and good football, just a popularity contest now.


lol yeah now its a useless stat isnt it haha


Now* it's useless because Messi has more, lol


Wasn't this always the case? When Messi won it ronaldo fans called it useless and messi fans found it useful. When Ronaldo won it, Ronaldo fans agreed it's valid and Messi fans declared it a popularity contest. It should be pretty clear to people on either side that they are bending over backwards trying to justify their own views.




I'm not responding to you? I also disagree with it anyway. People still talk about Maradona and Pele just based off their individual accolades. With Messi and Ronaldo not only is everything recorded, but they blow any other player's stats out of the water. So unless X and Y in 2040 are going to match Messi and Ronaldo's numbers (for a decade and a half mind you), those two are forever going to be considered the GOATs.


But they only blow away records because they are playing in a completely different era of football, players active careers will get longer and they will play even more matches per year, Mbappe is already breaking a bunch of records and he is only one generation away, I imagine that in 2050 you'll already see a lot of these records broken. Also, although the question of Maradona and Pelé is still around, there's not a lot of people that consider these players the GOAT, mostly because they never saw them play, The Pelé - Maradona "battle" is more of an historic moment than a current ongoing thing.


CR will be in the Brazilian 2nd division in 20 years.


This wont end even if humanity colonizes Mars. Ppl had been on the Pele vs Maradona argument for decades and they did not even have social media. (What I am trying to say here, is that were are royally fckd)


Why would people stop the war with their retirement lol this conversation will keep going on for decades


well they haven't yet retired have they


lol ever heard of Pele v Maradona? its never going away


People still discuss if Pele or Maradona was better, so yeah this will be forever… Also the answer is clearly Maradona.


Messi is even more clearly better


I love Messi but there will never be a bigger legend than Maradona.


you're the one that brought it up


This post is in response to a Ronaldo post, that is the context of my comment


If you saw the Ronaldo one, you would realize that this is obviously just some sort of weird way of responding to the Ronaldo post that was posted recently. We’ll probably see another Ronaldo one in a couple hours


Slaven Bilic said it the best : when Ronaldo does something,you say that’s incredible when Messi does something,you have to rewind it and watch it in slow motion to see what happened


Messi and Ronaldo fanboys are fucking weirdos


Just create a new sub already lmao


Messi fanboys will spend more time on Ronaldo sub and vice versa.


No, I'm saying create one sub and have this all out war there That place would be more toxic than Chernobyl


I bet Russians would really dig it


That's basically what football twitter already is lol.


/r/mesi you're welcome


My facebook is purely football related channels so my timelines are usually news or game highlights, but goddam in every fucking post, EVERY GODDAM POST, there has to be SOMEONE who mentions one of them and the whole comment section goes to shit. I have a favorite, but it doesn't matter which one it is because I'm not sitting around all day waiting for someone to mention Messi or Ronaldo to regurgitate the same stupid ass pictures and stupid ass arguments. FUCK THESE STANS. Rant over, I apologize.


> barka fans keep barking > penaldo, penalty merchant > african names facebook football comments in a nutshell


Who's your favourite?


Need a new sub for ronaldo and messi fanboys


I can just see OP who happens to have a Barca flair, in his room just getting super pissed off at all the comments praising Ronaldo in the thread about him and thinking “no no no! I need to quickly make a Messi one so people appreciate my Goat as well and don’t praise Ronaldo”. Like it is so pathetic, what do people gain from picking one and being a “x” fanboy and a “y” hater?


It’s also super easy karma farming


Ban them imo


You just knew someone would make a Messi thread right after that Ronaldo thread happened lol. So fucking stupid


I feel like the breakdowns themselves are pretty interesting to look at though. Especially having watched both over the years, it’s neat to see how their output looks in their different “phases”, Ronaldo going from winger to striker, Messi going from winger to false 9 to winger to wherever he damn pleased during his final Barça years, etc. With that being said this graphic would definitely not exist without the petty fanboy shit lmao


I agree, it is pretty interesting


I remember a couple weeks ago when there was a random OTD for a Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid goal, and in the next couple a days there were posts of OTD Messi goals, lmao.


