*proceeds to send dick pic*


The African News Journalist: Why are you gay? Gueye: Who says I am Gay Journalist: You are gay


So you are an outspoken…lesbian? homosexual? How can I describe you?




The African News Journalist: Why are you Gueye? Gueye: Who says I am Gueye? Journalist: You are Gueye Wonder how he would respond to that


Do you like fishstick


literally that rush hour meme


Joke*. Has "meme" really become synonymous with "joke"?


unfortunately yes. Anything with a caption is a meme now.


The African News Journalist: Why are you gay? Gueye: Who says I am gay? Journalist: You are Gueye


"It's G-U-E-Y-E"


Hehehe look at this country! U-R-G-U-E-Y-E


G-U-E-Y-E, where is da H?


so who is gay???


You are gay


You are a transgendah


Hu might be gay, or Hu might not be gay..


Do you like fish sticks? You must be a Gueye fish!


The Overmars approach


Gueye about to send a photoshopped picture.


Calling Amber Heard for help as we speak


He has pledged to send the photo.


Captain Jack Sparrow and Elton John teaming up to save the world from bigotry.


Lmaooo this sounds like a joke from a TV show


South Park.


"Who?! Who won't wear the ribbon?!"


Everyone can decide who they are and what they want to wear ^^Unless^^you^^are^Muslim


wait i'm really confused. is this instead of a fine?


Possibly? It’s an invitation for him to say that the rumours about everything aren’t true. If he does this, he could be telling the truth or just backtracking to save face and money. If he comes out (lol) and says the rumours were true then he’d probably be fined.


Fined for what? This is really stupid


I strongly suspect they can't do shit to him. I don't believe legally he's done anything to warrant a punishment. As such, any punishment they dish out will have no legal basis and will be overturned on appeal.


I'm sorry, but that name has me questioning things you've done in the past lol


i'm full of surprises 😏


What the fuck?


>The controversy of the moment at Paris Saint-Germain, in addition to the turmoil surrounding the future of Kylian Mbappé, concerns the Senegalese midfielder Idrissa Gueye, who did not play in the match against Montpellier because he did not want to wear the shirt with the LGBT flag. The FFF's ethics board wanted to speak to the 2022 African Champion, giving him the benefit of the doubt: "Either these rumours are unfounded and we invite you to speak out without delay in order to put an end to these rumours. We invite you, for example, to accompany your message with a photo of yourself wearing the shirt in question. >The CNE continued its argument: "Either these rumours are true. In this case, we ask you to be aware of the scope of your gesture and of the very serious error committed. The fight against discrimination against various minorities, whatever they may be, is an essential and constant battle. Whether it is a question of skin colour, religion, sexual orientation, or any other difference, all discrimination rests on the same foundation, which is the rejection of the other because he or she is different from the majority. By refusing to participate in this collective operation, you are in fact validating discriminatory behaviour, the rejection of the other, and not only against the LGBTQI+ community." Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)


What's the morality here? I am very far from anti-LGBTQ but are we forcing beliefs on people? He might be a fucking idiot but is that not his choice to be a fucking idiot?


>He might be a fucking idiot but is that not his choice to be a fucking idiot? A complicated question, actually. I'm no expert but I think this is interesting. The short answer is that yes it's his choice to be a fucking idiot but then it's also the FFF's choice to respond by choosing not to employ him any more. He's not going to prison or anything, he can say whatever he wants, but free speech is also others being able to freely respond to what he said. Although that's a pretty American perspective on the situation. But to go a level further- this is *France.* They have a legal framework in place to enshrine and enforce French values, which you can find in list form with a quick Google. Broadly speaking though, Idrissa using a semi-nationalized French platform to stand contrary to the idea of individualism on the part of lgbtqi+ individuals is contrary to French values. It's not very fraternitié, if you get my meaning. For another really interesting example of this check out the legal debate around burkinis. It's back in the news [today](https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/may/18/france-to-challenge-grenobles-move-to-allow-burkini-in-public-pools).


> The short answer is that yes it's his choice to be a fucking idiot but then it's also the FFF's choice to respond by choosing not to employ him any more. Precisely this.


