there is still hope. maybe the spurs will flop like they usually do


Arsenal needed Aubameyang Shouldn't of sacked him


Firstly, shouldn't *have*. Secondly, they needed to get him out. On his day he's quality still but he clearly didn't care any more at Arsenal and that can quickly derail a dressing room.


Firstly, fuck off


Not sure if you saw him play for us this season, but it was dire and the move was necessary for both parties.


Took my son to his first game. Only 5, had to leave at half time as he was shattered. Gutted to miss it but what an atmosphere.


Best to catch the mistakes early


He’s still young enough to change clubs lol


He learned what's it like being an Arsenal fan.


Newcastle looked fantastic. What a fucking match from them.


Eddie Howe has improved a worse squad more in less time and with less money than Arteta. There was a gulf in class today. Eddie Howe is still a spineless twat for working for a literal murderous dictator.


Doesn't that logic make you a spineless twat for watching the club of a murderous dictator?


You work for a known murderer. I watch you work without contributing financially to the business and I am an accomplice? Logic is not your strong suit is it?


You support the Premier League which gives money to the dictatorship. Welcome to the world of guilt by association.


You watching has no relationship to advertisers? Kit sales? Match ticket sales? Go on. Tell me how the fan of the club has no relationship to the owner of the club.


Such a relevant username.


there are shades of grey. no need to hate on u/Impossible_Mobile_25 for actually recognising how awful the owners of Newcastle are. sad because the fans are great and deserve better.


The "need to hate" as you put it is consistent with a "need for consistency." Where would the owners be without the fans? It's like twats who complain about Bezos while ordering an anti Bezos sticker off Amazon with 48 hour delivery.


not the end of the world, but thats our worst performance all season, in our most important game, players were very nervous, understandably, but it made them afraid to take chances, the amount of times elneny passed backwards when there was a chance to move up the pitch, back to his old self as last couple games he'd been more positive/bold and played well, but the whole team was passing sideways and backwards in our own half, we never moved up the pitch elneny should have been taken off as he never wanted to be on the ball and it made a gap in our midfield that disrupted our whole shape, not that i blame elneny himself as hes a defensive player and has barely played all season, but arteta should have put on lokonga instead. he also took off tavares who was one of the only people who actually looked up for it even when weve been on a losing run this season i dont think our all round performance has been so poor for a long time, we offered nothing in attack or defense, newcastle 100% deserved the win and should have won by more, credit to them as they were excellent we dont have the right mentality, need some more experienced players still a talented and young squad and manager with a lot of positives to take from the second half of this season, id say weve been the 3rd best team in the league since then, and were a lot more consistent than we used to be, even though were still prone to occasional meltdowns, it doesnt happen every other game anymore


Spurs have the 3rd most points, goals, xG and xGA since Conte came in in November, so I’d say we’ve been the third best team :)


so in 2022 spurs now have 6 more points than arsenal but spurs played 2 extra games cos they got so many cancelled i guess this means weve been around the same, both have been better than chelsea, man u and west ham in late season, spurs have mostly ok players with 2 world class players carrying them, arsenal have a better all round team and squad with more young potential but no one on kane and son's level


You forgot Romero, Kulusevski, Lloris, even Dier and Davies have been performing better than pretty much everyone in your back line. We’ve conceded 5 goals in the last 10 matches, you lot have conceded 5 in the last 2. And don’t forget the men standing on the touch line, they are on completely different planets.


those are some good players, but i think ben white is better than those defenders regardless, spurs have definitely been on better form at the end of the season but i think for most of 2022 we were better i just think for the players from what ive seen it goes * world class - kane and son * great players - saka, partey, tierney, odegaard, ben white, martinelli, smith rowe, ramsdale, moura, kulusevski, lloris * the rest of spurs and arsenal's players, some good some ok conte is a great manager but arteta is getting close to being a great manager too


Chelsea beat you guys 4 times in one month. They were out of the title race and the out of ucl race so no rats ass given


what are you talking about? when in 2022 do you think this happened to arsenal? it didnt


Arteta Fußballgöt


Big dick performance from Newcastle


I didn't read any of the comments, but please Stop


[Thank you Arsenal!](https://youtube.com/shorts/CcgKU5jc14w?feature=share)


Spurs fans today:


The funniest thing on Internet today [Arsenal UCL intro](https://www.reddit.com/r/Gunners/comments/tf2dnm/my_ucl_intro_for_arsenal/)


How is it funny? weak af.


