> Telegraph Sport understands that Christensen had been in line to start but told the head coach he was not ready to play. > Christensen did not report an injury, although sources close to the player claim he had been feeling unwell during the week and had not expected to be named in the starting line-up. > The withdrawal not only meant that Tuchel had to make a late change to his starting line-up, but Thiago Silva had to play on with an injury and Timo Werner had to take a place on the substitutes’ bench despite sustaining a hamstring injury in the warm-up.


Another report from @Tom Roddy “Members of the Chelsea squad are believed to have been surprised and confused by Andreas Christensen's decision to leave the team hotel before the EmiratesFACup  Final after he withdrew from selection in the squad.”


It's a known fact that he gets extreme anxiety attacks randomly (like most of these mental health issues are). I think they increase after he makes a big mistake. He started missing a lot of games after that mistake in an EPL game. Was it brentford? Yet sometimes he also has the nerves to come in as a sub for Thiago Silva in UCL final and not make a single mistake. Well, I guess its not our problem anymore but I hope the guy gets some serious medical help. Barcelona is gonna be rougher for him.


The first thing I thought, even without knowing this information. Depression & anxiety can take hold and make you stay away from any and every obligation in life. Obviously we know nothing about him truly, but it does strike a very familiar tone with me.


What's worse is on the Chelsea sub our "fans" are already slighting him and calling him names because of his mental health. And we wonder why mental health is stigmatized. Fuck those fans and anyone who thinks mental health is an issue of "just getting over it". They are so far as calling him lazy and a diva because he *won't* perform, little do they know how debilitating it is and that he *can't* perform. I hate fans.


TBF the article doesn't mention mental health at all, that's just speculation from this sub


Yeah, you're right. The paragraph *"Christensen did not report an injury, although sources close to the player claim he had been feeling unwell during the week and had not expected to be named in the starting line-up.* does leave it super vague that it could be a myriad of health issues like fever or fatigue. Though there was a post that quote Sarri in our Sub recently that Christensen gets nervous/anxious and even get stomachache during match day because of it. So it seems like people just put two and two together since it does seem like a possibility.


You think that’s gonna stop Redditors and their armchair therapy?


Yeah I admitted it’s completely unknown, I just know first hand that you shirk obligations that other people would jump at in your position purely because you can’t face the world. Definitely not saying it’s 100% the case, just saying it feels familiar.


Yeah, mental health is still very much stigmatized. "Everyone has anxiety", "Depression is just an excuse for being lazy" are just some of the tame opinions that exist. Truth is, if you don't go through it yourself or from a close person to you, you don't realise how bad it really is. And football has a tendency to bring out the cavemen inside of us so it must be even worse for those players. Doesn't help that we have dehumanized them and expect 100% from them every time.


I wouldn’t call those people fans even in quotation. Same idiots who call Mount a cunt for missing a penalty.


Not seen anything me call mount a cunt for missing his pen


Not going to dignify it by spending time looking for the comment but that was one guy. Plenty of others in the match thread being mad at Mount. Quite often getting shit from other users and downvotes of course but the match thread is depressing.


The Chelsea sub is so bad now, it's embarrassing most of the time.


It’s so reactionary as well, one game pulisic is getting worshipped next game he needs to be sold


Depends what time of day it is tbh


When the Yanks get up and the Brits go to bed there is a changing of the guard


Brits go to bed at noon?


It's called day drinking


Couldn't handle all the Roman tribute posts.


Those comment threads are a shit show. Fuck those guys.


good job stirring up shit


It’s not, but no good to us if he misses games. I would say the same about players who miss due to physical issues too.


Please. People are infinitely more forgiving of physical issues. Even so far as calling em warriors for playing through injuries. Mental health is just ridiculed more so than other forms of health conditions. And fans are some of the worst culprits.


People literally called wilshere “jack wheelchair” lol


I’m not sure there’s any evidence to support that other than you just saying it. People constantly say Chelsea should sell Pulisic because he’s too injury prone and I hear the same thing said about Dembele for Barca. If Pulisic pulled up with an injury the morning of the final he would have been slated to death.. not to mention that’s different anyway because physical injuries literally can prevent you from playing.


