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Gueye actually raising awareness against homophobia way more than if he just wore the damn damn shirt on the bench. Everyone keeps talking about. Double agent Gueye


Supporting him publicly is so confusing to me. He hasn't been punished or anything so its basically co signing his opinion for no reason


Gueye becomes bieye


4d chess by Gueye to solve homophobia


Didnt think PSG’s squad could become any more unlikable


You think of the same of Senegal ?


The whole country or the national team?


Sadio Mane can reconcile his religion with supporting LGBTQ


Mane doesn’t support LGBTQ…like at all


Regardless of his beliefs, he didn’t skip the Soton game in November despite all the rainbow themed stuff. He didn’t speak about it at all but unlike Gueye he didn’t skip his job.


No source or proof, just a random redditor talking out of his ass. How is this shit upvoted


People like ass


You got a source?


He doesn’t


[his source](https://youtu.be/r7l0Rq9E8MY)


Trust me bro


This is based on what exactly


Why the fuck is this upvoted? Absolutely zero evidence for what you’ve just said


Trust me bro


Except when he participates in the stonewall campaign that we are discussing


He doesn’t?




Truly feel bad for any potentially closeted players that play in the top leagues.


Is this really any worse than having to play against teams owned by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE? Like it's sad that players aren't standing up for the LGBT community but does that make closeted individuals feel worse than knowing that the biggest leagues are completely okay with team owners actively killing members of their community? There should be outcry every time PSG or Newcastle get remotely close to the pitch. Good luck getting the House of Saud to wear a rainbow shirt


Completely different scenarios Clubs don't really have much of a say on who their owners are. It's an agreement between the previous owner and the current owner (and possibly government approval) Plus players getting exposed to club hierarchy is relatively rare. The only situations I can think of is when they negotiate contracts and transfers. But a fellow teammate being openly homophobic has a much deeper effect. These guys hang out together day in and day out and some of those relationships are very close. For a personal comparison, I'm a mostly closet bisexual. I've come out to a lot of close friends over the past year or two and thankfully all of them have been supportive. But there are notable exceptions and I've not come out to a couple of really really close friends, because they've made homophobic comments in the past. Idk if they truly believe in it or if it was just a joke (probably the latter) but it was enough to make me uncomfortable coming out to them But if the owner of my company was openly homophobic, sure it would affect me a bit, but as long as I am not discriminated against for my own sexuality, I wouldn't care much. I don't meet that person very often and their approval doesn't mean anything to me. That one close friend that I can't come out to, that shit hits way harder.


> Clubs don't really have much of a say on who their owners are. Unless they weren't privately owned beforehand or have mechanisms in place that puts the fans in a position of power. But the statement you made seems incredibly depressing to me.


Fans may not be able to stop an owner taking ownership but they can protrst and make it clear that the clubs ownership is not representative of them. Newcastle fans were very haply to protest Ashley despite not being able to remove him. There is no reason not to now. The excuse that it makes no difference holdd no water when they did before. If you stay silent and cheer their name you are complicit. Newcastle as a club are homophobic. That token tweet they sent out the other day is nothing nore than one action in a sportwashing exercise. Everyone knows who the club represent.


To be fair, House of Saud is bombing Yemeni children who are of the same race and religion. I don’t think they care about upholding any values


Well when these closeted players could be teammates of these guys it becomes a bit more personal. You can’t confide in your mates at the club because one of them (maybe more) wouldn’t accept you for who you are.


Can you provide a source for the “team owners actively killing members of their community” please?






I think he just got tired of people calling him Gueye


Why are you Gueye?


Who says I'm Gueye?


Then who is Gueye?


You are Gueye


Why should someone be Gueye?


No idea what's the bigger clowning, not wearing a shirt because it has a rainbow on it or trying to "publicly support" your friend because he rightfully gets shredded online for being homophobic, damned circus.


I wonder how they mentally justify hating someone based on sexuality while probably not loving someone hating them based on their skin colour.


Bold of you to assume that most football players have the brains to notice those contradictions.


People forget that while these guys might be good footballers, they are absolutely stupid in general life.


