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"It's almost over" I fucking hope so.


Right after this commercial break


Right after you buy this bracelet that says «FREE KYLIAN» in both PSG and RM colors!


Stayed tuned for the next episode of Dragonball Z


10 minutes of Mbappe and Florentino staring at each other 10 minutes of Mbappe screaming 5 minutes of Real Madrid and PSG players and staff reacting at Mbappe screaming Stay tuned for the next episode of Dragon Ball Z


Will Mbappé leave PSG? Find out in the next Dragon Ball Z episode: "Mbappé leaves PSG"


The spoiler episode titles always got me when I was a kid. Like, what the fuck was all that suspense 3 seconds ago for??


These drawn out announcements by players about their future are so fucking obnoxious. Surprised he didn’t turn it into a Netflix documentary.


Incoming "La decision 2.0"


god so do i


That's pretty obviously madrid then




On the plus side, Mbappe leaving to Madrid will kick off a pretty wild domino effect. Especially if it's Salah that's replacing Mbappe and not Lewandowski.


I thought Salah and Liverpool are almost done with renewal as well.


Could also be Nkunku


Inb4 salah going to madrid to build a trio of vini, mboopi, mo salah up front


Vini, Mbop, Benz is already pretty scary


Explain pls


We don’t want either. We need young players that actually care. Not old player on the back end of their career looking for a pay check


Salah is in his prime. 29 years old is not old for a footballer.


He's almost 30


what have you done


He’s 29 until he’s 30.


But he's objectively closer to 30 than to 29


But he's 29


Doesn't matter. He's 29 until he's 30 and that's a fact


So academy players? There's so many youth talents in the area; Poch ought to find his Harry Kane there.


Poch flat out refuses to play the academy players. He’d rather play Herrera and bum ass Wijnaldum every game than give Michut and Xavi a fair chance. We’ve lost so many talents over the years because we didn’t give them any playing time. I’d much rather have Maignan, Coman, Diaby, Nkunku, etc than Messi, Neymar and all the mercenaries as crazy as it might sound to some people on here. Our club has lost its soul


He said at multiple occasions that the youngsters need to deserve their game time. Maybe they aren't good enough for profesionnal football yet.


As if playing more youth players would have retained the soul of the club...


Nobody cares about your oil club though


Im with you man, this is what you guys need. Young and FRENCH. Build that french powerhouse!




You can always snatch Dembele for free 👀




I thought there was never a doubt of him joining Madrid. He's made abundantly clear that RM is his dream club and his fascination with RM is probably second to nobody. PSG could've given him 2M per week and I still don't think he would've stayed.


Welcome to Leganes


Or the biggest contract in football history


Yup, he's replacing Suarez at atletico.


Idk about Madrid. I’d like to see it happen but psg is not known for losing players they want to keep. I heard there has been a lot of pressure on Mbappe and his family 🤷🏻‍♂️ Edit: this post aged nicely. Would like to hear from all the downvoters now 🤣


Congratz Madrid, by the way he was answering it's pretty obvious he won't stay at PSG.


Welcome to Arsenal | Kylian Mbappe | 720P


Do you have a link to his interview?


Oink oink.


😜 or 🐷


Meant link, fat finger🤦






sorry mate, watched it on tv directly :/.




You boomed me, i clicked on the video thinking it was an ad until i read the title


Thanks my dude


Man goes on to join Liverpool, never let them know what u do next


No chance we're paying his wages.


Are you insane? Mbappe on free is a deal that no club could turn down. Even if the wages were double the next highest paid player. Mbappe’s real market value is around 200m if you pay him anything less over the 6 year contract then you’ve got yourself a bargain.


We're not even paying Salah what other top PL players get. No chance we're paying what Mbappe wants regardless of how good he is.




If Liverpool had the option, they would have signed mbappe, even if his fee was +170m and not free. Let’s not pretend that Liverpool doesn’t spend money. Liverpool had a net spend that was double what Madrid had over the last decade, and even Madrid were willing to pay around 200m for the guy last summer. Net spend over last decade: Liverpool (-347m) Madrid (-179m)




Well then, how did Ronaldo or Messi ever work at Madrid or Barcelona? These guys had insane wages but these two teams kept a very good wage structure beneath them. It will be understandable that since the player was a free transfer, his wages are higher from the savings. I get the argument but I don’t think wages will stop anyone from wanting mbappe for free. Unless he asks for 60mil per season or something crazy to that extreme, with a big bonus too.


But it is a good deal, Mbappe is on track to be one of the best players ever.


Lol net spend merchants


Well not really, just we are not even paying Salah as much as other top players in PL, paying for Mbappe's which would easily be higher is just not gonna happen.


Mbappe is twice the player Salah is


It sounds like he’s just wrapping up his imaging rights


I don't think there is a player on the planet that WANTS to be at PSG. Has to be embarrassing to be associated with such a weak minded, loser club.


lol, players go to teams to improve them.