You’re spitting facts but it doesn’t fit AC apologist agenda. These same guys berated Chalobah who is in his first season for mistakes lmao. Don’t even get me started on Malang Sarr. Never have I once seen any posts telling ppl to dial the abuse back for them


I remember there was a video last season of Pulisic warming up and then getting injured in the warm up when he was supposed to start and half the thread was people saying we have to sell him.. yet we should ignore it if its a mental issue? I’m not saying to abuse AC or anything, but yeah you can say we don’t want players with mental issues on the team if it affects their ability to play.


And you can equally say it’s a luxury for him not to be available in big matches when other players want the opportunity he has. Like it’s really telling how ppl spin this narrative rather than accept that it’s weak


Because ppl live in a world where they can’t afford to make excuses due to mental health. Ppl who know they have issues but have to persevere because there are no other options. So yes, he does come across as a diva for a player in his postion playing for a top club in the world. All this loyalty to him when he didn’t even sign the offer we sent. Hid from finals to do medicals at Barcelona. Hope he leaves asap


It was said by Malang Sarr that Christensen spent time in the toilet before coming onto the pitch, it was probably the only place to have an anxiety attack. Man it’s messed up, I really hope he gets proper help if it’s true. Also, another person mentioned this but screw any fan who mocked him for missing the game despite having a genuine problem.


Could be nervous poops or vomiting too, both common with anxiety.


Ironically, it may have started from that big mistake against barca since many years ago.


I have anxiety like that and can barely function some days. I face a tiny fraction of the public criticism and attention he gets. Sometimes you feel like you can go out and face the world, others you can't leave your room or house without overthinking every last detail. It's a horrible way to live and I hope he can get help to deal with it.


Damn, if this is true then he will be a disaster for Barca


This guy should definitely not come to Barca if that’s the case. He’ll make one mistake the the media/fans will kill him


Exactly! He's made a terrible error is that's the case. The scrutiny he'll face at Barca will be way more than at Chelsea. He's an academy player and fans would have still protected him but now he's on his own.


Sounds like it happens only when he knows in advance he will play


This man likely has some serious anxiety issues which is very sad and I hope he gets the help he needs for, but if this is the case I couldn't think of any worse club to move to than Barca. The fans will eat him alive


Ironically, his struggles seem to have stemmed from a match against Barcelona in the Champions League. Played well all game, defended brilliantly, he made one mistake and Messi leveled the score and they have an away goal. Since then, he's routinely missed big games with some sort of muscle strain or illness. You'd think playing extremely well in the run in last season after Tuchel took over would have built his confidence and shed that mental block in his head. His performance in the CL final after Silva got hurt was heroic. I can sympathize with people who have some sort of mental issue but at the same time, if he's not trying to seek help from a professional to help him sort through this, he's doing himself and his teammates a disservice by continually dropping out of games and making himself unavailable.


> if he's not trying to seek help from a professional to help him sort through this, he's doing himself and his teammates a disservice by continually dropping out of games and making himself unavailable. Has he publicly rejected professional help?


Ferran is already getting booed by our "fans" it will be even worse with Christensen once they learn about his anxiety issues


Ah yes just the player we need. Mentally weak and lacking in discipline he’ll fit right in 🥲


That kind of anxiety goes beyond being 'mentally weak and lacking in discipline', it is more likely a mental health issue. In which case it isn't some character flaw or unwillingness to commit, but a serious psychological disorder. If that is the case he deserves some compassion, not ridicule.


"Mentally weak" is a very fuzzy term and might well include those who suffer from mental illness. In any case, it doesn't matter if it's 'anxiety' or 'mental weakness' -- the effect is the same for Barcelona and their fans are perfectly justified in not wanting the player to join.


I think he was ridiculing our board's decision to sign such a player, not Christensen himself. Cause his anxiety issues seem evident even to me and I've only seen him play a handful of games. Poor judgement from our board then


He'll be incredible if you support him, he'll be like this when the fans attack him. It is what it is. Our fans have been incredibly cutthroat with him the whole time he's been here for some reason. He can be amazing for half a season, but one mistake and they'll never want him to play for the club again and shower him with abuse. I doubt it'll be any better with you guys and I have no idea other than money why he'd take this move with his mental health taken into consideration, but if he's supported you'll get a great, great player.