Their religion doesn’t support homosexuality, and being the myrmidons that they are, they don’t even question how it’s wrong. Hopefully these religions will come around and stop spreading these bullshit homophobic beliefs. They don’t follow half the shit that their religion tells them anyway, but “oh no”, we absolutely can’t support LGBTQ people.


Shredded online. Online does not equal Reddit you know that right? I saw plenty of support for Gueye on various social media platforms Edit: I’m not saying that’s right but ignoring support for him is also wrong because it undersells the issue. These views are much more widespread than 3-4 players across the leagues.


Showing support for homophobes, I’ve seen it all. I don’t give a fuck about the “but his religion tells him so!!!”. His religion also tells him to not do 500 different things that he is doing anyway


So brave of them to perpetuate discrimination.


Shit like this is why, despite the overwhelming support for Jake Daniels on Twitter from former players and normal people alike, attitudes are vastly different in these dressing rooms. For religious reasons or otherwise, the idea of a player being gay in the dressing room is revolting. Chances are you won't have any favorite players left if people felt confident enough to speak out without retribution. These type of attitudes are horrific. It's sad that it's 2022 and people are still like this.




So he wont wear a rainbow on his shirt because religion but he will wear CHANG beer on his shirt and betting companies???


Two dumb cunts in one photo


The homophobes are getting too bold, now feeling like they can band together and happily express these feelings of bigotry with no repercussions. The league or club need to humble them. Their harmful beliefs have no place in football.


Regardless of the situation, forcing someone to have beliefs is not the way to go. As shitty as his opinion is, gueye (ironic name that) is entitled to it as long as he doesn't assault or abuse anyone. You are entitled to bash him for being a bigot, but i dont think sanctions are valid here This is especially true when he is refusing to take a stance woth homosexuality as opposed to taking a stance against homosexuality. Its not like he came out and said "fuck them gays". The rainbow colors were obviously a statement that he didnt agree with, and its his right to refuse it as it is the right of every employee to refuse their employers stamce


absolutely, but it is our right (and probably duty) to call him and his twat behaviour out


Yeah, the point is that the clubs or leagues can't (and shouldn't) really do anything to them in retaliation. The only ones with power here are the fans.


Why can't they? If I say something racist at work, I'd get fired, why shouldn't they face repercussions for being homophobic?


Yeah but he didn't say anything homophobic. It was heavily implied, but it's not an easy angle to attack for a club, legally speaking.


He didn't say or do something homophobic though. Technically speaking it's not his duty to promote homosexuality and not doing so isn't homophobia. What's the point of this message if you're forcing people to give it, does that really help the cause?


The only part that's a bit dicey is him deciding to not play on this basis though. It should be the club's decision as to how they handle a player saying they don't want to play for X reason. Should have nothing to do with the league, but if the club takes issue with it I think they may be in their rights to sanction him.


It’s called freedom.


That's clearly not what he's saying.


Okay he’s wearing a rainbow not taking a cock up his ass how the fuck is that “forcing them to have beliefs”? Wearing Fly Emirates is not forcing you to believe FE is the best airline company.


I mean OP is literally demanding FAs to "humble them" and giving repercussions because they banded together and expressed their feelings to this. I believe what u/Muted_Author_4761 is saying is that we can't push a tolerance agenda by just forcing people to participate in it. That is literal propaganda through force, even if be believe it is for a good reason. Every far right and homophobic mouthpiece will have a field day with the fantasy that their freedom of speech is now lawfully opressed. You'd only end making Gueye and co. a martyr.


So why are you so worked up if its only a rainbow with no statement behind it? Obviously the rainbow was for a reason, he didnt agree with it, and forcing him to doesnt help anyone. If anything it will foster more homophobia because it starts to feel like a forced belief