I wonder if there is a footballer who has scored on every day of the year. Would have to have multiple continents under his belt. Random.thought I know.


it's been the worst shit to have to deal with. they're obsessed and its so annoying


They’re not even in La Liga anymore, not been direct rivals for years now. When does it stop!!!


> When does it stop!!! Never I'm afraid


I mean nothing wrong with idolizing two of the best players ever.


You should rarely idolize anyone, especially sports stars. One is an admitted rapist, and the other is a tax evading oil-state spokesman (Messi wins this round).


They are both tax avoiding btw lol.


Guys why do we always have to compare them? They're both great tax avoiders in different ways. Let's just appreciate them not paying taxes while they're still around.


Na ronaldo avoids greater volumes of tax, he's the tax avoiding goat no argument.


Ronaldo evaded way more taxes than Messi. Ronaldo was fined €18.8 million ( Messi 4 million). You did not hear about it that much because media. Also, Messi did not create awards like Dubai soccer to give himself every year. He might not be the perfect human being, but it's disrespectful to compare him to Ronaldo on and off the field.


Jesus, my entire point was it's stupid to idolize sports stars, not that they are equally bad.


I get it. I was talking about your second point. Ronaldo is so complete that he wins the tax-evasion round as well lol


Jesus Christ that post history


haha, its funny how thread goes about messi/ronaldo weirdos and one slides in, trying/pretending to be somewhat normal, and then you see those comments 😅


> Ronaldo evaded way more taxes than Messi This is the level of fanboys rn lmao


Tara Martino looks like a different person compared to when he was at Barca.


G/A by Messi under Lionel Scaloni : 32 games, 16 goals, 7 assists, 1 title. A fact, he isn't the top scorer of the Scaloni Era, it's Lautaro with 19 goals. Because Messi has the role of Argentina's playmaker, yet he's second on the scoring list.


If you take away Messis goals from throughout his carrer, mabye not now, but for years he would still have been the best player on the pitch by a distance. He wasn;t defined by goals, he was incredible at everything, the goals were just the cherry on top. It's still like that when he plays for Argentina, but not to the same extent.


He wasn;t defined by goals Messi is a player that cannot be measured by statistics, [plays like this one vs Uruguay](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_hsM-6eL_oY), in which he does everything, but the final pass is by De Paul and the goal is by Lautaro, are not counted as assists for Messi, however, we can appreciate that most of the play is generated by Messi and we will never see a statistic of this.


Messi doesn’t do anything here, he does a good job of recycling the ball, but Lautaro still had to play a well weighted pass to make that goal reality, that goal is at best 10% Messi.


Lol Wtf


There were only 7 Uruguayan players chasing him and not paying attention to De Paul. you're ruined man.


Who has he played best under, in Argentina colours? Not statistically, necessarily, that's probably not debatable, it's Sabella, but like performance-wise


Probably the best Messi was under Maradona or Batista, that is, the Messi from 2008 to 2012. Then there were versions of Messi that were very well accompanied by the team's collective, such as Sabella's Messi and Scaloni's Messi.


Messi at the '10 World Cup is underrated, he was absolutely unstoppable, if only the team had a little buy more quality at the back


295 G/A in 219 appearances under Guardiola. The man may be an actual god, it genuinely can’t be ruled out.


Every 15-16 games or so under Pep, Messi would have 21 G+A *and* another trophy in his collection.


Ronaldo got 159 in 101 under ancelotti. Slightly better ratio but messi ofcourse did it longer


Those numbers don't even make sense, they don't seem belivable.


Man, imagine the kids that now are like 20 yo who has seen their entires lifes these sicks stats from Messi and Ronaldo... They are gonna be extremely dissapointed when the next biggest scorer will be like 0,7 goals per match at most, and that will last like 2 or 3 years, not 12...


Don't fancy haaland or mbappe to notch 1 G / game?




They've been doing it in farmers leagues, so far. They've now moved to better leagues. We'll see.


Messi under Luis Enrique was the best version of him Idc what any of y’all say


He was the definition of unplayable. Literally the worst year to be a la liga center back.