Fans have lost patience with him because he's been playing musical chairs with his contract and has fucked the club about massively. That coupled with unconvincing performances ofc he's going to get flak


People treated his this way when he was playing under Conte, that was literally my point in the comment. He played perfectly for half a season under Conte, joined in the rest of the defence by making a couple of mistakes and got abuse afterwards and didn't see the pitch again for like a year and a half


For some reason? Lmfaoooooooooo I hope you post this support for Chalobah and Sarr when they’ve made mistakes


Bro Xaviball is trash, Christensen will not be your problem.


Didnt xaviball thrash you though?


You dont get to this stage for both club and country with an untreated anxiety issue of this magnitude. Competely unthinkable, he had to go through an extensive number of high pressure situations. He might've only developed it now during this transfer saga but seems kinda unlikely imo


Nah Sarri even said when he was here that Christensen often struggled with stomach problems in the lead up to games, it hasn’t just appeared during this transfer situation.


Guess this kind of anxiety can manifest as a physical thing, he might be able to deal with the mental side of it but not the physical manifestations


Professional players at the highest level can most certainly have significant anxiety issues. Mertesacker, for example, suffered frequent anxiety attacks due to the pressure of football.


Not true. Sarri reported it when he was here and under Conte he played almost every game for 6 months, made on mistake and then didn't play again. He's always had serious issues, they're just manageable when he feels like he's trusted/supported by the people around him and completely unmanageable when he doesn't


That isn't true at all. People can struggle but function with anxiety all their adult life and have one incident or experience that pushes them past their limit. After which they seem to recover, but similar conditions or high stress levels can trigger an episode or relapse.


Are you really denying people can develop anxiety/mental health issues as an adult? > the age of onset of agoraphobia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, posttraumatic stress disorder, panic disorder, and generalized anxiety disorder began, on average, between 21.1 and 34.9 years. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/27310233/#:~:text=Separation%20anxiety%20disorder%2C%20specific%20phobia,between%2021.1%20and%2034.9%20years.


Thanks Dr


Ironically when he was given no time to think and was thrown on following injury to Thiago Silva in the CL final he did brilliantly. You have to assume that Chelsea would have tried to get help for him on this down the years so it will be a worry about how he'll deal with it in an ultra critical place like Barca.


Thrown on??? We pay him to play like I swear to God the excuses thus fanbase makes


From randomly searching from being curious it looks like he could have pretty bad anxiety from big games in which case i would feel for him cause I know the feeling.


Just read an old interview with Sarri where he says that Christensen feels sick every match day because of nerves. Really feel for the guy if true, that’s not a good situation to be in at all. Hope he gets some help for it at least.


Yeah this has the makings of bad anxiety, reminds me of the Mardy Fish (tennis player) story. If that's the case I feel really sorry for him and hope he gets the help he needs.


There are some bitter fans and even people on this site making fun of him and questioning his attitude or dedication, but if he does genuinely have anxiety issues he deserves sympathy, not ridicule. It is telling that mental health issues are taken "super serious" on this sub when talked about in an abstract way, but when it involves an actual player the vitriol, hate and glee over rivals takes over.


I said the same thing to people ridiculing it in our sub. No matter what it looks like and seems like to people on the outside, only he can know how he really is and if he thinks he's too ill, who are we to question it? No one knows him better than himself, especially not random people in the media mocking another footballer for having mental health problems, or the people on social media doing the same.


It seems our rivals fan have more common sense then our own fans regarding our players.


I hope he gets help, he can be very good. People saying this is what Barca are getting etc, these mental issues can be resolved too, just imagine an anxiety issue free AC, he will be a brilliant defender, if that's what Barca get they will have struck gold. In any case health is important, I wish him well for his health. But Barca/Real (without any disrespect to both clubs) are very bad clubs to pick if you have anxiety problems, the media there targets you like crazy, media everywhere is bad, but there they target players like pissed fans, so it makes me doubt the anxiety part, but this has been a case for a long time now, even with Sarri, so I don't get what to believe.


