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Sane, Gnabry, Coman, Dembele. That's alot of pace on the wings for Bayern


Too many hospital beds reserved


Our plan to fix our problems with injuries is signing as many injury prone players as possible so on average, there will always be just players fit to play. Genius.


We need to justify hiring new docs


NHS quadruple combo right there


The amount of French players in RM, Bayern is gonna be insane. Deschamps will still play Griezman and Giroud.


Tbf, Giroud might not score or have a sog, he does offer build up play and a focal point to the attack


Here we again, Benzema is better than Giroud in literally everything football.


Yeah but Giroud looks like gigachad


Its like comparing an F1 car with a go-kart


Except the human aspect of the game which is crucial for team dynamics. Giroud is loved by everyone on the french national team which helps with morale aswell as just keeping a good astomoshede when things get tough. It’s not a big of a difference as it was 5 years ago since most of the valbuena camp has left the NT but that will always hang over his head. If managing interpersonal relationships wasnt a criticial aspect of the game then the best coach would be some FM player that approaches everything at face value.


You'd have a good point if the team already didn't incorporate Benzema.. He might have been blackballed by the team for his actions, but it is clear to see that alot of the French players have a good personal relationship with him..


>>It’s not a big of a difference as it was 5 years ago since most of the valbuena camp has left the NT but that will always hang over his head. Yeah, that's what they said.




And Benzema was just randomly excluded from the national team for years for being such a good teammate?


Which other people apart from mbappe and maybe benzema? Stop lying.


Which other people apart from mbappe and maybe benzema? Stop lying.


They did only win the world cup when Giroud was the no. 1 striker though. Team cohésion doesn't demand the 11 best players to play. Benzema is excellent, but Giroud was perfect for that world cup winning team. How can you argue with a player who has literally won the world cup? Lol


We'll see in a couple of months. Number one striker who didnt contribute shit and got laughed at for it the entire world cup...


He was not laughed at! He was literally praised for being the player who sacrificed his natural game in order to allow the team unit to win. When Benzema led the line, they got knocked out by Switzerland. When Giroud led the line, they won the world cup. Clear to see who suited the team better.


What? Lol. Switzerland was on penalties and Benzema actually did his job and scored goals in that game. He's the last person to blame. Also, that was EC, not WC And yeah he was laughed at. 0 goals, 0 assists striker.


He literally won the world cup though! He was a massive part of that World Cup squad. I don't understand how you can argue with a player who was widely seen as instrumental to his team's world cup win? I watched that world cup and he clearly played excellently - he continually occupied the defences, pushing them back and giving the midfield and attack more space to create. Compare that with Benzema who came into midfield more and it allowed rivals to defend more easily.


Newsflash: occupying defences is literally his job. So you applaud him for just doing his basic task. He contributed nothing in terms of goals and assists and that's his main and most important task. Haha yeah Benzema is so easy to defend. PSG, Chelsea and City can tell you everything about it. And before you come back with "BuT SwITZeRLaND"... He scored twice against them in a 3-3 draw. There is no way SwITZeRLaND managed to defend him EAsILY.


He’s not even half the player benzema currently is


And a very beautiful bastard. He just seem to bring winning luck to teams. Like chelsea and ac Milan now.


With the level displayed by Mbappé, Benzema, Nkunku, Ben yedder and even diaby. Giroud shouldn’t get close from the NT. Especially that prime Griezmman is not there anymore to carry him


Griezmann is still Frances most important player prove me wrong


He shouldn't even be called up if the calls were made purely on form, even with the NT. Without Giroud (and the change in playstyle) he has not been able to shine and probably shouldn't start considering Nkunku's current season and Deschamps' 3-4-1-2. That's gonna make it hard to become the most important player from the bench. Especially above Benzema, Mbappé or Theo Hernandez. Even above Kanté. (He was one of the most important players of that 2018 WC, obviously. But that time is over)


club form doesn't matter in international matches. Griezmann offers a defensive solidity and an attacking threat.


>Griezmann offers a defensive solidity and an attacking threat. Nkunku does it too, though ? And much better right now. >club form doesn't matter in international matches. And would international form matter ? Because he's only been a shadow of himself since the WC. Not helped by Deschamps integrating Benzema again and thus trying to play a bit more football. When Griezmann is clearly not made to be an attacking midfielder for a possession based team and shines in a counter attacking playstyle.


His international form is also horrible though. That last game against Ivory Coast, he and Pogba were completely invisible and needed to be bailed out by a last minute header from Tchouameni.


One game doesn't define form.. He had been lukewarm for Barca but still performing quite well for France during his stint there.. He hasn't been scoring for us but that is the only aspect where he is suffering, other than that his vision, his creativity, his durability, his defending, his movement, etc all are on point..


He was 2018, now it's arguably Mbappe


Stop living in the past


Mbappe has been better since World Cup.


He'd be Gnabry's replacement.


Where’s Gnabry going


Arsenal !11!


Thought Gnabry said he wants to play in the middle if I remember correctly


And not one of them can hold a candle to Robben or Ribery.


