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José Félix Díaz is reporting this one, but he also said the same thing last summer, so take it with a grain of salt.


Mbappe and Madrid most probably also had a deal last year, it’s PSG who refused to sell him even for 200M


Giving what he did this year in UCL and Ligue 1, it might have been the only good idea of PSG management this year honeslty. Without Mbappe they wouldn't have won Ligue 1 nor won a single match past UCL play off


Tbf with that 200million could have replaced him With uhhhhhh lukaku? Kane? Ronaldo? ?????


I mean I’ll do it for 200mil if there’s no one else


Ronaldo was gone already at that point but maybe a sporting director of a club of that size should be able to look that far ahead


Didn’t Ronaldo move really late in the window ?


Announcement on manutd.com was on the 31st of August but it didn't really seem like PSG were ever in for him. Which is why I questioned Leonardos abilities to look even a week ahead


And you think Lukaku Kane or ronaldo would’ve done the same season Mbappe just did ? Lmao Edit: MB didn’t see it as a joke, so much degenerate on this sub I thought it was real


That’s the joke, striker / forward market is very thin


My bad didn’t catch it bruh


No worries . I’ve definitely had people, incorrectly , argue with me,in this sub, that mbappe is overrated.


Yeah, I’ve seen dozens too, but just wait next year at madrid and no one will ever rate him low again. Tbf most of this subs only watch PL and last 8 of champions league. We shouldn’t argue that much here


Ronaldo carried his team just as hard


Probably, but they didn’t win shit so it’s hard to compare


Real life career mode signing Messia and Ronaldo in the same transfer window.




definitely, unfair for Real but at the end of the day they won everything now. Free Mbappe and UCL final without him was worth the wait


If P$G can’t win the league without Mbappe, then they are wasting his talents there.




Mbappe deal was done. All psg had to do was accept the bid. Worked out great for Real Madrid. Didn't give them 200m, signed Camavinga instead, Vini became a starter. And won La liga and in the UCL final beating psg on the way.


The final will be played in Paris as well. PSG get to sit and watch...


It should be very weird to live for Ramos


He’s gonna pitch invade around the 30th minute and two foot salah


I always found it funny how he deals as much damage as possible when he fall, [remind me this extrait from Eric Andre](https://youtu.be/uA3D1UtSSQo)


Man I find Eric Andre hilarious. All that skit needed was a Hannibal burress one liner as a security guard coming back from the bathroom .


He’s just dissuading opponents from engaging with him


That’s how he gave Karius a concussion. Someone pushed him I don’t remember who, but he fell dramatically with his elbow extended right into Karius noggin. The kind of player you only like when he’s playing for your team.


I mean at this point with with the super league nonsense. Why not go full WWE.


And score a last minute header for Real to win it




Right before giving Alisson a concussion.


He fucked it up himself and partly ruined his own legacy over money he doesn't need. Really well played by him


Not sure that Ramos has that kind of cult following, but sure I guess




Seriously, for people who dont know who JFD is, i will just say that he probably doesnt know more than anyone here. He just relentlesly publishes articles that in then end turn out to be fake, but Marca is happy with it because people click on then anyway, even if it is just to make fun of him.


In fact, most of the comments on his articles in MARCA are making fun of JFD


JFD is straight up a liar. There's no other way around it. The thing is that when you make up a thousand things and one of them just happens to be true, it doesn't mean you're not a liar anymore.


Yup. José Felix Diaz is a known bullshitter idk why he is trusted on reddit


People confuse him with José Luis Sánchez


Yeah probably the case tbh


[https://futbolfinanzas.com/los-negocios-colaterales-de-un-periodista-de-marca-si-llega-de-gea-al-real-madrid-20170607-13232.html](https://futbolfinanzas.com/los-negocios-colaterales-de-un-periodista-de-marca-si-llega-de-gea-al-real-madrid-20170607-13232.html) He was or is (idk) part owner of a company that manages image rights for David De Gea. He also wrote an article on Marca saying Real Madrid were negotiating for him without disclosing that he had an incentive for de Gea to sign for Madrid. I'm not saying this makes him not credible as a journalist, but a little shady at the very least.


They also said the same thing two months ago, lol


José Felix Díaz being one of the most knowledgeable Real Madrid journalists doesn't negate the fact that he works for a business who has powerful incentives to tell half-baked truths or outright lie for a few more clicks on any given morning.


Non Madrid fans probably trust JFD more than Madrid fans themselves , he isn't that reliable though as you said he is often in click. If Cortagena,Arrancha or Sanchez said it. Then it's done deal


JFD is just the muppet that the Real Madrid board uses to push narratives and any other information they like to share to create pressure. He has first hand information, so first hand that he probably doesn't even flinch when he knows he's being handled a bullshit story because his sources ask him to. And anyone that refuses to believe Marca just runs errands for Real Madrid in most of his content only has to look at how they don't have a single doubt about releasing front page news on leaked tapes from Alba and Pique, from Rubiales, from Anil Murthy or anything they could get on Bartomeu, but when it was Florentino being exposed they were as "cautious" on talking about that as they could be, to the point of not even mentioning what could be leading news.


He wasn’t wrong. Everything was in place and PSG refused 200 million


Untill I see a official statement from Madrid , I ain't believing anything even if mbappe himself reports it.


Imagine our social media admin just tweets a 🐢 and nothing else. Lol, the whole internet will break dlwn.