This has become a very common occurrence with him…


He has a very public mental health issue. I'm not sure it's the sort of thing that we should be looking down on tbh


If he’s a professional athlete and can’t do his job then yeah we can talk about it. If he had a physical health issue that was keeping him out similarly we could say similar things. That’s the unfortunate truth.


I think there's a difference between talking about it like you said and looking down on Christensen like the guy you replied to said.


He's also a human being and the worst thing you can do to someone who suffers from anxiety is criticise and make them feel worse for having anxiety. That'll just add and add to the problem We need to stop thinking that athletes aren't humans.


lol stfu


For whatever reason, if an athlete performing at elite level is regularly unable to cope with pressure then of course it can be discussed. There’s a line that should be drawn somewhere, but it’s a bit silly to just ignore that when that’s what he’s paid to deal with


Your choice of language makes it seem like you don’t understand the magnitude of a mental illness. Would you be saying “he’s paid to deal with a torn hamstring”? It’s the same either way. It’s not a choice to deal with it or not, it’s an injury.


Unfortunately there's a massive disconnect there with mental health. We understand mental health as an injury, illness, disease, whichever term you favour, it's a serious issue. The problem is there isn't a definitive fix or cure, unlike with something mainly mechanical, a bruise heals on it's own, a broken bone etc. For a lot of people, it's learning to manage it more than it ever fully goes away, and it's unfair but sadly at the highest most elite level of sports, they demand top performance and they pay out of this world for it and if you cant deliver, someone else will.


This right here. I've had to manage my anxiety/depression since I was 15 and at 22 I finally went to a psychiatrist and stopped binge drinking. I was fine up until a month ago, I'm 28 now, and decided to hop back on medication. I've managed it for years and hoped that I was in the clear but it definitely seems like something I have to adjust and manage throughout my life.


That’s a stupid example. If a footballer has consistent injuries with a specific body part that frequently stops him from playing games, of course it’s ok to discuss. Availability has always been a huge factor in how you assess a player. I’ve re-read what I wrote and I don’t get what part was poor choice of language. Seems silly to just ignore the fact that X player for whatever reason has a problem with being available for the season defining games. I’m sympathetic to the issue but it doesn’t mean that I should just ignore it. Football is a high pressure job, if something inhibits you from dealing with such occasions then it’s an issue


I wasn’t taking issue with your point that it can be discussed, of course it can be. I took issue with you saying “he should just deal with it”.


You’re changing my wording though which makes a massive difference. Footballers are paid to deal with the high pressure situations. I’m not saying he should man up and deal with it, just highlighting that it’s clearly an issue if you can’t deal with that pressure due to his mental health


Hope things get better for him and he gets sorted out, he is a good CB imo and i hope he becomes world class one day


Just one normal season of Chelsea. That's all I ask. Will never happen.


Off the back of this one, we're winning the league next season


Get ready for Christensen complaining of Stomach ache every matchday Barcelona fans. I hope he can get it sorted.


Oh he's gonna post so many mental health essays on social media once our media and fans get their hands on him.


He doesn't have a social media presence at all and never has. Pretty sure he has someone post the odd Instagram picture for him with comment turned off, just looked at his twitter and the last post was from 6 years ago


Somebody just told him he will be playin vs Diaz


Still having nightmares from Vinicius and his big error in UCL


Glad he won't be our issue anymore after this season.


While I don't blame you for feeling that way, unfortunately it seems to be something out of his control. A terrible part of anxiety/depression is the feeling of letting your mates down, and losing their respect. It isn't fun to answer questions on why you missed time or parties, and I can only imagine how it feels to leave games and have to answer for it later. Obviously no one wants to deal with someone who is unreliable, I just hope he's able to either fix the issue or bow out quietly and improve his life outside of sports.