Pre retirement players who enjoy the massive paycheck for nearly nothing like Ramos and Messi kinda wanted to be at PSG 🤷‍♂️


keep deluding yourself with that we only got adm and messi in starting linup that can be considered old still compared to your mid field and no9 you probably have the oldest club in whole la liga with washed up kroos and cheap copy of neymar who's only worth noticeable skill is to run and pass to benz in penalty area. granted you have many ucl's but that's just coz rm's 100 year old it's nothing special you achieved that. We dominated you both legs if it wasn't for our young gk's mistakes. You'd probably be done by round of 16 for now enjoy your fluke of this final until Liverpool beats the shit out of you don't forget you all had wet dreams about kylian from past three years a guy that homegrown by psg not bought.


PSG bought Mbappe from Monaco so he was bought, he didn't come through your academy. Also if you're seriously suggesting that Real Madrid's Champions League wins aren't special because they've been around 100 years I think you're the deluded one.


Psg gave him room to improve believed in him when he was only 18 years old gave him the big stage which monaco couldn’t. Talk about bullshit. Just stop talking we all know how you guys treated your manager before arteta forget about that just qualify in ucl first .


You don't pay 180 Million for a random player that needs alot of improvement, he was already great before joining PSG stop the Cap. Even at 18 he proved himself to be the next big star, it's the exact same thing barca did with neymar where he was the best player in brazil already.


But you said he was homegrown and that you didn't buy him? Now you're saying that you gave him room to improve and a big stage, which one is it? Your feelings must be hurt to bring up Arsenal, so don't forget that your team even with unlimited funds have got to the same amount of Champions League finals as Arsenal. Not forgetting you even lost the league to Lille last year when their starting 11 probably cost less than Neymar did. Joke of a club.


Atleast better joke than your broke club who couldn’t even win against new castle lmao 🤣


Wow how pathetic, you literally waited for us to lose so you could reply because you know everything else I said was true. You have a squad that cost over a billion and lost to Nantes and drew to Troyes 😂 shut the fuck up, plastic oil club. This is why everyone laughs when you get knocked out of the Champions League. Spend all that money and still only got to the same amount of finals as Arsenal, what a joke of a club 😂 You should know that as a PSG fan there's absolutely nothing you can say that anyone really cares about, your club is everything that's wrong with football.


Good luck in europa league.


Good luck never winning the Champions League :)


lol deluded banana.


Maybe yes, maybe no Anyway good try from Prime Video to ask Marquinhos


\*PSG rapidly trying to resurrect De Gaulle to convince him\*


PSG on the phone with Orochimaru as we speak


PSG: “Emperor Napoleon, we need a favour”




It's been 86 years. Just say what you're going to do already


I think he wants to keep quiet out of respect for PSG before anything is official.


Yeah that's a good point tbf. Congrats Madrid he's gonna be a pain in our ass for more than a decade.


Not looking good for you guys for a little bit. My condolences. Madrid just got nearly 90 points in the league and to the CL final and just got stronger with the Camavinga pickup, got Rudiger, bound to get Mbappe and are rumored heavily to get Tchoumeni. At least you got some good players for the future atm, but I think its gonna be a long road back to the top for Barca.


Yeah it'll take at least 2-3 season to get decent financially and then slowly work our way to the top. But at least we have tons of exciting young players in most positions tho.


are you the sewious who named their account after your LoL friend?


It’s been 84 years not 86!


[pretty close](https://twitter.com/DrNacho_RM/status/1525728558420746240)


🤣 🤣 🤣


I have been WAITING for 86 years.


[Mbappe with his three not-so-secret RM agents](https://imgur.com/tpjKa1z)


Neymar and Messi will leave next season then


Messi is old and not sure he has the passion to play unless it's Barca.. And not sure where Neymar would go ? Italy, Germany? He seems to be living his best life chilling in France. It would bring some competitiveness back to Ligue 1 if they did tho.


> It would bring some competitiveness back to Ligue 1 if they did tho. I'm not so certain. PSG is laughably mismanaged. Their wage bill absolutely dwarfs everyone else. It's bigger than the next 3 biggest ones combined. They should be winning every single year without breaking a sweat. The focus on superstars like Neymar is part of that mismanagement. Losing them is an opportunity to build a functional club that can have results that match their financial power. Edit: The Mbappé "200 million for 2 years" contract would also have been disastrous. PSG are financially doped but that doesn't mean they have unlimited money. Dedicating so many resources to just one player, even one as good as Mbappé, necessarily means cutting corners elsewhere in the squad


I might be off, but it strikes me that PSG is the Manchester United of France, minus the history (I think?). I for the life of me never understood the Messi signing, especially with Mpabbe, Di Maria, Neymar, Icardi. It always smelled of a commerical signing. The only reason they get away with it in Ligue1 is they have like you said a major financial advantage over everyone else. I imagine if there were another or even two financial takeover of French clubs (Marseille anyone?) that they would even be exposed in Ligue1.


