I'm sure Spurs fans will forever be grateful to Levy for keeping him there.


If City hadn’t gone and spent £100m on a player they didn’t need, they’d have Kane to be fair. Levy was 100% justified in not budging from his price


Precisely. Kane could’ve been got for £125m if City hadn’t spent £100m for Grealish. That deal pushed the transfer costs for all subsequent deals of English players, especially when you consider that Man United got Jadon Sancho who was much better prospect at Dortmund for £75m earlier that same window.


Haaland couldn't have been got for £51m if City had spent £125m on Kane.


I don't get what this has to do with anything? Haaland would have been got for the same price no matter what, it was a release clause. He just wouldn't have been bought by City


He could of. Haaland had a release clause. £51m is not actually Haaland's market value.


Could HAVE


They're a ManU fan, English is their second language.


Ironically, the only people I see making this mistake are native speakers.


This is really true. I was an English teacher for years in Asia and I never saw this mistake once. Used to see it all over Facebook back in the day though, and always by native speakers.


You would hope that IRL they'd at least say "have", but once you realize what you just said, you notice a shitton of Brits actually saying "of" and it's embarassing


Nah, it's just that we use the contraction of "could have" which is "could've" when we speak and this sounds like we are saying "of" instead of "ve".


Yep - native English are the worst offenders for Could have/of, affect/effect and then/than We also don't learn grammar as well as our continental cousins - ask the majority of us what a phrasal verb is or the meaning of the past participle and the majority won't be able to explain. They can conjugate naturally, but the theory behind grammar is usually woefully underexplored. I only know of these things from learning foreign languages.


No, Haaland would not have joined City if Kane was already there. Be real.


Yeah, City has no 2 world class players for each position on the whole field at all.


No way you actually think Haaland would accept being the #2 to Kane or vice versa


I feel Kane can slot in just about any position in city though. You can definitely fit both of them in the same team.


Most of them were not world class when they joined. Not a chance Haaland comes to City if Kane is there. I'm guessing Benzema was a factor in his decision to turn Madrid down.


please enlighten me on the two world class positions in Mid and Fullbacks again please?


That's not what you were saying. City could have got Haaland for £51m, regardless of what they got Kane for, because of a release clause. What you said had nothing to do with if Haaland would want to go there if Kane was already there.


That's exactly what I was saying. A release clause still depends on the player accepting the transfer. It's not as simple as activating the clause and you get to sign the player. >City could have got Haaland for £51m, regardless of what they got Kane for, because of a release clause. False.


You're missing the point. The fact you mentioned numbers is the issue. You mentioned £125m for Kane, suggesting if that went through, Haaland's price would be higher, when in reality, his price was set because of a release clause. That's how I interpreted what you said. Also, what I said isn't false. I said *could have* got Haaland. Haaland could still join if Kane was there. I didn't say he wanted to. Said he *could have*.


He could have though. Unless you're saying that City couldn't afford to spend 175m in 2 years


I'm saying Haaland wouldn't have joined City. Obviously.


You're out of your goddamn mind if you think Levi would have sold kane for 125 million lol


125 million pounds. That was the asking price if I remember correctly


Tbh that was probably more of a ‘gas station rebate on top of a mountain’ type schtick


If that were the case then half a dozen people still would've done it. And tearfully shared their life stories as well. Fuck I love that show.


Yes you can buy Kane, you just have to answer a few Riddle's first


There was no asking price. Spurs had no intention on selling him


r/soccer will tell you Levy should have accepted a deal well below Kane's value.


> on a player they didn’t need I still maintain that Grealish was bought for the "home grown" spot. There aren't *that many* home grown players that are good enough to play for City so they try to snap them up whenever they can.


But, wouldn't Kane also fill that void?