This reminds me of what I used to do on FIFA and just use the fastest players and do long balls


Ah yes, the 3-5-2 with Doumbia and Emenike up front


Oh my, take my ibarbo gervinho and biabiany


*FIFA 14 Vietnam flashbacks*


Manduzkic Headers


Fifa 13 no?


when I wrote my comment yes I was thinking of FIFA 13


Ah yes might have been 13!




Isn’t that what everyone does in fifa?


Yes pace is king. Not saying you can’t make some slow players work, but the game is def balanced around pace.


It's because everything related to defence is dogshit in fifa


It really is You can have a 99 pace stamina wtv LB and a 80 RM will get ahead in pursuit, it's ridiculous Makes me wanna throw the videogame at the wall


It's because fifa games completely takes out a huge component of football player's game, which is game sense and iq, and puts it into the controller of an actual human being. Players like iniesta, xavi, modric get a disadvantage


Hardly the games' fault, in fact a good thing. If the AI made decisions based on players game iq it would be called scripting.


I don’t play fifa. But what if the players had a vision stat. And based on the player the camer would zoom out and in based on that stat?


there is a vision stat, it influences the ability of a player to pick out a pass


Doesn't Bayern already have many players of his profile? They need a Lewy replacement, not another injury prone pacy winger


I feel like its reasonable to go for one of the best wingers in the game - we kind of lack a good right winger honestly and since Dembele's contract runs out its a good idea to go for him.


Isn't Gnabry on the right or is he leaving?


One year left on his contract and the negotiations are stalling a bit, but even if Gnabry stays in case Lewy leaves he'd probably move to a more central role.


He is not really a winger which is a problem. He might be leaving.


There's no replacement Lewa tho, but yeah


You just know Bayern would make him a consistent world class player.


Didn't work with Sane though


Sane was huge when he played on the left, but for some reason he was used on the right in the second half of the season


The way Sane plays sometimes its not about his position. He is extremely inconsistent and has situations where he cant even control the ball. Dont know what the problem is but its a psychological one.


Sane had started playing worse before the position switch happened. He's been poor in general in the recent months no matter where he plays.


Tbf Sane did miss a whole season due to a knee injury before joining Bayern so that most likely has affected him.


Him getting a large tattoo of himself on his back will always be a wtf moment. He doesn’t even seem like a larrikin type which makes it even more bizarre.


How have I never seen that lmao? That's a strange tattoo.


Not only that, but it's him celebrating a goal in a tie that his team lost...City vs. Monaco iirc.


Yeah he got it covered to a Germany kit once he got ridiculed for it lol.


It also looks grotesquely bad for someone who easily can afford to pay the world’s best tattoo artists.


Eh... what?


Revenge for Lewandowski


Frenkie pls stay




Barcelona have got to stop putting themselves in such perilous positions. Dumbele is 25, was transferred for 140 million Euros, yet we here stories such as these of Bayern wanting to make a quick buck and bottom feeding. Barca should get with it and stop being the Meme of the 6 superclubs and Spains big 3. Not even hit his peak yet and is a World Cup winner to boot, we should at least get 8 digits from an oily team from the UK.


Not based bayern


So now bayerns going for our washed up ex players? I mean alright.


Still waiting for the lebron james of soccer to be linked with them


Lewa and Auba swap deal. Just watch.


I have an odd feeling of this happening, but Bayern would probably go for a long term replacement


Who would be the LBJ of football, Ronaldo? (LeBron aint washed imo, btw)


[this man ](https://youtu.be/yz2POjWqUMc)


Dembele is washed up?


I suppose washed up isn’t the right word, I guess not lived up to potential. I still believe he’s a great player but he’s definitely gotten a lot of bad luck in the injury department and hasn’t gotten consistency. Have always wished the best for him but Bayern wanting him just seems very random. But who knows what could happen this summer.


He has most assists in la liga and he hasn't even played that much.


Better than that, he has the highest xA p90 (.57) of any player that's put in more than 300 minutes this season in the big 5 leagues. For comparison to the leaders in the other leagues, KDB has .43, Muller has .46, Ante Rebic of AC Milan has .55, Arber Zeneli of Reims has .52.


Damn I guess Xavi really has gotten some good out of him fair play. Do have to ask though, I recall recently Xavi stating he plans with Dembele going forward. Although I imagine if there’s a chance Lewy comes the other way I’m sure he’ll part with any player.


I think Xavi would like him to stay and seems to have a good relationship with him (and has him playing very well) but at the end of the day he has no power in making him sign a contract if the club and Dembélé can't get to an agreement. Even if he doesn't get Lewandowski or any other additional forward he sort of has to just deal with it and accept not having Dembélé


He has been the most important player since xavi arrived. Hope he stays


Nagelsmann lost the plot. No direction in squad building


Salihamidzic builds the squad, not Nagelsmann.




You can still judge him for what he uses these peanuts for. Dembele would definitely not be what our squad is missing, especially with Lewandowski possibly leaving. What’s next? Another try for Hudson-Odoi?




So there not being any players that are available means we have to buy players we absolutely do not need?


Revenge buying from Barcelona has worked out great for PSG though, they've never been this consistent before at bottling out of the CL. It's worth a shot.






No way an ambitious player like Dembele would want to go to the Bundesliga.






Lmao sure.


Everyday I lose more and more faith in Nagelsmann and in the upper management