They are just asking him to clarify.


Exactly, this forced compliance is wrong imo


There's no reason to tolerate intolerance


Jesus. He chose not to wear a shirt, hes not out there spreading anti-lgbt hate speech or anything like that. Wear your shirt, show support for what you choose to support, and dont try and force other people to support all of the same stuff as you. Its not that hard lol


The problem is though he didn't do anything actively intolerant. Refusing to wear the shirt is not the same as tolerance


Compelled speech is not free speech


im just wondering, why are everyone forcing him?


This seems a bit much?




Surprisingly good response. >By refusing to participate in this collective operation, you are in fact validating discriminatory behaviour, the rejection of the other, and not only against the LGBTQI+ community. 100% right. Selective inclusion isn't inclusion. edit: you guys need to stop abusing RedditCareResources.


Honest question, why do people keep adding letters? At first the Q stood for 'the rest', right?Then some people changed the Q to stand for questioning rather than queer, and added the '+' to represent 'the rest'. What's the point of continuously adding new letters when they were already represented, is it based on how many people are thought to fall in to each category, and if enough people fall into the category, it gets its own letter instead of being included in the '+'?


I am a part of the LGBTQ community, I personally absolutely hate the LGBTQ acronym, it doesn't even cover half of the queer community. I much prefer using the phrase (PHRASE, don't call someone a queer...) queer community. But some of the older crowd is against it because it was used as an insult back then. But at the end of the day, it's not really a hill to die on in my opinion.


Why not just call it the + community?


I like that, if Apple were branding it, that's what they'd do lmao.


I've heard the term GRSM (Gender, Romantic and Sexual Minorities) which I quite like because it recognizes both the commonalities and differences in the community.


Thanks for the response, I guess it's an area where there isn't a very strong general consensus, and as long as you're not hurting anyone and trying to respect everyone and their preferences, it's proabably all good.


Mostly because the community is just super diverse, and at the end of the day there's a lot of different groups hoping to get some representation and there's a lot of politics involved too. It's the idea of ok, for you, or for me, and I am a simple gay cis male, it changes very little that we add an I for example for intersex representation; but for someone who is intersex it might matter a lot, so why not do it? It's better that I have the very small issue of remembering one more letter than leaving an entire group, small as it may be, feeling left out.


Because it creates something whereby I might offend people - like right now I'm sure if Asexual people saw this they might feel offended that you forgot them too, bevause LGBTQIA+ seems to be more visible than without the A... So yeah, why not just create something new to unite under rather than creating new opportunities for division? Call it the plus (+) community or something. Or you may as well soon start saying the entire alphabet just to make sure.


It's only one more letter each time it's added, but it's three times that a letter(/symbol) has been added now in just a decade or two, unless it stops somewhere, it's eventually going to become an unintelligible mess within a century or two at that rate. I understand what you're saying about it not being a big deal and how it might matter a lot to the people it directly effects, that is important, but it just can't include everyone by direct, individual reference, it already doesn't directly reference everyone with 'LGBTQI+', there's many specific things that many different people identify as, and many more specific identities termed/defined as we progress even.


LGBTQQIP2SAA is a thing.


Wasn't sure if you were serious, but you were indeed, that is certainly a mouthful lol. Thanks anyway, learned something new.


Let’s see if the homophobes* commandeer this thread like they did the last Dog whistles for homophobia under the false pretence of fReE spEeCh


>homophones It's not what it sounds like






One homophobe made a thread in another sub actively calling for people to come brigade.


they tend to organize on discord as well, so we will be seeing them soon i bet


Damn. Black Mirror episodes being released irl now.


The 2020's have been one big Black Mirror episode.


I think it started earlier than that with the orange nightmare.


I mean footballers are easy targets. He did not wear a shirt in a game is a bigger deal than stopping trades or produces from a regime which outlaws LGBTQ. That one would have consequences, this one just makes you feel good about yourself.


Easy chance for him to score some easy PR points by also putting the flags of Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Abu Dhabi on the shirt as well


Or the fact that the World Cup venue doesn’t tolerate gays. I wonder if they’d even actively stone them.


Cracking half-time show


These people don't understand free speech is about not being imprisoned for what you say. But judged? Fuck yeah!