I think they just wanted their own Beckham


except that beckham was integral to every england side, becoming captain for his country, had more than one look, had an amazing free kick technique (so much so that a film was named after it), was a family man, married to a spice girl (one of the biggest bands at the time), had a style of play that few could replicate due to the accuracy of his crosses. I'm not even a beckham fan and don't like united but grealish just won't be that household name. I think he's brought in for his footballing talent as an eventual kdb replacement, we just don't see the talent there yet because he's playing out wide in a new team.


also Beckham seems quite intelligent


Grealish is only four years younger than De Bruyne, I doubt he becomes that for them. Probably they want to bulk Foden up for it.


You don’t buy a £100m player because he’s homegrown. City’s 2nd choice keeper is American, you’d sell him and get a homegrown one.




£150m is 100% justified when they paid £100m for Grealsih. Levy set the price City never even came close to that valuation, actually offering less than what they paid for grealish. Levy knew the value of his player and stuck to it


Reminder that theglasscase is a troll and will delete all these comments anyway later. Please block him or tag him as such.


The prophecy has been fulfilled


> They signed Grealish after it became clear Spurs weren't going to let Kane leave. they signed grealish because bernardo was eyeing a move away and the 100m clause was to expire, so the deal had to be executed when it was. https://twitter.com/theathleticuk/status/1423901974978711555


Spurs are very lucky indeed to have him and Son on board for such a long stretch.


Tottenham deserve to have them


This sounds like a compliment but feels like an insult




Both struggled earlier on, Kane went out on multiple loans and Son struggled after his move from Germany but the club stood by them. They gave Son a new contract before he had to do a 21 month military service so his career was very uncertain but he won the Asian games which meant he was exempt. People make out Tottenham are lucky to have them but Tottenham made them world class players.


> Son struggled after his move from Germany Thats nothing unusual. I agree Son is thankful to Spurs. He could've gone elsewhere because he's such a good player and Spurs are very lucky to have him indeed. I'm not sure the club made him world class, he'd be class at every top team. Its his own talent, dedication and humbleness which makes him the player he is.


Totally agree with you. Lucky to have him but all I’m trying to say is the club has also done a lot for him and that’s obviously paid of as it looks like he will be staying for the foreseeable future.


Good to see there's a little bit of football romantic left


Yup. Club loyalty in modern football is very rare and Son is a prime example of that, at least for us Spurs fans.


> I'm not sure the club made him world class, he'd be class at every top team. I'm not sure if this is true. At bigger teams, he might not get as much playing time to fully realize his potential. Spurs are big enough without being too big that he'd get his minutes while also having squad that's good enough to continue his progress.


Also letting son leave for the Asian games during a crucial run of games in England was a huge decisión. I'll forever be thankful it paid off


I wonder Haalong it took him to change his mind about wanting to leave


It was shortly before the international break with Enghaaland


Should have made up his mind Erlier tbh.


There was Norway he could leave Spurs after seeing the progress under Conte


Idk, I think if it wasn't for recent development's he'd still be hoping City had Braut him out of the mediocrity he currently finds himself surrounded by.


Bet he wishes City bid more pound stErling for him.


This is my favourite thread




He wasn't alf-inge it


He now thinks Conte Braut the best out of him.


I was like what kind of typo is that? Took me some seconds to get it.




Nobody is competing with those 2 at the minute. The summer to get his move was the last one and it didn't happen, he won't get another chance at the big trophies with an English team now


So so happy


Well yea man city bought Haaland already…


And no other club wants him/can affort him except PSG but I never see him going there. Bayern could be an option now that Lewy will most likely leave though


Doubt he leaves the prem when he's so close to breaking so many accolades


if Bayern were priced out of a 21 year old haaland, they arent going to spend the money to get a 29 year old kane.


>29 year old kane. not this again. he's 28.


He'll be 29 when next season starts


but he's 28 right now.