Should post a polish flag just to throw people off


I’ll believe it when r/soccer uploads videos of him struggling to juggle the ball during his presentation at the Bernabeu.


>even if mbappe himself reports it. Nice one 👍


I would be convinced if Mbappe's mother reports it.


Mombappe = Tier -1


Which is weird isn't it? There have been multiple reports that Mabppe has signed with Madrid and his mom never denied those. But the moment the news came out he was renewing with psg, his mom immediately denied it




Yeah, a couple weeks ago french journos announced his renewal and Mama Mbappe was wast to refute everything


It has to be Comunicado Oficial and nobody else reporting it.


Again? How many deals and agreements do they already have (according to the press)?


Assuming that José Félix Díaz let me know it was coming down, I would be on the main trip to the Canaries


Probably he announces after the PSG-Qatar trip. I think he wants his farewell moment in front of the own fans like Haaland.


I imagine he'll anounce it before the PSG - Metz game on Saturday. Would be the perfect time to get a farewell from the fans.


Knowing the PSG fans they will probably boo him instead for leaving


Not sure, even when the whole team was booed, Mbappé was applaused There is a very big respect for Mbappé in Paris


Mboobi tries. Of course you will boo Neymar, who is throwing bunga-bunga parties in Brazil in the middle of the season. Local PSG/City fans get bad rep for no reason, they are no different from other fans.


>bunga-bunga parties 🤣🤣🤣


Mbappé hasn’t been booed even after we knew he wanted to leave last summer. He gave us everything on the pitch every time and we’re very thankful for his time here. He carried us really hard this season and even if we’re sad he’s leaving we will forever love him. He’s on his way to become the French NT top goal scorer and may very well lead us to other trophies


He was booed at Messi's first game with the club. The fans were pissed he wasn't signing a new contract.


No way. He never gave less than 100% and they know it.


People don't realize in the long run Mbappe will make more money playing at Real even if his salary is lower than PSG. He is almost a guaranteed Bdor. The spotlight of playing for worlds biggest team. Winning actual respected trophies. It all ads up to his image which will skyrocket. He will be signing record contract with brands for the rest of his career.


Not disagreeing but wasn't the issue RM wanted 50% of his image rights


Completely agree. He's only 23 and is already one of the biggest names in football. Very few people turn into Ligue 1, so having him play for Real is also going to have people paying more attention to him on a weekly basis. He was top scroer in Ligue 1 this year and most people's reaction is essentially "so what?". I also think it's going to help him develop as a player to be playing against a higher level of competition.


If he comes to Madrid, I guarantee kids of 6-13 yo will all be saying I want to be like Mbappe next year. The whole world will know the name.


Right, because nobody knows him right now lmao.




I doubt it


Tic Tac Tic Tac


If José Félix Díaz told me it was raining, I would be on the first flight to the Canaries


Si eres de San Sebastián su porcentaje de acierto meteorológico seria de un 99%


just announce it, so we can finally start planning our mercato...


If he is leaving the club already knows and is already planning


not so sure, all reports say that incoming transfers are halted until mbappe's decision is made


But if they are ready To annouce he most likely had already made his decision and told the club


who are they and what are they announcing? they are having talks with players because they have to have a plan B this time. psg isn't ready to announce new signings, they just held talks but won't go any further until mbappe told them and the world


After last summer i dont think PSG cares what Mbappe says.


If Mbappe is going to play instead of Vinicius I will riot


They will play together no doubt about it, however one of them will be moved to RW.


One of them? As much as important Vinicius is, Madrid will throw him in RW as soon as Mbappe asks for LW


Doubt it




The dynamism is all great and will work good. But the attack will be lopsided naturally with all three starting. The opposition can easily crowd the left side to suffocate them. And either of them will suffer on the right in 443. Maybe they will do 442. It will be interesting to see how Madrid will deals with this.


Could see Ancelotti pull out a similar system his La Decima winning team, a 433 in attack with Vini dropping back to make a 442 in defense. Modric, Valverde, or even Camavinga playing the hybrid CM/RM mezzala role. Would require Mbappe to play from the right, but he would have plenty of opportunities to roam. God I loved watching that side play. Either way, I’m sure Ancelotti will find a way to make the team work, he’s one of the best in the world at playing flexible systems to suit his players strengths.


I don't like this News


PSG still took a major L for not selling him for 200 million last year.


As if the money matters to them. €200M is chump change for Qatar.


I’m almost certain PSG regrets not taking the 200m considering the outcome of the season


They're funded directly by the Emir of Qatar. They don't care.


He's going to tear it up, can't wait


At this point I will only believe it if Neymar posts a selfie of them with the caption "He's staying".


"PSG, we're not a Republic serial villain. Do you seriously think we'd explain our master-stroke if there remained the slightest chance of you affecting its outcome? We reached a deal with Mbappé 7 days ago." \-Real Ozymandrid


How many contracts did he signed already?




Okay Marca


This signing makes no sense. What is Real Madrid going to do with 3 LWs??


Surprising because Carlo is the manager, but get this: we'll actually rotate. Jk I believe we'll start off with Mbappe RW and Vinicius LW but in a very fluid system, kind of like early days of bale, benzema, ronaldo.


Last week ; Last month as well ; Last year as well ; Last decade as well ; Last century as well ; Last millennia as well !




So how many left wingers is real going to play?


Remember the "Mbappe reached and agreement with psg" news last week? What was that, who wrong wrote it


Can Mbappe play as Striker or RW ?