Free Speech actually means only conservatives get to say whatever they want and no one can challenge them on it


Yeah the gueye guard of honor in the last thread was pretty damn big


Honest question. Isn't this a similar situation to the Prem where players refuse to bend the knee despite the league asking them to do it? Why is/should the response be different?


First, the players stopped kneeling after months. The rainbow jersey is a one time scheduled event. Second, the players explained themselves. Zaha released a statement explaining his personal decision against kneeling. > "There is no right or wrong decision, but for me personally I feel kneeling has just become a part of the pre-match routine and at the moment it doesn’t matter whether we kneel or stand, some of us still continue to receive abuse." So one sentence to convey "I support the cause but this has become a meaningless PR stunt." His motives and beliefs are clear. Gueye "had to leave the team for personal reasons."


Forced compliance isn't compliance either.


We can't force Gueye to accept LGBTQ people, but we can show other homophobes in the league that the behavior isn't tolerated, which is what this is.


a bunch of homophobes probably wore the shirt


probably, but still it shows that homophobia isn't welcome


If anything that proves he’s not being “persecuted” for holding homophobic beliefs. He’s being condemned and possibly sanctioned for his actions.


yup and that's what makes Gueye look even worse. those other homophobes still behaved professionally and showed up to work. nobody is forcing them to change their beliefs, they're only being forced to wear a shirt.


Well at least they respect their contractual obligations, which is more than what we can say about Gueye.


This comes dangerously close to thought policing. Edit: The number of replies saying that he should be thought policed, is frankly, frightening. This is not what I would have expected liberal minded people to express.


Can you imagine your employer summoning you to an ethics hearing because you didn't wear a poppy, and demanding you submit a picture of yourself wearing one. Fucking hell, the mind boggles.


Didnt some players in England get fined for not wearing the poppy because they did not want to participate in remembrance day?


I don't know about that, but for a time there was an annual furore around James McClean not wearing one. He's born in _fucking Derry_.


He made a conscious choice. And it’s not policing if the government don’t get involved. No rights have been infringed, he’s entitled to make this choice.


He made a conscious choice to do nothing. And now he's being punished for literally doing nothing. He didn't play. He didn't say why. What is he being punished for? Who do you think should have the right to punish people for **not** expressing a point of view?


I totally get it.. but this also makes me think of the Seinfeld episode where Kramer refuses to wear the AIDS ribbon, which is also quite funny, to me.


WHO?! WHO DOESNT WEAR THE RIBBON?! Edit: this dude deserves no sympathy. But forcing him to wear an LGBTQ flag…call me crazy but doesn’t seem genuine.


Is this the free world?


This is not the way man. So weird.


Are PSG worried that Gueye not wearing the shirt will make them look bad? He plays for a club who are owned by the Qatari regime, who run a country where homosexuality is illegal! This entire this is insane.


PSG is used for sportswashing, all that matters is making the club look good. Even if the owners hate homosexuality, if it helps their image the club will support it


Isn’t this pretty much the same as forcing him to do something against his will? Why is he getting punished for not doing something?


This is exactly what i would expect from a french organisation


This is so sinister. Basically comply with our ideology or get punished. If you want tolerance, learn to tolerate the fact that there are people who disagree with you and your views.


It’s incredible how different this topic is being discussed on Facebook in comparison to Reddit and twitter. The guy hasn’t even made a statement and two presidents have spoken about him. I do personally believe we are holding athletes accountable for things bigger than them, and that this campaign just like racism campaigns will not change anything infact they usually increase stand offs between different audiences. As an Egyptian, if mo salah is put in a position like this and takes a neutral approach to this issue (an issue he’s highly uneducated on) he would never be allowed back in Egypt (being neutral is seen as favouring one side). Which begs the question, what do these campaigns aim to do? I only see them increasing discrimination and solidarity between anti LGBTQ regions. I am a Muslim and had the privilege of education in a western country and my perspective was definitely changed due to interactions with people and society. I don’t see an issue with wearing a rainbow shirt. But I never understand the approach of enforced awareness, it never works. Look what’s happening in Muslim countries now, solidarity campaigns against LGBTQ movement and in support of the player, bringing back any LGBTQ progress made in those countries.