I know it's a meme to argue such a pedantic difference, but by the time of soonest possible competitive game in any competition he could play for any club he got transferred to, he'd be 29. He has literally 1 game left as a 28 year old lol


You’re right, whoever buys him would be getting the 29-year-old version of Harry Kane next season


He's 28 until he's 29


That whole meme saga was about a player that was like X years old and 6 months. In this case, Kane can physically only play 1 more game as 28 year old lol, he'll be 29 by the time he can play his next game, for Spurs or anyone else Regurgitate the meme by all means, but it definitely doesn't apply here


Doubling down on a shitty, overused, non-applicable meme I see


He'd need to lower his demands a bit especially with how big the fee will be but Brazzo is splashing money on contracts which he deems worth it, see Sane and Coman (Neuer too). I think Haaland earns more than Kane anyway.


i meant the transfer fees. If they arent going to pay haaland's wages then they arent going to spend the transfer fee needed to pry him away from us




Most likely not but I'd pay 120-130m for Kane rather than 80m for Hernandez.


Madrid should go for him. Perfect Benzema replacement.


He would be perfect indeed but I think Haaland is Madrid bound in two years.


Don't think Haaland fits with Vinicius and Mbappe tactically


Not yet but Pep is gonna mold him into the perfect striker.


Harry didn't see the 2nd kit leak, then.


I blame Nike. They always pull this kinda crap.


Good for him but on the flip side I don't know where he'd go and who would take him even though he's a fantastic player. Last year was the perfect time to leave if ever so I see it likely that he'll finish his best years at Tottenham.


Looking at the lack of quality strikers around, most teams would kill to have him. But Levy still has all the leverage. So kane can't leave.


All the levyridge


I’m Levying this thread for the Haaland one.


Everyone would take him gladly. Nobody would pay the amount that Spurs would ask.


I mean, Kane himself is presumed to chase the Shearer record so that rules out any non-EPL team. He's not going to Chelsea/Arsenal for obvious reasons. Man United are much worse than us currently, and City, we know what happened there. The only team that could theoretically get him but won't pay up is Liverpool, and honestly they don't really need him.


Id take kane


Think that's the real problem. It's kind of sad, but it feels like his best years will be wasted to a degree. If England doesn't win the World Cup this summer, which statistically is unlikely, then it feels like his international contribution will be wasted too. Although really that is true for most players at an international level.


Very unlikely I'd say given there isn't a world cup this summer.


It's FIFA you never know


"Forget just one world cup every two years, the real big brain play is two world cups every one year!" Arsene Wenger will get on it straight away.


Why is it sad that he's thriving at a club he's been at for 18 years? What do you mean wasted? Just because someones not won the big one doesn't mean their contributions are for nothing... I think its sad that people want him to leave a club he has a strong connection with to one in which winning something with won't mean anything. I think it's sad people would rather see the best players concentrated at the super mega teams than spread out, making for a more competitive league.


Kane could break Shearer's record of most PL goals. I don't think many other clubs would play him at half his ability late into his 30s. But if he is a Spurs legend they would. Transfers at that age to a bigger club aren't always the correct decision.


> it feels like his best years will be wasted to a degree His whole career is going to be wasted if you value a career based trophies won.


Was Alan Shearer's career wasted? No, he's still seen as one of the best strikers in English football history.


Shearer won the league with Blackburn...


The point is that that isn't why he's remembered today, and that he'd still be a legendary figure even had he finished second with them


when they were a top 3 spending team in the league. don't leave that part out mate.


Shearer won the league with Blackburn


Once. How many more if he'd moved to United in the late 90s?


Probably more. But the point is he has a major crowning achievement and a PL medal.


Except he isn’t known for that


> Was Alan Shearer's career wasted? Yes, mostly. He also won a league title. How many times did he play in the Champions League? How many finals did he play in? How many pivotal goals did he score in big games? The answer to all them is not a lot. He might be happy with being a Newcastle legend, fair enough, but on a pure analytical level he did not do enough at the very top of the game.


I'm sad that you thinking playing the majority of his career at his boyhood club, in front of his friends, family and community is a waste of a career rather than joining man u for guaranteed trophies.


Plus making more money than 99% of humans in history will ever make playing a sport.


