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Uli really likes him


I rather have the feeling that he dislikes the whole bayern administration now


God, I will miss Uli once he isn't around anymore. Nobody is such a good shit-stirrer as him. No wonder he is good friends with Helmut Marko. Tbf to him he's always just defending his guys often by attacking someone else.


You can't deny that Uli is one of the best presidents you could ask for. Under him, Bayern has always been well organized and structured


Oh, I'm not denying it at all. He would and still does everything in his power to make Bayern as successful as possible with tremendous results.


This guy is a god at protecting the club He's gonna come out and insult everybody and their mum just to take the attention away from players, mostly because he knows his reputation is fucked anyways


He's friends with Marko? Searched and found, I guess. The difference of course is Hoeneß not being the paid shill of an energy drink.


Well at least he's a convicted tax dodger


At that level they all are tax dodgers. You'd be hella stupid not to.


There he is Villain Uli


so just normal uli


"Don't critize the signings I made Brazzo do"


If I was the cleaning lady, I'd want a pay rise then


Uli with his favourite pupil


2nd year in a row 2nd round finish in the DFB Pokal, 2nd year in a row ro8 exit in the CL, 2nd year in a row not making 80pts. Last season lost Alaba for free, this season lost Süle for free, next season might be Lewy if you aint selling now, Thiago only was sold for 22m€ which is basically nothing for his skills I know this could happen to a team, but this is Bayern we are talking about. The years before that they only exited in CL semi finals or won the whole thing and only lost to Real the multiple times winner in the last decade, everyone helds Bayern to a high standard, then again the 80pt mark, Bayern got that before Brazzo every season since the champion years of Klopp. Bayern has more budget than RBL and BVB combined, its obvious they have the best team and best players in the league, depthwise RB might have a little edge over Bayern. So yes in the last two years Bayern was on a steady decline, then tri factor of Lewy, Müller and Neuer ain't getting younger and those three are generational talents and you need to start looking for replacements. Höneß can say what he wants but it is clear that Bayern has been weaker and weaker compared to the very top in Europe. It still should be easy for them to win the league, since their budget is just so much bigger and they can basically poach almost every player they actually want but to be like höneß and ignoring these FACTS well then go ahead.... (this is not only my opinion its just whats the numbers are showing) E: Be reasonable and dont attack me because of my flair, I know we are not better than Bayern, but we are also not held to such a high standard like Bayern, I mean Im talking about the number 1 club ranked in the UEFA coefficient rankings here...


>Thiago only was sold for 22m€ which is basically nothing for his skills Just wanna point out that this one is different. Thiago only wanted Liverpool for his last big paycheck and the club facilitated the transfer for him as a sort of thank you for his time. Right or wrong, it wasn't a business move. Other than that, Bayern are going through a transition right now. The core is getting old and gradually changing. Transitions are rarely smooth but as long as they go for the right players, they should be back at that level soon. The question now is: Can BVB and Leipzig jump on the opportunity and end the streak?


Yes I know, but this means as of now in the last two years your transfer income was 22.4m€ which is basically nothing for a club like Bayern. Tbf though you also "only" bought two players and a coach for a sum of 75~m€ To your question, most likely not. Even a bad Bayern year is better than what all clubs in the history of the league have ever reached. Apart from our 2012 campaign. That is the only exception in 50+years of Budnesliga. The only chance would be if Lewy is actually leaving. I dont think even Bayern can replace someone like him unless you have Mbappe in the back


>Thiago only wanted Liverpool for his last big paycheck and the club facilitated the transfer for him as a sort of thank you for his time. Why are they not able to do the same for Lewy though? He's done arguably more for Bayern


Because players who are absolutely essential to the team are always handled differently. Ribery wasnt allowed to leave for Madrid either, but Thiago wasnt as essential to our midfield as Lewy is for our attack.


It seems a bit hypocritical to reward a player for their service but if you do too good then it's a penalty


It's more about how many ready replacements they have in the structure than being too good.


Salihamidzic is their sporting director, and therefore is also responsible for how they have done lately. It may be sad ppl were not singing his name when things were going well but such is the nature of the beast. Someone has to be held responsible and it cant be all of the club.


Uli, shut up finally!!!!


This dude is on some insane copium


Why would anyone shout his name if he did not do the majority of transfers in the team at that time?


Every time I hear the word 'brazzo' I think of a particular type of website. Anyone else? Or am I the only perv here?


Thats some real unconditonal love