> Regardless of the situation, forcing someone to have beliefs is not the way to go. Allowing bigots to freely have and express their bigoted beliefs isn’t the way to go either. Here in the US, 11 innocent black people were just shot down and killed, because a bunch of racist people online freely expressed their beliefs to the point where one person was inspired to take it to the extreme. Actions should be taken to prevent this type of stuff. > As shitty as his opinion is, gueye (ironic name that) is entitled to it as long as he doesn't assault or abuse anyone. You are entitled to bash him for being a bigot, but i dont think sanctions are valid here Ligue 1 and Paris Saint-Germain are private entities, not the government. They can sanction however they please. > This is especially true when he is refusing to take a stance woth homosexuality as opposed to taking a stance against homosexuality. He took a stance as pro-homophobia though. That was the message being put out by Ligue 1. It was a day against homophobia. There’s literally zero reason to protest that message unless you’re not against homophobia, which is taking a stance against homosexuality. > The rainbow colors were obviously a statement that he didnt agree with The rainbow colors aren’t a statement to be disagreed or agreed with. They represent LGBTQ+ people. We’re real, we exist, and deserve equal treatment. That’s not up for debate.


He didn’t express any belief. He just said I’m not participating in this. Where’s the belief being expressed? Did he publicly attack anyone? No. Did he publicly shame anyone? No.


Are you seriously trying to argue that boycotting isn’t an act of expressing one’s beliefs?


It's a genuine Q. What's the point of the rainbow laces/kits?


Ligue 1 was honoring World Day Against Homophobia. The rainbow kits and armbands aid in spreading this message.


I wish first the freaking club came out and made a statement, but sadly we know the views of those who own PSG.


Where are they expressing their feelings of bigotry? Show me actual hard evidence, the only sanction that should be brought against Gueye is that if he is in breach of his contract for refusing to show up to match day. Who are PSG owned by again?


Their personal beliefs aside, they are in a difficult position, on one hand, if they support the LGTQ community, the outrage in the Muslim/Arab world in general and in their country, in particular, will have massive subscription repercussions. On the other hand, being silent about this issue is a massive PR scandal in the west/France. A couple of months ago, Abutrika, an ex-Egyptian player, went on live international tv asking Muslim players not to wear the rainbow flags and not support this "perversion" which is against Islamic beliefs, nothing happened to him, he still earning his bread as a pundit as the same studio. Both received massive support campaigns on multiple social platforms, decrying their stances are instances of freedom of speech, which is quite regrettable, and very idiotic.


Why can players openly out themselves as homophobes without getting any reprecussions?


Because majority of the world population share same view as the player in question.


It isn't illegal, I would say. Doesn't makes it better.


What kind of question is this even. You think they should be banned or what? For not openly supporting gay people?


Most people are homophobic tonnes of footballers are probably privately homophobic what can you really do about it unless they come out and say something terrible?


Do you want them to be fined? Best thing that can happen is that they're booed relentlessly, but that's assuming the match going fans aren't homophobic themselves, or if they even care.


Ever heard of tolerance? Gueye didn't want to show his support and sat the game out, he didn't attack anybody. Time to do the same with opinions you don't agree with, just sit it out.


Ever heard of the Paradox of tolerance? “In order to maintain a tolerant society, the society must be intolerant of intolerance”


I don't think that applies here, a society can and probably should criminalize and punish people who commit and intend to commit crimes against LBGTQ+ people. They can and should foster repercussions for people who commit crimes against them. People abstaining to participate in events and doing nothing isn't intolerance. There should be punishments for intolerance, what Gueye did was not intolerance. Side note: I actually believe Gueye holds homophobic views because of this incident, but I know that that is just my perception of things and not a reality of the situation. Just because we say "we all know why he didn't participate" doesn't mean that we actually know. We can say we do, sure, but until he personally confirms it, the reality is that none of us know.


Tolerating intolerance is a danger to society. Homophobia is a disease to society that can spread and can harm society, it is not an opinion to be tolerated, it is an opinion that if expressed like Idrissa did by his inaction, should trigger consequences that we haven't seen yet.


Like what? And by whom? PSG's owners or the league that allowed Qatar to buy PSG?


Sounds an awful lot like the beginning of totalitarianism.


The world is not black and white, limiting the freedom to spread bigotry is not a trait of a totalitarian regime.


Nah fuck that. When someone's opinion is that a section of the world's population is lesser because of their sexuality, we shouldn't be tolerating that. Call them out, show them and others it's not acceptable.


repercussion for what? What's the crime or offense? GTFOH


Idk if he's a homophobe or not, but not agreeing to wear doesn't mean homophobe. You can disagree with anything and not hate it.