Yeah, my bad, definitely not funny for an Arsenal fan.


This is what people make at a nuthouse


the confidence of not bottling such a decent big lead on spurs lmaooo


Spurs losing to Norwich now would be the most Spurs thing I ve ever seen.


and then Arsenal concede an extra time equalizer just for the shits and giggles.


All Or Nothing will be interesting to watch this time


Spoiler alert: its nothing


Ironically it’s ended up being “something”


I wonder if they'll rename it


“ “


All for Nothing




To "All Nothing".


"better than nothing?"


Wow lads.Newcastle are fucking massive.


You welcome


The irony would be spurs losing last game and Arsenal getting a draw or worse.


And now suddenly Arteta needs to be sacked.


he must win a trophy next season


what about qualify for cl


we clearly aren't a CL team anymore


then not a trophy team either lol


disagree. it can take 6-8 games to win a trophy


I dont know if you are joking, but are you prioritizing a trophy over CL qualification?


Genuinely asking, how is that bad? A top 4 is cool and makes a lot of money but winning a trophy makes any player or fan a lot happier.


In the grand scheme of things, is qualifying for things really the goal? Ro32 CL or winning Europa conference League?


A lot of arsenal fans went so deep with the argument that trophies are better than UCL qualification while Spurs were in the UCL and they weren’t that now they can’t go back. Not that I completely disagree, of course the aim of clubs should be to win competitions (insert trophy cabinet joke here), but qualifying for the UCL is just so beneficial in terms of money and attracting players.


I mean, that's true, but what's the point of attracting players if you aren't going to win anything with them? You guys had 4 years of CL football under Poch and have nothing to really show for it. In the end, it's the trophies that matter, no matter how you get them. In 20 years, no ones flying a banner that says "Qualified for UCL - 2022".


That’s exactly why we’ve hired a director of football to build a stronger and an elite manager to coach it.


>A lot of arsenal fans went so deep with the argument that trophies are better than UCL qualification while Spurs were in the UCL and they weren’t that now they can’t go back. Qarsenal


I'm looking at what we can achieve next season. do you think we will qualify for CL?




The brink of CL football and just collapse It's almost Spurs-like


Spurs haven’t done that shit. It’s Leicester like


2011-12. They were 10 points ahead of Arsenal at one stage.


We literally came 4th???? The only reason we didn’t qualify for the CL that year was cuz Chelsea won the CL and placed outside top 4 These examples just prove my point lol


But you were well ahead in 3rd and blew it.




To let CL slip? You don’t know what you’re talking about do you? They went from 2nd to 3rd because of that loss 3rd in a two horse race. Do you even know what that means lmao


We still got champions league. 2nd to 3rd didn’t really matter at that point all that much. It just made it more embarrassing for us. But it’s not comparable to the Arsenal situation here.


That’s what I said?


Man that season of All Or Nothing will be A+ entertainment


Theres a new season?


Yeah the next season follows Arsenal! Should come out soon i guess since the PL season is almost over now


full of thrilling plots itself, just record it


Thank you magpies


What a Fall from grace. Arsenal should be in Champions League but they seem too young and no star power


I think that’s it. We need those guys, like Kane and Son, that have stepped up and get the team through the pressure. We play well without it but with its hard. The club has an inexperienced problem mind. Edu new to that role, Arteta few years in management and a team full of young potential stars with experienced players that are often injured or go missing. Big summer ahead - if the club wants to push forward need to invest in stronger mentality players, I think. Cucurella and Bissouma would be two huge players for me.


Trust the process


We’re gonna bottle it


I hate that it's "just a draw".... fuck... if it was win to clinch it, I'd be happier. But now it's "avoid defeat...just a draw" son of a bitch.


