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I always like the players from smaller league who have had stupid goalscoring seasons to sneak into this list


Haha imagine Mitrovic if championship got a 1.5 multipler


As he scored 43 goals, he would be 2nd on the list with 64.5


43 goals in what 46 games?


43 in 44 games. Insane really.


why wouldn't he actually..


From goal.com Leagues 1-5 in the coefficient gets •2 Leagues 6-21 get •1.5 The rest just get •1


Which means he’s next on the list despite no multiplier, one point behind Salah & Haaland


They can name 21 leagues better than the Championship?


They only count top tiers. A choice, it gets difficult if you add in all lower leagues.


I remember a time before they introduced the multipliers and the winner would often be some random player you never heard of bangin' 45 goals in the Lithuanian first league.


Dont think this lewandowski Chap would make it in a proper league


Can't score on a cold rainy night at Stoke, it is known.


Windy night in stoke as muller called it


Serbia has a huge, huge quality gap between 2nd and 3rd, thus Zvezda and Partizan have 30+ wins per season (in a 37 match season) and if they have a prolific goalscorer, he's gonna have this sort of numbers.


To be fair tho, 27 of his 33 goals are in the norwegian first devision, and 6 in Serbia.


That is actually more impressive.


O hi 👋


Will be interesting to see him at Madrid


Where is Terodde


He must have an 1 coeffizent


Where Modeste?


Missing two goals, unfortunately.


Ballon d‘Or winner.




Somewhere trying to catch his voice :P


Does Haaland have dual citizenship?




Yep, wondering if he has the citizenship though


The UK doesnt have Jus Soli so I highly doubt it, dont know why it says he does.


I think because his father had indefinite rights to stay in the country for work, he is eligible as a UK citizen for the rules at the time of his birth.


Are his parents married? They don’t carry the same name. Typical Reddit downvoting me for no reason, having completely zero clue why I asked.


So he should be listed as eligible to play for any country in the UK then? I thought the indefinite right to remain allowed you to select your allegiance. And clearly he would rather be Scottish right... right?


Under FIFA legislation, citizenship is actually completely irrelevant, you can play for a country you don't have citizenship for. In Haaland's case he could have played for England as he was born there, one of the qualifying conditions, even if he was not eligible for British citizenship. Haaland would not be eligible to play for any other UK nation, as the clause in legislation specifically states 'territory' rather than country, and he has no parents or grandparents born in any other UK nation.


Does this mean he counts as homegrown?


I remember reading a story of Djibril Cisse buying a property in Liverpool that made him a lord so he made sure that his son was born there so he'd inherit the title.


UK doesn’t have birthright citizenship though so he might not have UK citizenship despite being born there.


They did, while being an EU member state IIRC


We haven't had it since the nationality act 1981. Most current EU member states also don't have it. If anything, the EU is a stronger reason to not have it as you could easily have your child in a different member country just to secure them citizenship.


Wiki says he left England at age three. Maybe the time window is too small.


"Race" Lewandowski is clear and no one else is even close.


Yeah. But have to say Benz is playing an incredible season.


And he scored far more clutch goals in big matches this season than Lewy.


Not much in league as compared to UCL


Wait for the last La Liga game and 10 Benzema goals


People are going crazy over the goals benzema is scoring this season in the ucl. In the UCL this season Lewandowski has 2 less goals than benzema in 1 less game, more assists. And a better goals per 90 ratio. No wonder the dude wants to move, has been outperforming everyone these last few years and nobody seems to care


That’s because most of them were in group stage games last year that many people didn’t watch. Benzema scored 10 in the knockouts including the winner in every round and has as many G+A in the league in fewer apps/fewer mins.


I just looked at leauge and CL. Benz has 39 g+a in leuage and 15 in CL. Lewa has 38 in leauge and 13 in CL. 54 for Benz and 51 for Lewa. Although most of Benz goals in CL came against the very elite, which is impressing.


It’s not that people don’t care, but we’re just kind of desensitised to it because he’s kept these numbers up for a number of years now, it’s not a surprise.


Like people got desensitised when Messi & Ronaldo were banging crazy numbers?




Messi didnt do jack shit in the WC, when the games mattered the most in that year. Each game does not hold the exact same value


Then who perform better in the WC than Messi in this generation? tell me? Ronaldo played like a donkey in half of the games with a stacked team


Nah. The only surprise is that he hasn't fucking gotten a Balon d'or yet. Won't get it this year either.