**[RMC Sport] Papa, a Senegalese and supporter of Senegal, gives his Senegalese point of view on the Idrissa Gueye controversy**: *”What is true in France may not be abroad. We (in France) are 60 million people out of 7 billion people on earth, we have to accept that others don’t think like us, and don’t react like us…Idrissa Gueye before being a footballer, he is above all a Senegalese. Senegalese society could not understand that a player like Gueye could defend this cause”*. https://twitter.com/afterrmc/status/1526660626847875072?s=21&t=hmkyTS7Fh6Xaui6SZGyWSw ——— Posted this to provide a Senegalese point of view on this situation in comparison to the Western view point that is prevalent in the sub.


He also says that a popular Senegalese artist had to do a press conference apologising for wearing a rainbow t shirt while performing a concert


>Senegalese society could not understand that a player like Gueye could defend this cause. Enough proof that the Senegalese society is one with backward mentality(atleast in the matters of homosexuality).


who would've known that wearing a shirt with some colors on it would send these guys into an uproar?


Or not wearing it. Can't believe everyone is this mad about it.


When it’s a league initiative the default position is wearing it. He’s actively refusing to do his job (play football) to make a point about his own beliefs. He’s making a clear public statement as a very privileged, well known public figure that he is against equal rights for LGBTQ people, and you think everyone should just shrug and go “well he just didn’t want to wear a shirt no biggie”?


Representation and advocacy are some of the most important ways to battle bigotry, and a high profile athlete obviously boycotting a display of anti-discrimination is a bad look. People have every right to be upset, especially about a topic like homophobia, which is a massive problem in football.


I just can't help but laugh at this conversation. Poster A: "Look at how dumb they are for being angry over a shirt" Poster B: "Actually, everyone else are the ones who are angry" Poster C: "Well they have every right to be angry at them over a shirt"


He is angry over a shirt. We are angry over discrimination. See the difference? If he is not mad about a shirt, then he is actively refusing to stand against homophobia. Imagine a white player who says he won't wear "No to racism" band, or play a game with this message. He's not racist, he just doesn't like that and doesn't want to play with this. Is he acting like a racist?


Me: grabbing popcorn. People these days be like if you don't agree to me, you are wrong.


Its obvious that reddit would be mad


Reddit is always mad though , more seriously does anyone speak french ? Because Diallo just said * We know who you are" , also Gueye did say nothing since the beginning not a single word.


Guys are douchebags but these threads really highlight the echo chamber some live in, this is just how a lot of the world thinks.


Is it okay then? No. There was also a time where lots of people in Germany thought Jews where evil.


Ah so they're both absolutely bigoted cunts?


I am Muslim but why live in the most secular country in the world if you are not going to respect or assimilate to their culture ? Why not live somewhere else that shares your values? There is islamophobia in Europe, but to be honest our people are also a major pain in the ass. They don't want to integrate, get offended at cartoons and don't realise that France is a secular country where religion is a private matter that should be kept away from politics, sports etc.... issues like LGBTQ rights are important and considered as human right in every Western country and a lot of Europeans died fighting to protect those rights.


this comments screams like a post from r/asablackman but muslim


>why live in the most secular country in the world if you are not going to respect or assimilate to their culture ? Accepting every single majority-held moral viewpoint is not a prerequisite for residency or citizenship, nor should it be. Your point here is a total non-sequitor.


Why are people making a big deal out of this, did he say anything hateful?


Yank mob who have no ability to comprehend that people from outside their country see the world differently are seething at the suggestion that someone might hold religious convictions or not want to engage in nonsense virtue signaling


>people from outside their country People from outside the west. Europe is very pro lgbt people, we give the same rights to everyone but your religion isn’t a valid ground for discrimination. Do that in a mosque or a church


If u do a hundred other things that your religion forbids but when it comes to supporting basic human rights for gay people u refuse u are just using ur religion as an excuse to be bigoted. 🤨


Nope reddit mob is angry that he is not one of virtue signalers. They see world in black or white, you are with them or against :] Like religion fanatics, I guess that how they find heretics, the ones without rainbow. Grab a popcorn and watch ;)


How can you be against freedom of love?