I do think a lot of the distaste towards Christensen is because of the manner in which he’s leaving. He backtracked on staying and signing a contract twice. To add to that last year after Tuchel came in Christensen was incredible-at the end of the day to sub in for Thiago Silva and for there to be no drop in quality is remarkable. Yet this year he’s been torrid and after Tuchel went public as to why Christensen hasn’t featured back in Oct/nov he’s been rather poor. Both instances have meant he doesn’t get as much sympathy as he perhaps should. It does seem like something that has featured once again after his decision to leave as last year it looked like he had overcome these issues. It’s also a very sad way for his Chelsea career to end-he’s been here for 10 years and his career is ending with a whimper.


I hope he really opens up about it to Xavi or anyone in the dressing room or his friends and family and get well. We have already lost the next Messi to mental health.


Anxiety issues? No place worse to go than Spain and especially to Barca then. The fans and media will eat him alive as the pressure is sooo damn High every single day. To satisfy Barca fans You win and you win by playing great football, no compromises or heads will roll. Several Barca rejects said that they couldn't handle the immense boiling pressure at barca and seemingly mentally strong and stable players like Andre gomes slipped into depression and didn't come out of his house after his performances at Barcelona. The media ate him alive. Oh poor Christensen, bad time to have mental issues.


If you have a good personality then the fans will love you. Like look at Braithwaite. We know he's not world class but we love him because he works hard and is a super cool dude.


Enjoy Barca.


cmon mate he has mental health struggles, don't be a dick


regressed a lot this season after that incredible performance in the CL final… not surprising tbh


Morning stomachache?


I’ll welcome him with open arms at Barca, just hope Xavi and the team can help him get over his issues.


Everyone is rightly mentioning his anxiety issues, but I think another part of it is that if I remember correctly something said before that he can get so anxious to the point of having an upset stomach to put it one way. Wouldn't surprise me is he wasn't just not feeling up to it mentally but also physically.


His departure is due to sanctions. They might never say it or hint at it but his performance was terrible at the moment of the Russian invasion. I believe he held a personal gruge on Roman for that. Rudiger was a different case. His dream was always Real Madrid. Andreas was a bigger loss to us than anyone this season. Sorry we had to end this way.


Very good player but his behavior and conduct on and off the pitch all season has been poor TBH


**7 Sentences Summary :** * Reas Christensen forced Thomas Tuchel into a last-minute rethink by pulling out of the Chelsea squad on the morning of Saturday's FA Cup final against Liverpool. * The withdrawal not only meant that Tuchel had to make a late change to his starting line-up, but Thiago Silva had to play on with an injury and Timo Werner had to take a place on the substitutes' bench despite sustaining a hamstring injury in the warm-up. * Tuchel named Malang Sarr on the bench, along with captain Cesar Azpilicueta, but neither can play in the centre of a back three as Christensen can. * Tuchel confirmed Christensen's departure while writing off the possibility of Chelsea managing to build a squad that could match Liverpool's during the summer transfer window. * "We had lunch together, but it was in the room where everybody was, like players and staff," said Tuchel. * " Tuchel is confident that, having agreed to pay £4.25 billion for Chelsea, Boehly will match his ambition. * "The penalty will not change anything about my opinion of Mason," said Tuchel. *reduced by 79%, powered by smmry.com*


I wouldn't have thought I could've disliked him more smh...


*Player has anxiety attack* You: Wow, fuck that guy.


This is the kind of player Barca is getting. Doesn't play for the badge, just himself. I would think twice before snapping him up. Absolute polar opposite of Rudiger.


>Doesn't play for the badge No one does, they get paid to play.




It's really not hard to see why they would be interested. He's a quality defender for most of the time he plays. And with someone of his quality, Barca and Xavi are thinking they can be the ones who can help him shed his issues. They don't think about why Chelsea couldn't help him.




Rumours are that we may sign koulibaly if his fees will be low, so starting cb will be koulibaly and araujo in most games as long as we have good RB otherwise pique, koulibaly and araujo at RB as usual. But not sure.




Average. But some fans rate him as usual they rated semedo, Arthur etc. There are some glaring issues which we have not seen any improvement. One is defensive awareness, and second is no idea what to do in final third during attack. He has pace so he recover the defensive lapses but it's not good enough if you want to compete at highest level. Though he is young and chance of improvement but overall as of now not good.




