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I personally can't believe that Mark Hughes' QPR would be technically or tactically incompetent


Mark Hughes made Stoke play like Barcelona. Have some respect


He also relegated us and spent 18 million pounds on Kevin Wimmer


I see you didn't disagree with the part where he was having you all play like prime Barca. 😤😤


Watching Stoke turnover City and Utd in back to back weeks with Arnie - Bojan - Shaqiri tearing them apart was peak sexual arousal in my life.




Found Mesut Ozil.


*goes off to google to find out what happened to wimmer*


crazy stuff, he looked like the next coming of a great CB when he filled in for Vertonghen (or maybe it was Alderwiereld). He gets displaced when the Belgian returns and then never finds that form again


I’ll die on the hill that Mark Hughes has been very underrated in his career. Had a great spell with Blackburn, did great at Fulham and shouldn’t have left which he says himself and he had Stoke play the best football they’ve played since Stanley was at them. He’s made out to be some big thick fucker but he’s had a fairly successful career and some good moments


And Koeman tried to return the respect by having Barcelona play like Stoke. Unfortunately he was sacked before succeeding...


Precisely, they had all the components to play tiki-taka at their disposal. They just collapsed when their midfield maestro got sent off.


The thing about him, was that he was like Busquets and Xaviniesta rolled into one!


Especially with good old Joey centre mid. He was a leader that day. A lion. One of the greatest individual performances I’ve ever seen from a centre mid.


Mark hughes the ex man utd player you say?


Mark Hugh's the ex city manager you say?


Mark Hughs the ex Barca player you say?


Mark Hughes the ex Chelsea player you say?


Mark Hughes the venerated nature documentary presenter you say?


It's because they were shit Wayne. In a relegation battle for a reason


Not just shit, they just hoofed it up the pitch to get it away since they had been desperately defending with 10 men most of the game. They didn't just pass it to an opponent. Besides, it *has* been questioned a few times. Lineker even addressed it himself. He asked if it was lack of ability, players being exhausted or just a side giving up since they were getting relegated. Most pundits didn't blame QPR for doing it, they were going to give away possession eventually and this way they could at least organise defensively.


People also seem to have forgotten that the QPR fans had heard that they were safe by about that point and gave a huge cheer, which alerted the players to their safety too. After that point, the QPR players had nothing to play for. Edit: other comments here have reminded me that that actually happened after the 2nd goal, so forget that.


I think you were right - I'm a Bolton fan, we finished a point behind QPR. I think we needed to win and QPR to lose, but we conceded a late penalty in our game against Stoke which was scored and the game ended up being a 2-2 draw which made QPR safe whatever happened.


By the time City scored the 2nd goal QPR already knew they were safe


...they didn't get relegated. If anything they lost composure when they found out they were safe.


If I’m correctly identifying the incident Rooney is talking about, then Nedum Onuoha, the player who passed it back, actually mentioned this on the Guardian’s Football Weekly recently and basically said he was exhausted and not thinking.


The guy who celebrated with the City players 🤨


He’s a city product and had just himself avoided relegation


>He’s a city product Holy fuck, you're validating Rooney lmao


Or just pointing out that he’s a human being with human emotions. If the fix was in, I doubt they’d may it a fucking last minute squeaker.


Dunno about football, but most cricket matches that have been suspected of fixing always have a 'spectacle' ending to them. It's never a standard white wash from the get go.


I think having Man City comfortably beat a shit QPR team 2-0 at home would have been plenty believable.


That's because those games are fixed by organsied crime making money on the unlikely swing of a result in a game towards the end. Here you'd be talking about the fixing being City just paying so they could win. They wouldn't gain anything by setting it up so that a goal would be scored at the last moment in the game that could so easily go wrong.


FBI wants to have a word with you. You know too much.


>but most cricket matches that have been suspected of fixing always have a 'spectacle' ending to them If I had a nickel every time Mumbai Indians won the IPL final by 1 run in the final ball of the game, I'd have two nickels. Which isn't a lot, but it's weird that it happened twice.


I still remember the "gracias Onuoha" banner in the crowd


Huh, if you remember, which episode was this?


Not sure, pretty recent but I think he’s been on an episode since this anecdote. Maybe early April?


Got it, I'll have to backtrack. Football Weekly is one of the only sports podcasts that I'll listen to, and I enjoy hearing Nedum's perspective. I must have missed this one.