As I said in the other thread if UEFA or FIFA started making all players pray before a match during Ramadan or Easter all the people supporting this in this thread would blow a gasket.


Malicious compliance


This is going way too far.


This is the shitlib version of 50 year old alcoholics getting angry at McLean / Matic not wearing poppies except those 2 aren't forced into some weird state mandated support ritual


That's such a dumb way to promote postive ideals of any kind. Aim is to win heart and minds, forcing someone to wear a shirt is not it.


Initiate a dialogue, make him attend courses and 'voluntary' duties with LGBTQ associated Organisations. Making him wear a shirt to prove a point is just mind numbingly stupid and just makes him a martyr to people who share his beliefs. They are going the wrong way in dealing with this. How do grown as fuck men in positions of power make such terrible decisions


Not to be rude but people that generally say what you say tend to be the type looking for a reason not to support a cause. It happens a lot .


I think they have a valid point though. When people are forced to support something or perceive that they are being forced, they often get more defensive about their views. Especially in the modern age, I think this causes people to seek “refuge” in communities of like-minded people, often resulting in further indoctrination. This is what I fear may be an unintended consequence anyway.


>Not to be rude but people that generally say what you say tend to be the type looking for a reason not to support a cause. It happens a lot . not that I disagree but it makes it impossible to take a nuanced position without instantly being branded a homophobe


> without instantly being branded a homophobe You figured out this whole thread.


Nobody should be pressured to do anything like this. Who do this lot think they are


It's funny when clubs gets scrutinized when their fans supported Palestine but they're pushing ahead with this. Muslims are the baddies for not participating in this but fuck me if Muslims were given support for Palestine or their own causes to expect anything back. Hypocrisy


He lives in France, represents a French club so he needs to abide by their rules or find somewhere else. Why should he get a special treatment where other Muslim Ligue 1 players didn't have issue wearing rainbow coloured kit ? Not showing up for work because I don't want to wear a kit that has rainbow coloured numbers is not a valid reason.


exactly, you can go play in Qatar if you don’t like it


Then tell me why FFF is so passive when it comes to racism? Just look at when le Graet said that racism isn't that present in football. FFF are just being hypocrtitical, as are a big part of french politicians and media, some were saying taking the knee is anti white racism, some where questioning why people should take the knee etc. No one here jumped on Germany NT saying they were racist because they refused to take the knee against France, and french players were ultimately dissuaded to do it by higher ups. People refusing to have the LGBT colored armband or kits existed in french league since this was introduced, why is it now of all times, when FFF suddenly hears that for Gueye it was religiously motivated, that they take action? Why be passive for every political matter for years?


Could be motivated by France's strong anti-Muslim political sentiments. Probably decided to make an example of him.


They were wrong before so they need to keep being wrong?


They were wrong like 1 year ago, it's still the same president. Le Graet should've been gone many years ago. And clearly it is weird FFF only takes action when it is a muslim foreigner. Gueye didn't even talk yet. I just hate it when people take those FFF mafias as being the example to follow, it could've been every other organisation but no, it's those hypocrites who let a litteral pedophile still work in their ranks who are threatening to sanction someone for a moral stance.


>Then tell me why FFF is so passive when it comes to racism? And they're wrong for that. Being wrong for that doesn't mean they shouldn't be right about other things, and them doing the right thing about LGBTQ+ rights and visibility shouldn't be obstructed because of their lack of attention towards racism.


If you think it is okay for Gueye to be forced to do what he doesn't want to do because you think it is right, then you should be okay with other entities forcing people to do what they don't want to do because they think it is right, or you'll be a hypocrite


Is anyone else even slightly disturbed that someone is being questioned by a council for refusing to wear a shirt? He's not overtly making hateful statements. I'm worried what kind of precedent this sets.


This is out of control


We as Muslims support him. The world must know that freedom of expression is for everyone and a Europe that advocates freedom of expression should know that he has and respects his religion and principles as they say.👌


This isn't even freedom of expression, this is freedom of thought since he hasn't said anything. Western Europe loves boast about tolerance towards minorities, at least until they don't exactly think like they expect them to think.