You're playing Norwich, you'll be fine


lovely Spurs fans


Conte is not a bottler don't worry


Conte would possess each of his players by force of will alone before bottling this.


To reassure myself, I thought about defense. We have all veterans in the back (Lloris, Sanchez, Dier, Davies) and two very defensive midfielders in front of them. We just need to stop a team that's scored 23 goals in 37 games from scoring. 0-0 draw gets us Champions League.


Pukki would like a word


I think we’ll be fine. But I’ll still be nervous as fuck.


Tottenham only pawn in league of life.


If u guys draw, Arsenal must win 15-0. Can't be that hard, right?


Unless we let a goal in on a fluke in the 87th minute lol


It's against Everton.




My massive disappointment aside, that was the best I've seen Newcastle play for a long time. Absolutely brilliant and relentless from minute 1-90.


Whereas you watch Burnley against Spurs and they barely even commit 2 players to an attack for the entire game and hardly seem to care. Newcastle treated us like a CL final. Very annoying.


It's either the referees or the "opposition is too strong".


Trust the process


You don't have the right, O you don't have the right, you don't have the right, O you don't have the right


Sadness ahead


Newcastle tore Arsenal a #NEWARS


London clubs smh always trying to outshit one another


[https://www.reddit.com/r/PremierLeague/comments/u7f2f7/comment/i5ftwps/?utm\_source=share&utm\_medium=web2x&context=3](https://www.reddit.com/r/PremierLeague/comments/u7f2f7/comment/i5ftwps/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3) slightly off but still aged like fine wine


Should i invest in crypto ?


All in terra luna Plz dont


Arsenal are a Europa League level team


Always have been


Something to aspire to.


Always will be


I dunno... couple more oil clubs and they'll be mid table.


It's all fun and games but scenes when Arsenal themselves are brought by oil oligarch


Premier League to Oil League in 2030


The NLD ‘oil classico’ sponsored by Qatar and Saudi Arabia


Paper thin squad... Something something process falied etc


where is "trying to walk it in"?


We aren't trying to walk it in anymore.... I would do anything to get back " walk it in with silly sexy passes".... Compared to the cross and inshallah strategy we have


The Cross and Inshallah is a brilliant pub though


A Priest and Imam walk into a bar


Paper thin squad while being eliminated early in the FA cup and not playing in Europe. If it's paper thin now, it's only gonna look thinner next season.


Arsenal's biggest problem has always been Arsenal Refuse to buy quality players...buy mediocre players... Hope everything works out in the end .... Rinse repeat


At this point is it really a refusal to buy quality players or inability to get them? Of course it depends on your definition of 'quality' but I'm assuming you mean blokes like Havertz, Son, Mane, etc.


I mean who can blame them, without CL none of them even give a second thought about us... Who'd be mad enough to join us? We are stuck in this vicious cycle...it's a cruel joke you see


I'm made of plastic (so I've been told) so I can't feel any sympathy


Or Bruno....


No depth play sent a few players on loan. Smart


Are you saying y’all are the Sixers?


This club is a joke. Our reluctance to invest in January cost us once again. Till next season then.


I feel with Arteta they have found someone who they can market as Guardiola regen but does exactly what the management wants them to do - balance the checkbooks. We should be prepared for some mediocrity in the near future.


Yeah, he’s not a decent manager and finds it difficult rotating his squad and maintaining high performance. He’s too green for me. Good tactician but lacking in man management and player relations.


