Fucking hell so he’s not just shit now, he’s injury prone too


Hes always been injury prone. Not sure why people never realised but he has missed months every season since LVG. Heck the only reason why Rashford got his chance was because Martial got injured during a warm up.


Reminder that Jose wanted to sell him and Pogba and the club turned against him😂


You say that as if the fans didn’t


Majority of fans wanted him to stay when Jose wanted rid of him. Hoping it was just a blip in form back then.


You say that, but the season after Jose Left, he scored 25 goals in all comps


Almost as if they downed tools for jose the way they have for every single manager


Tbf Martial was in great form before Jose got sacked, then terrible form for the rest of the season. The next season he got 25 goals.


That drop in form coincided with being dropped for Alexis Sanchez.


Read my comment again. He dropped in form *after* Jose got sacked. Nothing to do with Sanchez.


The drop in form coincided with the signing of Sanchez. Who cares what your comment said?


One season in, what is it now, seven? isn't good enough. He was a fine player for most of that time, but for all that investment in his potential, the return has been shocking


3 seasons in 7 actually, but I get your point.


Most of the players Jose wanted out improved the minute he was sacked. Rashford especially.


> Most of the players Jose wanted out improved the minute he was sacked. Rashford especially. When did Mourinho want Rashford out?


Jose didn’t want Rashford out. He wanted Pogba and martial out


I mean then went straight to being shit so....


Almost like their only motivation was to prove mourinho wrong.. then after a season went back to chillin


Jose is usually always right about players. he was right about letting Casillas go .. our fans hated him for that.


I think Jose is fairly critical of players as any good manager should be, but he always finds personal gripes with players even if they have the talent and work ethic


Jose is good at identifying issues, he’s just not diplomatic in dealing with them.


KDB, Salah, and Lukaku at chelsea :( there's nuance in it but yeah, not 100%


shipping lakaka was right


Shipping lakaku is always right


You lot are hilariously short-sighted. Poor season so he's been shit the whole time apparently


Bar Lukaku letting go of kdb and Salah were mistakes


Salah was right at that point too. He didn't show anything of his future potential in his performances. KdB on the other hand was the wrong decision.. Jose chose Oscar as the starter bc his work rate was better


even at roma salah wasn’t the player he is now, he was a good player who simply couldn’t finish, something just clicked in him once he arrive at Liverpool and became one of the most clinical finishers of recent times


Agree 100 percent, those Chelsea teams at the time were winning too and he was justified in those decisions. With Jose, I think he puts squads together extremely well when he’s able to get the players he wants in his system but he just loses the plot and can’t adapt to those players that fit into that don’t perform as he thinks they should. The squad he assembled at United looked to be really formidable and on paper it made sense: Lukaku- powerful forward to bag goals, Matic- trusted/ reliable holding midfielder, Pogba- athletic/ technical box to box, Mkhitarian- assist machine and attack minded midfielder. I was really excited about this squad and looked to have a really strong spine but the players just really didn’t function/ adapt and I think his expectations mixed with egos was the start of the end for him at United.




We dodged a bullet there.


Maybe not though, he would have likely improved at Spurs. Nobody improves at United, they only decline.




Looks like it’s not only the leadership that’s clueless


Ok, I spoke ill of how Mou shit-talked the players publicly, but in hindsight it feels like he Probably tried all he could, got no support from the club, and thought ‘fuck it’. I now think that was probably fine and deserved by those schlubs, as painful as it is to feel this way.


It's genuinely hilarious that after that happened, Perisic has literally been better than both Pogba and Martial combined, LOL


this is probably the worst take i’ve ever seen lmfao. so reactionary and especially ignorant. i understand it’s agenda first but this just ridiculous. Let’s make this quantitative, shall we? I’ll focus on output between 2017/18 and now. Noting Jose wanted Perisic after 17/18. Perisic: •Highest tally in the period: 22 (11 goals and 11 assists) in 17/18 •Second highest tally: 18 (8 goals and 10 assists) in 18/19 Martial: •Highest tally: 35 (23 goals and 12 assists) in 18/19 •Second highest tally: 16 (7 goals and 9 assists) in 19/20 Pogba: •Highest tally: 27 (16 goals and 11 assist) in 18/19 •Second highest tally: 18 (6 goals and 12 assists) in 17/18 Takeaway: Perisic had marginally better output in 17/18 while Martial and Pogba blew him away the following season. You know, the season Jose left and the players were not being antagonised and subsequently dropped by their manager any longer. Source: transfermarkt


This comment is a great example of why you shouldnt just look at counting stats to judge the performance of players.