The Gay Gestappo is out now. What a facist response.


Don’t understand why he should be forced to support something against his religion. The LGBT community is allowed to obey their beliefs, but he isn’t allowed to obey his.


I'm really looking forward to Gueye suing them for discriminating against his religious beliefs.


Even black mirror episodes aren't as ridiculous as our western dystopia. Comply or else you're cancelled! Then we mock China and Russia about their propaganda and the lack of freedom of their people. The thought police is bad even if it is for causes you deem good. Try to convince people, not to coerce them. Especially when his protest was silent.


I fully support Gueye 100%. Why does he have to support something he doesn't believe in? Everyone mustn't harm any LGBTQ+ member physically or verbally, like I don't (and others should) see any problem with members of that community contributing in anything in the world, but I don't want to support them, nor harm them in any way.


Unless he goes out and harms anyone who is gay, why does this bother FFF. Not supporting something does not mean he is against.


Just a question for people here, if a westerner player was in a MENA league, and they did " support islam " day, and that player refused to wear it, would you call him an islamophobe? I am a muslim and I won't call him that, not supporting something != hating it ( != means doesn't equal for non-programmees ). He have beliefs, and he have the right to stand by them, but if he wore a homophobic tshirt ( obvious hatred ) then it will be ok to fine or ban him for sure, I have no problem with that.


Supporting lgbt rights is supporting human rights. Supporting religious liberty would be the equivalent imo. Would I wear a “religious liberty” slogan ? Yes, even if I believe that religions are a cancer to society, because everybody deserves freedom. To not support a pro lgbt initiative is to not support the same human rights that allow him and other immigrants to follow their beliefs in Europe Btw when I work in MENA I HAVE to hide that I am bisexual and follow the regional customs


I am sure he wouldve wore the tshirt if it promoted all humans rights, no exceptions, but it's only lgbtq in this case. Also, didn't many footballers got fined for wearing " I support palestine " tshirts? That didn't happen when people wore stop war in ukraine. Whatever you like or hate it, football is selective when it's about supporting cases not related to football. Also, Isn't forcing someone to wear a tshirt or get fined something bad? What if Xavi was forced to wear I support islam tshirt when he coached AlSadd ( qatari team? Leave anything not related to football out of football, otherwise you will always create hate, I believe all people should have the same rights, but if I were a pro footballer, I would never wear the lgbtq support tshirt, unless you let me wear tshirts that let me support cases I believe into too, I would feel discriminated, as well, there is no clause in La ligue 1 that forces someone to wear that tshirt, LGBTQ isn't a sponsor, PSG is the only one that can punish him, since when does la ligue 1 punish players for missing matches?






reddit : anyone who refuses to wear the rainbow-colored flag is Hitler People here will support a rapist or a domestic abuser at their team while get enraged about someone who refused to wear a rainbow-colored flag, despite him not taking any stance against the LGBT community or saying anything about them, he chose to adhere to his views privately without forcing them on anyone


Full time reddit keyboard warriors are at full force today.


Yeah, forcing him to do this will definitely change his mind and the minds of people who support him. It will definitely not put them on the defensive and make them more aggressive with their views. Great move




































I don't back this guy at all but when did it become acceptable to understand people's decisions for some things but not for others. So if you think there is a 1000 genders we're meant to understand but if wearing an LGBTQ shirt makes you uncomfortable you're automatically bad and have to wear it, wtf is going on with the world. So some people are allowed choice but others are not. I don't care what you are in life but if I accept your choices why can't you accept others




Tolerance is obligatory


That’s not tolerance, that’s marketing. Call things with their true names.


I always see the same names crop up in these threads in the past days defending Gueye or at least claiming his beliefs need to be respected. Why do you people have a problem with the way people are born? Fucking hell, people love other people, whats the fucking issue.