you're far from a joke. if we don't bottle it, you'll still be in Europa. you have a very young team. you're 5th in the league. you're ahead of United - who have a top coach coming in to manage a zoo. yes, it's shit to miss out on UCL (money) and to have us finish ahead of you, but you're better than 14 other teams finishing worse than you, and they're not all a joke. yes, some bad decisions in January, but it happens. every team could have finished a few points higher if a few things happened differently. in the end, you're well positioned to do well in the next 2-3 years. anyway it's all unpredictable isn't it? most pundits were miles off on predictions. next year could end up with City running away with it now that they have Haaland. or Liverpool will be even stronger, and Haaland will flop in a more physical league leading to him being injured again. or Chelsea's new owners could invest more than expected and bring in someone unexpected, leading to them being the most competitive. or maybe they will fall apart and not make top 8 without Roman money. or maybe Glazers will spend unprecedented money, ~~buy the best talent, and win the league~~(i mean the first part is true anyway), or Spurs will make some key signings and battle it out all seasons with Liverpool - only to bottle it in the final game. or Newcastle's owners will steal Mbappe and secure UCL football. or you will make 1 really great new signing who will stay healthy and bring you into the top 4. or Xhaka will get 11 red cards in his first 11 appearances. but as much as i hate you cunts, you're not a joke. you're 5th - *currently*. your young club could win Europa next year. i'd love to see you crying about what a joke your club is then.


Arsenal are not proactive in any facet of our club operations. From boardroom to the pitch. That’s my point. We could have reloaded in January with the way the season shaped out but we didn’t and fell flat on our faces. Saka has 2 years left. We should have been proactive in January.


i get what you're saying but one transfer window won't kill you.


I don’t believe we would have a shot at top 4 next season. We aren’t beating Spurs, United, or Chelsea next year with their coaches. Arteta is done next season if he doesn’t get top 4 or win Europa.


The excuse seems to be that it is a young squad. Ok, but you've chosen to have that disadvantage. And just because they are young and get 5th does not necessarily mean that they'll mature and finish higher.


Arteta and Edu should have invested in January. Also, we could have had Bruno Guimaraes. He ended our top 4 push. Arsenal has a history of being reactive, from transfers to boardroom level decisions. It’s been a fucking circus for at least 15 years, so I’m not surprised we bottled it. The squad was too thin for a late top 4 push and we did nothing about it. Classic Arsenal, we only let Wenger go after he couldn’t do the bare minimum and now we are worse off with a rookie manager. Oh well.


Might take a few decades


Don’t care. Focus on your team.


Our team has also been shite, but we've fired half the staff, not give a 3 year extension LMAOOOO


yeah right, you have been firing them for a decade now.


Ofc, mediocrity isn't accepted. Meanwhile it's the norm for Arsenal




Lets see how the PR machines spin blowing top 4 as a positive for Arteta and arsenal


"It's a young squad", "Arteta fixed the defence", "He got rid of the deadwood".


EL was expected so Lego man did great and we‘re happy to extend his contract before the season ended for no reason at all. Trust the process/believe in the project


Lego man 😂


https://www.reddit.com/r/soccer/comments/uoavii/son_heungmin_it_always_means_a_lot_to_win_and/i8g0zix/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3 Can’t say I wasn’t almost sure they won’t win both, so it’s now Spurs to lose as expected after the Derby win.


time to enjoy AFTV


Waiting for Ty's segment!


lol I have totally forgot that, I have watched United fans few years since our game when I found out about them. Jesus I got hooked when they said Smalling is going to school Messi :D Brilliant videos, the delucion is amazing.


> Jesus I got hooked when they said smalling is going to school Messi. I've never seen these videos but there's not a hope in hell that this was said with any seriousness. Edit: also, how is it that United get brought up in every thread in this sub.


Because despite being irrelevant on the pitch for a decade we re still the biggest club in the world.


I mean, the video, just found it in seconds, is titled "SMALLING POCKETED MESSI" They claim they can turn the 0-1 because they did it to PSG which apparetly was better than us etc. (End of the video, YouTube put me in the middle since I've seen it) I was at the Camp Nou for return leg, 3-0 without any problems after their one half chance crossbar. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ay9QsJIup50](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ay9QsJIup50) ​ And United is BIG club, of course they are talked. Biggest in England.


Wow, with confidence like that, no wonder their coach had support from fans until the last year.


​ I am surprised the Liverpool flairs havent buried you yet.


Fucking hell newcastle - you act all big bollocks against arsenal but roll over to get your belly rubbed against city?!


Arsenal are not Man City lol




Arteta isn’t bald yet


To be fair we are a different beast when we play at St James


Unless it’s Cambridge United 😂


fair enough xD


More the fact that City are fucking miles ahead of Arsenal, we were at home tonight and Wilson was back.