He's a smart lad. He got moved up a year in school. Source: me, because i went to the same school as him. He would have been in our year.


It was very much in passing talking about that match generally. Yeah Nedum is great.


Weren't technically in a relegation battle when Aguero scored though https://twitter.com/City_Chief/status/1260598609663397888?s=20&t=VTDbfHt5BUudmMJHZ4hY4Q


QPR were shit.


Even the best teams usually give the ball away in those situations, look at PSG/Real Madrid with the third goal. Or even the City game


or even Leicester against us when they collapsed. Tielemans literally gifted us that win.


I was gonna say if any game needs to be investigated that game needs to be.


If that was a one time mistake then sure. But I've seen Leicester fans saying for weeks he's been shocking all season for them and wouldn't be upset to see him sold.


Any City fan who genuinely wants to see the back of Tielemans is a reactionary moron. Man's right up there with Vardy, Mahrez and Kante in terms of being head and shoulders the best in his respective position in living memory. That said we've all been resigned to him leaving this summer for a while now given the ever inconclusive contract 'talks', so maybe it's just a bit of copium showing through.


He's so inconsistent though. I don't know if it's an attitude problem, a coaching problem, a fitness problem, or what, but some games he just does not give a fuck and is completely invisible. Even in those games, he'll do like one pass that shows he's got the technical ability/vision, and then just go back to being nothing the rest of the game. And then suddenly he'll show up again and be the best player on the pitch for a few games. If his inconsistency can be fixed, he's definitely worth keeping around, but if not, he's basically twice as expensive as he should be since he's only useful half the time. I realize my flair might suggest otherwise, but I'm a Leicester fan that watches 90% or so of games.


I can stomach his inconsistency given how pivotal he is on form and given the importance of some of the matches he's been the key difference in. It's not like we're some state-backed powerhouse able to go out and buy the most in-form players in each position year in, year out.


I think his contract is maybe up. Either way, he's been linked with Ars*nal a lot lately. Can't say I'm mad about it.


If fm has taught me anything it's the he's a future champions league winner. So be mad bro.


Censoring one letter is such an underrated banter strategy


if he signs for spurs in the summer...


What you mean like boot the ball directly to the opposition goalkeeper straight for kickoff? Nahhhhh


It’s not far off usually, the often pass it backwards, get pressed and give it straight to the other team


Why would they wait for the very last minute for that even




Also, Bergwign scores and Tielmans literally passes the ball to Hojberg. Players just do crazy things when they're hyped up on adrenaline


for the amazon doc, same reason why Arsenal lost to Tot


Simple answer is QPR we’re confirmed safe right around the time Dzeko made it 2-2 regardless of the result. City scored the goal thereafter. It was one of the craziest finishes ever, only one-upped by Arsenal’s winner against Liverpool in 1989 that won them the title on goal difference


Qpr Would be relegated. After Matchweek 37 Qpr had 37 points and Bolton 35 Points. If Qpr lost and Bolton win Then Qpr would be relegated. Until Half time Bolton were Leading 2-1 against stoke so Qpr had to win that match, in 77 minute stoke Got equalizer, when Bolton Match Ended Qpr was safe even if they lose to city. So in injury time Qpr got news that they are safe from relegation.


Cause they know they werent be relegated mayne


A team that were down to ten men , coached by mark hughes , relegation threatened. I wonder why they lost to man city.




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>coached by mark hughes Former City manager, infamous hater of Man Utd. it checks out


Er....united legend


Never heard of him.


Mark Hughes?




Could do a volley.


Doesn’t ring a bell. Nobody who played for us would ever move to city in any poisition. Especially as a manager, or keeper or striker. It’s not possible and it has never, ever happened.


Madrid get the first goal and city kick it straight back to them and thats never questioned - i find that strange.


Even stronger argument for the third goal against PSG lol


United get the first goal and Bayern kick it straight back to them and thats never been questioned - I find that strange.


Tottenham get the first goal and then kick it to Bayern 7 times. I find that strange.


Except we won a corner after they tried to hold the ball.


Say you're not old enough to remember 1999, without saying you're not old enough to remember 1999.


Lifelong Liverpool fan since 2019


How about not making up lies to support your argument?


I get this is a joke but I don't recall them kicking the ball away and just dropping back, it was an odd sight.


I was too busy crying and never watched the goal live.


If giving the ball away inexplicably under no pressure is a good enough reason, I find it strange the England side's of '10, '14 and '16 haven't been questioned, and you were in all of them Wayne.