Thats the thing im not against it :\] I just dont like virtue signaling. Edit: Ppl like to be angry and bitter in the internet. Better to use that energy in real life to be decent human being, spreading good vibes in your community. World would be better place. Spitting hate on some dude for not wearing a rainbow, it changes nothing.


Tolerating intolerance is what lets intolerance grow. Gueye sent out a clear message that he doesn't support LGBT rights and we as a society shouldn't let that slide. The options we have are limited here, though: punish him overly and he becomes a martyr; ignore him and risk the attitude spreading. We can only hope to change his mind. With openly gay folks offering to talk to him about the struggles they faced in life and explaining that it is not a choice. We can only kill such attitudes with kindness.


He only has to look upstairs at his employer to know that homophobia (whether shared by himself or not) is a-okay as far as 'our society' is concerned.


You can not kill these attitudes with kindness and Idrissa is already considered now a hero among the Muslim communities as was definitely expected. You should ignore Idrissa for a second and think about his stance, which is a dangerous stance to society and should be chastised. One of the ways to defeat intolerance in a particular society is to increase the cost of intolerance, and in this particular case, there should be more substantial consequences to something as dangerous as homophobia.


I do get your point, but the punishment needs to match the "crime". All he did was to not come out and support an ideal he didn't believe in. Punishing this is nothing short of draconian. He's not going about making nazi salutes. People hold outdated, hateful attitudes for many reasons, the biggest one being just not knowing otherwise. Confrontation will only entrench them in their ideas. Most people, however, can be taught to be tolerant with time and effort. Only a very deeply personal experience can suddenly change a person's mind in this, and global criticism and undue punishment is not that.




It's not about changing his mind, it's about the dangers of blatant homophobia in entertainment, in the work place and in society at large. Idrissa's intolerance impacts members of the LGBT community and people who think that intolerance should have no place in our world today from within the club, the league, the country and the whole world. His intolerance hurt people and it helps to spread hate towards a community that is suffering through out the world. We've seen in recent years different people lose their livelihood because of hate speech, because of intolerance, because of improper behaviors in the workplace and expressing a belief as dangerous as homophobia should result in the same outcome. As harsh as it may seem, someone like Idrissa will receive support from his immediate entourage and millions of Muslims through out the world for expressing homophobia, rendering a negative social feedback ineffective in preventing the expression of homophobia. Losing his job should not be the immediate response of course but it should be on the horizon, a risk that can be avoided by an admission of his show of intolerance and an apology to those affected by his expression of homophobia.


Clown show, hard to dislike PSG more but they’re making it possible


He didn’t do anything wrong.. he chose not to wear a kit due to personal beliefs. Same principle as if an atheist decided not to wear a kit with a cross in it. I really don’t understand this SJW circlejerking going on here lmao. Calm down ffs he didn’t even make a big deal about it or post anything. Just declined to wear a kit that he didn’t feel comfortable wearing


It's just funny so many of his Senegalese team mates are backing him up on social media. Imagine their reactions if their world cup opponent for example would refuse to play them because they're black or muslim, this personal beliefs and real man stuff would disappear completely.


Fuck these two players, and the multiple fans on here trying to make weak excuses for them. Imagine siding with bigots lol


I think a lot of you would be stunned if you got off reddit for 5 minutes and stepped into the real world, where you'll find the vast majority of people agree with and support Gueye, Sarr and Diallo


Except the majority of reddit users live in the USA and western Europe, where homosexuality is generally considered fine by most people for the past few decades.








Homophobes deserve criticism. Even funnier that Muslims demand respect while showing none. *COEXIST* should become a thing again


To be honest everyone making a meal out of this has made it blow up and probably made the situation worse. Anyone can believe whatever they want, that's their right. If Gueye chooses to believe that being gay is wrong then that's his choice to make. You don't get to police other people's thoughts and beliefs because they don't align with your World view. Now if someone is acting on their prejudices and discriminating against a person or group, that is wrong. As far as I can tell though all he did was refuse to take part in a pro-LGBT demo.


Well said.