Totally fair - just a frustrated Liverpool fan here!


To be fair we completely rolled over for Liverpool as well. The difference in scoreline was because Liverpool chose to conserve energy and stay in 2nd gear while City absolutely went for it.


Tbh if Wilson plays last week vs City I think we give them far more of a game. If Schar was fit too its probably only 2-0. Roll on next season and we might actually beat them.


What's the big deal? City are the easiest points in the season


"If we can't beat Newcastle we don't deserve to be top 4" - A strikingly self-aware Arsenal fan yesterday on here.


Michael Owen, is that you?


And now must be wishing for Spurs loss.


it's not going to happen but even if it did, could you imagine this team in the cl? that'd be a disaster


If you qualify for CL at least you have a shot at improving the squad. Without that money and prestige, I don't know that you'll sign many players who really take you up a level.


Always rated Martin Dúbravka, Dan Burn, Fabian Schär (Jamaal Lascelles), Matt Targett, Emil Krafth, Bruno Guimarães, Joelinton, Sean Longstaff, Callum Wilson, Allan Saint-Maximin (Ryan Fraser), Miguel Almirón (Jacob Murphy), Federico Fernández, Kieran Trippier, Karl Darlow, Matt Ritchie, Dwight Gayle, Paul Dummett and Benjamin White


You had me in the first 89 minutes, not gonna lie


Losing Partey has completely messed the team, as much as Elneny tried to cover for it. The blame is squarely on Arteta and management, they literally took their chances with a paper thin squad full of young inexperienced attackers, shipping half a dozen players in the winter window. I cannot quite understand what the logic there was, except maybe somehow finishing Top 4 wasn't a requirement this season.


The logic was that there were only 16 or so games this spring. Partey, Tierney, Tomiyasu injured, Laca got Covid, Lokonga wasn't up for it, red cards and suspensions hurt bad. It was a gamble, and they lost. But it wasn’t totally illogical, the team had a chance and they blew it.


They tried to get the right people, what’s the point in having more Willians? If they aren’t the people we don’t need them. We’ve made that mistake before, why do people keep acting like we could’ve signed Halaand in January and chose not to?


It really isn't about getting Haaland or even making any expensive signings. It's about making sure they had the squad depth to deal with a top 4 charge. This is why loan deals exist. Literally the first time in half a decade we had a decent shot at CL football and we blew it.


So who would you have gotten? They tried to do loan deals but they fell through. What’s the point in adding people who aren’t gonna contribute?


Well that's kind of my point. A club as big as Arsenal should not be getting themselves in a situation where they cannot close a few loan deals when the top 4 is at stake. These executives get paid millions to do their jobs. I won't speculate on what players to get, I am no scouting expert. You would think Arteta would know what he wants to complete his squad. Tottenham did their job this window and now they are finishing much stronger than us.


I think this makes the assumption that there was a supply of players we could get and not fuck ourselves with the deal. You also have to take into account that we were not in the position we were in yesterday in January. How attractive we were in January is much less than how much we were yesterday. Tottenham had a lot of favorable situations the last few weeks as well. If you look at the two teams I would say they’re much closer to their ceiling than we are. Everyone has the right to view us how they want. But I see potential in this group, a duct taped squad almost got 4th. Imagine a healthy more filled squad. I’m not gonna tell anyone how to feel or interpret where we’re at, but personally I believe in the vision.


Should have got Guimaraes.


And Vlahovic, big talk about how they offered more etc


they could have offered him as much as they wanted, he simply didn't want to go to Arsenal


Alot of those experienced players were rotting the youth, it was the best thing arteta did.


I reckon arteta is doing okay with what you have. Your squad is nowhere near the top 3 and spurs have a better squad easily


Give Guimarães the Ballon d’Or


I remember the days where it was Spurs who bottled it


spurs came 3rd in a two horse race on the last day vs newcastle (relegated). who do they play last? Norwich (20th place). you're saying there's still a chance.jpg


We weren't bottom but yeah.


that's right, you got relegated, but villa were way worse. weird season that one