LOL. Imagine comparing a guy playing LWB (Perisic) and a guy playing as a striker (Martial) on only goals and assists numbers. Now THAT is one of the most ignorant and worst takes I've ever seen... Also it's funny that you're using a Barca flair while being a United fan with tons of recent comments in the Red Devils sub...


Along with the majority of United fans.


Hindsight is 100. No one was saying anything when he was really good again at the start of Ole's tenure during lockdown. Shit just happens


> Hindsight is 100. You mean 20/20? lol. Except Mourinho whose foresight is '100' apparently


I was. That's literally the only time he was good for us lol. He had been average to shit for years.


He was good under Van Gaal and was starting to adapt to Mourinho too. Then Sanchez came in and everything went to shit. He’s only been THIS bad for 18 months or so.


Who could forget? It comes up every goddamn time anything bout Pogba of Martial comes up. Mou's been gone for years now, let it go.


Jose didn't do himself any favor too, by buying pogback for €105mil


I hate these hindsight takes. Literally EVERY single utd fan was in jubilation at the signing. He was a monster at Juventus. Now the narrative is that he was a short sighted signing and only flourished in a midfield with Pirlo and Vidal at their peaks and that this was obvious.


Well done captain hindsight


Even back then I didn't know why people wanted to keep martial. He had that goal against Liverpool and it's only been downhill since then. Had a good season with ole but that was an anomaly for him than a norm.


He got potm for us 3 times in the first half of 17/18 before being replaced by Alexis, hindsight is 20/20, I don’t think you can blame people for not wanting to give up on him then


Jose also wanted Pogba bought in the first place. Of course no-one was going to trust him with rebuild after his transfers were nearly universally failures.


And add his rotten attitude to go along with those.


Rotten attitude and United players, name a more iconic duo.


Such a strange player. He looked so good in 2019/2020. Then missed a bunch of sitters in the europa league semi final (ironically against sevilla), got sent off against spurs at the start of the next season, and hasn't looked like a good player since. I wonder how much of it is physical problems with injuries and how much is mentality.


It seems to be mostly mentality. I thought maybe it was a part of the growing malaise at Man Utd, but the fact that he's the same at Sevilla means he's just as responsible, if not more, for his poor form.


His peak will always be 15/16. Everyone was calling him the next R9.


I think he made enough money to retire early. Should start doing something else at this point


I have seen him play several games with Sevilla and my big question is: does he understand what football is?


Definitely does not involve running around, he reckons


I have no idea what he's supposed to be good at


Used to be good at dribbling and quite reliable in front of goal. Nowadays he doesn't seem to be able to do anything.


Yup, I remember a couple years ago telling a friend who didn't watch United that I would have rather him play over Rashford because at least Martial buries every chance he gets. Shows what I know.


You weren’t wrong back then. He was one of the best finishers in the league. I think after he missed the sitters against PSG he became crap


He used to be really dangerous with the ball thanks to his dribbling ability and ball control. He was always really composed in front of the goal as well. Then he somehow lost all of that and now he's just shit and uninterested.


He killed his career by wanting to play in the middle imo. Should have stuck to the left wing


Indeed, but it wasn't just him. Ole saw him as a central striker in a kinda false9 role and he was definitely quite effective. Unfortunately, Ole then changed his plans and everything went to shit since.


No. Ole didn't change his plans; Martial turned to shit starting with the Sevilla EL semi-final. He never bounced back from that game.