If the match was rigged then why was QPR winning the match until the 91th minute? I find that strange.


To throw you off the scent, wake up sheeple!


The prefect ploy!


Seriously, if city win 5-0, no one would have raised an eye brow


So many things had to go right for Aguero to score there. If they have to look for match fixing , they can start from Donarumma gifting it to Benzema


I mean if you want to jump on the tinfoil hat conspiracy bandwagon, it's because QPR agreed to throw the game if they stayed up, and it took until then for them to know they were safe even if they lost. Then, once they couldn't go down, the fix was put into play. It does at least internally make logical sense in that regard, as outlandish as the conspiracy is. Can you imagine the utter shitstorm that would ensue if it turned out that this had actually happened?


because they realised they were safe at the end of the match maybe? idk obviously not agreeing with Wayne but they clearly rolled over once they knew they were safe


There is no way to rig a match in the last 2 minutes lol


sure but you can down tools init


Wayne Rooney is funding his wife's half of the Wagatha Christie trial AND promoting Man City title conspiracy theories. My GOAT.


If only Jamie Vardy was at QPR back in 2012


A mysterious Vardyesque figure *was* spotted on the grassy knoll


Notice when Balotelli played that ball to Aguero he was falling back and to the left. Back, and to the left.


"Watford concede the penalty and Knockaert kicks it straight back to Almunia, Hogg, Deeney and that's never been questioned - I find that strange"


Vardy was indeed there that day too ಠ_ಠ


Harry Kane was on loan at Leicester and had been subbed on to witness that moment at the time, fun piece of trivia for you.


technically he funds her entire lifestyle. And funnily enough that is kind of why Rebekah Vardy was selling stories and setting up paparazzi photos etc - she's only famous/wealthy due to her husband, so was trying to monetise/leverage her fame in one of the easiest ways available to her Not justifying it, I think she's a despicable person - just saying


She was with him since he was a shorty though, and seeing how he was notoriously... How to say it... Difficult, I guess she has a hand in keeping him focused and in check


Yeah, they're genuine childhood sweethearts


real madrid gets the first goal and psg kick it straight back to them


Only ten years too late with the salt


Judge for yourself https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOt9dmkydwM


Call me crazy, but I would imagine that if QPR intented to throw the game, they wouldn't have defended so desperately for so long in normal time, just rolling the dice that there would be enough injury time to let in 2 more goals.


It wasn't until injury time that they knew they were safe from relegation so if they wanted to throw it they would have had to wait until then. I in no way believe the game was thrown BTW. Great moment in Premier league history. 2nd only to Leicester winning the title.


It's been questioned 500,000 times since it happened. And they didn't "kick it back to them", a ten man team who was defending for its life hoofed it as far away up the field as they could in the 92nd minute of the game hoping that they reorganise their defensive shape rather than trying to pass the ball around against a vastly superior team. Oh and people saying "QPR knew they were safe" are wrong, if you actually believe what the QPR players from the time said. They didn't know when the second went in. Two of them picked up the vibe from the crowd/bench during the attack for the third but the defenders and keeper had no idea. In fact you can see their defence falling to the ground in agony when the third goes in because they thought they'd been relegated.


They literally tried to foul Aguero to stop him scoring but he rode the challenge and scored 🤷🏼‍♀️


Tried to foul? They tried to make tackle and Aguero went around him


Well it's much easier to foul than it is to make a successful tackle.


it was a foul, but aguero kept going.


Yeah, he could easily have won a penalty but stayed on his feet.


It's so strange that Rooney would imply this when you can easily go back and watch the end of the game QPR were time wasting in between the 2 City goals lol


The Aguero moment was always tainted for my because Bolton got relegated in a shitty situation by Stoke. I always told myself it was Bolton getting relegated that allowed QPR to chill out and they let city win the league. At least to make myself feel better about it. You’re welcome city


they should give us half of the trophy


Great copypasta


Yes Wayne and I find it strange that Leicester City came out of nowhere and won the Premier League and that hasn’t been scrutinised.


Well, they were found to have broken FFP to do it


news to me!


https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/football/2018/feb/21/leicester-settlement-football-league-ffp Sure it was 2 years prior to winning the league, but the point still stands. It’s a prime example of one of the reasons FFP is ruining football.