Signing for City and riding his way to trophies they would have won anyway is only "achieving more" on paper


That's not the only way to success. If you're talking about Shearer, then he probably should have signed for Man Utd and he'd have won every trophy going, scored in Champions League finals, and be known globally as one of the best ever. Now he isn't really that well respected outside of the UK. Look at how low down he is on this list lol https://bleacherreport.com/articles/1954831-ranking-the-top-60-strikers-of-all-time


None of this is that big a deal lol. It's only perception, the actual achievements involved aren't any more impressive objectively, going by what it takes from an individual performance point of view


I mean, he still played plenty in the Champions League, played in cup finals, one of England's all time top scorers combined with being the best pure striker ever. Not too bad.


He had two Champions League campaigns in his career didn't he? One with Newcastle and one with Blackburn. Two cup finals? He lost both. He obviously massively underachieved in his career as far as playing at the top level and winning stuff goes.


I think it just depends what metric you look at. If you only define success as trophies then you exclude some of the very best talents ever. May have been relatively limited in the UCL, but still starred in famous stadia like the Nou Camp and San Siro (scoring a brace there) alongside a famous win against Juventus. Pretty successful travels in the UEFA Cup as well. That alongside being the top scorer for your boyhood club in the (mostly regarded as) best league in world football, top 5 scorers ever for your country and his other accomplishments isn't shabby either. Granted he maybe could've picked up a few trophies down the line but it's not like it's a gigantic underachievement compared to how it played out


Kane will win a title. He's a free agent in 2 years. He'll have his pick of any club in England to join.


if it wasn't for money issues italy's big 3 and barca will be all over him


I doubt he'd want to move abroad. Realistically that limits him to probably only Chelsea, Man City and United who could afford him. Chelsea are obviously having their own issues and would need to offload Lukaku at the very least, United arguably isn't a step up and also need to offload a lot of players before splashing out on a player like Kane, and City just bought Haaland. Maybe with the striker merry go round Mbappa, Lewa and Haaland will prompt this summer it might change something, but unlikely. Next summer is more realistic if he does still want to move.


Also Chelsea and Spurs don’t deal with each other


us and other Big 6 teams in general to be fair. Walker is the only one since 2010, and that was for the World record fee for a RB, with a strong replacement already in place


We and Spurs don't do business with eachother. Otherwise signing him ahead of Lukaku would've been a no brainer.


Don't you need like 3 new cbs this window?


2 is enough with promoting Colwill. But I was referring about last season.


Fair enough


You think that will change with Roman gone?


Pretty sure it's Levy refusing to deal with Chelsea and not the other way around. Roman did try for Modric at the time.


I think there's a chance but if the personnel at board level remains then there'll be bad blood always.


Doubt it, as it wasn't to do with Abramovich, but Levy.


> italy's big 3 Lol you can't actually think Harry Kane would move to Serie A. It's not 1997 my man.


He specifically said if it wasn't for money issues.


Why would Kane move lmao. It’s not about whether they have money or not, he wouldn’t go to Italy


Are you for real haha? Even if Inter Milan slap a 200m bid on the table for Kane he isn't moving to Serie A.


Really looking forward to see how the Tottenham team develops under Conte. I think next season they'll kick on. Exciting times for the Spurs supporters.


On one hand it's exciting I guess. On the other hand they're so incredibly reliant on Kane and Son who are both heading towards the twilight of their careers (29 and 30 next season) that I'd be terrified if I was a Spurs fan. The pressure is on to basically get good whilst they're still both in their prime. In a few years time they will need to somehow pull two ridiculous replacements from somewhere, despite potentially having no CL and being famously stingy.


We've spent a shit ton the last few years. Not very efficiently mind you but the spending aspect is undeniable so the stingy Levy cliche is way outdated


Kulu is 21 and looks like the answer for the right side. Romero is a top CB in the league already. Skipp is a young midfield prospect who was playing a lot until he had some injuries. Hugo is still great (outside of his usual one odd match). Dier, Davies and Doherty have had mini-renaissances since Conte's arrival. If Conte can get the players in he wants, there's a lot there to start off with.