That's an ok comparison, but PSG goes way further than Man Utd. They are completely "nouveau riche", they act in ostentatious ways. They have built a brand based around it. Man Utd have basically the 3rd or 4th highest wage bill in England, they are underperforming, but not nearly as much as PSG


I think you have to consider the poor management among other, especially top, French clubs as well. Marseille, Lyon, etc could get a major takeover however they have problems that run deep too (sqaud managment, youth academy, relations with fans etc) not unlike PSG. Then you have the clubs (Lille, Monaco, Montpellier) who can make things work for a season before they fall apart the next (it awaits to be seen how Nice develops). And, just this season you have St. Étienne and Bordeaux, two major clubs, on the verge of crashing out of the league.


Neymar said some time ago he is considering retirement as he is mentally exhausted from football


He indirectly confirmed his decision with this : > Kylian Mbappe : “A chance to overtake Cavani record? You have to respect what he did. 200 goals at PSG is incredible. Being part of this circle is an honor, so you have to already savor what you have and what you have done. I'm already very happy to be in this top 3." He's 32 goals away from Cavani for reference.


In truth it's simple, he was in Paris, could have said he stayed it wouldn't have been a problem. The contrary is different.


Welcome to Real Madrid. Only needs 452 to be top scorer here. No biggie unless Benzema breaks it first


How far away is benz?


Around 130 goals away


Lol, pretty safe then


3 more seasons in his current form and Benzema might do it. Very difficult, but not impossible


130 goals in 3 seasons while you’re in your mid 30s playing with a young winger who wants to score every game seems pretty impossible to me


Benz is old but he is on the form of his life. He is literally going to win the ballon dor lol. He could decline at any moment, but he could also stay on this form for a while. And Mbappe is the second highest assister in europe this season. Just because he scores a lot doesnt mean he wont create lots of chances. If anything, I think Benzema will have even more opportunities to score next season because now the right wing of Madrid is not dead anymore.


He still needs to score over 40 goals a season for 3 seasons. At 35-37 years old. I want to believe it isn't impossible, but that feat is unprecedented. Even for Benzema, this season is his first getting 40+ goal a season. Tho I have to agree that he will get better support next season. One can only hope.


That 👍


Papa Perez>> Marlon Brando


Hes leaving. Just waiting for the season to be over. If he was renewing he wouldnt have a problem saying it now


Pretty obvious he will announce it during the week so he has a chance to properly say goodbye to fans next weekend against Metz.


I wonder if the fans will give him an ovation. Looks like many of them will be pretty pissed with him leaving


He’s a PSG legend at this point isn’t he? Actually I’ll probably always tie his image to PSG (until he’s done legendary enough things with RM)


Well, yeah...Same here, when I think of PSG his image come's in mind next to a brown snake


Maybe it's HOPIOUM from me but I feel if his decision was staying in PSG it would've been a perfect opportunity to state it in this ceremony, however no one would announce himself leaving in such circumstances


Yea its not you coping hes out


If he was staying he would have done the extension last year. Quite a bit of poor business from PSG but they don't really care so here we are.


Financially the owners don't care, but their pride is definitely severely wounded


He's definitely leaving, although I understand being skeptical to some extent to not be disappointed just in case lol EDIT: Aged like milk.


I hope he signs for Real just to see Le Parisien try to wiggle their way out of it.


Ffs, pretty sure Fabrizio is so damn happy, man makes a daily Mbappe hasn't made his decision yet post or story on insta.


Tbf, it's thanks to those daily posts of his that several fake news reports regarding his transfer or renewal (from La Parisan and Marca in particular) got debunked.


Spoiler alert: He's going to Real Madrid.


Find out in the next exciting episode of Dragonball Z


He probably wants to give a farewell during the final home game while the fans' moods are still good with him.


He’s waiting for Everton to confirm their prem status to sign on with them.


Finally he will play in a top tier league! Cant wait to watch




Besiktas finally get their man


thanks for the seasono but please just say it if you're leaving


Hope it is, this shit has been fucking annoying for so long


Are there any PSG/French sources saying he will extend? I know Madrid sources are saying he will go there, but are any credible PSG sources contradicting it?




No. Just some "he may stay".


Was hoping for a documentary


Real Madrid?


It's been obvious for months... No one wants to play for that shit club. If they couldn't pay higher salaries from all that blood money, they couldn't attract anyone to play for them.


Shittiest soap opera ever.


I say the same thing when I can’t make a decision and I’m just trying to buy time


Another cliffhanger. Tune in next week to watch the next episode of Keeping up with Mbappe


I'm tired of la decision part 2, electric bogaloo.


Im tried bro


He can come and play with his idol CR7 next season, just saying


he's going to Liverpool. is he




he's not, his reactions were pretty clear as the way he answered the questions.


What do you mean about his reactions?


What reason would make it a bad time to announce staying?


If he was staying he would have announced it in the gala. I am staying in France Saying he is leaving France would be very awkward here


Mpabbe should pull a big 360 surprise and join Newcastle. You get the fat check from another petroclub, but also can build a legacy playing in the best league and potentially bringing Newcastle a premiership


anyone else not care one little bit about what this player does?