2020 will forever piss me off that season of his was better than any season for ant striker in the last decade(even suarez 15-16 who didn't perform as much in ucl). And even 2021 he should've won. ROBBERY


Lol no way he was better than suarez 2015-16, outscoring prime Messi and Ronaldo


He was not better than 15/16 suarez, I'm not having that.


Suarez at his peak was better than Lewandowski ever was


Recency bias, why you downvoted.


Well he doesn't deserve it this year


its because benzemas have been vital in getting madrid to a final, while Lewandowski didn't score a single goal that was decisive in them winning a knockout tie (he scored a bunch vs salzburg but it was such a dicking you can remove his goals and they still cruise through)


Well, he scored the only goal for Bayern in the tie against Villareal, but it just wasn't enough.


> (he scored a bunch vs salzburg but it was such a dicking you can remove his goals and they still cruise through) It was such a dicking because Lewy scored an opening hattrick within 23 minutes. How you can go "yeah, Lewy won the game single handedly 23 minutes in, but he wasn't instrumental to the win" with a straight face is beyond me.


ok sure. I'll give you that (i didnt remember what order the goals went in, just that there were a million of them) It's salzburg, while benzema got winners vs psg, chelsea and man city - all ties where madrid were (slight) underdogs for rather than massive favourites


10 titles in a row, Bayern walking the league before and during his time, it's factually not a competitive league so people will discredit him whenever they don't win the CL. And this year losing to Villareal, don't wanna hear Benzema comps, it's Benzemas year, been way more impactful. Honestly what's the difference between PSG and the Ligue 1 trashtalk with Bayern and the Bundesliga?


Never said that the Bundesliga is super competitive. The rich generally get richer in football and thats true for Bayern. As for comparisons with ligue 1.. PSG's wage bill is almost 40% of the entire league. Which is just...almost a parody. And Ligue 1 is ranked lower in the uefa coefficient rankings compared to the Bundesliga. Wasn't discrediting Benzema. My comment was more about Lewandowski's amazing season going unnoticed


Lewandowski does not have more assists than Benzema... not even close: 6 for Lewa and 15 for Benz Also, Lewa is scoring the amount of goals he should be scoring. His xG is almost the same as the number of goals he has. While Benzema has been massively outperforming his xG this season. In UCL he has scored 15 when he should have only 7 for example. Lewa scores more because Bundesliga is a more open league than La Liga and because Bayern creates much more quality chances for him than Madrid do for Benzema.


How is stupidity like this upvoted? Lewandowski’s goals have come against B and C tier teams (Barca were in absolute shambles when he scored against them in September). Benzema’s goals have come in ties where RM were the underdogs against some of the best teams in Europe.


I mean it's Bundesliga. It's not that difficult to outperform "everyone" there.


I agree that Lewandowski is a fantastic player, but stats don't tell the entire story. For all his numbers and efficiency, Lewandowski hasn't had any big "take over the game" performances in the last few years. He scores a lot when his team is dominating, but I've seen him disappear in a big game one too many times to comfortably call him the best player in the world.


Being involved in 7 out of 7 goals vs Chelsea isn‘t „take over the game“ for you alright mate lmao. Clearly you‘re absolutely clueless so


Destroying Lampard's Chelsea ...


Lol okay bro, read the pre-match thread then. Everybody was expecting a close game or win for Chelsea but sure go ahead and pretend like „Lampard‘s Chelsea“ at that point was an easy opponent. r/soccer is absolutely pathetic in trying to downplay anything Bundesliga related lmao


As a Chelsea fan, we were a fairly easy opponent. Our form at the start of the season masked how bad we were at the end


How many teams do Bayern meet annually that you consider "good"? I bet none of those are in the bundesliga and that's that's thing - You can judge benzema off games against atleti and Barca while for Lewa you wait until they play a big team in the cl. On any case, he scored against Barca-but I suppose you don't consider Barca a big team anymore.


Because the Bundesliga is a farmer's league and no one cares outside it. That's the reason everything else is fluff.


Haven’t seen anyone put Lewa in the ballon d’or race unfortunately. For the top 3 I keep hearing the names Benzema, Salah and Mbappe in different orders. It’s a disgrace because Lewa scored more than last season and got the same trophies. Ronaldo fans are embarrassing. Since he isn’t competing with Messi this season, none of them have mentioned him. They didn’t watch Lewa play this season just like they didn’t watch him last season but this time they admit they didn’t watch him. Truly shameful


It's Bundesliga. Everyone calls France the farmer's league when the far worse league was right there in Germany the whole time.