Anyone in the Spurs academy you can see getting some sub time replacing Son or Kane?


Dane Scarlett is a natural striker. Don’t know too much more about the academy unfortunately.


Scarlett and White look like two for the future.


We are but if the signings Conte wanted so far (Benta and Deki) are any indication, it might change it the summer. Both of the players changed our team and Deki is producing almost the same numbers as Kane/Son since he came in.


29 and 30 aren't really twilight years. They can still perform just as good for 2-3 more years. Kulusevski was a smart buy. If they keep Conte, he can get players to replace Kane and Son eventually.


I mean, it makes sense to me. People can mention Haaland and sure maybe there's an element of that, but it's definitely a more enticing project under Conte than it was under fucking Nuno. If he wins a trophy under Conte, which I think he will, it's going to feel sweeter than any other trophy elsewhere.


Things are definitely looking better at Tottenham than they were this time last year. Conte has them playing a lot better and you get the feeling that they have something good to build on. The question is how long does this honeymoon period last before the inevitable Conte implosion occurs.


Now that City have signed Haaland, the only club that could afford what Spurs would want for Kane would be PSG and that's a non-starter. If Conte is backed properly Kane will win trophies with Spurs.


>If Conte is backed properly Kane will win trophies with Spurs. Suprised it took this long to find this in the thread. This is 100% the case and this transfer window will define their next season imo Spurs are in a weird place where they can beat Man City 3-2 but then lose to Man Utd and Southampton with the same scoreline. They managed to go undefeated against the 2 best teams in the league this season, which is a ridiculous stat in it's own right, but they struggled to close against Burnley at home and couldn't put a goal past Brentford or Brighton. Kulusevski and Bentancur were great business and I reckon if Conte can build the team he wants, Spurs genuinely could be a threat. Kind of a big 'if' statement but it would be great fun to see Spurs compete like other Conte teams.


I do find it surprising that people still doubt Conte at this point. He's won a title everywhere he's been. People talk about his European record, but he's been to the same amount of European finals in the last ten years as Pep Guardiola. If he can add to that squad, maybe another couple of quality midfielders and some more defenders, there's no reason they can't push for some trophies.


They've played better against those top teams because they're allowed to get onto the counter with higher lines. The next step we have to take to be a true contender is to be able to squeeze out wins when they're forced out of their style and have to possess the ball more. Yesterday is a good start, and would've been a more comfortable win if Pope didn't turn into the love child of Neuer and Buffon.


Also coupled with the fact Kane will want to stay in the Prem to try and beat Shearer's goalscoring record. City was basically Kane's only option and that ship has sailed. Give him the option now, and he'd move to City in a heartbeat. But he knows its now impossible, so he has to be content with Spurs.


Man U could also afford him, although they are definitely not going in for him.


Yea, we just wait untill good strikers are in their 30s.


That's a lateral move that this point, possible a downgrade.


"...seeing how the club progress with Antonio Conte for the first 3 months of next season". FTFY


Harry “Theon Greyjoy” Kane. Levy owns him…


I’m seeing lots of jokes about haaland, which fair. But I want to say this, if Conte has the summer that he wants (in other words brings in giaccherini)… with Kane staying who’s fucking world class and as of right now a better player than haaland… this is all smelling very very familiar to a Conte title winning season. Definitely rooting for tottenham next season


who is giaccherini and why does conte want to bring him to spurs?


Some old midfielder that used to play for Juve. Not sure if that’s who he’s referring to though lol


I think it's a meme about Conte signing old players.


This is not even intended as an insult to Spurs but they are currently going to finish 20 points behind Manchester City, who played the whole season without a striker and historically dominate the league. Now with them having signed Haaland, it's going to take REALLY the summer Conte wants for them to have even a whisper at winning the league next season.