Semedo was so many fans favourite here, look any comments you can find before 19-20 Bayern's game. Valverde benched him for Roberto most of the time because even though Roberto was average, he was better than Semedo. Same hype happened for Arthur being next Xavi because he can hold the ball under pressure, and can do some passes. Then todibo who was next Varane and many calling Valverde idiot for trusting on Araujo who was B player and got sent off in his first game I guess.


AC leaving to ride the bench, good for him the loser.


Good luck Barca fans


Lmao all the ppl downvoting I promise you I’ll make you keep this apologist energy when Chalobah or Lukaku make mistakes. Bunch of ac apologists are so ridiculous


Suffers from panic attacks , anxiety in general whenever there's a big game ... Yet forces his way out of our squad to go to Barcelona? The place where the media and fans will eat him alive for every big mistake? Chelsea fans have been patient with his guy during his time with us, but he's just an idiot


Getting anxious before a big game makes sense, it's a BIG game..........


He's known for shitting the bed in every big game. He handles it far worse than anyone else on our team. The man pulled out of the last 2 cup finals at the last second, screwing us over both times. Played awful in Madrid first leg too. This is just the last few months. My point was to say that his anxiety and shakiness is far in excess of the average players.


Ok? He gets more anxious than other people. Thats how humans are, some are less anxious, some are more. That doesn't make him an idiot


He's calling him an idiot because he's making a very poor career choice based on his mental condition


"forces way out of squad". You know his contract was up, right? You know that a player doesnt have to sign a new contract, right?


Barcelonas problem now. little pussy


Use your brain, think before you speak.


The way he got rinsed by Vinicius in the home leg this season… he’s never gonna play a Classico for Barca I reckon.


Seeing all these ppl show sympathy is kinda weird. Like AC a professional player making salaries we dream of. Scared on match days? Go play semi pro smfh. I can’t believe ppl really threw every defender under the bus (Zouma, azpi, Rudiger, Chalobah, Alonso) rather than see this guy for the fraud he’s always been. So so happy he’s out this summer. JT and the ex-players were spot on saying he’s a softie


You can't cure anxiety attacks with money. And having a mental health issue doesn't make him "a softie". Actually, the fact that he has extreme anxiety and still manages to be push himself to be an elite level sports person is a great example of his mental strength and fortitude.


I don’t see these mental health arguments when ppl berate Lukaku, Werner, Mount, Kante etc. all of the downvotes just let me know y’all are weird fans for acting like a player we pay millions to. We opened the door for him to be a consistent starter with fresh contracts HE AGREEED TO THEN RENEGED. like the toxicity I see on here for Chalobah for example is crazy and he’s committed to Chelsea and earned his place under tuchel by Merit. Ppl telling me JT words don’t matter like he didn’t train week in week out with softensen. Get him far away from this club.


Is it tho? Your teammates can’t rely on you for big games because you’re too scared to make a mistake? Yet everyone else has the same pressure and plays. Such lame excuses and weird downvotes for me calling out the truth you can’t accept. Maybe he shouldn’t be playing top flight ball then. So many players out there who would relish the opportunity he has.


Having money’s not everything, money can fix some issues but there is a lot it can’t fix, mental health is one of them


Terry is a cunt and you don’t do yourself any favours taking on board his wisdom about mental health




Didn’t realise you were a yank, nvm.


Ah yes the ad hominem. Living across some water doesn’t make my opinion any less sound. Guess you had no logical argument after all huh wanka


I didn’t say that.


He's pregnant, give him a break


Oh well, Barca can deal with him now


I’m hopeful christensen will only be a stopgap CB for next season, after that he shouldn’t be a starter when the market for CBs will be better Koulibaly’s contract expires in 2023. Kounde, Saliba and others have contracts expiring in 2024, I hope to see Barca acquiring one of them to partner Araujo


Chelsea are in for Kounde and having lost 2 CB I imagine they’ll push harder this summer than they did last.


Kounde would be a difficult transfer to get done, but he’s probably the best choice out of their current options. knows the league/country, young, dangerous on set pieces, and very physical which offers something different compared to Eric Garcia


Kounde is gonna be replacing Christensen at Chelsea.