>FFP is ruining football. Flair definitely checks out


I mean it shouldn’t. My club is one of the few that now benefits greatly from FFP, since clubs like Leicester are artificially prevented from competing.


They were just an inferior team. How QPR were into that game to begin with is weird. Bizarre position to put yourself in, City. It looked like one of their easiest wins of the season until it wasn't.


Think it's poor form of him to suggest anything about Paddy Kenny. True, the first goal was unfortunate for him, but he made 12 saves that game.


It was agent Joey Barton that did it, that’s the only conspiracy fun enough


"Madrid get the second goal and PSG kick it straight back to them and that's always been questioned until the City game - I find that strange."


If he finds that strange, wait until he hears about how Man United ended Arsenal's unbeaten run.


united managed to bottle an 8 point lead with just 6 games left to play and it's never questioned - I find it strange


Please don't be talking about bottling leads going into the last week of this season


Of all people to question ethics


Ironic, him saying this, considering he spent majority of his career under Fergie.


What's to question? QPR heard they were safe and mentally checked out. It's extremely shit for United and that's it


They didn’t find out they were safe at all. You can see from [this video](https://youtu.be/VV0w2IsiE3w), you see the QPR bench jump up, you hear the QPR fans cheer and a few City fans start saying “they’re safe” about 10 seconds before the Aguero goal goes in at around 0:44. They had no idea, and especially had no idea when they took the kick-off after the Dzeko goal as the Bolton game was still going on as Rooney is suggesting. I’ve never understood this narrative from United fans. You think they hear a cheer with 10 seconds to go and instantly know that means they’re safe and down tools? Explains them all retreating back to their goal, defending for their life, and throwing in tackles at Balotelli and Aguero, I guess…


Jamie Mackie knew as did another one of their attackers, Cisse IIRC. They both found out as De Jong was on the ball who was about to pass to Balotelli then Aguerooo. Paddy Kenny, all of the defence and the midfielders had no idea.


Fair enough. I remember QPR's body language changing and being really angry with them because I just knew the goals were coming at that point, but it's also been almost 10 years and I'm not gonna pretend my memory is that great I also, surprisingly, haven't gone back and watched much footage of that game either


Even Onuoha, who took the throw in right in front of the QPR bench, didn't know. He's given interviews where he said he wanted to be respectful to his old club so not to waste time at that throw. Possession went back to City and they scored the next attack. He thought he'd got them relegated by wasting the throw.


> He's given interviews where he said he wanted to be respectful to his old club so not to waste time at that throw. That's not exactly going to calm down the conspiracy theorists is it. Ex City youth player gets sent off for no reason and another ex City youth player admits he wouldn't waste time out of respect for his old club (despite his current club potentially facing relegation).


I mean if they believe the rat Joey Barton wanted to help City that day then there's no saving them


Lol Barton in the interview said "we really wanted to upset the party". The fact that after his red card he kicked AGuero to instigate someone else getting sent off as well says it all about that conspiracy.


Just re-watch the goal. The reaction of the QPR players in the box proves that they didn't know


They certainly knew after the Aguero goal though. Didn't even try for an equalizer. Not that there was much of a chance, but still.


Point is they didn’t know until after it was in


Yeah I thought this was what the whole discussion was about, before reading this thread I didn't realise people thought they knew *before* Aguero's goal. But them kicking it into touch straight from the kick-off after that goal was questionable behaviour tbh. I remember thinking ''wow, City fans will be nervy now for the next two or three minutes or however long is added for those celebrations'' but then as soon as QPR's non-kick-off happened it was suddenly clear that this was effectively just the full-time result.


Joey Barton being a stupid cunt is a much bigger issue with that game.


Because if you wanted to rig a game there's much easier ways to do it rather than having them not do enough the entire game then relying on Aguero to bang it in with the last kick of the game. It's ok Wayne, we know you're not the brightest.


I find it strange after Ederson kicked it straight back to Rodrygo's first goal and it has never been questioned? 🤔


Hey bro how about we question the Fergie Time instead?


When you can't win the league now so you try the win the league 10 years ago




You outdid him, congrats


Least deranged liverpool fan


The level of nonsense. Any rigging suggestions is foolish.






Refs literally admit they gave Utd extra time under Fergie. Just stop.


Did they?


No but just imagine if they did


[There was a "study" into it a few years ago.](https://www.theguardian.com/football/2009/sep/22/manchester-united-goals-stoppage-time). Lordy, thirteen years ago now. Clattenburg admitted it as well.