The issue is that Gueye isn't discriminating against anyone or even advocating for discrimination, he just doesn't want to be a hypocrite by wearing something he doesn't agree with. If an athlete feels uncomfortable wearing a certain sponsor, whether it's gambling or alcohol or whatever, then I would prefer that the club attempt to accommodate them if possible. I thought Jake Daniels' recent announcement was wonderful and I hope he inspires other gay athletes, so I'm not at all against that cause. I just don't think it's right that Gueye be forced to wear something he strongly disagrees with. If he had made disparaging comments about homosexuality then that would be an entirely different issue.


They believe it's a choice, which I've seen commented more than once on this very post.


Does he think that anyone who is LGBTQ sat down at 10 years old and made a pros cons list about the male and female body and decided to just go with liking men? I'd actually be fascinated to hear what he or any other deems as "choosing your sexuality". The fact these people can't for one second think outside of their own little box is fucking disgusting.


It's absurd, and I don't think anyone who isn't at least a little bi can seriously think this is true. As a straight male, I'm simply not attracted by other men.No matter how hard I try there will always be nothing there. I'm clearly not straight by choice. If you think you're straight by choice then that means you had to chose, and therefore you were (*at least initially*) partially or fully attracted to people of the same sex as your own. Otherwise I simply don't get it.


Pros: great fashion sense Cons: persecution and non-stop bullying


I may have *chosen* to live through hell, but at least I'm fabulous!!!


I wouldn’t have a problem wearing the shirt if I were fortunate enough to be a professional footballer. But that doesn’t mean I would force Gueye to wear it.


My only view on this is whatever opinion of Gueye people have based on his actions is fine, sanctioning/punishing him for deciding to opt out of, what at this point looks like a forced protest based on rhe response to him opting out, is less alright. He either has the religious angle and a homophobe that doesn't want to wear the rainbow shirt, or he's a homophobe in a rainbow shirt..I'm not seeing a difference in homophobic tolerance levels.


Clown world 🤡


This is so dumb. 😂




This whole thing about sanctioning him or making him wear anything is counter-productive and doesn't help to combat homophobia at all. They should've prepare an interview in which they would destroy him for his hypocrisy, fine him for refusing to work, forcing bigots to do anything will only make their bigotry stronger and fuel his supporters.


Yeah I agree call his hypocrite ass out for wearing betting company/alcohol sponsors and hiding behind his religion. But forcing him to send a picture is ridiculous and making him a martyr.


Aren't we the same people who complain about too much betting money in sports. Or are we okay with bet58483 funding sports now?


I don't like this one bit.


He should not wear it if he doesn’t want to. When football gets this political? Seriously.


When did football get this political he says with a Liverpool flair...


We had a Trump fan show up in our sub complaining that the left-wing talk was annoying and "can't we leave politics at the door?" It's like he picked a club to follow out of a hat. I can only assume he died of a stroke after seeing [this](https://beyondthekop.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/ik.jpg)


Not taking a knee = racist Not wearing a LGBTQ+ shirt = anti LGBTQ+ What else? (Obviously I'm aware that in this case the player has admitted that he isn't wearing the shirt precisely because he doesn't support LGBTQ+, I'm questioning the solution proposed by FFF)


lol macron is sucking the dick of emir of Qatar but of course the real crime is an individual who did not wear a shirt.


You can have the capacity to criticize 2 things at once


of course but if there is going to be worldwide change, it is imperative that we must see the hypocrisy. if FFF was fair about the punishments, PSG wouldn't be bought by the qatari gov






Get in line or we will make you get in line. Your beliefs don’t matter if we judge that they differ from our own, as we are of course perfectly morally right and justified


Suddenly we all care about gay rights because of one player. Deeply Islamic Countries who own clubs and do far more than not wearing a dumb shirt? Nah we sleep. Fucking hypocrites.


Respect his opinion


This is such a gueye thing to do.




This guy is disgusting. Forcing him to wear a shirt is fascist and disgusting


Westerns: our religion don’t accept homosexuality Rest of the world: Ours too Westerns: Fuck religion homosexuality is ok Rest of the world: happy for you but nothing changed for me Westerns: how dare you have your own culture and your own pace to changes things .. you should always do what I say


If any european footballer would’ve done this it would’ve gotten the same reaction, stop trying to make this a race issue.


Is he not allowed to have his own opinions on such subjects. FYI 100% do not agree with what he did just curious?