I think his best season was 18/19.You can rewatch every game and I don’t think he had 5 bad touches in a whole season.Also that Barca team had the worst talent he’s ever played with


THIS. I can’t understand how he gets that little attention for his 18/19 season.


That season was the truest definition of a “one man army” I’ve ever seen in soccer.


That season was fucking ridiculous, didn't he almost singlehandedly carry barca to all the trophies that year?


Him and the occasional Suarez banger or "how the fuck did he do that?" goal And Ter Stegen black magic


2012 was by far his best season in my opinion. I think he scored 50 goals in La Liga alone which is just hard for me to believe that someone can do that. I can't recall if he was top of the assists that season in La Liga but even if he was top ten it would be amazing considering all the goals he scored.


1 assist off top assister


That was my first thought. Peak was him absolutely destroying Jerome Boateng.


That Celta game was where MSN really peaked. Just unplayable that night.


I think his best was under Tito.


I actually agree with this and came to say that I think overall Luis Enrique's 2014-2015 Barcelona was just as good (maybe better in some ways) than Pep's 2009 and 2011 Barcas. Other players also had their best seasons under him IMO- Neymar, Pique, Busquets. I assume most people disagree, but I remember watching those teams like it was yesterday and they were flawless. 110 goals scored, 21 conceded in the league. Messi, Neymar, and Suarez were at their absolute best in attack together. Pique, Mascherano, and Busquests basically covered half the field on their own and still never conceded. TLDR: Luis Enrique's Barca was a really flawless group of players that got the best out of everyone


Having Rakitic on the pitch really helped Messi break havoc every game because his work rate was amazing, and also helped his partnership with Alves florish. Rakitic was our unsung hero that season imo


Agreed. But I suspect the reason Enrique's Barcelona is rated below Pep's is because Enrique's last season was the start of Barca getting hammered in the CL whereas Pep never lost a game by more than 2 goals and never got dominated. It's a shame because Enrique's Barca was very special.


Pep messi?


This Messi guy seems pretty good


But can he do it on a rainy day in Stoke. Don’t think so, Ashley Barnes clear


Those stats in Valverde’s team are somehow still underrated


Yeah that's ok, but let's see Paul Allen's stats next.


Yeah this design is so shit compared to the Ronaldo one


Lads, he's talking about the design and he's right, the Ronaldo was is a lot more stylish


Greatest player of all time. The gap between him and whoever your rank next isnt close


Based German


Good luck at WC, rooting for you guys


Wait what? Lol.


Not true Pele is very very close. Infact I can argue Pele should be ranked first closely followed by Messi.


Peles stats are against individuals you will never name


Thats a shitty argument.


Are you judging this based on the 300 games you saw Pele play in?


Pep really changed Messi a lot


Not really, Messi went from being like 17 and playing subbing into half his games to being 22 and playing every game. Most of the worlds best players are phenomenal but still need time to gain fitness, strength, experience and just handle travel, away fans, home fans, fame, stress, etc. There is a reason most players make huge improvements around 22-24 in the 4-5th full season. Everyone alive could see Messi was special as fuck before Guardiola took over. Same with Ronaldo, he was deemed special before Utd took him, everyone could see the talent it just took experience and time to get to the point he could get consistent, have full energy for every game and start pretty much every game.


> Messi went from being like 17 and playing subbing into half his games He was starting from 05/06, consistently, and by 07/08 (Rijkard's last season) he was the clear cut best player on the team. Was voted in the top 3 for FIFA player of the season as well.


Yes I'm not saying he was 17 when he started under guardiola, I'm saying he progressed massively every season and was making a massive step and just continued along the same path under guardiola. His talent was incredibly obvious, nothing really changed, he just played more and more each season. His first Guardiola season he played similar number of games to previous season but had a full Argentina line up of senior games added. Then 08/09 he stepped up from 23 starts in teh league to 30 starts, 4 subs and full cl games though he had large increase in goals both seasons. They protected him well giving him a reasonable increase in game time every year rather than jumping from a sub/rotation year to a 30+ league starts season.