If you play for Bayern in the Bundesliga your coefficient should be 1.5.


Yeah would be much harder for him to get his goals in La Liga with 4 extra games and having to face football giants such as Alaves, Levante, Cadiz, Mallorca, Granada, Elche, Getafe, Rayo, Osasuna or Vigo.


La liga has a much lower goals per game ratio than Bundesliga... its just a fact bundesliga is waay more open and La Liga is way more defensive right now.


> Yeah would be much harder for him to get his goals in La Liga You're obviously trying to be sarcastic but it clearly is harder to score in La Liga. Anyone with half a brain can see that. Patrick Shick has just got 24 goals in 27 games ffs.


Just ignore these shit comments


49.5 / 33 = 1.5


Prepping for A-levels I see


Weird that there are only two 20 goal scorers in the Prem with the season almost over. I would have thought it would be more


even though man city and liverpool have scored 10 more goals than real madrid for example. their players tend to split their scoring. lewandowski has scored 36% of bayerns goals. benzema 34% of madrids. and salah for example 24%. the difference is even bigger with man city their top scorer KDB has only 15% of man citys goals.


And 1/3 of these in the second last game 😂


That Immobile guy is pretty good, maybe Dortmund can snatch him to replace Haaland


And when he doesn't work out, Barca's got a pretty good striker who even does flips and shit


Lewa will soon join the list with these players who have won 2 or more european goldenboot Messi, ronaldo, suarez, henry, gerd muller, Diego Forlan , Eusebio, Ally, Fernando gomes, Mario jardel, Dudu He will be the 12th player in football history


Mario Jardel really just came to Portugal, scored more than a goal a game for both Porto and Sporting and just never moved to a bigger European club, lol. A quick search said that clubs like Madrid were interested in him but "he was always late for appointments" so a big move just never happened.


Cocaine does that.


Forlan is underrated wow


> Diego Forlan Didn't expect that


Lewa will win the golden booty


Not sure buddy. Close race /s


Swiggety swooty, he's coming for the golden booty.


weird not seeing messi/ronaldo


Makes me feel old


First time I'm reading about Ohi, is he good?


I know I'm biased, but he's definitely not near the quality of rest of the players on the list. You should also note that these 33 goals are basically from 1.5 seasons. How? Well he scored 27 goals in Norwegian league for Molde in 2021 full season (League is played from spring to autumn) and then he joined Crvena zvezda and scored 6 goals in second half of 2021-22 season of Serbian league (This league is played from autumn to spring). It's still a decent number, but not as crazy as it sounds when you know it's over 1.5 seasons.


The Norwegian League is played over 30 games, though. He’s currently at 36 goals over 44 games, scoring 5 in the last 3. I agree with what your saying about his level compared to the others, but his run is still decent


Thank you!


He moved from a Norwegian club to a Serbian club on a free transfer this winter, which means he has effectively played one and a half season. That's why he's up there.


Thanks, the number of matches should be in the image


It looks like he still scored 27 goals in 29 league games at Molde in the 2021 season though.


No he scored 33 goals because he sucks


Have you heard about Afonso Alves? We thought he was good too


Haha, such a legend. Remember him absolutely bossing it here in Sweden for Örgryte in 2002. But yeah, he wasn’t able to get to any top levels but it was cool that he actually got to play for the national team.


Remember his hattrick for Boro against City in that 8-1 win...there can't be many players who have scored a hattrick against them since then!


In the PL: Agbonlahor, Mané, Vardy (2) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Premier_League_hat-tricks


Never heard of him


He’s been one of the best forwards in the norwegian league, scoring nearly every game for molde. Now he’s at belgrade and had 9 goals in 15 games, he’s obviously very good at his level but not close to anyone else on the list


He's decent, but so far hasn't set the world on fire while playing against opposition from better leagues. Lacks a bit of pace and physicality to bring it to the next stage imo


Schick played 7 games less than Lewa, assisted 1 more but scored 11 less in a team that scored overall 17 goals less than Bayern. I would love it if Bayern keep Lewa for one more year and afterwards Schick has to be the guy who repalces him. Lewa will be 34 at that point so we would have to move on from him either way.


schick also only scored two penalties. i am not sure how many lewa has but im sure its more.