He absolutely did change his plans. Martial's shit game against Sevilla definitely hurt his confidence, but Ole's change of tactics made that even worse. In our pure counter-attacking setup in 19/20, Martial was great as false9. Then we got Cavani, Ole kept talking about "fox in the box" type of striker he wanted and Martial just couldn't adapt. Bruno being great at getting the ball from the midfield also made Martial kinda useless since that was a big part of his game back when we had Andreas Pereira as our number 10. I think Martial could still be pretty effective as false9 if he gained some confidence back, but he seems like a lost cause at the moment.


Martial's best form was post-lockdown and we already had Bruno then.


Yeah, but the dynamic between them back then was different. Martial was a false9 and Bruno was making runs behind the defense while the defenders were occupied with Martial. We stopped playing like that though.


I don’t agree with most of your takes but you’re spot on here


nobody killed his career but himself and his laziness


Weird that so many players that go to United are lazy all of a sudden. Nothing to do with the club or poor training with gorms like Carrick and his mate from Uni or anything.


bro martial has been there since lvg he's had 4 different managers (5 if you include sevilla) but yh you right it's Carrick fault


Collecting a paycheck


Gets delivered to him the lazy fuck


In his "good" form, he is pretty good at hold the ball, link up, dribble, and cut-inside shots using his right foot. He is still the lazy , somewhat injury prone player at times but it was not this bad. But who fk knows what happened last season, everything just gone lol.


He was so frustrating at United. He could have a genuinely great game, scoring goals for fun. Then one single itty bitty thing would go against him, and he'd start pouting. He'd deflate completely, whine at everyone, and just walk around the pitch. And you'd just know that he would show up to the next match with the same fucked up attitude.


Surprised he got so many chances. United arent ruthless to under performers.


Kinda like Pogba. Same mentality at least.


I would genuinely consider just getting rid of him for 10 mil. He has been awful since 20/21


You'd be lucky that anybody takes him for free on his ridiculous wages.


what wages is he on?


250k sterling pounds.


Who the fuck at United thought it would be a good idea to give Martial a contract of that size?


Joel Glazers favorite player. Shows you how much these fuckers know f all about football


Was he the guy that stopped Mourinho selling Martial because he was his favourite player? I think I read something like that a while a go.


that’s right


Did he say that he sees him as "United's Pele"?


I refuse to remember anything that comes out of their mouths


he honestly had a bit of a resurgence under Ole for a few stretches. Distinctly remember him being much more motivated and aggressive, winning strong tackles in midfield and playing with confidence. now? looks like half the player he was


I hate comments like this one. He signed the contract at the beginning of 2019, right before his best season for the team. just because hindsight is always 20/20 doesn't mean it wasn't the right decision at the time. evidence: look at the comments. https://old.reddit.com/r/soccer/comments/alaw7j/anthony_martial_has_agreed_a_new_5year_contract/


That threads amazing to read now... People were saying that it was nice to see that the player talents weren't the issue and it was all the manager, and the squad is on par with liverpool hahaha


They seem to have finally come around to the fact that their players just aren't that good. I mean, at the start of this season they were sure they'd be making a title challenge. But they just woefully ignored WHY they got second last season.


Bit of a sidenote but fuck me, those comments really put into perspective how bad this sub is sometimes lmao 3 years ago, Ole played a lot on the counter, and you still have comments that they're "playing attacking football now", just because Jose was gone lmao it was much later that Ole changed the style up, and when he did, Martial certainly didn't benefit


It certainly was more attacking than Jose’s football. Jose was content scoring 1 and then just seeing the game out whereas during that time the team was scoring many goals a game People associate goals with attacking football


It certainly wasn't "attacking" though lol they played on the counter against big teams and, _especially_ during that period, struggled to break down teams that played with deep blocks. It wasn't some major tactical revolution


So did Alex Ferguson, but United fans seem to have this weird recollection that he played pure attacking football. They seem to be on this journey to find their way back to the Fergie Way, but they keep trying to adopt a pressing system. Ole had them playing the Fergie Way for a while.


Was pretty weird going into City and Pool matches with confidence, while barely bearing to watch against teams like Burnley and Crystal Palace.


Nobody. His wages are around £150k/week as reported by Simon Stone. Still, that's far too much for a player who is a lazy one-trick pony and only managed two decent seasons in his career.