_PSG owned by a regime which criminalises homosexuality_ - I sleep. _One PSG player silently decides not to wear a rainbow shirt_ - real shit.


Aye because people haven’t been calling out Qatar for there homophobic views (e.g not allowing same sex people to book a hotel room with one bed at the World Cup) and using slave labour to build the stadiums. Literally happens on this sub whenever the World Cup is brought up


> PSG owned by a regime which criminalises homosexuality - I sleep. People shit on PSG all the time for being onwed by said regime. The same with Newcastle now. What the fuck are you talking about?


The reaction is quite disproportionate considering PSG are still owned by said regime. It seems likelier that Gueye will face sanctions for his assumed homophobia before PSG will for the very real, tangible, and harmful homophobia of its owners. Its also disproportionate because what Gueye (didn't) do did not actually harm anyone anywhere in the slightest. He slightly and passively abstained from a political gesture arranged by his employer. I actually don't care what the gesture is for. As a leftist and a trade unionist, I just abhor the idea of an employer mandating political messaging among its employees this way.


I argue that it feels like it is disproportionate due to the fact that it has been diluted throughout time since the Qatari took control of PSG. And Gueye is a new story, that will eventually die out, therefore concentrating all the negative comments in the present time. Either way, the PSG-owner hatred is certainly not the "I sleep" you mentioned.


I’m confused, just because he refused to wear the kit does that make him against it? Maybe he’s neutral? No one should be forced to support something & no one should be flamed for their decision. Saying “you’re homophobic because you don’t support it” is not correct. Would you call him out for religious discrimination if he chose not to wear a Christian referencing kit, cause he’s Muslim? All the F1 drivers that chose to stand during the kneeling before a a race, last season… Are they all racist?


It really depends on the situation. Sometimes there is no neutral or middle ground.


W comment.


I just want to point out that someone's religious beliefs are a choice - someone's sexuality or race on the other hand is _not_


Tonnes of homophobic apologists outing themselves in here


Good, ppl acting like he actively kills them smh


Homophobia is a deadly thing in senegal https://www.voanews.com/a/protestors-demand-longer-prison-sentences-for-homosexuals-in-senegal-/6452057.html


Virgin Redditors vs Chad Diallo


I’m sure there’s alot of people who actually didn’t want to wear the shirt but did anyway. Betting my left ball that lots and lots of players support Gueye but are to afraid (and rightfully so) to show it. Fucking idiots.


No matter what it is about, I will never understand people who force others to make a social or political statement and then cry if they refuse to do it.


he has the right to think and feel however he wants. just like everyone else.


I would argue that gay people don’t have the same rights everywhere


Unless you feel gay in a lot of places, then you don’t have any rights.


And we have a right to critize his actions. Especially when they are extremely hurtful to a large group of people.


He chose not to participate in a demonstration. Not really "extremely hurtful"


I’m sure you would feel the same if it was two neonazis sitting in that picture right?


Is choosing not to wear a shirt really equivalent to being a neo nazi? When you use the word nazi for everything it really diminishes it’s meaning


Imagine how he’ll feel when he realizes his name is pronounced “Gay”


That's not how his name is pronounced, just on the off chance you aren't joking


It isn’t but okay


Going through this thread was a pleasant surprise. Fuck homophobia


ah well, time to move my hammock into this thread. Gotta fill the drink up though- drank it in the least thread. Edit: caved in sorry. Waste of a drink.


I support gay rights but would not wear political symbolism at my work regardless of what is stands for. That is not homophobic. People really lack the sense of nuance in this discussion.


Wearing rainbow font won’t make you gay you fking clowns. If you’re still defending them, you’re an idiot.


not wearing them won't make you bigot and homophobe as well but somehow we bash him


It was a day against homophobia. It wasnt a pro LGBT day, it was just against homophobia. Against hatred, if you refuse to wear that then I'm sorry it looks like you fucking hate gay people and its not like you just don't want to support them. Theres a difference.


actively skipping work just to avoid wearing a rainbow shirt does yeah


But refusing to wear them to the extent that you won’t do your job that you’re being paid millions to do does. For fucks sake, it’s painfully obvious that he’s not a fan of gay people lol


Nah, being afraid of some colours should be mocked


we all talk about how lgbt people received abuse and hate and how it is harmful for them and yet we bash gueye with abuse and hate just because he refuse to wear in support of lgbt, he's not publicly against lgbt at all.