For some reason I always forget Rijkaard coached Barca


Probably because he retired so early and had such an odd coaching career. Coach for the Dutch NT out of nowhere, did really well but somehow lost the EC in 2000. Then relegated in Eredivisie with Sparta. Then Barcelona hired him again out of nowhere, won the CL, 2 titles and 2 supercopa's. Then a season at Galatasary and cashing out with Saudi Arabia NT retiring in 2013. He's not even 60 yet.


I didn't know we hired him after a relegation. Wow.


You guys basically don't hire proven managers, it's kinda weird but it Has worked a few times lol.


That's semi true, you're not wrong. Lucho had worked successfully at Roma and Celta, overachieving at Vigo, but yeah, that's kinda it


Celta yeah but I'm pretty sure they weren't big fans of him at roma.


He inarguably begun our Golden Era. Winning a La Liga title in the years where you had prime Galacticos was absolutely monumental. Let alone 2 in a row.


The galacticos didn't win anything tbf, they weren't a well constructed team.


The first itteration did win the CL, in 2000 Prime galacticos did not, yes


Great, now do Nicolas Anelka


RIP Tito.




He should have joined man city last season..


If it wasnt for Bartemao going back on their agreement he would have joined in summer 2020.


long hair #19 messi under rijkaard >>


Otherworldly that guy


Comes as to no surprise that Messi's worst performance on the average was during Valverde's tenure as manager. That guy was the ultimate bus parker and Messi had to bail him out whenever the opponent scored since no other player had the balls to score outside the box sans Suarez on the rare occasion. Hard to score when the manager prioritizes 1-0 leads and parking the bus after minute '10 than dominating the opponent. I'm sure Barca fans don't want to remember, but while Valverde's playstyle was completely inoffensive they would usually draw at their worst, but in the games Messi couldn't bail him out led to embarrassing defeats such as the crucial 3-0 to Roma or the 4-0 to Liverpool.


And still had 146 g/a in 112 matches. Insane.


To me Valvarde was a very important coach. He had the balls to employ 442 to bring a much needed defensive stability to barca. And as a result they almost went the full laliga season unbeaten until the last game where Yerry Mina had a disastrous defensive performance. People forget these feats only because of the disaster in UCL. But remember, barca always lacked physicality and more often than not struggled in the UCL against physical sides regardless of the coach. Remember they lost 7-0 against Bayern with "prime Xavi, Iniesta, Messi". Valvarde wasn't their coach back then was he?


To be fair, when Barca lost 7-0, against bayern over two legs, they obviously weren't in the right mindset. Their coach was in the hospital, dying of cancer, missing players like Puyol and Mascherano and Messi wasn't even fully fit. It's honestly surprising that Barca reached the semis that season.


True but them struggling for wins against physical sides wasn't nothing new. Even Pep's goat barca squad failed to beat Inter. And don't forget barca lost to De Matteo's Chelsea as well.


But they were unlucky to lose against Chelsea and didn't even play bad vs Inter. They won the second leg at home. When Barca faced Bayern, they clearly weren't favourites to win and Bayern winning was unsurprising, it's just that the scoreline was staggering.


In that sense Barca were favorites and unlucky against Liverpool as well. Some freak goals like Origi and freak misses Dembele led to the 4-3. Then it's not exactly fair to blame Valvarde.


You're forgetting the fact that Valverde wasn't hostpilated with cancer and Barca weren't missing key players. That's a totally different scenario. Liverpool were the better team on the night and of the tie. Messi carried that Barca team.


What a nonsense and narrow-minded comment.


This is an awful take. Valverde had to manage a destabilised Barca who had just been humiliated by PSG taking Neymar and got soundly beaten in the Spanish supercup by Real Madrid. He didn't have a left winger for most of the season because of dembele injuries so was forced into a 442. Despite that they were one of the best teams in Europe for those two seasons.


Defense wins titles tho


r/messi, r/barca, r/psg


ironic, all of your posts are about mbappe


Ernesto Valverde did really well to get the best out of Messi at that point. I don't think it's a coincidence that the last season that Messi really looked like 'Messi' was in 2018/2019.


>last season that Messi really looked like ‘Messi’ What? Messi didn’t lose a leg or anything, he’s still playing the same style and position he’s been playing for years, apart from this year where he is obviously worse than ever.


Valverde ❤️‍🔥🔥❤️‍🔥