I have always read or heard of Martial at 250k, same for Cavani


We gave him and Rashford massive contracts the summer after Mou was sacked. Ed ‘protect their value’ Woodward masterclass.


You clearly aren't familiar with our transfer policy.


Thats more than Van Dijk and same as Salah I think


Jesus christ i am speechless


150k base it seems like the 250k comment is bs


His wages are irrelevant, if we truly want to get rid of him we will buy them out or subsidise them. If we get lucky we'll have to do neither if he truly doesn't want to be here. No other club has to pay them.


If we have to buy out his wages we’re not even just giving him away we’re actually paying him to go like with Sanchez. Yet plenty of people are acting like we will earn 15m off selling him.


I mean buying out his wages plus fee should equal net zero. I don't expect us to get much from him, better just to cut him loose if he doesn't change his attitude. Not that I expect him to to be honest.


He actually has a lot of talent IMO, I don't think it's a matter of skill at all. He just seems too lazy and unmotivated to work hard to develop himself


For sure, if a team could pick him for 10m it’d be worth it as long as he takes the wage cut. His mentality has compete gone to piss since his difficulties last season and he’s broken up with his partner because he cheated again.


Is this the one that he cheated on his first baby momma with? The one he subsequently cheated on as well resulting in that cringe Instagram post?


He’s mentally weak, his only good seasons at untied was when he had no competition in his position. 15/16 he was the new signing so he was first choice all year and ended up the top scorer. 16/17 they sign Zlatan and strip him of his number, he shrinks. 17/18 Zlatan is injured so they sign lukaku, again he isn’t as good as his first year. 18/19 zlatan leaves and lukaku gets benched by ole, martial starts looking better. 19/20 lukaku leaves, he gets the number 9 back and Greenwood is too young so he has no competition, ends up top scorer. 20/21 they sign cavani, he shrinks again to the point Greenwood is better than him, ends up barely playing by the end of the season. 21/22 they sign Ronaldo, Martial finished. I followed his whole career because I really wanted him at Barca in 2015, he had the talent but he needs to be the undisputed first choice, or his confidence just dies. Rashford coming up didn’t help him lock down the winger role either, but as a football player you need to respond well to competition or you’re bound to fail.


You are misremembering a few things. 17/18 Martial was competing with Rashford for the LW position, won it and then got benched for Sanchez and finished the season injured. 18/19 Tony's goals kept Jose in a job, ironically. Then ole came in, Martial wasn't really any good, scored two goals iirc during Ole's caretaker reign, and was again injury prone as shit from Feb onwards. I hope he goes. It's a shame as he is a joy to watch when he's in full form which is now never but he will forever be known as wasted potential now.


He's the type of player that would shine under Wenger, I wish we'd gotten him from Monaco when he was 19. He'd be a superstar under Arsene.


I'd give him away for free. Barring that pay him off to terminate early.


wouldnt he be worth holding on just to be a backup striker and an option on the wings?


Definitely not. You sub him on and he walks around the pitch, looking like a miserable you know what.


You talking about Rashford or Martial?


Martial. But same goes for Rashford. Totally lost interest in football. I said this over a year ago and everyone thought I was crazy. Now everyone agrees that Rashford had his head turned. To me, he's finished. You can't become a top player when all you care about is things outside of football and you rock up to training sessions time watching, wanting to be somewhere else.


The worst thing about Rashford is he thinks he can do what he did this year and expect game time under Ten Hag. He’s legit a worse player than Elanga who’s only 19


I'm not even sure about that to be fair. I've seen those headlines where he apparently said he wanted guaranteed game time but I just disregarded them as I thought to myself "surely he can't be that entitled"?. But what do I know.


He’ll probably go to the World Cup with England too




I find his decline so strange honestly. Scored 17 Prem goals literally just two seasons ago. I don't feel like he's like Rashford who spent ages playing through injury and always had poor decision making on the pitch anyway, Martial just seems to have like.. fallen off??


