It doesn't surprise me that Timber and Martinez are linked to United now, they are definitely good enough to help their defence.


At this point Bram van Polen would be good enough as well anyway.


Thought I heard that van der Maarel is finally willing to play outside Utrecht


You’re good enough to help our defence tbf. But I would really love for us to be in for Timber. Seems like a perfect addition.


Is Edson Alvarez playing good this season?


He's been great


“Good enough” is a bit of an understatement considering Maguire is starting for them


Varane has been genuinely terrible too


Just take the whole team at this point Erik


Bandé at United yeah bby


What a player he is. 30 million for him and we got a deal


That's underselling him. Make it 35 mil


How about 40 mil and Marcial?


Deal. 🤝


Surely magallan sells for that price aswell?


Niet geschoten is altijd mis :)


Overmars could get that done.


Sad to see him become a meme, really liked him when I saw him for Mechelen


Merge the clubs to Ajax United




Some of it will be true, some of it will just be journalists saying 'Former Ajax coach linked with player he worked with at Ajax who plays as a (spins wheel) centre-back!'


We’ll trade all our players for all yours.




Be careful what you wish for lol


Do we get a group discount?


With the state Old Trafford is in they could also use your nice and shiny Cruyff Arena


What are we up to 7 or 8 ajax or former ajax players linked to United now.


Timber, Antony and now Martinez of the current team. De Jong and De Ligt ex-Ajax


I've seen Mazraoui and Gravenberch being linked as well (although both are joining Bayern)


So that's just them asking for more bayern money.


Well United could've genuinely been interested they are the signings they are looking for. But it was probably drummed up by the agent to get Bayern to offer higher wages.


Mazraoui is already confirmed to Bayern, just waiting for announcement. Reportedly he will earn 8 million euros gross wages. Not really that high. Gravenberch is in final details.


8 million euro's is very high compared to what Mazraoui earns at Ajax, though.


obviously but it's not that high compared to what most Bayern players are earning and also United players


The point is that his agent could have used Utd interest to get higher wages for Nous


Ziyech too


This will keep going until finally Sean klaiber is on that plane to england


"How many Ajax players do you want?" Erik: "Yes"


**5 Sentences Summary :** * Argentina centre-back Lisandro Martínez has been added to the list of Manchester United targets ahead of Erik ten Hag's arrival as manager. * Martínez, 24, has been the cornerstone of Ten Hag's defence for the last three seasons at Ajax and is seen as an ideal player in the Dutchman's one-v-one defensive tactics that has brought him Eredivisie titles. * Ten Hag's backline system at Ajax was built on speed, with Martínez reading games and also passing the ball out of defence. * With three seasons left on his contract at Ajax, Martínez would be expected to cost at least €30million to join the likes of Jan Vertonghen and Toby Alderweireld in leaving the Dutch club to pursue careers in other leagues. * Ten Hag would ideally like a quick centre-back but other priorities include two midfielders, in particular a No6 as an orchestrator to build attacks from, which was the way he played at Ajax. *reduced by 56%, powered by smmry.com*


Everyone loves shopping at Ajax; can we please see your customer loyalty card for a 10% discount..!?


If he really wants players he has worked with he can get Haller, Labyad and Klaiber. He has even worked with them twice


Quincy Promes to Manchester United here we go!


There are already enough stabbings happening in England


I am concerned, not one DM has been linked to us except Tchouameni


I am going to lose my mind if we seriously go through another season of Fred/McTominay double pivot


I want to see a manager make them a world class duo that everyone would be saying I got downvoted to oblivion saying they're good


Didn't mctominay had a game where he completed his first pass in the second half? Surely he can't be considered good after that happened


Wait till Ten Hag runs the first practice session


Well Martinez can play DM, maybe that’s what Erik ten Hag is looking for. Edit: [what the actual fuck are those stats?](https://twitter.com/thefergusonway/status/1526881722368872448?s=21&t=nx8NNbh7RBcw4Pukx9bWxg)


Fbref doesn't have advanced Eredivisie stats so those must be from CL only


Licha is elite and the only reason people don’t know is cause he doesn’t play in one of the too 5 leagues


Lisandro an IRL cheatcode?!