Id say its pretty public


disagree. he never stated in public that he is against lgbt at all


Okay well if it's for religious reasons, why has he had no problem wearing a beer sponser and a betting sponser at Everton? It's pretty clear where he stands in view of LGBT.


Because it's more tolerable on the club perspective to excuse him from playing for one day because it mever tie in with sponsor. He won't be playing with betting and alcohol as sponsor on the shirt if it is preventable from the club




This is hypocritical You’re basically doing the thing as Gueye but with his religion instead of LGBT. Not very tolerant of you.


Religion is a choice though


Nobody here is arguing tolerance. People just want a world in which being yourself, (like expressing your sexual orientation) won’t get you killed. Homophobes and the like love talking about tolerance it’s hilarious.




They all are.


Glad there is no stupid thing like rainbow shirt parade on my country


Needs to be treated as though these players were publicly talking about how they support racism.


His life his choice


Well aren't these two guys just proper pricks.


The people being overly upset are more harmful to society than a guy peacefully refusing to play a game. In the end your strong opinion will be the cause for violence, no matter how right u think it is




People who want better rights for LGBT are more harmful?


This being upvoted is disgusting. No, the victims of homophobic persecution are not more “harmful to society” than the homophobes themselves, and not are the allies that stand up for them


> The people being overly upset are more harmful to society than a guy peacefully refusing to play a game. What an absolutely terrible comment


How the fuck is this shit take upvoted


By that logic, you shouldn't get upset over anything ever because you'll be harmful to society


Let's not forget the real victims here, the homophobes


It's not peaceful though? Imagine being a gay player on the PSG team or the Senegal team and seeing this shit. He is afraid to be himself because his colleagues and the people he works with every day think he isn't normal because of his sexuality. That kind of lack of empathy is not peaceful. I reckon when gay people involved in men's football see shit like this, they will be so scared that they would rather hide one of the most fundamental aspects of human nature than show their true personality. That must be a torturous way to live for anyone. People like Gueye are far more harmful to society because they make football, which is a huge part of european society, a less inclusive place. Football is a people's game. The people are not just made out of straight men. Men's football needs to finally accept that.


So what? Why are people getting mad about this? Gay people aren't put down because he refuses to wear a shirt. Get on with your lives ffs


The world is way to invested in caring what a single (not contributing to politics or not actively hating on people) persons opinion is.


Because people have empathy for others. Others that might be forced to hide their sexuality because their teammates and others around them wouldn’t accept them for who they are. Plus it affects the entire climate of LGBT acceptance, this kind of situation only alienates gay people further and makes it harder for them to just be themselves without feeling scrutinised and unwelcome. While also giving homophobes reason to continue being bigoted.


Idrissa Gueye plays for PSG. He is, as far as we know, still not the most homophobic figure at the club by a distance. If there are closeted players at PSG they might be more worried about their intensely homophobic employer, rather than a single colleague.




Really? I feel like this would be the prevailing opinion in Senegal. Decent chance that Gueye wearing the shirt would have been the PR nightmare lol


Bro, that country is predominantly Muslim, it would have been a PR disaster if he had worn the shirt.


Guessing you’re not up to date on Senegal


This entire thread is a fucking mess. Do I agree with these two? No. Is it their right to have this belief regardless of my opinion? Yes. You can’t force players to wear something in support for a cause that they don’t endorse/believe in. Trying to do so, makes you no better than them. This situation is just like the people who were pro-choice when it comes to the covid vaccine because you can’t tell them what they should do with their body yet they want to turn around and say you don’t get a choice to have an abortion because it’s a life. You lot are creating a double standard based on your own beliefs. You don’t have to support these players or believe the same thing that they do. I also think it’s fair to question the reasons as to why they believe what they do and create an open dialog to try and inform people with these beliefs, but to go all angry mob/pitchfork because of their beliefs makes you no better than them.


You can criticize them for it.