Not just the goals, he offered a lot with his ability to hold the ball up with little tippy tappy touches to retain possession and bring others around him into the play. He was useless in the air, doesn't run the channels and not great when left alone up top but he was useful in tight spaces and generally retained the ball really well. His consistency was a problem but he is a bit one dimensional.


Don’t know if he played through injury but he’s definitely declined physically. Doesn’t have the same speed that he used to. He also went from statistically being one of the best finishers in the league to not being able to finish his dinner. That seems like a mental thing since it suddenly declined after we got knocked out of the Europa League in a game that he missed 2 or 3 big chances.


I feel like he started regressing once Ole stopped building our playstyle around him. In 19/20, he played as a sort of false9 and he was really good in that role, he was confident and dangerous as well and he was very effective in terms of goals and assists. Then Ole decided getting a striker who plays in the box is a good idea and ever since we got Cavani, Martial just became almost useless. He kept drifting into stupid places and he lost his agility and speed as well because he bulked up. After that, he never really recovered. Like Rashford, I think Martial also needs to lose some weight and remember what made him good in the first place. That's the only way the two of them can still have a top flight career.


Constantly getting muscle related injuries does that to a player.


You dont “fall off” …you maybe just get lucky enough to get by on the skill you have alone. But… when you don’t put in the effort and are dedicated to constantly working on and improving the littlest of things (combined with believing your own hype) well then you will eventually get found out.


*Pretends to be shocked*


Shit + injury prone + high salary How the fuck can we get rid of him now


This is where Qatar comes in handy


Lol, nope nope nope


When he comes back and wins young player of the year again to show everyone he still got it




Walcott will will walk it.


Not when Wilshere still alive


I am Jack's complete and utter lack of fucking surprise.


Who's Jack


Wilshere's hurt too


Mourinho was right about all these guys.


Mourinho was right Also Mourinho: "Everybody knows since he was in Monaco that he is a talented player. Another thing is he is a talented player with consistency and understanding what a football match is in the globality. When you reach that level, or when you are almost reaching that level, is when you become a top player. One thing is top talent, another is a top player. He is now much closer to being a top player." "Obviously, I would like him to stay. I know the club wants him very much to stay. Hopefully, he is going to stay.”


"The Times would later say that Mourinho wanted to sell Martial for two brutal reasons. The first was because he felt the former Monaco star was ‘mentally weak’, therefore unable to cope with the pressure of playing at the highest level. And the second was because Mourinho thought Martial was a ‘sulker’ who would often go missing in matches when his team really needed him." Yes he was right. Pretty sure the quote was when Mourinho knew the club would not be taking his side on the matter.


the quote was two months before he got sacked when he started trusting Martial over Alexis Sanchez on his final season


Specifically it was when he kept showing up when his manager really needed him to rescue his job




Mourinho also wanted to buy Harry Maguire, who r/soccer will tell you was a terrible signing. You can't make this stuff up.


Mourinho made a backline of Young Jones Smalling Valencia look good, he'd make Maguire look like Maldini


There's this thing where a lot of people have trouble with seemingly complementary ideas. Mourinho was right about a lot of United's problems, but was a major one of those problems himself. Those two things shouldn't be hard to accept, but it's easier to treat everything as binary.


I agree completely, but extreme takes like 'Mourinho was not at all the problem at United' and 'Mourinho was the sole reason why United sucked during his tenure' get more upvotes than more nuanced takes.


*Sagely* "Mourinho was right about everything."


Mou is always right


Unbelievable how far this guy has fallen. Scored some lovely goals and showed so much potential under all 3 of LVG, Mou and Ole. Makes you wonder what the hell happened around 18 months ago.


Good time to remind everyone this man has a ballon dor clause in his contract


He just needed to get nominated for the clause to get triggered which wasn't that far-fetched.


And it didn't look that ridiculous when he first joined. His dribbling ability was amazing. If you've never seen the goal he scored against real in a friendly, do yourself a favour and watch it he just doesn't seem to be interested in improving as a player.


Don’t stop the circle jerk. It’s irrelevant to look at things from facts, just memes


I don't think he's a top level player now and probably never will, but he definitely showed the potential to be.