With his height, it might be more suitable for him in the PL.


I think Martinez would actually be perfect as DM for United. Not that I want him to leave what so ever.


How's his positioning, sniffing danger. And is he athletic.


I really do not feel any need to sell him to you. If you want to know that watch a video or something.


Wtf, lmao, i'm not capable of signing him even if i wanted to. You also can't trust YouTube comps, so that's why i asked an Ajax fan. So serious.


He's acting as if he's not on a football discussion forum lmao.


Haha no I mean I dont really feel the need in every Ajax thread to give a run down of a player when that is demanded by fans who never watch us. Nothing against you personally of course.


...this is a platform to discuss football. Is it not weird that people want to discuss a player that might soon make a transfer to their club


Sure but bring something to the discussion then, if you want his FIFA Stats look it up


No way, you cant expect everyone to watch every team in every league?...I see no problem in asking someone who literally said he would be "perfect DM for United" a question on why? I also dont watch Ajax, so asking someone who supports them why they made that comment is completely reasonable and you answering would be reasonable as well, since you made the perfect DM for united comment. Guess I need to start watching more football to know everything so I dont have to ask anyone anything.


I dont expect you to follow Ajax or any other team you dont follow but constantly this barrage of questions in these threads get tiresome and I was directly asked and I declined. You could easily look up Martinez yourself and see what kind of player he is and if you have further questions about that that you are wondering about go ahead and shoot. I dont have to answer but I am more likely too :)


You've now spent more time defending yourself to like 3 different people to not answer a question your comment initiated (by saying he's perfect DM for united), instead of just answering. This is insane, lol. I think you just dont know your shit.


Hahahaha Christ what a dumb take. You dont understand a principele?


I wholeheartedly agree with this sentiment. I hate when opposing clubs supporters ask "hows so and so" at every transfer rumour. It's one thing if the transfer is confirmed, but at a rumour just watch some videos yourself and get an idea if you really care that much. There's nothing wrong with discussing football of course, as this is the place for it. But these sort of things always end up being such a one sided commentary. It'd be one thing if it was 'I've seen a bit of player, and he seems like x kind of player' but it's always 'tell me everything you know about this player' without bringing anything else to the discussion.


> It'd be one thing if it was 'I've seen a bit of player, and he seems like x kind of player' but it's always 'tell me everything you know about this player' without bringing anything else to the discussion. I think this is the exact point for me as well indeed. Well put.


In the amount of words you typed in these 2 replies you could've just given a quick rundown of what kind of player he is instead.


It’s the principle of the thing. When city fans were doing the same about Julian Alvarez I felt the same. Our clubs and our players don’t need to be marketed to the grand saviors of football that are blessing us with their purchase of one of our players. Again it’s nothing personal, but if you want to learn about them just watch a few matches. Most fans of clubs like Ajax, River, etc that are consistently being poached are already frustrated with losing their best players every year, they don’t have to come gift wrapped to every fan as well. Again, it’s not against you but I would hope you would understand how it feels


The lad asking him isn't a scout, he's just some stranger on the internet ffs. Hardly going to have any impact on a potential transfer.


Sure, but for us its like having your ex's new partner suddenly ask you for a description of what your ex is like... it's not going to change the fact that your ex is with them, but it doesn't mean we have to like it.


I really dont care about you though? I dont owe you shit haha


Bit weird but ok


Wtf did you do to him lmao


Genuinely piss off Erik can keep talking about his "reunion" at Ajax all he wants I don't want him if all he does is take our players now


The true reunion would be if Ajax buys and owns Manchester United.


Better than glazers using us to buy us so that we can give them money


We usually don't go for mediocrity, though


Klaiber/Labyad/Bande/Daramy/Scherpen/Pieri tell us a different story though.


Hence "usually"


I mean Daramy has some potential and Bande did before the injuries


I can see us signing one player, two at most, but 50% of this is likely pure gossip and paper talk. At least.


Yeah I am aware but even if he "only" signs timber and Martinez, he's taken away the core of our teams and we'd be scrambling for an entirely new defense with tagliafico and mazraoui leaving as well


If it's either of them I really think it'd be one or other. Are Ajax really under that much financial pressure to sell? United suck at negotiating so you can probably take them to cleaners for one and have more than enough money not to worry about the other.