That is an interesting study, thanks for the link! Still, I suspect the results would be similar for any "big" team at home. Same with Clatt's comments, afaik he just said refs were influenced by Fergie, nothing about deliberately adding more time. Referees are only human, makes sense they'd be more influenced by a raging nutcase like Fergie or Klopp than a lovable softy like...I dunno, Ranieri or someone.


[Clattenburg did](https://www.dailystar.co.uk/sport/football/man-utd-ferguson-clattenburg-referees-23316265) shite paper but it's the first I found


Did they actually?


Source? Am actually interested.


https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/manchester-united-graham-poll-says-3253533 Bunch of stuff in these ref's books.


This guy has gone full Shrek recently… where are these wild comments coming from?


Lol it happens. They found out they were safe so maybe they lost focus. Recently even tielemans did that for us because of pressure


Oh? You think Tielemans did that because of PRESSURE? I find that strange. It's strange that this was never questioned.


Don’t give r/gunners any ideas lol


It is also amazing Fergie time was never investigated.


Yeah mate and half the decisions in favour of your united too, given over half the refs are from the north west.


It certainly wasn't fixed, but when you see pictures of QPR players celebrating with City players after the final whistle, it's not hard to understand why other people have questions about the legitimacy. Of course, I understand why QPR would want to celebrate their undeserved avoidance of relegation, but celebrating arm-in-arm with the opponents they were supposed to have been trying to beat is a fundamentally a bad look for professionals. The only thing in that match that was ever somewhat suspicious was Barton's red card. It happened for no reason and it just seemed like he wanted to get sent off because he didn't want to keep playing. But since he's a complete nutcase who never should've found football related employment again after City got rid of him, I can't attribute his red to any kind of corrupt motivation. It's far more likely that he's just a piece of shit person who felt like acting like the piece of shit he is for no particular reason. Beyond that, it was just QPR being outclassed by a much better side with a man advantage. United didn't deserve that title anyway, we couldn't get a point at City, and couldn't beat fucking Wigan in the run-in. It all worked out for the best in the end anyway, because if we'd won in 2012, we never would've gotten RVP and had Fergie's glorious final title winning season the year after.


Because QPR, like everyone else, are still feeding off your salt from it 10 years later.


Wow Wayne is just like me


non united fans find it 'strange' that united always got the calls




I find it strange Rooney missed a bunch of sitters in the world cup


I watched the game live, and it did feel like QPR even unintentionally let City win so United wouldn't get the title, I think some young ones don't remember/know how hated United were, and practically everyone in the country wanted their underdog crosstown rivals to win.


You just know whoever comments can't be taken seriously


What a tit. I know he was on the pitch at Sunderland at the time, but they’d literally done this to start the second half as well. They were just ass, and trying to set up 11 men behind the ball as quickly as they could. And it almost worked for 90 mins.


I've said this for years - if you look at the QPR goal keeper at 3-2, he pumps his fists in celebration. They knew they were already safe at 2-2 anyway.


[If anyone wants to watch this blatant miscarriage as it happened](https://youtu.be/xOt9dmkydwM).


Wazza I feel you but it’s been 10 years. They would have probably won it in 2014 all the same either way so who cares lol


It should be questioned, but not because of this. Rather because all the leaked documents show that they've pumped money into the club with no regard for rules and regulations. It's funny how, when all of this came out and there was talk of banning City from the Champions League they just said "we'll sue you all until eternity" and then nothing came of it. Such a likable club. All of City's "titles" are illegitimate.


Joey Barton, who played for QPR at the time, took an intentional red card in that game. He is a hothead but no one questioned that either. Barton played his youth career in Manchester City and Liverpool.


It's a decade on and this man is still reliving it, isn't he? God damn, little ole Citeh broke him.


Because they were literal farmers




I mention this all the time about how pathetic it was from QPR to not even try and keep the ball for two seconds and people just have this weird pretence that it was a justifiable decision for QPR to take or just lie and pretend that they didn’t even though you can easily watch it back.




That's never been questioned? Are you mad?


What is he accusing them of, being city supporters who took the lead against them for some reason. For the Lols? Or that they were paid off/bet on a remarkable turnaround?


More like Brain Rooney.


It's been 10 years Wayne


Wayne, get ya nose out of that bag...


Well one should question PSG and Man City this year for how sus it was the way they folded to Madrid


Is he joking?


QPR used two ex City players in the starting XI