Which made sense, since he was fairly highly rated. Won the Golden Boy, didn't he?


I'm not saying it didnt make sense at the time, but it serves as a stark reminder of how far his expectations have fallen


It’s almost as if the red card in the 6-1 just ruined his career. He was sooo good in 19/20 and the post-lockdown period


Nah,his constant muscle injuries.


The revisionism with that Mourinho thing in this thread is mad


Seriously! He was by far our most in-form player when Mourinho overpaid for Alexis Sanchez and unfairly dropped Martial to accommodate Alexis.


Speaking of United loanees, Amad Diallo is hardly helping his market value or chances of playing for United by struggling to get minutes for Rangers, either. I know he's only 19, but he's behind Scott Wright in the pecking order, and Scott Wright cost Rangers 150x less what United paid for Diallo. When the deal happened in January there was talk of extending it for next season if the initial 6 months went well - I don't see Rangers being interested in that anymore honestly, we're not going to use a bench spot on developing a player we don't own. Can't imagine we're paying too much for the loan, so wouldn't say its a total failure from our side, and he seems to enjoy himself at Rangers, but United can't be happy with how it's turned out and how little he's played.


I mean it was clear you had very little intention of "developing" him anyway - you threw the kid in at Celtic away, and then you lost and instantly scapegoated him. I don't think the lads even been given over 60 minutes of game time since he arrived. And after that Celtic game you just didn't play him at all for like 2 months. You did what many teams do, get players on loan to pad the bench for the second half of the season, making assurances to the parent club that you're going to "develop them", whilst having zero intentions of doing so. So yes I agree, it's largely been an awful loan. Not sure that's entirely United or Amad's fault though. As you say, he's only 19 - that's why he's on loan, he needs to develop physically. I don't think United really need Rangers to take Amad for another 6 months. He scored on his third appearance for us against AC milan, and a bunch of European sides wanted him on loan before he went to Rangers. It's also not out of the question that he just stays with us next season, given our lack of established RW.


We can't play your players just for development purposes when it could hurt our chances at the title, we're not your academy, that's the risk you take when you loan players somewhere that has its own ambitions I'm afraid. He started and played 65 mins in his very first game, he was "thrown in" at Celtic, but it was his second game, and he was brought in to try and help us win the league, not to do a favour to United, either we were supposed to play him and get him experience playing in big games, or we weren't. I bet most United fans were excited to see him start the game before it kicked off. There were a few players scapegoated after that loss, there always is, but it's not unreasonable to have expectations of a player who's come on loan to Scotland from Manchester United. If he scored on his 3rd United appearance, against a team like AC Milan, is it wrong for Rangers fans to expect he might be able to make a difference in the SPFL? You can say that Rangers put unfair pressure on him, but United would have been well aware of that before sending him - Darren Fletcher is a Celtic fan, he knows exactly how much pressure Old Firm fans put on players, in fact, it might be one of the reasons United did send him here instead of those other places. I mean, there's a fair bit of pressure playing for Manchester United too, no? Certainly seems like United fans scapegoat their players just like Rangers fans do. Anyway, he didn't get many chances after that because Rangers had a title to try and defend and Gio didn't fancy him after seeing him in training and those early games. Like I said, Rangers job is not to develop your players, it's to try and win the Scottish title. We need Champions League revenue and our fans can be very demanding, Van Bronkhort has to pick the players he think will win the game, every game - he can't think about assurances to Manchester United. If all United wanted was for Amad to get games and develop physically, surely he could have gone somewhere with fewer expectations for silverware? You said there were other clubs interested, seems like they had their reasons for picking Rangers and it just didn't work out, sometimes that happens. I'm not blaming anyone, certainly not Amad, his attitude when he's not been playing has been good, just saying United won't be pleased with how it went. I'm sure he can go on to be a good player, but this loan won't have helped.


So now it means we got to take him back another year?


What about that ballon d’Or clause?


The loan has been a failure because Martial is a failure.