City clearly bought the wrong Norwegian.


Back when I lived in Norway my school was right next to Omijuanfo’s team(stæbek)’s stadium. One day we actually got to meet the players and I have his autograph. Its really cool to see how good he became.


Immobile gets hate for how he plays for italy but he puts up nummbers for lazio


No Messi and Ronaldo. Fuck, we are already witnessing this


I'm honestly very surprised a top club isn't taking a stab at Immobile. He feels like a very Arsenal or Chelsea transfer.


Maybe they're a bit wary since he did terrible in Dortmund


Salah flopped at Chelsea


He was awful at both Dortmund and Sevilla, and is already 32.


He was shit outside of Italy, may be a reason.


The weird thing is that he scores a lot in europe too. Just a totally Lazio dependent


Yea he seems like an utter confidence player. When he is in a comfortable, familiar situation he is a lethal striker. Take him out of his comfort zone and he shrinks like a wilted flower. It even happens with the Italian national team- only 15 goals in 55 appearances for the NT. He looked lost in the Euros even though Italy were a phenomenal team then. And tbf- he isnt the only one like this. History is packed with strikers that do incredibly well in one team and cant adjust to anything else.


Everybody likes to shit on Immobile but he would be great in Arsenal’s system and would bag a ton of goals. He’s (most likely) going to win capocannoniere again this year. I’m glad we have him and he will retire here 100%


1) he’s 32. 2) he flopped at Dortmund.


The main reason above all else is that he doesn't want to leave and we have no reason to sell him


He's over 30 now and flopped badly at Dortmund. Also his absolutely terrible performances for Italy and you sort of get the idea


These responses are funny as hell. Everyone just saying he's shit, even though he always is in the top 10 scorers every year. Is Italy the paradise of a certain type of striker like Lukaku or Immobile?


He gets like ten penalty shots a year that's why


We won’t sell him that’s why lol


He’s pretty shit


Why does Immobile score so consistently but looks like such an average player? Was rubbish in the Euros.


The euros was one tournament. Watch him for more than a few games and he doesnt look average. Also some stuff is a bit difficult to spot, such as off the ball movement and being good at always being in the right place at the right time


System set up perfectly for him at lazio+ like half his goals are pens every season


>half his goals are pens every season meme stat. Even in the season he won the boot 19/20 he still had more goals than anyone else in Serie A without penalties counting. I think his all time average is low 20s, which is less than other "world class" strikers and less than the serie a goats (baggio, del peiro, totti) (different players, but just goal wise) It's also absurd to just consider he plays for LAZIO (merda), and gets compared to players on farmer teams like lewa and mbappe. No disrespect to them, but really this guy punches so high above his weight. It will be sad when he retires and I am a Roma fan.


This is a low scoring season


This was normal before Messi and Ronaldo


I would even say it was a good season before Messi and Ronaldo


Yeah. When I grew up watching Serie A it felt like it was usually between Zlatan, di Natale, di Vaio, del Piero, Milito etc usually with around 20 goals. Edit: Looked through the years. Insane that Higuain was the only one with 20+ in 15/16, and he had 36. Almost double second place Dybala


The winner of 2018/19(Messi) and 19/20(Immobile) season scored 36 goals exactly so how is 35 goals low?


This is what being disingenuous looks like. It appears to be low because Messi and Ronaldo scored 40 or more in a few seasons during their prime.


Because a couple years before that, we were seeing 40 and 50 goal seasons.


40 and 50 goal seasons are extraordinary, and would've been super rare if not for Messi and Ronaldo. There's a good chance we won't see another season with that many goals in a decade


Tbf Lewandowski literally scored 41 last year and that too in 29 games. Bundesliga has 4 less games as well


He should have won Ballon d’or last year.


That’s the point…oml the reading comprehension is atrocious.


That does put the whole Salah thing in perspective.


He scored 16 in 20 games in PL before leaving for AFCON and since then has had his worst scoring run in a liverpool shirt with scoring 6 (3 npg) in 14 games. He has great assist numbers this season, I think he has the second most assist in that list behind Mbappe so its been a great overall season for him regardless.


Note how he is the only non-center-striker on the list. He's much more involved in the buildup play than Immobile, Haaland and so on.