Not financially dependent on a sale but to keep our books positive we normally sell a player or two I think it's more of a case that with a new TD and manager coming in, we might as well clean house for max amount for the rebuild, although I think that we'll be trying to extend timber and only sell if we're unsuccessful


> United suck at negotiating Matt Judge's watch is over buddy.


Don't you think that's likely to happen regardless of whether United gets them, or someone else comes in?


probably, they were their 2 best players this season


To be honest I doubt we'll actually end up buying more than 1 of your players, which I expect will be Timber. Antony is probably too expensive given how much we're going to need to spend to fix the midfield. We won't buy more than one centre back and there's been way more links to Timber than Martinez. Fans talk about Alvarez but there's no reliable reports of interest from us.


Do you really believe this one


Yeah seems really wrong that a manager that “cares” about a club would then raid them for their players when he goes elsewhere. Definitely one of the reasons why Klopp never did it to Dortmund when he came to Liverpool


Ah yeah those single player raids Reminds me of those days when the vikings would show up in large groups, moving from village to village, to rape,pillage and demolish those individual houses and their inhabitant


All in search of a good centre back


Just imagine being that one guy though, that would be fucking terrifying to know a bunch of massive axe wielding vikings will sail across the north sea just to fuck up your day


Lol, is the English press just going to link every Ajax player to Manchester United?


Yes they will. Afterwards they will move on to all Dutch players and then finally all bald players.


Ah FFS were gonna end up re-stuck with Lukaku if he doesn't grow the hair back soon


Someone send Lukaku to Dr Batra's asap


Every Ajax player + Sneijder.


I’ll bring Sneijder on my bike tomorrow if I have to


Good luck with that 🫄🏻


You underestimate the strength of Dutch bikes


what about their buoyancy?


I’ll take the tunnel




Do you think they realized that a pregnant man emoji would only ever be used to make fun of fat people when they made it?


I mean… in what other situation would you use it?




Just you wait until we lose the final game of the season and there’s a picture of ten hag looking sad at old Trafford, it’ll go into overdrive


Edwin? We are buying Ajax. Just prepare the passports.


What's Ajax's backline? Because Timber, Martinez and Blind are all below 180cm.


Last season, those three and Mazraoui at rightback.


Did you have problems at set pieces or crosses? It's pretty unorthodox to have such short central defense, even in 3ATB (I assume Blind played LCB and Tagliafico was LWB).


We never play 3 or 5 at the back. We’ve played most games 4 at the back with blind as leftback, Martinez lcb, Timber rcb and Mazraoui rb. Some changes at the end of the season due to injuries. Haven’t really had any problems with set pieces or crosses. Only one I can think of is against Benfica which was just Onana being an idiot.


Interesting he made it work with short CBs and snail-paced Blind. Although Blind is an extremely smart defender who somehow managed to contain Lukaku, who's much bigger, stronger and faster.


I think the disadvantages short cb’s have are generally a bit over exaggerated. Shorter players tend to be way more mobile and able to jump higher than taller players.


Martinez is a good example of that. He easily makes up 10cm by jumping higher than the rest.


Our Dortmund game (home) was a good example of how we made it work. Basically was Martinez and timber being incredible and defending really aggressively and pray. Blind practically played as a second left winger. Alvarez also acts as an important part in transition


What happened to Tagliafico?


Ten Hag is a big fan of Daley Blind who has been his preferred leftback. Tagliafico got a stupid red card in the Johan Cruijff schaal (dutch version of community shield), which didn’t help his case. Made more minutes towards the end of the season because we had loads of injuries in defense, still played in 22 games this season. Fanbase wasn’t happy Tagliafico was on the bench as much as he was so they were chanting his name at every game.


If I'm correct he's won a lot of headers (despite his height) during his time at Ajax. This year he was Ajax's player of the year as well. I think he has the potential to be great at United, but I'd rather want to see him play another year in Amsterdam of course. I'm afraid we're looking at a season of rebuilding if all the transfer rumours are true. Especially if Timber and Martinez will leave.


Can you fuck off please, Erik?


Don’t ruin Licha :(




Can we drop a 80M on llorente from Athletico?