Oh yeah definitely not underestimating city or Liverpool at all. I said that statement especially as a juve fan, we went from finishing 7th and looking like the shit show that is Manchester United right now, to going undefeated and winning the scudetto the next year. Not to shift focus, but when they had the chance to sign Conte at United I was like uh-oh if they do they’re back to not being a meme Anyway back on topic, the thing that’s scary about Conte is that he doesn’t necessarily need a Haaland level signing… he just needs a signing that works for him. Which sounds obvious and not insightful at all, but I’ve seen this man turn players like Pepe, giaccherini, Victor Moses, Eder, Pellè, etc. into machines. If he gets those sorts of signings, oh man will tottenham be challenging for the title next season


You...you I like


Inb4 Conte goes to PSG.


Kane's brother should have a statue outside of Tottenham stadium. That dude made sure world's top 3 no9(for years) stays there for like a decade.


Where can the club progress to though? They’re miles behind City and Liverpool so at best they’re going from fourth to third. Highly unlikely they win the Champions League as well. Obviously what he means is that nobody is paying £150m or whatever for him now that City have Haaland, so he doesn’t have much of a choice but to stay.


They're not really any worse off than we were when Klopp took over. In fact they're better (this is a group of players that was top 4 regulars and CL finalists until not too long ago, we were a mid table team). It's not impossible. Trouble is Conte is not known for sticking around for long term projects like this. One can easily see a clash with Levy at some point in the not too far future. The fact that there's already talk around him going to PSG and he doesn't sound fully committed in interviews, only a few months into his tenure, is telling.


I do agree about the two situations but the issue is that Kane is 29, and Liverpool and City currently have 15+ world class players in their squad each. Spurs have two. It’s going to take them a while to challenge Liverpool and City, and Kane will be getting on by the time it does happen (if it does).


I hope he wins a trophy with Tottenham soon. Rolls Royce of a player.


Probably not going to sign a new contract, is he.


He will probably wait until next summer to seriously consider it. No reason to rush a decision like that.


Depends tbh. Any month that goes by is a missed opportunity for a pay bump so if he does intend to renew he might as well get it over with quickly


Try the Declan Rice special offer. He might fall for it


He already fell for it on his last contract, he invented that shit.


has he got two years left now?




He should sign a new contract and have a gentleman’s agreement with Levy.


If he ever wants to consider moving again, he should consider hiring an actual agent.


He is quite a few years too late. Signing that super long contract after a CL final was madness.


He buried himself by signing a long ass deal. If he really wanted to chase silverware he'd have let his previous deal run down.


he is gonna leave on a free in 2 years to city after real pays haalands release clause


No offence to Spurs fans, but I’m surprised. He’s nearing his 30s and hasn’t won a single trophy his entire career at Spurs. Surely he’d want to leave and win more trophies? He could potentially go his entire career without winning a trophy which is ridiculous Especially looking at players who joined Man City or Bayern Munich from other clubs and have been absolutely showered in trophies, while playing in a brilliant system. Bernardo Silva won 4 trophies or something ridiculous like that after he joined City from AS Monaco


Which trophy-competing club can afford him at the moment? City just bought Haaland, Bayern will most likely buy another Bundesliga striker, Chelsea will be more conservative in transfers after losing their sugar daddy, Barca will probably get Lewandowski. Newcastle can afford him, but they're probably 2-3 years away from being serious challengers for trophies. By then, Kane would be over 30.


good, now just need Conte to say the same.. but it is looking fairly certain he'll stay as well


That’s a man with absolutely no ambition


And Stockholm syndrome.


didnt conte say he's leaving?


The scenes when he and Tottenham win a trophy. As an Arsenal fan, I would actually love to see Kane lift some silverware. He deserves it.


What's he gonna do if conte leaves?


Jokes aside, will he be the best player ever to never win a trophy?


Dan Marino


Charles Barkley




Sadly for everyone else, Conte will win them something.


Along with Son