He was in insane form in the first half of the season (I think he was first or second in the race at New Year), which is when everyone was suggesting Ballon d'Or. Since AFCON he has slowed down massively on scoring. Still playing well, and assisting a bunch, but he's been much less clinical.




showing your ignorance here a bit pal. no one has scored more than 23 goals in the english league for four years now, since salah himself got the record of 32 in his first season ( this is a much lower record than the other top 5 leagues ). there hasn't been a European shoe winner from the epl in nearly ten years. not trying to be that guy but it's called a tough league for a reason


Nice to see Ohi Omoijuanfo in the top 5


All these big names and then there’s Ohi Omoijuanfo


He’s massive idk what you’re on about


I don’t remember, has any PL club in the last year or so expressed real interest in Schick? Seems like he would be perfect for a top half club that is doing well but needs a proper goals scorer


Crazy to see Haaland in there, feels like he missed half of the season.


Lewa will become the 5th player to win 2 golden shoes back to back since its inception at the end of the 60s, after Ally McCoist (91/92, 92/93) Thierry Henry (03/04, 04/05), Lionel Messi (11/12, 12/13 and 16/17, 17/18, 18/19) and Cristiano Ronaldo (13/14 and 14/15).


First time in 15+ years we dont have a player there 😥


Wait am I being dumb or is mitrovic supposed to be there


It’s based on coefficient. Top 5 leagues get two points per goal, while lower leagues get 1.5 or 1, because it’s easier to score. I think the championship has 1 point per goal so he would be on 43 points, just missing out. EDIT: appears that the golden boot is only for the top divisions in each country, so the championship is not considered for it.


Ok thank you


Besides the coefficient goals/games should be taken into account. If it were closer and someone in the 1. Bundesliga scores 35 in 34 and is beaten by someone scoring 36 in 38 elsewhere it wouldn’t be fair.


Mitro has more. Lol


Give it to Benzema already


Ohi best norwegian striker? Did City buy the wrong one?


this list makes you realise just how unreal messi and ronaldo were for that 6 or so year period


Lewandowski has more goals in less games played than Messi/Ronaldo the last 6 years. It is unreal how they padded their stats against bum la liga teams all those year.


I expect dusan vlahovic to do great things


If Lewy moves, big chance that he won't be able to produce these numbers again. We've made a system around him like Messi or cr7 at Barca and real. Both parties will suffer, but if Lewy thinks it's for the best, then eh


I suspect it will be a rude awakening for him next year if he does leave. People like to point to national team output as a counterpoint that "lOoK tHeY cAn Do iT wiTH aNy TeAm!!$%" But that's a completely asinine comparison. For one thing, the national team is also built around these individuals. Some players and teams are just a marriage made in heaven. Show me one example of a guy who managed to maintain *the same level* after switching teams. Ronaldo proves that the best you can hope for is to recede back to a “really good” level rather than god-tier.


With Ronaldo, it was imho more an age-catching-up thing, and Juve's midfield lacking both power and creativity.


Sure. But I think even Ronaldo would agree that his numbers would have been better had he stayed at RM.


Delusional if you think nagelsman tried to play for lewy


If he can produce great numbers with our Polish NT doing pretty much everything by himself then I'm confident that he will produce these numbers anywhere else.


Agreed, a team which builds an attack around him could lead to even greater success than that at Bayern IMO. I think in recent times our strategy hasn't benefitted him.


Maybe he wants a challenge outside of ucl


Easier to score in BuLi than La Liga too


I disagree. The 'system' hasn't been working for him in recent times with his positioning being a bit further back than before and more emphasis being put on the wingers and blind crosses, and yet he still scores. I'd say his duo with Muller is one of the biggest factors contributing to his success but I wouldn't go as far as to say that that wouldn't work in a different club. He's deadly in the box and if he gets the ball he will score. A different team that understands his strengths and feeds passes to him could lead to comparable stats.


It’s sad seeing messi and ronaldo being nowhere near stuff like this now


This looks like my FIFA 22 Career Mode team.


how does serie a and ligue 1 have the same coefficient as PL? i can see la liga having the same but not those two.


Uber Eats having a coefficient of 2 is a joke btw


why has Ligue 1 got a 2 coefficient


Smartest English fan


Top 5 league


Ben Yedder has been quality for years but no one ever talks about him


I'm sorry but if anyone other than Benzema wins anything it's nonsense. I will die on this plateau.


Wins what? He's average at best and had a couple lucky games.