I genuinely think he likely has a pretty bad attitude to professionalism and training, hence the regression, especially as he ages. This would be my best guess. Without dialing in nutrition, fitness, and training, very few can sustain a consistent run of form as they age


When Mourinho said he is trash no one believes him, look at Martial now


I remember reading some articles how we never should have loaned him out after he had one good game for them early on. Shambles, the guy is finished, zero interest in football. Shame, because he clearly is talented but his head is not screwed on.


It's so interesting how people have vilified Mourinho throughout the years, pegging him as a whiner and narcissist for constantly blaming others, yet time showed that he was actually right in 90% of the cases lol. Granted, i still think he is a whiner and narcissist, but what happened was similar to that story of the boy who cried wolf, because of his history, nobody really took him seriously anymore


You can be a narcissist and a whiner and still be right about stuff, they aren't mutually exclusive. Mourinho was never the boy that cried wolf. Not sure where you got that from. People hate him because of his arrogant personality, not because he is a liar.


You misunderstood me, i said they are similar, in the sense that both characters' reputation and image were tarnished, to the point where others didn't take them seriously anymore, albeit for different reasons, one of them being a liar, and the other being a whiner looking for excuses for his failures.


Might have something to do with him being a complete prick when things don't go his way, worse than Klopp, Guardiola or most others when they complain. Easy for someone to be pleasant and charming when things are going well.


TBF all the players Mourinho blasted had their best periods in a united shirt after he left.


Yeah, for 6 months. And then turned shit again once things didn't go their way anymore. If you're happy with having players than only show up when the team is winning then by all means keep Pogba, Martial, Shaw and the likes. And don't forget to give them a juicy contract.


Shaw was good under LVG, got his leg broken. Mourinho barely played him. And then he was once again good under Ole. It's not the flex you think it is - Shaw had just come off a potentially life ending injury, the treatment he got from Mourinho was simply not fair. You would not see Klopp or Guardiola treating a player like that, even if they were frustrated with them. Also for Pogba, Mourinho was insistent in using him in a double pivot - instead of just pushing him further forward. Martial was exceptional in 2017/18 until Mourinho begged for Alexis Sanchez, shoving Martial to the right (for some reason??).


It is also the fault of United fans. United fans blamed the managers and coaches more than the players. "We need better coaches, we need to coach them like that blah blah". I am not sure if United fans are over protective of SAF's legacy of grooming young players, or are worried about losing another young talent like Pogba. Him, vdB, and Mata should have been sold when they weren't a fit to the squad.


Yes because its United fans who are in charge of transfers and dictate how the club is run.


Mourinho : « I win again, Glazers »


It wasn't that long ago they were talking about a move to Arsenal and I was thinking, oh shit, that might be nice. Then right after that, boom. Nosedive in performance. That's all it takes. disclaimer: I support Arsenal


Looks so completely out of love of football, shame because he was exciting and brought me joy for years.


Man I remember playing fifa 14 thinking he was gonna become a superstar, one of the greatest in his generation. Injuries can really fuck a career


After that goal on his debut, my friend told me he'd be better than Thierry Henry. Now look where we are.


He had the skill to. But Thierry Henry had next-level ambition and determination to improve, Martial lacks that.


Aye, had the talent but not the work ethic.


That is the state of a modern football fan. They take everything into extremes. For me, it's all about giving people time. I don't care about one or two good performances from a player who just started at the club. Even a season... Talk to me when they establish themselves as guaranteed starters and top performers season after season, only then they deserve credit. Flash in a pan is just that.


Mourinho sussed him out immediately and wanted to sell him. Would have been able to get Perisic of the board sanctioned the sale. What a missed opportunity. Our fans were disgraceful during the whole ordeal, his cult like following was so fucking cringe.




Man had ballon dor winner clause in his transfer lol


5D negotiations by Woodward


I don’t get out why are people mocking Woodard? It’s Monaco that should be laughed at, they agreed to it . Woodward just put a clause in if Martial did some how win they would pay extra and if he didn’t no lose lol. Am I getting something wrong?


It's a win/win clause. Only morons think there's anyone to laugh at for that clause.


His career since joining MU has basically been a disaster, this loan just seems to highlight the issue even further


Another player Mou wanted to gone who’s turned out to be absolutely shite